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Every Parents Worst Nighmare Binge Drinking Stress Adderrol .Harmful things in college.

Stress There is no doubt that the majority of college students feel stress at one point or another. Students feel anxiety and the pressure to succeed with even the thought of exams, papers and the dreaded final’s week. Although stress is a normal part of life, there are two different forms of stress that can affect the body in both a positive and negative way. Eustress is a beneficial and positive stress your body experiences when the feeling of anxiousness and excitement fulfills you. On the other side of the coin is distress, which can be overwhelming and leave you with feelings of anxiety, discomfort and unfamiliarity. According to the Mayo Clinic, distress can cause negative symptoms that may affect your health. Some common and noticeable symptoms to look for include: headaches, stomach pain, muscle tension and fatigue. Although most college students experience stressful situations, there are many ways to help prevent and cope with that inevitable strain and stress. Having a balanced time-management regiment can help reduce the level of stress. Maintaining a weekly planner can prevent overloading and time crunching. Lastly, when the negative stress, or distress seems to overpower and cloud your life, take a step back and revisit all the positive aspects of your life. By keeping things in perspective, you may be pleasantly surprised on how much your stress may be minimized!

Binge Drinking

Some words synonymous with “college� are partying and drinking. According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, there are approximately 79,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use every year. Binge drinking is defined as females having more than 4 drinks in one sitting and males having 5 or more. College students who become intoxicated before the age of 19 are more likely to be alcohol dependent and heavy drinkers. Along with the negative health effects caused by binge drinking, a significant decline in motivation and academic performance is also likely to occur. College students have, and always will, get together and drink – no doubt! Here are a few simple and helpful tips: * Stay hydrated and drink enough water between alcoholic drinks * Do you not mix your alcoholic beverages * Be sure to stay with your friends and have a designated driver * It is important to eat a solid meal before drinking alcohol * DO NOT get behind the wheel, at any point of the night, after drinking alcohol

Across college campuses, students have been turning to Adderall as their ‘smart drug’. Adderall is a commonly used drug for students with attention-deficit disorder. Much like athletes that take steroids to increase their performance, students take Adderall to boost their GPA. Students cave into the pressures and are becoming desperate for higher grades, as the legitimate prescribed students sell their supply of this famous wonder pill. Adderall is identified as a schedule II medication drug, meaning that it has a high risk of abuse and dependence. Using this drug over a long period of time can cause severe addiction, making the individual feel that they cannot succeed or concentrate without it. The Federal Controlled Substance Act explains that having possession of this drug without a proper prescription can result in a serious crime with debatable prison time. Medical supervision is imperative in monitoring a student’s progress and health. Unfortunately, students who are not medically prescribed to Adderall may experience sudden death, stroke, heart attack, seizures or aggressive behavior.

A d d e r a l l

Every Parents Worst Nightmare  

This article briefly explains three possible circumstances that may cause harm to college students!

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