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5 Mistakes Indie Artist Make


Top Hip Hop Albums of 2013

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FIVE MISTAKES INDIE ARTIST MAKE This is a difficult list to put together because indie music artists make so many mistakes. I hope this short list helps some unknown indie artist avoid these mistakes in their quest to make it. The top five mistakes indie music artists make are.

1.Waiting for a Record Label to

discover you- Not gonna happen most labels do not even have A&R departments anymore. The days of A&Rs going out and listening to live shows and actually listening to demo’s are long gone.

2.Not Performing Live – Live shows are the best way to make new fans and to move merchandise and actually make some money selling your music. If you think you are going to sell your music online think again. You should take every opportunity to perform live. And never ever pay a promoter to open for a Major

artist. This is a way promoters make money and it does nothing for the indie artist because the fans came to see the Major artist not you.

3.Not Hiring a Manager- Not hiring a manager is a big mistake by indie artists. There is just too much to do to jump start a music career, a artist cannot do it all. A manager can take the load off your back and let a artist concentrate on their music. A good manager will work for free until you make some good money then they will get compensated.

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4.Not Making a Name for yourself in your Hometown - Labels and distributors will investigate a indie artists hometown to see if they have a local fan base. Indie artists that are mentioned by there hometown DJs and promoters will get a labels attention. You cannot conquer the nation if you cannot even conquer your hometown. If you are not a big deal in your home town then you are not working hard enough. Labels want artists to promo themselves these days and once a artist gets a huge buzz then the label will find them.


.Networking Too Much – It might seem like the right thing to do, but it is a big mistake most indie artists make. If you are always available for anyone and everyone who wants to collaborate with you, then the general public will view you as nothing special. You must be hard to get a hold of. You must create a I am already a star persona. You do not want to have 3 other unknown artists on your songs with you. You do not want to collab with everybody. You want to collaborate with those artists that are at a higher level then you. You do not want to rub elbows with your fans.



for friends and family


Who live life one

hustle at a time.

Within 10 days of its release Beyonce’ sold 991,000 copies.

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Young Jeezy reached a net worth of $15 million dollars.

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So you thought it would be a great idea to get your girl that gift. You searched and searched and almost gave up for a gift card. Now you single, its 2014 and you wonder

“where in the f@ck did i go wrong?” You didn’t read this issue first, that’s what had happened. Better luck next time .

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*A picture of yourself* She see you enough already, she didn’t need another picture of you.

*A Stripper pole* You know you love to tip already.You bought her a pole? You’ll never leave the house again, why go out to club?

*Body spray* Does she stink? That’s a no no. This is the last thing you should do. Never call your chick musty.

*A new car* No, No, No. Unless you writing it off for biz. You’d hate for her to leave you and have another dude drive it.

*Money* This just shows you put little to no thought into a gift for her.

*A cute outfit* Yo idea of cute might be ratchet as hell and unless you want her to lol at your gift. Dont do it.

*Porn* More than likely she thinking bout family. Save this one for Valentines Day, ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

*A Gun* When you piss her off what you think she gone do?

*A scale* If she sell dope you just struck gold if not, you just called her fat dumb ass!

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20 Top Albums of

We sat down over pizza, wings and a little but of Kush to com lots of arguments and disagreements but in the end we were not that’s cool too. -Flyer

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me up with the top hip hop/rap albums of 2013. There were happy with the outcome. Peep the list if you like it cool, if

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Kanye West, Yeezus (Def Jam)

Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels (Fool’s Gold)

Migos, Young Rich Niggas (Self-Released)

“Yeezus” is not only Kanye West’s most radical album by a long shot, but one of the sharpest left turns by a major musical artists ever recorded. “Yeezus” transports the listener into the mind of the passionate, polarizing being that is Kanye West, who refuses to conform to expectations at a time in which most artists would rest on their laurels, or muse upon the comfort of a new relationship and impending fatherhood. Instead, West’s sixth studio album found ‘Ye aggressively rhyming about his fervid beliefs on social errors, the media’s perception of him and his complex relationship with women, all of which was drenched in unflinching emotion. “Yeezus” was another triumph in a career full of them, and yet again proved that West’s artistry should never be underestimated. - Erika Ramirez

It’s powerful in both delivery and in effect, without being heavy-handed or sacrificing form. Both rappers take the opportunity to show their longtime supporters that they were right all these years, that they bet on the right horses.

Young Rich Niggas finds Migos perfecting their sound even as they bristle at it, and the tape rarely delivers anything resembling a failure. The subject matter can be suffocating in its cavalier depravity, especially on tracks like “FEMA”, which employs a heavy-handed metaphor comparing one’s speed at whipping up crack to the movements of Hurricane Katrina, and Migos’ kingpin fantasies also hit a few sour notes racially speaking. (See:Y.R.N.’s bottomless stream of Latin names for cocaine connects and “China Town”, whose adventures in drug smuggling are periodically punctuated by gross “ching chong” ad libs.)Y.R.N.’s indiscretions are usually, mercifully scant, however, and the group never approaches this material with anything less than an affable, good-natured goofiness. With Young Rich Niggas, Migos have peeled the gruff exterior off of trap and revealed the giddy, catchy party music underfoot.

10 2 Chainz, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time (Def Jam) B.O.A.T.S. II is an album that feels happy just to exist, a rejection of the modern idea that album releases are serious events and all the tracks that sound like they were fun to make get relegated to bonus cuts or mixtapes. The belief in the album as an entertaining product is similarly captured by the decision to include a cookbook of 2 Chainz’s favorite tour recipes with the deluxe edition. 2 Chainz entertains us because he understands the wackiness of what he’s doing, and he performs with a wink. He’s a unique form of the American dream: The tru story of the guy who worked hard and, after a long career that could leave anyone jaded, emerged successful and seemingly less jaded than ever.

11 Pusha T, My Name is My Name (G.O.O.D./Def Jam) Pusha T proves his worth in the shrines of the Rap Game Hall of Fame on My Name Is My Name, with slick wordplay and surreal depictions of his drug-dealing past.


8 Travis $cott - Owl Pharaoh (Grand Hustle/ Epic)

Earl Sweatshirt, Doris (Tan Cressida/Columbia) Doris is full on its author’s prodigious abilities as a formidable young voice in L.A.’s resurgent hip-hop scene, but it’s not as concerned with the wider significance of the moment as it is with disbelief it’s actually happening. 12 Big In Da Street Magazine

Perhaps Owl Pharaoh’s sole drawback is that it still doesn’t quite seem to answer the question “Who exactly is Travi$ Scott?”. Luckily for him, this incredibly cohesive debut is so mesmerizing that everyone should want to find out.

Action Bronson - Saaab Stories (Vice)


You can generously read some of the actions of Tyler, the Creator or Kanye’s lyrics on Yeezus as purposeful trolling, or at least an incredibly awkward means of trying to start a conversation. Yet, Action Bronson only seeks to provoke indignation at Action Bronson, as if he harnesses the strength of conviction from vindicating those who find his off-record persona every bit as abhorrent. It was barely a year ago when Bronson was predicating his career on something other than being as unlikeable as possible, so there’s hope he isn’t too far gone. But on the grim, vulgar Saaab Stories, what you see is what you get.

Young Scooter - Street Lottery (Self-Released)


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The Free Band Gang starts the new year off on the right foot with this Street Lottery Mixtapefrom Young Scooter. This time around Scooter is backed by Future and Gucci Mane. The mixtape starts off with Jugg Season featuring Future. Future bodies the hook like he always does and Scooter talks that trap talk that the dope boys will love. A certified hood banger and strip club favorite, Columbia is definitely a problem. Work featuring Gucci Mane features some of Scooter best verses on this mixtape. He lets you know not to keep an ID in your wallet if u have a bunch of aliases in the streets. The track that stands out even if you’re not a Atlanta Falcons fan is Julio where he refers to drug references and the Atlanta Falcons. Scooter says he “make the dirty birds do the Julio”. Overall Scooter delivered a pretty good mixtape.

Young Dro - Day Two (Self-Released) Day Two has its share of highs and lows, like most Young Dro mixtapes. But what makes it more memorable, is how closely the highs remind of Dro’s heyday. It’s unlikely to find the same level of success as its first installment, but it’s a fine effort from one of Atlanta’s oft-overlooked talents.

4 J Cole - Born Sinner (Roc Nation/Columbia) At its best, Born Sinner, showcases J. Cole’s overall musicality, pairing his ability as a lyricist with a more broadly developed production palette. In a heat, he can rattle off some fierce rejoinders (See: “Niggaz Know”). But several releases deep into Cole’s growing catalogue, we haven’t been delivered the savior that Jay-Z’s “A Star is Born” seemed to anoint.



A$AP Ferg - Trap Lord (A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds/RCA) When Trap Lord flashes-- Ferg’s speed-it-upslow-it-down verse on “Work” is pure thrill-- it’s brilliant. But despite its status as his commercial debut, it’s easiest to approach it as a low-stakes introduction to Ferg, an artist who, like Rocky and other newcomers like Travi$ Scott, has the ability to push the boundaries of the genre toward more experimental sounds and ideas. Though Trap Lord’s vision is refracted through split personalities-- for better or for worse-A$AP Ferg still sounds like a star in the making.

Ghostface Killah - Twelve Reasons To Die In an era where it increasingly seems like rap albums are being rendered obsolete by mixtapes, this tightly focused, wildly entertaining collaboration between two master craftsmen is a testament to how powerful the form can still be.


Jay Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail Jay-Z rapping about the incomprehensible awesomeness of his life is nothing new, and the corporate synergy is hardly a novelty: The Black Album doubled as a retirement party,Kingdom Come was launched by a Budweiser commercial, American Gangster coincided with a Hollywood blockbuster of the same name, and, in hindsight, Blueprint 3 was made with full knowledge that Jay-Z would be Coachella’s first hip-hop headliner. He’s a businessman and a business, man. After all, while Samsung shelled out seven figures for exclusive access to the Jay-Z brand, Shawn Carter was the guy signing the contract and cashing the check. But the best of those joint ventures seemed determined to reach a new audience and create a connection. The weirdly distant and safe Magna Carta Holy Grail abides by the tried and true business principle that the customer is always right: you just have to remember who the customer is here

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orn in Florida raised in Norfolk Virginia, Athens Georgia as well as Atlanta GA. Amy Ferrari has been a musician and dancer since 2. At age eight 3 major things made a deep impact on her life ahead. Shot in the Face, smoking weed and number three is not to be said.

Ferrari has put in work with alot BUSINESS people, always looking to collab. RepYasetDvd, SoOfficial, Street Gang, Dbhunnies, Team Oneway, Bricksquad, C4, Noon, Jondoe, Buck50ent and many more. “I’m like a jack of all trades and i say it that way for a reason. Check for Loli Ferrari at the following sites.

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K Sky Model: K Sky Instagram: @kskymodeling Twitter: Kayla_skyhigh Photographer: Bill Johnson, Johnson Photography Website: Agency: Tattoo Dolls™ Website:

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want” “ I do what i 19 Big In Da Street Magazine

Not even being confined to a wheelchair can phase Austin “A-Money” Morrison from accomplishing his dreams of becoming a solo recording artist. He releases his 2nd solo mixtape “ALPHA” Hosted by Atlanta’s very own DJ Blak Boy! Including production from Joey Cutless, Cada Kalon, Will Fowler and more with features including Flex Nitro, Will Hill and LoUPz. Please listen, Download, And Enjoy! For Bookings/Features contact: Follow on Twitter: @Mrhustlemoney Instagram: @OfficialAMoney 20 Big In Da Street Magazine




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The Hair Life Blog #TheHairLifeBlog

Marley Montana

Coming soon 22 Big In Da Street Magazine

#GasOrPass mixtape/album reviews

Yun Quest Ft. Young Dro - Get It Up

Natasha Mosley Sick

Loudpack Loski Anti Broke

Alabama native, Yun Quest, links up with Mr. FDB Young Dro for a brand new money making anthem “Get It Up”. The record was produced by Lil Jones & Yun Quest and continues to make waves through out radio. Look for a lot more coming from Yun Quest in the very near future!

Natasha Mosley (Born October 3, 1990) is an American recording artist born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Natasha began her singing career in the church at the early age of 3. Natasha was featured on Jeremih’s 2013 hit single “All the Time” featuring Lil Wayne and she performed her single “Tattoo” on BET’s 106 & Park. Natasha was also named a BET “Young Star”.

Joseph Neely professionally known as Loudpack Loski is an Artist out of eastside Chicago where he resides has been rapping, producing, and performing since he was 13 years old but decided to dedicate everything into developing and mastering his gift a few years ago and since then has won a few open mics Artist Showcases in Chicago and has worked with several hot producers like Zaytoven, Purps, Metro Booming, Jimmy Neutron, my team Mex Manny and Simply Craig and many more with a catalogue of so many potential hit singles on deck and when I say he’s the next Heavy Hitter in the game please believe it- He’s the absolute truth! At a extremely fast pace Loudpack Loski is blazing the streets soon to flood the music industry with dope lyrics on hot tracks which has earned him the title of Best UnSigned Artist! Out of Eastside Chicago Loski is the realest and most talented artist around right now!!

Follow @yunquest on twitter!

Follow @natashamosley on twitter!

Follow @Loudpackloski on twitter! Follow @Gomedia123 on twitter!

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Califor Love 24 Big In Da Street Magazine


Some lowriders set out to build a car with a clean paint job, working drive train, and functioning hydraulics; but only a small group of lowriders are willing to take it to another level. Enter Manuel Diaz, and his meticulously built ‘62 Chevy SS convertible. Manuel is no stranger to the peaks and pits of car building, as this veteran lowrider has owned quite a stable of them over the years. His history in car building is actually what led him to beauty you see featured here.

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