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We spent summer and the later months of 2013 collecting doodles and interviews for issue 3 of our zine. Fast forward to Spring 2014 and Graphic Design Dan is a super busy bee, so the non-grapic design half has given it her Lar touch. Expect more flowers and farm animals to grace the pages than usual but for it to still be full of musical goodness. We hope you enjoy it. Lar & Dan who did what... Creaters - LAr Eade-Green and Dan RObson Iidea generater - Lar Eade-Green The one who’s put lar’s brain on paper- Toby Wylde Doodler - Emily Webb


We managed to bag ourselves press tickets to Beacons festival 2013. Armed with blank postcards and poundland felt tips we collected lots of doodles from bands who played the weekend, showing a little insight into their festival experience.

Dark bells





artwork: kieran gabriel

DAN croll



Austin (of swim deep) doodled Ellie (of Wolf Alice) THIS ONE’S DIFFERENT

Ellie drew Austin




It has been a busy year of touring for you guys, how has life on the road been treating you? It’s fine. There have been some pretty brutal drives, but if I know how long the drive’s gonna be well in advance I’m usually ok. The other week, we drove from Aarhus to Calais. That was about 11 hours. I’m still here. I just download loads of albums to my phone through Spotify and that keeps me company/ updated/educated. We kept bumping into Eoin at Beacons, what were your highlights of the festival? Except for doing a doodle for us. Hookworms on Sunday afternoon. They totally destroyed it. I also got to spend most of Sunday riding around in golf buggies which was an experience I’ve been eager to recreate since my parents took us to CARCRAFT when I was 10. The doodle was inspired by On Ilkley Moor Baht’at. What’s the significance of the song? It’s Yorkshire’s anthem, and Beacons Festival is right in, what I’d call, the heart of Yorkshire. I got the train over to the festival on the Friday with all the punters and you watch all these mills and weirs and stunning landscape pass by. It was once a centre of industry and now it’s quite idyllic.

We’ve heard that your Dad has previously played saxophone with you guys, any plans for Drenge to become a three-piece soon? He’s never played with Drenge. He used to come on and whack out a saxophone solo over a glib cover of The Beatles or something when we were little and playing in village halls. One half of This One’s Different is a pretty keen Sheffield-based walker; we hear there are good walks around Castleton? There are so many good walks. If you take in Cave Dale, Mam Tor and work your way onto Kinder, then over to Bleaklow, I’d call that a fair days walking. What’s your favourite venue in Sheffield? The Polish Working Men’s Club on Eccy Road. Our dad used to take us to see jazz concerts there when we were younger. It’s not so much a ‘band’ venue. We’re fans of Best Friends and Tropic of Youth, amongst others, which other Sheffield bands would you recommend we give a listen? Avida Dollars, Blessa, Collider, Flaming Skulls, Death Rays of Ardilla, Nai Harvest, Seize the Chair, Public School Battalion, The Hipshakes.

What was your favourite festival of the year? Get to stick around at many?

In your album you thank your dog, how influential is your dog...

Beacons was great. The little I saw of Knee Deep was really great too. Best Kept Secret in Holland was something else. It was their first year and was such a joy to play at.

Not that influential. She’s just a great little doggy. Getting a bit older, think she might be getting a bit deaf now. ;(

You have toured with both Temples and Deap Vally earlier in the year, got any juicy gossip? Nothing juicy. We did two shows with Temples recently in France. They seemed really eager to get their record out. We share the same soundman with Deap Vally, so we’re constantly updated with what’s going on with them. Drenge have been getting a fair bit of attention and you recently performed on Later with Jools Holland alongside the likes of Sting and Kanye West, pretty surreal? Yeah, Kanye West is my favourite person I’ve met this year. Probably ever.

The album artwork features photos of you both as young’uns, right? Yep, and topless... Lar can’t stop listening to Fuckabout, what is your favourite track on the album? Which song normally gets the best reaction live? I love Let’s Pretend, but live, if you play Bloodsports and no one cheers, then you know you’ve done something wrong. To go alongside your music, you have also given away free zines.... Yeah, we’re supposed to be working on one now for the Peace tour. I dunno, they’re something tangible. Everyone loves them, so it’s nice to do them once in a while.



With you being a Rinse and Emerson Snowe collaboration, how did you two meet and how did The Creases come about?

Whilst you were in the UK we saw a number of posts about hostel’s, what hostel-based stories can you tell?

Joe: We were both versing each other in a battle of the bands competition earlier in the year and kinda met there. We had a lot of mutual friends so we kept bumping into each other and talking about music and eventually Jarrod came over to hang out at my place and we got drunk and recorded ‘Fun To Lose’ and then ‘I Won’t Wait’ a week later and it all just went from there.

Jarrod: Most stories are pretty unspeakable but some weird drunk Spanish guy pee’d out of his bunk-bed all over Joe’s bag one night

Since posting Fun To Lose online back in April it has been a pretty popular hit, were you expecting anything to come of it? Jarrod: Not at all, we were just doing it for fun and didn’t even think we’d be playing anything live. All we did was throw it up online. You both spent a couple of weeks in England a couple of months back, for what I am only guessing to be top secret meetings, when will we be able to find out these “super exciting things”? Joe: This month sometime, it’s pretty huge but nothing too new for everyone in Brisbane. Jarrod: It’s really good You’ve got a show lined up with UK band PEACE, did you get to see many bands whilst you were in the UK? Joe: We got to see The Horrors, Johnny Marr, Splashh, King Krule, TOY, Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs, Toro Y Moi, Jacco Gardner and a bunch more. Being able to see bands that never really come to Australia was probably the best part about the whole trip, there’s someone great playing nearly every night over there it’s insane. What areas of the UK did you get to explore on your travels?

Joe: Loves it You hinted at coming back to the UK as early as this year to actually play some shows this time, is this still a possibility? Jarrod: I think we will definitely be back over there within 6 months What do you think of the scene in Australia at the moment? Which bands would you recommend us? Joe: I think Australia are one of the biggest suppliers of great music in the world right now. I know in the UK whenever people knew we were Australian they would talk non-stop about Australian bands and how big and ‘buzzy’ they are over there. I think Brisbane definitely has the best scene in Australia as well, there are huge bands that have come out of other cities but Brisbane has such a strong and close knit community of musicians. Here are some Australian bands/artists we’ve been listening to at the moment: Day Ravies, Palms, Rainbow Chan, Kirin J Callinan, Allbrook/Avery, Twerps, No Art & Savage Garden. Lar’s dad and his mate have a The Creases cover band called The Creased, what band would you cover? We are really interested in starting a Smash Mouth & Matchbox 20 fusion cover band called Smash Box 20

Jarrod: We basically just stayed in the middle of London for most of the trip because we loved it so much, but we also ventured to Manchester for a couple of days for Parklife festival and also had a week in Amsterdam but we won’t talk about that.





So who is Gorgeous Bully? Gorgeous Bully currently consists of four members. Do the numbers change for live shows? They have been known to fluctuate, sometimes many sometimes one. Are you a Gorgeous Bully? How did this name come about? Ha ha i don’t think so, I’ve met a few but its really just an old joke that stuck. What would you say to someone being bullied? Don’t fall in love with them. We couldn’t make the Art Is Hard records 3rd birthday all dayer where you shared a lineup with many artists who we have featured including Playlounge, Ides and Best Friend . We don’t want to feel too left out, what juicy gossip can you give us from the day? I saw that girl from eastenders being sick outside. I am writing these beautifully crafted questions, whilst listening to Fruschian Void and The Headfolks, which is you right? Mainly Fruschian, I just helped record and did whatever she wanted really. Fruschian is a really great artist who does all sorts of weird things.

As Fruschian Void and The Headfolks you covered Youth by Black Tambourines, if you were to dedicate your life to covering just one band, who would it be? I dont know. it would be a very dull life. On the topic of other bands, what bands/ artists would you say we HAVE TO listen to? I would say: MiSTOA POLTSA just released a really great album on number 4 door, it’s just insane and amazing. SHINIES just released some of the best stuff I’ve heard them do. The Black Tambourines new record. I could go on really.. Finally, are there any new Gorgeous Bully releases planned for us to be looking forward to? A new ep is gonna be out really soon but thats all im saying.



(these days i only listen to todays hits...)



This One's Different (Issue 3)  
This One's Different (Issue 3)