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THOMAS JULO Portfolio 2016

THOMAS JULO 27 . 08 . 1994 +33 6 68 49 17 32 40 rue de provence 75009 Paris





2010 / 2012

High school diploma in economic and social science.

2012 / 2013

Applied arts upgrading courses , MANAA Sup de Pub.

2013 / 2016

1st to 3rd year of bachelor, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris-Malaquais.

2012 / 2016

Head waiter at Kaspia Reception.


Internship in a Landscaper Agency, Valérie Patrimonio paysagiste DPLG


Internship at the technical support of the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre

2015 / 2017

Academic exchange (erasmus) at Istanbul teknik unversity


2D - 3D drawings & Renders : Rhinoceros, Sketchup Autocad & Archicad. Adobe suite (photoshop, illustrator, Indesign).


French : mother tongue English : fluent level German : A2

Manual activities & Sport

Spray paint, drawing, mechanics. Athletics, Ski, scuba diving, motor racing. Speleology, Urban Archaeology.


Autonomous road trip , see the map below :

This portfolio is a compilation of selected projects of my first three years of bachelor at ENSA Paris malaquais.

CONTENTS 1 Project 2, Processus 2

Project 3, Structure


Project 4, Housing


Project 5, Performing arts centre


Project 6, Isover contest


Under the direction of Eva Samuel Februar / june 2014

During this 2nd semestre I learned the architectural procesus. We had to study a vegetable (cabbage for me) during the first step of the project, in order to find the general characteristics of it. After this research phase we transposed all of this elements in a habitable space.


Under the direction of Xavier Fabre September / january 2015

The aim of this project was to provide an overview on the bulding procesus & structure concept, so we were faced with a lot of structures issues. Indeed the interesant point was the step between ideas and things that i could achieve. We had to create a pavillion of exhibition for an architecte of our choice. I chose Constantin Melnikov, a russian constructivist.





Under the direction of Maria Salerno February / june 2015

The main subject of this fourth semester was collective housing. We began this topic thanks to a long preliminary phase of researches and analysis. We studied different typologies of housing, from individual houses to big modular units. Next we had to design living spaces in a context of maximal constraint, and to think about their unification in one building. For the second part of the semester we had to work together in one big site, the challenge was to imagine a new neighbourhood where each of us had a plot. This project has been an important step for me; I could get some essentials skills about plans, site and housing concepts

PROJECT 5 - PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE Under the direction of Alper ĂœlnĂź September / January 2016

This project took place in Istanbul, where I spent one semester at the Istanbul Teknik University. It was a really intense project where we had to design a huge centre for performing arts and experimental medias, the program contained 3 stages, a library, technical and offices spaces... So I had to work on new interesting subjects as acoustic or people stream management in a large scale. For understood those critical issues we had to choose one concert hall and to make a modelling work about it, I chose the Casa da Musica, by Rem Koolhaas. I really enjoyed to work on this project with a different approach of architecture in Turkey.


Under the direction of S. Planchez & M. Benard February / June 2016

During this semester I took part of an international contest organised by Saint-Gobain, an insolation fabricant brand. The subject was to design passive housing (collective & individual) in Brest, Belarus. So we had to control the different technologies and knowledge about sustainable architecture. In addition of the rough Belarus climate, on of the most critical issue was to create a new urban centrality in the middle of nowhere. I could learn new methods of work by answering to this contest, it use to be really rewarding.

TJ - Portfolio 2016  
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