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Review Jake Matheson “NHL 12 refuses to say amazing is good enough.” is what Gamer Choice Awards has said about this years NHL game.

With the extremely talented Steven Stamkos on the

cover of this years game, you expected it to be a phenomenal game and EA sports does not disappoint. Just like what Gamer Choice Awards has said, EA sports has been known to raise the bar every year for the NHL game series, but this year they didn’t just raise the bar.


strapped it onto the side of a rocket and sent it into space.

This most recent edition is one of the most anticipated releases for a hockey game in a very long time, mainly because of all the mind blowing additions that EA has added to the already stellar game. EA really listened to its fan base when making this game. After last year’s addition of hitting players after the play has been whistled down, they didn’t add very much else. This year it seems as if they listened to all of the suggestions and ideas that their enthusiastic fan base has come up with.

Some of the cutting edge features include, playing as a legend, playing outside for the winter classic and now you can even hit and fight a goalie. When you play as a legend you have the ability to pick one of the dozen legendary hockey players of years past and play with them on any team you want. I’ve always wondered what Gretzky would look like in a leafs uniform, and now I know! Lots of people were thrilled when they announced that they would have the outdoor winter classic arenas for you to play in. It makes no difference to the flow of the game, it was really just lightly snowing. Lastly, my favourite addition to NHL 12 the ability to skate into and to fight goalie. In real life I play a dirty style of hockey, involving me planting myself in front of the net for a screen, and getting in the goalie’s way. Now I can play my virtual hockey the same way I play my real hockey.

Overall I rate this game a ninety-three out of one hundred. Its game play is amazing, the addition of the

legendary players is genius, the fighting features are engaging, and the overall look and feel of the game is un paralleled!

Feature Article

“It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing

outside,�. This is a quote from

the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. He, just like many other people believe that video games are a negative influence on the community. In some aspects of life video games can actually help. In some cases video games help your memory improve and can also help you become more fit. People always assume that video

games are rotten, but if you take the time to really look at them then you might realize these people are mistaken.

In many video games you have a task to do and your mission is to accomplish it. It involves you remembering your objective and all of the little side tasks you have to accomplish along the way. Playing video games trains your brain to remember facts and details which improves memory and multi tasking. In a seniors home in Arizona a study was done on a group of twelve senior citizens.

The seniors

first took a series of tests. They tested their memory, their multitasking ability, and their sense of reason. The next part of the study involved them playing a video game called “Rise of Nations�, a game which requires you to steal territories and build your nations. After playing that game regularly for three months the seniors were then tested again. Astoundingly, almost every single one of them had a significant increase on their test scores. This example supports the idea that video gaming can improve our memory and multi-tasking capabilities.

Another example of how video games can be beneficial to people is the option of playing fitness games. Nintendo has realeased a game called Wii fit, which measures your weight and helps you set and achieve fitness goals. For the xbox 360, they have the game called Kinect Yoga, which assists the player in performing yoga maneuvers through the Camera built into the system. For children’s health, the wii has a game called wii sports, which is an incredible and fun way for kids to be active. With the new technology, video games are helping people who are usually not interested in activity, become active regularly.

Video games usually take a lot of heat for rotting kid’s minds, but by using video games for the right reasons, you can actually improve your mind and body threw video gaming.

A Memoir It was six in the morning. I had set the alarm for 5:30, but I hit the snooze button and was a half hour later than I wanted to be. I rolled out of my nice warm bed, and into the coldness of the fall air. I didn’t think about it too much though because my mind was somewhere else. As I wandered down the stairs, still half asleep, I smelt the heavenly aroma of a fresh pot of coffee. I walked into the kitchen to find my dad who was already up, bouncing around the kitchen with excitement. We poured the coffee into our Toronto Maple Leaf travel mugs and hustled out the door.

We pulled into the busy parking lot at six forty-five, an hour and fifteen minutes before the store even opened. We had our favourite tracks from NHL 07 pounding through the car speakers. We hopped out of our car with our lawn chairs hanging over our shoulders. We set our chairs up at the end of the line filled with people wearing jerseys

representing their favourite teams. This was the day we have been waiting for; it was the release day of NHL 08. Hockey isn’t the only thing that we both enjoy, but this experience made me realize that my dad isn’t just my dad, he is also one of my best friends.

Travel Article I awoke abruptly to my dog, Toby, barking so loudly that I thought it might even wake the neighbors. The reason for this insane behavior was the knocking happening on my bedroom door. The knocking continued, and so did Toby’s insanity; he shot out of the bed and, like an Olympic hurdler, jumped over all of my laundry to the door. He pushed the door open to find my dad standing there with a smug little grin on his face. He knew that Toby would go nuts if he knocked on the door, so that’s all he has to do to wake me.

As I stumbled down the stairs still half asleep, I heard my dad yell up the stairs to the rest of my family, “I’m in the car, and I am pulling out of the driveway in five minutes!” One by one the bedroom doors opened. First it was my brother’s door quickly opening .I think he slept in his clothes the night before because he came running out of his room dressed for the day. Down the stairs with a look of horror on his face like our dad was actually going to leave him behind. Then my sister came stomping down the stairs like an elephant. Her nose in a book, her eyes didn’t even leave the pages. She has made the walk from her room and down the stairs many times with her head buried inside her book. Lastly my mom trudged down the stairs looking irritated. She had just been on the phone with my aunt who is always complaining about something. Our family was going on a trip down to the lovely Prince Edward Island to visit our relatives. It’s a twentyfour hour drive form door to door. That’s a long time for three siblings who don’t particularly like spending time with each other, to be in such close proximity. We lock up our house and walk down the drive way smelling the fresh spring air. As we waved good bye to our house we buckle up our seat belts and hit the road.

“How long are we going to be driving for today?,” my sister asks from the backseat of our minivan. “Sixteen hours,” my dad says from the front, without even giving a glance into the rear view mirror to see my sister. “Where are we staying tonight?” my sister asks again curiously from the back seat. She was trying to plan out everything in her head. “It doesn’t matter,” I yelled, “you are twelve, you don’t kneed to know these things. Just enjoy whatever you do where ever you are. It makes no difference if you know where we are staying tonight. You are probably just going to text one of your weird friends about it!”

“JAKE! That is enough out of you!” my mom screamed. “You kids had better find a way to get along or this is going to be a long drive for you two.”

“Okay,” I mumbled to the grumpy women up front. My sister looked over at me and I gave her a little head nod. Then she looked over at my brother and he did the same. We all knew what it meant. It was game on. It was time for Mario Kart on the DS. A Matheson family ritual. Every trip that’s longer than twenty minutes we crack open our DS’s and play Mario Kart. It is the only thing that my brother, my sister and I all enjoy doing together. We didn’t look up from the two mesmerizing screens until we stopped to get lunch. Afterwards we piled back into our aging minivan to continue the epic racing tournament we had happening before we needed to stop to refuel our bodies.


I made this

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