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Metro Guard Termite Treatments Dallas

The goal of a termite treatment is to apply a termite product to the area immediately below and around your foundation. The treatment can either work as a barrier with the goal of keeping termites away, or as a "treated area" through which termites travel and are eliminated.

Termite Treatment Process Here we pulled back the carpet and drilled around the wet bar area. Termite product will be applied to the soil using this hole.

After the termite product is applied to the soil under your foundation using these holes, they are then plugged and sealed. The area is now fully protected from termites.

Here we are treating the soil under the foundation at the side of the home. Each trench is filled with termite product, the product seeps into the ground, then the trench is backfilled with treated soil.

We are using foam around the windows here. The foam will expand inside the wall void and protect these windows from termites and ants.

Who we are ? Metro Guard Termite & Pest Control is a family owned business started in 1991. We have grown faster than most local pest control companies because our philosophy is different from most.

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Metro guard termite treatments dallas  
Metro guard termite treatments dallas  

Metro Guard Termite and Pest Control is a leader in the commercial pest control industry. We serve the entire Dallas and Fort Worth Metrople...