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Dear Visitor, On behalf of the Government and the people of Bermuda, welcome to our island home. Known around the world for our beautiful pinksand beaches, stunning turquoise water, worldclass golf and warm, friendly people, Bermuda has been a favourite vacation destination for generations of travellers.

Bermuda Department of Tourism Global House, 43 Church Street Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda T 441 292 0023 F 441 292 7537

Let us show you that Bermuda is so much more. We invite you to enjoy unexpected treasures, such as boutique shopping, island-inspired cuisine, vibrant arts and cultural activities and our rich history. During your stay, I hope you have an opportunity to explore some of our finest features, such as the 17th century Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the City of Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard. However you choose to enjoy your Bermuda vacation, I am certain you will have a memorable experience. Once again, welcome and I hope you have a wonderful stay. We look forward to welcoming you back to our shores very soon. Sincerely, The Hon. Shawn G. Crockwell JP, MP Minister of Tourism Development and Transport

4 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

A romantic sunset on the beach... EXPLORE OUR VARIETY OF TROPICAL CHARMS.

Sterling silver charms from $25

For Every Special Occasion Front Street and Queen Street Hamilton • 441.295.2351



Sail The Sea Lover! It’s August in Bermuda and the heat is on. We can’t think of a better way to spend a day or evening than sailing the open waters in and around Bermuda aboard the Sea Lover! Ana Luna a 45’ Luxury Catamaran explores the scenic and historic sights of Bermuda’s eastern end on a variety of excursions. Private cruises are available for full, half day, and overnight live aboard trips. Sail around the island and anchor in some pretty cute spots while enjoying a variety of menu options or choose your own catering services. Regular Sail, Snorkel & Swim cruises are scheduled weekly and after sailing past Bermuda’s scenic and historic eastern end anchor in a picturesque and private location then explore Bermuda’s underwater world! Sunset Cruises are also scheduled weekly sailing past ancient forts, railway relics, ferry docks and then find yourself captivated by a stunning panoramic sunset. Feels like you are sailing right into it for at least an hour, pure bliss and very romantic. Bioluminescent Glow Worm Cruises are scheduled two to three days after the full moon. According to our records the next full moon is on August 21 and we can confirm that there is a Glow Worm Spectacular Wine Cruise scheduled on August 24 from 7:30pm - 9:30pm featuring fine wines and canapes by Discovery Wines. Space is limited so you should call 441 296 9463 right now if you are interested. Captain Nathan will likely have additonal Glow Worm Crusies scheduled however you will have to contact him directly for details. For those wondering what a Glow Worm is, they are cute little creatures that live in Bermuda’s shallow and protected waters. What’s all the fuss about? A few days after a full moon during the warmer months their mating ritual begins approximately fourty-five minutes after sunset and lasts for about thirty minutes. They swarm to the surface and what you see is thousands of wiggly glowing worms frolicing at sea. It is one of the many spectacular shows that nature puts on for us every year. What are you waiting for? Give Captain Nathan a call and get onboard! Call 441 504 3780 or visit for more information.

Candice Dickinson | Editor

6 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

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On The Cover Ana LUna Adventures Sail the Sea Lover

DISCLAIMER We have made every effort to ensure the information in this publication is as accurate as possible at press time. We apologise for any inconsistencies or inaccuracies. Kindly advise the Editor of any changes in schedules, times, dates or names. © 2013 This Week in Bermuda. Reproduction of any part of this book without written permission is forbidden.

8 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Meet Nandi Davis J.P., MP

Constituency 2, St. George’s West One Bermuda Alliance

441 292-2628 92 Reid Street, Hamilton Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm


Information In an Emergency Ambulance, Fire, Police & Marine Rescue................................. 911 Emergency Services KEMH Hospital............................................................. 441 236 2345 KEMH Emergency Dept ............................................. 441 239 2009 Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre ................................ 441 298 7700 Police Stations Central ......................................................................... 441 295 0011 Somerset ........................................................................ 441 234 1010 Southside ......................................................................... 441 293 2222

Health & Medical Services Bermuda Allergy & Asthma Relief Centre ............... 441 292 9258 Alcoholics Anonymous................................................ 441 297 0965  Bermuda Diabetes Association...................................441 292 1595* Bermuda Red Cross...................................................... 441 236 8253

* If you have Diabetes and have left your supplies at home, you can call the Diabetes Centre at King Edward VII Hospital. 239-2027 for assistance.

Visitor Information Centres (VIC) Royal Naval Dockyard ................................................ 441 542 7104 Hamilton ........................................................................ 441 295 1480 St. George’s..................................................................... 441 297 0556

Airlines Air Canada ..................................................................... 441 293 1777 American Airlines ....................................................... 441 293 1556 British Airways ............................................................. 441 293 1944 Continental Airlines ..................................................... 441 293 3092 Delta Air Lines .............................................................. 441 293 1024 Jet Blue ......................................................................... 441 293 3754 U.S. Airways .................................................................. 441 293 3073 West Jet ....................................................................... 1 888 937 8538 Government Transportation BUSES The Central Bus Terminal is located on Washington Street, Hamilton. For information, schedules, and to report lost and found. Call 441 292 3851 or

10 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

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GOVER NMENT OF B ER M U DA Minis tr y of Finance Bermuda Post Office


Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation The Bermuda Post Office is pleased to offer “The 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation”, a series of six stamps. These stamps will be released on 21 February 2013. First Day Cover sets $5.50, cost per set $3.10, FDC souvenir sheet $4.00, souvenir sheet $2.50. Available at the Bermuda Philatelic Bureau. For more information please e-mail 11

BERMUDA haha Another Trip To Ikea By Roger Crombie

I’m just back from shopping at Ikea. Although Bermuda doesn’t have one, Ikea stores are wildly popular almost everywhere else. One in 10 human beings was apparently conceived in an Ikea bed. That bed has certainly seen some action. Ikea sells reliable furnishings (and meatballs) cheaply. To balance the karma, it subjects shoppers to one of the definitively hellish experiences of their lifetimes. Most of us find the horror a relatively small price to pay for a bookcase that will last until the year 6000. I wasn’t actually shopping today. I accompanied my brother, in search of a shelving unit. He chose a Sunday afternoon for this exercise, a day on which the Ikea store was guaranteed to be heaving like the mighty ocean in a tsunami. We found and entered the store easily enough, but within seconds were hopelessly lost, moving against a seething torrent of humanity. We asked an assistant for help and he sent us to entirely the wrong place. By this point, I would traditionally have lost the will to live, but I wasn’t shopping and so regarded the entire thing with a detached sense of amusement — the more so when my brother began to lose his rag. He is usually the most placid of fellows, but in an Ikea store on a Sunday afternoon, all bets are off. Luckily, he found what he was looking for just before he was going to jam a three-piece suite down the throat of the helper who had misdirected us. We located the actual shelves downstairs. My brother grabbed a trolley from some unsuspecting nitwit and loaded it up with bits of shelving. Off we toddled to the check-out area. We found ourselves in the self-service queue. You know how, in supermarkets, you can process and pay for your own groceries with a machine? It’s considered more reliable and cheaper than check-out people. I never use such machines, preferring not to rob someone of a job. Ikea now has such a system, and it’s quite amusing watching people give themselves hernias lugging furniture onto and off the conveyor belt thingie. My brother began ringing up his purchases. Waiting in the queue, we had added a pile of extras — chocolate bars, meatballs and such — to the shelving. When the stupid machine broke down (as they always do) half-way through the transaction, a woman came over and helped, repeatedly swiping a card and only somewhat castigating us for our haplessness. We finally made our way out of the store, using the “Travelator”. Travel later, more likely. You can’t use the Travelator with a cart; you have to take the lift. But one is not told this until after one has entered the Travelator area, by which time turning back throws everything into even worse chaos. At home, we found that the extras had failed to register on the check-out machine. My brother promptly revised his plans about firebombing every Ikea store in the world. We’re going back tomorrow, for more free chocolate.

12 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Calendar of events

2013 BEACHFEST Emancipation Celebration

August 1, Snorkelpark

August Events Cup Match Cricket Festival

August 1-2, 10:00am - 6:00pm. St. George’s Cricket Club, Wellington Slip Road, St. George’s The annual Cup Match cricket match originated in 1902, in part, in celebration of the emancipation of Bermuda slaves and held between east end and west end cricket clubs. Info: 441 297 0374, 2013 BEACHFEST Emancipation Celebration

August 1, 11:00am - 9:00pm, Snorkelpark 11:00am - Introduction of Day / DJs begin / Tournament Sign-Up . 12:00pm Tournament Check-In . 1:00pm - Performances Begin . 1:30pm - Tournaments Begin 5:30pm - Tug-o-War . 6:00pm - Prize Giving . 7:00pm - DJ set begins Info: 41st Annual Non-Mariners’ Race 2013

August 4, 10:00am - 8:00pm, Sandys Boat Club, Mangrove Bay, Sandys An annual summer tradition for the whole family featuring a number of activities including a race using home-built contraptions bearing tropical themes and the biggest boat raft up of the year. Info: tales of cocktails: classic cocktails

August 8, 5:00pm - 8:00pm, City Hall & Arts Centre, City of Hamilton, Church Street Specialty cocktail and DJs from Vibe 103.3. Info: 441 279 5254, Corona Beach Volleyball Tournament

August 10, 9:00am - 3:00pm, Horseshoe Bay Beach, South Road, Southampton Come and watch (or play) in this co-ed tournament with both a 4-a-side division and a 2-a-side division. Info: 441 291 1898, Round the Island Powerboat Race

August 11, 2:00pm, Ferry Reach, St. George’s The race starts at Ferry Reach with the boats circumnavigating the Island and crossing the finish line back at Ferry Reach. Info: Bermuda Fitted Dinghy Races 2013

August 11, 25, Island Wide One of the only sailing class in the world that allows the skipper to finish a race with fewer crewmen than when he started! Info: 441 236 4411, 14 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

2013 Discover the Sights, Sounds & Colors of Bermuda Every Wednesday Night WHERE BERMUDIANS & VISITORS CONNECT!


Unique Bermuda Made Jewelry



Children’s Activities




Flag Pole

No 1 Wharf

Local Food Vendors LEASAN T

Weekly Street Entertainment



Designer Stores Offering Great Retail Therapy




Original Works Of Art By Local Artists





Handmade Bermuda Crafts


Ferry Terminal


New route Find us on FACEBOOK

No 5 Wharf


FREE ACTIVITIES THROUGH OCTOBER 2013 Presented by the Department of Tourism

ST. GEORGE’S WALKING TOUR Location: Town Hall, Town of St. George Time: 10:45am – 11:45am Dates: Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until Oct 21 (Maximum 45 people)

ENCHANTED TREASURES OF COOPER’S ISLAND Location: Clearwater Beach, St. David’s Island, St. George’s Time: 12:00noon – 4:00pm A complimentary Rum Swizzle from Gombey’s Restaurant Dates: Monday – Friday until Oct 31

ART IN THE GARDENS Location: Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, Paget Private Tour: 12:15pm – 1:00pm Dates: FREE admission every Tuesday | May 21 – Oct 29

THE BERMUDA UNDERWATER EXPLORATION INSTITUTE TOUR Location: Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Time: FREE admission from 2:00pm – 3:00pm only Dates: Every Tuesday | Jun 1 – Jun 30

GOMBEY SATURDAYS IN THE PARK Location: Queen Elizabeth Park, City of Hamilton Time: 12:00noon – 1:00pm Dates: Every Saturday | May 11 – Oct 26

BERMUDA NIGHTS Location: Barr’s Bay Park, Pitt’s Bay Road, City of Hamilton Time: 8:00pm – 10:30pm Dates: Saturdays Jun 8 | Jul 27 | Aug 24 | Sep 28 | Oct 26 | Nov 26


Opening Hours: 9:00am – 3:00am Live Entertainment: 1:00pm – 8:00pm Dates: Every Sunday | May 26 – Sep 1 FREE admission after 3:00pm, Sundays only


Location: Number 1 Dock, Front Street, City of Hamilton

(across from the Pickled Onion Restaurant) Times: 5:00pm – 1:00am (non-stop return tenders available) Dates: Every Sunday | May 26 – Oct 27

All Events FREE unless otherwise stated. Refer to the full schedule in the ‘Bermuda Sizzling Summer’ brochure. Some activities may not be held on Jun 17, Aug 1 & 2 and Sep 2. Information correct at time of printing, May 2013, and is subject to change.

Calendar of events

18th Annual Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition

August 29, 30, 31, Horseshoe Bay Beach

City of Hamilton: Summer Sundays in the Park (Island Rhythms)

August 11, 3:00pm - 8:00pm, Victoria Park, City of Hamilton Live entertainment featuring local bands and artists plus a food court, vendor village and a children’s area. Info: 441 279 5254, Hole-in-One Tournament (Golf)

August 17, 9:00am - 4:00pm, Ocean View Golf Course, 2 Barkers Hill, Devonshire This is a Hole-in-One Fundraiser at the Ocean View Golf Course. Men’s, Ladies’, Juniors’ and Seniors’ divisions. Info: 441 295 9972, Night Of Champions

August 17, Prejudging 10:00am, Main Event 7:00pm, Ruth Seaton James Auditorium An evening with The Bermuda Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. Info:, facebook @BermudaBodybuildingFederation Bermuda Documentary Weekend Film Series

July 18, Tradewinds Auditorium, BUEI, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke A monthly weekend award winnning documentary and leading foreign independent film screening. Info: ‘SPIKE-Fest’ Volleyball Tournament

August 24, 9:00am - 3:00pm, Horseshoe Bay Beach, South Road, Southampton Come and watch (or play) in this same-sex tournament with both men’s and women’s 4-a-side division and a 2-a-side division. Info: 441 292 0023, Bermuda Nights

August 24, 8:00pm - 10:30pm, Barr’s Bay Park, Pitt’s Bay Road, City of Hamilton The ultimate outdoor music event that offers a true Bermudian experience. Info: 441 292 0023, 18th Annual Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition

August 29, 30, 31, Horseshoe Bay Beach, Southampton • August 29 & 30 - Sand Sculpting Clinics, 6:00pm-7:00pm, learn the tips, tricks, tools and techniques. • August 31 - Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition, sculpting 10:00am-4:00pm, judging and awards presentation to follow with many prizes to be won. Info: 441 295 4597,

18 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Did you Receive some Bermuda Sunshine? Did a Bermuda resident go above and beyond making your experience one to remember? Nominate that special person for the Bermuda Sunshine Award.

YOU COULD WIN A FREE HOTEL STAY IN BERMUDA! TO ENTER 1. Fill in the application form below or online at 2. Send via post: Visitor Industry Partnership, P.O. Box 668, Flatt’s FL BX, Bermuda CONDITIONS

• Nominee must be a resident of Bermuda. • Visitors can nominate more than one resident. • Winners are selected by the VIP committee, and are awarded quarterly. All decisions are final.



WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO NOMINATE? (please be specific, so we may find them) NOMINEES NAME




Dedicated to the promotion and development of hospitality and tourism in Bermuda. | 441 734 8125


of events

HARBOUR NIGHTS Every Wednesday

August Weekly Rundown Harbour Nights

Wednesdays, 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda at its best with Front Street in Hamilton closed to all vehicles after sunset. Shops and restaurants remain open till late at night and the streets comes alive with sparkling lights and music played by buskers along the route. Info: 441 295 4201, DESTINATION DOCKYARD

Mondays, 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Royal Naval Dockyard A night of diverse local talent, exciting prizes, family/youth engagement and unique shopping opportunities. Info: 441 234 1709, HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT SERIES – LIFE IN DOCKYARD 1809

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 9:30am. Royal Naval Dockyard Taking place in the Victualling Yard featuring historical aspects including breakwaters, fortifications, storehouses, workshops and barracks. Free walking tour of Dockyard following the historical sketch each morning, from 9:50am-10:30am. Info: 441 234 1709, BERMUDA NATIONAL TRUST HISTORICAL HOUSES

Globe Museum - Wednesdays & Saturdays. 10:00am - 4:00pm. Corner of Duke of York Street and King’s Square. Tucker House - Wednesdays & Saturdays. 11:00am - 3:00pm. Water Street, St. George’s. Verdmont Museum - Historic House and Gardens Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays. 10:00am - 4:00pm. Collectors Hill, Smiths Parish. Info: 441 236 6483, Masterworks Museum of bermuda art

Daily. Botanical Gardens, 183 South Road, Paget “Breathing” Exhibit by Jim Kuhlman August 9. 5:30pm - 7:00pm, Opening Reception, Rick Faries Gallery August 10 - 28. Watercolour paintings inspired by scenic views, light and the colours of Bermuda. Homer Cafe Exhibitis: August 1 - 9. Mark Henderson - acrylic, alkyd and pen on canvas. August 10 - September 13. Zoe Dyson - Digital photography exhibit. Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm; Sundays 11:00am – 4:30pm Info: 441 236 2950,

20 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Calendar of events


Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 4:00pm. Saturdays 10:00am – 2:00pm, City Hall, Church Street, City of Hamilton 1. Women Artists in the Bermuda National Gallery Collection 2. Eyes on the World, in partnership with the Alexia Foundation 3. Impressions of Bermuda: The David L. White Gift to the Bermuda National Gallery 4. Meredith Andrews: Portraits of Power BNG EAST Exhibits

Bridge House, 1 Bridge Street, St. George, Bermuda James Cooper - Contemporary Conversation Gallery Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 11 am to 4 pm Thurs & Fri 11 am to 6 pm. Info: 441 297-9428, Bermuda Society of Arts (BSOA) 60th Anniversary

City Hall, Church Street, City of Hamilton To celebrate this auspicious anniversary the gallery will be showing a very special exhibition of historical pieces representing the dramatic and interesting story behind the Society and the Gallery. Art will be lent from all over the island. Come and see the gallery in a whole new light. Info: 441 292 3824,

The Bermuda CrafT markeT aT dOCkYard

Located in the old Cooperage Building, the Bermuda Craft Market is home to a group of talented crafters creating beautiful hand made Bermudian souvenirs. It is not uncommon to find the crafters at their tables demonstrating their particular craft and eager to chat. We invite you to browse the market for that special souvenir for yourself or a friend . Amongst the crafts on display and for sale are candles, Bermuda cedar, notecards, ceramics, Christmas decorations, Banana leaf dolls, sand sculpture, jewellery in many forms, wearable art , needlework, quilting, seaglass art, soaps, Antique books and prints, reproducations. Bermuda maps and more. For your convenience we also carry a range of Bermuda themed foods from honey, jam, pepper jams , cookies and rum cakes. We also carry bottled water and sodas. Postage stamps and transport tokens also available. Opening Times … November through march 10am - 5pm, april through October 9am - 6pm or 8pm for overnight cruise passengers, 7-days a week.

The Bermuda CrafT markeT Tel: (441) 234-3208

4 Freeport Road, Dockyard MA 01 Fax: (441) 234-3327 E-Mail:

BERMUDA CRAFT . . . . A LIVING HERITAGE We accept Master Card, Visa & American Express

STOre remaiNS OpeN uNTil 8pm wheN Ship iN pOrT



Serving a full selection of breakfast and lunch items, and even a traditional Afternoon Tea on Sundays, as well as made up Picnic baskets for lunch in the park. There is outdoor seating in the courtyard, and the cafe also gives full access to “Dobby’s Hideaway”, the lounge below. Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm Sunday 11:30am – 4:30pm Afternoon Tea served on Sundays 2pm – 4pm 21


of events


Fridays & Saturdays. 5:30pm – 11:00pm THE BIG CHILL – IBIZA-STYLE ‘CHILLOUT’ EVENING with DJS & MUSiCIANS.

Tuesdays. The Reefs Hotel, South Shore Fridays & Saturdays. 5:30pm – 11:00pm. Seabreeze Terrace, Lido, Elbow Beach Sundays. Cambridge Beaches, Mangrove Bay, Somerset Info: 441 334 8669,, LENNON DOCKYARD

Thursdays, 6:45pm – 9:45pm. Victualling Yard, Royal Naval Dockyard An evening of music, songs by John Lennon and other party favorites. Info: 441 234 1709, HIDDEN TREASURES FLEA MARKET

Saturdays, 10:00am – 4:00pm. Prince Albert Lodge, Somerset Village, Sandys Hand-made arts & crafts, baked goods, fresh vegtables and fruit. Info: THE TONY BARI DUO

Fridays, 8:15pm - 11:15pm. The Sunset Lounge, Pompano Beach Club, Southampton Saturdays, 8:00pm - 11:00pm. Cambridge Beaches, 30 Kings Point Road, Sandys Info: 441 236 1314, SNORKEL PARK BEACH

Sundays - 11:00am-8:00pm, featuring a showcase of exciting top local live bands
plus ‘fun in the sun’ activities and more! Monday to Friday - 9:00am-4:00pm, includes an introduction to snorkeling lessons, sand castle competitions and beach volleyball contests. Wednesdays - 4:00pm-6:00pm, ‘Hump Day’ Happy Hour, munchies menu from plus entertainment and drink specials. Spit-roasted Beach BBQ. Buffet $40, 12 years and under ½ price, 5 years and under free. Monday, Thursday & Saturday, 6:45pm-10:00pm. Island BBQ Buffet served from 6:45pm-8:00pm. Buffet and show, 12 years and under, under 5 years free—includes entry into nightclub and a Swizzle upon entrance. Admission after 8:00pm for the show only, $20. Info: 441 234 6989, Walking Club of Bermuda: Sunday Walks

Sundays, Various locations August 4 - Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre, Paget (reverse route) August 11 - Lindo’s Family Foods, Brighton Hill, Devonshire August 18 - Warwick Long Bay Playground, South Road, Warwick (reverse route) August 25 - St. John’s Churchyard, Dutton Avenue, Pembroke Info: 441 737 0437,, 22 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013 23


The Bermuda Aquarium & zoo (BAMZ)

40 North Shore Road, Flatt’s Village, Smith’s Parish City of Hamilton Walking Tours Monday to Friday, 10:30am, City Hall & Arts Centre, Church Street, City of Hamilton The tours start on the steps of City Hall and last approximately 2 hours. There is no set route. Comfortable footwear is highly recommended. Note: maximum 45 people. Info: 441 292 1234, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Tours Tuesdays, 2:00pm – 3:30pm, BUEI, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke Unlock your adventurous spirit and explore two floors of interactive exhibits. Info: 441 292 7219, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences Tours Wednesday, 10:00am, BIOS, 17 Biological Lane, St. George’s A free tour of the BIOS campus and facilities. Info: 441 297 1880, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo (BAMZ) 40 North Shore Road, Flatt’s Village, Smith’s Parish See more than 100 species of indigenous fish in ocean and reef environments Info: 441 293 2727, Bermuda Adventure Mini Golf & Driving Range Industrial Park Rd / Middle Rd, Southampton A 300-yard driving range, 35 practice bays (25 covered), 18-hole practice chipping and putting green and night lighting open until 10pm. Info: The Bermuda Golf Academy & Driving Range, 441 238 8800 Crystal & Fantasy Caves of Bermuda 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish Crystal and Fantasy Caves is one of the largest cave systems on our island. Its dramatic stalactites and stalagmites will astonish and inspire. Info: 441 293 0640 Dolphin Quest The Keep, 15 Maritime Lane, Royal Naval Dockyard Feel the thrill of a lifetime as you touch, swim with and even kiss a dolphin! Info: 441 234 4464 Elbow Beach Bermuda Tennis Courts Southshore Road, Paget Parish Just play or take a lesson. Info: 441 236 3535 Fantasea Diving & Watersports Royal Naval Dockyard Daily 2 tank dives, Discover SCUBA lessons, PADI certifications, SNUBA diving, shipwreck & beach snorkelling, power snorkeling, glass bottom kayak tours and stand-up paddleboard tours, mountain bike tours and more. Info: 441 236 3483, 24 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013 25


on the rock

Frog & Onion Pub

Entertainment All Summer Long in the Royal Naval Dockyard

Bermuda Nightlife GuideUpdated regularly with everything is updated regularly with everything nightlife in Bermuda. BONER BAR - BONEFISH BAR & GRILL

Monday Nights Salsa Mania 8:30pm - Midnight Wednesday Nights Karaoke Night 9:00pm - Midnight Thursday Nights Live DJ 9:00pm - Midnight Sunday Nights Spanish Guitar 3:00pm - 6:30pm Info: Royal Naval Dockyard. 441 234 5151, Flanagans & Outback Sports Bar

Fridays & Saturdays - Top DJs & Karaoke (last Friday of the month) Happy Hour prices everyday from 5pm - 7pm Info: Front Street. 441 295 8299, Frog & Onion Pub Live Island Music

Tuesdays to Sundays, Happy Hour 5:30pm - 7:30pm Info: Royal Naval Dockyard, 441 232 0571 Henry VIII

Thursdays BBQ, Fridays Tempo, Saturdays DJ Uncle, Sundays Local entertainment. Info: South Shore. 441 238 1977 Piano Nights at Little Venice

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays & Saturdays. Info: Little Venice, Bermudiana Road. 441 295 3503 Robin Hood

Mondays $10 entrée night, Tuesdays Quiz Night. Info: Richmond Road, Pembroke. 441 295 3314 Swizzle Inn Bailey’s Bay

Tuesday, Thursday 12pm - 3pm, Friday from 6pm - 9pm. Pancho on the Patio Thursday - Trivia Quiz night with Mike Bishop Thursday to Monday 9pm until late. Rockin’ Ray Friday & Saturday - Gosling’s Drunk BBQ Swizzle Inn South Shore

Saturday & Sunday 8pm - 11 pm. Wayne Davis - Bermudian pianist/vocalist entertainer. Sunday 1pm - 5pm. Pancho Sponsored by

26 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013 27

in & On the


Jessie James Cruises Royal Naval Dockyard

Jessie James Cruises Join Captain Chloe Mckey for some of the best snorkeling trips available in Bermuda. Novice and advanced snorkelers are welcome. Chloe begins with a short island/beach snorkel then zooms offshore to either Eastern Blue cut or Western Blue cut or Chub head breakers. If the weather is suitable, two famous shipwrecks are covered - The Constellation that sunk in 1943 and The Montana wreck that sunk in 1863 which sits in 15 to 18 feet of water at Western Blue Cut. Info: 441 335 1072,

AXIS ADRENALINE Project Experience Bermuda like never before with Axis Adrenaline Projects, Bermuda’s newest luxury watersport provider. Instructors boast more than 10 years experience and offer lessons in wake-boarding, wake-surfing, wake-skating and waterskiing. Combined with tubing and snorkeling, Axis Adrenaline caters to all ages! Island wide pick ups available. Info: 441 537 1114, ANA LUNA ADVENTURES Grotto Bay Beach Resort Experience the Scenic and Historic Sights of Bermudas Eastern end in Grand Fashion aboard ‘Ana Luna’ a 45’ Luxury Catamaran. Ana Luna offers both private cruises for half or full day in addition to regularly scheduled departures for Snorkeling (Tuesday and Thursday 1 to 5 pm) and Sunset Cruise (Tuesday and Thursday 5:45 to 8:45 pm) and Gloworms Viewing (2 and 3 days after full moon). Info: 441 504 3780, www.

r rato /ope tin r e own n mar h .com 14 ing ard ng jo 1•537•11 gmail o b e i @ d i 4 k a u k 4 a d s b w rm ons ravo isbe less ing b tub ips w h tr beac tours ies part

Blue Hole Water Sports Grotto Bay Beach Resort If you’re looking for a fun day on the water let the friendly professional staff at Blue Hole Water Sports show you how. Bermuda is at its best when experienced from the water Check us out on Facebook! and there is no better way to do that than in your own boat! We rent 13ft Boston Whalers (max 4 people) outfitted with steering consoles and bimini tops. Complimentary snorkel gear and coolers included. We are in close proximity to some lovely beaches and secluded islands. We also offer Sunfish Sail Boats, Windsurfers for the beginner and advanced and single and double Kayaks all at Bermuda’s best rates. Info: 441 293 2915, 28 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

in & on the


Sail the sea lover

With Captain Nathan BRIGHTSTAR II Welcome Aboard. This luxurious Tayana 55ft. yacht is available for your office and private entertaining. Enjoy a sail or cruise on Bright Star II and have brunch, lunch, dinner or just cocktails aboard. Over night charters are also available. We can provide it all. Info: Oyster Point Yacht Charters 441 238 0116 or 441 238 SAIL or call Captain Brian W. Billings 441 535 7704, SNORKEL PARK Royal Naval Dockyard Snorkel Park Beach is the place to go for fun in the sun or under the stars. A limestone tunnel will lead you into a tropical oasis with a white sand beach, bar & restaurant and all the watersports you would want at one stunning location! Sundays 11:00am-8:00pm, featuring a showcase of exciting top local live bands
plus ‘fun in the sun’ activities and more! Info: www.

l the “Sai ea S r” Love

45’ Luxury Catamaran Snorkel & Sunset & Glo Worm Cruises Private Cruises up to 28 Guests Come One and All Excursions Sailing From Grotto Bay Resort Captain nathan @ 441 504 3780 anaLunaadventures.Com


For the ultimate experience in, on or under the water. Come play with our water toys for all ages! Located at the Grotto Bay Beach Hotel. two minutes from the airport

Tel: (441) 293-2915 or (441) 293-8333 ext. 37 Web: Email: 29

in & on the




FITTED DINGHY RACING See Calendar on Pg 12 Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club 26 Pomander Road, Eastern end of Hamilton Harbour From sailing lessons and coaching, to competition and race management, the RHADC is an active sailing club. Come down to the Club, meet the sailors, the coaching staff, and members - you’ll be warmly welcomed and encouraged to take up this outdoor sport. The sailing programme is run by volunteers and professional staff and overseen by the RHADC Sailing Committee. Info: 441 236 2250,

Welcome AboArd This luxurious Tayana 55ft. yacht is available for private entertaining. Enjoy a sail or cruise on Bright Star II, have brunch, lunch, dinner or just cocktails aboard. Over night charters also available. We can provide it all. Brian W. Billings (441) 535 7704 |


Discover Sailing in Bermuda! Whether you are sailing for the first time or you have a thing or two to show us, the RHADC has a range of sail boats (Optimist, Open BICs, Laser, 420 and J-24s), you can choose from two hour, half day and full day lessons (ages 5- Adult). Pricing is per boat and includes private coaching by a certified US Sailing instructor.

“Sailing is F


TEL: 441 236 2250 EMAIL: WEB:

30 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013 31


• Club Aqua, Mon, Wed, Thurs & Sat till 3am • LIVE DJ’S & Local Musicians Daily • Live Music Every Sunday



Fire Limbo, Fire Juggling, Gombeys, and Dancing.







Hammerheads Bar & Grill Beach-Side Dining Open Fire Spit-Roasts Beach BBQ’s

• • • •

• • • • • •

Jet Ski Tours Snorkel Gear Kayaks, Pedal Boats Stand Up Paddle Boards Scuba, Scooters Beach Games



in & on the


paddleboarding wakeboarding windsurfing kitesurfing

Bermuda’s board-sports specialist, providing equipment, rentals/tours and instruction. No matter what your skill level, Island Winds will ensure your board-sports experience leaves you craving more! Give Island Winds a shout and let us help you find your new watersports addiction! See you on the water! Info: 441 234 1111 or 441 705 1111, Facebook page - Island Winds Bermuda

Jamie C. Charters

AND IN 2007

Captain SinClair lambe Deep Sea, Reef Fishing & Night Fishing


Cell: 335-0303 Jamie C. Charters Bermuda Sport Fishing with Captain Sinclaire Lambe Aboard the Mega Bucks! The experienced crew of the Mega Bucks will take you out on an adventure you will never forget! Air conditioning and comfortable seating with large open spaces in the cabin and cockpit further ensure your comfort while at sea. 32 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Shopaholic Everything Under the Shell Otto Wurz is Bermuda’s favourite quality gifts and trinkets boutique specializing in everything cool from A – Z. No matter who you are shopping for, you will find something special at Otto Wurz. It is the perfect shop for the perfect gift for every occasion. For the turtle lover Otto Wurz has just about everything under the shell!

OTTO WURZ 3 Front Street, City of Hamilton. 441 295 1247, Find Otto Wurz on Facebook 33


St. George’s Water Street Photo Courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism

Visitor Information Center (VIC) Conveniently Bermuda offers three VICs where friendly staff are waiting to assist you with information on transportation, events, attractions, tours, etc. Up-to-date visitor guides, calendars and maps are also available to take with you during your travels as you enjoy our beautiful island. DOCKYARD VIC Adjacent to the Cruise Ship Pier and Ferry Stop, Royal Naval Dockyard Info: 441 542 7104 HAMILTON VIC 8 Front Street (next to the Ferry Terminal), City of Hamilton. Info: 441 295 1480 ST. GEORGE’S VIC 7 King’s Square, Town of St. George. Info: 441 297 0556

Western Parishes NATIONAL MUSEUM OF BERMUDA Ireland Island, Sandys One of the island’s most frequently visited destinations since being opened by HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1975. Info: 441 234 1333 Scaur Hill Fort Ely’s Harbour Built to protect overland routes to the Royal Naval Dockyard, the ramparts offer unequalled views of the Great Sound and lovely Ely’s Harbour. COMMISSIONER’S HOUSE National Museum of Bermuda, Royal Naval Dockyard Houses exhibits on slavery, history of tourism. Open during museum hours. Info: 441 234 1333 GIBBS HILL LIGHTHOUSE Lighthouse Road, off South Shore, Southampton The second oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world. Info: 441 238 8069. HOG BAY PARK Southampton Hog Bay Park is a 32 acres of unspoiled forest land and one of the new national parks of Bermuda. 34 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

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Everyone remembers their first kiss

RESERVE YOUR DOLPHIN SWIM TODAY! Call 234-4464 or visit A portion of the proceeds from Dolphin Quest supports vital marine education, conservation and research. 35

Discover the Royal Naval Dockyard! Tell us about your experience...


36 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

The Phoenix Stores is a major pharmacy and retail store, offering consistent, reliable service all across the island. Digicel Bermuda offers prepaid SIM cards for any smartphone, tablet or laptop, international calling and prepaid Wi-Fi access. 37

Courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism

Bermuda Fun Golf


BNG EAST St. George’s

Central Parishes THE ANGLICAN CATHEDRAL Church Street, Hamilton The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity was constructed after its predecessor on the site was destroyed by fire in January 1884. Info: 441 292 4033 THE BERMUDA HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM Par-la-Ville Park, Queen Street, Hamilton Abutting the main library, this small museum is a trove of memorabilia integral to Bermuda’s cultural heritage. Info: 441 295 2487 FORT HAMILTON Happy Valley Road in Pembroke on the outskirts of Hamilton A sentinel that has been protectively overseeing Hamilton Harbour since 1889, Fort Hamilton with its moat gardens, green lawns, musty dungeons and never-tried artillery is worth a visit GOVERNMENT HOUSE Langton Hill, Pembroke This imposing structure is the official residence of Bermuda’s governor, who represents H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. VERDMONT House 6 Verdmont Lane, off Collectors Hill, Smiths Parish This fascinating and beautiful old house is one of Bermuda’s most significant historic buildings. Built ca. 1710, Verdmont is a unique example of early Georgian architecture, and has remained virtually unchanged for 300 years. Info: 441 236 7369 Arboretum Park Devonshire Parish, at the corner of Middle Road and Montpelier Road Arboretum Park has a collection of trees and shrubs from around the world. Bermuda Botanical Gardens South Road, Paget Parish The Botanical Gardens is 36 acres of trees, flowers and shrubs. Bermuda Botanical Garden are also home to the Camden, the official residence of Bermuda’s Premier, and the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. Numerous picnic tables and benches are to be find throughout the grounds.

38 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013


Courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism

Eastern Parishes St. Peters Church Town of St. George This is the oldest Anglican house of worship in the Western Hemisphere. ST. GEORGE’S HISTORICAL SOCIETY Town of St. George The Jubilee Exhibit explores Bermuda’s fascination with British Royalty from 1883 – 1953. The exhibit showcases Royal memorabilia from the personal collections of the Society’s members. Fort St. Catherine Inside and out, from the powder magazine to the gun platforms, the story of military history is well told here. St. David’s Lighthouse Mount Hill, St. David’s Constructed of Bermuda stone, this 55-foot structure is one of two local lighthouses. Lit for the first time in 1879, its fixed white light enabled navigators to take cross bearings with the flashing beacon emitted by Gibbs Hill lighthouse way up the coast in Southampton. 39


Ely’s Harbour West End of the Island Affordable Ride Mini Bus “Bermuda is Another World”, let Michael and his crew show you why! Info: BERMUDA LECTURE & TOURS’ GUIDED WALKS & TALKS TOURS Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm. Various locations island-wide Private guided walking for active couples, families and groups. Info: 441 238 0344 BERMUDA INSTITUTE OF OCEAN SCIENCES TOURS (BIOS) Wednesdays, 10:00am. BIOS, 17 Biological Lane, St. George’s Explore the highly equipped laboratories, meet scientists and students. Info: 441 297 1880, BERMUDA UNDERWATER EXPLORATION INSTITUTE (BUEI) TUESDAY TOURS Tuesdays, 2:00pm – 3:30pm. BUEI, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke Two floors of interactive exhibits. Info: 441 292 7219, Byways Bermuda Tours Ltd. Byways tours are guided by a 5th generation granddaughter of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Keeper. Info: 441 535 9169, Cedar Tours Our tour ambassador is not only a certified tour guide for the Town of St. George, but a local St. Georgian, who can offer accurate historical information as well as that pertaining to current life for Bermudians. Info: 441 519 7292,, CITY OF HAMILTON WALKING TOURS Monday to Friday, 10:30am, City Hall & Arts Centre (steps), Church Street, Hamilton Experience Bermuda on foot with City of Hamilton’s Town Crier, Ed Christopher. Info: 441 292 1234,, Destiny Water Tours Award winning wheelchair accessible Bermuda glass bottom water tours and premier water tours since 2002. Info: 441 292 7103, Island Tour Centre Over 20 years of local experience, a great variety of tours from Bermuda’s top tour operators, easy online reservations, and conveniently located tour booking facilities. Info:

40 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

The beach house bar & restaurant Next to Fort St. Catherines, St. George’s The Beach House Bar & Restaurant has one of the most incredible ocean views on the island. Friendly staff, delicious food and great drinks at the bar will keep you coming back over and over again! Info: 441 297 1400, 41

Beach Guide

TOBACCO BAY BEACH St. George’s Photo Courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism

Bermudaful Beaches

Seven of our favourite beaches for swimming and sun bathing! Tobacco Bay St. George’s Tobacco Bay is on one of Bermuda’s most popular beaches! Many years ago, tobacco grew there and that is where the cozy shallow beach got it’s name! Achilles Bay St. George’s Achilles Bay has an intimate atmosphere and perfect for swimming. Also known as SaintCatherine’s Bay like the Fort which sits beside it . John Smith’s Bay Beach Smith’s Parish John Smith’s Bay Beach is named after Captain John Smith an explorer who first produced a map of Bermuda in 1631. It is a pale pink sand beach and very popular with family’s who have small children. Shelly Bay Beach Hamilton Parish This shallow beach is perfect for familes with small children. It was named after Henry Shelly, one of the crew members of the wrecked ship Sea Venture. Elbow Beach South Shore, Paget Elbow Beach is covered with pink sand and shaped like an elbow! The coral reefs are just off the coast and protect the beach from strong currents. Horseshoe Bay Beach Southampton Horseshoe Bay Beach one of Bermuda’s most famous pink sand beaches and is shaped like a horseshoe. It is a very popular spot for beach activities and parties! Warwick Long Bay Warwick Warwick Long Bay is Bermuda’s longest beach! Full of pink sand, little coves and rocks, you can walk to numerous other beaches from Warwick Long Bay. 42 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013





AND STILL GROWING Visit for more details. The Crystal Caves are a world of delicate splendour with magnificent crystal stalactites and stalagmites, each surrounding a clear lake. Come see the Crystal & Fantasy Caves, an exquisite world that Mother Nature began over 30 million years ago. HOW TO FIND US: BUS ROUTES 1/3/10/11 | JUST OFF WILKINSON AVE 8 Crystal Cave Road, Hamilton Parish CR 04, Bermuda | 441-293-0640 | 43

Wine, Dine & Shop in the City of Hamilton! Tell us about your experience...


44 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Digicel Bermuda offers prepaid SIM cards for any smartphone, tablet or laptop, international calling and prepaid Wi-Fi access. P-Tech is Bermuda’s premier provider of consumer electronics, including digital cameras & accessories, MP3 Players and so much more. Brown & Co. ranges from books and designer accessories to artistic home enhancements and more, making each shopping venture a treasured experience. 45

Courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism

The Phoenix Stores is a major pharmacy and retail store, offering consistent, reliable service all across the island.

PHONE TO GO It’s all in the box – a mobile phone, free sim card, $10 credit and 10 free international minutes to the USA and Canada. See map to find an authorised Digicel Reseller.

Only $49

Bringing You the Biggest Names in




5 REID STREET, HAMILTON | 441 295 5496 | WWW.PTECH.BM MONDAY - SATURDAY: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Continued on Page 42 46 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Department of Public Transportation

A great way to see Bermuda and all its attractions Regularly scheduled buses operate at frequent intervals to most of the destinations throughout Bermuda which visitors may find of interest. Bus stops are indentified by pink and blue poles. Poles that are pink indicate service inbound to the City of Hamilton. Poles that are blue indicate service outbound from the City of Hamilton. The table below lists many of the destinations that visitors ask us about most frequently. Alongside each destination is the number of the route(s) serving that destination, the appropriate fare zone, and the times buses leave The Central Terminal in Hamilton. If possible avoid the rush hour. The best time to travel by bus is between 9:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and after 6:00 p.m. Destination Route Number Fare Zone* Buses Leave Hamilton** L.F. Wade International Airport 1,3,10,11 14 Zone 09 15 21 33 45 57 Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo 10,11 3 Zone 09 21 33 45 57 Belmont Hills Golf Club 8 3 Zone 05 17 29 41 57 Botanical Gardens 1,2,7 3 Zone 05 15 17 29 41 45 53 Crystal Caves of Bermuda 1,3 14 Zone 15 45 Royal Naval Dockyard 7,8 14 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 Elbow Beach 2,7 3 Zone 05 15 17 29 41 53 Gibbs Hill Lighthouse 7 3 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 Grotto Bay Hotel 1,3,10,11 14 Zone 09 15 21 33 45 57 Horseshoe Bay 7 3 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 Mangrove Bay (Somerset) 7,8 14 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 Maritime Museum 7,8 14 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 John Smith’s Bay 1 3 Zone 15 45 Surf Side Beach Club 7 3 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 Fairmont Southampton Hotel 7,8 3 Zone 05 17 29 41 53 St. George’s 1,3,10,11 14 Zone 09 15 21 33 45 57

* See Bus Fare Information for additional details on 3 and 14 Zone fares. ** Departures on the hour and minutes past the hour from The Central Terminal in Hamilton.

Bus service in Bermuda is operated by the Bermuda Department of Public Transportation (DPT). Bermuda is divided in 14 Zones, each about 2 miles long. Fare Category

3 Zone

14 Zone

CASH* Adult Child under age of 16 TOKENS Adult * Exact change only. Dollar bills not accepted.

$3.00 $2.50 $2.50

$4.50 $2.50 $4.00

TRANSPORTATION PASSES 1 Day Adult $15.00 2 Day Adult $25.00 3 Day Adult $35.00 4 Day Adult $44.00 7 Day Adult $56.00

Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16 Child under age of 16

$7.50 $12.50 $17.50 $22.00 $28.00

Telephone: (441) 292-3851 Fax: (441) 292-9996 E-Mail: Internet: 26 Palmetto Road devonshiRe dv 05 • P.o. Box hm 443 hamilton hm Bx, BeRmuda 47

Shopping guide A.S. Cooper & SONS LTD. Main Store 59 Front Street, City of Hamilton

Cosmetics, fragrances, duty free perfume, fine jewellery with diamonds, precious and semi precious stones in gold and silver. Gifts & collectibles. Info: 441 295 3961 ext 407, CHILDREN 27 Front Street, City of Hamilton Infants to childrens clothing up to age 14. Info: 441 295 3961, EXPRESS Washington Mall, Reid Street, City of Hamilton Juniors fashions & accessories. Info: 441 296 6525, MEN 29 Front Street, City of Hamilton Men’s Fashion. Info: 441 295 3961, STUDIO 3rd Floor Main Store, 26 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Women’s Fashions. Info: 441 295 3961, FAIRMONT SOUTHAMPTON 101 South Shore Road, Southampton Ladies fashions and accessories. Info: 441 239 7094, Dockyard Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard Ladies fashions and accessories, gifts, souvenirs & fragrances at duty free prices. Info: 441 234 4156, BROWN & Co.

35 Front Street, City of Hamilton Fragrances, gift ideas and greeting cards. Books from local and internationally acclaimed authors. Info: 441 279 5442,

Fragrance of the month Mont Blanc Legend P o u r F e mm e

The new fragrance, vivid and intense. The composition opens with fresh accords of neroli, bitter orange and pear. The heart is ruled by white flowers: jasmine (from India, known as grandiflorum), lily of the valley (white and green) and orange blossom, while musk, vanilla and fine woods lurk in the background and give the composition powdery character.

Available at A.S. Cooper’s, Brown & Co. & Gibbons Company.

48 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

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Butterfly Bamboo Warm yellows and blue French ribbons brighten your home as butterflies flutter through the bamboo border of this exuberant design. Now available in durable melamine to make a statement both indoor and out.

4 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda | Tel. 441-295-5367 |


Shopping Guide

27th Century Boutique | The Hair

Charms For tHe touriSt & LoCALS

Studio & Beauty Salon 92 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Fashion for men and women. The Hair Studio offers manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, eyebrow waxing, braiding and all other hair services. Info: 441 292 2628 or 295 2258, ALEXANDRA MOSHER STUDIO

Lower Level Washington Mall, 17 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Bermudian artist Alexandra Mosher creates art jewellery designs inspired by the beautiful motifs found in Bermuda’s Flora and Fauna, the ocean, architecture, history and culture. Info: 441 236 9009,

14 k s/s Hand Made in Bermuda


By appointment only. Bermuda Fine Art, Antique Maps, Books, Prints and Ephemera. Info: 441 292 2482, ARROWROOT GIFT SHOP

Botanical Gardens, Paget Works of art by local artists including paintings, drawings, prints, pottery and an extensive list of items made of Bermuda cedar. Books by local authors, note cards with images from Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art permanent Collection. Info: 441 236 2950, BERMUDA BLUE & BERMUDA BREEZE

Available from: Gibbons Company, City of Hamilton, Peniston Brown, St. George’s. , The Perfume Shop, Royal Naval Dockyard, Brown & Co., City of Hamilton, A.S. Cooper, Front St., City of Hamilton, and branch stores, Carole Holding Shops, Royal Naval Dockyard & Fairmont Southampton Hotel. Distributed By P.D.L. Limited. Fine Perfume. Info: 441 292 1710 Bermuda Cedar Gifts

Washington Mall, City of Hamilton Handcrafted cedar pens, winestoppers and more sold inside the Alexandra Mosher Jewellery Studio Info: 441 532 4869

Custom Designs Come and see us in the Walker Arcadejust off Front Street in Hamilton or call today.

441 292 3042


4 Front Street, City of Hamilton Crystal, bone china, hand painted porcelain, classic table wear. Info: 441 295 5367, 50 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

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BroWn & co. - Hallmark

Reid Street, City of Hamilton Gift ideas and greeting cards. Info: 441 279 5442,


Bermuda’s newest Boutique for Ladies featuring classic and stylish European and American-made clothing and accessories.

BroWn & co. - Bookmart

Reid Street, City of Hamilton Books from local and internationally acclaimed authors. Info: 441 279 5442, CHATHAM HOUSE

63 Front Street, City of Hamilton A historic retailer of Cuban cigars. Info: 441 295 2351 CRISSONS JEWELLERS Hamilton

Queen Street, City of Hamilton 55 Front Street, City of Hamilton Fairmont Southampton, Southampton Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard Fine Jewelry. Info: 441 295 2351, DIGICEL

Church Street Retail Store, Washington Mall, Church Street, City of Hamilton Court Street Retail Store, Corner of Dundonald & Court Street, City of Hamilton. Info: 441 500 5000,

441 232.4372 The Old Cellar Walker Arcade 47 Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda


63 Front Street, City of Hamilton A beautiful selection of custom made jewelry and unique designs. Info: 441 292 3042, Bermuda Jam Factory

Available Island-wide Gombey Pepper Jams is a line of sweet and spicy pepper jams, recognized as The Best Homegrown Product Bermuda has to offer. Info: GOSLING’S SINCE 1806

Corner of Front & Queen Street, City of Hamilton. Info: 441 298 7337 The Wine Store at 9 Dundonald Street, City of Hamilton. Info: 441 298 7368 Hera Boutique

47 Front Street, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s newest Boutique for Ladies featuring classic and stylish European and American-made clothing & accessories. Info: 441 232 4372, 52 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013


Jay Fox, a popular entertainer known both in his home, Bermuda, as well as in the USA and internationally. As a popular singer, songwriter and performer it led him to Nashville, Tennessee. Although his career continued successfully, he was stung by a wasp at a friend's house. It led to a miraculous battle with a rare, deadly disease which almost took his life. However, the powers of heaven gave him 'Triumph Over Tragedy' will leave you truly Amazed. AVAILABLE IN BOOKSTORES ISLAND-WIDE


30 Riviera Road, Southampton

441 236 5362

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31, Front Street, City of Hamilton Home fragrances, candles, bath and body products, gift ideas, home décor, children’s boutique including smocked dresses and classic styles, the finest Egyptian cotton bedding and more. Info: 441 295 4089 OLEANDER CYCLES

Dockyard, King’s Wharf Info: 441 234 2764 The Reefs Hotel, Southampton Info: 441 238 0222 6 Valley Road, Paget. Info: 441 236 5235 15 Gorham Road, City of Hamilton Info: 441 295 0919 26 York Street, St. George’s Info: 441 297 0478 ONION JACK’S TRADING POST

77 Front Street, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s original theme store which features the island’s favourite mascot. Info: 441295 1263, Otto Wurz

3 Front Street, City of Hamilton The Perfect Place for the Perfect Gift Info: 441 295 1247 Outerbridge Peppers Limited

Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers sauce has been the Authentic Taste of Bermuda since 1965. A full line of twenty-seven gourmet products including Bermuda Rum Swizzle mix and Swizzle Taffy are available island wide and online for worldwide home delivery. Info: 441 296 4451 P-TECH

5 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Number one provider and authorized dealer for electronics in Bermuda. Info: 441 295 5496, SWISS TIMING LTD.

95 Front Street, City of Hamilton Collections of brand name watches, carefully selected jewelry and diamond jewelry including custom jewelry options. Info: 441 295 1376 WALKER CHRISTOPHER

9 Front Street, City of Hamilton Every year, we feature a different icon of Bermuda. Makes a great family heirloom collection. Info: 441 295 1466, walkerchris@, 54 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Present this coupon for a 10% Discount on a Purchase over $10 Not valid with other specials, Tobacco products, candy, soft drinks or phone cards

Visit Bermuda’s Original theme store featuring the island’s favourite mascot.

Bermuda Apparel Unique Souvenirs T-shirts Sweatshirts Caps & Hats Glassware Can Coolers Mouse Pads Toys & more...

Don’t miss our own brand Hot Sauces!


77 Front Street, Hamilton • Tel: 295-1263

… So much more than just linens!

Home Décor

Fine Gifts

Life’s Luxuries

Obviously you have great taste! 31 Front Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda 55

Art Matters Beat the Heat: Visit the Cool Art at the BNG and BNG East By lisa howie, Director, bermuda National Gallery

James Cooper, Movement Experiment #1, 2009, archival inkjet print on pearl paper

Recently, I was giving a tour to a friend of mine who was home for a holiday. Lana Young is a Bermudian actor who started Hollywood Theatre Lab in Charlottesville, V.A. in order to teach life skills through the performing arts. We talked about how she had to leave the country to develop her talent for acting, voice overs, and directing; years ago, scholarships and programmes to encourage youth in the arts were rare. This month, by contrast, Bank of Bermuda Foundation announces the John D. Campbell Arts Scholarship for $30,00 p.a. enabling a local talent to follow their artistic dreams and, I hope, return to enrich our lives. Going overseas to develop personal skills and have fulfilling experiences also works in reverse. In the Ondaatje Wing at the Bermuda National Gallery, we showcase the David L. White Gift to the BNG, a beautiful collection of land, sea and architecture themed paintings rendered by acclaimed American Impressionists in the early to mid 20th century. These artists came here for inspiration. They were captivated by the magical light, by the canvases of our buildings, by the brilliance in the surrounding waters. For those of us fortunate to live here, the natural beauty around us often becomes common; seeing the artwork on display encourages a fresh perspective out of doors. As the summer season turns up the temperature I encourage you to seek a cool retreat in the Bermuda National Gallery, located in City Hall & Arts Centre, Hamilton, and the newly opening BNG East, St. George’s. Admission is free at both sites. The BNG East, located in historic Bridge House, St. George’s, is adjacent to the Towne Square. The BNG East opens with James Cooper: Contemporary Conversation. Cooper is a local artist whose primary medium is photography. He tends to explore common objects in unusual ways, making images that are at once playful, symbolic, and romantic. It is an interesting juxtaposition, this contemporary expression within a 17th century Bermuda National Trust property, itself within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. George’s. Journey East to explore The Bermuda Perfumery, St. Peter’s Church, forts, beaches, and more. Come soon to enjoy what the BNG has to offer. Take away a memento of your experience with the BNG’s Impressions of Bermuda art book for $25. 56 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Art Matters Alexandra mosher Studio Jewellery 17 Reid Street, Lower Level of the Washington Mall, City of Hamilton Art jewellery designs are all handmade and inspired by the colours and natural motifs of Bermuda. Info: Free, 441 236 9009, Monday to Friday 11am-5pm ANTHONY PETTit By appointment only Bermuda Fine Art, Antique Maps, Books, Prints and Ephemera. Info: 441 292 2482, BERMUDA ARTS CENTRE AT DOCKYARD Royal Naval Dockyard Fostering an appreciation and understanding of the Arts since 1984. Monday to Sunday 10am-5pm Info: Free, 441 234 2809,

Current Exhibitions

CIty Hall, Hamilton

Eyes on the World Women Artists in the BNG Collection Impressions of Bermuda: The David L. White Gift to the BNG Meredith Andrews: Portraits of Power BNG East

James Cooper: Contemporary Conversation City Hall & Arts Centre Church Street, Hamilton Mon to Fri 10am - 4pm Sat 10am - 2pm 295 9428 BNG East, Bridge House 1 Bridge Street, St. George’s Tues, Wed, Sat, Sun 11am - 4pm Thurs & Fri 11am - 6pm 297 9428

Free Admission

BERMUDA NATIONAL GALLERY City Hall & Arts Centre Church Street, City of Hamilton (Upstairs) Exhibitions change throughout the year & hold a variety of interesting lectures, films, and events. Info: Free, 441 295 9428, Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday 10am-2pm BNG East Bridge House. 1 Bridge Street, St. George’s Info: Free, 441 297 9428, Thursday & Friday 11am - 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday 11am - 4pm BERMUDA SOCIETY OF ARTS City Hall & Arts Centre, City of Hamilton Exhibitions change regularly. Info: Free, 441 292 3824, Monday to Friday 10am-4pm, Saturdays, 10am-2pm CRISSON AND HIND FINE ART GALLERY Crisson Building, 2nd Floor, City of Hamilton A large collection of life like sculptures, hand carved from hard stones by Master Shona of Zimbabwe. Info: Free, 441 295 1117 DNA Creative Shoppe 21 Elliott Street, Mezzanine Level, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s only online and brick & mortar art supplies store. Monday to Saturday, 11am-7pm Info: 441 747 5399, Masterworks MUSEUM of Bermuda Art Botanical Gardens, Paget Last Year Masterworks celebrates it’s 25th anniversary. Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm, Sundays 11am-4:30pm Info: $5, free for members and children under 12, tel 441 236 2950, WINDJAMMER II ART GALLERY Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton Where professional artists come together and show their work. Monday to Friday 10am-5pm, Weekend 12pm-5pm Info: Free, 441 295 1783, 57

In the Arts Youth Camera Action with Kayla Williams By Candice Dickinson

Kayla Williams and her photography. The Youth Camera Action (YCA) Photography Programme, generously sponsored by BTC, is an opportunity for Bermuda’s Youth to develop their camera skills. The summer programme is open to all middle school students (11-14). All skill levels are encouraged to participate. All cameras and supplies are provided! Meet Kayla Williams, a former YCA student and current teacher! What inspired the decision to join YCA? My brother was part of my inspiration. He attended the YCA program in 2009 when he was thirteen, and later after graduating the program became a mentor and was employed for the YCA summer camp. After seeing his progress and evaluation I considered attempting the same thing. I myself was already enrolled in the student docent program; giving tours to visitors of the gallery, and was already familiar with the BNG and one of its student programs. I then evolved to museum studies; the next level of docent training and further ventured into photography. Ms Dany Pen mentored me and taught me all I needed to know about a standard canon 150 and more, before hiring me for work at the BNG’s YCA summer camp in 2012. It was a great experience for teaching as well as learning for my students and myself. What is a typical day like at YCA? We go though a different setting everyday during camp. We would normally start off with the shutter speed setting that focuses on controlling how long the lens/eye of the camera stays open. It allows the user to capture various shots of movement from slow movement to quick movement. Please tell us what you have you gained from being apart of the program. I have learned to use the many different settings on a standard quality camera that most people tend not know about or use. These settings enhance the quality and structure of your picture and add a distinctiveness to them because you took the picture and didn’t Photoshop it afterwards. You can develop your own style and make it unique. I’ve learned patience, for when it comes to taking certain pictures you may have to wait until the precise moment to get exactly what you want. Also learning that not everyone is willing to have his or her picture taken! And last is that of course working with children and teenagers is not the easiest thing to manage. It requires many virtues and a passion for what you do. If you love what you do you should love teaching it and it gives you drive to push forward through the hard things and know that you can pass this passion on to the next person. It’s sensational and the kids are really inspiring, I love working with them. It truly is a magical experience to be able to pass this passion of photography on to them though my eyes. What advice can you offer other people who might want to join the program? I would definitely say go for it! Nothing is holding you back from taking the plunge into this amazing and expressive form of art. It is for absolutely any and everyone, and as they say at the BNG: You Belong Here. 58 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013


Anthony Pettit


Edward Stanford Map. The Bermudas. 18 ½ x 14 ¼ inches 1872.

Monday-Saturday | 10:00am - 4:00pm Sunday 11:00am – 4:30pm museum is accessible with ramps and an elevator.

The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art is home to an impressive collection of over 1,200 pieces of Bermuda inspired art; some by such famous names as Georgia O’Keeffe, Winslow Homer and Albert Gleizes. The museum shop sells prints and original local art, a perfect keepsake to take home! To learn about Bermuda’s culture and history there is no better stop on your vacation itinerary.

An unusual and colourful map of Bermuda showing the exciting activities happening on the island in the third quarter of the nineteenth century. There is a large hospital at Dockyard, a horse ferry at Watford bridge, a busy Admiralty Establishment in Pembroke, bustling steam ferry routes, the British army presence in St Georges, a rapidly growing city in Hamilton. Published by Gregory V Lee, Hamilton, Bermuda. Engraved by Stanford’s Geographical Establishment, London.

Anthony Pettit

By Appointment Only 1 (441) 292 - 2482

Located in the beautiful Botanical Gardens, five minutes from Hamilton, the museum is on three major bus routes (1,2 & 7) and is clearly signposted from all entrances.

at masterworks Hours of operation

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm Sunday, 11:00am - 4:30pm afternoon tea

Sunday, 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Sandwiches, paninis, salads, quiche, soup, hot lunches, baked goods, specialty coffees, afternoon tea and even picnic baskets to go! serviced by

we also offer a range of bakery products that are gluten free

The Botanical Gardens • 183 South Road Paget, DV 04 • Bermuda Tel: (441) 299-4000 • Fax: (441)-236-4402

Where the professional artists of Bermuda come together and show their works. THE FAIRMONT HAMILTON PRINCESS 76 PITT'S BAY ROAD, PEMBROKE 441 295 1783 | 59

In the Arts

Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

Your trip to Bermuda would not be complete without a memorable gift from Bermuda’s own Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery. Her art jewellery is meticulously designed by hand and is inspired by the colours and natural motifs of our beautiful island. Visitors often choose pieces from the Bermuda Reef Collection, inspired by the boiler reefs on Bermuda’s famous picturesque South Shore. She sets Bermuda’s own pink coral sand in each extraordinary piece and translates the essence of the reef ’s tide pools into tiny wearable treasures. Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery pendants, earrings and bracelets range from tiny and delicate to bold statement pieces, and everything in between. Some of Alexandra’s most sought after pieces are cufflinks - many distinguished gentlemen wear them to special occasions. Each unique piece is a meaningful souvenir that can be enjoyed long after your holiday. Info: 441 236 9009 | | 7 Reid Street, Washington Mall, City of Hamilton | Mon to Sat 10am – 5pm

BERMUDA CEDAR GIFTS 441 532 4869 Available at the Alexandra Mosher’s Studio in the Lower Level of Washington Mall & during Harbour Nights.

Like us on Facebook Bermuda Cedar Gifts

Bermuda Cedar Gifts

There is nothing more powerful than being inspired by an idea and having the confidence to create that one-of-a-kind piece on the lathe…this is what woodturning is all about! Bermuda Cedar is very scarce, so using reclaimed wood, sometimes a small nail hole appears, to create unique one a kind pieces. Cedar gifts includes pens, pencils, razor & brush, wine opener & more. Info: 441 532 4869 | | 60 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Golf Across the islAnd It’s All About the Game By kim Swan jp, Teaching Professional Port Royal Golf Developmental Program

Hosting the PGA Grand Slam of Golf has unquestionably raised the level of interest in Port Royal Golf Course both locally and internationally. Being able to watch the world’s great players on our signature public course has clearly sent out a positive message to the golfing world that Bermuda not only has high quality public and private golf courses but our people are keen on the game as well. Recently, one of my students asked me about my passion for teaching golf and it was easy to share how my love for the game of golf was developed at Port Royal Golf Course shortly after its opening in 1970. Credit and respect must be given to the all embracing spirit of inclusiveness incorporated by the Trustees of the Port Royal Golf Course of that era as executed by our first Golf Professional Walter E. King in 1970. Today, golfers of all skill levels and backgrounds from around the globe can be heard critiquing their game at Port Royal Golf Course and invariable, most often it is a tale of, “ could of, should of and if only ........” I should have hit more club into #1 green I could have parred #16 had I not 3 putted If only the ball had not rolled back into that deep bunker I submit that playing the game of golf requires the golfer to use sound fundamentals while swinging rhythmically on a good swing path - commonly referred to as the swing plane while keeping their approach to the game positive. It also requires that the golfer mentally play one shot at a time and accept the out come that they get. Hence, we encourage our players to work on their short games to combat the unexpected. Living legend Gary Player, who once represented a top Bermuda resort in the 1960’s, had a great saying, “if you want to master golf, the answer is in the dirt”, telling golfers directly that relentlessly practicing the correct technique will make them a better golfer. At Port Royal Golf Course we are fortunate to have a comprehensive public golf facility that affords the golfer the opportunity and facilities to practice and develop all aspects of their golf game. Our aim with the Port Royal Golf Developmental Program is to provide coaching that encourages our students to practice and we attempt to clearly articulate how to hit quality golf shots by delivering the club head through the ball squarely. Through it all it is the game of golf that makes the golf industry. The ball, club, teeing ground, green, fairway, bunkers, the golfer and most importantly the spirit of the game which is described best in the rules of golf section I. Etiquette “Spirit of the Game” “ Golf is played, for the most part, without supervision of a referee or umpire. The game relies on the integrity of the individual to show consideration for others and to abide by the Rules. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game.” The game of the golf has grown into a lucrative industry - but in all endeavors and exploits - the integrity of this great game must be upheld. In my respectful opinion, going forward, the growth of golf industry must be centered around the game of golf itself - for it is the game, played in a tranquil setting in a gentlemanly manner and enjoyed at various levels that make it the hub around which the wheel of the golf industry revolves. 61

Golf Guide Belmont Hills Golf Club 25 Belmont Hills Drive, Warwick Parish Tel: 441 236 6400 | Fax: 441 236 0694 Web:

The Turtle Hill Golf Club 18 South Shore Road, Southampton Parish Tel: 441 238 8000 | Fax: 441 238 8968 Web:

Ocean View Golf Course 2 Barkers Hill, Devonshire Parish Tel: 441 295 9092 | Fax: 441 295 9097 Web:

Port Royal Golf Course 5 Middle Road, Southampton Parish Tel: 441 234 0974 | Fax: 441 234 3562 Web:

Riddell's Bay Golf & Country Club 26 Riddell's Bay Road, Warwick Parish Tel: 441 238 1060 | Fax: 441 238 1203 Web:

The Mid Ocean Club 1 Mid Ocean Drive, Hamilton Parish Tel: 441 293 0330 | Fax: 441 293 8837 Web:

Tucker's Point Golf Club 60 Tucker's Point Drive, Hamilton Parish Tel: 441 298 6970 | Fax: 441 298 4001 Web:

Sponsored by

62 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

COMe aND plaY


Home of the PGA Grand Slam

441 234-0974

MeM b e r Sh ip ava il a b l e contact: to receive more information 63

Heritage Matters The Legendary Voyage of a Modern Argonaut By Dr. Edward Harris, MBE JP

Damaged bow of HMS Argonaut, Cross Island left background.

While Bermuda is a world and millennia away from the mythological Argonauts, during the Second World War, we connected with a modern ship of the name, which made a legendary voyage across the North Atlantic, after sustaining damage from a U-boat. In early December 1942, HMS Argonaut joined the warships of “Force Q�, which was engaged in the interception of Axis shipping in the Mediterranean. The Force found a convoy and sank four troopships and the Italian destroyer Folgore. On 13 December, Argonaut joined HMS Aurora, Quality and Eskimo in pursuit of another convoy, which was not intercepted. The next day, two torpedoes fired by the Italian submarine Mocenigo struck Argonaut and her stern and part of the bow were blown off. Having lost her rudder and the use of two of HMS Argonaut at Bermuda, Admiralty her four propellers, Argonaut made its way to Floating Dock #1 left background. Gibraltar with the two remaining propellers. The ship remained at Gibraltar until April, undergoing repairs to bulkheads in the stern and strengthening of those in the bows. While holding fast, the bulkheads moved several feet under the pressure of water in sea trials. Nonetheless, Argonaut left Gibraltar for Ponta Delgada in the Azores on 4 April 1942, still rudderless and with only the two forward propellers. Bound thereafter for Bermuda, Argonaut was sighted by USS Butler, which accompanied her 64 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Heritage Matters into the island, where she was “berthed bows North in the South Basin at 1800 hrs, Saturday 17 April 1943� at the Royal Navy Dockyard. At Bermuda, Argonaut was photographed alongside and two pictures reproduced here show the damage to her bow from port and starboard views. Two days later, Argonaut was raised in Admiralty Floating Dock 1, where pictures were taken of the bulkheads in bow and stern. The photograph of the stern presented here shows the two forward propellers and the truncated shafts of the others. No rudder is present, as the stern had been destroyed up to the line of the forward props. After the inspection and some repairs, the ship was undocked on 22 April, but had to wait until 27 April for escorts USS Tumult and USS Pioneer, in order to sail for the Philadelphia Navy Yard. By mid-November 1943, the repairs to HMS Argonaut were completed and she HMS Argonaut in AFD1 with the surviving returned to the war, first at Normandy two of four propellers. where she fired over 4300 shells in support of the landing forces and later in the Mediterranean. In late 1944, Argonaut saw her last action in the East Indies and thereafter in the Pacific. Her last voyage in those parts was to Shanghai and Hong Kong to take British internees home. The ship was placed in reserve in 1946 and scrapped nine years later. With a gaping hole in her bows and without her stern, rudder and two aft propellers, HMS Argonaut transited the Atlantic under wartime conditions with weak bulkheads, using only her two surviving propellers. That was a remarkable feat of seamanship of which legends are made and in which Bermuda played a small part two generations ago. HMS Argonaut at sea after repairs at Philadelphia Naval Yard. 65

Do You Know... … about Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons – Bermuda’s Most Exclusive Souvenirs? Part 1 By Horst Augustinovic

With the birth of leisure tourism, collecting souvenir spoons became a popular hobby in Europe during the late 1800s. The first American souvenir spoon was made in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the presidency of George Washington. This was followed quickly by a Martha Washington spoon and one year later by a Salem Witch spoon. Interest in souvenir spoons suddenly exploded and in 1891 several books on collecting souvenir spoons were published. With the 1893 Chicago World Fair, also known as the Columbian Exposition, which commemorated the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World, the Golden Age of souvenir spoons had truly begun. Many souvenir spoons can be considered works art as they were exquisitely engraved, sculptured or enameled and are today highly desirable collectables. It did not take long for Bermuda to get caught up in the spoon collecting phenomenon. One of the first to sell them was Duncan McColl Doe, a jeweler on Front Street. He offered several styles, one spoon showing a skyline of Hamilton, and another with no less than six Bermuda themes on both sides of the handle, from onions to a boy eating a slice of watermelon, the Natural Arches, a vegetable seller with his horse drawn cart, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the Hamilton Princess Hotel.

This Duncan M. Doe souvenir spoon shows the skyline of Hamilton, including White’s Island in the foreground. It is 5-3/8” long.

5-1/2” long, this Duncan M. Doe spoon shows several popular Bermuda themes on both sides of the handle – a pair of onions, a boy eating a slice of watermelon, the natural arches, a vegetable seller with his donkey cart and, on the back, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse and the Princess Hotel. Both spoons show the Royal Palms at Crow Lane in the bowl. 66 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Do You Know George W. Schiebler, a famous New York jeweler, made a wonderful series of Bermuda spoons in the art nouveau style, while other manufacturers such as Charles M. Robbins, Chester Shepard and Watson & Newell of Massachusetts produced a large variety of Bermuda souvenir spoons as well as ladles, butter knifes, tea strainers, etc. Today, souvenir spoon collecting is a niche hobby, with serious collectors specializing in the spoons of the turn of the 20th century, either by type of spoon or a location such as Bermuda.

Schiebler souvenir spoons were made in two sizes – 5-3/4” and 4-3/8”. Exquisitely crafted in the art nouveau style of the turn of the 20th century, these spoons were only made for a few exclusive locations, such as Bermuda, Hawaii and San Francisco.

The bowls of Schiebler spoons are engraved with Bermuda scenes and the back of the handles are stamped with the ‘Winged S’ Schiebler logo and are engraved ‘Bermuda’.

Comments? Email 67

The Chef’s Table “My sojourn upon these islands, in that eternal spring which here enamels everything, among such frank and genial people, will, I assure you, be ever gratefully remembered by me.” Princess Louise

The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, 76 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke

The Perfect Place For An Enchanting Dinner on a Mid Summer’s Eve By Candice Dickinson

What could be more magical than having dinner at a historic hotel that was named after a Princess? Harley’s Restaurant and Terrace at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess is ideal for your next casual poolside cocktail followed by an intimate dining experience on the terrace overlooking Bermuda’s breathtaking Hamilton Harbour.

Chef Takemore Mukazika & Executive Chef Thomas Frost

You are sure to impress just about anyone with this location suggestion. Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine sinking into a deep cozy chair, enjoying the ideal breeze in the air, a cold cocktail in hand, outstanding nibbles and great company. Off in the distance a school of sailboats are blowing in the wind and Bermuda Longtails are gliding by. At Harley’s you are sure to enjoy a simply put, exquisite experience. Did You Know… Harley’s is named after Harley Trott who was a leading businessman in Bermuda back in 1885. Harley’s vision for “The Princess” was a hotel to attract affluent Americans who would summer in the Berkshires and winter in Bermuda. His vision is definitely alive and well today attracting vacationers and business travelers from all over the world! Meet Thomas Frost, Executive Chef, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess Thomas Frost is from Weymouth, a seaside town in Dorset, England. After many years of training, Chef Frost spent seven years in London working with high-end hotels such as The Savoy Hotel and The Ritz. In 1990, he arrived in Bermuda and worked with The Fairmont Southampton for fourteen years. He then moved to The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, where he has been the Executive Chef for nine years and counting. Today, Chef Frost enjoys his life in Bermuda with his wife and two children. 68 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

The Chef’s Table The TWiB Team learns more about the Culinary Team at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess and what is involved in creating a new menu. We sat down with Executive Chef Thomas Frost and Assistant Chef Takemore Mukazika who is here with us all the way from Zimbabwe! Chef Mukazika prepared three dishes for our sampling pleasure under the direction of Chef Frost. Chef Frost explained that Chef de Cuisine Trent Mayhew designed the new menu under his direction. Careful to allow Chef Mayhew to explore his creative side, Chef Frost offered valuable advice on flavour profiles, and ensured that the new dishes reflected current trends in major cities such as New York City and Atlanta. Chef Frost explained that today everyone is trying to eat healthy but in a restaurant you have to be really careful not to give up flavours and textures when focusing on lifestyle dishes that cater to particular health preferences, which is exactly what the new menu focuses on. He also ensures that the menu keeps its Bermudian identity, using authentic Bermudian flavours, local produce and alwaysfreshly caught fish from local fishermen when available. Chef Frost also explained that the menu reflects produce that is in season, which guarantees the freshest selection possible! A Sneak Peek At The New Menu! Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops & Codfish Cakes

with crisp Pancetta & Caviar Saffron Sauce Grilled Beef Tenderloin Flambé Black Cherry Glaze

Pomme Parisienne & Pearl Onions, Grilled Ratatouille Silky Foie Gras Jus Limoncello

Duo of Lemon & Lime Moose with Berry Compote Pink Sand Cocktail

Absolut Vodka Orange Juice Cranberry Juice De Kuyper - Creme de Bananes *Shaken and strained over ice, then garnished with a Maraschino Cherry and orange slice. TWiB’s favourite evenings to head down The Fairmont Hamilton Princess! Tuesday Fantasea Cruise & Evening BBQ

Sail away on a 1 ½ hour Gosling’s Rum Cruise. When you dock, a BBQ and music by Steel Pan Entertainment await! Cruise & BBQ: $85 | Cruise: $50 (6:00pm – 7:30pm) BBQ: $46 (6:00pm – 10:00pm) at the Flagpole Terrace Friday Afternoon Happy Hour

Welcome to the weekend with Bermuda’s best after-work party! Enjoydrink specials, BBQ food, music and great giveaways! Bring your friends and meet some new ones. It’s Friday and it’s time to celebrate! The Princess Patio on the Heritage Court | 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Sponsored By 69

It’s All Happening

in dockyard

Bermuda Fun Golf By Candice Dickinson

The name says it all. Fun Golf is the newest place to have fun in Bermuda. Located in the Royal Naval Dockyard adjacent to Snorkel Park, Fun Golf features 18 challenging and exciting holes designed to represent the top golf holes in Bermuda, USA and Scotland. Whether you are familiar with these holes or not, it doesn’t matter – you are bound to have FUN. Bermuda Fun Golf is for all levels and is the perfect place for the whole family. The picturesque, panoramic view guarantees a memorable experience. Make sure to stay on the look out for the waterfall flowing into multiple salt-water ponds displaying a variety of Bermudian fish. A sneak peak at what you can expect when you visit the first 6 holes that represent the top holes at Clubs right here in Bermuda! Hole 1 - Mid Ocean # 5

The famous Cape Hole at Mid Ocean Club is one of the most photographed, written about, and copied holes in the golf world. Hole 2 - Belmont Golf Club # 18

Hole 8 plays uphill all the way up to the green, which is guarded by bunker in front and to the right. Hole 3 - Port Royal #16

Port Royal’s signature 16th is widely regarded as one of the greatest par threes in golf and is a crescent-shaped beauty with a ravine dropping down to the Atlantic Ocean between the tee and the pin. Hole 4 - Ocean View #1

A tricky par 5 where you have to cross Barkers Hill road to find the fairway. Hole 5 - Riddles Bay #8

A spectacular hole where you have to play around the bay of Little Sound. Hole 6 - Tuckers Point #9

The elevated green behind the pond makes this a spectacular and tricky hole. 70 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

It’s All Happening

Caddy Shack

The “Caddy Shack” Bar will keep you hydrated and for those who prefer to sit off and watch the game, the bar is stocked with all the goods including nibbles. Say hello to owners Jill Kowalchuk & Hakan Lindgren Cool off with... Peachtree and Cranberry & Peachtree and Sparkling Wine

Special Events Bermuda Fun Golf is the perfect place for friends to get together, a first date, an anniversary, a meet and greet with colleges, a staff get together, a bachelorette or bachelor party and even a wedding! The picturesque panoramic view would be perfect for tying the knot and guests could simply take 10 steps back to get the party started on the course. Catering is available by Bonefish Bar & Grill and Café Amici. Chef Livio Ferigo is bound to tantalize your taste buds with his custom catering menu options. Cakes can be designed and delivered by The Pastry Shop. You are free to use your own contacts as well or just reach out to Bermuda Fun Golf and they will make a few suggestions. Bermuda Fun Golf

Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Tel 441 400 PUTT(7888), Like Bermuda Fun Golf on Facebook Catering options: Livio Ferigo (Bonefish Bar & Grill and Café Amici) Tel 441 234 5151,,

Sponsored By 71

Where to

Eat & Drink Dockyard and Western Parishes

bonefish bar & grill 6 Dockyard Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard Happy atmosphere, fun music, wonderful indoor/outdoor bar and dining, and views of the waterfront. Info: 441 234 5151,

Fairmont Hamilton Princess • Harley’s Restaurant and Terrace • Chef Thomas Frost

CAFÉ Amici Clock Tower Mall, Sandys Enjoy Italian cuisine and culture, breakfast lunch and dinner served, best Pizza in Dockyard. Info: 441 234 5009, CAFÉ LIDO Lido Complex, Elbow Beach This award-winning restaurant, offers an excited menu featuring Mediterranean dishes, local fish and an enticing meat selection. Info: 441 236 9884, East Meets West West At the Golf Academy in Southampton. Bermuda’s Favourite Indian and Continental Cuisine. Info: 441 238 8580 The FROG & ONION PUB Cooperage Building, Royal Naval Dockyard A pub lover’s dream, with everything on the menu named after old English pubs. Great food & great atmosphere. Info: 441 234 2900, 72 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Book online at Call us at 234-2900

A Taste of Land & Sea 441 234 5151 | Open 7 Days A Week Lunch 11:30am - 5:00pm Dinner 6:00pm - 10:30pm Boner Bar open until 1:00am

Enjoy Evening Entertainment!

Italian Culture & Cuisine 441 234 5009 | Open 7 Days A Week Breakfast 9:00am - 11:30am Lunch11:30am - 6:00pm Dinner 6:00pm - 10:00pm Every Sunday Codfish & Potato Breakfast 9:00am - 12:00noon

Join Us For Dinner!



JOIN US FOR A ONE OF A KIND DINING EXPERIENCE For reservations or to find out more information please call +1 (441) 236 9884 or email Lido Complex. On the Sea Terrace, Elbow Beach Hotel, Paget 73

Where to

Eat & Drink Henry VIII Restaurant, Sushi Bar & PUB 69 South Road, Southampton Breath taking views, Old English Charm, traditional English dishes, European cuisine, freshly caught local fish, sushi and live entertainment. Thursday night BBQ back by popular demand! Info: 441 238 1977, Island Cuisine 235 Middle Road, Southampton At Island Cuisine Restaurant we serve great Bermudian home-style cooked food at affordable prices. Info: 441 238 EATS (3287), MICKEY’S BEACH BISTRO Lido Complex, Elbow Beach A unique beach restaurant, serving bistro style dishes in a casual environment. Open every day for lunch and dinner. Info: 441 236 9107, Pizza House Heron Bay Plaza, Southampton. Pizza House, choose from 21 toppings! Info: 441 238 2753 SEABREEZE LOUNGE Lido Complex, Elbow Beach The best space for an al fresco drink and the finest sushi and tapas on the island. Open every day. Info: 441 232 3999,

Enjoy breath taking views while enjoying your meal.

Bermudian & English Dishes

Snorkel Park Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys All in one entertainment destination and beach complex. Info: 441 234 6989,

Take Out Service Live TV Sporting Events

Somerset Country Squire 10 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset Bermuda & English dishes, outside dining and take out service. Info: 441 234 0105


Swizzle Inn - WEST 87 South Shore Road, Warwick. Home of the original rum swizzle, great pub style food, evening entertainment and popular patio. Info: 441 236 7459,

74 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013


Lunch: 11:30am - 4:00pm Dinner: 6:30pm - 10:00pm

10 Mangrove Bay Road, Somerset

441 234-0105


441 295 3314


Conveniently located in Hamilton, offering traditional pub fare, as well as our famous pizza. We offer state of the art satellite coverage of all your favourite sporting events and teams. Sit inside and revel in our lively atmosphere or sit outside on our oversized patio. We offer superior service in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. 25 RICHMOND ROAD, PEMBROKE | 441 295 3314 | WWW.ROBINHOOD.BM







Call us for details... RESERVATIONS CALL 441- 238-1977 EMAIL: HENRYS@LOGIC.BM • WWW.HENRYS.BM 69 South Road, Southampton, Bermuda



Where to

Eat & Drink Hamilton and Central Parishes BOLERO Restaurant & Bar 95 Front Street, City of Hamilton Busy, lively, and bustling Brasserie/Bistro atmosphere, good food, friendly efficient service, and an overall enjoyable relaxed dining experience. Info: 441 292 4507, CHOPSTICKS 88 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Dine in or out Chinese Fare. Info: 441 292 0791, Coconut Rock 20 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Delicious food and now serving Yashi Sushi in the dining room. The bar is open until 2:00am. Info: 441 292 1043, East Meets West EAst Bermudiana Arcade, 2nd Floor 27, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s Favourite Indian and Continental Cuisine. Info: 441 295 8580 FLANAGAN’S IRISH PUB Emporium Building, 69 Front Street, City of Hamilton. Bermuda’s only Irish Pub & Restaurant offering a cozy and friendly atmosphere to both locals and tourists. Info: 441 295 8299,

Mad Hatters Open: Lunch (Mon-Fri) 12 noon - 2pm Dinner (Mon-Sat) 6pm - 9:30pm

Ever Changing Lunch & Dinner Specials 441 297 6231

22 RICHMOND RD, HAMILTON 76 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Restaurant & Bar

441 292 4507 MONDAY - FRIDAY | LUNCH: 11:30am - 2:30pm | DINNER: 6:00pm - 10:30pm SATURDAY | DINNER: 6:00pm - 10:30pm SUNDAY CLOSED


Eat & Drink

The Poor Mans Breakfast Codfish & Potatoes With Barry DeCouto, Flanagan’s Irish Pub & Outback Sports Bar By Candice Dickinson

Back in the day a tradition was born when the average Bermudian would pick up a bag of Codfish, a sack of potatoes, a few eggs, an avocado and a banana for just ten – fifteen shillings, go home and create a delicious breakfast for the whole family that would keep them going all day long! This was known as The Poor Mans Breakfast and today it is the most popular meal across the island on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The tradition is alive and well with many residents and visitors enjoying this delicious meal on weekends both at home and in restaurants, island wide. It is also a really popular dish on Holidays such as Easter Sunday and Christmas morning. These days Codfish is a little harder to find in it’s native Canadian waters making it a little more expensive, however it will still keep you nice and full until the end of the day providing plenty of energy. Flanagan’s serves the authentic Codfish and Potatoes Breakfast with fresh homemade sauces every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am until 5:00pm. Enjoy The Poor Man’s Breakfast on the patio overlooking Hamilton Harbour or in the comfort of the main dinning room surrounded by Irish influenced décor. Barry’s Famous Red Sauce! Some just like to keep it simple with a plain butter sauce which is just butter melted down and some like to have sautéed onions and butter but most love Barry’s homemade Red Sauce. Barry starts by slicing his onions and boiling them in water with a little olive oil. He then drains the water and adds stewed tomatoes and diced tomatoes with a little Lea & Perrins, ketchup, chicken stock, brown sugar and butter. He lets it simmer for about an hour and a half to two hours. Codfish is very salty and so it is important to boil it and change the water two or three times, trying to remove as much salt as possible. When you add the semi sweet Red Sauce overtop it is absolutely tremendous. Enjoy this delicious local Bermudian Tradition with a large coffee or tea. Flanagan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Emporium Building, 69 Front Street, Hamilton. Tel: 441 295 8299 78 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner | Bar | Lounge 141 Front Street, City of Hamilton | 441 292 0777


Mon - Fri 11am to 1am | Sat - Sun 9am to 1am Lunch 11am - 5pm | Dinner 5pm - 11pm FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR Complimentary Roast Beef Carvery & Happy Hour Prices from 4:00pm - 7:00pm FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHTS TOP DJS & KARAOKE (last Friday of the Month) SATURDAY & SUNDAY MORNINGS Traditional Codfish Breakfast (starts at 9:00am)


441 295 8299 79

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Eat & Drink

Harbour Nights bullride Every Wednesday

Test your skills on the Mechanical Bull outside of Coconut Rock on Reid Street, fun for adults & kids.

Angelo’s Bistro Walker Arcade, City of Hamilton A Trip Advisor favourite, your best choice for cappuccino, espresso, fresh local fish and Mediterranean specialties, delicious salads, homemade pastas and sandwiches; you’ll savor sophisticated cuisine legere brilliantly presented. The perfect café and bistro for a late breakfast, lunch or dinner; enjoy a cold beer or a glass of Rosé wine to refresh your afternoon. Located in the heart of the City of Hamilton in the Walker Arcade. serving dinner outdoor / indoor at 6 pm. Al fresco dining on the bistro patio, Free wifi. Info: 441 232 1000 80 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Bermuda’s Best tex-mex Cuisine! 121 Front Street, Hamilton 441 295 1912

dine in Or Out CHinese Fare 88 Reid Street, Hamilton 441 292 0791 81

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Eat & Drink Lemon Tree Cafe 7 Queen Street, City of Hamilton The most unique park setting in all of Bermuda boasts an impressive menu of café classics and hot daily specials inspired by dishes from around the world. Info: 441 292 0235, Lobster Pot & Boathouse Bar 6 Bermudiana Road, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s oldest fish eatery. Info: 441 292 6898, OUTBACK AT FLANAGANS IRISH PUB Emporium Building, 69 Front Street, City of Hamilton. No matter what team you’re routing for, you’ll always have the best seat in the house at Flanagan’s Outback Sport Bar. Info: 441 295 8299, PORTOFINO 20 Bermudiana Road, City of Hamilton Portofino features the best pizza in the islands, and innovative homemade pasta dishes. The menu is extensive and varied, and interesting specials are offered daily. Info: 441 292 2375, ROSA’S 121 Front Street, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s Best Tex-Mex Cuisine. Overlooking Front Street with a cozy patio, a great mix of music, colourful drinks at the bar and an overall warm and friendly atomosphere. Great fun for the whole family. Info: 441 295 1912, Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant 25 Richmond Road, Pembroke Bermuda’s # 1 Sports Bar offers traditional pub fare and their famous pizza. Every Tuesday night is Quiz night! Info: 441 295 3314, Taste One Four One 141 Front Street, City of Hamilton Bermuda’s Newest Tapas Bar & Restaurant! Bistro by day; Tapas Bar by Night Info: 441 292 0777 YASHI 20 Reid Street, City of Hamilton The most delicious Sushi!!! Eat inside Yashi or in the Coconut Rock dining room. Info: 441 296 6226 82 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

REStauRant & BaR

Southampton Tel: 238-8580 (at the Golf Academy)

Bermuda’s favorite Indian and Continental cuisine Dine in everyDay Lunch 11:30am - 2:30pm Dinner 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm Reservations Recommended Take OuT Cafe Monday – Sunday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm


h a m I Lt o n

Tel: 295-8580 (Bermudiana Arcade, 2nd Floor)

Open Monday to Saturday 7:30 am – 10:00 pm of a ner Win Bermud f rd to Bes old awa G

Extensive Indian, Continental and Oriental menu.

Our food has been widely and enthusiastically commended for its flavour, quality and value for money.


R e s ta u R a n t & B o at h o u s e B a R

Bermuda’s premier seafood restaurant for more than 40 years. Sailors and landlubbers meet to enjoy the best in fresh fish and other delicious food for lunch and dinner. This summer, enjoy bistro dining on our patio.

R e s ta u R a n t & B o at h o u s e B a R

Monday to Friday: Lunch: 11:30am to 4:30pm Dinner:

4:30pm until closing

Saturday: 5:30pm until closing Sunday:

6:00pm until closing

Closed Public Holidays

Located on the corner of Bermudiana & Gorham Roads in Hamilton. Reservations

441-292-6898 83

Where to

Eat & Drink Lemon Tree Cafe’s Healthy Plate of the Day (HPOTD) 4oz. Jerk Pan-seared Grouper Fillet with Fresh Mango Salsa 1 1/2 cups House Salad with our homemade diabetic friendly balsamic vinaigrette (or House Salad) 1 Paleo Bar

$14 Eat for Lunch

(or refrigerate & heat up for dinner)

come and join us for Pub night

every wednesday night

harbour nights 5:00pm - 12:00am

monday - friday

breakfast & lunch 7:30am - 3:00pm

haPPy hour every friday bermuda’s haPPiest haPPy hour

5:00pm - 12:00 midnight with

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lemon tree cafe

d.j. uncle

7 Queen St. Hamilton 441 292 0235 |

84 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Swizzle inn South ShoRe & b a i l e y ’ S b ay

Bermuda’s premier pub and restaurant and home of the Rum Swizzle Outdoor patios | Non-smoking areas Family friendly with a kid’s menu Swagger Out gift shop Live entertainment all summer

Open daily from 11am & food served all day Now at two locations!

3 Blue Hole Hill, Bailey’s Bay. Tel 441-293-1854 87 South Shore, Warwick. Tel 441-236-7459 85

Where to

Eat & Drink St. George’s and Eastern Parishes GRIFFINS 6 Rose Hill, St. George’s Club, St. George’s Griffin’s Bistro and Bar at The St. George’s Club is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week except Wednesday. On Sunday we also have the most spectacular extended Brunch 3:00 pm - the “Feast in the East” that is rated as one of the best on the island. Breakfast is also available on Saturday morning. Info: 441 297 1200, ELIANA’S FINE DINING 106 Southroad, St. David’s At Eliana’s choose from premium cuts of steak, seafood & lamb, cooked to perfection. Along with fresh vegetables & salads and the most mouth-watering desserts. Info: 441 777 0555 Pizza House Pizza House, choose from 21 toppings! Shelly Bay Plaza, Hamilton, Parish. Info: 441 293 8465 St. David’s, Southside Info: 441 293 5700 Swizzle Inn - East Bailey’s Bay, Hamilton Parish Home of the original rum swizzle, great pub style food, evening entertainment and popular patio. Info: 441 293 1854, The beach house bar & restaurant Next to Fort St. Catherines, St. George’s The Beach House Bar & Restaurant has one of the most incredible ocean views on the island. Friendly staff, delicious food and great drinks at the bar will keep you coming back over and over again! Info: 441 297 1400, Wahoo’S Waterside Bistro & patio 36 Water Street, St. George’s Bring your family for a nice relaxing meal or come for a romantic dinner where you’ll overlook the moon lit harbour. Info: 441 297 1307, Wong’s golden dragon Restaurant 13 York Street, St. George’s Chinese Takeout Only. Daily Lunch Specials. Open Monday-Saturday. Info: 441 297 0408

Very Special Restaurants at GRIFFIN’S Bistro & Bar Enjoy the splendid view of the historic St. George’s harbour and savour great food and wine in our signature restuarant.

The BEACH HOUSE Bar & Restuarant Over the beach at Fort St. Catherine, it’s a firm favourite of locals and visitors. Fine food and drink and the very best sunsets in Bermuda!

Griffin’s Bistro, St. George’s Club (297-4235) and The Beach House (297-1400) at Fort St. Catherine, St. George’s or on-line at 86 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

“Bermudaʼs Unique Dining Experience” Where you can choose from Premium Cuts of Steak, Seafood & Lamb

“Cooked to Perfection”


Along with Fresh Vegetables & Salads and The Most Mouthwatering Desserts Reservations 777.0555

Open 5:30pm Nightly except Mondays DRESS CODE: Smart Casual

Mini, Small, Medium, Large, X Large & Jumbo



Open Tuesday to Sunday for Lunch & Dinner

36 Water Street, St. George’s 297-1307 87


This Month ENTER TO WIN Livio Ferigo’s Amore Bermuda COOKBOOK!!!

Simply try out Café Amici’s Pizza recipe OR share your own pizza recipe. Visit and share your experience in the Yummy Recipes blog comments section or email We will choose from the comments who wins!!! Visit to download a printable shopping list! Ready, set, GO!

Pizza Amici

Amici Ristorante Pizza

With Prosciutto, Arugula & Parmigiano Reggiano Shavings Serves 2

Ingredients The Dough 3 ½ cups unbleached all-purpose flour 2 packages dry active yeast 1 tsp salt ½ tsp sugar 1 ½ cups lukewarm water ½ tsp olive oil The Toppings 2 28-oz cans whole peeled tomatoes or pizza sauce 2 cups grated mozzarella cheese 2 cups arugula 8 thin slices prosciutto di Parma 1 cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese shavings 1 tsp dried oregano plus more for sprinkling 6 fresh basil leaves, julienned Extra-virgin olive oil

Lindo’s Market & Pharmacy 4 Watlington Road, Devonshire 441.236.5623

88 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

Lindo’s Family Foods & Pharmacy 128 Middle Road, Warwick 441.236.1344

By Air:

Yummy Recipes



Directions OR SEN D US The Dough Y OUR O 1. Place the flour, yeast, salt, and sugar in a mixer fitted with a dough hook. WN & WIN A COOKB OOK! While mixing, gradually add the water and knead on a low speed until dough is firm and smooth, for approximately 10 minutes. 2. Turn the machine off and pour the oil down inside of bowl. Turn the mixer on low for 15 seconds to coat the inside of the bowl and the surface of the dough. 3. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, and let the dough rise in a warm area until doubled in size, approximately 2 hours. The Sauce 1. Pour the tomatoes into a bowl and crush them using your hands. 2. Press all of the juices into bowl, and add the oregano and fresh basil. For the Assembly 1. Preheat the oven to 500ºF. If using a pizza stone place inside oven and preheat for one hour in advance. 2. Punch the dough down and cut it in half. Place one half of dough onto a generously floured work surface. With your hands, form the dough into a loose ball and stretch into a circle shape. With a floured rolling pin, roll the dough into a large circle until very thin. If there are any holes in the dough, pinch the edges back together. To prevent the dough from sticking to the counter, turn it over and add flour as needed. 3. Transfer the dough onto a pizza peel. Ladle a thin layer of tomato sauce onto the dough. Sprinkle grated mozzarella over the surface, about ½-in. from the edge, and sprinkle a pinch of oregano on top. 4. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, or until golden and crispy. Remove from the oven and quickly top with the basil, arugula, slices of prosciutto di parma, and the Parmigiano Reggiano shavings. Finish with a sprinkle of extra-virgin olive oil. Enjoy! This is my all-time favourite pizza!

Café Amici in Dockyard Serving Pizza Amici & lots of other yummy foods

Info: Clock Tower Mall, Sandys 441 234 5009, Drink Suggestion:

Dark ‘n Stormy Gosling’s Black Seal Rum Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer Angostura Bitters fresh lime (sliced) Mix Gosling’s Black Seal Rum with Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer & bitters. Slice lime wedge for a fresh zest. Gosling’s Black Seal Rum & Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer. Available at Gosling’s Stores. 90 This Week in Bermuda | AUGUST 2013

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