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In life we go through things. It is easy to point the finger and blame others for our issues. There’s a old saying, “sweeping around your own door before you sweep around mine”. At some point in your life you have to take responsibility by considering your role in your situations. What are you doing? There are many things to reflect upon when you evaluate where you are in your life. I think that it is important to be mindful of your thoughts, the things that you think about, and your friends.

and at that point I started living a undefeated life.

Lastly, consider your friends. The word “friend” is used so loosely these days. Every time I turn around I hear, “my BFF”, “my bestie boo”, or “my day one”. It’s cool, to have a good time, but at the end of the day, that does not determine if that’s a friend. There’s a story in the Bible that I feel will help you in determining if you really have genuine friends. Mark 2:15 in the Bible tells the story of a man who was paralyzed. His friends took him to see Jesus so that he Have you ever really just sat back and thought about the things could be healed. When they arrived, there were people everywhere. that you talk about? Do you know that thoughts become words and There was no room to get their friend in to see Jesus. The men could words become actions? The Devil always attack people in their have easily turned away. Instead, they tore the roof off the house mind (thoughts) so it’s important to pay attention to what you think and lowered their friend down in front of Jesus and he was healed. about. Joyce Meyer refers to the mind as a “battlefield” If you think Will your friends carry you like that? Are you willing to be the one about it, that’s really what it is. Consciously or subconsciously, you doing the carrying? Would your friends go to the limit and tear the are always thinking about something. A person who has low selfroof off? Would you tear the roof off for your friends? You need esteem starts out thinking about it. Eventually it will come across in people in your life who have your best interest at heart. You need their actions. So if you think you think that you are awesome, that people who are going to tell you what you need to hear and not what will also come across in your actions. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he you want to hear. Chances are, if your friends are negative, so are thinketh in his heart, so he is”. I haven’t always thought so highly of you. If your friends are living defeated lives, there is a chance that myself. I had low self-esteem, I did not think that I was pretty, and you are. This may not be the case all the time, but majority of the I thought that there were things that I could not do. I had to switch time it is. As I look at my friends, all of them are doing something. up my thought process. There is not a soul on this earth that can tell We motivate each other and that is one of the things that I love most me that I can’t conquer the world. I’m doing more in my life now about them. Consider surrounding yourself with positive, optimistic, than I ever thought that I would be doing. The Bible tells us that and driven people and see how far that will take you. reprogramming our minds to think differently is hard, but it takes time. Of course there are other things to consider when situations arise. The three that are included in this article are crucial. The next time Another thing to consider is the things that you talk about. Do you that you run into a roadblock, stop for a moment and consider know that the things you talk about are the things that you have? YOUR ways. Whether it is good or bad, you spoke these things into existence. Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those that love it will eat its fruit”. For instance, instead of talking about what you can’t do, spend more time talking about what you CAN do. Instead of talking about what you can’t have, talk about what you CAN have. The thing is, changing the way that we talk is a learned behavior. It causes us to have to make a conscience decision about what we are going to say next. A lot of us have spoken defeat over our own lives. I say “our’ because I have done it too. There were times in my life where I would say that I wanted to do something, but in the same sentence, I would say that I couldn’t do it. I was already speaking defeat in existence before I would even try to accomplish what I wanted to do. At the time I didn’t know better, but now I do and I pay more attention to what I say. When I started thinking positively, I started talking positively,

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Blue Up


Blue Up Entertainment introduces Miss Unyque. Highheels, good kush and alcohol is recipe for a good time and athens rapper Miss Unyque brought it all. Ceo Damon “D Blue” Allen and CoCeo Meka “Tipsey” Curry invited special guest out to a private listening party. Guest in attendace ranged from media to music groups. Miss Unyque gave the crowd a few tracks from her upcoming mixtape Unyque Frame Of Mind. Make sure you get the mixtape which drops October 31st eveywhere.


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Raichun Love

Specializing in: Paint & Body Auto Detail & Repair Full Body Restorations Customs and more... 706-351-8209 175 Produce Lane Athens,Georgia 30601



The t s e p o D In A


The nightlife in Athens used to be rather generic, but in the past couple of years, it has blossomed so that everyone can become a part of the party! One of the tricks to making the bar scene affordable is to go early – maybe not as early as happy hour, but a little earlier than when the college kids come stumbling out of their dorms from pre-gaming. Many of the bars downtown have specials until 9:00 – 11:00, and I’ll mention some of the best to you.

The Bad Manor (346 East Broad Street)

Jerzees Sports Bar and Night Club 40 Watt Club (285 West (420 East Clayton Street) Washington Street) Enjoy a more diverse crowd, enjoying sports and partying at the same time! During a Dawgs game, this bar is full of life and excitement, and of course, they broadcast all sorts of other games as well, but they never forget to dance the night away with some of the best music in town. They even have a salsa and meringue night!

New Earth Music Hall (227 West Dougherty Street)

Great lighting and sound, diverse live music performance and all sorts of DJ’s keep this This is where the party is at! There are place alive and well loved. There is usually drink specials early, sometimes as low as a cover charge to get into New Earth, but $1 for a well shot or a beer. There are DJ’s frequently and the music is always pumping. if you have the extra cash to spend on drinks and the cover, it’s worth it. Playing Cool lighting makes the scene even more everything from hip hop to bluegrass, with enjoyable. Put on your dancing shoes or DJ’s and bands, and also doing coffee and chill at the bar and just watch the scenery. This place is truly the best in town for good yoga classes, you could practically live there, and a lot of people love to support hip-hop, as well as the latest dance music, New Earth on a regular basis. My favorite and some top 40 pop as well. part is their support for up and coming hip hop artists. Follow their Facebook page to see what events are happening, find one you think you’d enjoy, and check it out!

The 40 watt is an internationally known venue. For quite some time, I they only played certain genres of music until one day I heard Snoop Dogg was coming into town and they were playing there. Of course the tickets were sold out and I was heartbroken! Since then, I have enjoyed the 40 Watt and their diversity in the music scene. They also have shows and events that support charities and the local economy. Go to 40watt. com to see their calendar and find out more information!

The Georgia Theatre (215 North Lumpkin Street) I hope to put an event calendar in our awesome magazine soon to keep everyone up to date with the Athens music scene, because Juicy J performed at the Georgia Theatre a few months ago, and I nearly cried once again! I was walking through the streets of downtown and it looked like a big hip hop party so I asked someone, “What’s going on?” That’s how I found out the news. The Georgia Theatre charges average ticket prices for concerts, but if you haven’t been to the new Georgia Theatre since it


tSpots a G , s n Athe reopened, it’s beautiful! One of my favorite things about it is the rooftop bar, which is perfect if you’re taking someone on a date! It has a nice view of the Classic City and serves some food as well.

100 Proof (364 East Broad Street) 100 Proof is more like your typical downtown Athens bar, but so much better! Brought to you by the creators of The Bad Manor, of course this place is just as amazing! They have great specials throughout the week. My favorite and a unique aspect of this bar are their slushy machines. Those drinks start at $5 but are made with alcohol such as Bacardi 151, so you only need a few (hopefully) to make your night enjoyable. The scene is very social and a lot of fun. If you haven’t been there yet, this place is a MUST to visit – ASAP!

Ciné (234 West Hancock Avenue) Of course we all see the movie advertisements on TV, and may talk with our friends about it, but what is even “cooler” is saying, “Well, I bet you haven’t seen this one!” Ciné plays amazing films that may not be commercialized (although

some are), but are just as good, if not better! What makes Ciné even more awesome is that they have a coffee bar where you can bring your actual mugs into the theater, as well as a regular bar so you can enjoy a few drinks before the show. The environment isn’t so crowded and hectic, which makes it great for an outing with a group of friends or a date, and the price is the same as the average (not-so-interesting) theaters out there.

being said, the mixed drinks that they serve are amazing! With a music scene at night and a nice quaint lunch time scene, The World Famous is a great place to stop by all day long!

The World Famous (351 North Hull Street)

Rabbit Box (Located at The Melting Point, 295 East Dougherty Street)

In my humble opinion, the relatively new World Famous is going to be one of the most popular spots in Athens very soon. If I had a “best overall” category, The World Famous would be a part of it! They are open for lunch and dinner, and their food is interesting and delicious! My favorite is Poutine, a dish that originates in Canada and includes french fries, gravy, and mozzarella cheese. They make it right, and the portion makes this appetizer practically a meal! Everything else I have tried there is just as amazing. I would say that the food is in a mediocre price range, and there are some specials (usually on beer) whereas the mixed drinks run at the average local rate. That

Rabbit Box happens once a month at the Melting Point in downtown Athens. The cover is $5, but it is a $5 well spent! Each month, a topic is chosen and speakers get to tell a true story about their lives regarding the topic. Amazing speakers from all over the Athens area join in on the fun, and the story teller could be you! If you see a topic that you’re interested in, simply contact Rabbit Box and you may have a chance to share your own unique story. The stories you hear will make you laugh, cry, and think about the important things in life. It’s a great way to meet people, and a great idea for an outing with friends or a loved one.


Interested in regular happenings throughout town? Here’s where to find the events that make our city both unique and interesting!

Get more info at!

Canine Cocktail Hour (Located at Hotel Indigo, 500 College Avenue) Every Wednesday at 5:00, you can kick back, enjoy some company, free appetizers and discounted drinks at the Hotel Indigo – and you can even bring your beloved pup with you! It’s a great scene for socialites and animal lovers alike! Hotel Indigo also has an art gallery that always includes enjoyable work from various types of artists.

Open Mic Night (Located at Ten Pins Tavern, 2451 Jefferson Road) Head out here to listen to hip hop artists, hear spoken word and poetry, or showcase your own talent! Entry is free and the scene is a blast. Up for more than just listening? Ten Pins (in addition to offering bowling) has food, a bar, and darts! A good place to hang out for a few hours on a Wednesday night – be sure to check it out!

Yoga and Meditation @ Rubber Soul (675 Pulaski Street) Rubber Soul offers different kinds of yoga (for everyone from beginners to experience yogis), meditation and even offer a Zen group every week. For those of you who want to go to the gym but find it a little too pricey, yoga is a great way to tone up, gain some flexibility and simply feel good. Meditation in a group is another amazing and mind relaxing activity. The best part about all of this is that there is no set commitment. You can try it, and you can pay by class, and the pricing is only a suggested donation of $5 (they say if you can’t pay that much not to worry about it)! Gentle yoga is perfect for beginners. The instructors are dedicated, very enjoyable and the crowd is eclectic and awesome! For more information and a calendar, visit

Athnation If you’re into cars, Athnation is the group to hang out with! They have meets throughout the Athens area and are linked with other car meets throughout the state. You don’t have to have a certain type of car to join Athnation – all are welcome – even spectators! It is a great resource for getting ideas for your ride, enjoying the talent and creativity of others, and showing off what

you have. While this meet started off small, it has grown tremendously as of recent and there is truly something for everyone in this group. For more information, check out Athnation on Facebook. Hope to see you at the next meet!

Family time

There’s no time like family time! Athens has a lot to offer for families, and a lot of it is very cost effective! Heading out to Atlanta to the zoo or aquarium is a blast, but sometimes a nice day trip near home is in order, and here are some ideas for you!

Sandy Creek Park and Nature Center (400 Bob Holman Road) An entire day can easily be soaked up with all that Sandy Creek has to offer. The $2 per person entry fee is well spent! Playing disc golf there is only an extra dollar, and you can canoe or kayak for $5 for the first hour, and $2 for every additional hour. Sandy Creek is a great place for people to learn canoeing or kayaking as the waters stay quiet. If you are interested in paying only the entry fee, there is still a whole lot to do! Enjoy hiking trails, the beach, fishing, playing basketball, and lots more in beautiful scenery! Bring your dogs too, as there is a park just for them!

Go Bulldog Hunting! No, silly – not literally! Athens is full of bulldog statues, all with different themes. When I first moved here, I took a picture with every bulldog I found, and I still haven’t found them all! This is a great way to make a weekend drive with the kids more interesting. Of course, a lot of them can be found simply by walking downtown, but these dogs are located throughout the Athens area. Originally, these bulldogs were supposed to be for a temporary fundraiser, but when they were at risk of disappearing, a lot of local businesses purchased them, keeping the dogs as a permanent mark of our city. Happy hunting!

Memorial Park and Bear Hollow Zoo (293 Gran Ellen Drive) Bear Hollow Zoo may not be the Atlanta Zoo, but it is still pretty amazing. With black bears, turkeys, different varieties of owls, alligators, and a bald eagle, this will keep the kids entertained for at least 45

minutes, and it’s enjoyable for the adults, too! There are events for children and families throughout the year and the zoo walking paths are well shaded and thus enjoyable to walk on. Memorial Park is beautiful! The lake is perfect to walk around or enjoy a picnic at. While there is not a price to enter the zoo, there is a suggested donation (maybe $2).

Like Totally Like Totally doesn’t have an address because they perform all over the place. A theatrical band especially for kids but also enjoyed by adults, Like Totally has played at very popular venues such as Athfest and the 40 Watt. Follow the “Like Totally” Facebook page to see their upcoming events, including a Halloween party and concert at the 40 Watt club!

Treehouse Kid and Craft (815 West Broad Street) Full of handmade and wholesome toys that you can’t find in any corporate shops here in town, Treehouse is an amazing place to buy gifts and to bring the kids! In addition to shopping there are classes for the young ones! Now adult classes are being offered as well. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I go to Treehouse, and so will you!

Good eats

Some consider the food scene in Athens to be amazing, and for a small city of its size, it does have a lot to offer. I hope that over time, it diversifies even more, because I miss my Ethiopian restaurants in New York City! One great thing for Athens foodies is that there is food for everyone here, including vegetarians, vegans, those who have to eat gluten free, and carnivores alike!

Johnny’s New York Style Pizza (1040 Gaines School Road) As a New Yorker, I thought that moving to Athens, Georgia meant no more decent pizza, but I was definitely wrong. When you walk into Johnny’s, it feels just like being home at my neighborhood pizzeria. Mondays are the best day to go, as they have $1 slices all day. In my opinion, that might just be the best deal in town! With trivia and a bar to top it off, the east side is lucky to have this awesome pizza joint!

Weaver D’s (1016 East Broad Street)

State Botanical Garden of Georgia (2450 South Milledge Avenue)

Soul food’s best is right here in Athens! Weaver D’s has a following that isn’t hard to explain once you’ve been there and tried the food. For less than $10, you get an amazing meal – and this includes some vegetable sides from out of this world! Weaver D’s puts their best into everything they make! The creator of this amazing place, Dexter Weaver has been featured in articles and even has his own book out. You’re not a true “Athenian” until you’ve been here!

The gardens are overwhelmingly varied and beautiful. The property is huge, including walking trails, a chapel, and a huge visitor’s center. Dondero’s Kitchen, a great Athenian restaurant has opened up a place in the visitor’s center where coffee and light fare can be purchased. There are concerts, classes, and various events hosted by the botanical gardens. Donations are suggested, but not mandatory. Bring a camera if your date enjoys shooting photos or leave all of your electronics behind and soak up the beauty and serenity of this Athens gem.

Athens Farmers Market (Located at Bishop Park – 705 Sunset Drive, on Saturdays and City Hall – 301 College Avenue, on Wednesdays ) No food matches the taste of local food. Don’t believe it? I was fortunate enough to be raised eating local fruits, vegetables and eggs, and there really is a difference! Try it and see! Those of us who don’t have the money to buy “expensive” food really benefit from a program at the Farmers Market where food stamps count for double the money for any of the food you buy! The vendors are from all over the Athens area and sell a variety of local breads, fruits, vegetables, jewelry, soaps, coffees, and lots more! Music is playing often! The farmers market is one of my favorite places to go on a beautiful Saturday morning, especially with the cooler fall season on it’s way!

The Grill (171 College Avenue) We talked about partying downtown, but what we forgot to talk about is the afterparty! Open 24/7, the Grill is the place to be, even at 4:00 in the morning! Instead of getting behind the wheel, be safe and drop by! The prices are very reasonable. The “old school” diner look and the music they play make it an enjoyable place to visit, and somewhat reminds me of being home. I wish we had more diner style restaurants like this in town, so let’s appreciate the one that we have!

Date night

While these are great ideas for dates, many of them are also good for the whole family and even as a nightlife event.

The Classic Center (300 North Thomas Street) Concerts, musicals, the ballet, and comedians alike perform at this huge venue! Indeed, there is something for everyone. The catering is amazing at any events that offer it, and when you walk inside, it simply feels glamorous! I went there to see DJ Tiesto a few years ago but have also been there for conventions and other shows. During the holidays there is always something going on related to them – this year, the Nutcracker will be playing. Great idea for a date, no?

The Globe (199 North Lumpkin Street) Dinner, some drinks, and perhaps some comedy tonight? The Globe offers it all! Their food is reasonably priced and is high quality, and they have a variety of wines and beers not found in other bars downtown . World Cup soccer is actually appreciated and watched, and there are various events, like comedy nights, that make the Globe especially enjoyable. The weekend mornings are great for brunch! I love sitting outside, people watching, eating a good meal, and drinking a Mimosa! You should give it a try, too! Stay tuned for more hot spots to travel to including New York City, Atlanta, and other locations throughout the country! Cheers!

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The DollHouseBy Tera Tera Little 706.254.8871

The Same Name, The Same Guy, Two Sides of Greatness By Jackie Untoldtruth Christie Edited by Caitlin Gallagher

Trav Trav and Travis Williams. Which one do you know and love the most? Are you acquainted with Trav Williams, the star hip hop artist from Fort Lauderdale who never forgets where he was born, bred, and led to greatness? Or do you perhaps know Travis Williams, the Northeastern Judicial Circuit public defender who fights for people on the other side of the tracks? If none of this sound familiar to you, I’m excited to introduce this single individual, who keeps on leaving his footprint in our world in two completely different, lifetouching ways.

the Classic City, where he released his first album at Little Kings on May 16, 2008. Loved ones surrounded beloved fans attending this milestone event in his musical career. During that all-nighter, he took in all the love of his fans before walking across the stage to another milestone we’ll touch upon later. Not able to stop the ink leaking from his pen, Williams and his long-time partner in rhyme, Pee Duble, and various producers, along with the gate seeker of promotional opportunity and underground Athens’ finest, Montu Miller, Trav Williams had no direction to go but upward!

Hello world! On the left I would like to formally introduce you to Trav Williams, a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He’s been spitting lyrical, conscientious, infectious flows of his 1st love since the young age of 13. Finding life difficult, not being able to fit in with his peers, struggling with financial hardship in his family, and having a drug addicted mother and unknown father pushed Trav Williams out of the house and into the library at a young age. There, he began expanding his vocabulary, education, and therefore his outlook of the world.

Lethal emcee Trav Williams has filled the fortunate ears of hip hop lovers with mix tapes for the past five years. We held our breath, for yes, the day he dropped his most anticipated comeback, P.O.E. (Preponderance of the Evidence), because that became the moment that turned Trav Williams from a great writer to an unstoppable hip hop artist, never to look back. The album dropped recently, on May 7, 2013! Word on the Streets, you can get your rocks off to this album’s infectious melodies at www.travwilliams. Log on now! If you missed out on his early work, between May 16, 2008 and May 7, 2013, you can listen and download all of this emcees profound rhymes you may have missed, that is, up until now.

It wasn’t long before Trav Williams started working the high school and neighborhood battle rap and freestyle scenes in South Florida, demolishing crews from Delray Beach to South Dade. Thanks to a connection Trav Williams made during this time, he was given his first real shot at a record deal. Unfortunately, the local record company lacked the infrastructure to support a fast growing artist like himself and thus Trav was back on his own.

Trav Williams and his team have been working on music projects and promotional campaigns, while securing performances with an independent, do-it-yourself attitude. They have created a much deserved hype in underground communities across the country. Producers from every region (New York, Michigan, California, Williams’ life story is in his work. He cooks and eats Lauderdale North Carolina and Georgia) constantly contact Team Trav Williams in his lyrics. He has never forgotten his love for the peach state and about doing songs, projects and full length albums. Williams has

worked with Crazy DJ Bazarro(the Great Soul Parade/Jean Grea’s DJ) on the full-length project “Lean On Me,” MoonChild on “Better Late Than Never “ (HipNOTT Records), John Vereen on “Tangible Content” (Vereencorps), and a plethora of producers from across the globe. If you haven’t been a part of this revolution, you have been missing out and it’s time to revel in his greatness! Welcome the right side of greatness where passion for what’s just and true resides in Travis Williams, fully suited and handling business in his debut appearance in the documentary, “Gideon’s Army”. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court landmark decision in the case of Gideon V. Wainwright, where it was ruled that state courts are required under the Fourteenth Amendment to provide counsel in criminal cases to

represent defendants who are unable to afford their own attorney. Clearance Earl Gideon, who represented himself in trial after being arrested and convicted for stealing soda from a pool hall, appealed his conviction in the Supreme Court. At that time, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to council in a criminal case is a fundamental right. That brings us to the other milestone I mentioned earlier -when Travis Williams graduated from Georgia Law School on May 17, 2008, and became an assistant public defender for Northeast Judicial Circuit that serves Hall and Dawson counties. Travis Williams has become, in his own right, a civilrights activist to those who can’t afford the price of their potential freedom through fair trial with proper representation. Passion for his mission he had in the beginning continues to burn inside Travis, which keeps him going through his grueling seven day work weeks. While juggling work, home, and student loans on a menial salary, he’s in for the cause. These qualities are exhibited in the HBO film “Gideon’s Army”. Travis Williams is as passionate about the constitution as he is as Trav on the mic. Travis Williams is currently on a promotional tour, promoting Gideon’s Army (Trilogy Films, a documentary featuring Travis’s work as an assistant public defender. In this documentary Travis was followed for 3 years handling up to a 100 cases at a time. He appeared Monday June 24th on MSNBC on Melissa Harris-Perry show ( vp/52289038#52289038). His dedication to his mission has recently earned him the honor of “Assistant Circuit Defender of the Year,” an award given by

the Georgia Association of Circuit Public Defenders. Not only is Travis the main character in this documentary but he also has music featured on the soundtrack. He attended The Sundance Film Festival, where Gideon’s Army won an editing award for U.S. Documentaries, as well as the Miami international Film Festival, where the film won Audience Award (Non-Fiction) and a Knight Grand Jury Prize. See Gideon’s Army Trailer - com/watch?v=99HMxN94bEc and take a peek at what you’ll be missing if you don’t tune in to watch this highly anticipated documentary! Travis and Trav Williams hold the bull of life by the horns and hit the pavement of life in every venture. Whether suited up professionally, or in the studio laying unforgettable tracks, he expects greatness as well as loyalty to his beliefs. He is looked up to by his peers, respected by his community he works hard to serve, and recognized nationwide due to his most recent accomplishments, including his role in the “Gideon’s Army” documentary and his highly anticipated album P.O.E. (Preponderance of the Evidence). It is written that 2013 is Travis/Trav Williams year of exploring, elevating, and concurring both sides of greatness!









Jay Z Kanye Mentors: Jay-Z and Kanye are great friends and business partners; having ties with both Rihanna and Teyana. Rihanna is managed by Roc Nation; making her a Kanye label mates. Songs like “All of the Lights” and “Diamonds (remix)” show the success and chemistry the two have working together. Teyana is the first lady of G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye’s label. Teyana always admits her love for Jay-Z and gushes about him nicknaming her “Lil’ Swags”; not to mention appearing in Jay’s Blue Magic video in 2007. Listen, these two are right under two of the most influential names in music. All should be forgiven. Rihanna and Teyana took heed from their bosses (Kanye and Jay Z) and looked for ways to brand themselves. The two began developing their own business ventures; cosmetics being one of them. Building A Brand: We all fell in love with Rihanna’s MAC collection. RiRi Woo has become a staple in almost every girls’ makeup bag. She has already released her fall line and it looks even better. Teyana might not have her own full collection, but she is a part of KA’OIR #SuperKute cosmetic campaign. Teyana is the face of the lipstick “Harlem Knight”; a bright blue lip color paying homage to her home town. The ventures don’t end there. Teyana is known for her boyish swag and love of sneakers. She partnered with Adidas and created her own sneaker called “Harlem GLC”. Rihanna, on the other hand, is known for her flirty and seductive style, thus the creation of “River Island”.

Chris Brown Factor: The one major connection that these two girls have is Chris Brown. We don’t have to linger on the relationship between Chris and Rihanna. The on again off again romance between the two have been the talk of all 2010. Who was there with him thru it all? Teyana. Some people might not know that Chris and Teyana are the best of friends. Especially after the Rihanna situation, Teyana has had Chris’s back in interviews, twitter, blogs. Although there has been rumors about them having intimate relations, Teyana and Chris always kept it platonic and insisted on their sisterly

and brotherly love for one another. Teyana even got into a physical altercation in with a female after the female made comment about Chris (about Rihanna). Teyana of course wasn’t having that and ended up punching home girl in the face and proceeding to beat her up. Teyana is one heck of a friend.

Handling Beef With A Smile: This might be the first time we have seen these two go at each other but Teyana and Rihanna aren’t strangers to their beef with others. Teyana is known to quickly pop off on those who try her on a few occasions. Last year, Teyana brawled with a stripper by the name of Strawberry at club Liv in Miami. No one knows the reason for the fight but specs say Strawberry approached Teyana’s section innocently, words were exchanged and then the all-night brawl began; resulting in two separate fights and shattered windows. This isn’t all for Miss Taylor. In 2011, Teyana fought her director in the set of Gangs of Roses 2. Rumored has it that the two got into a heated argument, which got physical; resulting in injuries to Teyana’s nose and mouth. Rihanna might not get as physical as Teyana but she has no problem “shading” and making fun of those who also try her. Victim number one is Karrueche. It is obvious that these two are odds with each other. There are constant subliminal tweets between the two, and we all understand why. Victim number 2 is Ciara. No one knows why these girls retracted their claws against each other but they are definite enemies. Making Movies: These starlets don’t only shine in their music, but they also light up the silver screen. Rihanna and Teyana have a few movies under their belts, adding actress to their resumes. Rihanna screen debut was in the 2012 action film, Battleship. The movie grossed over $300 million dollars. She later played herself in a cameo appearance in the 2013’s comedy, This is the End. Rumor has it that she is working on another film. Teyana made her acting debut in movie sequel, Stomp the Yard 2: Home Coming and known for her hilarious role as Sabrina in Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family, which grossed over $50 million dollars.



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#GasOrPass views Album Re

Artist: Yung C.U.Z. Mixtape: Respect Rating: #Gas ** Live Love Muzik Records Presents... YUNG C.U.Z debut mixtape Respect hosted by Band Boy Macho. The 14 track tape includes music from Ezzy Fantastic, Epidemic and more. #Gas

Artist: League Of Starz Mixtape: League Of Starz Function Music Rating: #Gas Production team League Of Starz drop off their new compilation mixtape LOS.FM. The 18-track project includes songs featuring Snoop Dogg, Iamsu!, Tyga, 2 Chainz, Problem, Jay Rock, Casey Veggies, Nelly, Trae Tha Truth, Jadakiss, Wiz Khalifa, E-40 and more. #Pass

Artist: Various Artist (LiveLoveMusic Records) Mixtape: We All In Rating: #Gas ** Live Love Muzik Records Presents... “We All In” The Compilation mixtape feat Band Boy Macho, Yung C.U.Z, Tphresh, Rob Marley, Big Body, Fastlane, and more. #Gas

#GasOrPass views Album Re

Artist: Lil Durk Mixtape: Signed To The Streets Rating: #Gas *** After multiple delays Lil Durk finally releases his highly-anticipated Signed To The Streets mixtape. The 15-track project includes contributions from Lil Reese, Young Chop, Zaytoven and more. Also included is the official video for song #6 “100 Rounds. #Gas

Artist: Tony B Mixtape: Occupy The Streets Rating: #Gas * Tony B is back doing what he does best, making hot music. Tony B’s Occupy The Streets mixtape includes production from some of todays hottest producers. Track to ride to: “I’on Fuck With Everybody” #Gas


  Fall 2013  BIG IN DA STREET MAGAZINE  27



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Featuring Teyana Taylor on the cover of BIDSMAG. Also Lil Durk, Ms. Pretty, Trav Williams and more!!

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