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Port Royal Golf Course. Featuring Charl Schwartzel, Bermuda Rory McIlroy, Darren Clarke & Keegan Bradley Thermage is the only non-Blue captures citrus, Cover Photo By: Courtesy of the Department of Tourism

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Liquid Facelift Treatments IPL/Laser Hair Removal & beauty… Botox THE FACELIFT OF THE FUTURE Restylane/Juvederm By Willi Lawrence R.N. Lunchtime Peels WHAT IS BABY BOTOX? Microdermadbrasion As we get older and lose the elasticity in the skin, a Acne that Treatments permanent crease can form leaving a wrinkle is noticeable even without muscle contraction. Botox Facials does not get rid of this type of wrinkle. But it may Vein Treatments help soften. Massage There is no need to end up with a frozen face. I Waxing prefer to under correct unless the patient wants no movement. Botox is increasing as a consumer Eyelash Perm


product where many people only look at price of treatment and not the qualifications and experience of the injector. Therefore they put themselves at risk because any medical treatment can be potentialy if the personat giving them is not trained. Call harmful Ms. Lawrence 295-9963 forproperly free consultation

The newest trend is baby botox (less than the normal amount given) The proper placement of these injections include an artistic evaluation of each patients muscles to achieve the best optimal results. Becoming quite Sea Venture Building, 19 Parliament Street, Hamilton popular with men after they have one treatment they come back for more. They realize it isC. notRomeo changing their| faces but that they lookR.N. like them only Wallis-Heeb Dr. Alexander M.D. Ms Willi Lawrence | Leanda better. Even though the results do not last for years but months the results are so dramatic that it is worth the time and money to get the procedure regularly. It is also preventive. If a muscle can’t move it can’t wrinkle.The research continues and botox may go down in history as one of the most popular drugs for patients suffering as penicillin had such an impact on infectious diseases. So now you know how it became the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world.


Roger Crombie, Horst Augustinovic, Paul Adams, Dr. Edward Harris Address: 13 Addendum Lane, Pembroke HM 07 Mailing: P.O. Box HM 937, Hamilton HM DX. Tel: 441-295-1189 | Fax: 441-295-3445 E-mail: Web:

DERMATOLOGY & SKIN CARE CENTER Thermage Liquid Facelift Treatments IPL/Laser Hair Removal Botox Restylane/Juvederm Lunchtime Peels Microdermadbrasion Acne Treatments Facials Vein Treatments Massage Waxing Eyelash Perm Call Ms. Lawrence at 295-9963 for a Free Consultation SEA VENTURE BUILDING 19 Parliament Street, Hamilton

Dr. Alexander C. Romeo M.D. Ms Willi Lawrence R.N Leanda Wallis-Heeb

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IF YOU ARE NOT WEARING IT, RE-SET IT. Do you want something that is 100% original and uniquely your own, something that will become a family heirloom for generations to come? Swiss Timing is the place to visit, we specialize in remaking old unwanted jewellery. At Swiss Timing we turn broken jewellery into something stunning and new that you may not have even thought possible. With imagination and working with our design team you can have a brand new item created at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase something new. Bring in your old fashion or broken jewellery, maybe you have inherited an old piece that you would like to make into a more updated design. Our design team can create for you something special, something you will treasure for years to come. Give your jewellery an extreme make over, turn a pendant, necklace, earrings and/or ring into a new piece of jewellery. Turn a ring into a pendant; an old pair of earrings into a new ring.

WHERE DO I START YOU MAY ASK? Step 1: Decide what you no longer want or wear. Earrings that have lost their partner, bracelets with dents etc. Step 2: Think about what you would really like to have. What metal 18kt, 14kt or Platinum – white gold or yellow gold. What type and number of gemstones you are looking at. Step 3: Look at pictures of the type of jewellery that you like. Don’t feel bad about bringing in pictures - it will help you describe just exactly what you are looking for. Decide on a budget and be realistic. We will be more than happy to accommodate you. Step 4: Meet with our design team and show/discuss what you have in mind. Step 5: Our design team will sketch ideas for you and you then decide. Step 6: Production begins. Step 7: Lucky Number - Completed project.

AND YOU CAN THEN SHOW IT OFF! As you can see from our Before and After Photo’s the amazing transformations that can be accomplished, with using your imagination along with our design team. Our Master Jeweller John has been in the industry and behind the bench since he was 19 years old. He has a passion for art that he expresses and transforms into jewellery. John has trained in England under the guidance of world class masters.








CALENDAR of events … CULTURAL EVENTS BERMUDA UNDERWATER EXPLORATION INSTITUTE TOURS Tuesdays, 2:00pm - 3:30pm, BUEI, 40 Crow Lane, Pembroke Info: Tel 441 292 7219, email,

BERMUDA CORPORATE GAMES October 28 - 31, Island wide Info: Tel 441 232 9999,

THE GOLD TOUR - WATERVILLE AND PAGET MARSH Wednesdays, 10:00am - 12:00pm, Bermuda National Trust. Waterville, Pomander Road, Paget. Info: Tel 441 236 6483, email ,

KICK START YOUR METABOLISM AT FITNESS BAY RESORT Daily, Fairmont Southampton, Southampton Info: Tel 441 232 2348 or, facebook FitnessBayResortBermuda

BERMUDA INSTITUTE OF OCEAN SCIENCES TOURS Wednesdays, 10:00am, BIOS, 17 Biological Lane, Ferry Reach, St. George’s. Info: Tel 441 297 1880 ext 0,


AFTERNOON HIGH TEA BY SWEET P Wednesdays & Saturdays, 2:00pm - 5:00pm, The Bermuda Perfumery, Stewart Hall, Queen Street, Town of St. George Info: Tel 441 747 2060, email GOMBEY SATURDAYS IN THE PARK Saturdays, 12:00noon - 1:00pm, Queen Elizabeth Park, (Queen Street entrance), City of Hamilton Live Entertainment: 12:00noon – 12:40pm Gombey Performance: 12:40pm – 1:00pm Info: Free, Tel 441 292 0023, SATURDAY MOVIES AT THE BERMUDA NATIONAL LIBRARY Saturdays, 11:00am & 2:00pm, ‘Par-la-Ville’, 13 Queen Street, City of Hamilton Info: Free, Tel 441 295 2905, email ART IN THE COMMUNITY ART ON THE TOWN October 7th, 11:00am - 3:00pm, Water Street, Town of St. George’s Info: Free, Tel 441 516 1816, email MASTERWORKS MUSEUM OF BERMUDA ART Monday - Saturday, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Botanical Gardens, South Road, Paget Info: tel 441 236 2950, WINDJAMMER II GALLERY Daily, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel, Ground Floor *Various artists featured including an in studio painter Info: Free, Tel 441 295 1783, email BERMUDA NATIONAL GALLERY: THE BERMUDA BIENNIAL EXHIBITION October 1 - 31, Monday to Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm, Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm, Bermuda National Gallery, 1st Floor, City Hall & Arts Centre, 17 Church Street, Hamilton *Thursday Tours @ 10:30am Info: Free, Tel 441 295 9428,, SPORTS 22ND ANNUAL ROUND THE SOUND SWIMATHON October 14th, 10:00am - 12:15pm, Harrington Sound, Hamilton Parish Info: Tel 441 238 0652, 16TH ANNUAL BREAST CANCER FUN WALK October 17th, 6:00pm, Barr’s Bay Park, Pitt’s Bay Road, City of Hamilton. Info: Tel 441 236 1001,

1ST ANNUAL BHS OKTOBERFEST BEER & BAVARIAN FOOD TASTING October 5th, 5:30pm - 8:30pm, Queen Elizabeth Hall (QEH) on the School Campus. Info: Tel 441 278 3004, THE GILBERT & SULLIVAN SOCIETY - MET OPERA DONIZETTI’S L’ELISIR D’AMORE October 27th, 5:00pm - 8:30pm, Tradewinds Auditorium at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. Info: $35, $30 for students, or purchase at door CHEWSTICK FOUNDATION’S LEGENDARY OPEN-MIC JAM SESSION Sundays, 8:00pm – 1:00am, The Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge & Café, Corner of Court and Elliott Streets, City of Hamilton Info: Tel 441 292 2439, HOT FUN IN THE SUMMERTIME AT THE FAIRMONT HAMILTON PRINCESS Daily Events, The Fairmont Hamilton Princess, 76 Pitt’s Bay Road, Pembroke Info: Tel 441 295 3000 , FLANAGANS & OUTBACK SPORTS BAR Weekly Entertainment, Front Street, Hamilton Info: Tel: 441 295 8299, SWIZZLE INN BAILEYS BAY & SOUTH SHORE Weekly Entertainment, 3 Blue Hole Hill Info: Tel 441 293 1854 Weekly Events, 87 South Shore, Warwick Info: Tel 441 236 7459 FROG & ONION PUB LIVE ISLAND MUSIC Weekly Entertainment, Royal Naval Dockyard Info: Tel 441 232 0571 BONER BAR - BONEFISH BAR & GRILL Weekly Entertainment, Royal Naval Dockyard Info: Tel 441 234 5151, ‘DEATH BY DISCO’ DINNER, DISCO AND DRAMA Mondays & Thursdays, 7:30pm, Shine’s House of Music, 91 Reid Street, City of Hamilton Info: Tel 441 293 9092 LEMON TREE CAFE - HAPPY HOUR Fridays, 5:00pm - 9:00pm, 7 Queen Street, City of Hamilton Info: Free. Tel 441 292 0235 VICTORIA GRILL “RUM BAR” HAPPY HOUR Fridays, 29 Victoria Street, City of Hamilton Info: Tel 441 296 5050



AXIS ADRENALINE PROJECTS AXIS ADRENALINE WATERSPORTS Tel 441 537 1114 | What inspired you to start AXIS Adrenaline Projects?

Being on the water in the charter industry is something I have loved to do and have been a part of for well over 10 years. After taking a break for a couple of years while raising twins, Bryson and Savannah, I decided to start up a company that puts the “sports” back in “watersports”. I figured it was my best opportunity to get back out there.. My wife, Jenna, instilled into me that if you genuinely love what you do, you can’t fail. My passion for the sports, love of this magical island, friends and my family have inspired me to take those risks and make AXIS Adrenaline Projects happen. READ MORE ON WWW.THISWEEK.BM



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GOLF across

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NO TRICKS, JUST THE TOUGHEST TICKET IN THE GAME The elite foursome in golf gathers as the fall island breezes caress Bermuda, a just reward for having succeeded where others have failed – a major championship. Four events set between April and August, like imposing concrete markers, have guided this foursome representing the game’s premier performers. Established in 1979, the PGA Grand Slam of Golf is a two-day, 36-hole showdown matching professional golf ’s best against each other for a $1.35 million purse. They play in front of a television audience of more than 100 countries. The ticket to stepping on the tee is simply the most difficult in the sport. In bridge, a “grand slam” is winning all of the 13 tricks in a deal. In golf, if you win one of an honored quartet of competitions – no tricks – you have defined a career. But, what a hand a golfer is dealt throughout a season! It is a roll of the dice that demands only the best may apply. Can you navigate the slick nuances of Augusta National’s greens in April? Can you battle par through the narrow chutes and demands of a U.S. Open venue in June? Are you up to a July journey across the Atlantic to face uncertain bounces and ever-changing weather of an Open Chamiponship? Or, try your grip in the heat of August while shaping shots against the perennially strongest field of the year at a PGA Championship. If you can keep your wits about you, steady yourself and keep your chin up, you just may step to the tee and contend for the crystal Champion of Champions honor. Sixty-eight players, many of them among the legendary performers in the game, have competed in a PGA Grand Slam of Golf. The 30th edition of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf makes its sixth visit to the island of Bermuda, following successful appearances at Port Royal Golf Course in Southampton Parish. The 2007 and 2008 competitions were held at the island’s Mid Ocean Club. Port Royal Golf Course was deemed by the late architect Robert Trent Jones Sr. as his finest work outside of the United States. A public layout that opened for play in 1970, Port Royal Golf Course underwent a $13.7 million renovation that extended the layout 281 yards to 6,842 yards. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf is hosted by the Bermuda Department of Tourism and the Fairmont Southampton.

By Bob Denney

PGA Grand Slam of Golf Results Through the Years


9th 1991 10th 1992 11th 1993 12th 1994 13th 1995 14th 1996 15th 1997 16th 1998 17th 1999 18th 2000 19th 2001 20th 2002 21st 2003 22nd 2004 23rd 2005 24th 2006 25th 2007 26th 2008 27th 2009 28th 2010 29th 2011


Kauai Lagoons Resort, Ian Woosnam (69-66–135), Ian Baker-Finch (68-71–139), Kauai, Hawaii Payne Stewart (70-71–141), John Daly (73-70–143) PGA West, La Quinta, Nick Price* (70-67–137), Tom Kite (75-62–137), Calif. Fred Couples (71-71–142), Nick Faldo (72-71–143) PGA West, La Quinta, Greg Norman (71-74–145), Paul Azinger (75-72–147), Calif. Lee Janzen (74-74–148), Bernhard Langer (78-70–148) Poipu Bay Resort GC, Greg Norman (70-66–136), Nick Price (70-69–139), Kauai, Hawaii Ernie Els (72-71-143), José Maria Olazábal (74-70–144) Poipu Bay Resort GC, Ben Crenshaw (72-68–140), Steve Elkington (71-70–141), Kauai, Hawaii Corey Pavin (71-70–141), John Daly (75-73–148) Poipu Bay Resort GC, Tom Lehman (68-66–134), Steve Jones (70-66–136), Kauai, Hawaii Nick Faldo (67-72–139), Mark Brooks (74-73–147) Poipu Bay Resort GC, Ernie Els (68-65–133), Tiger Woods (66-70–136), Kauai, Hawaii Davis Love III (71-67–138), Justin Leonard (77-72–149)+ Poipu Bay Resort GC, Championship: Tiger Woods def. Vijay Singh, 2-up Kauai, Hawaii** Third Place: Lee Janzen def. Mark O’Meara, 1-up Poipu Bay Resort GC, Championship: Tiger Woods def. Davis Love III, 3 and 2 Kauai, Hawaii** Third Place: José Maria Olazábal def. Paul Lawrie, inj. Default Poipu Bay GC, Tiger Woods* (71-68–139), Vijay Singh (69-70–139), Kauai, Hawaii Tom Lehman (73-70–143), Paul Azinger (74-75–149) Poipu Bay GC, Tiger Woods (67-65–132), David Toms (68-67–135), Kauai, Hawaii Retief Goosen (66-71–138), David Duval (76-72–148) Poipu Bay GC, Tiger Woods (66-61–127#), Davis Love III (72-69–141), Kauai, Hawaii Justin Leonard (69-72–141), Rich Beem (72-73–145) Poipu Bay GC, Jim Furyk (67-68–135), Mike Weir (72-71–143), Kauai, Hawaii Shaun Micheel (75-70–145), Ben Curtis (73-73–146) Poipu Bay GC, Phil Mickelson (68-59##-127#), Vijay Singh (66-66-132), Kauai, Hawaii Retief Goosen (65-68-133), Todd Hamilton (70-75-145) Poipu Bay GC, Tiger Woods (67-64-131), Phil Masculine (70-68-138), Kauai, Hawaii Michael Campbell (73-70-143), Vijay Singh (75-69-144) Poipu Bay GC, Tiger Woods (70-66-136), Jim Furyk (67-71-138), Kauai, Hawaii Geoff Ogilvy (68-74-142), Mike Weir (71-74-145) Mid Ocean Club, Angel Cabrera* (68-68—136), Padraig Harrington (67-69-136), Tucker’s Town, Bermuda Jim Furyk (71-67—138), Zach Johnson (71-68—139) Mid Ocean Club, Jim Furyk* (68-68-136), Padraig Harrington (68-68-136), Tucker’s Town, Bermuda Retief Goosen (70-71-141), Trevor Immelman (76-69-145) Port Royal Golf Course, Lucas Glover (65-66-131), Angel Cabrera (70-66-136), Southampton, Bermuda Stewart Cink (67-70-137), Y.E. Yang (71-70-141) Port Royal Golf Course, Ernie Els (68-69-137), David Toms (67-71-138), Southampton, Bermuda Graeme McDowell (72-73-145), Martin Kaymer (74-71-145) Port Royal Golf Course, Keegan Bradley (67-71-138), Charl Schwartzel (74-65-139), Southampton, Bermuda Rory McIlroy (67-75-142), Darren Clarke (77-74-151)

The PGA Grand Slam of Golf has been contested over many of the nation’s finest golf courses in an annual showcase of golfing greats, such as Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, and on to many of the newest constellation of stars – Graeme McDowell, Rory McIlroy, Louis Oosthuizen and Keegan Bradley. TNT is a part of Turner Broadcasting System and has broadcast the PGA Grand Slam of Golf since 1991. TNT has a U.S. audience of 88.9 million homes during its special prime-time telecast. The foursome on the tee in Bermuda are members of the most exclusive club in all of sports. Forgive them if they pause a moment longer taking in those breezes on the first tee. They have earned the trip. Bob Denney is The PGA of America’s Senior Association Writer.


Contestants (Scores)




*At Mickeys’s enjoy a casual lunch with your toes in the sand or a romantic dinner under the stars. SEA BREEZE LOUNGE & TERRACE

60 th year

What is the Bermuda Goodwill Tournament? It is the longest running Pro-Am in history, founded in 1953 by the Bermuda Golf Association to promote the island of Bermuda and bestow goodwill upon all who participate. The Bermuda Goodwill takes place on Bermuda’s best courses, including Port Royal Golf Course, home to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. The event features four days of competition, over four different courses and a maximum of 120 pro-am teams. The 72-hole stroke play competition has teams comprised of one club professional and three amateur players with December 3 – 7, participants playing in both an individual pro2012 and a team event. Come to Bermuda and enjoy the camaraderie and competition In 2009, a ladies division was also introduced.  Past tournaments have that is the Bermuda Goodwill Golf Tournament. brought teams to Bermuda from the United States, Canada, the UK and

Theteam 2006event event hosted teams ThisEurope. four per son, includes o n e115 p ro fes s io n a lfrom a n d t countries hree a m at euthat r s froincluded m yo u r ho m e golf England, club, scored in both and net is ioUnited n s. Co mStates.  e a n d p lThe ay Ber mu d a ’s b esof t cthe o u r s es , Spain, Italy,g ross Canada andd ivthe popularity Por t Royal Golf Club, Riddell’s Bay Go l f & Co u n t r y C l u b, M id O c ea n C l u b a n d Tu c ker ’s Po in t event stems from the reason that the tournament was formed in 1953; the Club. Enjoy catc hing up with old fr ien d s a n d m a kin g n ew o n es w h il e yo u v ie fo r t he t it l e opportunity to develop camaraderie, of the Ber muda Goodwill Champion. Fa n t a s t icfellowship a c c o m m o d atand io n the p a c kability a g es avato il a meet bl e at and some of Ber muda’s es t ho t el p roin p erone t ies. of the most beautiful match abilities with fellow golffinenthusiasts settings in the world.

*At Seabreeze enjoy an extensive selection of tapas and sushi under the open sky while listening to relaxed lounge music. LIDO RESTAURANT

The tournament field is divided into four flights and teams play 18 holes each atr e Port Bay Mid For mo i n f o rRoyal m a t i o n Golf a b o u t Club, B e r m u dRiddell’s a or the Go o d w iGolf l l G o l& f TCountry o u r n a m e n t Club, visit G o T o B e r m u d a . c o m o r w w w. b e r m u d a g o o d w i l l . b m Ocean Club and Tucker’s Point Club. There will be many prizes, including daily team low gross and low net, longest drive and closest to the pin competitions. Professionals will compete in a 72-hole Stableford tournament with a professional purse in three sections: Men’s Junior Division, Men’s Senior Division (50+) and the Ladies Division. The event offers club professionals the opportunity to invite their members for a great week of golf and special events in Bermuda. Pro-Am teams are comprised of one club professional and three amateurs. The tournament was run from its inception by the Bermuda Golf Association. From 2001 until 2011 the tournament was run by To-A-Tee, but with Alex taking the position of Director of Golf at Port Royal,  the BGA are once again proud to be organizing and running the event for 2012, especially as it is the 60th playing.   The event has been completely rebranded with a totally new “Bermuda” feel to all the marketing material.  

We are offering local retail businesses, restaurants and bars the opportunity to join the ‘Bermuda Goodwill Circle’ - offering merchandise and/or services to our Goodwill participants and their spouses and partners as value added or discounts during the Bermuda Goodwill week.

*At Lido discover sophisticated oceanfront dining with modern ambiance, an innovative mix of seafood specialties with Mediterranean touches.


The BGA have been working very closely with the Bermuda Department of Tourism locally and overseas in order to promote the event. Susie Kendell Marshall and Nicholas Mansell with assistance from BDOT have been able to drive interest in the event which will mean a minimum of 100 teams this year (we can take a maximum of 120) and plan to reach the maximum number of teams for 2013. The goal is to have a waiting list for this event and to return the celebrated competition to glory as one of Bermuda’s premier sporting attractions. Visit us at and our Facebook page and Twitter @BermudaGoodwill. 

Paul Adams | PGA Director of Golf Rosewood Tucker’s Point | 441.298.6930 | 441.300.6930


HERITAGE MATTERS … A Good Year for Weed

By Dr. Edward Harris, MBE In days of old in Bermuda, Sargassum was referred to as ‘Gulf Stream seaweed’.

Farmers spread Sargassum weed on their gardens, from Graham Foster’s great mural at the National Museum. Unsmokeable Sargassum weed clogs a bay within Ely’s Harbour in the far west of Bermuda. It is common for a pile of it to wash up once a year for a relatively short period, but we have never in recent memory had so much of it for so long and seen such huge mats or lines of it from the air.—Tanya Clovis-Howie, August 2011, Sargassum at Tobago. The Sargasso Sea is geographically exceptional as is created, sustained and contained, not by the shorelines of countries or continents, but by four of the great currents of the North Atlantic, the only land within its oceanic limits being Bermuda. That containment in 2011 was interrupted, perhaps by hurricanes, so that from West Africa to Aruba, it was a very good year for weed—Sargassum, that is—though it might also have been a good one for the vernacular type. Moving clockwise, or westward, at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea, at six o’clock, the North Equatorial Current starts the ovoid trend of water around the North Atlantic. That feeds into the Antilles Current that joins the Gulf Stream around nine o’clock, which, being the mightiest stream in the world (without river banks) sends the water to twelve o’clock, where it is picked up by the North Atlantic Drift, flowing eastwards towards the Old World. From two o’clock or so, the Canary Current enters the race and carries the water downwards through three to six o’clock, to complete the circle by meeting with the North Equatorial Current. Those monumental eddies form the edge of a massive mixing bowl, or gyre, within which the Sargasso Sea is formed, an often quiet arena for the growth of its signature weed, Sargassum, which reached the shores of Bermuda in great quantities in 2011, the only dry land within that ocean within an ocean. The weed, according to biologists, is a plant-motel for many types of animal life; it is the nursery for many fish and other marine creatures and in addition makes a great fertilizer. In days gone by, Bermudians harvested a lot of Sargassum from the shoals of weed that came ashore in the late autumn and early winter. In 2011, as reported in the West Indies and

Bermuda lies in the northwest quadrant of the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic. elsewhere, there has been, for reasons unknown, a bumper crop of weed. The rotting weed in the sea, if stuck in a bay or harbour, gives off hydrogen sulphide, causing one elite hotel in the West Indies to close for a month in the summer of 2011. Of late, the Bermuda Government and a coalition of organizations have formed the ‘Bermuda Alliance for the Sargasso Sea’ to promote the protection of the great natural heritage of that sea. Some perhaps would like to see that ‘ocean with an ocean’ declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: it is a worthy such cause. Sargassum weed is a part of the heritage of Bermuda, predating human occupation by many thousands of years. Unlike the cultural heritage, some of which is going bad on the vine, perhaps it is time to return to the old tradition of leaving this heritage to rot on the beaches, to do its own thing for the betterment of dune ecology, and to return to the annual ritual of harvesting it to make better Bermuda bananas, to say nothing of onions, cedars and palmettos. READ MORE ON WWW.THISWEEK.BM



… that per mile, the Bermuda Railway was the most expensive railway ever built? – Part 2 By Horst Augustinovic The Hamilton-Somerset section was completed first, the maiden voyage taking place on Hallowe’en in 1931, when 150 local dignitaries, including the Governor, boarded the train in Hamilton for a trip to Somerset. On an upgrade, the train stalled and half the passengers had to walk up the hill – the beginning of a rather checkered career! When the Hamilton – St. George’s section was completed in December 1931, costs had reached £1 million, making it the most expensive railway, per mile, ever built. At 2.5 miles per year, the rate of construction was also the slowest ever achieved. During World War II, Bermuda’s railway was heavily used for both passenger and material transport, especially during the building of the U.S. Naval Base. During 1945 alone, 1,600,000 passengers travelled on the railway – the peak usage of the system – and still the company did not show a profit. Without proper maintenance and replacement of rolling stock, concern soon mounted as to the safety of the entire system, especially the wooden trestle bridges, which were showing signs of rot. While the restricted use of motor vehicles by the various armed forces was permitted during the war, many Bermudians pressed for the general use of motor cars once hostilities terminated in 1945. Anticipating a great reduction in traffic and faced with massive repair bills, the privately-owned Bermuda Railway Company sold out to the Bermuda Government in January 1946 for £115,000. During 1947 the passenger count fell to 662,000. Rather than spend the estimated $850,000 on repairs, the Government decided to sell the Bermuda railway – lock, stock and barrel – to the Government of British Guiana. On 31 December 1947, the last train left for Somerset and dismantling began. Eight months later, the Bermuda Railway, having carried 14 million passengers in its 17-year history, sailed for British

– Email comments to:

The Bermuda Railway made up for any shortcomings by providing passengers the most spectacular vistas of Bermuda. Here, the train is seen on a trestle at Bailey’s Bay.

Guiana, where it continued to operate between Georgetown and New Amsterdam. Meanwhile, Bermuda fell under the spell of the motor car and despite the assurances of the proponents of private cars that they would never number more than 500, there are now around 25,000 private cars on Bermuda’s 20.5 square miles. And as the population has increased to some 68,000, the total number of vehicles, including motorized cycles, has reached well over 50,000! All that is left of the Bermuda Railway now is the Railway Trail – a scenic right-of-way for both visitors and Bermudians to enjoy and remind us of the “good old days”. More information about the Bermuda Railway can be found in Colin Pomeroy’s ‘The Bermuda Railway. Gone – But Not Forgotten!” available in Bermuda book stores.



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By Simona Terceira

EDWARD BARNES Assistant Manager, Mad Hatters ‘But I don’t want to go among mad people’ Alice remarked. Oh you can’t help that’ said the cat… There is always something about one’s experience at Mad Hatters that brings people back again and again. Maybe it is the fantastic food and the excellent service or perhaps it is the silly hats that everyone tries on during their meal. A new reason to stop by Mad Hatters is their newly updated wine list! Gosling’s has really done it this time offering new additions to the wine list from every corner of the globe. If you’ve never been to Mad Hatters, it is an absolute “must do” when you’re visiting Bermuda.

KRISHNA HARI THAPA Red Carpet Restaurant


Having explored the cuisines of Nepal and China, Chef Hari packed his bags and came to Bermuda in 1999. He came to Red Carpet and fell in love with the restaurant. After 14 years of working every day, Chef Hari is still as happy and excited to create daily specials as he was on his first day. Now let’s meet Chef Hari.   Chef Hari you’ve been with Red Carpet for 14 years now. Please tell us a few words about the restaurant and why Red Carpet is so special for you.   Red Carpet is located in the City of Hamilton. The restaurant is housed in the Armoury building, which is over 150 years old. Red Carpet is very popular at lunch, especially among local politicians and business people. If you are shopping in Hamilton, this is a great place for lunch. At dinner customers can dine in an unhurried relaxed atmosphere taking their time with deliciously prepared food. I have always been treated, as I was part of Red Carpet family, I was never treated as an employee, for this reason I am still here after 14 years and plan on staying for many more. YOU’VE MENTIONED THAT RED CARPET IS VERY POPULAR AMONG THE POLITICIANS. IF YOU HAD TO COOK A MEAL FOR OUR PREMIER PAULA COX, WHAT WOULD YOU COOK FOR HER? If it is summer time I will create a special Asian dish. I love to cook Asian food; as a matter of fact you can often find Asian dishes in my daily specials. If it is wintertime I will cook something similar to a stew, using all local products, maybe a local fish stew with local vegetables. HOW DO YOU KEEP THE MENU EXCITING FOR YOUR REGULAR CUSTOMERS? I do have specials every day, however, sometimes my regular customers will create their own dishes. They choose different items from the menu and they ask me to put something together. From September 1 to March 31 we serve local lobster. We are well known for our lobsters. Every customer that has been at Red Carpet and had lobster said that we have the best lobster on the island. IF OUR READERS ARE COMING TO RED CARPET FOR DINNER WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND? APPETIZER: LOBSTER CANNELLONI – This is a dish with local lobster meat, special seasonings and a blend of fresh vegetables.   WINE SUGGESTION Pairing by April Gosling Naude   POULLY FUISSE, LOUIS LATOUR, France MAIN COURSE: SEAFOOD KETTLE - ‘St David’s’ made with lobster, shrimp, mussles, fish served with wine, sherry peppers, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and a touch of cream curry.   WINE SUGGESTION Pairing by April Gosling Naude   CHABLIS FOURCHAUME 1ER CRU, J MOREAU, France

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MAD HATTERS LET’S FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS AMAZING RESTAURANT FROM EDWARD. WHY IS MAD HATTERS DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER RESTAURANT ON THE ISLAND? Mad Hatter is different for many reasons. The menu is purposefully small as each night we have a wonderful list of local specials to choose from. From starter to dessert the food is simply delicious. In essence, there are almost as many specials as there are set dishes on the short menu. Unlike almost all restaurants on the island a 15-17% gratuity is not added to the bill, so we are very motivated to give the best service possible. The ambiance is lively, the food is exceptional, but what really puts it over the top are the hats. Yes, the hats. There are hundreds of hats to choose from - anything from a princess tiara to a police helmet or maybe you would like to have flamingos dancing on your head. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL EVENTS COMING UP IN OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER? In October we do a ‘Steel Sommelier’ night (similar idea to televisions ‘Iron Chef ’). This event will be Gosling’s v Gosling’s. They won’t be given the menu until 2 days prior and then two Sommeliers from Gosling’s will come and pair each course with a glass of wine. There will be a set menu consisting of two appetizers, a main course and desert; each customer receives a card where they can score the Sommelier’s choices. At the end of the night a winner will be declared and the customers leave Mad Hatters with a better understanding on how to pair wine with their meal. Be sure to try one of Mad Hatter’s special drinks, Ed shares his favourite cocktails. RIBENA SPICED ICE COFFEE DeKuyper Blackberry Mount Gay Liqueur Eclipse Rum Van Gogh Espresso Absolut vodka Vodka DeKuyper Triple Sec 1 shot of espresso Sour mix Regular coffee Sprite Heavy cream FIRE BIRD Brown sugar Bombay Sapphire gin SCREAMING COSMO DeKuyper Triple Sec Kettle One Vodka Pineapple juice Patron Silver Tequila Coca Cola Cranberry juice Grenadine Fresh lime Orange juice

Visit or find Madhatters on Facebook. Don’t forget that Mad Hatters is a hidden gem on the island. Reservations are a must.

Bistro LoBsterfest is BACK

Bermuda’s Best Lobster is back by popular demand. Half-lobster $35 and a Whole-lobster $60. Enjoy this delicious seasonal treat on the side walk or on our covered patio.

pArty heAdQUArters BerMUdA Bistro At the BeACh 103 front street hAMiLton

BreAKfAst And sports

We show all EPL and NFL games on our flat screens in the bar. Our full English Breakfast is legendary and our Eggs Benedict is always a winner.

$10 off

Any BottLe of wine or ChAMpAgne ALL seAson with LoBster.


BLoody MAry or CeAser with BreAKfAst Before noon

441 292 0219 seven dAys A weeK open froM 9:00AM

ALL dAy MenU

Our all day menu is served until midnight every day and features fresh local seafood, prime cut steaks, pub fare, pizza, classic sandwiches, and the island’s best burger!!


Best BUrger

dinner served UntiL Midnight

Longest hAppy hoUr

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays join us from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. Come and join us every Friday from 12noon -10:00pm for Bda’s longest happy hour!!

nfL speCiAL

Corona’s for $3 during all games. Monday & Thursday Games Included. Thursday Quiz night at 8:00pm with cash prizes.

ChristMAs pArty?

Book now, our 3 course menu’s start at $29. Our place or yours! Please call 292 0219 or email


hAppy hoUr footBALL & QUiZ night



w w w . t h e b e a c h b e r m u d a . c o m


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THE SALT ROCK GRILL & SUSHI BAR By Candice Dickinson & Simona Terceira

Overlooking Somerset’s tranquil Mangrove Bay, Salt Rock Grill sits hillside, greeting passers-by. Dine on the terrace with beautiful nightly sunsets and breathtaking panoramic views, inside the charming dining room, still in its original form when the establishment was The Loyalty Inn 7 years ago or relax in the main lounge where the sushi bar and main bar are located. Enjoy locally caught fish, Bermuda lobster during Lobster Season, some of the best Beef on the island, and if sushi is your passion, choose from 36 special rolls, mouthwatering fresh sashimi and more.



Main Bar

Sushi Bar

Dining Room

Main Lounge

20% Off Lunch & Dinner

WEDNESDAY FAMILY NIgHT | MAgIcIAN one child per adult eats free

On Friday and Sunday nights during dinner on the terrace, Bermuda’s Native Percent Band keeps you entertained from 8:00pm until 11:00pm and pianist and vocalist Wayne Davis sets the stage on  Sundays from 6:30pm until 9:30pm.


At Salt Rock Grill watch live sports in the lounge, indulge in innovative dinner specials daily; weekly drink specials and a very affordable wine list. Also featured is an extensive cocktail list filled with delicious island inspired drinks. Salt Rock Grill is a very popular local restaurant where the only thing casual is the dress code and the only thing they overlook is the ocean.


441 295 8299 Photo by Charles Anderson ©

w w w . F L A N A g A N S . B M


Jimmy who would be our server greeted us. Full of personality he won our hearts instantly and we knew that we were in good hands. He started us with a fresh sushi platter from the sushi bar and the Avocado, Chicken and Mango Salad. The sushi was amazing and the best part is that you can sit right at the sushi bar and have it prepared before your eyes if you wish. The salad was fresh and delicious, featuring juicy sliced chicken breast, plump slices of mango, thick cut chunks of avocado and topped with a curry mayo dressing. Next Jimmy brought us two entrées from the dinner menu. The entrée was Cajun Rubbed Atlantic Salmon, he explained, was pan fried over a bed of garlic almond roasted green beans and topped with a zingy mango salsa complimented with a mashed potato tower. We really didn’t even need the mango salsa, the salmon was perfectly seasoned but when we tasted the combination it was a delicious blend quickly to become a new favourite. The Cowboy Steak, a 9 ½ oz bone-in-rib-eye served with sautéed onions and mushrooms complimented by a side of port stilton jus, was served with just enough onion rings to get us excited! A little naughty treat on the side, I thought. Fresh vegetables including green beans with almonds, cauliflower, zucchini, potatoes, pumpkin and carrots also tickled our fancy and were absolutely delicious, every last bite. COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS:


Bermuda Triangle Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, Gosling’s Gold Rum, Bermuda Gold Liqueur and Orange Juice Mandingo’s Gringo’s Lady Gosling’s Black Seal Rum, De Kuyper Crème de Bananas, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine & Lime Juice


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RIB-EYE STEAK with Garlic Buttered Snails

Cooking at home can be a fun, challenging and rewarding affair. All you need is a good recipe, fresh ingredients, a nice bottle of wine and a little patience. Each month check out our What’s Cooking column for a suggested evening of cooking at home. THIS MONTH ENTER TO WIN CHEF JONNY ROBERT’S COOKBOOK

CHEF’S DON’T FEEL PAIN Simply try out one or all of the recipes featured, and tell us how you made out on Be sure to use the shopping list featured below from Lindos and visit www. to download a printable version.

Appetizer Camembert Baked In Its Box Main Rib-Eye Steak with Garlic Buttered Snails Dessert Knickerbocker Glory

CAMEMBERT baked in its box

Serves 2 1 Small Ripe Camembert in its box Drizzle of White Wine Sprig of Rosemary or Thyme Warm Crusty Bauette Heat your oven to 450°F. Take the Camembert from its box and remove the wrapping from the cheese. Replace the cheese in its box and with a small knife prick the cheese a few times. Drizzle a little white wine over it and put a sprig of rosemary or thyme on the top. Replace the lid and put the box on an ovenproof tray in the oven for 20-30 minutes. Remove the lid and herb sprig and indulge! Using a spoon, smooth the rich, creamy cheese onto warm, thick, crusty slices of baguette. WINE SUGGESTION: MOËT CHANDON BRUT IMPERIAL N/V Suggested by April Gosling Naude. Available at Gosling’s Stores

Congratulations to our September Winners

Nicky DeSilva & Wendy Johnson who received an Amore Bermuda Cookbook by Livio Ferigo

Serves 2 2 Rib-Eye Steaks each weighing 8-10 ounces Olive Oil 16 snails 1 large peeled, finely chopped clove of Garlic 1 large peeled, finely chopped Shallot Splash of Brandy 2 ounces Butter Flat Parsley Finely Shredded with a Knife 1 ounce bread crumbs Coarse Sea Salt Milled Pepper Season the steaks with salt and pepper. In a hot frying pan or skillet with a little olive oil, pan-fry the steaks to your liking. Remove and set aside. In the same pan add the butter, sweat the shallots and garlic and add the snails. Pour in the Brandy and flame. Add the parsley and breadcrumbs. Spoon the garlic snails over the steaks and serve.

WINE SUGGESTION: HARDYS NOTTAGE HILL SHIRAZ Suggested by April Gosling Naude. Available at Gosling’s Stores


Serves 2 Scoops of any flavour Ice Cream Whipped Cream Chocolate Syrup Strawberry Sauce Chopped Fresh Fruit and/or Berries Chopped Nuts Glâce Cherries Wafers

Layer all or some of the ingredients in a tall glass, however you want. For a classic finish though, you must top it off with a glâce cherry and a wafer! Make sure you have a spoon with a long handle!

WINE: ERRAZURIZ LATE HARVEST SAUVIGNON BLANC Suggested by April Gosling Naude. Available at Gosling’s Stores

YOUR LINDO’S SHOPPING LIST: Camembert in its box Rosemary or Thyme 2 Rib-Eye Steaks Olive Oil 16 snails Cloves of Garlic

Sponsored by:

Shallots Splash of Brandy White Wine Butter Flat Parsley Bread Crumbs

Sea Salt Milled Pepper Ice Cream Whipped Cream Chocolate Syrup Strawberry Sauce

Chopped Fresh Fruit and/or Berries Chopped Nuts Glâce Cherries Wafers

Lindo’s Market & Pharmacy 4 Watlington Road, Devonshire 441.236.5623 Lindo’s Family Foods & Pharmacy 128 Middle Road, Warwick 441.236.1344

Visit and share your experience cooking at home with our suggested recipes. You might WIN an CHEF’s DON’T FEEL PAIN Cookbook!!!

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Oct2012 - This Week in Bermuda Tabloid  

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