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THE FRAGRANCE PROJECT Portfolio for Module 2: Thomas Ryan

Self Promotion Fragrance Analysis Essay Individual Essay Evaluation

Self Promotion - blogspot

This is my Pblogspot page. I use this to occassionally voice my opinion about general topics but it is predominately used to promote my polyvore account to a wider audience.

Self Promotion - Polyvore

This is my Polyvore, which personally I use more than my main blog as I find it much more creative and I find it much more of a hobby than something tedious.

Fragrance Analysis Essay

This is my fragrance analysis of Bleu De Chanel and their advertisement campaign, in which I found to be very interesting and challenging to analyze.

Individual Research- Consumer Research

This is a moodboard that I created during the early stages of our research to gain a visual insight as to what we were intending our consumer to be perceived as.

Individual Research- Product Research

During the early stages of my research I looked into how our bottle was going to look as we wanted it to seem ornamental rather than a typical home fragrance.

Individual Research-Product Research/ competitors.

During the development process I looked into other types of home fragrances that were also perceived as either ornamental or ones that had the same type of features/vibe that I wanted to go for.

Individual Research- Logo Experiment

Whilst developing the name for the brand I decided to experiment as to what I would want the logo to look like and whether it should be more traditional or contemporary.


ithout a ...... Trace


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ithout a race

Individual Research- Graphic Experiment

Whilst experimenting with the logo I then went onto looking into other types of graphic that could be used during post production for the brand and adapted the fact that we were thinking of using a decanter for the bottle and used the cut glass element and adapted it into something more visual.

Individual Research- Photo shoot research

For the inspiration of the photo shoot I looked at contemporary photography and how I could make it modern and up to date but still with a classic look. Looking closely at the male form and how sex appeal can be projected through an image.

Individual Research- The Model

I decided that we needed a model with a modern edge, someone who was conscious about their looks but in a masculine way with an evident sex appeal about them. Someone who would appeal to our consumer and would almost be their alter ego and how their sexual self is projected but in the form of my campaign model.

• Cotemporary Style • Cool Edge • Sex Appeal • Dirty Atmosphere

Individual Research- Art Direction

Through keeping the colour palette monochrome it helps to create more depth within the images which is emphasized more with the use of monotone space and subtle typography.

Individual Research- The model

The unedited versions of the images that I myself took and then edited within Photoshop. Â

Individual Research- Edited versions

The Final Edited versions of the images that I selected from my photo shoot.

Individual Research- Campaign Experiments.

I then went onto experimenting with my edited images to make them fit in with the brands style even more and experimenting with layering text pattern and the logo.

Individual Research- My Final Campaign Images

These are the final campaign images that I have edited and then arranged on the page with a lot of negative space to draw the viewers attention to the center and make the entire image the focus point rather than a specific section.

Individual Research- My Final Campaign Images

These are the final campaign images that I have edited and then arranged on the page with a lot of negative space to draw the viewers attention to the center and make the entire image the focus point rather than a specific section.

Individual Research- Model Consent Form

. Photoshoots If conducting an organised photoshoot e.g. in a photographic studio then the following form must be used:

release form for photographs and images: This is a basic form to be used when taking photographs of people. You MUST discuss your particular release form with your tutor/supervisor. For students in photography release forms will be discussed as part of Professional Practice. ADULT IIODEL/ PERFOR}IER AGREE}IENT RELEASE

, (^[ut\e (lo1er*

For good and valuable consideration of:

I, the undersigned model grant the photographer, and any licensees or assignees, the absolute righl^to use the photograph(s) and any other reproductions or adaptations, from the above mentioned photographic shoot I give my consent to the photographer to publish, republish, or otherwise transmit the imaoes in anv medium for all purposes throughout the world.

I understand that the images may be altered or modified in any manner I hereby waive any right that I have to inspect or approve a finished product or coov

I understand that the image shall be deemed to represent an imaginary Derson unless agreed otherwise, in writing, by myself.

I understand that I have no interest in the copyright, nor any moral rights, in the photooraph

I am over 18 years ofage

Name of model:

Signature of model:

Na"rltn Date:




o6 I


Individual Research

As a group we created a set of mood boards to visually convey the type of idea as to what we wanted our initial packaging design to look like.

We took the concept of the decanter even further by using the shape of the bottle and then using the cut glass element as more of a design with the idea in mind that we would want this pattern frosted onto it to make the bottle look much more modern.

Our final designs from our product designer and how she conveyed our idea, by changing the stopper and not using the graphic element, completely disregarding our main features.

Social Media- Instagram

I decided to make an Instagram for my project as I felt that It would have been silly not to when it is such a basic piece of social media. I created it with the idea in mind that it would update its followers on trends the best drinks, the product itself and provide a lifestyle that could be viewed by all.

Individual Research- Store layout

I decided to create a mock up of the store layout to convey the type of idea that I had in mind, keeping it classic but incredibly contemporary with a strong presence of the brand itself.

Evaluation How do I feel overall about this module, Ie Presentation/Research/etc? What would I change? I feel this module has helped me by making me much more confident with the way in which I have used my own abilities to benefit the work of others and work well within a team as well as my own presentation skills. I feel I have come to a point where I am able to visualize an idea and then go even further to make it a reality as well as being innovative in the first place with the initial concept for the brief. The presentation itself made me uneasy as I am not a confident public speaker but it forced me to overcome that to a degree. Unfortunately I feel that not everyone within my team worked as hard as others only putting in any sort of effort within the last few days, but this is something that I dealt with and picked up the slack for with my other team members to create something that personally I am very pleased with. If I could do this module again, I would personally have more of a hands on approach with the factual research rather than just limiting myself to being creative and sticking within what I feel comfortable with. Overall the whole module was challenging and I feel that it will be something that will benefit me in the future through learning that even though you cant choose who you work with, you can choose to not let them bring your own standard of work down.

Fragrance Brief Portfolio  
Fragrance Brief Portfolio