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YORK SPRINGS, Pa. (AP) — Officials in central Pennsylvania aren’t crying over a few thousand gallons of spilled milk. They’re sprinkling some lime on it.

90 percent of it with vacuum trucks. Concerns then turned to milk that had seeped into the soil.

A spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection says putting lime in the soil chews up the milk’s fat, neutralizing the odor.

Hanover’s The Evening Sun newspaper ( reports crews sprinkled lime to prevent the milk from curdling, which could cause a horrendous smell and attract flies.

___ Information from: The Evening Sun,

A truck that overturned Thursday near York Springs spilled about 3,000 gallons of milk into a creek. State environmental officials cleaned up about

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.


EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) — At least one of five century-old incandescent light bulbs still works after being pulled from the cornerstone of a Cleveland-area building along with a time capsule.

A special socket was used to show off one bulb’s longevity. The rest went to a research lab.

The Plain Dealer reports (http://bit. ly/GUrSIB) GE Lighting began a 100th anniversary celebration of the Nela Park operation on Monday at one of the park’s original buildings at the East Cleveland research center.


The Nela industrial park is the headquarters of GE Lighting, and is listed as an historic place by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Information from: The Plain Dealer,

The lead-box time capsule held photos of Nela founders, journals, a book of technical specifications and a Plain Dealer. The 40-watt light bulbs were packed in sand above the box. 770-945-2477 4600 South Lee Street, Buford, GA 30518


WeiRd WORLD TEAM? We are currently looking for a part-time sales associated in the Buford area. Past experience selling to local business owners will be helpful, but not required. Position could grow into a full-time opportunity for the right person.

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ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — Police in Maryland pulled over a motorist dressed as Batman, but the caped crusader escaped without a ticket.

Authorities pulled over the driver of a black Lamborghini with Batman logo tags last week in Silver Spring outside Washington. The driver was dressed as the Dark Knight — cape, mask and all. Police, however, weren’t impressed and wanted to talk to him about his superhero logo license plate, which isn’t an approved plate in the state.

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

The driver, who goes by Lenny B. Robinson when not dressed as a superhero to visit sick children at hospitals, was able to show them a proper license plate for the car. A video of the stop shows police officers shaking his hand and taking pictures of him with his ride. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

WORKERS RESTORING RUSSIAN MANSION FIND TREASURE thiS ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — Workers restoring a 19th-century mansion in the Russian city of St. Petersburg have discovered a vast trove of silver and jewelry hidden in a secret compartment.

The mansion belonged the Naryshkin family, part of the Russian nobility. It was not immediately clear if the treasure was hidden in the wake of the revolution, when resentment against the nobility was high.

WORLD Many of the items were wrapped in

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newspapers bearing dates from a few months before the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.


The Intarsia construction company said Friday that more than 1000 valuable pieces including silver dinner sets and porcelain were found this week in a previously undetected space between floors of the mansion.

We can make it happen. We have the technology.



The company says the items will be given to a city museum. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

For Advertising Information, Contact: Julie McDaniel • 770-315-9727 Purple Sky publishing, LLC


© 2012, Purple Sky Publishing. All Rights Reserved. All Associated Press Content Copyright 2012* Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redestributed.

AGGRESSIVE PARENTS FORCE EGG HUNT CANCELLATION DO YOU EVER WISH P. SOLOMON BANDA,Associated Press COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) — Organizers of an annual Easter egg hunt attended by hundreds of children have canceled this year’s event, citing the behavior of aggressive parents who swarmed into the tiny park last year, determined that their kids get an egg. That hunt was over in seconds, to the consternation of egg-less tots and their own parents. Too many parents had jumped a rope set up to allow only children into Bancroft Park in a historic area of Colorado Springs. Organizers say the event has outgrown its original intent of being a neighborhood event. Parenting observers cite the cancellation as a prime example of so-called “helicopter parents” — those who hover over their children and are involved in every aspect of their children’s lives — sports, school, and increasingly work — to ensure that they don’t fail, even at an Easter egg hunt. “They couldn’t resist getting over the rope to help their kids,” said Ron Alsop, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and author of “The Trophy Kids Grow Up,” which examines the “millennial children” generation. “That’s the perfect metaphor for millennial children. They (parents) can’t stay out of their children’s lives. They don’t give their children enough

chances to learn from hard knocks, mistakes.” Alsop and others say the parenting phenomenon began in earnest when Baby Boomers who decorated their cars with “Baby on Board” signs in the 1980s began having children. It has prompted at least two New York companies to establish “take your parent to work day” for new recruits as parents remain involved even after their children become adults. Last April’s egg hunt, sponsored by the Old Colorado City Association, attracted hundreds of parents and children and experienced a few technical difficulties, said Mazie Baalman, owner of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and sponsor of the event. There was no place to hide the plastic eggs, which were filled with donated candy or coupons redeemable at nearby businesses. So thousands of eggs were placed in plain view on the grass. A bullhorn to start the event malfunctioned, so Baalman, master of ceremonies, used a public address system that was hard to hear.

“So everybody thinks you said ‘Go,’ and everybody goes, and it’s over in seconds,” Baalman said. “If one parent gets in there, other parents say, ‘If one can get in we all can get in,’ and everybody goes.” Jennifer Rexford used to live near the park and now lives in Galveston, Texas. She said she

used to participate in public Easter egg hunts with her three boys, ages 3, 8, and 14. She doesn’t anymore because of “pushy parents” she experienced at hunts in Florida and Texas. “It just seems to be the mindset. People just want the best for their kids,” Rexford said.

Lenny Watkins, who lives a block away from Bancroft Park, took his friend’s then 4-yearold son to the hunt in 2009. “I just remember having a wonderful time, him with his Easter basket” Watson said, adding that he can understand why a parent would step in. “You have all these eggs just lying around, and parents helping out. You better believe I’m going to help my kid get one of those eggs. I promised my kid an Easter egg hunt and I’d want to give him an even edge.” Alsop said that dynamic is at play with parents who hover over their children, even into adulthood. “I don’t see any sign of it abating,” he said. “It seems everything is more and more and more competitive, fast paced, and I think parents are going to see they need to do more to help their kids get an edge.” Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

‘HAMBURGLAR’ STRIKES AT MAINE MCDONALD’S AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — A real-life Hamburglar has struck at a Maine McDonald’s.

Police say a young man, seemingly inspired by the pattie purloining character once featured in McDonald’s advertising campaigns, ran between a car and the takeout window at the Augusta restaurant Sunday night as an employee handed a bag of food to a driver. A witness flagged down an officer leaving a nearby convenience store.

Lt. Christopher Massey, acting on a description of the hungry thief, found him in the parking lot of a rival fast food restaurant diving into a McDonald’s bag.

McDonald’s replaced the stolen food, worth about $20.

Massey tells the Kennebec Journal (http:// the suspect swore and ran into the woods. He was never caught.

Information from: Kennebec

Massey says the three young men who had their food stolen didn’t know the burger thief.

___ Journal,

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press.

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