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India-Pakistan Exposed

Those who are blessed with children should always weigh out whether their children would emancipate them from or throw them into hell fire. (al-Qur'an 66:6)

As said by Imam Ali(R.A): "Teach your children from our knowledge, what Allah will help them with, so that those who have gone astray will not affect them with their opinions." “The first things that children should learn about are the things that they will need to know when they become men. Surely the heart of a child is like fallow ground whatever is planted in it is accepted by it."





Sarojini Naidu says" It was the first religion that preached and practiced democracy: for, in the mosque, when the call for prayer is sounded and worshippers are gathered together, the democracy of Islam is embodied five times a day when a peasant and king knell side by side and proclaim:' GOD ALONE IS GREAT'



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The Kashmir Scenario  
The Kashmir Scenario  

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