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about this is who i am THIS IS WHO I AM is a new Danish Fashion Brand from the spring of 2009, designing high street fashion aimed at the trendy and confident women across the world. THIS IS WHO I AM’s style signals femininity but with a raw and edgy touch. The style is dynamic – always reflecting the changing fashion scene, and meeting our valued clients’ requirement for renewal. THIS IS WHO I AM delivers 5 annual collections - all displaying the latest trends spotted on the cat walks and in the street fashion around the world. By always being one step ahead in terms of innovative design, and at the same time providing comfort, we hope THIS IS WHO I AM will help you to reflect who you really are. – THIS IS WHO I AM’s Xmas 2010 collection is all about stunning and dazzling dresses, beautiful tops and shirts combined with sparkling pants and jackets ensuring everyone has that special item to wear for the festive season. The gorgeous dresses are kept in a feminine design but combined with funky and unique details and prints – ensuring THIS IS WHO I AM takes their innovative design one step further. The Xmas 2010 collection also introduces funky vests and exclusive fur jackets – the perfect supplement to add to your wardrobe and to combine with the beautiful dresses. So irrespective of which party you are attending or where you are going, then THIS IS WHO I AM is there to make you look stunning and feel special every time! We wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Lots of love, Tilde Hindsgavl & Anne Charlotte Lembye

Style//Michael Jacket

Style//Twiggy shirt, Cash leggings

Style//Chris top, Twiggy pants

Style//Cosmo dress

Style//Lenny vest, Cash leggings

Style//Lenny vest, Cash leggings

Style//Jose dress, Wings necklace

Style//Julia dress

Style//String skirt, Collins top

Style//Carrie dress, Jessie top

Style//Roberts dress, String bag

Style//Sophie jumper

Style//Simone dress, Cash leggings

Style//Attitude dress

Style//Skull pants, Roberts top

Style//Galliano dress

Style//Vix jacket, Leopard leggings

Style//Cancan dress, Cash leggings

Style//Cleo jumper

Style//Cleo dress

Style//Charleston dress, Cash leggings

Style//Ruben Jacket, Leopard Body, Cash leggings

Style//Jessica shirt, Leopard leggings

Style//Diva dress, Cash leggings

Style//Saturn dress, Cash leggings

Style//Michael jacket, Cash leggings

Style//Ruben jacket, Boheme dress

Style//Fluff dress, Cash leggings, Skull necklace, Gaga bracelet

Style//Mariah dress, Cash leggings

Style//Star shirt, Leopard leggings

Style//Jessie dress, Cash leggings

Style//Cosmo dress w. secret print, Cash leggings

Style//Star dress

Style//Secret tunic

Style//Cosmo dress, Big skull necklace, Stone bracelet

Style//Christina fur jacket, Cash leggings

Style//Amber fur vest, Cash leggings

Style//Victoria fur jacket, Cash leggings

this is who i am sales Denmark: Head office and showroom Lipkesgade 28, st tv, 2100 Copenhagen Ă˜, Denmark Sales Contact: Tilde Hindsgavl Email: Telephone: +45 2860 6856 Greece: Progressive Fashion Agency Sales contact: Eleni Karapetsa Telephone: +30 210 652 6961 / +30 694 718 6630 Email: Ireland: Magill Henshaw ltd. Sales contact: Kelly Mc Caughey Telephone: +44 28 302 61311 Email:

The Netherlands FEE agency v.o.f. Sales contact: Angela Lambriex / Sylvia Bemelmans Telephone: +31(0)6 11 64 64 35 / +31(0)6 24 76 14 26 Email: China Lukou Sourcing Room 3104,Building 5, Lujiabang Road NO.413, Huangpu district, 200011 Shanghai, China Sales contact: Christine Degn Vester Telephone: +86 1582 125 8649 Email:

Art Director: // Photo: Steffen Pedersen // Model: Thea Helle

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