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Mediated Sexuality Fashion as an interface to explore female sexuality in public

Shan Liu MFA DT

Parsons The New School for Design

Is my skirt too short? Can they see my bra?

Stop watching me.

Why is he staring at me?

It is inappropriate.

What is integrity? She is a slut.

What is a pervert?

You are too young to wear that.

Banning pointy shoes during the Cultural Revolution

Sexuality in the Conflict Between the Self and “The Others�

Shame and morality living under the social gaze

Who are the Other? Why are we afraid of social gaze? “The competent Other� - idealized collective mind

Shyness and Society, Susie Scott

Theory & Experiments

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy >> This Emotional Life, PBS

Public Engagement >> Design for 25 cents

Confessions + Confrontations >> the letter to Josh


The Park,

by Kohei Yoshiyuki


by Krystof Wodesko


through mediateion

Fashion as interface

How can the interface


The vagina wedding dress

Marchesa - 2011 S/S Collection

The Dress of Revealing to be seen...

and to see...

Otoshiana, the “pit fall”

Social engagement: The Dress of Revealing at Times Squre

Pro: Audience is very diverse Con: Too much stimulation

Social engagement: The Dress of Revealing in the subway

Give people a chance to stare!

Observed patterns: 1. individuals -- quietly stare 2. groups -- start to talk 3. younger -- amused 4. older -- confused 5. people react according to others


Mediated Sexuality

on view at Kellen Gallery now until May 19th, 2012

Thank you.


this is a test

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