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TrafficDuty Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested Thursday on suspicion of drug possession in Maryland, where he was supposed to perform a college event.

The 35-year-old, whose real name is Tauheed Epps, was pulled over for allegedly going 79 mph in a 55 mph zone in Easton, Md., when cops reportedly smelled marijuana in the van. Police found a marijuana grinder and traces of marijuana in a backpack he said he owned and arrested him, the Baltimore Sun reported.

“Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh,” he wrote. Adding, “We to jail for a grinder??? REALLY???” He continued to tweet about the whole ordeal and still made it to his performance at the University of Maryland Eastern

Shore’s homecoming. “I work hard and pray even harder , we gone always b good yall....” he wrote. “Not to mention my security said it was his and they said , he don’t smoke ,, how ... u know? Haha wut a valentines day!!!” Sgt. Marc Black, a police spoksemsan, told the Baltimore Sun that there is “no specific policy, per se” about officers taking photos with people they arrest. “But we’re looking at it administratively to see if anything should be pursued.” The rapper was also arrested at LaGuardia Airport last May and charged with fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon when TSA agents found what they believed to be brass knuckles in his carry-on. His friend Big Sean said that they weren’t brass knuckles but a “4 finger ring that spelled hood” that 2 Chainz had been wearing at a shoot the day before. 2 Chainz was nominated for best rap song, rap album and rap performance at Sunday’s Grammys Awards.


VOL 2 Issue #1

PHOTOS: Celebrity mug shots

The “I’m Different” rapper was cited for allegedly having drug paraphernalia and marijuana and was released, but not before he posed for a photo with Maryland policemen. He was the only person taken into custody, TMZ said. He could face up a year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000, according to the Associated Press. The Grammy Award nominee posted a photo of himself flanked by two cops posing for the snapshot after the alleged incident on his Instagram page.

TrafficDuty On photo: Corey Benson

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VOL 2 Issue #1

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Lil Wanye aka Tunchi Good Kush And Alcohol Featuring Future and Drake

Real niggas, fuck these haters These hoes got pussies like craters Can’t treat these hoes like ladies, man, Pussy, money, weed, codeine She say my dick feel like morphine I hope my name tastes like sardines to these niggas She wake up, eat his dick Call that breakfast in bed, 69.96 I feel her heartbeat I touched her chest with this bitch Now turn around, face down, I’m arresting this bitch Yeah, all my bitches love me And I love all my bitches But it’s like soon as I cum I come to my senses And I would say these hoes’ names But then I would be snitchin’ And these haters try to knock me But they can’t knock me off the hinges Tunechi,

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Traffic Duty

Multi Tasking Yo Dj!! What up homie? Let’s start by telling our readers who you are. Cooling, feeling good my name if you don’t know is DJ London i produce, rap, sing, engineer, dj, direct, and compose if you haven’t heard about me GOOGLE ME!! I’ve been following you for awhile, and I dig your music, but I didn’t know you had DJ skills too, how was easy was it for you transition the two? Plus I heard you could dance any truth to that? It was easy, my dad and uncle use to be big djs in Jamaica (still djing) so It rubbed off me. I started making beats after rapping. It’s easy because when I’m djing a event I can tell what the crowd wants in the beats as they mix, yes I dance too haven’t been practicing in a minute tho. What’s your biggest claim to fame so far and how was it working with them? Hmm i don’t know, it’s probably the song I got in Jamaica that’s in the works!!!! Possibly Beanie Man or Mavado on a track I got with me coming up on my new mixtape or it might be this track I got with the legend Ma$e !! That’s Dope! What have you been working on lately? A lot, producing for all artists that I manage, produce, engineer and shoot videos for then working a lot with Drumma Boy label Drum Squad. Been traveling shooting music videos and getting a lot of stuff in line for 2013.


What’s next for Dj London and how can we find you? Next step is taking over the social network in a couple of months. You’ll see more from me instead of just YouTube, Google, the streets or Facebook. Soon My companies are going to have a lot of videos on WorldStarHipHop we Finna take over and livemixtapes!!!! Y’all can reach me on twitter @djlondon92 Instagram @djlondonofficial_ Facebook “DJLondon” just holla at me ! I show love to everyone. Bet. Interview By Flyer Perry VOL 2 Issue #1

Traffic Duty

Corey Benson

Fly Guy Who is Corey Benson and what is FLG? Corey Benson is an independent artist hailing from the westside of Atlanta (Bankhead). After graduating from Douglass high school he entered into United States Marine Corps where he served for 4 yrs. During his time in service he discovered a talent for rapping and crafting songs. Upon completion of his time in the Marines he and his good friend Jake Cox decided to start a label in which Corey could use to help get his music to the masses. Fly Life Music Group (FLG) now houses some of the best talent in Atlanta Ga. Ranging from rappers, singers, DJs and producers. What rappers are you addressing in the song “Not A Word”? There’s no artist I’m particularly addressing on “Not A Word” just observation and exhaust from rappers proclaiming they do this and that but actually have nothing to show for it. Not even a good name. I do what I like to call observation music. I speak on experiences and things I see everyday and that was just something I was seeing a lot of. What is the Fly Life Gang and how did it originate? Fly Life Music Group (FLG music) is my brain child. I brought my longtime friend Jake Cox in as an investor and business partner and we use our label as a means to help get our artist the exposure needed to reach the level where they’re in the middle of bidding wars. Any features on the upcoming Westside album? As of right now I have Rolls Royce Rizzy whose an artist from Lil Scrappy’s Grustle Gang label, Majestik Gold, and BMX Beezy (Nitti Beats artist) all featured on the “Westside” mixtape. I’m also planing on getting K Camp, Rich The Kid, and Pill on it as well. Not to mention the FLG artist that are featured. Produced entirely by our in-house producer/engineer Robb Rockmoninoff. Hosted by DJ Frank White and DJ Kamillion of Hoodrich DJs. Continued on page 11




VOL 2 Issue #1

Continued from page 9 What can we expect from Corey Benson and FLG in 2013? This year is huge for me. I signed a management deal with Myami B entertainment/ Sony Music, dropping my debut mixtape, doing a slew of videos from the mixtape and looking to lock in a bunch of shows and a tour. I also have a joint venture I’m doing but I have to keep it on the hush until its finalized. Interview By Flyer Perry




The Singer How hard is it being a female entertainer in today’s what seems to be none existent rnb industry? It’s very hard being an artist in the R&B Genre, especially a female! I try to stay true to my art and continue to make good music, cause I believe slowly the trend is changing and we will soon get back to real R&B soon, so grown up can buy music again,and get away from the bubble gum music that no one is buying!! What’s your favorite song to perform? My favorite song to perform is “Hold Me” it seems to be a crowd favorite. Who are some of your favorite artist and why? Sade is one of my favorite, I love her smooth voice and she is just cool when you see her perform.. Prince is one my all time favorite I love the way he writes and his lyrics are always seductive if you listen closely and I like how he always reinvents himself. The Great Whitney Houston cause no one can ever replace her, her voice was just magic. In a lot of your songs you sing about love, what’s one incident you can share with us about a past love? I like to sing about Love because I feel that is What’s missing in a lot of our music, one thing I can share is I always dreamed that God would send my Man to my front door, 11 years ago when I first moved to Georgia this guy came to my door, we where friends for like 6 years, but now we been together for 5 years. Love is Real!! Good for you! So where can we find you and your music? You can always find me at , On Facebook at www.facebook. com/repunzathesinger and on repunza


Interview By Flyer Perry VOL 2 Issue #1


here are many people that believe that black love is dead and I do not agree with that. Reality shows such as Love and Hip Hop tend to create a persona that all black men are liars, cheaters, and are untrustworthy. It even looks as if the black couples as a whole are doomed. Then we look at black couples such as Barack and Michelle Obama or even Denzel and Pauletta Washington and that leaves hope that maybe we can be in a positive and more meaningful relationship. While doing some research to get an opinion of what other African Americans think are components of a healthy relationship, the answers varied from communication, life goals, and even sex. I believe that love, being able to maintain your identity and a spiritual relationship with God are three very important components of healthy black relationship. Love is not only a feeling; it is also an action word. The Bible refers to love as a “purposeful commitment to sacrifice action for another”. We all know that relationships require plenty of sacrifice. It may be something as small as changing your diet or as significant declining a specific job due to relocation. Regardless, if what you are giving up is worth maintaining your relationship, then by all means do it. I lead a busy life. I have kids, school, church, friends, BIDS, and that is to name a few. So I always say, “I’m too busy to date.” If the opportunity ever arose and I met someone who had all the qualities that I look for in a man and more I would definitely make sacrifices to make it work. At some point you have to submit and compromise in order for the relationship to flourish. By giving up to gain in a relationship not only says I love you, it shows your partner as well. When you meet a person, they like you for you. Not for them, but for you. In a nutshell, maintain your identity. Do not lose yourself in your partner and years down the road you forget who you were. I can remember beginning to lose sight of who I was at around the age 22 because I thought that I was in love. By the time I was 26 I started dating a guy who liked to drink. I found myself drinking a beer here and there at two or three o’clock in the afternoon. I stopped and was like, “This is not even Taneisha”. I didn’t really drink beer period, but now I was drinking them every other day. I had the wisdom to check myself which led me down the path to redefining who Taneisha is. I am currently 29 and single because it is much easier to lose yourself than to rediscover who you really are.

Finally, what I feel is most important is not only having an intimate relationship with your partner, but you and your partner having an intimate relationship with God. In the book of Genesis, God made a woman from Adams hip which means we are to come together as one. At some point in our lives a man must find his mate and they multiply. “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24). I have seen personally where a couple will get together and neither have a spiritual relationship with God. The woman will get saved and establish a relationship with God and the man will still be in the world. The Bible says, “Do not yolk yourself with a non-believer” (2 Corinthians 6:14). At some point or another conflict is bound to arise and that is why it is so important in the beginning for you to know each other’s religious views. We all know that no one is perfect, but having a relationship with God ministers to forgiveness, trusting, understanding, patience, and so much more. We must continue to prove the myth wrong, that black love is dead. In order to receive love we have to give it. Throughout any relationship, good or bad never forget who you are because everyone is meant to be themselves. Make God the root of your relationship and you are bound to produce a joyful harvest.

By Sandta Brooks



Struggling with Muscular Dystrophy, one North Georgia rapper shares his love for hip hop and his fight to help find a cure. Interviewed By Flyer Perry

Say hello to....


VOL 2 Issue #1

MIND OVER BODY What’s good AMoney, let’s kick this off by telling our readers who you are and where your from. Whats good BIDS? My name is Austin “A-Money” Morrison and I was born and raised in Cumming, Ga. I rep North Ga. What inspired you to become a rapper? There are a bunch of artists and people that have influenced me to become the artist I am. I have only been recording music for 6 months but have been writing music for years. I think that being “me” was really what inspired me to be a rapper. I want to prove to everything that anything is possible. Dream big or don’t dream at all. Just live your life to the fullest no matter what a hater say Its a lot of white boys with a nice flow in the biz right now, what obstacles have you had to face to get where your at? I have overcome a plethora of things. I probably have overcome way different things than any other artist. I have the drive and determination that can’t be stopped because of who I am. I’ve had haters and people who’ve doubted me just because I’m in a wheelchair but most of all I got my crew who got my back no matter what.

“Southern Lights”? Southern Lights is the deepest song I’ve ever written. My heart was just in a different place the night I wrote the track. It has a deep interpretation and can motivate one instantly. My intentions were to show everyone who I really am. Have you ever been involved in internet beef? No, I have never been involved in Internet beef. But, I’d be lying if I said I have never had beef with anyone beef. What’s your biggest claim to fame so far? My biggest claim to fame is my EP “A Fresh Breath Of Life” that I dropped on December 1st. I’m working on getting some more exposure and letting the people know who I really am. My music is my life. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for? My first wish would be to find a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. It is a neuromuscular disease that deteriorates your muscles. This is what has put me in my chair. Second wish would be to be able to make music for a living. Becoming a signed artist is on my list of goals and I won’t stop until I get there. Third wish is to give back my parents everything they’ve ever given me. They have been there for me through every step in life. Whether it be when I was in trouble or succeeding. My family is the best. Words are considered powerful when used correctly, with one word how would you save the rap game? Hustle! If you got the motivation and hustlers mentality you can do anything. My mind is set and I know what my goals are. Hustle and find your goals…go after them. Never back down. In this industry people are gonna hate no matter what. Make them love it! Its been a real pleasure to meet you big dawg, let us know where we can find you or your music? Listen to my EP here: Twitter: follow me @mrhustlemoney and Reverbnation: www.

What’s in your bag when you hit the studio? What do you absolutely have to have to record? I have to have everything I’ve been working on lately recorded. I can’t just pick one track I want record. I have a few collabs that I’m really looking forward to here in the coming month. Be on the lookout for my mixtape “1988” in the coming months. You’ve been featured in our #GotBars column for having awesome writing skills, what motivated you to write the song BIG IN DA STREEET MAGAZINE  VOL 2 Issue #1  


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Dear Fly, My mom wont let me do what i want to, I try to bring girls over and shes all in my business and my girls gets surprised and leaves me. I’m confused, what should i do? -Private, 32 Alabama Get The F#ck out yo mama house! That’s the memo that you didn’t get. Dear Fly, I’ve been with my man for 6 months now and everything is great. We make incredible love and he treats me like a queen. Ive met his family and he’s met mines, and we’re all cool together. The only problem is his breath is kinda funky!? How do i break the news to him and not hurt his feelings our the relationship? -Yessica 23 Georgia Ahh Sh#t!! Give dat ni##a a tic tac and keep it movin’. If you love dat ni##a that shouldn’t be a problem. Dear Fly, Are you running for President? No. Dear Fly, What are the BIDS Photoshoots like? Check out the Behind The Scenes footage on youtube. Its a lot of work that goes into to it. Dear Fly, I love bad bitches, that’s my fuckin’ problem and yeah i like to fuck. I got a fuckin’ problem. Take yo damn medicine..

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VOL 2 Issue #1



Where? Randomly So what’s Biggest check you’ve collected so far? All my checks big cause i work HARD!!!! I hear ya. Any weird sh#t ever happen to you in the club? One time a drunk old man tried to dance with me. He might have wanted to be your suga daddy. Whats your favorite song to dance to? Hmm...I luv them strippers by 2 chains featuring Nicki Minaj. Any girl on girl action? Of course, im a lesbian. Ahh Snap! If you could be with any chick in the industry who would she be? TRINA. Good choice! What you like about her? Her body, she’s the baddest! What team were you rooting for to win the Super Bowl? 49ers. Oh well, better luck next time. How can our readers find you? You can reach me on my Facebook model page “Diamond Gordon” & Twitter @ PinkBottoms19 or via email for bookings & business only “bookdiamondtiara@gmail. com”


VOL 2 Issue #1

Photography: MMI Photography  Hair: Tonya Ni’cole  Makeup: Natelie Patrick  Jewelry: Betsy Johnson  Clothing: Victoria Secret

Do you dance? Yes, i love to dance


s Dorian and P.J. stood side by side flanked by their lawyer, the judge was taking his seat upon the bench .The bailiff stood beside the bench, instructing the six people in the court to return to their seats as the judge sat down. Judge Richard Stein wasted no time getting started. He begin “I never in my life as a judge came across such a case, Dorian Daniels, Paris Jordan Carter - P.J interrupted the Judge “Your honor it’s P.J. everyone calls me P.J. .” Their lawyer Kent Talley could only shake his head as Dorian slightly dropped his head a slight smirk forming on his face. The guys were unusually cool and relaxed. They knew what the Judge was going to say. Their lawyer had informed them the day before. The case had been something no one used to Dorian posted a quarter million dollar bond, P.J., hundred fifty thousand. ON MURDER CHARGES. The D.A. Manny Barton was quoted saying “if I had any clue those young hoodlums could post that amount of money he would have pushed for a million apiece.” The Judge blankly stared at P.J. before he continued “If maybe one or two things would have went different son, I would be sentencing you and Mr. Daniels to four hundred combined years in jail, but it seems as if your actions saved more lives than lives more live than were taken. And if that 223 assault rifle hadn’t been registered to Mr. James’s auntie - you would have gotten five years apiece for that. And to you Mr. Daniels get yourself back into college ASAP. Stop being friends with likes of Mr. James; if he doesn’t straighten up yesterday he will be back in front of me and I will give the maximum amount time the law allows. I don’t care if its Jay-walking. I have never had to empty a courtroom you two have definitely gained a level of infamy I haven’t witnessed for such young defendants if I were you two I would find someone else to live”. The judge asked the Prosecutor D.A. Barton if he had anything to say the visibly dejected, Barton could only utter; “No your Honor”. With that the Judge read “The State would like to formally dismiss charges Count one, two and three, second degree murder and count one thru five aggravated assault against Dorian Daniels and Paris Jordan Carter.” P.J. violently pumps his fist. The Judge adds “Mr. Carter tell your Auntie she can pick her rifle up from the courthouse Monday thru Friday 8a.m. to 5 p.m.” He lightly slams his mallet and mutters something getting up from the bench. orian and P.J. exploded through the court doors to flashes from the numerous


photographers’ cameras from the newspaper’s. A slight crowd of about fifteen to twenty people cheered the two with P.J. holding his free hand in the air. Their Lawyer Kent Talley stepped in front of the guys to answer the questions a couple reporter had intended for the charismatic duo, as the guys tried to scramble to the group waiting for them, a reporter was able to ask the guys “What are ya’ll planning to do now!?” P.J. looked over his shoulder arm still around Dorian and exclaimed loudly “Get back to the Money!” Everyone laughed as the guys made it the hugs, high-five’s, and kisses from the friends waiting. As Dorian was hugging Serena and she was grabbing his ass he could see his mother off to the side. She hadn’t come to court at all, she said couldn’t see him like that, the only time he came home to see her right was before case started. When he was leaving, she cried like he never seen before giving him a death-grip hug, squeezing Dorian so hard it was hard to breathe. In the streets he was looked upon as the protector, someone people looked up to, but now as he looked into his mother’s eyes even from that distance he thought about the Judge and his words, and wondered was his life worth his mother ‘s worries. Dorian excused himself from the group as three cars pulled up to whisk the group away. “I’ll be right back” Dorian said quietly Lil Twang caught up the excitement hollers “ A kill what’s-“ using Dorian’s wicked nickname, before get jabbed hard in the ribs by P.J. as Dorian turns around at the same time frowning his face violently at the now in pain Twang. Dorian greets his mother with a big hug pulling her back by the shoulders looking into her smiling face now wet already from tears she sobs “Come home son, with me” Dorian feeling his heart twinge the inner turmoil causing him to make a face as if he is about to vomit. He picks his head looking his mother into the eyes replying with a tear rolling down his face “I can’t Ma.” His mother simply says “I glad you won, son I love you and take care of yourself.” orian stared blankly out the window of the back seat; Serena seated beside him looking at him sadly. Everyone saw the exchange and Dorian had just told them exactly what happened. P.J. and Twang were in the front seat pulling out bottles of champagne, Twang behind the wheel was driving too fast turning the music up at the




By Reid Marley

As the second quarter of Hip Hop approaches us, I think we all can agree and say that the first quarter hasn’t been too bad so far. As we came to an end of the fourth quarter last year, seems like artist were focusing a little more on mixtapes leading into the new year and quarter and treating them like albums as far as production and features is concerned. Artist such as Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Wale, and Fabulous cruised into the new quarter with last minute tapes to end 2012 off with El Jefe, CM7, Folarin, and Soul Tape 2, which were all pretty big tapes. As albums are concerned coming into the first quarter, T.I. dropped his highly anticipated comeback album Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, which not surprisingly topped charts, Interscope’s young problem child Chief Keef made his debut with Finally Rich, and The Game dropped his last album for Interscope Records that was loaded with features and titled Jesus Piece. Hip Hop has already had a good bit of tapes to start the quarter off this year too with notable releases from G.O.O.D Music’s own Pusha-T, were he just recently dropped Wrath Of Caine, Curren$y dropped #NewJetCity, Rocko released Gift Of Gab 2, and Juelz Santna finally made his comeback to the game with God Will’n which features from Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Future, Wale and more. Speaking Of comebacks New Orleans legend Master P has made one with the joining of his new group Louie V Mob, which consist himself, Alley Boy, and Fat Trel and they recently just dropped their debut mixtape titled New World Order. Other than his childish unnecessary so called beefs Atlanta’s hot head Gucci Mane also released the second installment to his Trap God series and


VOL 2 Issue #1

Live Love Muzik!



it features artist like Lil Wayne, Young Dolph, Rocko, and Young Scooter who just recently signed to Gucci’s label 1017 Bricksquad. As far as album sales are concerned for the first quarter nothing to drastic nor surprisingly as took place other than the new generation of hip hop running the tables such as artist like A$AP Rocky coming in with a total of 245,000 so far for his latest Long. Live.Asap and Kendrick Lamar’s good kid m.A.A.d City racking up 731,000. As the quarter continues and coming into its last two months there are a couple notable artist with albums and mixtapes to look forward and just a couple to name are 50 Cent, Machine Gun Kelly, Rick Ross, J.Cole, and possibly a joint project from Wale and Meek Mill, but until then keep your eyes and ears open cause you never know what Hip Hop has in store for us, and on that note it’s been real

Check out more reviews at www.livelovemusic.wordpress. com



Continued from page 21 same time. Dorian seated behind Twang driving sits up and whispers something in Twang’s ear causing him to immediately slow down and turn the music down a notch. P.J. turns around and looks at Dorian and says loudly “You know I love my Auntie but, you gotta remember this is our day!” A new song comes on the stereo and P.J. turns up the music and pop’s a bottle of champagne taking a huge gulp turning his head up screaming at the top of his lungs “Whooaaaa!!!” turning the music up a little louder and starts to dance turning around infecting everyone with his pure enthusiasm and aura. Dorian can only laugh as Serena comes over giving Dorian a luscious kiss on the cheek before placing her hand on his thigh. Dorian allows himself to smile before tapping P.J. on the shoulder grabbing his attention motioning for a blunt causing P.J. to exploded shouting “That’s what I’m talking about, Yeaa!! I’ma smoke one too.” P.J. pulls hand full out “Matter of fact everyone take one, Victory Cigars!” As the car is getting smoked completely out Twang holler’s “Oh shit! Look at the street!” They car lets out a collective “Shit!!” Cars line both sides of the street as Twang can barely pull in down the street, the car crawling as the mob explodes; the guest of the hour have arrived! People start cheering as if the group has brought a Championship Trophy home with them. The guys had been hustling the entire couple of months they dealt with case. But unlike previous months they were seldom seen. But once they posted the bail and it made the papers all throughout the state the guys were certified celebrities- “The New Mobster’s” was one newspaper’s headline .Even more ironic, people lined up to do business. … They slowly pull into the apartment, as they park P.J. gets out of the passenger side window with a new bottle of champagne getting on top of the hood popping the bottle causing the crowd to go bananas. Someone opens the door for Dorian and Serena and the crowd ohh’s and ahh’s as Rhonda walks up and hands Dorian a gigantic wad of money, kissing him on the cheek, Dorian could only think to himself “I gotta do this right.” The last thing he wanted to do was go back to Jail and if it wasn’t for a couple things - like the judge said he probably wouldn’t be in this moment, he would be in jail for life. Dorian turned around inspected the scene P.J. was on top of the car dancing with a girl pouring champagne in her mouth the crowd almost in Frenzy. Dorian wasn’t about to try and beat murder charges every six months, seven bodies was enough. He knew he wasn’t about to leave the life, it had overtaken him. The money, the power, women, and even the fame but he was to make a change. He knew that…..


VOL 2 Issue #1







VOL 2 Issue #1




VOL 2 Issue #1