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elcome to this Spring edition of TravelHost Albuquerque and to the Land of Enchantment. With Spring in the air and longer, warmer days on the horizon, there is much to look forward to this season.

TERRI DEAN Owner/Publisher TravelHost Albuquerque

Weather and wind can be a bit tricky this time of year in New Mexico, so take a moment and download the KRQE weather app. While you’re there, learn more about NM’s history, current landscape, and where we are heading by watching episodes of Legendary New Mexico. This resource is a wonderful way to learn more about our rich culture.

In this edition, we are pleased to highlight our booming film industry and the economic impact it is having on our state. TravelHost Albuquerque is dedicated to helping share this information and highlighting the people and businesses that are making this possible. Thank you ABQ Studios and Southwest Suites for all that you are doing to contribute to the growth of this industry, which is creating a positive impact for so many local businesses. February kicks off a full calendar of events in celebration of Black History Month followed by the opportunity to tantalize your taste buds at the Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest in March. The rhythm of the season will plateau at the annual Gathering of Nations in April. These are all events you won’t want to miss. You’re sure to hit a home run in April too if you spend a day or an evening at the ballpark. The 2018 Albuquerque Isotopes baseball team hits the field starting in April. Our ‘Topes are the Triple-A minor league affiliate of the Colorado Rockies. Enjoy browsing the pages of this magazine and meet the people, see the places and experience the things that make us special! We appreciate you being here and supporting our local artists and businesses. Come back often, and let us make you feel at home!

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Did You Know...

• By the late 19th Century, New Mexico was a premier wine growing region in the country. Franciscan García de Zúñiga and a monk named Antonio de Arteaga started growing wine grapes along the Rio Grande around 1629. By the late 19th century, New Mexico was the wine growing region in the United States, producing over a million gallons each year.

• New Mexico is the 5th largest state in the country but one of the least populated. • The Chile Pepper is both our State vegetable and State fruit, with our state question being, “Red or green?” - In reference to how you would like your chile served on your meal. To ask for both, the answer is, “Christmas.” • Santa Fe is the highest capital city in the United States at 7,000 feet above sea level.

a town, or an architectural style. There are 19 Pueblo groups that speak 4 distinct languages in New Mexico. The Pueblo people of the southwest have lived in the same location longer than any other culture in the Nation.

• The City of Truth or Consequences was once called Hot Springs. In 1950 the town changed its name to the title of a popular radio quiz program.


• New Mexico’s largest city Albuquerque was founded in 1706 as a Spanish farming community. It was named after a Municipality in Spain (Alburquerque). • Taos Pueblo’s unique architecture has been inhabited for over a thousand years and is still in use today. • Hatch, New Mexico is known as the “Green Chile capital of the world”.


Santa Fe




• Over 500, 100-million-year-old dinosaur footprints have been identified and preserved at Clayton Lake State Park.

• The leaves of the Yucca, New Mexico’s state flower, can be used to make rope, baskets and sandals. • Las Cruces makes the world’s largest enchilada every October at the “Whole Enchilada Fiesta.”

• Las Cruces


• Carlsbad

• The word “Pueblo” is used to describe a group of people,

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“THE BRAVE” Photo by Lewis Jacobs - NBC

nob hill Map 29 Top Five Eat, Shop, Explore Listings

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santa fe Map 43 Top Five Eat, Shop, Explore Listings

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S1-E8 “Stealth” Cast members (from left) Noah Mills, Natacha Karam, Mike Vogal, Hadi Tabbal, and Demetrius Grosse. THE BRAVE Television Show is a fresh, heart-pounding journey into the complex world of America’s elite undercover military heroes. The series premiered in the fall of 2017 on NBC and follows Captain Adam Dalton (Mike Vogel) and his heroic Special Ops squad of highly trained undercover specialists as they carry out each mission on the ground. Filming for The Brave’s first season was housed out of Albuquerque Studios.


Owner / Publisher, TravelHost New Mexico During her 11 years at New Mexico’s CBS TV affiliate, Terri enjoyed making her clients and their brands successful. Now she brings that same joy to TravelHost magazine. In addition to loving the sunny days, clean air, big blue skies and New Mexico’s people, Terri gets a kick out riding her Vespa with her yorkies in tow, Gizmo and Rupart. Her love of photography allows her to capture New Mexico’s wonders and hidden jewels. She is a consultant in the promotion of health and wellness, and on any given weekend, the local farmer’s markets and organic farms are where you’ll find her. Terri warmly welcomes you to Albuquerque, and all that she loves about NM.


Owner, Gilded Marketing & Design President, NM Tourism Marketing Board Co-Editor in Chief, TravelHost NM Heather is an Albuquerque native with 20 years of experience in Marketing, Public Relations and Design. Her portfolio includes promotional campaigns for national and regional brands, with a focus on the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. Her work has been featured in media outlets around the world. Beyond her involvement with the NM Tourism Marketing Board, Heather also serves on the Board for Visit Albuquerque and is an active member of numerous community organizations. She is proud to call New Mexico her home, and (above all) is a passionate advocate for the unique experiences and cultures her state has to offer.


Owner, SarahStella Creative Studio Co-Editor in Chief, TravelHost NM An Albuquerque native and graduate of New Mexico State University, Sarah is an experienced writer, photographer and graphic designer who returned home to ABQ in 2013 after living in Las Vegas, NV for 11 years. She enjoys working with local entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits in an effort to elevate the city and state she loves. Sarah is an incurable night owl, a recovering perfectionist and chronic overpacker. She loves spending time with family and friends, especially over a glass of wine or cup of coffee. She is married to the man of her dreams, and together they have two children, two cats and several fish.


Owner, Peter Menice Cartoons & Indelible Joy Live Caricature Events Cartoonist, thinker, family man and eternal beach bum, Peter is a a social entrepreneur who aims to align people with their heart, passion and unique story so they can have a more powerful impact in their industry. Since 1991 Peter has been creating art through a variety of cartoon outlets including caricature, humorous illustration, murals, comic strips and editorial cartoons. He truly enjoys creating memorable, magical moments through his heart crafted caricatures and cartoon presentations.

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IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A CITY WORTH SAVORING Explore the city’s art galleries, museums, sporting events, food trucks, fine dining, live music and cultural performances all in one place. The ABQ365 blog and calendar of events is the easiest way to discover all that Albuquerque has to offer. #VisitABQ


Defiantly Delicious

WE DELIVER! 2435 Wyoming Blvd NE 505.293.0553

Defia Delic ntly ious

9311 Coors Blvd NW, Ste QA 505.898.3090

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NBC’s newest hit drama series, The Brave, brings to life the dark and complex world of America’s elite undercover military heroes. Defense Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Patricia Campbell (Anne Heche) and her team of analysts wield the world’s most advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in D.C., while Adam Dalton (Mike Vogel) and his heroic Special Ops squad save the lives of innocent people and execute missions in some of the most dangerous places on earth. The Brave is filmed here in New Mexico and I was lucky enough to sit down with Sophia Pernas (who plays Hannah Archer) to find out more about her character and how she spends her free time here in New Mexico.

HA: The Brave is a fast-paced, heart-pumping drama; what initially drew you to the script? SOPHIA: The character, Hannah. She is very dynamic with a lot of gumption and resourcefulness. As a former operator (in the field), and now an analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency, she has to balance a somewhat blurred line between the two, and she doesn’t always know where or how to draw that line. The soldiers are the eyes and ears of the field and Hannah’s biggest challenge is stepping away from that gut-instinct, fast-paced action; and instead being the person behind the computer screen in the defense room making calm, calculated decisions. Hannah is also very complex, as she has this overwhelming insecurity that she struggles with in regards to her past and her cover being blown. HA: She is definitely a complex character. In what ways do you identify with Hannah? 12|SPRING 2018

SOPHIA: The main thing we have in common is the ability to compartmentalize. I am very good at not letting my personal life affect my work. Both Hannah and I have learned to put those thoughts or emotions into a drawer and get back to it later. I think that is how (my character), Hannah is able to do her job; after the trauma she went through, she’s able to control it – put it out of her mind and concentrate on the job at hand. HA: In what way do you and your character differ? SOPHIA: Where we have a note of discord is her patience. (Laughingly) I don’t have any patience, but Hannah has to have a lot of it to do what she does! We are so particular with the character development on The Brave because we are playing real-life heroes that don’t seek this kind of limelight and attention – so to accomplish that we have to fill their shoes as honestly and


accurately as possible. These heroes have had to garner unbelievable amounts of patience and ability to handle the sacrifices they go through for their country and the people they love. HA: Completely agree. The Brave really highlights the tactics and heroism of each week’s new mission. How did you train for that?

corner. Albuquerque is much more spread out, but that is actually the draw. The topography is unlike anything I am used to; it’s the desert and it’s vast. You really get a sense of that vastness and become very centered with yourself here, a peacefulness I’ve never really known before. HA: Do you have any favorite places here in New Mexico?

SOPHIA: We dedicate time to making sure everything we say and do is legitimate and technical real-life lingo. We really owe it to former Navy SEAL, Mikal Vega. He’s our specialist and guarantees we stay true to the characters and scenarios we play. It is really amazing – getting a sense of stepping into those shoes, even for a second. Will we ever be as good as these real-life heroes? Looking like it, for even a second, is a real honor to portray.

SOPHIA: I have fallen in love with Santa Fe for sure. Ann has a house up there so we all visit often. I recently went to Ojo Caliente (Mineral Springs Resort & Spa) with Mike Vogal (who plays Adam Dalton) and Hadi Tabbal (who plays Amir AlRaisani), and we had a blast! Some of my regular restaurants that I love in Albuquerque are Farm & Table and Vernon’s Speakeasy.

HA: It is amazing and INTENSE! How do you unwind after these serious shoots?

Thank you, Sophia for taking the time to sit down with TravelHost NM. We look forward to seeing more of Sophia and her character Hannah each week on NBC’s The Brave!

SOPHIA: We are really lucky because we feel like one huge family – the cast and crew both! That’s not something a lot of shows can say. I have a saying, ‘You get to pick what you do, but you don’t get to pick who you work with.’ With the cast and crew of The Brave, we are so fortunate, it’s like a perfect marriage. We work together all day and hang out with each other afterwards. That’s really how we decompress. HA: Who would you say is the biggest jokester in the cast? SOPHIA: (Laughs) You’re talking to her! I rarely take anything seriously – obviously when on set, my character is all business – but off set everyone is laughing. Me and Ann Heche – who is HILARIOUS – we just can’t keep a straight face together! That’s the best way we all shake the seriousness of the show off – with a good joke. HA: How have you enjoyed filming in Albuquerque thus far? SOPHIA: I have to say, it’s a pleasant surprise. I am used to filming in New York and L.A., where there is always so much to do on every street SPRING 2018|


the impact of film FEATURE / FILMED IN NEW MEXICO


Film and television production and post-production have had a multi-billion dollar impact in the state, leading to creation of over 350 vendor and service businesses and more than 25,000 jobs for New Mexico residents. The Film Business Alliance of New Mexico (FBANM) was founded in 2016 to give a voice to the individuals and businesses whose livelihoods are dependent on the industry in New Mexico. I had a chance to meet with Joyce Smith, Executive Director for the FBANM, and Matt Rauchberg, Senior Vice President for Business Development at Albuquerque Studios to learn more about the impact the film and television industry makes and what we can all do to support continued funding by the State Legislature.

HA: Tell us more about the Film Business Alliance of New Mexico. MATT: We are an organization of small businesses and individuals whose success and livelihoods are impacted by the film industry here in New Mexico. We give these individuals and businesses a voice to communicate clearly to the public, the legislature, the executive branch, and the press that these benefits are taking place and how the film and television industry is affecting us all here in the state. HA: New Mexico has been offering production companies

incentives related to film and television production since 2002. The purpose of the film production tax incentive is to develop and sustain New Mexico’s infrastructure, pool of trained professionals, and businesses to support the state’s film and television industry. What role does the State Legislature play in our film economy? JOYCE: The Legislature is our lifeline to our small businesses. It is vital they understand how critical this industry is to our economy right now. Our businesses have grown, and continue to grow because of Film/Television, and businesses have been created solely to accommodate the industry’s many needs. We help relay this message to the Legislature regarding how much of an impact the industry brings to the livelihood of our residents. Through thoughtful, fiscally responsible legislation, the industry is now stronger than ever. HA: What types of businesses are seeing the most traction in the film/TV industry? MATT: There are mainly two different categories of businesses: ones created for the film industry and ones that have grown to include film clientele. There have been over 300 businesses created

for, and that rely solely on, the industry – such as catering, postproduction, and concierge. Then there are the businesses who grew or expanded personnel for the industry – like lumber yards who now have a staff person entirely dedicated to film industry clients, or hotels that hire more people because they are filling more rooms and have higher occupancy. Film Tourism has also grown/been impacted by the film industry. For example, even five years after the last episode of Breaking Bad, visitors are still coming to New Mexico to take tours based on the television show – so much so, that the Breaking Bad RV tour just bought a second RV this year. These businesses are growing! HA: What can visitors and residents do to help champion this message and this industry? JOYCE: Definitely join our organization and continue to service the film industry. The happier the industry is, the more they will come back and make more films. By joining the Film Business Alliance of New Mexico, you are helping to show how many people in multiple sectors across the state it actually takes to service the film industry.

Ev ents

EVENTS / FEBRUARY - MARCH Event listings are curated from the following sites. Please visit for updates and more info! W: W: W:

FEB 1 - MAR 1

FEB 24 - MAR 4

MAR 9 - 11

7TH ANNUAL NEW MEXICO BLACK HISTORY FESTIVAL February 1 - March 1 | Daily Locations vary Admission: Varies W: P: 505-407-6784

ALICE IN WONDERLAND - BALLET REPERTORY THEATRE February 24 - March 4 KiMo Theatre, 421 Central Ave. Admission: $17 – $30 W: P: 505.888.1054

RIO GRANDE ARTS & CRAFTS SPRING SHOW March 9 - 11 | Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm Manuel Lujan Complex at EXPO NM, 300 San Pedro Dr. NE Admission: $8.00 Kids under 12 free W: P: 505-292-7457

FEB 18 - 25

MAR 1 - Fall

MAR 16 - 18

BLESS ME, ULTIMA February 18 - 25 2pm and 7:30 pm National Hispanic Cultural Center 1701 Fourth St SW, ABQ Admission: $15-89 W: P: 505-243-0591

DAILY BOSQUE RIVER BIKE TOUR March 1 through fall Open Daily: 8am-6pm Routes Bicycle Tours & Rentals 2113 Charlevoix Street NW Admission: $40-45 W: P: 505 -933-5667

TREASURES OF THE EARTH GEM, MINERAL & JEWELRY EXPO March 16 - 18 10am - 6pm Fri. & Sat. 10am - 5pm Sunday Creative Arts Bldg. at EXPO NM, 300 San Pedro Dr. NE Admission: Friday $1, Sat./Sun. $3; kids under 13 free W: P: 505-265-4178

FEB 20 - 21

MAR 2 - 4

MAR 17 - 18

STOMP! Tuesday Feb 20 - 7:30 pm Wednesday Feb 21 - 7:30 pm Popejoy Hall, UNM Campus 1 NM-47, Albuquerque, 87131 Admission: Varies W: P: 505-277-9407

30TH ANNUAL NATIONAL FIERY FOODS & BARBECUE SHOW March 2 - 4 | Daily Friday 4-8pm, Saturday 11am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm Sandia Resort & Casino 30 Rainbow Rd. N.E. Admission: $15 W: P: 505-796-7500

SOUTHWEST CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE FEST March 17 - 18 / 10a - 6p Manual Lujan Buildings A, B, C EXPO NM, 300 San Pedro Dr. NE Admission: Varies W: chocolateandcoffeefest. com P. 505-933-8650

16|SPRING 2018


GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW North America’s Biggest Pow Wow - an annual event where Native people from far and wide come together to celebrate and share culture. April 26 - 28 | POWWOW Grounds at EXPO NM 300 San Pedro NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108 Admission: $19 and up W: P: 505-836-2810

Ev ents

EVENTS / APRIL - MAY Event listings are curated from the following sites. Please visit for updates and more info! W: W: W:

APR 5 - OCT 31

APR 14

MAY 9 - 13

ALBUQUERQUE ISOTOPES BASEBALL - 2018 SEASON April 5 - October 31 Isotopes Park 1601 Avenida Cesar Chavez SE, W: P: 505-924-2255 Price: $7-$25

EAT LIKE AN APE Dining & silent auction event among the great apes! Apr 14 | 6 - 9pm ABQ BioPark Zoo, 903 Tenth SW Admission: $50 W: biopark@cabq.go P: 505-848-7123

LES MISÉRABLES May 9 - 13 | Daily, times vary Popejoy Hall, UNM Campus 1 NM-47, Albuquerque, 87131 Admission: Varies W: P: 505-277-9407


APR 26 - 28

MAY 11

ANNUAL FISHING DERBY AT TINGLEY BEACH April 7 | 6:30am - 4pm ABQ BioPark Tingley Beach 1800 Tingley Drive SW Admission: free W: biopark/events/annual-fishingderby P: 505-768-2000

GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW April 26 - 28 | Times vary POWWOW Grounds at EXPO NM, 300 San Pedro Dr. NE Admission: $19 and up W: P: 505-836-2810

2018 ALBUQUERQUE TEQUILA, TACO, & CERVEZA FESTIVAL May 11 | 5 - 10pm Sandia Resort & Casino 30 Rainbow Rd NE Price: $10 -$50; DD tickets, General Admission, & VIP W:

APR 10 - 15


MAY 26

THE BOOK OF MORMON April 10 - 15 | Daily, times vary Popejoy Hall, UNM Campus 1 NM-47, Albuquerque, 87131 Admission: Varies W: P: 505-277-9407

GIRLS NIGHT OUT BENEFITTING RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE NM May 4 | 5 - 10pm Isleta Resort & Casino 11000 Broadway Blvd SE Admission: $50 W: girls-night-out/ P: 505­-842-­8960

JIM GAFFIGAN, COMEDIAN - FIXER UPPER TOUR May 26 | 8pm Route 66 Casino 14500 Central Ave., SW I-40 Exit 140 Admission: $45 - 89 W: P: 505-352-7866

18|SPRING 2018

GIRLS NIGHT OUT Benefitting Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico Friday, May 4, 2018 5 pm -­ 10 pm Isleta Resort & Casino 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 Admission: $50 W: girls-night-out/ P: 505­-842-­8960 Each year, over 1,000 women shop, pamper and treat themselves at Ronald McDonald House Charities of New Mexico’s premier shopping and indulgence event -­Girls Night Out. The event features over 100 retail vendor booths, free beauty and food indulgence providers, fashion, pampering, and entertainment for mind, body and spirit. 21+ event.

ADVERTISE WITH US! | p: 505.385.5373

SPRING 2018|


e u q r e u q Albu

The food, the people and the sun that shines an average of 310 days a year makes Albuquerque a wonderful place to live and a great place to visit. We are rich in history, which is best reflected in our unique New Mexican cuisine. You will not find anything like it in the world. Every area of town has it’s own unique vibe, from historic Old Town to the vibrant Nob Hill and beyond. There is such an array of places to dine, shop, and play, so get out there and explore, explore, explore!





JAN’S ON 4TH - Nestled in a charming 100 year old adobe home, this family owned and operated cooking school and catering service believes good food is an act of love. Take a class or enjoy home cooked cuisine. 10004 4th St. NW (505) 350-0600


THE AYURVEDIC INSTITUTE - Take a class, enjoy a treatment, or shop products to help heal and maintain the quality and longevity of life at the leading Ayurveda school and spa outside of India. 11311 Menaul Blvd. NE (505) 291-9598


SANDIA GOLF CLUB - Enjoy an afternoon at this Scott Miller designed 18 hole golf course. With 7,752 yards of grassy knolls, it is the longest course in New Mexico. Breathtaking views and designed for players of all levels. 30 Rainbow Road (505) 798-3990


RAINBOW RYDERS - Scenic Hot Air Balloon rides daily. Every occasion and any size group! Take flight and enjoy the sights from above. 5601 Eagle Rock Avenue NE (800) 725-2477


PETROGLYPH NATIONAL MONUMENT - Designs and symbols carved onto volcanic rocks by Native Americans & Spanish settlers 400-700 yrs ago. Western Trail NW / (505) 899-0205

SPRING 2018|


Albuquer que TASTE

APOTHECARY LOUNGE 806 Central Ave SE Downtown / Hotel Parq Central 505-242-0040 Rooftop Lounge $$ 66 DINER 1405 Central Ave SE Midtown/University 505-247-1421 Diner, Burgers $$ ARTICHOKE CAFE 424 Central Ave SE East Downtown 505-243-0200 American, Café $$$ ASIAN PEAR 508 Central Ave SW Downtown 505-766-9405 Japanese, Korean $ THE BREW 311 Gold St SW Downtown 505-363-9453 Coffee & Tea $ CAFE LUSH 700 Tijeras Ave NW Downtown 505-508-0164 Café, New American $$ THE CELLAR TAPAS BEER & WINE 1025 Lomas Blvd NW Downtown 505-242-3117 Tapas/Small Plates $$ COCINA AZUL 1134 Mountain Rd NW Downtown 505-831-2500 New Mexican $$

22|SPRING 2018

THE CRAFTROOM 2809 Broadbend Pkwy NE Midtown/University 505-717-1985 Brewery, American $ DION’S PIZZA Multiple Locations Pizza, Sandwiches $

EL PATRON REST & CANTINA 10551 Montgomery Blvd NE Eastside 505-275-0223 New Mexican $$ EL PINTO 10500 4th St NW Business Parkwy/Academy Hills 505-898-1771 New Mexican $$ FARINA PIZZERIA 510 Central Ave SE East Downtown 505-243-0130 Pizza, Italian, Wine Bar $$ FARM & TABLE 8917 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-503-7124 New American $$$ FORK & FIG 6904 Menaul Blvd NE Uptown 505-881-5293 Burgers, Sandwiches $$

600 Central Ave SE East Downtown 505-248-9800 New American, Café $$

2200 Menaul Blvd NE Midtown/University 505-888-1660 Diner, New Mexican $$

HAVANA RESTAURANT 5331 Menaul Blvd NE Uptown 505-830-2025 Cuban, Sandwiches $$

REBEL DONUT 2435 Wyoming Blvd NE Uptown 9311 Coors Blvd NW Westside 505-293-0553 Donuts $

JAPANESE KITCHEN SUSHI BAR 6521 Americas Parkway NE Uptown 505-884-8937 Japanese, Sushi $$ LE TROQUET 228 Gold Ave SW Downtown 505-508-1166 French $$ LOS POBLANOS RESTAURANT 4803 Rio Grande Blvd NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-338-1615 Fine Dining $$$ MARY & TITOS 2711 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-344-6266 New Mexican, Café $ MAS TAPAS Y VINO 125 2nd St NW Downtown / Hotel Andaluz 505-923-9080 Tapas/Small Plates $$$ M’TUCCI’S ITALIAN 6001 Winter Haven Rd NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-503-7327 Italian, Pizza $$

GOLD STREET CAFFE 218 Gold Ave SW Downtown 505-765-1633 Café, New Mexican $$

PIATANZI 1403 Girard Blvd NE Midtown/University 505-792-1700 / Itallian $$

GOLDEN CROWN PANADERIA 1103 Mountain Rd NW Downtown 505-243-2424 Bakery, Pizza, Sandwiches $ THE GROVE CAFE & MARKET

PUEBLO HARVEST CAFE 2401 12th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-724-3510 Native American $$ THE RANGE CAFÉ

SADIE’S OF NEW MEXICO 6230 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-345-5339 New Mexican $$ SAVOY BAR & GRILL 10601 Montgomery Blvd NE Eastside 505-294-9463 American, Wine Bar $$ ST. JAMES TEAROOM 320 Osuna Rd NE Business Pkwy/Academy Acres 505-242-3752 British Tea Room $$$ STANDARD DINER 320 Central Ave SE East Downtown 505-243-1440 Burgers, American $$ VERNON’S SPEAKEASY 6855 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-341-0831 Steakhouse, Speakeasy $$$$ VINTAGE 423 8000 Paseo Del Norte Blvd NE Eastside 505-821-1918 Steakhouse, American $$$ ZENDO 413 2nd St SW Barelas/South Valley 505-926-1636 Coffee, Desserts $

SHOP 516 ARTS 516 Central Ave SW Downtown 505-242-1445 Art Gallery ABQ UPTOWN MALL 2200 Louisiana Blvd NE Uptown 505-792-1929 AGUIRRE’S IMPORTS 5609 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-203-7883 Southwestern Home Décor BOOKWORKS 4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-344-8139 Bookstore, Gifts CORONADO CENTER 6600 Menaul Blvd NE Uptown 505-881-2700 COTTONWOOD MALL 10000 Coors Bypass NW Westside 505-897-6571

LILLY BARRACK JEWELRY 4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-345-4300 Jewelry


THE MAN’S HAT SHOP 511 Central Ave NW Downtown 505-247-9605 Hat Shop

ANDERSON-ABRUZZO INT’L BALLOON MUSEUM 9201 Balloon Museum Dr NE Business Pkwy/Academy Acres 505-768-6045 Museum

NM TEA COMPANY 1131 Mountain Rd NW Downtown 505-962-2137 Tea Shop, Accessories THE OCTOPUS AND THE FOX 514 Central Ave SE Downtown 505-203-2659 Clothing, Art, Jewelry, Gifts SKIP MAISEL’S 510 Central Ave SW Downtown 505-242-6526 Jewelry, Home Décor, Gifts SUMNER & DENE GALLERY 517 Central Ave NW Downtown 505-842-1400 Art Gallery, Jewelry, Gifts

DAN’S BOOTS & SADDLES 6903 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-345-2220 Southwestern Clothes, Accessories

WINROCK TOWN CENTER 2100 Louisiana Blvd NE Uptown 505-883-6132

FREE RADICALS 300 Yale Blvd SE Airport/Base 505-254-3764 Clothing, Accessories

Z-COIL FOOTWEAR 6934 4th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 800-268-6239 Specialty Footwear

KELLY JO DESIGN 6829 4th st nw North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-341-2737 Art Gallery, Home Décor Paint Parties


ABQ BIOPARK Barelas/South Valley 505-768-2000 Zoo, Aquarium, Botanic Garden, Lakes

2500 Carlisle Blvd NE Midtown/University

(505) 855-6071 Water Park

BOTANICA SKIN & BROW STUDIO 2730 San Pedro NE Ste. B2 Uptown 505-235-7254 Spa / Beauty BRICKS AND MINIFIGS 6001 San Mateo Blvd NE Business Pkwy/Academy Acres 505-369-1574 Kids Activities, Toy Store CLIFF’S AMUSEMENT PARK 4800 Osuna Road NE Business Pkwy/Academy Acres 505-881-9373 Amusement Park COOL SPRINGZ TRAMPOLINE PARK 4320 Yale Blvd NE Business Pkwy/Academy Acres 505-345-5867 Trampoline Park HINKLE FAMILY FUN CENTER 12931 Indian School Rd NE Eastside 505-299-3100 Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Go Carts, Arcade ABQ SURF N SLIDE 2500 Carlisle Blvd NE Midtown/University (505) 855-6071 Water Park INDIAN PUEBLO CULTURAL CENTER 2401 12th St NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-843-7270 Museum, Cultural Center

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NUCLEAR SCIENCE & HISTORY 601 Eubank Blvd SE Eastside 505-245-2137 Museum NATIONAL HISPANIC CULTURAL CENTER 1701 4th St SW Barelas/South Valley 505-246-2261 Cultural Center NM HOLOCAUST & INTOLERANCE MUSEUM 616 Central Ave SW Downtown 505-247-0606 Museum NM RAIL RUNNER EXPRESS RIO METRO REGIONAL TRANSIT DISTRICT 809 Copper Avenue NW Downtown (Multiple Locations) 866-795-RAIL (7245) Rural and Intercity Public Transportation OUTPOST ICE ARENA 9530 Tramway Blvd NE Eastside 505-856-7595 Ice Skating Rink RED ROOT ACUPUNCTURE & HERBS 2400 Rio Grande Blvd NW Ste E North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-242-2032 Acupuncture, Massage Therapy SANDIA PEAK TRAMWAY 10 Tramway Loop NE Eastside 505-856-7325 World’s longest Single-Span Aerial Tram UNSER RACING MUSEUM 1776 Montano Rd NW North Valley/Los Ranchos 505-341-1776 Museum

SPRING 2018|23

Old Town

Known as the original Albuquerque, the more than 300-year-old historic Old Town is often the first stop for visitors. Here, the cultural and historic heart of the city unfolds around the tree-shaded Plaza and art galleries, museums, restaurants and more than 150 shops.





DRAGONFLY - Shop a wide selection of women’s colorful clothing and accessories from Nepal that can make you feel like you traveled the globe. 324 San Felipe NW (505) 322-2896


THE OLD TOWN HAT SHOP - Varied hat styles and accessories for men and women - and the locals’ favorite hat source for “Derby Day!” 205 San Felipe St NW, Ste C (505) 242-4019


VELVET COFFEEHOUSE - Fancy your coffee on the sweeter side? Housemade syrups like vanilla and lavender can be enjoyed here. 206 1/2 San Felipe St NW Ste 8 (505) 218-9941


WEEMS GALLERIES - Discover a superb collection of fine art and crafts to warm your home of your office. 303 Romero St NW (505) 764-0302


ANTIQUITY RESTAURANT - Romantic fine dining featuring classic dishes and loaded with Old Town charm. 112 Romero St NW (505) 247-3545

SPRING 2018|


Old Town TASTE

ANTIQUITY RESTAURANT 112 Romero St NW 505-247-3545 Seafood, Steakhouse $$$$ BACKSTREET GRILL 1919 Old Town Rd NW Ste 7 505-842-5434 New Mexican, Street Tacos $$ BEN MICHAEL’S RESTAURANT 2404 Pueblo Bonito Ct NW 505-267-6827 New Mexican $$ CENTRAL GRILL & COFFEE HOUSE 2056 Central Ave SW 505-554-1424 Diner, Coffee $ CHEESE & COFFEE CAFE 119 San Pasquale Ave SW 505-242-0326 Cafe, Sandwiches $

QUESADILLA GRILLE 328 San Felipe St NW 505-242-2921 Mexican $$

LA CREPE MICHEL 400 San Felipe St NW 505-242-1251 French $$ LA PLACITA DINING ROOMS 208-1/2 San Felipe St NW 505-247-2204 New Mexican $$ LITTLE ANITA’S 2105 MOUNTAIN RD NW 505-242-3102 New Mexican $$ MONROE’S RESTAURANT 1520 Lomas Blvd NW 505-242-1111 New Mexican $$ MONICA’S EL PORTAL 321 Rio Grande Blvd NW 505-247-9625 Mexican $$

CHURCH STREET CAFÉ 2100 Church St NW 505-445-1040 Mexican, New Mexican $$

OLD BARREL TEA COMPANY 2041 S Plaza St NW 505-842-5722 Tea Room $$

DURAN CENTRAL PHARMACY 1815 Central Ave NW 505-247-4141 Mexican, Diner, Drugstore $

OLD TOWN PIZZA PARLOR 108 Rio Grande Blvd NW 505-999-1949 Pizza / Sandwiches $$

GARDUNO’S AT OLD TOWN Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW 505-222-8726 Mexican, New Mexican $$

SEASONS ROTISSERIE & GRILL 2031 Mountain Rd NW 505-766-5100 Modern American $$$

HIGH NOON REST. & SALOON 425 San Felipe St NW 505-765-1455 New Mexican, Steakhouse $$$

26|SPRING 2018

STEVE’S ICE CREAM & JAVA 323 Romero St 505-242-8445 Ice Cream, Coffee & Tea $

VINAIGRETTE 1828 Cental Ave SW 505-842-5507 New American, Salads $$

GABBY’S HANDMADE SOAP 323 Romero St Ste 5 505-243-7627 Handmade soap and lotion

YAY YOGURT 205 Romero St NW 505-750-7624 Frozen Yogurt $

GHOSTWOLF GALLERY 2043 S Plaza St NW 505-246-9653 Distinctively Different Art Gallery


LA CASITA DE KALEIDOSCOPES 400-B San Felipe St NW 505-247-4242 Unique kaleidoscopes

ACEVES OLD TOWN BASKET & RUG SHOP 301 Romero St NW 505-842-8022 New Mexico gifts and products

MATI JEWELRY 201 Romero St NW 505-244-1595 ALBUQUERQUE PHOTOGRAPHERS Kabana designed jewelry GALLERY 303 Romero St NW #N-208 NEW MEXICO BEAD & FETISH 505-244-9195 401 Romero St NW 87104 505-243-2600 Fine art photography Jewelry, turquoise, findings AMAPOLA GALLERY 205 Romero St NW NIKKI ZABICKI’S HANDMADE 505-242-4311 LOCAL GIFTS 400 Romero St Ste 2 New Mexican Arts & Crafts Jewelry, art, gifts BEST CONNECTION JEWELRY & GIFTS 423 San Felipe St NW 505-247-9855 Fine Jewelry and Gifts BLUE MOON MARKETPLACE 400 San Felipe St NW 505-350-0412 Jewelry, Gifts, Vintage BRAD ANDERSON GUITARS 404 San Felipe ST NW 661-492-3429 Custom and handmade Guitars and Ukulele’s CATHERINE’S CACHE 2047 South Plaza St NW 505-243-0378 Clothing & Jewelry CONJURE SALON 404 San Felipe ST NW 505-273-9723 Aveda hair salon

OLD TOWN CELTIC SHOP 323 Romero St NW 505-328-7408 Gift Shop, Jewelry OLD TOWN EMPORIUM 204 San Felipe St NW 505-842-8102 T-shirts, Route 66, kachinas THE OLD TOWN HAT SHOP & ACCESSORY BOUTIQUE 205-C San Felipe St NW 505-242-4019 Hats and Apparel OLD TOWN T-SHIRT CO 323 Romero St NW #14 505-243-6393 Apparel MAMA’S MINERALS 800 20th St NW 505-266-8443 Jewelry, Bead, Rocks

SHOP (cont.) PENFIELD GALLERY OF INDIAN ART 422 B San Felipe St NW 505-242-9696 Native American Pottery, Fetishes and Rugs PLAZA INDIAN TRADING POST 2004 South Plaza St NW 505-242-4661 Native American Jewelry, pottery and baskets REDEARTH SPIRIT Silver Creations 400 San Felipe NW 505-913-1226 Handmade Jewelry by Gloria Valencia SPUR LINE SUPPLY CO. 800 20th Street NW 505-242-6858 Ecclectic one stop shopping boutique.

SANTISIMA 328 San Felipe St NW 505-246-2611 Day of the Dead Art Gallery TREASURE HOUSE BOOKS & GIFTS 2012 South Plaza NE (505) 242-7204 Southwestern Bookstore WILD HARE STUDIO 206 San Felipe St NW Ste 1-1/2 505-842-7388 Art Gallery and Gifts THE WILD ROSE 323 Romero St NW #15 (505) 247-9505 Ranchwear, Boots, Belts

EXPLORE ALBUQUERQUE GLIDE TOURS 419C San Felipe St NW 505-967-7705 Personal Transporter tours

ALBUQUERQUE MUSEUM OF ART AND HISTORY 2000 Mountain Rd NW 505-243-7255 Museum


BREAKING BAD RV TOURS 1919 Old Town Road 505-205-7292 RV Tours

Q BAR AT HOTEL ALBUQUERQUE 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW 505-222-8718 Lounge, Bar, Night Club $$

EXPLORA! SCIENCE CENTER & CHILDREN’S MUSEUM 1701 Mountain Rd NW 505-224-8300 Museum

RATTLESNAKE MUSEUM 202 San Felipe St. NW 505-242-6569 Famous Snake Museum

HISTORY & GHOST TOURS OF OLD TOWN 303 Romero Street NW #N120 505-246-TOUR (8687) Walking Tours LEVEL 5 - ROOFTOP AT HOTEL CHACO 200 Bellamah Ave NW Cocktail Bar $$$

ROUTES BICYCLE TOURS & RENTALS 2113 Charlevoix Street NW 505-933-5667 Bicycle Tours, Rentals, Bike Shop THE TURQUOISE MUSEUM 2107 Central Ave. NW 505-247-8650 Turquoise Education, Museum

SPRING 2018|


l l i H b o N

Now Albuquerque’s Central Avenue, historic Route 66 is buzzing with activity and the bright blur of neon lights. In hip and historic Nob Hill, Route 66 architecture and retro style are preserved among the trendy restaurants and bars, eclectic specialty shops, colorful public art and vintage boutiques.





COWBOYS AND INDIANS ANTIQUES - A cooperative style shop featuring Native American and Western art and the finest collection of objects from many of the country’s best-known antique dealers. 4000 Central NE (505) 255-4054


THE YARN STORE - Extensive selection of yarns, notions, needles, needlepoint, weaving supplies, classes, and more. 120 Amherst Dr NE (505) 717-1535


OOH! AAH! JEWELRY - Unique and chic jewelry designs, handbags, and other gift items. 110 Amherst SE (505) 265-7170


THE CHOCOLATE DUDE - Satisfy your sweet tooth with delectable goodies including handmade chocolates, truffles, nut clusters, caramel apples, fudges, brittles, and more! 3339 Central Avenue NE, Sweet E (505) 639-5502


MARIPOSA GALLERY - One of the oldest contemporary craft galleries in the country, exhibiting the finest contemporary art, jewelry, and ceramics in New Mexico since 1974. 3500 Central Ave. SE (505) 268-6828

SPRING 2018|


Nob Hill TASTE

99 DEGREES SEAFOOD KITCHEN 3409 Central Ave NE 505-433-4929 Cajun/Creole, Seafood $$ AJIACO COLOMBIAN BISTRO 3216 Silver Ave SE 505-266-2305 Colombian, Empanadas $$ ANNAPURNA’S WORLD VEGETARIAN CAFE 2201 Silver St SE 505-262-2424 Vegan, Vegetarian, International $$ BISTRONOMY B2B 3118 Central Ave SE 505-262-2222 Burgers, Brewery $$

FAN TANG 3523 Central Ave NE 505-266-3566 Chinese $$ FLYING STAR CAFE 3416 Central Ave SE 505-255-6633 Bakery, New American $$ FRENCHISH 3509 Central Ave NE 505-433-5911 French, Wine & Beer Bar $$ FRONTIER RESTAURANT 2400 Central Ave SE 505-265-0550 Diner, Mexican, American $ GECKO’S BAR & TAPAS 3500 Central Ave SE 505-262-1848 American, Tapas, Gastropub $

LEMONI LOUNGE 3109 Central Ave NE 505-268-9250 Greek Lounge $$ MAZAYA CAFE 120 Harvard Dr SE 505-582-2447 Mediterranean, Middle Eastern $$ MONTE VISTA FIRE STATION 3201 Central Ave NE 505-255-2424 New American, Pub Fare $$ NAMASTE 110 Yale Blvd SE 505-266-6900 Indian, Himalayan/Nepalese $$ NARUTO 2110 Central Ave SE 505-369-1039 Ramen, Bar $ NOB HILL BAR & GRILL 3128 Central Ave SE 266-4455 New American $$

POKI POKI CEVICHERIA 2300 Central NE 505-503-1077 Latin American, Asian Fusion $$ SALATHAI 3619 Copper Ave NE 505-265-9330 Thai $ SCALO NORTHERN ITALIAN GRILL 3500 Central Ave SE 505-255-8781 Italian $$ SHOGUN JAPANESE RESTAURANT 3310 Central Ave SE 505-265-9166 Japanese, Sushi Bar $$ SLICE PARLOR 3410 Central Ave SE 505-232-2808 Pizza $$ SQUEEZED JUICE BAR 3339 Central Ave NE 505-717-1407 Juice Bar, Smoothies $ STREETFOOD ASIA 3422 Central Ave SE 505-260-0088 Asian Fusion, Malaysian $$

GUAVA TREE CAFE 118 Richmond Dr NE 505-999-2599 Caribbean, Latin American $$

O RAMEN 2114 Central Ave 505-508-1897 Ramen $

IL VICINO WOOD OVEN PIZZA 3403 Central Ave NE 505-266-7855 Pizza, beer $$

OLO YOGURT STUDIO 3339 Central Ave NE 505-718-4656 Frozen Yogurt $

EL COTORRO 111 Carlisle Blvd NE 505-503-6202 Mexican, Vegan, Vegetarian $$

IMBIBE 3101 Central Ave 505-255-4200 Dance Club, Bar

O’NEIL’S 4310 Central Ave SE 505-255-6782 Irish Pub $$

EL PATIO DE ALBUQUERQUE 142 Harvard Dr SE 505-268-4245 elpatioabq.comm New Mexican $$

KELLYS BREW PUB 3222 Central Ave SE 505-262-2739 Sports Bar, Brewery $$

ORCHID THAI CUISINE 4300 Central Ave SE 505-265-4047 Thai, Asian Fusion $$

YANNI’S MEDITERRANEAN BAR & GRILL 3109 Central Ave NE 505-268-9250 Greek, Mediterranean $$$

ELAINE’S 3503 Central Ave SE 505-433-4782 New American $$$

THE LAST CALL 102 Richmond Dr NE 505-369-6102 Mexican $

P’TIT LOUIS BISTRO 3218 Silver Ave SE 505-314-1110 French $$

ZACATECAS TACOS + TEQUILA 3423 Central Ave NE 505-255-8226 Mexican $$$

BOSQUE BREWING PUBLIC HOUSE 106 Girard Blvd SE 505-508-5967 Brewery, Gastropub $ CANVAS ARTISTRY 3120 Central Ave SE 505-639-5214 American $$

30|SPRING 2018

TWO FOOLS TAVERN 3211 Central Ave NE 505-265-7447 Irish Pub $$ VIBRANCE 4500 Silver Ave SE 505-639-3401 Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Raw Food $$

ZINC WINE BAR AND BISTRO 3009 Central Ave NE 505-254-9462 New American $$

GERTRUDE ZACHARY JEWELERY 3300 Central Ave 505-766-4700 Jewelry, Antiques

TERRA FIRMA 113 Carlisle Blvd SE 505-260-0507 Shoe Store

EMPIRE BOARD GAME LIBRARY 3503 Central Ave NE 505-232-4263 Board Game Coffee Shop


IZZY MARTIN 103 Amherst SE 505-232-9223 Men’s Clothing, Accessories

TOAD ROAD 3503 Central Ave NE 505-255-4212 Clothing

GUILD CINEMA 3405 Central Ave NE 505-255-1848 Independent Movie Theater

ABQ’S NOB HILL FURNITURE 3701 Central Ave NE 505-262-9677 Furniture, Home Goods ALBUQUERQUE DUKES SHOP 621 Amherst Dr NE 505-255-0219 Sportswear ASTRO-ZOMBIES 3100 Central Ave SE 505-232-7800 Comic Books, Vinyl, Toys BEEPS 3500 Central Ave SE 505-262-1900 Gifts, Toys, Home Goods BIRDLAND THE HIPPIE STORE 3213 Central Ave NE 505-255-9205 Clothing, costumes, jewelry BZ SKATESHOP 3019 Central Ave NE 505-294-9610 Skate Shop, Clothing CELLAR DOOR GIFTS & GALLERY 147 Harvard Dr SE 505-750-1471 Art, Gifts, Home Goods, Toys CHOCOLATE DUDE 3339 Central Ave NE Ste E 505-639-5502 Chocolatier & candy shop EL PASO IMPORT COMPANY 3500 Central Ave SE 505-265-1160 Furniture, Home Goods GALLERY ONE 3500 Central Ave SE 505-268-7449 Clothing, Jewelry, Gifts

KII BOUTIQUE 108 Amherst Dr NE Clothing, Accessories LA MONTANITA COOP 3500 Central Ave. SE 505-265-4631 Local, fresh groceries MARIPOSA GALLERY INC 3500 Central Ave SE 505-268-6828 Art Gallery NOB HILL MUSIC 3419 Central Ave 505-266-4200 Vinyl Records

UNEEK FINDINGS 4700 Central Ave SE 505-265-9095 Antiques, Furniture, Jewelry THE YARN STORE AT NOB HILL 120 Amherst Dr NE 505-717-1535 Yarn, Crafts

EXPLORE AUX DOG THEATRE 3011 Monte Vista Blvd NE 505-254-7716 Performing Arts

MARIPOSA GALLERY 3500 Central SE 505-268-6828 Contemporary folk-art shop MAX’S MAGIC SHOP 3205 Central Ave NE Ste 101 505-255-2303 Magicians, Hobby shop POPEJOY HALL 1 University of NM 505-277-8010 Performing Arts, Music Venue

OJO OPTIQUE 3339 Central Ave NE 505-232-9796 Eyewear OOH AAH JEWELRY 110 Amherst Dr SE 505-265-7170 Jewelry, Accessories STRANGER FACTORY 34411 Central Ave NE 505-508-3049 Art Gallery SUKHMANI HOME 112 Amherst Dr SE 505-255-2889 Home Decor, Furnature SUKHMANI JEWELRY 105 Amherst SE 505-255-2883 Jewelry, Accessories SPRING 2018|


“Come experience our one stop shopping destination, highlighting notable New Mexican brands.” - Tess Coats, Owner and Chief Curator Spur Line Supply Company, located in the Sawmill District, is one of Albuquerque’s newest shopping experiences offering crafted and quality merchandise for shoppers with discerning taste. W: | P: 505-242-6858 | A: 800 20th Street NW, Suite B, ABQ, NM 87104 Hrs: Mon-Sat, 10a-6p; Sun, 11a-4p | E:

32|SPRING 2018


SPUR LINE . o C y l p p Su Albuquerque has its fair share of unique shopping experiences, and Spur Line Supply Co. is surely one not to be missed! Located near Albuquerque’s Historic Old Town Plaza in the up and coming Sawmill District, Spur Line is a bright, open space offering handpicked and thoughtfully currated goods from New Mexico and beyond. A one-stop shopping destination, this re-imagined concept combines the high end boutique with a modern art gallery, offering one-of-a-kind treasures and inspired creations. Owner and local entrepreneur Tess Coats draws on her experience as a high end merchandiser and mobile boutique owner to deliver quality, artisnal products and a truly unique shopping experience. Current shops include: BRISTOL DOUGHNUT CO. - Always classy & handcrafted doughnuts. DRYLAND WILDS - Distilled perfumes, mists, and skin care captured from high desert botanicals.

FLORIOGRAPHY FLOWERS - Luxurious flowers, blooms, and botanicals foraged from local farms. HI-PHY RECORDS - Artfully curated and edited records from the popular to the truly discoverable. LUNA Y LUZ - A curated and imagined space of apparel, books, toys, and accessories for little ones. POWER AND LIGHT PRESS - Witty, unexpected, and playfully illustrated stationery and greeting cards. TRES CUERVOS - Rugged and rustic American menswear inspired from the finest curated men’s shops from around the U.S. WANDERER - Bohemian and feminine apparel and home goods for the wanderer who immerses herself in nature, embraces the open road, and nurtures her creative energy.

SPRING 2018|



Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Catholic church Santuario De Chimayo every year. The most visitors come during Holy Week when over 30,000 people will make pilgrimage from all over the world to this holy site. There are rumors that the area where the church is located was known for healing even by Native Americans before the church was constructed. According to many stories I read about the church’s origin, in the early 1800’s a member of the Catholic brotherhood saw a light emanating from the ground. When he explored the source of the light he found a crucifix half buried in the dirt. The brotherhood tried moving the cross from the location twice to different places but every time they moved it, it would vanish from the new location and mysteriously show up back in its original location. So after getting blessings from a priest, a chapel was built right at the location of where the crucifix and healing sand were found. Since then there have been many stories of people being healed by El Posito, the sacred pit of sand, located in the chapel. Some of those stories are published on the Santuario De Chimayo’s website, and include people being healed from cancer, infertility, and more. Located an hour and a half north of Albuquerque, the Santuario De Chimayo is made up of a few buildings and statues. One of the most memorable experiences I had was walking through the prayer room

34|SPRING 2018

to reach the healing sand. Rows of crutches line the walls, given from those who claim to have had miraculous healing. There were several people sitting in silent prayer in the chapel and more praying at El Posito, putting their hands in the dirt or scooping it up and taking it with them (you can buy a small container from the gift shop to collect your own healing dirt). In addition to visiting the actual chapel and El Posito, it’s worthwhile to spend time visiting the Madonna Gardens which feature beautiful statues of the Virgin Mary, Three Cultures, and more. There’s also an area filled with thousands of pictures of people from all walks of life who are being prayed for by the church and by the thousands of visitors who see the photos and choose to pray for them. In that space I felt the energy of faith and hope so strong that I wept. This feeling stayed with me the entire time I toured around the site. Regardless of your faith, make time to visit the Santuario De Chimayo. There is something magical about being in the energy of a place where many people gather in faith and hope.

Candice Thomas is an intuitive advisor for entrepreneurs and professional creatives who shows her clients how to go to the next level of success in their industry by harnessing the power of their intuition. For more details visit

El Santuario de Chimayo has been a place of worship since before its construction in 1813. For generations, American Indians, Hispanics, and other people of faith have traveled to the site to ask for healing, offer prayers and give thanks. El Santuario is one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage centers in the US and a glorious example of Spanish Colonial architecture in New Mexico. El Santuario de Chimayo attracts over 300,000 pilgrims from all over the Southwest and beyond each year. Tens of thousands of pilgrims walk to El Santuario from Santa Fe and other starting points during Holy Week. 15 Santuario Drive, Chimayo, NM 87522 W: P: (505) 351-9961 Hours: 9AM to 5PM (Oct.-Apr) 9AM to 6PM (May-Sep.) Mass: Daily at 11AM (Mon. - Sat.) 10:30 AM and Noon (Sun.) Confession: 9 to 10:15 AM or by appointment

SPRING 2018|



GET OUT, GET MOVING... Albuquerque is the perfect place to get out and get moving! Check out this list of events happening in the Albuquerque area this spring.

Running FIT FOR FUN 5K Saturday, February 24 UNM Health Science Center 1001 Stanford Dr. NE, Alb., 87131 SAFARI RUN - 5K, 8K, KIDS 1K Sunday, March 25 UNM North Golf Course 2201 Tucker Rd. NE, Alb., 87131 ALBUQUERQUE HALF MARATHON + 10K, 5K, KIDS K Saturday, April 14 Alvarado Elementary School RUN FOR THE KIDS, 5K RUN / WALK Saturday, March 17 Calvary Christian Academy 12820 Indian School Rd. NE Alb., 87112 MILES FOR MINDS 5K, KIDS 2-MILE, KIDS K Saturday, March 31 LBJ Middle School/Mariposa Basin Park 6811 Taylor Ranch Rd. NW, 87120 FOAM GLOW 5K Saturday, March 31 Balloon Fiesta Park 5000 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy. NE Alb., 87113

RUN TO BREAK THE SILENCE 20K, 10K, 5K, KID’S FUN RUN Sunday, April 29 Sandia Casino (Upper Parking Lot) 30 Rainbow Road Alb., 87113 CATCH ME IF YOU CAN 5K, KIDS K Sunday, May 20 Sandia Lakes 76 Sandia Lakes Rd. Bernalillo, 87004 FEED THE KIDS 5K RUN/1M WALK Saturday, April 28 Roosevelt Middle School 11799 So. Hwy 14 Tijeras, 87059 NM SHAMROCK SHUFFLE 10-MILE + 10K, 5K, KIDS K Saturday, March 17 Rio Rancho Aquatic Center 745 Loma Colorado Dr. Rio Rancho, 87124

Cycling SANTA FE CENTURY 2018 Sunday, May 20 Santa Fe Community College 6401 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe, 87508 For more information on running and cycling events, visit


ON LOCATION YOGA BY YOGAZO: For more information visit Mondays and Thursdays @ 6p Green Jeans Farmery & SFBC 3600 Cutler Ave NE ​ Tuesdays @ 6:30p Bow & Arrow Brewing 608 McKnight Ave NW ​ Wednesdays @ 5p Spur Line Supply Co.- Gentle Class 800 20th St. by Hotel Chaco Every other Friday @6p VARA wine warehouse 315-B Alameda Blvd NE ​ Saturdays @ 11:00a Marble Brewery 9904 Montgomery Blvd. NE ​ Sundays @ 10:00a Fireside Bends + Brunch - Warm & Gentle Pueblo Harvest Cafe, 2401 12th St. NW ​ Sundays @ 11:00a Boxing Bear Brewing Co. 10200 Corrales Rd. Sundays @ 11:00a Rio Bravo Brewing Company 1912 2nd St. NW

· Instant Credit Available · · Nationwide Warranties · · A+ rating with the BBB ·




4520 Arrowhead Ridge Dr · Rio Rancho 505-891-8951

t h g i l t o p S l a c Lo

TravelHost Albuquerque is proud to “Shine the Spotlight” on local artists, and entrepreneurs who create and inspire the local community. Visit them in person or on their website to learn more about what they are up to!


Amy Monarch is founder of On The Wrox whiskey stones. Made from genuine soapstone, these stones are stored in the freezer and used in place of ice to chill liquor. Originally from Albuquerque, Amy has a degree in health education and has worked as a patient advocate and health coach. It was through an online startup,

however, that she entered the world of internet sales. When Amy discovered whiskey stones, she felt the need to create her own product, unlike any other of its kind on the market, and to source all materials from the United States. On the Wrox is available at www. as well as Santa Fe Spirits, Left Turn Distillery, Broken Trail Distillery, and Spur Line Supply Co.

Amy Monarch SPRING 2018|




400 Romero St. Suite 2 | W: | P: (505) 243-9931

Inspired by the colors, culture and love for life in modern New Mexico, Nikki has been a part of the professional maker community in Albuquerque for the past 12 years.  With an emphasis on hand painted heirloom items, Nikki’s work lives in the hearts and homes of many who reside in the Albuquerque community.  Expect to be

delighted as you shop her designs along with a bevy of some of the best handmade products in New Mexico at her shop in Old Town. Nikki is committed to showcasing other local makers such as Meltdown Studios, Josie Mohr, and Patty Mara.

Nikki Zabicki


400A San Felipe St. NW, Alb., 87104 | W: | 505-913-1226

Gloria has been creating her cool, contemporary designs for over 25 years. Come check out her mix of turquoise, Spiney Oyster and other special stones on her spectacular leather cuffs, bags and belts, along with her contemporary style of modern

yet bold silver jewelry. Experience her unique shop in Old Town and see where all the work is created! Custom work available.

Gloria Valencia


I’m excited to introduce Yerba Botanicals, a local New Mexico company specializing in Yerba Mansa based products created by me from authentic, unique recipes. Yerba Mansa is an ancient herb embedded deeply in my New Mexico heritage. Harvested for generations by my family, it is known for 38|SPRING 2018

its aromatic and medicinal properties, including stress relief and anti-inflammatory qualities. My hope is that you will enjoy this soothing herb product birthed from the rich soil of my home in the New Mexico desert.

Rita Chav ez

CHEERS N.M. Breweries THE 377 BREWERY 2026 Yale Blvd SE 505-934-0795 BOESE BROTHERS BREWERY 601 Gold Ave SW 505-382-7060 BOSQUE BREWING CO. 8900 San Mateo Blvd NE & 106 Girard Blvd SE B 505-750-7596 BOW & ARROW BREWING 602 McKnight Ave NW 505-247-9800 BOXING BEAR BREWING CO. 10200 Corrales Rd NW 505-897-2327 CANTEEN BREWHOUSE 2381 Aztec Rd NE 505-881-2737 DIALOGUE BREWING 1501 1st St NW 505-585-1501 KELLY’S BREWPUB 3222 Central Avenue SE 505-262-2739 LA CUMBRE BREWING CO 3313 Girard Blvd NE 505-872-0225


MARBLE BREWERY 111 Marble Ave NW & 9904 Montgomery Blvd NE & 5740 Night Whisper Rd 505-243-2739 MONK’S CORNER TAPROOM 205 Silver Ave SW 505-266-0876

TRACTOR BREWING COMPANY 1800 4th St NW & 118 Tulane Dr SE 505-243-6752


NEXUS BREWERY 4730 Pan American East Fwy NE Ste D 505-242-4100

ACEQUIA VINEYARDS & WINERY 240 Reclining Acres Rd 505-264-1656

PALMER BREWERY 2926 Girard Blvd NE 505-508-0508

CASA RONDENA WINERY 733 Chavez Rd NW 505-344-5911

PONDEROSA BREWING COMPANY 1761 Bellamah Ave NW 505-639-5941

CORRALES WINERY 6275 Corrales Rd 505-898-1819

RED DOOR BREWING 1001 Candelaria Rd NE 505-633-6675 RIO BRAVO BREWING 1912 2nd St NW 505-900-3909 SIDETRACK BREWING COMPANY 413 2nd St SW 505-832-7183 STARR BROTHERS BREWING COMPANY 5700 San Antonio Dr NE 505-492-2752 STEEL BENDER BREWYARD 8306 2nd St NW 505-433-3537

GRUET WINERY 8400 Pan American Fwy NE 505-821-0055 MILAGRO VINEYARDS 985 W Ella Dr 505-898-3998 PASANDO TIEMPO WINERY & VINYARDS 277 Dandelion Rd 505-228-0154 SHEEHAN WINERY 1544 Cerro Vista Rd SW 505-280-3104 ST. CLAIR WINERY & BISTRO 901 Rio Grande Blvd 505-633-5765

LIZARD TAIL BREWING 9800 Montgomery Blvd NE 505-717-1301

FALL 2017|


NM SPIRIT SANCTUARIES • Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, NM • El Santuario de Chamayo, Chamayo, NM • Islamic Musalla, Taos, NM • St, Francis of Assisi Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM • Loretto Chapel Miraculous Staircase, Santa Fe, NM RETREATS • Inn at the Halona, Zuni Pueblo, NM • Bodhi Manda Zen Center, Jemez Springs, NM • Centre for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, NM • Father Fitzgerald Center, Jemez Springs, NM • Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM • Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, Ojo Caliente, NM • Spiritual Renewal Center, Albuquerque, NM • Upaya Zen Center, Santa Fe, NM

Spirituality is as much a part of New Mexico as our glorious sunsets and heavenly food. Considered by many to be one of the most sacred places on earth, our rich history and ancient roots make New Mexico a top destination for spiritual-minded people. Here is a brief list of spiritual places to elevate your NM travel experience:

SPIRITUAL EVENTS - SPRING • El Santuario de Chimayo, pilgrimage on Good Friday, Mar. 30 • St. Joseph Feast Day: Laguna Pueblo, Mar. 19 • St. Phillip Feast Day: San Felipe Pueblo, May 1 • Santa Maria Feast Day: Acoma Pueblo, May 1 • Santa Cruz Feast Day: Taos Pueblo, May 3 Most NM Pueblos have holy events during Easter Week. For a complete list and more information about the Pueblos of NM, including feast days and the spring schedule of native dances at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, visit:

SACRED PLACES • Chaco Canyon, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Nageezi, NM • Corrales Bosque Preserve, Corrales, NM • Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, Cochiti Pueblo • Petroglyph National Monument Rinconada Canyon, Albuquerque, NM • Tsankawi Indian Ruins, Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos • White Sands National Monument, Alkali Flat Trail, Holloman AFB, NM • Lady on the Mountain, Magdalena, NM

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RIO GRANDE NATURE CENTER - Explore the ‘Bosque’ (forest by the river), and discover plants and animals native to the area. 2901 Candelaria Rd. NW, Alb., 87107 P: (505) 344-7240


WHAT TO DO IN ABQ FOR KIDS...BY KIDS! Three local kids share their very favorite things to do this time of year in Albuquerque.

MAIN EVENT - Family fun with bowling, video games, laser tag, billiards, and gravity ropes. 4040 Pan American Fwy NE, Alb., 87107 W: P: (505) 884-4928


NM MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY & SCIENCE Exciting exhibits, Planetarium and Dynatheater. 1801 Mountain Rd. NW, Alb., 87104 W: / P: (505) 841-2800


GRAVITY PARK TRAMPOLINE ARENA - The Duke City’s ultimate extreme air experience! 5300 Eagle Rock Ave. NE, Alb., 87113 W: / P: (505) 407-0954


EXPLORA CHILDREN’S MUSEUM - Ideas you can touch! Hands on science and fun for all ages. 1701 Mountain Rd NW, Alb., 87104 W: / P: (505) 224-8300



CANVAS & COFFEE - ​Where anyone can be a “Van Gogh!” Paint along classes & treats. 6700 4th Street, Los Ranchos, 87107 W: P: (505) 803-4230

ABQ BIOPARK - Zoo, Aquarium, Tingley Beach, and Botanical Gardens. W: P: (505) 768-2000



ABQ SURF N SLIDE - New Mexico’s only indoor waterpark, located inside the Wyndham Hotel. 2500 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Alb., 87110 W: / P: (505) 855-6071

HYATT TAMAYA RESORT - Swimming, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and Srai Wi (Native American activities for children). W: P: (505) 867-1234


DUCK POND AT UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO a peaceful on-campus oasis with geese, ducks, fish and turtles galore...great for picnics! 1001 Yale Northeast, Alb., 87131 P: (505) 277-0111

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e F a t n Sa Santa Fe is New Mexico’s fourth largest city and also its oldest, founded by Spanish colonists in 1610. Today, it serves as the state’s capital as well as an artists’ community with many local galleries, dealers and museums juxtaposed beautifully next to historic and religious sites. For a long weekend in Santa Fe, make sure to visit the galleries and the churches that add to this city’s unique flare. Also, no trip here is complete without a delicious – and likely enormous – plate of traditional New Mexican food. Here are some suggestions for what to see and do on a few days’ getaway to this southwestern gem.





LORETTO CHAPEL – Former Roman Catholic church with an unusual and miraculous helixshaped spiral staircase. 207 Old Santa Fe Trail (505) 982-0092


MUSEUM OF INTERNATIONAL FOLK ART - This museum boasts the largest collection of international folk art in the world with a core collection of over 130,000 objects from more than 100 countries. 706 Camino Lejo (Museum Hill) (505) 476-1200


NATIVE AMERICAN ARTISAN BIKE TOUR - This three-hour experience explores antique and contemporary Native American art, sculpture, museums, and historic sites. Routes Bicycle Tours of Santa Fe (505) 933-5667


MEOW WOLF - Unique and immersive art installations with interactive multimedia elements and a mysterious narrative throughout. 1352 Rufina Cir (505) 303-1575


THE OLDEST HOUSE - One of the oldest buildings in the US, this intimate museum features rustic furnishings and a gift shop. 215 E De Vargas St (505) 988-2488

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Santa Fe TASTE

CAFE PASQUALS 121 Don Gaspar Ave 505-983-9340 New Mexican $$ CHOCOLATE MAVEN 821 W San Mateo 505-984-1980 Bakery, Café $$ CLAFOUTIS 333 W Cordova Rd 505-988-1809 French, Bakery $$ THE COMPOUND 653 Canyon Rd 505-982-4353 Fine Dining $$$$ COWGIRL BBQ 319 S Guadalupe St 505-982-2565 BBQ, burgers, steakhouse $$ COYOTE CAFÉ & COYOTE DEN 132 W Water St 505-983-1615 New American, Speakeasy $$$ THE DRAGON ROOM LOUNGE 406 Old Santa Fe Trl 505-982-9500 dragonroom Lounge $$ EL CALLEJON TAQUERIA & GRILL 208 Galisteo St 505-983-8378 Mexican $$ FIELD GOODS KITCHEN 2860 Cerrillos Rd 505-471-0043 New Mexican $$

44|SPRING 2018

FIRE AND HOPS 222 N Guadalupe St 505-954-1635 Gastropub $$ GERONIMO 724 Canyon Rd 505-982-1500 French, Asian Fusion $$$$

THE PINK ADOBE 406 Old Santa Fe Trail 505-983-7712 New Mexican $$ RADISH & RYE 548 Agua Fria St 505-930-5325 New American $$$ THE RANCH HOUSE 2571 Cristo’s Rd 505-424-8900 American, Barbeque $$

KAKAWA CHOCOLATE HOUSE 1050 Paseo De Peralta 505-982-0388 Chocolatier, Drinking Chocolate $$

ROWLEY FARMHOUSE ALES 1405 Maclovia St 505-428-0719 Brewery, American $$

LA BOCA 72 W Marcy St 505-982-3433 Tapas, Spanish $$$

SANTA FE BITE 311 Old Santa Fe Trl 505-982-0544 Burgers, American $$

LA CHOZA RESTAURANT 905 Alarid St 505-982-0909 New Mexican $$

SAZON 221 Shelby St 505-983-8604 Mexican, Diner $$$

LA PLAZUELA DINING ROOM 100 E San Francisco St 505-982-5511 New Mexican $$ MARIA’S NEW MEXICAN KITCHEN 555 W Cordova Rd 505-983-7929 New Mexican, $$ PALACIO CAFE 209 E Palace Ave 505-989-3505 Sandwiches, American $ PANTRY RESTAURANT 1820 Cerrillos Rd 505-986-0022 New Mexican, Diner $ PHO AVA 2430 Cerrillos Rd Ste 2430 505-557-6572 Vietnamese $$



THE ARK BOOKSTORE 133 Romero St 505-988-3709 Bookstore, Metaphysical

J 2 5 ja N

BIG ADVENTURE COMICS 418 Montezuma Ave Unit C 505-992-8783 Comic Books

K 2 5 k J

CHEESEMONGERS OF SANTA FE 130 E Marcy St 505-795-7878 Cheese, Meat Shop

L 6 5 W

CHOCOLATE + CASHMERE 109 E Palace Ae 505-989-3887 Clothing

N 1 5 n H

CUPCAKE CLOTHING 322 Montezuma Ave 505-988-4744 Women’s Clothing

P 1 5 W

DANCING SUN 112 W San Francisco St Accessories, Gifts

SECOND STREET BREWERY 1814 2nd St 505-982-3030 Brewery, New Mexican $$

DETOURS AT LA FONDA 100 E San Francisco St 505-988-1404 Antiques, Fashion, Gifts

THE SHED 113 ½ E Palace Ave 505-982-9030 New Mexican $$$

DOODLET’S 120 Don Gaspar Ave 505-983-3771 Toy Store, Gifts

TERRACOTTA WINE BISTRO 304 Johnson St 505-989-1166 American, Wine Bar $$

DOUBLE TAKE 321 S Guadalupe St 505-989-8886 Apparel, Vintage, Consignment

TUNE-UP CAFE 1115 Hickox St 505-983-7060 New Mexican, Salvadoran $$ VINAIGRETTE 709 Don Cubero Aly 505-820-9205 Gourmet Salads $$

EL NICHO 227 Don Gaspar Ave 505-984-2830 Home Décor, Gifts, Art GUADALUPE’S RUBBER STAMPS 114 Don Gaspar 505-982-9862 Crafts, Gifts

SHOP (CONT.) JACKALOPE 2820 Cerrillos Road 505-471-8539 New Mexican Home Décor KESHI – THE ZUNI CONNECTION 227 Don Gaspar Ave 505-989-8728 Jewelry, Zuni Fetishes, Pottery

THE RAVEN FINE CONSIGNMENTS 1225 Cerrillos Rd 505-988-4775 Antiques, Vintage, Consignment

CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISI 213 Cathedral Pl 505-820-3429 Church, Historical Bldg

MEOW WOLF 1352 Rufina Cir 505-303-1575 Immersive Art Experience

RED RIVER MERCANTILE 235 Don Gaspar Ste 1 505-992-1233 Men’s Clothing

EL RANCHO DE LAS GOLONDRINAS 334 Los Pinos Rd 505-471-2261 Living Museum

MUSEUM HILL Camino Lejo/Santa Fe Trail 505-984-8900 Art Galleries, Eateries

SANTA FE DRY GOODS 53 Old Santa Fe Trl 505-983-8142 santafedrygoods.Com Apparel, Jewelry

LA BOHEME 663 Canyon Rd TURQUOISE BUTTERFLY 505-982-8043 Women’s Clothing, Home Decor 149 E Alameda 505-982-9277 NAMBÉ Jewelry, Art, Spiritual 104 W San Francisco St 505-988-3574 Home Décor, Gifts PASSAMENTRIE 110 Old Santa Fe Trail 505-989-1262 Women’s Clothing


CANYON ROAD 225 Canyon Rd Art Galleries

FOOD TOURS NEW MEXICO 505-814-6383 Food Tours

PALACE OF THE GOVERNORS 105 W Palace Ave 505-476-5100 Landmark, Historical Building

GEORGIA O’KEEFFE MUSEUM 217 Johnson St 505-946-1000

RAILYARD ART DISTRICT 544 South Guadalupe St 505-983-9555 Art Galleries, Eateries


ROUTES BICYCLE TOURS SANTA FE 100 E San Francisco St 505-933-5667 Bicycle Tours and Rentals


WALK OR BIKE THE CITY- on the network of paved trails for residents and visitors alike. W: P: (505) 955-6706


SANTA FE BOTANICAL GARDEN - nature preserve and public garden. 725 Camino Lejo, Suite E, Santa Fe, 87505 W: P: (505) 471-9103

3 4

SANTA FE SKI BASIN - hike, explore, enjoy. W: / P: (505) 982-4429


MEOW WOLF - unique art experience featuring exploration, discovery and interactivity. 1352 Rufina Cir., Santa Fe, 87507 W: / P: (505) 395-6369


WHAT TO DO IN SANTA FE FOR KIDS...BY KIDS! Three local kids share their very favorite things to do this time of year in Santa Fe

ROADRUNNER TRAIN TO ABQ - modern rail transport between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. W: / P: 1-866-795-RAIL (7245)

VIOLET CROWN CINEMA - Lovely movie house that offers food, desserts, drinks, snacks, and fun! 1606 Alcaldesa St., Railyard, Santa Fe, 87501 W: / P: (505) 216-5678

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Simple Self Care for Colds & Flu By Lori Eanes D.O, Contributor Whether you are traveling or remaining close to home, you could be exposed to the dreaded flu. Here’s the good news! The incidence of flu often declines at the start of spring, so there’s promising days ahead. However, if you are experiencing cold or flu symptoms, here are a few simple steps that you can take to speed up your recovery: 1. Prevention is your first line of defense. Because viruses first penetrate your nose and throat, a daily nasal rinse can prevent the cold from happening. Drinking warm liquids throughout the day protects the throat. Keep your stress level down, get moderate exercise and adequate rest. 2. 1-2 teaspoons of honey with a squeeze of lemon is helpful for a sore throat or dry cough.

Lemon helps to neutralize the virus while honey heals the mucus membranes in the throat. 3. Steam acts as a natural decongestant. Whether it’s a hot shower or a hot bowl of water and a towel draped over your head, your chest and nasal passages will benefit. 4. Sip on broth or soup with lots of garlic and onion. Garlic is a natural anti-viral; onion helps improve lung function and fresh vegetables provide immune boosting nutrients. We’ve forgotten there’s a natural pharmacy inside of our kitchen. Our grandmothers knew this long before later studies by medical scientists. Your symptoms should resolve in 7-10 days and you’ll be back on enchanting adventures, healthy and well.

Lori Eanes D.O is a family medicine physician, practicing urgent care and integrative medicine while lecturing and providing workshops and retreats that teach participants how to achieve optimal health with less medications. 46|SPRING 2018

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