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Yoga with Tali by Geminii Photography

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Happy New Year! Now, about those goals…

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By candice Dickinson

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Who says you can’t accomplish all of your New Year resolutions in 2013 - the year has just begun after all. Keep your goals realistic; close to your heart and every so often tell yourself that failure to succeed is just not an option.

fax 441.295.3445 web thisWeekBermuda

Whether you want to trim down, find that perfect job, meet the partner of your dreams, spend more quality time with your family or take a special trip, it can all be done with a little patience and a side order of trial and error. Try writing down your goals and keeping them in a safe and private place. Check in weekly to refresh your mind and at the end of each month, make a few notes on your progress. You may likely reach the end of January and think, I really didn’t have time to even think about these resolutions. Don’t feel bad, there are more of us in that boat than you might think – and in 2013 sinking is not an option. Try setting a few goals within each goal to break it down even further. Then at the end of the next month review and reflect. Make a few more notes on how you might approach things a little differently moving forward and each month you will get closer and closer to your goals. The key is communication… with yourself. Think about it. Happy New Year & Good Luck!

Queen of


of the month


Queen of Hearts is a sophisticated and elegant fragrance of warm and feminine notes, romantic and perfect for fall season. It tells you that true beauty really comes from the heart of a woman, from her inner strength.

by Queen Latifah

Available at A.S. Cooper’s, Brown & Co. & Gibbons Company.



Calendar of events January Events 19th Tokio Youth Mountain Bike Series 5 &A great event for families to enjoy the outdoors together and be active! At the Arboretum 4:00pm.

For Laughs: Double Threat 9 Just Comedy show with international comedians Alonzo Bodden and Danny Bhoy at City Hall.

12th – Just For Laughs Bermuda 10 toComedy show with four international comedians

and Bermuda’s own Jonathan Young at the Fairmont Southampton.

Opera: Mozart’s La Clemenza di Tito 12 G&S (The Clemency of Titus) at 5:00pm

Weekly Schedule Monday

Martini Mondays at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess $10 Entrées at Robin Hood Death by Disco at Shine’s House of Music


Two for Tuesdays at Bermuda Bistro at The Beach Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Tours Call It Tuesdays at The Reefs Quiz Night at Robin Hood Spicelands Ladies Coffee Ride and Social Group


Champagne Wednesdays at Barracuda Lounge Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science Tours Alliance Française des Bermudes Ciné Club: Wine-Tasting at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess The Chef French-language film screening at BUEI (sub- Tiny Tots Programme at Masterworks Martini Wednesday at The Reefs titled in English). Screening of the Metropolitan Opera in HD at BUEI.


20th - Bermuda Marathon Weekend 2013 18 toAthletes from all over the world come together for the BPMG Bermuda Invitational Mile, the 10K and 10K Walk, Marathon and Half Marathon and the Bermuda Triangle Challenge.

to March 2nd Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts

A range of performances by a diverse selection of artists of international repute.

Eyes on the World, Eyes on Bermuda

The Bermuda National Gallery’s newest exhibit from the Alexia Foundation, which focuses on violence, child abuse and poverty, globally and in Bermuda. The Foundation’s goal is to raise awareness and action. The exhibit is divided into three parts consisting of a work by local photographers focusing on local issues, ordinary people raising awareness of Bermuda’s problems, and international photographs featuring global injustices.

20 Book launch and music event at City Hall.

Bermuda Docs Weekend Film Series

Camera Action Winter 2013 21 Youth Programme begins: A subsidized photography programme at Bermuda National Gallery for students aged between 11 and 14.

27th - Women’s Inspiration Weekend 25 toA motivational retreat weekend at Pompano Beach Club.


Caledonian Society of Bermuda’s Annual Burns Supper at Rosewood Tucker’s Point Cocktails, dinner, poetry and entertaining toasts and speeches in honour of Scotland’s national poet.


Martini 101 at Barracuda Lounge Oyster & Chablis Night at Fairmont Hamilton Princess Open Mic Night at Hog Penny | 10pm until 1am Charlar Hora Feliz at Rumbar | 1st Thurs of the month Spicelands Ladies Coffee Ride and Social Group Trivia Thursday at the Swizzle Inn | Bailey’s Bay


Bistro Fridays at Bermuda Bistro at The Beach Live Music till 1am at HenryVIII Classic Rock Dance Party at Hog Penny SalsaMania Fridays at Rumbar Latin Chill Fridays at The Reefs


City Farmers Market at Bull’s Head Car Park | 8-12pm Gombey Saturdays in the Park | Queen Elizabeth Park Ladies’ Night at Bermuda Bistro at The Beach ChewSLAM – Spoken Word & Poetry Club DJ Uncle - Dancing till 1am at HenryVIII Special Event Saturdays at Hog Penny St. George’s Olde Towne Market | 11am - 4pm 2 For 1 Saturdays at The Reefs All You Can Eat Churrasco & BYOWine at Rumbar


Walking Club of Bermuda | 7am start. Location varies Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge & Cafe Open Mic Night DJ Donnie - Dancing till1am at HenryVIII visit us for full details, flyers & more upcoming events


Reboot Your Body this New Year By Jill Bennett, Personal Trainer Courthouse Squash & Wellness

Jill Bennett, Personal Trainer and Holistic Life Style Coach at Court House Squash & Wellness explains how.

a way of eating, rather than a way of depriving, which is what many diets can create making them difficult to follow. The detox promotes choosing specific clean foods as much and as often as you want, so hunger is not an issue. Filling your life with healthful foods and beverages, bringing energy and vitality and promoting our systems to reset, to work for us, rather than feeling like our bodies are working against us. There are a multitude of reasons why a detox cleanse may be exceptionally beneficial for our bodies. They address weight loss, improve the efficiency and function of vital organs, break food addictions, create new food patterns, detect food sensitivities, allergies and filter out unwanted toxins from our bodies that are produced through the metabolic process, as well as what we ingest in our daily food supply, from processed foods, additives, flavourings, pesticides, herbicides and more. These toxins are a large contributor to feelings of sluggishness, weight gain, inflammation, fatigue, lack of mental clarity, patience and even self confidence and motivation. Other great reasons to detox include conquering food addictions, re-alkalinizing the body to ward off diseases, resting vital organs, clearing our bodies and minds. New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past and more importantly, forward to the coming year. It is a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve following through on those changes. Unfortunately, more times than not, we slip back into our bad habits due to stress, lack of support and even lack of knowledge.

Are you noticing that it’s becoming more difficult to lose weight as you age? Is maintaining your shape, your energy and motivation becoming nearly impossible? Everyone says; “oh it’s just age, a normal part of getting older”. Really? Is that inspiring, does it make you want to run out and get active and tackle your health head on? Or does it leave you with feelings of despair and simply the drudge of the realization that if it truly is a natural part of aging; it’s only going to get worse over the decades to come? What if I suggested that it might not be true. Instead, what if the weight gain, the struggles with energy and other health issues are simply a reminder that our bodies are in need of a little maintenance. Ask yourself this question; when did I last get an oil change and a tune up for the car? When was the last time I cleaned my computer of unnecessary items, viruses etc? Did I reboot my Blackberry or update my software recently? We usually attend to these items on some sort of a regular schedule or at the very least, at the first sign of trouble. When did you last give your body a maintenance check, a tune up, or a reboot? Why do we not treat our bodies with the same respect that we treat our vehicles, computers and gadgets?

Day Feel Good Detox run by Trainer and Holistic Life Coach, Jill Bennett. You will receive: Weekly informative drop in sessions, email support, cleanse schedule and food tables, cleanse friendly recipes, sample workouts. The cost is only $150 for members and $185 for non-members.

So how do we go about rebooting our bodies?

Space is limited so call today 292-8357 to find out more or come to our

A Detox cleanse can be one of the most effective ways of transitioning your health from where it is, to where you want it to be. A detox cleanse is

Join the New Year’s REVOLUTION at Court House Squash & Wellness by taking action! Start by rebooting your system with our 21

FREE open evening on Monday, January 7th at 6.30pm.

golf across the island Chipping at Belmont By Paul Adams PGA Director of Golf | RoseWood Tucker’s Point

With the Goslings Invitational at Belmont, my thoughts are on what skill is the most important to be successful at their game. What I have found with the tricky small greens is that chipping will make the difference. More often than not, I see the ball hit fat - the club striking the ground about 2 inches before the ball. Since a chip shot is usually just off the putting surface, it requires very little power so must be played with almost no weight shift during the swing. In this type of swing we want to keep the trajectory relatively low so we can get the ball on the green and let it run out to the hole like a putt. Plan your chip to land about a third of the way to the hole and then run out the last two thirds as this is a much higher percentage shot than a high trajectory flop shot that flies almost the whole way to the pin. The key to hitting the more delicate chip shots is to have a minimum of wrists break so that your hands stay ahead of the club. However at Belmont the fringe tends to be much thicker and so a more descending blow is required to stop the club getting snagged in the thick grass. Keys to chipping from a fringe with thicker grass are: 1. Angle your body and shaft of the club slightly towards the target, the thicker the grass the more lean will be required. Try to maintain that angle through out the movement, keeping your head and body very ‘quiet’ 2. Feel a very smooth tempo, which will allow for good clean contact. 3. Finally your grip pressure needs to be soft so that you can feel the club and therefore the distance. The best chippers in golf have the softest hands. When you get to a longer pitch shot, say 10-15 yards from the green, you still approach the setup and the swing as you did with a chip shot but in this instance you’ll need to have a little bit more power in your swing and thus you will need a touch of weight transfer.

ON THE ROCK spotlight Before lunch or dinner make sure you stop at the bar and ask for an Apple Martini. The ladies love the sweetness, guys like the bite...

Chipping Correct

Chipping Incorrect

441 292 4507

Pick up a copy of This Week in Bermuda Magazine to see the full article or visit us online at


January 18 - 20, 2013

Bermuda Marathon Weekend Schedule By Anthony Raynor | Race Director

KPMG Bermuda Invitational Mile Friday, January 18

3:30PM-6:30PM Bib Number Pick-Up Late Registration Fairmont Hamilton, Princess Rooms Health & Fitness Boutique Fairmont Hamilton, Harbourview Ballroom 6:30PM-9:30PM KPMG Bermuda Invitational Mile Front St. Hamilton

HSBC Bermuda 10K & 10K Walk Saturday, January 19 9:00AM-11:30AM

HSBC Bermuda 10K & 10K Walk

9:30AM-12:00PM Finish Festival National Sports Centre 11:00AM-5:00PM Bib Number Pick-Up Late Registration Health & Fitness Boutique Fairmont Hamilton, Harbourview Ballroom 6:30PM-8:30PM Pasta Party Fairmont Hamilton, Princess Rooms

HSBC Bermuda Marathon & Half Marathon Sunday, January 20

8:00AM-2:00PM HSBC Bermuda Marathon & Half Marathon Front St. Hamilton 9:00AM-2:00PM Finish Festival Front St. Hamilton 6:00PM-7:00PM Awards Presentation Fairmont Hamilton, Harbourview Ballroom 7:00PM-10:00PM

Victory Celebration Fairmont Hamilton, Princess Rooms

Notable Guests • 1982 HSBC Bermuda 10K Champion and Course Record Holder Geoff Smith (28:14) will return to Bermuda & run the 10K course once again. • Runner’s World Magazine Chief Running Officer, Bart Yasso will compete in the Bermuda Triangle Challenge • Bermuda Diabetes Association • Team In Training – Group of 150+ from the New York area in the US who are raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society • Black Girl’s Run – Group of 100+ women from across the United States

Charitable Partners • Bermuda Diabetes Association • Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust • The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society “Team In Training” (North America) Expecting runners and walkers from 25 US states all Canadian provinces and 14 countries. Late registration is available in person at the Bib Number Pick-Up at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel on Friday, January 18th 3:30pm-6:30pm and Saturday, January 19th 12:00pm-5:00pm.

For more information visit:


Health & beauty Benefits of Yoga Poses & Postures By tali Gabai-maiato Certified Yoga instructor | Yoga with Tali

There are numerous benefits of yoga poses, also known as asanas, depending on the individual need. These benefits can be both physical as well as emotional. The obvious benefit of a regular practice is a more toned and flexible body. However there are also yoga styles that are therapeutic and gentle for injured or elderly such as restorative yoga. In yoga it is also believed that the body stores past traumas in certain locations which can result in rigid body parts. Postures that relieve the tension in these locations can sometimes cause a relief of pent up emotion. I can personally attest that yoga has seen me through some of the most challenging periods of my life. Yoga is very useful for managing stress. A good yoga teacher will encourage and teach his/her students to flow through the postures with their breath. Each movement is associated with the flow of breath allowing energy to move through the body, resulting in calm, centered feelings. Breathing is, in fact, the single most important element of yoga. If you are just banging out postures without breathing you’re not doing yoga!

It’s Never too Late, to Become a Yoga Believer

One of my favourite quotes is by Bikram Choudury: “Never too late, never too old, never too bad, never too sick to start from scratch once again.” I honestly believe that to be true. If one doesn’t immediately fall in love with their first class I encourage them to try different styles and different teachers as there is so much variety in yoga. There really is a style that will be both enjoyable and beneficial for everyone. If you want to relax and stretch then take a gentle yoga class. If you like to sweat and get a workout in while you breathe and release stress find a style that incorporates power yoga elements. The list of yoga styles available is too lengthy for this article but with a little research there is something for everyone.

Yoga on a Paddle Board

Paddle board yoga is a great experience that combines nature and exercise. It’s a good way to build core strength as the core muscle group is engaged for most of the class in order to maintain stability on the board. Paddle board yoga is awesome for learning to balance. There are some poses that are quite simple on land that become very challenging on the board! Most of all it’s fun. It’s something different that allows you to mix up your regular fitness routine. Some people are intimidated by the prospect of falling in the water but honestly it happens to everyone – myself included! As long as you’re a competent swimmer there is no harm in falling into the water. It’s actually quite refreshing on a hot day!

2013 New Year Beauty Resolution Get Your Eyebrows in Shape By Hanifah Smith, Owner & beauty Specialist

Plain and simple; eyebrows frame the face. The correct brow shape will naturally flatter your face and you will simply look more attractive. Wellshaped eyebrows really do more to enhance your appearance than any other facial feature. The right brow shape can make your face appear slimmer; eyes appear larger and more youthful. At Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar, we specialize in eyebrow shaping. I am a certified Beauty Therapist and Brow Artist trained exclusively in Beverley Hills, California. Lush Beauty Technicians are trained to map out your most natural shape according to each clients unique facial features. We also specialize in reshaping botched eyebrows and the recovery process. Commit this year to achieve the best brows ever at Lush!

Additional New Year Beauty Resolutions from Lush Makeup Lash & Brow Bar

Making small changes to your beauty regime this year will not only prove to be easy but also very beneficial. Do a Beauty Audit

Beauty products have use-by dates. Common side effects of using expired products include skin reactions, rash, conjunctivitis and other eye infections. Foundations and moisturizers generally last a year after opening. Many products indicate on packaging how many months the product can be safely used after opening, if properly stored. Stick to it! Clean Make-Up Brushes

Months-old foundation, blush or eye shadow on your make-up brushes could be harboring harmful bacteria, so experts advise washing your brushes once a month. The bacteria can live on unwashed brushes for months and each time you apply your make-up you run the risk of them transferring to your skin and causing problems such as skin irritation, rash or infection. Rinse your brushes in warm water with shampoo. Work it through the bristles with your fingers. Pat with towel and air dry. Remove Your Make-Up Nightly

Accomodating All Levels of YOga

Monday - Saturday Classes Beginners Class:

Friday 12 to 1 at Lotus

Recommended at least 1 class for new beginners to learn fundamentals.

See full schedule online.

Call us today!


We’ve all experienced a late night when you just can’t be bothered standing in front of the bathroom mirror to remove your make-up. But sleeping in your foundation can clog your pores, leading to problems including acne, dryness and red, inflamed skin. Wash your face every night before bed; or at least keep cleansing wipes on your nightstand. Properly cleansing your skin every night to remove every trace of make-up is your best weapon against skin conditions. Use an oil-free make-up remover first, followed by your regular cleanser and moisturizer.

10% Discount to New Lush Brow Clients!


Health & beauty New Beginnings in Skin Care By Willi Lawrence R.N.

Year after year everyone wants to start the new year with a fresh start. Right now is the time to start thinking about what you want in your life. In 2013 why not make your skin care a priority. Cosmetic dermatology is a popular specialty addressing the issues of skin rejuvenation. Wrinkles are a fact of life. Just because you have wrinkles does not mean you have to keep them. With all the advances in our field, we can now turn back the hands of time. Botox and fillers can be done in one office visit. Juvederm and restylane results are seen immediately. This is one of my favorite treatments to see a patient smile and be happy with what is looking back at them in the mirror. Besides adding volume it can also lift the face. Chemical peels are another way that can help appearance of the skin. It can evenly remove dead skin cells to stimulate the production of new skin cells. My most popular is the “lunch time peel” It gives you a nice glow and skin is smooth and you return to work. No downtime. It is also done for special occasions when you want to look your best. Skin may seem like a simple structure but is quite a complex one. Blemishes can be sometimes be disguised as lesions of early skin cancer. It is important to make sure that the physician who is examining you is a qualified dermatogist. We have two on our island. Dr. Romeo and Dr. Daly. Skin cancer is on the rise so please check anything that is new to your skin especially if it is fast growing. I am on this topic this month having developed a fast growing skin cancer on my forearm. It just looked like a red spot and it started to enlarge. Luckily I worked with Dr. Romeo and it was quickly treated. Any moles that are changing and more than one color need to be checked. Get your skin examined yearly with your dermatologist. It could save your life! Use a sun block everyday. Even if it is raining the UVA rays still are present to breakdown our precious collagen and cause skin cancer. If you say sunscreens are all greasy and don’t like how they feel on your skin then you need to see me and I will find the right one for you. Just working in your home or office,walking to your car will subject you to unnecessary UV exposure. Windshields do not protect. Daylight is the number one source of premature skin aging. Sunscreen needs to be applied 20 minutes to absorb in the skin before sun exposure. Although the damage may already be done there are treatments available to help the skin return to a healthy state.

DERMATOLOGY & SKIN CARE CENTER Thermage Liquid Facelift Treatments IPL/Laser Hair Removal Botox Restylane/Juvederm Lunchtime Peels Microdermadbrasion Acne Treatments Facials Vein Treatments Massage Waxing Eyelash Perm Call Ms. Lawrence at 295-9963 for a Free Consultation Sea Venture Building 19 Parliament Street, Hamilton

Dr. Alexander C. Romeo M.D. Ms Willi Lawrence R.N Leanda Wallis-Heeb










LY $ N O R




Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre Ltd.

Evolutions mission is to provide a modern fitness facility with well maintained equipment for the use of our members so that they will benefit from the physiological responses to exercise and experience positive results contributing to their overall health and well-being. Start the New Year off right. We are offering plenty of incentives and options to get you started….

1. Try us out for 5 consecutive days for only $25 (no strings attached) 2. No initiation fee until February 2013 3. Set short term achievable goals and get results with our Tabata Bootcamp (includes group instruction and nutrition planning) 4. Unlimited access to fitness classes for $150 per month 5. During the month of January 2013 join one of our current members and pay only $10 per visit. A 50% savings!! 6. In February 2013 members can “bring a friend” for a free workout on the 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the month. Workout in a clean and spacious environment where all equipment is located on one level and a great thing is no need to negotiate steps after you’ve already worked out. Finally, a modern fitness facility in the East End with “state of the art” Cybex equipment, shower facilities and plenty of parking available. “Get fit! Be Fit! And Stay Fit!” at Evolutions Health & Fitness Centre. Visit us today at Commercial Park on Southside, on the ground floor of the Ministry of Education. 441 297 0438 | www. 14 Waller’s Point Road, St. George’s DD03

With this Coupon you Receive $10 Off for the first three months when you sign up for a 12 month commitment. Valid until January 31, 2013


HeritagE MATTERS Earl of Warwick’s Last Cannon By Dr. Edward Harris, M.B.E.

In the first decade of the settlement of Bermuda, which began 400 years ago in July 1612, communication with England, from whence the settlers came, was through the infrequent ships chartered or owned by the shareholders of the Bermuda Company. Archaeologists record the details of the timberwork of the remains of the hull of the Warwick.

Archaeological plan of part of starboard side of the Warwick, looking at the interior planking. A section of the hull towards the bow may be compared to the archaeological plan.

The ships brought the necessities of life of the day that could not be obtained in Bermuda, as well as items, such as gunpowder and guns, for the defence of the island, in particular to hold it against a Spanish attack. Not only was life precarious at sea, but given the position of the island in the track of hurricanes, ships were often endangered, along with their cargoes, as they sat at anchor, usually in Castle Harbour. Such was the situation in 1619, when the Garland limped in after being overdue for some weeks, as she had left Britain eight weeks before the Earl of Warwick’s ship, the Warwick, which brought the new governor Nathaniel Butler. The Garland had been within sight of Bermuda three weeks previous, in late October, ‘but she had once again been put off by bad weather, and was forced to the southward, where they lay beating against the wind for so long that their water supply was almost gone, and a great many of her passengers and seamen sick or dead’. From the middle of November 1619, the Garland and the Warwick rode at anchor in Castle Harbour, awaiting loading of cargoes of tobacco. Governor Butler meantime was about his official duties and in early December, ‘he made a journey right through the main island and the tribes, to hold a general assize in Captain Tucker’s

grand house at the Overplus’. The Assize took two days, whereupon he returned to the town St. Georges, only to be met with a late hurricane, which caused the Garland to cut down her mainmast, ‘but the Warwick, which was moored not far from the Garland, slipped all her anchors and was driven onto the rocks, and was completely wrecked’. Governor Butler raised some guns from the shipwreck for the forts and in the late spring of 1620, he went back to the site, with little military success: ‘Some floating barrels of beer were taken out of the hold, but only after a lot of trouble; some of these were in much better condition than was expected, even though they had lain under water for almost six months.’ Except for such removals, the Warwick slowly rotted away, until all that was left in present times, under a pile of ballast, was a section of the starboard side of the vessel, preserved when the wreck rolled onto its right side. A number of individual finds were made by an archaeological team from the National Museum of Bermuda, including the earliest known

‘Plane Scale’, a navigational instrument, from a shipwreck. In addition, Bermudian James Davidson, found what may proved to be the last cannon from the ship, which Governor Butler no doubt would have traded some of the Warwick’s beer to have for his fortifications.

James Davidson, who discovered the Warwick cannon, supervises its raising from the seabed.

The Plain Scale after conservation with inset, a seventeenth-century illustration of such a ruler.


DO YOU KNOW… why Albert Einstein visited Bermuda in 1935? By Horst Augustinovic

Born at Ulm, Germany, in March 1879, Albert Einstein is considered to be the most important scientist of the twentieth century. Educated in Germany and Switzerland – where he was trained as a teacher in physics and mathematics – Albert Einstein acquired Swiss citizenship in 1901 and worked as technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. In 1914 he was appointed Professor at the University of Berlin and Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute. He again became a German citizen, however, he left Germany in 1933 for political reason and emigrated to America to take up the position of Professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton University. In Berlin, Albert Einstein in 1905 published his Special Theory of Relativity, followed by many other scientific works. Some of his nonscientific works are perhaps his most important – About Zionism, Why War?, My Philosophy and Out of My Later Years. He received honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy from several European and American universities. In 1937 he investigated the Bermuda triangle as a possible answer to the Einstein-Rosen bridge theory, an investigation that continued until his death in 1955 at Princeton, New Jersey. Einstein’s biographer, Walter Isaacson, wrote in Einstein: His Life and Universe: “Now that Einstein and his wife have decided to stay in the United States, it made sense for Einstein to seek citizenship. When he visited the White House, President Roosevelt suggested that he should accept the offer of some congressmen to have a special bill passed on his behalf, but Einstein instead decided to go through the normal procedures. That meant leaving the country, so that he and his wife and daughters

Albert Einstein was a genius when it came to science and music, however, he was no genius when it came to sailing. When he spent a summer on Long Island, there were about 30 people who all claimed that they had rescued Einstein when he capsized, and towed him and his boat to shore.

could come in not as visitors but as people seeking citizenship. So in May 1935 they all sailed on the Queen to Bermuda for a few days to satisfy these formalities”. The Bermudian reported that “During his stay Professor Einstein was a familiar figure in Hamilton, where he seemed to make himself genuinely and comfortably at home. The great scientist walked and drove, according to weather or fancy, and oftentimes all eyes on the street turned towards him whose manner never betrayed his fame”. When invited by the Headmaster of Saltus Grammar School to address the students of the school, Professor Einstein expressed his regret that he could not accept the invitation as he could not speak English. To this the Headmaster also expressed his great regret in English at the unfortunate situation and the learned scientist said goodbye. Albert Einstein was not only the most outstanding scientist of the twentieth century, but also a gifted musician, playing both the piano and the violin, his constant companion. He once declared: “Life without playing music is inconceivable for me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. I get most joy in life out of music.” So why did Professor Einstein visit Bermuda in 1935? Because he did not want special treatment from the U.S. Congress, but rather get U.S. citizenship as a regular emigrant, something he finally achieved in 1940. How many people would have done that?

Professor Albert Einstein and the Mayor of Hamilton, Sir Harry Watlington, on the Hamilton dock.

Photo by Walter Rutherford

Professor Einstein enjoying the ocean in Bermuda.


CHEF of the month

By Simona Terceira

SHAKE IT UP By Simona Terceira

Elaine Lima

Bar Manager |Red Steakhouse & Bar Elaine Lima is the bar manager at the newest restaurant in Hamilton RED Steakhouse & Bar. Elaine has a true passion for taste, innovation and a constant need to provide only the best service to her customers.

Veronica Mal

Executive Chef |Red Steakhouse & Bar RED Steakhouse & Bar is acclaimed for its prime meats, chops and fresh fish. RED offers a contemporary yet warm environment with sophistication and engaging ambiance. The service is warm and friendly and the setting delightfully relaxing with a sense of sculpted perfection and professionalism in the air. Let’s meet Veronica Mal, the executive chef at RED. Veronica Mal is a Canadian food lover with an impressive background. She moved to Bermuda when RED opened in November 2012. Veronica loves to cook. She can’t walk past a pot that and not stop to stir. As early as high school, Veronica worked with a few top French restaurants part time in a training capacity. Prior to becoming a chef Veronica studied journalism and was a corporate trainer working with major companies in Canada, US and Latin America teaching customer service for management training and incentive programs for high-level executives. Veronica came to a point in her career when she realized that the higher she climbed the corporate ladder the more time she spent blowing steam, cooking. Veronica decided to go back to school again this time graduating from Liaison College and has been a chef ever since. In Canada Veronica free-lanced as a chef for 10 major catering companies in addition to running her own small catering company. She worked all over the city of Toronto teaching gourmet-cooking classes for various companies, food styling and food writing for magazines and taught cooking at a local college. How do you like to cook your steak? I keep it simple. The vision behind RED is a modern steak house and my twist on it is an eclectic spice journey. When you are talking about a modern steak house you are looking at something that is more heart healthy, a little bit more individualized in how people want it. I do a lot of training in spices with my staff. I believe that instead of following a recipe you really need to know smell, taste and touch. You can come into RED every week to have the same steak that you really like but the idea behind it is that one day you can choose to have that steak Argentinean, the following week you can have the same steak but East European. The idea is to have a marinate menu and a spice menu that will complement our regular menu starting with January 2013. The meats will stay the same but you will be able to go on a spice journey with your favorite meat. If our readers come to RED for dinner, what would you recommend? Appetizer: Foie Gras served with seasonal salad and wild berry compote.

Elaine can you please tell us a few words about yourself? I was born in Mississauga, Ontario and I met my husband while studying at The University of Western Ontario. We got married in Bermuda, in 1997 and we’ve been living here ever since. I started working here on the island just 5 years ago with the Island Restaurant Group, as a hostess at Pickled Onion, an assistant manager at Victoria Grill and as a server at Barracuda Grill. Most recently I was working part time as a bartender at Moon Nightclub (now called Cosmopolitan Nightclub) for David Madeiros. David is now the co-owner and operations director of RED Steakhouse & Bar. David really liked having me as bartender at Moon. With my degree in business management, my love for the industry and all the knowledge I have gained over the past years, David asked me to be the bar manager at RED. Please tell us a few words about Red Steakhouse. It is a beautiful restaurant with a beautiful bar. We have gorgeous unobstructed views of the harbor, a formal setting and very friendly staff. Another plus is that we are a ‘Bermudian only’ staffed restaurant, so our clients will get a Bermudian authentic experience. Can you please recommend a few drinks for our readers?

Orange Cosmo Absolut vodka Cointreau Orange Juice Cranbery Juice Squize of lime Simple syrup Orange slice Hendrick’s Up Martini Original Gin Martini with muddled cucumber

Red’s Special Swizzle D&S Red’s secret Swizzle mix Gingerbeer Black Seal Rum

House Red Finca el Origen, Reserva Malbec 2011

Shot Patron XO Café

DRINK SUGGESTION: Château Rieussec Sauternes 2004

Main Course: Cowboy Steak served medium rare. DRINK SUGGESTION: Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello Cabernet Sauvignon 2004

Dessert: Chocolate Lover Cake, which is simply to dye for. DRINK SUGGESTION: Rombauer Napa Valley Zinfandel 2009

Drink Suggestions by Stefan F. Gitschner. Available at Gosling’s Stores.

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238 8580

295 1877 |


PICKLED ONION City of Hamilton 295 2263 |

FREEPORT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Royal Naval Dockyard. 234 1692 |

TIO PEPE Southampton 238 1897 |


HERITAGE COURT at Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Pembroke 295 3000 |

WAHOO’S BISTRO & PATIO Town of St. George 297 1307 |

WEEK $39.00 pp 3-course dinner

JANUARY 21 TO FEBRUARY 16, 2013 ANGELO'S BISTRO GRIFFIN'S BISTRO City of Hamilton 232 1000 |


BARRACUDA GRILL City of Hamilton 292 1609 | BEAU RIVAGE at Newstead Belmont Hills, Paget 232 8686 |


BOUCHÉE City of Hamilton 295-5759 | CAFÉ AMICI Royal Naval Dockyard 234 5009 |

THE NEWPORT, A GASTROPUB at Fairmont Southampton 238 8000 |

participating restaurants

VICTORIA GRILL City of Hamilton 296 5050 |

at St. George's Club,T own of St. George 297-1200 | LITTLE VENICE City of Hamilton 295 3503 | MUSE City of Hamilton

296 8788 | L’ORIENTAL City of Hamilton 296 4477 |


PORT O' CALL City of Hamilton 295 5373 |


SUL VERDE at the Tucker’s Point Golf Club 298 4070 |

$29.00 pp 3-course dinner

BERMUDA BISTRO AT THE BEACH City of Hamilton 292 0219 |

HOG PENNY City of Hamilton 292 2534 |

BISTRO J City of Hamilton 296 8546 |

JASMINE LOUNGE at Fairmont Southampton 238 8000 |

BONE FISH BAR & GRILL Royal Naval Dockyard 234 5151 |

LANDFALL Hamilton Parish 293 1322 |

EAST MEETS WEST RESTAURANT & BAR at the Bermuda Golf Academy, Southampton 238 8580

LA TRATTORIA City of Hamilton 295 1877 |


PICKLED ONION City of Hamilton 295 2263 |

FREEPORT SEAFOOD RESTAURANT Royal Naval Dockyard. 234 1692 | HERITAGE COURT at Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Pembroke 295 3000 |

$49.00 pp 3-course dinner ASCOT'S RESTAURANT Pembroke 295 9644 |

OCEAN ECHO at The Reefs, Southampton 238-0222 |

BLÛ BAR & GRILL at Belmont Hills Golf Club, Warwick 232 2323 |

TAMARISK at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, Sandys 234 0331 |

FOURWAYS INN Paget 236 6517 |

THE WATERLOT INN Southampton 238 8000 |

GROTTO BAY BEACH RESORT Hamilton Parish 293 8333 |

THE POINT at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Hamilton Parish 298 4070 |

HARBOURFRONT at B.U.E.I., Pembroke 295 4207 |

Set prices are for a special 3-course dinner; gratuities and beverages are not included. Wine pairings will be offered at $29, $39 and $49 per bottle, plus gratuities. For more information, visit For reservations, contact the restaurant of your choice.


TIO PEPE Southampton 238 1897 | VICTORIA GRILL City of Hamilton 296 5050 | WAHOO’S BISTRO & PATIO Town of St. George 297 1307 |

$39.00 pp 3-course dinner ANGELO'S BISTRO City of Hamilton 232 1000 |


BARRACUDA GRILL City of Hamilton 292 1609 | BEAU RIVAGE at Newstead Belmont Hills, Paget 232 8686 | BOUCHÉE City of Hamilton 295-5759 | CAFÉ AMICI Royal Naval Dockyard 234 5009 | THE NEWPORT, A GASTROPUB at Fairmont Southampton 238 8000 |

GRIFFIN'S BISTRO at St. George's Club,T own of St. George 297-1200 | LITTLE VENICE City of Hamilton 295 3503 | MUSE City of Hamilton

296 8788 | L’ORIENTAL City of Hamilton 296 4477 | PORT O' CALL City of Hamilton 295 5373 | SUL VERDE at the Tucker’s Point Golf Club 298 4070 |

$49.00 pp 3-course dinner ASCOT'S RESTAURANT Pembroke 295 9644 |

OCEAN ECHO at The Reefs, Southampton 238-0222 |

BLÛ BAR & GRILL at Belmont Hills Golf Club, Warwick 232 2323 |

TAMARISK at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa, Sandys 234 0331 |

FOURWAYS INN Paget 236 6517 |

THE WATERLOT INN Southampton 238 8000 |

GROTTO BAY BEACH RESORT Hamilton Parish 293 8333 |

THE POINT at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, Hamilton Parish 298 4070 |

HARBOURFRONT at B.U.E.I., Pembroke 295 4207 |

Set prices are for a special 3-course dinner; gratuities and beverages are not included. Wine pairings will be offered at $29, $39 and $49 per bottle, plus gratuities. For more information, visit For reservations, contact the restaurant of your choice.

Small 9”, Medium 13”, Large 15” & Jumbo 19”


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ARt matters Eyes on the World By Lisa Howie, Director of bermuda National Gallery

On January 18th we open with a variety of exhibitions. In the Watlington Room we highlight Women Artists in the BNG Collection, a first ever exhibition, which reflects diverse expressions and medium from landscape paintings to contemporary sculpture. In the Ondaatje Wing is Impressions of Bermuda: The David L. White Gift to the BNG featuring works by visiting American Impressionist painters in the early 20th century. In the lower mezzanine we feature Meredith Andrews: Portraits of Power. Also on display, Eyes on the World, a photographic exhibition in partnership with the Alexia Foundation.


When the Spirit Moves by Justin Maxon, 2012

A group of local residents pray in front of the home of a women who was shot by a stray bullet in the William Penn, USA housing project.

The Alexia Foundation is an American non-profit dedicated to the power of photojournalism and its potential for inspiring social change. The Foundation is named after Alexia Tsairis, a photojournalist student of Syracuse University who was a victim of the 1988 terrorist bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. Alexia believed in the capacity and responsibility of individuals to advance peace and the Foundation is committed to this ideal. Eyes on the World is very different type of exhibition for the BNG as it is so concretely focused on social issues and yet the move to this type of exhibition is also in stride with how the museum is redefining itself. With a vision of cultural relevancy, we intend to embrace the social body politic and to position the museum as a community space for sharing critical dialogue. We believe that the museum has a responsibility to social progress and we realize this through exhibitions and educational programmes. Eyes on the World includes six stories representing America, Germany, India, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the United Kingdom. Issues explored though sensitive and provocative photography and film include: the scholastic achievement gap; outcomes of gang violence; the legacy of the Third Reich; violence against women; human trafficking; war-affected children; and the Muslim identity. In each case the photo-stories accomplish a difficult perspective, both broadly based and specific to the subjects. Each visual is accompanied with a contextual narrative that lends to the viewer’s ability to appreciate the complexities of the presented issues. This is an exhibition that encourages pause: To consider the plight of the photographed; to reflect on one’s own positioning in society; and to make the decision to act. What can we do for others? Using photography as an agency of social change is the premise to the Eyes on the World exhibition. Eyes on the World also includes Bermuda topics with local photographers and filmmakers casting their eyes on social issues at hand.

Free Admission Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm | Saturdays 10am - 2pm City Hall & Arts Centre, Church Street, Hamilton

441 295 9428 |



BIKE SEATS KING’S WHARF, DOCKYARD | 441 234 2764 6 VALLEY ROAD, PAGET | 441 236 5235 15 GORHAM ROAD, HAMILTON | 441 295 0919 26 YORK STREET, ST. GEORGE’S | 441 297 0478

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JANUARY 2013 Original Ranch Spinach Dip Makes 6 (1/2-cup) Servings

Cooking at home can be a fun, challenging and rewarding affair. All you need is a good recipe, fresh ingredients, a nice bottle of wine and a little patience. Each month check out our Yummy Recipes column for a suggested evening of cooking at home. LIVIO FERIGO



Viva la vit a!!




Simply try out these Lindo’s Weekly Recipes OR share your own healthy recipe and visit to tell us about it. We will choose from the comments who wins!!! Be sure to use the shopping list from Lindos, which can be found on

Where do I start?

Preparation 1. Combine Ranch Dips Mix, yogurt, sour cream, spinach, and walnuts. 2. Chill 30 minutes or until just before serving. 3. Serve with whole wheat crackers and raw vegetables. Chill Time At least 30 minutes

The early days… My Mamma says when I was 6 years old, I would go into the kitchen and pull out her to beat eggs skillet. I used with parmesan cheese, add and pepper salt to make a frittata. I was always She told me trying to help her and help my father with heavy in the kitchen the property. I work around have my older brother, always liked to work, not like Dario (Smile Bel Love you)! Fratello mio….





1/2 packet Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dips Mix (0.5 oz) 1 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt 1 cup light sour cream 1 box (10 oz) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well-drained 1/3 cup chopped walnuts (or use pecans or water chestnuts)

by Scott Hill

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Baked Chicken Tenders

page 30

publishing company


It is all about food and love.... Great simple, tasty, and fresh ingredients food using ! Appreciate and respect life the enjoying each way I do... other and food. passion. passion Living life with for family and friends... Do what you love, not because but because you have to, you love it. Life is an amazing I hope you will

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Serves 8


enjoy my book:



1 packet (1.1 oz) Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix 2 cups non-fat Greek yogurt 1 1/2 cups low-fat buttermilk 1 package (20 oz) chicken tenders 1 cup whole wheat bread crumbs 1/3 cup sliced almonds 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 teaspoon pepper Olive oil cooking spray

Lindo’s Market & Pharmacy 4 Watlington Road, Devonshire 441.236.5623 Lindo’s Family Foods & Pharmacy 128 Middle Road, Warwick 441.236.1344

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Sofie Schrum!!!

baking Chef Livio’s Monte Carlo Apple Pie





Preparation 1. Combine 1/2 packet Ranch Dressing and Seasoning Mix with yogurt; refrigerate. 2. Combine remaining Ranch Dressing and Seasoning Mix with buttermilk; refrigerate. 3. Rinse chicken and thoroughly pat dry on paper towels.

4. Combine chicken and buttermilk mixture together in a food storage zipper bag. 5. Refrigerate 6 to 24 hours. 6. Heat oven to 425°F. 7. In a food processor, combine breadcrumbs, almonds, garlic powder and pepper. 8. Coat chicken in breadcrumb mixture. 9. Set a wire rack on baking sheet and coat with cooking spray. 10. Lay chicken pieces on wire rack and spray with more cooking spray. 11. Bake 16 to 18 minutes until no longer pink (internal temp at least 170°F). 12. Use yogurt mixture as a dipping sauce. Chill Time 6 to 24 hours DRINK SUGGESTION: Carmel

Road Monterey Chardonnay 2010 Suggested by Stefan F. Gitschner. Available at Gosling’s Stores

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