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Thomas Antonietti - Portfolio

in Paris and 東京

2010 - 2006


pages: 1-2 Morat, in Bordeaux 3-4 “I made a diet chair�, in Tokyo. 5-6 Fragile, in Tokyo. 7-8 Topographie, in Paris.


Morat Oak Barrel Tops

Bordeaux 2009

Invited by Les Tonnelleries Sylvain Carte Blanche invitation to design 2 barrel tops for a charity sale organised for the foundation “la voix de l’enfant”. Carole Bouquet presided the charity sale. The barrels were made with a 300 years old oak form the Morat Forest, a former royal forest cultivated by Colbert. The 2 models have been sold for 4000 euros

1rst model


Morat Oak Barrel Tops

glazed porcelain, wooden top


I Made a diet Prototype chair

 東京 2008

Lightest chair prototype. Designed and produced for the Prototype exhibition in Tokyo. Gio Ponti made a chair of 2.2kgs but I thought nowadays we could go further... Considering Design from a production and a shipping point of view, weight becomes a keypoint on design thoughts. thinking light and seating right.

I Made a diet Prototype chair

1mm cardboard and fiberglass resin. This chair weighs 1.6 kgs and resists a 100kgs charge. A Honey Comb paper structure covered by a 1mm cardboard layer that is then reinforced and durably protected by a fiber glass and resin coating brings this incredible resistance to a very light design. °











6.34° 62°



° .71


80. 34°

38° 80. 25

















Fragile porcelain cutlery

 ć?ąäşŹ 2008

Cutlery collection Why use some an uncommon material for this kind of objects? Since I'm in japan, eating with sticks I sometimes use regular forks and knife but I rarely have to cut my piece of flesh... and I started to think about other materials that could apply for this use. Porcelain for the pleasure of matching table's art materials, soft for your mouth and tongue, another pleasure to share at the table.


Fragile porcelain cutlery scale 1:1

knife top view

side view

bottom view

fork top view

side view

spoon top view

side view


Topographie porcelain vessel

Paris, Limoges 2007

“topographie de table�, a fruit cup that won in 2006 a design competition held by UMI, design editor. I was glad that Raynaud commissionned it to produce and commercialise it then as a part of the collections of Ercuis&Raynaud. Topography has been presented in January 2007 in Paris, then exhibited in London for the "Handled with care" exhibition in london, it has also been exhibited in 2008 at the Milano Salone and in "Prototype" exhibition in Tokyo.


Topographie porcelain vessel

42x42cms casted glazed porcelain. Topographical drawing on a 42x42cms square pattern, each summit has a different height, creating the topographical relief. the drawing has been 2d and 3d masterised and a hand made prototype has been created to create the first mould of Ercuis & Raynaud

Product Design portfolio  

Product Design portfolio

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