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TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Offi- concerns about a high unit cials in New Jersey’s capital say price for hot-drink cups. they’ve resolved a fight over toilet paper. Before the $16,000 emergency contract was announced TuesTrenton’s The Times news- day, officials said paper towel paper ( and toilet paper dispensers reports Mayor Tony Mack’s were nearly depleted in senior administration will move for- citizen centers, police headward with an emergency pur- quarters, the fire department chase of toilet paper and pa- and other city offices. per towels. Supplies of both dwindled in city buildings while the administration and ___ City Council quarreled over a contract to resupply city government. Information from: The Times, The stalemate began last September. The council twice rejected a $42,000 contract for a year’s supply of paper prod- Copyright 2012 The Associucts because members raised ated Press.



DO YOU EVER WISH BUFORD, WYO. _ POPULATION 1 _ HEADS TO AUCTION THIS WEIRD WORLD BUFORD, Wyo. (AP) — What’s feet and is the highest town along Oklahoma City, Okla.-based Wiladvertised as the smallest town in the Interstate 80 between New York and liams and Williams, which is hanCOULD COME United States is scheduled to go up California. The area offers impressive dling the auction. Bidding will open for auction next month. views of the Rocky Mountains but at $100,000, she said. STRAIGHT TO is prone to extreme winds and frigid Buford, located between Cheyenne temperatures — even by Wyoming “We’re going to have a variety of YOU AT HOME? and Laramie in southeast Wyoming, standards. people attracted to this property, is famous for having just one inhabbased on what it would mean to itant, Don Sammons.

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Foul weather shuts down I-80 between Cheyenne and Laramie at Sammons plans to retire from man- least a couple times during a typical aging his businesses at Buford and winter. Each time that happens, Bumove on. The auction is set for noon ford might as well be at the North on April 5. Pole rather than next to one of the busiest cross-country thoroughfares Buford traces its origins the 1860s in the U.S. and the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and had as Assets up for sale will include a gas many as 2,000 residents before the station and convenience store, a railroad was rerouted. 1905 schoolhouse that has been used as an office, a cabin, a gaSammons and his family moved rage, 10 acres of land, a from Los Angeles to Buford in 1980. three-bedroom home, the Family members moved away over Wyoming Tribune Eagle the years, but Sammons stayed on reported ( as sole resident and “mayor” of the z6dCkL ). unincorporated community. He bought the trading post in 1992 and Buford has its own ZIP operated it until last year. code and post office boxes for people who live near“It was a great life for me and for my by. family,” he said, adding it would be the same for anyone looking for a It’s a business opportunity unique operation. that also offers a romantic lifestyle, said Amy Bates, Buford sits at an elevation of 8,000 chief marketing officer for

them,” Bates said. ___

Information from: Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.


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FORMER MR. UNIVERSE TURNS 100 IN INDIA KOLKATA, India (AP) — A former Mr. Universe who has just turned 100 said Sunday that happiness and a life without tensions are the key to his longevity.

Manohar Aich, who is 4 foot 11 inches (150 centimeters) tall, overcame many hurdles, including grinding poverty and a stint in prison, to achieve body building glory. His children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren gathered Sunday in the eastern city of Kolkata to celebrate his birthday the day before.

me. I had to struggle to earn money since my young days, but whatever the situation, I remained happy,” Aich said, sitting in a room decorated with posters and pictures of his many bodybuilding triumphs.

“It was in the jail that I began weight “Pocket Hercules” due to his 4 foot 11 training seriously. This helped me prepare inch-frame. myself for the world championship,” said Aich. Six decades later, Aich helps his sons run a gym and fitness center and spends his “In jail I used to practice on my own, days guiding juvenile hopefuls to reach Aich, who was born in the small town of without any equipment, sometimes for the heights of body building that he did. Comilla in Bengal, was a puny youngster. 12 hours in a day,” he recalled. But he was attracted to exercising and A minor stroke last year has robbed him building his muscles when as a schoolboy But the jail authorities were impressed of the ability to lift weights, but he keeps he saw a group of wrestlers in action. with his perseverance and he was given a a watchful eye on young body builders special diet to help build his stamina. training in his gym.

...“It was in the jail that I began weight training seriously”...

Although his two sons did not take up body building, Aich says his mentoring has earned him rewards. It has produced India’s eight-time national champion, Satya Paul. Another protege, Premchand Dogra, snagged the Mr. Universe title in 1988.

Rippling his muscles and flashing a toothless grin, Aich says his ability to take his troubles lightly and remain happy during difficult times are the secrets to his long life. Encouraged by a British officer named Reub Martin, who introduced him to That, and a simple diet of milk, fruits and weight training, Aich earned praise for his vegetables along with rice, lentils and fish physique from his peers in the air force. have kept him healthy. Some years later, however, he was thrown He does not smoke and has never touched into prison when he protested against coalcohol, he said. lonial oppression. “I never allow any sort of tension to grip

Among his regrets, says Aich, is that he never had a chance to meet his more famous counterpart, a fellow Mr. Universe winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hindu priests chanted prayers while a feast was laid out to honor Aich, winner of the 1952 Mr. Universe body building title.

India’s independence in 1947 led to Aich’s release from jail. Dogged by poverty, Aich and his wife struggled to put their four children through school. There was little cash to indulge his passion for body building, but Aich took up odd jobs After leaving school in 1942, he joined to earn a little on the side. the Royal air force under India’s British colonial rulers and it was there that he be- His 1950 win of a “Mr. Hercules” contest gan his relentless pursuit of body build- spurred him to set his sights on the Mr. ing. Universe tournament in London.

In 1951, Aich came second in the contest, and stayed on in London to prepare But Aich says he’s seen many of Schwarfor another shot at the title. He returned zenegger’s action films. to India after winning the title in 1952. “I like the incredible stunts he does in the What followed were a host of awards, movies,” Aich said. including top positions in Asian Body building Championships. Over the years, Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. he also earned the more popular title of

DEATHS BARRED IN ITALIAN VILLAGE ROME (AP) — Since the start of the month it has been illegal to die in Falciano del Massico, a village of 3,700 people some 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Naples in southern Italy.

the village has no cemetery and it is feuding with a nearby town that has one — creating a logistical problem about what to do with the deceased.

Enjoying This Weird World? We would love to hear about it! “The ordinance has brought happiness,” he was quoted Tuesday as sayJoin us on ing. “Unfortunately, two elderly citiFacebook zens disobeyed.” and tell us Copyright 2012 The Associated what you think!

The mayor told newspapers that vilMayor Giulio Cesare Fava issued lagers are content. Press. the tongue-in-cheek decree because

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