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Workplace Change: 3 More Mysteries To Unravel For Managing The Changing Workplace In my previous article on workplace change, we looked at how a load of change is stalling many workplaces today. Change is a difficult thing. People most often resist change because of the uncertainty and discomfort of trying new things. In these times when many circumstances are beyond our control, exploring management options can be encouraging. Asking the right questions can take the mystery out of what to do next for managing your challenging workplace. We explored these four mystery-solving questions in my first article on this topic: Mystery #1: Can owners and managers identify generational similarities that improve teamwork and productivity? Mystery #2: Can employees be trusted or is the temptation to cheat and steal stronger? Mystery #3: Will your budget allow for the personalization of employee learning so that all can initiate it when they need it and get career development at the same time? Mystery #4: Can your organizational leaders be enthusiastic, inspiring and supportive of employees? Here are the final 3 of 7 "mystery-unraveling" questions for business leaders in today's changing workplace: Mystery #5: Is your organization making replacement plans and identifying future company leaders? Who will be your company leaders as 10,000 Traditionalists and Baby Boomers a year ages 45 to 72, make their exit? This stuck economy seems to have stopped forward-thinking organizations from long-term planning. Are you hiring Gen Y professionals? Many of the Gen Yers I talk to don't plan to take on greater responsibility in the company they work for. They want to lead and do business in a different way than Traditionalists and Boomers. It would be good to learn what those ways are. Mystery #6: Are business owners, managers and organizational leaders willing to take a hard look at why they are so frustrated with Generation Y employees and how it may be causing higher-thannormal turnover? I am afraid that employee turnover will be an even bigger portion of company budgets as changes come faster and the economy surges and shrinks in shorter time spans. However, there are some steps that will keep turnover under control. Clear career paths and opportunities for training and networking will keep a good employee as well as adding meaning to their work. Also, teaching all of your employees about generational differences improves understanding for those extraordinary and unexpected characteristics of Generation Y in a traditional, Boomer workplace environment. Mystery #7: Is it possible that owners, managers and employees' who know their generational values and attitudes and those of their coworkers will perform better? Schedule a Generational Differences presentation and find out. Generational Differences training for you and your employees opens the door for understanding workplace change. And, openness to learn and involving all generations of employees in the learning, generates enthusiasm and the will to hang-in-there when times get rough.

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Workplace Change_ 3 More Mysteries To Unravel For Managing The Changing Workplace  

Mystery #6: Are business owners, managers and organizational leaders willing to take a hard look at

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