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Wellness v Wellness programs have become an essential means of improving the health and performance of employees throughout the corporate world. v An employee’s attitude, energy levels, productivity, sick days, and high insurance premiums are all directly affected by their diet, physical fitness, and stress levels. It is therefore, imperative that they be educated on incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into every day.



Counseling Many health problems can be prevented or even treated by adopting new dietary, exercise, and relaxation habits. Leading health organizations are recommending lifestyle changes for individuals that have or want to prevent: • Heart disease • High Blood Pressure • Stroke

• Alzheimer’s Disease • Stress Related Disorders • Fatigue Disorders

• Osteoarthritis • Cancer

• Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) • PMS

• Diabetes

• Menopause

• High Cholesterol

• Conditions related to weight and obesity

• Metabolic Syndrome • Osteoporosis Consultations include individualized menu plans and supplement recommendation.

Health Screening

Biggest Loser Contest Kicking off with a nutritional lecture, as well as recording employees fat % and weight, we conduct a 3 month long program to help employees lose unwanted weight and gain more lean muscle mass. We have your employees set goals and then track the progress twice a month with weigh-­‐ins, nutritional advice, and exercise counseling. The event ends with individuals or teams having one final weigh-­‐in and the “biggest losers” are given an award. (awards vary on corporations and their policies)



v Decreased Absenteeism v More energetic employees v Reduced health care costs v Increased employee satisfaction v Higher Productivity

Services Available 1. Lunch & Learn Series a. Health & Wellness through Nutrition b. Stress Reduction c. Get Fit While you Sit 2. Corporate Massage Therapy 3. Health Screenings – Biggest Loser Contests 4. Individual Nutritional Counseling


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Massage Therapy

“More than 75% of

health care costs are due to chronic conditions.” -­‐Center for Disease Control

Done at your business or office with the employee fully clothed and without the use of oil or lotion, corporate massage produces both instant results and long lasting benefits, thus making it an excellent addition to any wellness program. Your employees will be seated upright on a specially designed massage chair that provides maximum comfort during their massage. The massage sessions generally range from 10 to 25 minutes long. The therapist will primarily focus on the upper body areas that often cause problems for people who sit at a desk or use a computer. A typical chair massage session will include work on the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and hands. Benefits of Corporate Massage: • Relieves fatigue • Lowers anxiety & hostility • Enhances creative thinking • Improves problem solving • Helps prevent R.S.I (repetitive stress injuries) • Lowers muscle tension & pain 4

Lunch & Learn Series Our Lunch and Learn series includes three separate one hour presentations that focus on improving the overall health of employees. The purpose of these presentations is to: v Educate Employees on: -­‐Improving Diet -­‐Decreasing Stress -­‐Increasing Activity v Enable Employees to: -­‐Avoid Negative Health Patterns -­‐Create A Healthier Office Environment -­‐Make Better Choices

Health & Wellness through Nutrition -­‐Nutrition Basics -­‐Office Eating Pitfalls & Prevention -­‐Optimal Eating Habits -­‐Body Composition -­‐Vitamins & Supplement Overview

Stress Reduction -­‐Effects of Stress -­‐Benefits of Relaxation -­‐In-­‐Office Techniques -­‐At-­‐Home Techniques

Get Fit While you Sit -­‐How to implement Healthy Changes -­‐Office Ergonomics -­‐Effective exercises at work

Potential Class Topics: -­‐Ergonomics -­‐Weight Loss -­‐Detoxification -­‐Cardiovascular treatment/prevention -­‐Food Shopping -­‐Lower Cholesterol Naturally -­‐Healthy Stretching/Exercise Basics 5


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