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Udine Italy March 2013 For local, regional, national and European policy-makers The new global economic, social and educational reality call for the development of learning communities able to flexibly meet new needs and challenges in a systematic way, turning recurring crisis into opportunities of change. Many communities, cities and regions have been experimenting with and exploring what learning communities mean, in different parts of Europe and in other continents. A lot of experience is now available, and it is time to focus strongly on discussing what criteria learning communities should meet, and how learning communities can share their experience with other communities and cities. The Xploit project, funded by the European Commission, has taken part in learning community activities over the past 3 years, and would now like to give policy-makers at all levels the opportunity to share experience and engage in mutual inspiration. The conference will offer policy-makers state of the art impressions, knowledge and inspiration on learning communities delivered by communities, experts and professionals from many different countries, from Wales and Israel to Australia. Policy-makers will be able to form networks and partnerships during the conference.

Policy-maker, when you return to your community, you can start changing it and make a difference for your citizens! Read more about the conference and why you must participate on

Xploit contact: Conference contact: Registration from the 1st of October 2012 on the Xploit website XPLOIT 2009 – 5198 / 001 - 001

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



EXPERIENCE AND INSPIRATION MORNINGlisten A learning community in practice Udine, Italy Learning communities in a global view Peter Kearns, Australia A learning community in practice Salt-Girona Spain What does “learning community” mean – criteria and values? The EU Xploit project

AFTERNOONdiscuss Workshops discussing different European learning communities Policy-makers and community professionals Summary and recommendations for day 2 The EU Xploit project



PARTNERSHIPS AND DIALOGUES MORNINGlisten Permanent change and learning communities European Commission “When the mines closed we formed partnerships” The Swansea Learning Partnership National initiative on learning communities Orna Mager, Israel A learning community in practice Iasi Romania

AFTERNOONdiscuss Can a big city be a learning city? Berlin Germany Workshops to form partnerships and offer continued dialogues Policy-makers and community professionals Summary, future actions and Xploit offers The EU Xploit project



EXPLORE EXTRAORDINARY VENICE OR CLASSIC VERONA - Organized by the Learning Communities conference


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