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Thomas A. Blake Law Offices Bankruptcy Specialist At Thomas A. Blake Law Offices, we offer payment plans because we understand that the difficulty that can come with finding great legal representation that won't break the bank. At Thomas A. Blake Law Offices, we know that being in debt can be a difficult time in your life. Handle it the right way by working with a compassionate lawyer that will work hard to get your debt settled. We specialize in:

• Personal bankruptcy • Chapter 7 bankruptcy • Chapter 13 bankruptcy • Debt reorganization • Non-bankruptcy workouts

Family law that keeps your best interests at heart. Whether or not your divorce is contested, or you need help with custody, child support, or property division, our office offers you the care and guidance needed to help you navigate the legalities of divorce and take care of your needs now and down the road.

Families come in different shapes, but they all need special care. If you are adding a new member through adoption, transferring guardianship to another family member, or changing your name, you will find the help you need at Thomas A. Blake Law Offices.

• Divorce • Uncontested divorce • Custody and visitation • Child support • Property division • Adoption • Name change

Prepare the future for your children. You may or may not know what you need to have ready should you fall ill or die unexpectedly. Schedule a FREE consultation, and let us help you determine what legal documents you may need to have ready to keep your family from having to figure things out at an inopportune time. You don’t want your children to squabble over your belongings or your money. Leaving them with financial burdens will only compound their grief. Planning your estate, having a clear, comprehensive will, and creating trusts now will ensure that all your children will deal with are happy memories.

Consult for FREE with one of our lawyers about your estate: • Living wills • Power of attorney • Testamentary wills • Trusts • Estate planning

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