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MAY 2013

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WHAT’S inside On The Cover Bermuda Gombeys - Courtesy of Department of Community and Cultural Affairs

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Hey Kids!

Looking for a challenge and a true adventure this summer?

“Sailing is F


Sailing is one of the world’s most popular sports! The RHADC invites sailors ages 5 – 16 of all levels, to join us after school this May & June and for our summer camps this July & August. With instruction from our US Sailing qualified coaches who are trained in CPR and First Aid, you will advance your sailing skills and gain true confidence on the water. TEL: 441 236 2250 EMAIL: Like us on Facebook FACEBOOK.COM/RHADCBERMUDA WEB:

LEtter from the Editor VIP

Excellence Awards

Just last month we had the privilege of attending the Visitor Industry Partnership (VIP) Excellence Awards Ceremony. It was a fabulous event and we felt as if we were at the Oscars! Fifty-four Claire (NTDIB), Simona & Natalie (TWIB) shining stars from Bermuda’s with the Hon. Shawn G. Crockwell JP, MP Hospitality Industry were Minister of Tourism, recognized at the black tie Development and Transport event for their hard work and dedication. Each nominee goes above and beyond to make our visitors feel special when visiting our island. These individuals must be recognized and each and ever one of us can learn something from them to help better our Tourism Industry. See more on Page 9. “It is as easy as being friendly to those who visit the island, taking the time to help someone who is lost, or just simply saying ‘good morning’ to those that we encounter”. Jennifer Looby

Candice Dickinson | Editor

Fragrance of the month

Guess Girl

Exciting. Bold. Sexy. Playful. Guess Girl makes an entrance with a burst of vibrant fruits-raspberry nectar, melon and bergamot mist. The flirtation continues with exotic and rare flowers. Creamy woods and vanilla tease the senses, leaving an irresistible and unforgettable impression. Available at A.S. Cooper’s, Brown & Co. & Gibbons Company.


Calendar of events May Events Opera in glorious HD – Handel’s Lennon Dockyard 4 Met. 16 Songs by John Lennon and other party favourites ‘Giulio Cesare’ (Julius Caesar) on screen performed every Thursday Night in the Victualling Yard, Brought to Bermuda by The Gilbert & Sullivan Society

Catlin 26th Annual End to End

A ‘fun-raising’ event for walkers, bicyclists, swimmers, rowers, equestrians and opportunity to see the island from one end to the other. glimpse into the history of Dockyard with actors in 6 Fun period costumes. This is ongoing for the month.

Historical Re-enactments in Dockyard Destination Dockyard

Street festival focusing on live entertainment from our diverse local talent. Every Monday Night.

Royal Naval Dockyard.

Big Chill at Seabreeze Lounge 17 The An Ibiza-style chillout vibe with cocktails, DJs and musicians every Friday night. for Kids: Fun with my Mum 18 Flowers Floristry workshop with Designer Flowers in Washington Mall

SPCA’s 16th Annual Paws to the 19 Bermuda Park Dog Charity Walk

International Networking Event Networking event for the global minded at Rumbar 8 InterNations

Bring your pet pooch for a sponsored walk followed by dog information, products and food

Harbour Nights

Bermuda Regiment Gatorade Fun Run, Walk & Ride

How to Get What You Want

A Concert at the Keep

Gain insights from one of the world’s leading experts in negotiations, business strategy, and collaboration

Bermuda Documentary Film Festival

Open to all, 5 mile run/bike ride or 3 mile walk, followed by a breakfast buffet

Every Wednesday night the City of Hamilton comes alive celebrating Bermudian culture and late night shopping.

A cultural jam celebrating Bermuda’s people, traditions, foods and culture

with Mario Moussa, MBA, PhD

til Sept. Candle-Lite: Love’s Takin’ Over Exhibition

9 New exhibit of works by K. LaVonne at Common Ground Night Out Retailers from Court Street to Front Street are staying 10 Fashion open until 8 pm with stores offering special discounts, wine tastings, models, hair and make-up demonstrations and music to make this one of hottest nights to be out on the town!

fundraising sale of collectible, out of print 11 Special Bermuda Heritage Books

18th, 25th. Heritage Month Bookathon MAMA Summer Fair

Family-friendly fun and entertainment at Somersfield Academy

Nothing to Chew in Bermuda:

Tapas Feast with Cocktail Flight Foodie festivities at Margarita’s Grill

Bermuda Folk Club - Open Mic Night

Award-winning documentaries and leading foreign independent films monthly series.

We are Climbin’ Jacob’s Ladder at New Testament Church of God

An inspirational, motivational, spiritual mystery written by Dale Butler and performed by the Giant Steps Band

24 Bermuda Day - Public Holiday

Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races Bermuda Day Half-Marathon Derby Bermuda Day Parade

UberVida First Summer Rave

Celebrating the Bermuda Day holiday on the water in the early hours

Big Chill at Cambridge Beaches 26 The Ibiza-style chillout vibe with cocktails, DJs and musicians, every Sunday night.

Nellie Musson Music Festival

Musical tribute at the Bermuda Institute Auditorium

TO JUNE 1st 30 Gina Love Show We are Climbin’ Jacob’s Ladder at Evening Featuring Ecuador’s Los Bohemios

Pentecostal Church 12 Light An inspirational, motivational, spiritual mystery written by Dale Butler and performed by the Giant Steps Band

13 A week of intensive learning , teaching you essential to 18th. Screenwriting in Paradise: International Screenwriting Workshop writing steps on how to make an idea into a script

Stand up comedy, improv and live music at the Earl Cameron Theatre

10th Annual Guitar Festival

Five international and local artists performing classical guitar favourites in three concerts

Big Game: Saracens F.C. vs Bermuda 31 The Rugby International Select XV

Special fundraiser match with English Premiership rugby team, Saracens F.C. visit us for full details, flyers & more upcoming events

5 New Route In the past Harbour Nights has always been restricted to Front Street. In order for us to bring the entire City to life, this year, Reid Street and Queen Street will also be pedestrianized. The purpose of this is to engage our retailers and restaurateurs. We anticipate that there will be a real buzz on Reid Street and most stores and restaurants will be open late including Washington Mall. In addition to festival-like activities and late night shopping, we can expect to find relaxing alfresco dining, along the route.

Sights, Sounds & Colours of Bermuda A New Look for Harbour Nights! By candice dickinson

This summer the City of Hamilton will be at its best on Wednesday nights as the streets come alive with sparkling lights. Follow the tantalizing smell of local and international fare. Taste dishes such as fish chowder and conch stew. Watch Gombeys dancing in the streets dressed in beautiful, bright, colourful costumes. Listen to the sounds of the Bermuda Regimental Music Display. Meet Tradition Bearers and learn how they keep Bermuda’s heritage alive. Watch local artisans and craftsmen create works of art, you may even learn a secret or two of their trade. Sample Gosling’s traditional drinks while listening to busker style performers as you make your way through the new route of Harbour Nights where locals and visitors connect enjoying a truly authentic Bermudian experience. Harbour Nights has been revitalized! Please tell us what’s new!

Interview with… Joanne McPhee, Executive Director, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

Tradition Bearers This year we will focus on our rich heritage and culture encompassing the theme Sights Sounds and Colours of Bermuda. Each night a different Tradition Bearer will be featured. Learn about the craft of building, making banana dolls, or the life of a Cedar Craftsman. Harbour Nights Map This year Harbour Nights is brought to you by the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, Bermuda Department of Tourism (BDOT) and the Department of Community of Cultural Affairs. BDOT will be providing visitors with an event map highlighting the monthly tradition Bearers and showcasing all the must see activities along the route. All of this will take place in and around the entrance to Queen Elizabeth Park. If the weather isn’t nice you can find the action under the library veranda. Youth ambassadors will be handing out the maps along the streets on the night; Harbour Nights maps will also be available in various locations across the island. Busker Style Entertainment This year we will be featuring Busker style entertainment, three performing artists each night strategically placed along the Harbour Nights route. The purpose of this is to encourage patrons to follow through the entire route experiencing everything the event has to offer while showcasing Bermuda’s many talented entertainers. General Information Harbour Nights is held from 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Start on Front Street and follow the crowd! Contact the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce 441 295 4201 for more information.


Health & beauty Complete your Summer Look with



By Candice Dickinson | 441 295 LUSH (5874)

Summer is almost here and it is time to step your beautifying up a notch. If you haven’t yet considered having your lashes extended you might want to visit Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar in Washington Mall, Hamilton for a free consultation. With lash extensions you can literally wake up, put a little powder, blush and lip gloss on and you’re ready to go! It is all very glamorous and you deserve it. Simona, our Sales Manager took the challenge and we headed down to Lush on a Monday morning. Simona is naturally gorgeous and doesn’t need to wear much makeup but she does like to have a little fun with colourful shadows and was excited to see what a lash boost would do for her eyes. We met with Cherrie, Lush’s Lash Technician. Cherrie started by having Simona lie on one of their comfy salon beds while she removed any makeup around her eyes. Cherrie took a few minutes giving Simona a brief consultation, explaining how everything worked and what she could expect during the next forty-five minutes to an hour. She told us that her goal was to create a full and natural look for Simona. Human eyelashes are approximately eight millimeters in length and lash extensions go up to eleven millimeters, she explained. Some people have longer lashes than others so each client will be different and will require different extension lengths, curl, thickness and even colour to create the right look. Next step, Cherrie added flare lashes, which come in small, medium and large. She gave Simona small flares keeping her extensions as natural looking as possible. Finally, Cherrie did touchups checking Simona’s eyes completely and approving the overall look.

The adhesive used for applying lash extensions has a natural vegetable base so it doesn’t irritate the eyes and it has been tested for summer wear and tear and daily exercise. Each client is warned against using any oil around the eyes so be sure to use oil free eye makeup remover, eye cream, face wash, makeup, etc. It is a good idea to have a touch up done every three weeks and once you hit the six-month mark, Cherrie advises that you remove you extensions giving your natural lashes some R’n’R. While it is important to treat yourself to a little beautifying, it is just as important not to neglect your natural lashes. Lush carries an eyelash conditioner called Lash Food, which helps the hairs stay in the follicle longer creating stronger support for your extensions. Cherrie warned Simona not to get her extensions wet for 24 to 48 hours after the application as the adhesive may react causing the lashes to stick together. She was also warned to resist the urge to pull. If you pick, tug, twist or even excessively touch your extensions, you might damage your natural lashes!

The Simple Dos & Don’ts

• • • • • •

Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 – 48 hours. Do schedule a touch-up approximately every 3 weeks. Don’t rub your eyes, tug or pull on your eyelash extensions. Do consider using an eyelash conditioner by LashFood. Don’t use any oil products around your eyes. Do take a break and have your lash extensions removed every 6 months.

Stop by LUSH today and say good-bye to millions of coats of mascara and say hello to effortless and beautiful lash bliss!


Health & beauty


Fire & Ice

Alexandra Mosher

Hollywood Treatment Now in Bermuda By Willi Lawrence, R.N.

I recently returned from a skin care conference in New York and was able to experience the Hollywood famous, Fire & Ice Facial. Immediately when I looked in the mirror I knew I had to share the secret that actresses and actors use to keep their skin rosy and glowing. Now we can all be red carpet ready with the same beauty weapon that they use in Hollywood. Fire & Ice is a favorite among celebrities like Halley Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow. InStyle Magazine voted it the best celebrity facial of the year. This is a medical grade treatment that can be used on all skin types but cannot be performed if using retinols, RetinA, accutane or if you are pregnant. The Fire & Ice Facial consists of two parts… • An intensive resurfacing masque that consists of unbuffered glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, retinol, vitamin B3 and malic acid. • A potent antioxidant that includes green tea extract, Vitamins A and B and retinol to help stimulate collagen. The masque is left on for no more than three to five minutes before it is neutralized and has the pleasant aroma of cinnamon. The rejuvenating and intensely hydrating masque has the scent of peppermint leaving your skin feeling cool and soothed. It contains hyaluronic acid (plumps up the skin) aloe vera gel, Japanese green tea extract, grape and licorice seeds and rosemary extract and leaves your skin instantly brighter, tighter and smooth. The cost of this facial is $150, a bargain considering Hollywood prices. The treatment can be done monthly. Come and experience the Fire and Ice Facial and have your skin red carpet ready.

DERMATOLOGY & SKIN CARE CENTER Thermage Liquid Facelift Treatments IPL/Laser Hair Removal Botox Restylane/Juvederm Lunchtime Peels Microdermadbrasion Acne Treatments Facials Vein Treatments Massage Waxing Eyelash Perm Call Ms. Lawrence at 295-9963 for a Free Consultation Sea Venture Building 19 Parliament Street, Hamilton

Dr. Alexander C. Romeo M.D. Ms Willi Lawrence R.N Leanda Wallis-Heeb

By Candice Dickinson

Inspired by the colours and natural motifs of our beautiful Island, Alexandra Mosher’s collections are a true reflection of Bermuda. Please tell us a little about your background and share with us a few steps that brought to where you are today.

We had a frangipani tree in the back yard when I was little and I remember climbing up into the tree and pulling all the frangipanis down. I would string them up and make leis and necklaces for my family. One day, I read an article in Martha Stewart Living and saw an article featuring uncommon gemstones. I didn’t realize that one could buy them raw so I saved my pennies and took off for New York on the hunt for beautiful gems. I returned to Bermuda and started making pieces on Saturdays at Rock Island Coffee. I would display them in little frames and on the coffee table outside. Soon I was making custom pieces in my spare time and would bring them back the following week. Little by little, it became more of a part time job and just over two years ago I gave up all other consulting work to make a go of it full time. There are so many moments when I have to pinch myself to be sure it’s all real. I’m so content, and so lucky to have an audience who “gets it” and be a part of their Bermuda story. Don’t get me wrong – it’s non-stop! Some nights I am in my home studio until the wee hours making things, after being at the shop all day. I’ve never worked harder, and never been happier.

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

Lower Level of the Washington Mall, City of Hamilton THE COLLECTIONS

My most popular collections are the Bermuda Reef Collection and Splash Collections that feature our famous pink Bermuda sand. The Melt Collection is totally abstract and organic. One of my favourites is the Caviar Collection, with sparkling pieces that catch the light. I also have a few new floral and lacy collections; perfect for brides and spring time. THE SHOP

I have been at my current location for a year now but have only had it as my own space for the past few months. I never would have dreamed a year ago that I would have my own shop! I’ve had an online shop for years, and it actually won best Ecommerce website in 2011 at the Tech Awards, but being able to receive customers is fantastic. Here people can just pass through casually and have a look. Just the other day I had a lady come by with joy in her eyes and she said, “I follow you on facebook and I met you at Harbour Nights, I had no idea you had a shop, this is so cool!” she must have spent about an hour in the shop looking at everything and finally she choose just the right pieces to treasure. 441 236 9009 | | 7 Reid Street, Washington Mall, Hamilton | Mon to Sat 10am – 5pm


Golf across the island Welcoming Public Golf is Essential By kim Swan jp, Teaching Professional

When it comes to accessible public golf course, through the advent of public golf, Bermuda has become a great role model for the rest of the world to emulate. First, through Ocean View Golf Course in the 1960’s, and then via Port Royal Golf Course since 1970 (now home to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf), Port Royal Golf Course offers all golfers the opportunity to play a world class golf course in Bermuda. That access is further enhanced for our visitors when the private golf clubs in Bermuda opened their doors to visitors, marketing the growing popularity of golfing tourist, corporate golf outings and the increase of local charity/social group tournaments. Quite obvious, the game of golf in our country has made significant strides, moving away from the days when the sport was reserved for only the privileged in Bermuda. Today, golf is a global sport, reaching out to the masses of varying ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, in many more countries than ever before. In fact, with golf being added as an Olympic sport, the potential for accelerated growth of the game is huge.

Become a Member of the “Home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf”

Port Royal Golf Club for $70 or less a week! For membership enquiries contact:

Master’s Viewing Party JUNE 13TH - 16th Who will be the first qualifier for the 2013 PGA Grand Slam of Golf?

The Grand Slam is hosted by Port Royal from October 14th – 16th.

Although I am a professional golfer, I have a special place reserved in my heart for amateur golf, and the development of golf for amateur players of all levels. This love is deeply rooted in my early origins within the game, including my participation in many of the major amateur events globally as a junior and as a collegiate amateur.

During the Master’s Tournament, Port Royal will be hosting a viewing party. This will be a wonderful opportunity for those to bring along friends and family to watch the Master’s as if they were in the comfort of their living room.

It is important to appreciate that this great game is loved by millions of people from all four corners of the earth and it is these golf enthusiast who are the ones who really make the golf industry and golf the great sport that it is today.

Win Fabulous Prizes during the four days of the Master’s Tournament, including a Complementary Room Nights, Free Cart Fees and an Airline Ticket!!!

Going forward at Port Royal Golf Course, we are building the Port Royal Golf Developmental Program with the express aim of growing the game of golf in Bermuda, and, through our coaching, improving the standard of golf played at all levels. In addition, our developmental program provides us with a product that also enables our visiting golf patrons from overseas the opportunity to participate in, and in doing so, interact with our regular local golf patrons at the Port Royal Golf Course.

Adam Scott Earns First Spot in

2013 PGA Grand Slam of Golf By T.J. Auclair,

In my humble opinion, to successfully grow the game of golf in Bermuda, First, it was a remarkable 20-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole to take the the sport must be exposed to the widest audience - both from within and clubhouse lead at 8-under par. Then, it was a scintillating two-hole, suddenoutside of Bermuda - but our courses must be welcoming and always death playoff with Argentina’s Angel Cabrera. available to facilitate the growth. But, when it was all said and done, Adam Scott claimed his first major This renewed focus presents an opportunity for us as a people to participate championship at Augusta National, becoming the first Australian to win the in a sporting industry that will help our country enhance its tourism Masters. With the victory, Scott became the first player to qualify for golf ’s product. most exclusive foursome, earning a spot in the PGA Grand Slam of Golf to be To have a wider community who are conversant with, and participants played Oct. 14-16, 2013, at Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton, Bermuda. in, the game golf, creates a unique environment for our visitors coming to Scott began the final round of the 77th Masters trailing Cabrera and Brandt Bermuda on a golf holiday. What an awesome experience for our visitors Snedeker by one shot. In what will go down as one of the biggest putts in when they interact with Bermuda’s greatest resource - our people, and our Masters history, Scott nailed a 20-footer for birdie on the 72nd to post a innate friendliness. 3-under 69 for the final round and an 9-under 279 total for a short-lived With my full-time return to the game of golf, the game that I dearly love, I clubhouse lead. look forward to encouraging more people to play golf, to help elevate the Cabrera answered by sticking his second shot on No. 18 to within four feet of standard of play and to the share the loving spirit of golf. the hole and calmly made a birdie putt of his own to force sudden death. Both I am most proud of Port Royal and Ocean View Golf Courses as public golf players matched pars on No. 18 -- the first hole of the playoff -- before Scott facilities, and encourage anyone curious about the game of golf to pay us holed a 10-foot birdie putt on the 10th hole, the second of the playoff, for the a visit - at Port Royal Golf Course or Ocean View Golf Course - to learn biggest victory of his impressive career. more about the game. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf features a $1.35 million purse, with the winner Come experience the sport which can teach you so much about yourself, receiving $600,000, second place $300,000, third place $250,000 and fourth come and enjoy a game of golf with us. place $200,000. Kim Swan |

TNT’s prime-time broadcast of the event reaches a worldwide audience of 88.9 million U.S. homes and international viewers in more than 100 countries. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf is hosted by the Bermuda Department of Tourism, Port Royal Golf Course, and the Fairmont Southampton Hotel.


VIP VISITOR INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARDS ALL 54 fabulous nominees! Congratulations to you all for your outstanding efforts in making a difference for our visitors! Photo By Robert Daniels

“The Young Person With The Most Promise”

Visitor Industry Partnership Excellence Awards By Candice Dickinson

During your travels, do you recall meeting someone in the hospitality industry who you will never forget? It may have been a server in a restaurant whose smile brightened your day, a room attendant in your hotel who tucked your sheets just the way you like them, a taxi driver who made you laugh so hard you lost your breath, a tour guide who showed you a special place you couldn’t have possibly found on your own. These are people who love what they do and they go above and beyond each and every day to make moments during your travels memorable. In Bermuda, the Visitor Industry Partnership recognizes these individuals and awards them for their outstanding commitment to making a difference in visitors’ lives. This Week in Bermuda was lucky enough to attend the recent Awards Ceremony. The Black Tie event celebrated 54 nominees in 18 categories. One nominee was selected for each category and one overall winner nominated. Prizes such as trips and stays in luxurious hotels were awarded. Betty Jean Gilbert who has worked at the Fairmont Southampton for the past 30 years as a waitress, room service and convention hostess, won the overall prize of $10,000. Everyone was a winner that night, especially the individuals who were hard at work during the event and thank you to those who created and served our fabulous dinner! We met one individual who really stood out and we decided to learn a little more about her and introduce her to you!

Meet Jennifer Looby Jennifer was nominated “The young person with the most promise.”

Many Bermudians live a double life, some even a triple. Please tell us how you balance working as a Law Researcher at The Supreme Court of Bermuda with your role as a Front Desk Agent at The Rosedon Hotel?

Balancing a full time job, with a part- time job is not an easy task. On top of this, I am also a full time student enrolled in the Bachelors of Laws (LLB) Programme via distance education at the University of London. Balancing these different roles that I play on a daily basis requires a lot of planning, organization, and dedication. Recently you were nominated “The Young Person with the Most Promise” at the Visitor Industry Partnership Awards Ceremony. What is it that sets you apart from the average person and how do you feel this contributes to your success?

I feel that my organizational skills and proactive attitude sets me apart from the average person. My friends and family always make a joke of the fact that “Jennifer has a plan”, but I feel that having a plan and also a backup plan has helped me to stay focused and motivated. It has also helped me to allocate my time wisely. What advice can you offer those who would like to be a part of the hospitality industry and those who have not considered it before now?

Many do not realize that they are already a part of the hospitality industry just by living in Bermuda. It is as easy as being friendly to those who visit the island, taking the time to help someone who is lost, or just simply saying ‘good morning’ to those that we encounter.

“ The simple advice that I can offer is along the lines of the golden rule. When interacting with guests I always ask myself ‘is this the service that I would like to receive if I was on vacation?”

I find that this always guides me to give the best service possible. To those who have not considered the industry before now, it is important to point out that all skill sets are needed in order for the industry to function as it does. The VIP awards felt like the Oscars for Bermuda’s hospitality industry. Please tell us how it felt to be a part of it all.

I felt truly honoured and appreciated just to be nominated in my category. The VIP awards was an excellent ‘first class’ event. The things that people may do or the services that a person renders, often goes unnoticed. So it truly is an honor and a privilege to be recognized for the services that I extend. At this time, I would like to thank those that nominated me for this category and I will continue to work up to their expectations. I would also like to thank Mrs. Muriel Richardson, the General Manager at the Rosedon Hotel for setting the example for professional excellence.

Photo By Robert Daniels Contact VIP at 441 734 8125 or visit


HeritagE MATTERS Bermuda’s Biggest RML Magazine By Dr. Edward Harris, M.B.E.

Trying to change set “facts” is like rolling a pile of jail-nuts up Lighthouse Hill; while some are being moved up, the others are running back down to the South Shore Road. One such wayward “fact” is the description of a photograph of the gunpowder magazine on Agar’s Island as “the Causeway to St. George’s under construction”, so published on a number of occasions.

The gunpowder magazines at Agar’s Island under construction about 1880, with the mainland of Point Shares in the background.

and to the remodeling of old forts and the building of new ones, such as Scaur Hill Fort in the 1870s. Once again, Bermuda was in for an economic bonanza created by the construction of military works throughout the island. The new gun was called a Rifled Breech Loader, or RBL and was made of wrought iron. A fundamental design flaw in the RBL led to the making of wrought iron Rifled Muzzle Loaders, or RMLs. Bermuda possesses four RBLs and 46 RMLs: two of the latter were found under the grass in the Keep Yard of the National Museum some years ago. Two free standing RBL/RML gunpowder magazines were built in the 1870s, one on Boaz Island and the other on Agar’s Island. The commodious magazines and light passages in the Agar’s building were used to create the first aquarium in Bermuda in the 1920s. An explosives magazine it was first, a watery attraction secondly, but a causeway never.

The photograph shows black workmen standing on the walls and vaulted roofs of a structure under construction. In the background is a narrow body of water with land rising behind, a geographical configuration that cannot be matched at the Causeway, completed in 1871. The walls are not continuous, which is what would be expected if the rooms were tunnels to allow the waters of Castle Harbour to wash through into Ferry Reach. The division between the walls is thus a corridor. The roof of the rooms are arched and made of half a dozen courses of brick, which would be overkill for a horse and carriage roadway of the 1870s. No hurricane would have ever budged this structure, as Hurricane Fabian did so effectively to the real Causeway in . This picture records the only know view of the construction of one of Bermuda forts and magazines in the great rebuilding of the late 1860s. It also records that Bermudians were carrying out the building of those structures, under the supervision of the Royal Engineers. Given the geography and architecture captured in this early photograph, the building can only be the huge Rifled Muzzle Loader powder magazine on Agar’s Island, which forms the north side of Two Rock Passage into Hamilton Harbour. In the later 1850s, the English developed a cannon that could be loaded from the rear, for better sealing and effective use of the propellant. This gun also had a barrel with twisted rifling to impart a spin to the new elongated projectiles, a major departure from the round cannon ball of the previous three centuries. These guns revolutionized the world of artillery and began the modern arms race. Their existence led to the development of iron ships

Two of the military houses on Agar’s Island in a photograph of about 1920.

On leaving Agar’s Island during the First World War, US Navy sub chaser SC126 sank after striking a reef; the Island is in the background.

The floor plan of the magazine at Agar’s Island shows it was the largest such storage depot in Bermuda until 1900.


DO YOU KNOW… … About the Sinking of the ‘Fort Victoria’ and its Youngest Passenger? By Horst Augustinovic

Built in 1913 for the Adelaide Steamship Company, the 411-foot ‘Willochra’ served as a troopship during World War I and was sold to Furness Withy in 1919, refitted and renamed ‘Fort Victoria’. Initially operated by the Quebec Steamship Company, she was transferred to the Bermuda & West Indies Steamship Company in 1921. Both companies were owned by Furness Whithy. On December 18th 1929, ‘Fort Victoria’ left New York Harbour for Bermuda with 269 passengers and 165 crew members on board. In dense fog, ‘Fort Victoria’ anchored off Sandy Hook Light at the entrance to the Hudson River to await better weather conditions, when she was hit by the SS ‘Algonquin’. All on board ‘Fort Victoria’ were rescued before the ship sank later that day. The youngest passenger on board was 3-month old Warren Brown, later to become one of Bermuda’s best-known sailors, setting the fastest time in the Marion-Bermuda Race and sailing over 200,000 miles in his 61-foot sloop ‘War Baby’. The ‘Fort Victoria’ lay on her side in the middle of the shipping lane for over a year. Using 25 tons of dynamite she was finally demolished and dragged to a clearance of 50 feet of water. What is left of her now is completely buried in the muddy bottom.

A typical Christmas card recovered from the ‘Fort Victoria’. The stamp has soaked off the envelope and the red ink of the card has bled into the back of the envelope. An explanatory label was glued to the back of all envelopes by the New York Post Office.

Warren Brown on his sloop ‘War Baby’.

To replace the ‘Fort Victoria’, Furness Whithy contracted with the VickersArmstrong shipyard to build the SS ‘Monarch of Bermuda’, which entered service in 1933.

At 3-months of age, Warren Brown got his sea baptism early. This newspaper clipping shows him with his mother Mabel after their rescue from the sinking ‘Fort Victoria’.

BNG ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP The 7,784-ton RMS Fort Victoria and the 5,946-ton S.S. Algonquin which sank the Fort Victoria in dense fog in Ambrose Channel off New York on December 18th 1929.

A membership at the Bermuda National Gallery has many benefits. Members not only enjoy the knowledge they are valued supporters of the arts in Bermuda, but also receive exclusive previews of our exhibitions, regular newsletters detailing coming attractions, and invitations to member-only special events. To become a member, please visit and download a membership form or call 441 295 9428.

Free Admission

The S.S. Algonquin was owned by the Mallory Steamship Company and was on her way from Galveston, Texas, to New York. Comments? email

Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm Saturdays 10am - 2pm 441 295 9428 C i t y H a l l & A r t s C e n t r e , C h u r ch S t r ee t , H ami l t o n


the CHEF’s table The Chef’s Table

Café Lido at the Lido Complex By Candice Dickinson

Café Lido is hands down one of Bermuda’s top restaurants and a must experience whether you are visiting the island or lucky enough to be living here with us in paradise. With window views of waves crashing against the pink sand shoreline of the beautiful Elbow Beach, you will surely find yourself dining in heaven.

Just last year Café Lido welcomed back Executive Chef, Serge Bottelli, reuniting with the original trio who opened the well-known restaurant 21 years ago. Serge has been busy opening and developing some of the best restaurants across the island with the MEF Group. This year, Gioacchino DiMeglio, Ennio Lucarini and Serge Bottelli introduce a new menu with a fine brasserie Mediterranean twist. Café Lido has also been upgraded with an under the sea feel. You can leave your jacket at the door when arriving at Café Lido but still enjoy a fine dining experience. The new menu features chilled raw and marinated seafood, a series of charcuterie plates, your favourite tartars, an appetizer for everyone, delicious traditional soups, inventive salads and sides, warm delicious fresh pastas, tantalizing main courses and stunning desserts. The menu is designed to be perfect for sharing! Fresh local fish and produce is always served when available. Café Lido complements its extensive menu with one of the most impressive wine lists on the island. Trio of Tartars • Beef with Capers, Onions, Cornichons, Dijon Mustard, Paprika, Cognac, Hot Sauce • Tuna with Sesame Oil, Ginger, Capers, Red Onions, Bell Peppers, Lemon Juice • Salmon, Smoked & Fresh with Crème Fraiche, Red Onions, Lime, Dill & Chives

A TAsTe Of LAnD & seA 441 234 5151 | Open 7 Days A Week Lunch 11:30am - 5:00pm | Dinner 6:00pm - 10:30pm Boner Bar open until 1am

GreAT evenInG enTerTAInmenT

Paired with Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label N/V Serge prepared a number of dishes for us to sample and all we can tell you is that we have definitely been to heaven and back. We encourage everyone to visit this fabulous restaurant. It is a perfect place to bring a friend, the whole family, loved ones, a business acquaintance or even meet for a secret rendezvous

followed by a very romantic walk along the beach under the South Shore stars. Reservations & information: 441 236 9884 •

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CHampagne pAIRING BY:

April Gosling Naude. Available at Gosling’s Stores

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ITALIAn CuLTure & CuIsIne 441 234 5009 | Open 7 Days A Week Breakfast 9:00am -11:30am | Lunch 11:30am - 6:00pm Dinner 6:00pm -10:00pm Sundays Codfish & Potato Breakfast 9:00am -12:00noon + Open For Dinner

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with D.J. Uncle


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Lemon Tree Cafe

7 Queen St. Hamilton 441 292 0235 | WWW.LEMONTREECAFE.BM

W W W . F L A N A G A N S . B M

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of Dewar’s® 12 and Dewar’s 18® in the Dewar’s® Golf skills competition coming to a course near you.



Excessive alcohol consumption may be harmful to your health. ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. DEWAR’S & THE DOUBLE-AGED LOGO ARE TRADEMARKS.


It's All Happening Seabreeze Lounge + Terrace By Candice Dickinson

Just imagine… starry nights and ocean waves crashing along the beachfront terrace where you relax and rejuvenate lounge style, enjoying delicious cocktails, tantalizing tapas, savory sushi while hypnotized by Ibiza chill vibes. BIG CHILL BERMUDA

This summer, Tony Brannon and Felix Tod present Big Chill Bermuda every Friday night. Tony is a well-known prominent event organizer, most recently for the Lennon Tribute concerts. Felix, husband of Bermuda’s Heather Nova, is a twice Bafta nominated Soundtrack composer who has been DJ-ing and producing music his whole life. You can expect to see live musicicans playing along side with Felix throughout the summer.

Simona, Adnana, Natalie & Candice visit with Tony & Felix, to hear all about what’s happening Friday Nights at Seabreeze this summer.

open daily from 5:30pm – midnight. ESSENTIALS

Seabreeze Lounge + Terrace is located at the Elbow Beach Hotel, 60 South Shore Road, Paget. Reservations are recommended. 441 236 9884 or Big Chill Bermuda, 441 334 8669. Visit the Big Chill Bermuda Facebook page or


‘Chillout’ started in Ibiza and was created by DJ’s playing sunset parties outdoors, on beaches and terraces. Tony and Felix will be bringing a little Ambient, Dub, Lounge, ChillOut, World and Downtempo to Bermuda’s shores. Friday Nights at Seabreeze will be a class above the rest. As the summer unfolds Tony and Felix plan to introduce a saxophone player, harmonica player, etc. With a collection of over 30,000 cds, Felix will definitely keep the vibe alive all summer long. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION

With panoramic views of Bermudas beautiful Elbow Beach, The Seabreeze Lounge is without a doubt the perfect place to house Big Chill Bermuda nights. The picturesque open aired terrace offers al fresco dining featuring tapas and sushi dishes complimented by a lively outdoor bar. The tapas and sushi menu is available from 5:30pm – 9:30pm and the bar service is available from 10am - midnight with a
dress code of smart casual. The lounge itself is

Gosling’s Ginger Mojito 1 ½ oz Gosling’s Gold Rum ½ oz DeKuyper Ginger Liqueur 2 oz Pineapple Juice ½ fresh lime quartered

2 teaspoons of sugar 12 fresh mint leaves Ginger Ale

Sponsored By 1. In a tall glass muddle the lime and sugar until dissolved. 2. Add the mint and gently muddle, bruising mint. 3. Top glass with Ice, Gosling’s Gold Rum, Ginger Liqueur & Pineapple juice. 4. Stir drink well, top with ginger ale and garnish with a fresh Mint sprig. Go to Seabreeze Lounge to try this delicious cocktail, or grab the ingredients at Gosling’s & make at home.

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“Thank Gosling’s It’s Friday”

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MAY 2013






Set your oven to 350° Grease or prepare 12 cupcake tins



Black Seal Rum Soaked Cupcakes

Cooking at home can be a fun, challenging and rewarding affair. All you need is a good recipe, fresh ingredients, a nice bottle of wine and a little patience. Each month check out our Yummy Recipes column for a suggested evening of cooking at home.

This Month ENTER TO WIN CHef Livio Ferigo’s COOKBOOK Amore Bermuda!!! Simply try out these Gosling’s Black Seal Rum Cupcakes OR share your own Bermudian recipe & visit to tell us about it. We will choose from the comments who wins!!! Be sure to use the shopping list from Lindo’s, which can be found on

Lindo’s Market & Pharmacy

Cream 1/2 a cup of room temperature butter and 1/2 a cup of packed down brown sugar. Mix in one egg and then add 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 a cup of molasses. In a separate bowl combine 1 1/3 cups of all purpose flour, 3/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1/2 tsp of baking powder. Continue to add 1/2 tsp of ginger, 1/2 a tsp of nutmeg and 1/4 tsp of all spice. Combine wet ingredients with dry and beat until creamy. Put in cupcake tins greased or using muffin cups. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.

Black Seal Rum Chocolate Ganache

Crush 2oz of semi sweet chocolate until fine. Add 1/4 cup of heavy cream and microwave for 30 - 45 seconds. Take out and stir in 2 - 3 tablespoons of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Set in fridge and return to stir every 10 mins.

Lindo’s Family Foods & Pharmacy

4 Watlington Rd, Devonshire 128 Middle Rd, Warwick 441.236.5623 441.236.1344

Gosling’s Black Seal Rum Cupcakes

A Piece of Cake by Robyn Dickinson-Baras Ingredients

Melt 1/4 cup of butter in a saucepan and then add 2 tbsp cold water and half a cup of sugar. Stir until boiling then remove and ut into a dipping tray and then let cool. Take the cooled cupcakes and let them sit in the dipping trays for 5 - 10mins. Set upside down on wax paper and let the glaze soak into the cupcakes. Using something hollow like a bottle cap remove the center of the cupcakes, approx 1/2 way down. Take the Rum Chocolate Ganache and pour inside then replace plugs.

3/4 cup butter salted 1 cup butter unsalted ½ cup brown sugar Dark ‘n Stormy Buttercream Icing ½ cup white sugar Blend a cup of unsalted butter until 6 cups powdered sugar creamy. Add 5 - 6 tbs of Gosling’s Black 1 egg Seal Rum and 4 tlbs of Gosling’s Ginger ½ cup molasses Beer. Add 6 cups of powdered sugar or 1 1/3 all purpose flour enough to create the right consistency.You ¾ tsp cinnamon don’t want it runny. Using a piping bag ½ tsp baking powder and tip apply the icing on the cup cakes ½ tsp baking soda and garnish with a fresh lime wedge. ½ tsp ginger ½ tsp nutmeg ¼ tsp all spice 2 oz semi-sweet chocolate ¼ cup heavy cream 5 oz Gosling’s Black Seal Rum 4 tbsp Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer 2 limes

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Visit & share your experience cooking or your own recipes. You might WIN a What’s Cooking Bermuda Cookbook!!!

This Week in Bermuda May 2013 Tabloid  

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