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Well Nate, new mine, new mine-vac and two new members for our crew. They better be up to our speed.


Looks like one of them is fresh out of Medical School…too bad she didn’t learn how to be on time. Hello Mr. Xavier, I’m Tom. Sorry we’re late, she had trouble finding the right stop so I had to meet her. We should probably load up the Vac and start our search soon. Hey I’m Alice! This is my first real job. But I’m super responsible and I graduated 4th out of 588 in my class. So you have nothing to worry abo-

OK! We are already running late, just start loading the supplies.

A short time later...


I can’t find it anywhere! I’ve checked every compartment and it’s not with us!

How could you possibly mess up your first day on a new job!?

I should have known a student straight out of the Institute wouldn’t be able handle a list. Next time I will just load everything myself.


I’m s-s-sorry . . .

Xavier was so harsh!

He has been doing this job too long. Don’t let it get to you.

He might also be jealous of your background. You are pretty young to have a job li... whuh?

What’s wrong?

The scanners detect an unidentified mineral just to the left of here! BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!

What’s all this hoopla about!?

We’ve come close to a patch of an unknown energized mineral . . .

(What if I bring back a hull of this stuff? I might be honored in the hall of discovery. And just think of the money! I might finally make a break and retire from this dangerous work…)

These readings are off the charts! A big enough portion could fuel Avarice for years!

What are you all waiting for? Let’s gather it all!

But what if this substance is dangerous? Shouldn’t we just inform the colony?

It could be harmful, but I’m more concerned about the structure of the hollow. The cavern appears to be very unstable.

Sir, with us missing supplies and...

Who’s in charge here?! You’ll do as I say! Besides, this harvest might make us some very important people amongst the colony. Think of the gains we will make!




A few hours later...



Whoah! It’s beautiful… We hit the jackpot! Let’s get to work.



I think I’m going to buy a Rabbit Ranch and a new speed-bike...


After many hours of mining... So Alice, how do you like mining so far?

Eh. I don’t know Tom. I feel like we shouldn’t be here…

The next day

Holy Mouse!

Is it just me, or does it seem like there is just as much as there was yesterday?

Well it looks just as valuable as it did yesterday. Let’s start picking!

After many hours of mining...

What... what is this...

This looks like...

AAAAAHHHHH!!! Th-There is a mole skull within the crystals over there! So what? Get back to work!

But I’m certain we’re in danger!

How could you possibly know?! Just shut up and mine!

Why are you being such a jerk?! I just think we should get out of here while we still can!

Oh so now you’re THINKING!? I don’t care WHAT you think you little brat!

You only care about yourself! What about our safety? You’re not fit to be crew leader, any one of us would be better than you!!!

WHAT?!?! Hmm? I’ve had it with you!


Not on my watch!!






What, I, how!?




You were right Alice. This mineral seems to be aggressively attracted to living organisms.

I knew something was weird about this stuff! We need to get out of here! Agreed, but what do we do about Xavier?

... I’ll file a false incident report. Besides, it’s not like he wouldn’t have done the same to me if you hadn’t stepped in.

You can thank me later, let’s just get out of here!

The team rushes to the mine-vac: Why aren’t we moving?! The mineral seems to have infested the ships’ systems. It was coming for us this whole time!


We’ll have to go back on foot!

I’m not sure... we need to get out of here NOW!




Not again! Nate, get to the exit!


Maybe we can lose it in the tunnels! It’s gaining on us, hurry!!!






SRRAAK!!! Oh no, it’s starting a cave in, we have to hurry!

The ceiling’s collapsing! Come on!

Nate, let’s go! We’ll find another way out!


no . . .




Following Nate’s great sacrifice, Tom and Alice made it back to Avarice. They spread the tale of Nate’s heroic actions and his name passes down through the ages, eventually reaching the children of today as a myth.

Some say Nate lives on however. Some say that to this day he walks the earth, searching to silence greed wherever it shows its face. No one has seen evidence of his existence, although Avarice has thrived ever since the incidint.

You can be sure though, wherever greed overcomes good, his fighting spirit lives on.



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