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BACCO D.O.C. This is the real deal. Bacco D.O.C. is a distinctive and authentic Italian restaurant in the centre of the historic Barrio del Carmen. Run by a welcoming Italian family and with Italian chefs, this has become one of the most popular restaurants in all of Valencia…and for all of the right reasons. It is original, good fun and it is baroque! It has a stunning cave-like interior of


Carly is a 27 year-old primary school teacher who has been living here for a year. She loves walking around Valencia, sampling the food and wine and travelling in general. She’s off to China next month with very fond memories of living in Valencia. What’s the reason you’re in Valencia? I came here to teach 4-year-olds in a Spanish school and generally see Spain. I applied to jobs all over the world and I got this one, checked out Valencia and decided to come here. It was a random

“bejewelled and mirrored” stalagmites and stalactites, tasteful lighting, lots of nooks and crannies and three floors. So it’s no surprise that this restaurant is highly popular with romantic couples looking for something original yet tasty and genuine. It’s also a first choice for international visitors, the arts crowd and work groups. How about the food? Our international food critic found their Tagliatelle Funghi Porcini “delightful” and their Carpaccio and Aubergine Parmigiano “absolutely delicious”. They have a superb value afternoon menu for 10 euros during the week and 12 euros at the weekends. Expect to pay around 30 euros in the evening. The salads are imaginative and wellpresented including a succulent Insalata di Rucola e Parmigiano, authentic Caprese de Bufala and tasty Insalata Bacco to choose from. Lovers of Spanish wine can enjoy a fair selection of tintos including Muga Crianza (Rioja) and Plaerdemavida Reserva (Utiel-Requena). Their carta is extensive with a wide selection of pizzas including chicken, bacon, cheese and tropical fruit specialities. Their authentic pastas include Spaghetti alle Vongole, Bucatini

new adventure, one which was very exciting and I’m so pleased that I decided to take a chance on Valencia because it’s fantastic here. I had been teaching for three years in a primary school in Leicester, England before I arrived and have been here for one year now. What do you do when you’re not teaching? I like going out for food and drink and walking around Valencia city, especially in the Turia riverbed. I also love travelling further afield to cities such as Barcelona and Madrid and to the outskirts of Valencia where you can find very pretty towns like Xàtiva, Sagunto and Peñíscola. The last time I went to Peñíscola it really felt like I was on holiday. I’m also looking forward to visiting Madrid again before I leave Spain next month because there is still so much more to see there. Sorry? You’re leaving Spain? Yes, unfortunately I’m leaving next month because I was offered a new adventure. I love Valencia, I want to come back and I will, no doubt about it, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I’m going to teach in China for a year and even though it will be very difficult, I’m sure I’ll still have a good time there.

all’ Amatriciana, Tagliatelle Paglia e Fieno and Gnocchi Rucola e Speck. Meat dishes including Tagliata, Filetto alla Griglia, Ossobuco alla Milanese, and Scaloppine in Salsa are amongst the recommended. If you prefer a white wine to go with your fish dishes like Orata or Branzino, we recommend their Señorío de Sobral (Albariño). Lovers of Italian wine can enjoy their Lambrusco. The 24/7 Valencia team has always found the atmosphere welcoming and often international, especially at the weekends. Now that it is summer and the holidays have arrived, it’s time to relax, have fun and enjoy some genuine Italian cuisine in heady surroundings. We recommend you take a trip to one of the most original Italian restaurants in Spain. Just one minute’s walk from the Mercado Central! Open everyday 14:00h - 16:00h / 20:00h-24:00h Bacco D.O.C. C/ de los Derechos, 29 Tel. 96 391 19 65 46001 – Valencia

How are your Spanish studies going? I’ve only been here for a year but I’ve learnt so much and I now understand much more at work than I did. I’m now able to reply and have conversations with much more confidence and you can really tell the difference. I’ve been having 1-2-1 classes at Lenguas Vivas, which have given me a lot of help. There’s a really good atmosphere and it’s perfect for beginners’ classes, quite informal, no unnecessary pressure, with an easyto-learn environment. If I come back to Valencia, I’ll definitely come back to Lenguas. The small class sizes and being able to start from the very beginning has meant it was exactly what I needed.

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It’s summer and the beach and terrazas are the place to be. Tourists know of ‘24/7 Valencia’ magazine given that we are the only guide to Valencia recommended by all of the international newspapers, websites and guides. These include El País, Rough Guide, Time Out, Lonely Planet, Guardian Unlimited,, The Times, Business Traveller Magazine, Thomas Cook, Let’s Go, Footprints, Easyjet and many more! We dedicate this special July/August issue to our head of distribution; Mick Adams. As many people have remarked over the years, he has done a fantastic job making sure that you all get ‘24/7 Valencia’ from the Tourist offices, bars, restaurants, hostels, hotels and cinemas around town. Cheers Mick! 24/7 Valencia has been delivered around all the key distribution points of Valencia for nearly ten years. It’s a magazine that is loved by the locals, followed by the expats and enjoyed by visitors. A Valenciana recently described it as: “the best & most complete guide to Valencia”. A welltravelled and astute visitor remarked: “24/7 Valencia has got its finger on the pulse of

the city, given that the team actually live in Valencia”. This is a magazine with heart & soul and readers have picked up on that. In Clubland, Dj Barry Eaton gives you the lowdown of what’s hot in the Valencia nightlife scene, including the new all-night eclectic disco of Music Box in the Barrio del Carmen. Our international food critic takes a trip to superb fusion restaurant Seu Xerea and Anita Darling talks about partners and holidays in Woman. We have a plethora of colourful photography for you. Check out the exclusive photos of life in the Mercado Central, Formula 1, America’s Cup, Valencia football stars and Valencian cleaners. We have been told by locals, expats and visitors that ‘24/7 Valencia’ represents the colour & variety of life in Valencia, which is why it has been so well accepted from readers of all walks of life. We would also like to dedicate this issue to all of the Valencianas of this fair city…

“I, I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair” See you next month!

24/7 Valencia team

ISSUE 102/103 JUL/AUG 09

editor: Will McCarthy. contributors: Altogringo, Anita Darling, Heino, John Murphy, Gooru, Manu Fernández, Mark Hulton, Owl, Orange Bikes, Tim Birch, David Rhead, José Marín, Erica Choate, María Angélica Sao Pedro, Amparo Oliver, Sabrina Molinari Tato, Juan Margolles, Barry Eaton, Mitch, Lenguas Vivas. layout & design: printed by: signografíco. distributed by: groovy cat Ltd. email: móvil: 650 639 177 online: our friends at Views expressed by the contributors are not necessarily those of the editor. 24/7Valencia does not accept responsibility for date/time/venue changes. According to copyright law any reproduction, either total or partial, is completely forbidden without written permission of the editor. All articles, past and present, printed in 24/7Valencia magazine are copyright of Orange Skies, S.L. ©2009 Legal deposit: D4562606

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So Young


Café del Duende

‘Confines. Pasajes de las artes contemporaneas’


IVAM C/ Guillem de Castro, 118 Tel: 96 386 30 00

MUVIM C/ Guillem de Castro, 8 Tel: 96 388 37 47

Charley Case Descuadratura: Las 4 Estaciones

“La Tabla del Náufrago: de sueños y vigilia” Teresa Chafer

SALA PARPALLO C/ Alboraya, 5 Tel. 96 3 614 415

FUNDACION CHIRIVELLA SORIANO Palacio de Joan de Valeriola Tel: 96.338.12.15

Hasta 15 noviembre

C/ Caballeros

Sunday morning

Hasta 6 septiembre 2009

What’s that then? Amparo Oliver Movil: 609783223 www.eventi-actingcom/2008

Del 4 de junio al 6 de septiembre

They dance

All photos Amparo Oliver ©2009 24/7Valencia

Hasta 6 septiembre

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Summer is here and people from all over Europe and the rest of Spain flock to the Valencia coast. Towns like Cullera, Gandia, Calpe and Dénia increase their populations tenfold in the summer months. Valencia prides itself on its wealth of history, architecture and art but it is sun, sea and sand, a formula that has worked magic for nearly a century, which really brings the punters in. Nowhere is this truer than in the jewel in the Valencia coastal crown, Benidorm. Benidorm is a tourist industry phenomenon on a world scale. It accounts, on its own, for more than 50% of all annual tourism to the Valencia region. It receives five million visitors every year and fills more hotel rooms than any other town or city in the whole of Europe with the exception of London and Paris. Formerly a tiny Moorish settlement, it was colonised after the re-conquest by Christians led by Admiral Bernat de Sarrià in 1325. He built a castle on the peninsula and a small community developed around the castle. It survived centuries of occupations and attacks by pirates but the population never rose above 3,000 until the beginning of the twentieth century, when the moustachioed and stripy swim-suited Alicante and Madrid upper classes started to arrive on the recently completed Madrid to Alicante and Alicante to Altea railway links. In 1925 the first seaside chalets were built along its beautiful beaches. The

Article ©2009 24/7Valencia

population had increased to nearly 7,000 by 1950, with most of the new arrivals working in newly built hotels and guest houses. Had it not been for the vision of one remarkable man, Benidorm may well have stopped there, happily living out its days as a kind of sunnier version of Skegness or Bognor Regis with a relatively small but regular stream of mostly local visitors. Pedro Zaragoza was appointed (not elected, Spain didn’t go in for elections much in those days) mayor of Benidorm in 1950. Now considered by many economists and town planners as a true visionary, Pedro came to power at a time when foreign visitors were starting to arrive to the Valencia coast. More than anyone at the time, he saw the potential in this. He realised that a town could be built and economically developed purely based on the popularity of its beaches. In 1956 he drew up Spain’s first General Urban Organisation Plan in which he envisioned a town constructed entirely and solely with the aim of promoting tourism with wide avenues and tall buildings so “everyone will have a view of the sea”. Many have copied the idea but Pedro got in there first. He set about promoting the name of Benidorm all around Spain and Europe in any way he could (most

Pedro Zaragoza famously the wonderfully awful Benidorm International song festival) and creating an affordable place where, in his words, “people who never saw the sea in their everyday lives could spend a week or two next to the Mediterranean”. At the same time he would also, of course, create a huge money making machine. One illustration of the lengths Pedro would go to in order to defend his dream (and his own and his business friends’ bank accounts) is what has become

known as ‘the Bikini Wars’. Back in the ‘50s (mostly foreign) women started to wear bikinis on Valencia’s beaches. This was extremely frowned upon in Catholic Spain and the garment was reluctantly tolerated for swimming in the sea but banned everywhere else. Pedro Zaragoza was highly critical of the ban and, after threats of excommunication by the Bishop of Valencia and an incident where a British woman was fined 40,000 pesetas (a huge sum back then) for wearing a bikini in a bar, he set off on his Vespa on a six-hour journey to Madrid to take the issue to a higher power. In Madrid he somehow managed to get an audience with Franco. I don’t know if either Pedro or the General tried on a bikini during the meeting but Franco ended the ban and they became lifelong associates. Throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, and on to the present day, tourists came by the bucket load and the population increased to 50,000 permanent residents and 400,000 visitors at any given time during the summer months. When asked about Spain, a whole generation of northern Europeans would identify Benidorm before Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona. When explaining where Valencia is, it’s often easier to say, “It’s just up the coast from Benidorm”. Guadalest, a pleasant but largely uninteresting little medieval town, has become the second mostvisited historical site in Spain (after the Alhambra) solely by virtue of being an easy day trip away from Benidorm.

There are easily more 100-metre-plus buildings (including the 186-metre-high Gran Hotel Bali, which was the tallest building in Spain until 2008) concentrated here than anywhere else in the country, all surrounding what Ian Gibson described as Spain’s best beaches, Levante and Poniente.

It is this huge development, however, which has been the sour aftertaste of Pedro Zaragoza’s dream. Only a few places along the Valencia coast have been left untouched with apartments on every hillside and tower blocks rising above every beach and ‘cala’. The coast is littered with red-faced, tattooed, shorthaired men drinking bitter outside bars with photograph menus advertising beans on toast with ‘normal’ bread. Now with the crunch many developers have scarpered, leaving unfinished constructions and leaving people’s dreams shattered. The cost to the countryside and the environment is obvious but without it Valencia would be bereft of the true driving force of its economy. And millions of working people all over Europe would not have been able to live Pedro’s dream of a few weeks of fun and sun by the sea. David Rhead and José Marín

Part of Pedro’s legacy is the “little Manhattan” of skyscrapers that crowd the bay in the shade of the Puig Campana mountain. The mountain’s strange shape is explained by one local legend claiming that a large piece was cut out by a giant called Roldán and thrown into the sea to form the island which decorates the bay. Article ©2009 24/7Valencia

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CLEANERS OF VALENCIA María Angélica Sao Pedro is a professional photographer born and raised in Brazil. She has studied journalism there, specialising in photography, and did post-graduate studies in Anthropology in Lisbon. She has also worked as a waitress in Valencia, where she is now based. tel 654 074 875

All Photos María Angélica Sao Pedro ©2009 24/7Valencia

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Burgers Work! Phew, Verano is here! And what an inferno it is shaping up to be, I am so excited about this summer I could burst! I’ve got holidays planned (finally), countless nights of celebrations, days of play, a couple days of work, and then all the impromptu days and nights of celebrations, can’t wait! And you’ll see from all the listings in this month’s issue, there’s plenty going on right here in the best Spanish town in the world (according to moi!).

Anyway, recently I was holed up in a room with a small bunch of people for quite some time. Although we were busy planning our plans and researching our search, we were often hungry and as the token cook that task was often allocated to me. I think I’ve probably alluded to the surprising, and amusing, fact before re friends of chefs who want the gourmet every day. I mean one can hardly blame them, but gourmet food all the time can get tiresome, believe me. Sometimes we want to fu-fu up the fufu food way too fu-fu much - if you catch my drift. So, one morning when I said, “What’s everyone want for eats tonight?”, and got the usual cheeky response of as many high-end delicious things as they could think of... my eyes glazed over. I had been serving them up some really amazing food but that day, all I wanted was a burger! Strangely enough, immediately following the dinner ideas session, I ended up chatting to one of the crew outside. He was asking what I’d decided on from the list of menu suggestions and I confessed, admitting I really wanted to just make burgers or something. He was so excited that that word had escaped my lips I could hardly believe it. “Me too”, he gushed, “can we, can we, por favor, por favor?” So off to the shops I went, grabbing a whole pile of burger treats, different cheeses to melt on top or squash inside the burger, pineapple for grilling, eggs for frying, tomatoes, pickles, mustards, onions, bacon rashers and mince. My thought was to make great ordinary burgers and people could fu-fu them up as they like. And you know what? It was probably one of our best dinners together. The food was

twentyfoursevenvalencia 13 easy and simple and took everyone back to childhood, or at least home. Everyone can relate to a burger, sometimes it’s the simple things that really work. So here’s what I did and you know you can change it and mix it up as you like. With summer on the way, I just thought folks might need a simple reminder that the burger is still well and truly around and well and truly good. And making them when you’ve got friends round for dinner is not an un-fu-fu thing to do. Sometimes it’s exactly what everyone wants, and needs.

3. Next, grill your burgers. Find out what everyone likes in regards to doneness and put the well done requests in the pan or on the grill first. Cook one side for a good 5-6 minutes and then the other and leave them in a part of the pan that isn’t as hot while you put the medium to rare burgers on. Cook each one until desired and then leave aside in a warm place, with a slice of cheese on top to melt while you toast your burger buns, only the inside.


4. Now put all the optional extras out on the table and give everyone a bun with their burger on it. Everyone can load up with what they like. If you’re grilling eggs or pineapple, do this while everyone lines up to get their buns.

Works Burgers • Burger buns for each person (sourdough, white, brown, seeded etc) • 150-250 gms beef mince per person • Onions, sliced into rings • Tomatoes, sliced • Cheddar Cheese slices for topping • Blue Cheese for stuffing burgers (optional) • Gourmet lettuce leaves (baby spinach, arugula, Romaine) • Pineapple rings, grilled • Beetroot, sliced • Eggs, fried (optional) • Mustard • Tomato sauce • Pickles, sliced Ad infinitum to your heart’s desire... 1. Mix the mince in a large bowl with a little salt and pepper, you could possibly include some finely diced onion and parsley (if you like it) into this step. Form large handfuls, approximately 150-200 gms each into balls and flatten them gently into patties. Remember they will shrink when they cook, so make them wider than you want them in the end. 2. If you like, push small amounts of blue cheese into the middle of each burger, and set aside. Now organise all your trimmings and caramelise your onions in a hot pan or on the barbecue plate. Grill your pineapple rings the same way, and fry off your bacon.

Make sure you’ve got a pile of icy cold beer and cava and get on with it! Hope everyone has a fabulous summer and I’ll see you in September. Buen Provecho! Erica Choate

©2009 24/7Valencia

Seu Xerea I am addicted to Twitter, it is so much fun! I have a Facebook, but it doesn’t do it for me like Twitter. MySpace? Yep, got one, but I loathe it! I have a site, a blog and a pretty good Tumblr but tweeting is the best! I am meeting people from all over the world and we are having gr8 conversations in 140 characters or less! The best and worst of everything is there! Just like fusion food - it is so often just an excuse to be a little different, as illustrated by this tweet: “Thai chicken peanut pizza with cilantro is fusion food perfection. I would eat it daily given the chance,” twitter @swamiliam. I mean really! Before fusion food arrived in Valencia, there was Valencian, Spanish and Italian cuisine almost exclusively. And then slowly, slowly restaurants started popping up that dared to offer something new. Many offered fusion in a bad way but Stephen Anderson from Bethnal Green, with a Burmese mother and time spent working with Alistair Little, opened a restaurant that offered real, good, imaginative fusion food. Seu Xerea just off the Plaza de la Virgen is an attractive place to dine and serves mouth-wateringly good food most days and nights of the week with style and flair.

Fish of the day on the night we went was Pescado Negrita. What is it? Well it’s an odd one, because it’s big, so nothing ‘ita’ about it, and not black, as the name would suggest, but white. There is nothing I hate more than sitting almost alone in a restaurant on the quietest night of the week, so when the only time we could get turned out to be a Monday, my heart sank. I needn’t have worried - the terrace was already full when we arrived and within half an hour of being seated in the front room it too was nicely buzzy and full (so was the larger back room). Stephen was on hand to recommend and we went for the 30€ dinner menú - a selection of tapas to share, followed by a main course - the Negrita in D’s case and mine was a stuffed beef olive affair, which I couldn’t do justice to as I had overindulged on the tapas. This is great value dining; we had a refreshing Sandía gazpacho (iced watermelon soup), Wontons stuffed with spinach and morcilla (black sausage), a delicious little dish described as Pobre boquerones but were actually thin slices of grilled aubergine and finally, our favourite, Rollitos de berenjena (aubergine spring rolls) stuffed with rabbit, mushrooms and foie, which arrived at our table smoking under a glass dome - simply delicious. Stephen recommended the Sybarus, a rich and fruity Utiel-Requena Bobol from

the extensive and well-chosen wine list, a lovely wine. And for dessert, a horchata ice cream served on French toast, light and a great end to the meal. The service is friendly and efficient and though the restaurant was full there was a relaxed and unhurried ambience. The clientele is mixed. During the day, you’ll often see members of the government eating here, talking in secretive whispers, and a great many tourists drawn by the countless guidebooks and papers around the world that have given Stephen good column inches. Twitter #Seu Xerea!! Menù del día 22€ Evening menú 30€ Degustación menú 55€ Seu Xerea C/ Conde de Almodóvar, 4 (near Plaza del Virgen) Tel. 96 392 40 00 Open Monday to Friday 13.30h -15.30h Monday to Saturday 21.00h - 24.00h Closed Sunday Booking recommended Tim Birch Photo Juan Margolles, Article ©2009 24/7Valencia

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Man, there’s so much live music goin’ on over the summer in and around Valencia that it’s impossible to recommend all the gigs worth checking out in the months of July and August. Here’s a taster…

Prêt à Porter Forget your average American, massproduced fast food joints - if you’re looking for something healthy, delicious and inexpensive to take away, then you must head down to Prêt à Porter on C/ Murillo in El Carmen. Just a stone’s throw from the Mercado Central and the Torres de Quart, this lovely little place offers a great range of freshly made dishes, lovingly created that very morning by Lucía, the owner and chef from Granada.

I popped by at 16.00h one afternoon to pick at the leftovers, and she had kept me by a serving of her speciality, Moroccan style couscous with chicken that literally fell off the bone it was so tender. From paella and arroz dishes (I also took home containers of both, much to the delight of my ravenous housemates) to salads, meat, and vegetarian food, the menu varies slightly every day, depending on what the chef feels like rustling up. I sat and chatted over the bar and a plate of Kartoffelsalad, a summery potato salad, with a about the city, food and more. For the summer months, there is a set menu on offer for €5 – the ‘Menu Playa’! - which consists of one medium container Article ©2009 24/7Valencia

Well, we’re in Spain so let’s start with the superb ‘Flamenco chill’ of world-renowned Chambao on 9 July, with the charismatic La Mari providing vocals in the wonderful setting of the Viveros Gardens. This year’s Feria de Julio has a host of stars performing, including legendary Catalan singer/songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat on 13 July. Can you believe it? The funky platinum-seller Anastacia is playing live on 21 July and American country-folkrocker James Taylor on 25 July. As lineups go, just a touch surreal! See www. for full program.

of salad and another of paella or the rice dish of the day. I can assure you this is more than enough for one person, and a sight more appetising and healthy than your average BK or Maccy D’s. Lucía has worked for years in the catering and food business all over Europe. She decided to settle in Valencia and open Prêt à Porter for the wide range of fresh ingredients available due to the location. She is also an expert, however, at providing food for large dinner parties, business meetings and other soirées, for anywhere from 5 to 100 people, all made in her kitchen on C/ Murillo. This is not something she does so often at the moment but would love to build up, and is willing to quote and give ideas for any kind of event and type of food, from Japanese to traditional tapas and African cuisine. If you ring ahead before you plan to drop by, Lucía will let you know what’s on the menu, what’s especially good that day, and even put a serving by for you for later. Medium sized containers are 2.50€ and the large 3.50€, and there is also a large range of drinks and coffees on offer. I highly recommend the couscous, it was most delicious!

Prêt à Porter C/ Murillo 10, bajo izda. 96 312 87 88 (Zona Barrio del Carmen) Open Monday to Saturday 12.00h – 16.00h Anita Darling

If you’re a fan of flamenco and looking for something more intimate, get along to Café del Duende every Thursday night at 23.00 for some superb and authentic flamenco from around Spain, including the superb gypsy ‘walking sticks’ dancing of José Serrano y Su Gente on 23 July and the magnificent prize-winners Kallardó on 28 August. In the old city centre, you’ll find good flamenco in a larger setting at Radio City every Tuesday night at 23.00h.

Jazz lovers are in for a massive treat with some world-class jazz at the 13th Palau de la Música jazz festival with a tribute to Miles Davis, ‘50 Years of Kind of Blue’, on 12 July and a night dedicated to ‘The Music of Nina Simone’ on 14 July with Dianne Reeves and Nina’s daughter Lisa among the singers! See for more information. The FIB 2009 festival is here again and what a line-up! Valencia is wellrepresented with the melodic Ratolines. Latest thing Glasvegas could go down a storm. Expect some fiery sets from Oasis and Paul Weller, too. Veterans Gang of Four will be at their angular best as well as cult legends The Psychedelic Furs. Expect a big party atmosphere with Lily Allen on stage and some welcome edge with Pete Doherty. American bands really know how to rock out, so check out The Killers and Kings of Leon doing their thing! Go to for more details.

Fans of big rock will be pleased to hear that Bruce Springsteen plays Benidorm on 30 July with a ticket price that could get you a good pair of Levi jeans. On a smaller scale, indie pop fans should take note that the talented Valencia singer/ songwriter Guillemka and Julio de la Rosa play at Velvet on 31 July for free!

Finally, London-born singer/songwriter and guitarist Will McCarthy (www. will be presenting his new ‘folk alternativo’ album with renowned jazz trumpeter Nuno Alves at Magarota in the Carmen on 23 July and Smooth Jazz in Canovas on 24 July. Both have free entry. See you in September! Owl finest independent guide to the city and beyond with a wealth of information about the city and countryside of Valencia, exclusive interviews, updates, blog, forum and more! We also have a relocation and property service. Flats, houses and chalets for sale and to rent within a 30km radius of the city. Let us know what you are looking for, chances are we will already have something to suit on our books - but if we don’t we’ll find it for you. Call 622 230 597 or email us info@ Recommended by ‘The Times’ and ‘Lonely Planet’.

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A day in the life of Indigo Youth Hostel

07.59 Plod in, weary eyed, ready for the barrage of backpackers and their deluge of questions.

08.04 Scope the place out, making

sure everything is A-OK. Loud snoring coming from the common room area; the early arrivers from the Granada overnight bus. Nepalese, Turkish and an 80-yearold Korean, curled into foetal positions too small to imagine. Mix these motionless bodies with the even more prone shapes of the late arrivers from la marcha, who couldn’t stumble the last steps to their rooms.

08.30 Breakfast time. Have to show someone how to use the coffee machine. Class 101 at Backpacker Hostel University. Water here. Coffee there. Simple, right? Ha!

09.00 Time to make beds and We continue with our exclusive collection of Valencia’s ‘Mercado Central’, said to be one of Europe’s largest covered markets. It’s a feast of sights, smells, sounds and faces. We welcome on board Valencian professional photographer Amparo Oliver. All photos ©2009 Amparo Oliver 24/7Valencia

discover all the ‘little surprises’ the wonderful guests have left behind. Some beds missing sheets? Now why is this? One person was nice enough to fold their sheets into a tidy little pile. Another hid theirs under the bed. In a little ball. Scrunched. I’m not going to even open that...

09.15 People still waking, grumbling 21.46 In the middle of my “Welcome about the ‘plastic bag guy’. That devilish person, known in hostels the world over, who insists on keeping each item of clothing in its own separate bag and must always take the early train, inflicting their plastic pain on the rest of their dorm!

to Indigo, the bathroom’s there” speech, I hear the dreaded ‘tssk’ of an unsettled Coca-Cola. “Excuse me, gotta run for the mop!”

10.15 Wonder why a backpacker has

wanting to get back in.

used his sheet not to sleep in, but to erect a makeshift curtain...?

11.30 Extend someone’s reservation

who has been here one day, and wants to stay five more. We’re just passing through but now realise Valencia is fantastic. Asked No. 1 question: “Where can we eat Paella?”

13.00 Time to check in a buck’s party (stag party) group from ___________ (insert country of choice).

21.30 Dinner time. The kitchen is full

to the brim and noise to match. There are the buck’s party guys, girls from Lithuania playing Ludo, Southern Hemispheres beginning the tentative steps towards a dangerous drinking game, and amongst it all is Paolo, your token Italian solo traveller, cooking pasta for all. The deal seems simple enough; ply him with beer and everyone gets fed!

21.42 The door bell rings. Make the

sprint to reception to let in some French backpackers. They love the free Internet, and will now spend all day on it!

21.51 Door bell rings again. Smoker 21.52 Buck’s party crew decides it’s

time to head out, but not before they spill a beverage or two on my clean floor. And who the hell left all those dirty dishes??

22.45 A bit quieter now. Maybe I can wash the dishes in peace. Wait... they’re already done. The backpacker forever throws up surprises. Must’ve felt pity for me, running back and forth like a dog chasing seagulls.

02.33 Buck’s party return. Some well-behaved, others questionable...

04.30 Someone leaves a dorm

to get a drink. Mentions that one bed is “squeaking” more than normal. So that’s what the sheet-curtain was for!


Time to recuperate, ready for it all again tomorrow Mitch of Indigo Youth Hostel Indigo Youth Hostel C/ Guillem de Castro, 64 Tel: 96 315 39 88 © 24/7 Valencia 2009

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VALENCIA SPORT - Here is an exclusive collection of Valencia sports photos that you will only ďŹ nd in 24/7 Valencia Change of season!

See listings for summer football calendar

David Villa - Should I stay or should I go?

FORMULA 1 in Valencia 21 - 23 Aug

Is it going to happen in Valencia again? All photos Š2009 HEINO 24/7Valencia

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Which way?

This being my first foray into writing for the 24/7 Valencia clubbing page, it’s a pleasure to research the city’s goings on and discovering some real gems. I have tried to pick out a range of events, clubs and nights to cater for everyone. Rather than beat around the bush with two months of the best dance floors to cover, I have decided that it would be a little criminal to not start with a quick note on the Spanish music festival that is known the world over.

Alive and dangerous

From 16 to 19 July is the FIB festival in Benicàssim. The line up this year will certainly keep anyone who had something negative to say about the artists performing in 2008 firmly tightlipped. The headline acts for the four days reads Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. Not to stop there, the support list is as long as my arm with Lily Allen, 2 Many DJs, Laurent Garnier, Paul Weller, Pete Doherty…I really could go on and on. Check the website www.

Saturday night La noche

Me suena tu cara


Radio City

Xino 4 am

Natty dread

Are friends electric?

For those of you who saw the review for the Clubzone Boat Party in the June edition of 24/7, there is another chance for you to experience this summer sunset party on Thursday 23 July. Paul Childs is teaming up with Barraca’s Andrew Grant to host a boat for 150 people and inviting some of the best DJs and industry heads to take the trip. Leaving the port at 19.00h, you will be taken out to sea for a cruise with the best music and vibes you could ever want. Tickets and information contact or call 650 544 147. Check the. www. website.

Yo soy la…

Para empezar… All photos Manu Fernández - Tel. 655 487 704 ©2009 24/7Valencia

a pocket of a place, this is an intimate venue and in only a few months after opening, they have booked Funk D’Void, Stuart Patterson, Soul Minority and of course Daniel Kyo who also programmes the venue. Each weekend you will find an array of DJ talent and picking out any particular night is pretty tough, however with the launch of my own night Valencian Underground on Friday 24 July, there was only ever going to be one winner! UK guests including Scott Sherriden, previously a Back to Basics resident in Leeds and Fold Out DJs, will be taking on the main club. If you like your dance music house, underground and with lashings of groove, then this is for you. Add a great sound system, top residents and guests alike and a vibe that is up close and personal with the DJs, then Miniclub looks like it will be around for a long time to come. miniclubvlc Across the road from Miniclub at Rumbo, Soul continues to dominate the R&B market in the city every Saturday. Soul head honcho DJ Cosy O is joined by international guests and residents playing Hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, reggaeton and funky classics. This international crowd will be blessed on 11 July as special guest, the legendary Tony Touch, will make the trip from New York to Valencia to take the roof off Rumbo. Tony Touch has worked with just about everyone in the world of Hip-hop and is one of the most sought after hip-hop DJs in the world. His July programme alone sees him visit Spain, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico and his native New York and New Jersey.

Staying at the port, June saw the beginning of We Love Sundays. An afternoon/evening affair with DJs and musicians playing whatever takes their fancy as they provide a Sunday session with great drinks and music to kick back and watch the world go by! They have now moved to 39˚ 27N for July and will start from 16.00h each week and FREE entry which we all love! See www.

We continue our journey moving into Barrio del Carmen and the Music Box. This venue is all about the party! Running Tuesday to Saturday until 7.00h, this club books residents and guests throughout the week playing Latin breaks to electro, funk and pop to indie. With such a high number of quality nights over the two months ahead, it seems impossible to pick one so I am just going to take the easy option and direct you to their MySpace page where you can see the July line up for yourself! www.myspace. com/themusicboxclub

Stepping up the musical pace a little now, Miniclub on Av. Blasco Ibáñez is slowly gaining notoriety as a venue that is programming some of the best underground house in the city. Only

Barraca is an impressive club outside the city walls south down the coast featuring international DJs alongside the cream of Spanish electronic, house and techno jocks. Each week, Barraca will be looking

to push the dance music envelope and this will not be different over July and August. One night in particular jumps out at me, Saturday 15 August when amongst the great residents and guests, the UK’s James Holden will headline. Check out their website for news of other amazing nights, podcasts and their new label goings on - It seems a little unfair to be leaving out a number of venues and parties over the next couple of months so get stuck into the 24/7 listings to see what else is happening in our fair city. Until next time have a great summer and see you on the dance floor.

TOP 3 NIGHTS FOR JULY AND AUGUST Soul @ Rumbo – 11 July. Tony Touch is a stroke of genius. Whether you like hip-hop or not, this night will have the anti-urban crowd in their Adidas shell toes breakin’ in the aisles! Valencian Underground @ Miniclub – 24 July. A top UK line up including Scott Sherriden playing the best underground house music. Festival Experience @ Barraca – 15 August. James Holden is the headliner but he is part of a line up which will have the club rocking through the night.

DJ Barry Eaton © 24/7 Valencia 2008

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Sabrina Molinari Tato is a professional photographer. Born in Mexico City, she studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. After her studies there, she decided to study for a Ph.D in photography at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain. As a photographer she has participated in many varied exhibitions in Mexico, U.S.A. and Valencia. You can see part of her work on the link below: email:

All Photos Sabrina Molinari ©2009 24/7Valencia

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From Valencia to Calpe, Part 1 This is the beginning of a long journey covering the southern part of the Valencia coast towards Calpe. Because of its length, we’ll divide it into sections so that you’ll get a more detailed account of how to do it yourselves… The first part of the route, leading from the city of Valencia to El Saler, has already been covered in a previous 24/7. In brief: The old riverbed is the best starting point, because the bike path to Pinedo and El Saler begins in Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, out of the riverbed and opposite to the El Saler commercial mall. We have to cycle to get out of town, parallel to Camino de las Moreras; the bike path is new and in good condition, they did a good job. All we have to do is follow the bike path and we’ll arrive first in Pinedo, a really nice place to stop and have a drink. Pinedo was a little village of fishermen, now you can enjoy a lovely promenade full of bars and restaurants. Once we leave Pinedo, we’ll get into the natural protected area of El Saler. El Saler is the most beautiful jewel of Valencia. You can admire the incredible pine tree forest, full of bushes and typical Mediterranean plants, or be delighted with the long beach. To keep on with your ride and get to L’Albufera, you’ve got to find the village of El Saler. When you are cycling from the beach to the village of El Saler, you’ll find the Valencia to Cullera asphalt road, and alongside it is a bike path that leads you to El Palmar

and L’Albufera. The first part of the bike path will show you what we were talking about before… this amazing forest and then we’ll change the landscape and get into the marshes. Just after L’Albufera the route which will run most of the way to Calpe begins. The first village along the route is Perellonet, where tourism and traditional farming happily coexist. Then El Perelló is an old traditional fishing village; the largest village until we come to the built-up town of Cullera. The next town is Las Palmeras, another traditional tourist area and once past this, there is a stretch that really shows how this area used to be. The Marenys are a group of small fishing villages that still have an ‘olde worlde’ feeling with low-built houses, some of which have been converted into summer homes. Once past these villages, take either the coast road towards Cullera, or the inland road with the same destination. The inland road has the best views over rice fields, especially if you cycle it late afternoon just as the sun is beginning to set. The rice fields are a beautiful changing landscape. At this time of the year, you can see a huge green expanse of flooded fields with the rice growing. This road will lead you to the back side of Cullera, but if you take the coastal road, you’ll find another beautiful landscape, cycling close to the seashore and getting to Cullera lighthouse before discovering the ugly buildings full of tourists in the summer months. In the next issue of 24/7 Valencia, we’ll cycle from Cullera to Gandía… don’t miss it!!

Photo Juan Margolles, photo & article ©2009 24/7 Valencia

It is common knowledge in Darlingdom that I am more than anti the word “CRISIS” and get quite annoyed when people start rambling on about it, as is their wont more than a hundred times a day instead of buckling down, getting on with it, and getting out there trying to beat it somehow. However, I am going to use the word to describe my life the past few weeks. Not, I hasten to add, in a financial way by any means - things have got so crazily critical on all levels in the Darling/ Devine household that when they are told of, jaws are known to drop, hands are seen clutching chests, and shrieks of disbelief are heard. Unfortunately, too many people read this now for me to be candid and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but I shall give it a go. Let’s start with Miss Lolita Devine, my dear flatmate, best friend and confidante, standing by me and making sure I laugh and do not weep through all the drama. Time and time again we have pondered over inviting TV cameras into our home à la an MTV “reality” show, a little like The Hills. (Yes, we are probably too old to be hooked on a programme aimed at teens, but that makes self-declared fan Oprah Winfrey waaay too old, and if Oprah can, we can.) It’s true, we are not quite so glamourous or preened as the girls from Los Angeles and we don’t swan around in Marc Jacobs mini dresses at home either, but there is definitely enough excitement on a daily basis to fill at least a few seasons of airtime and we are more real, so perhaps more appealing to a wider audience. But as we don’t want to be Z-list celebrities, and are strong women who would like to be valued, respected and admired for our achievements and not our hairdos, however welcome compliments always are, then this is probably a no-no. Back to the present, and down to earth, Miss Darling, there are some stories to be told. I am so easily distracted! So Lolita

this month has had her lover come back from his never-ending holidays abroad to casually make a marriage proposal over beer on the Alameda. The whole time he was away, we had no news at all, cue instant bitching from the girlfriends. Forget about him! He’s not worth it! Find someone else! Why oh why are we girls so desperate to bash men as soon as they put one foot wrong? It is another of my pet peeves - when your girls, who have been pushing you to take that guy from Human Resources up on his offer of a drink out, pushing you to go to dinner, to invite him to such-and-such a party, to say oh he’s so gorgeous, he’s perfect for you, he’s the one, you make such an amazing couple, so quick to slander the poor sod the minute he doesn’t text you back within 5 minutes like he usually does?! Maybe he’s on the loo! Maybe he’s on the phone to his Mum! I want reassurance when I’m in doubt about things, not for my insecurities to be taken to with a magnifying glass! Such was Lolita’s case. Not only did poor Lolita Lover Boy have no Internet wherever he was, but he wanted to SURPRISE her at work when he got back, which is what I’d been saying all along, and quelle surprise it was, with marriage proposal and all, albeit a slightly relaxed and backhanded one. I, on the other hand, have sworn off the booze for not the first and definitely not the last time in my life as it has been proven three times in the past month that I cannot mix the drink and chance meetings with most-recent-ex-beau (MREB from hereon in) as it makes me turn into a trailer trash screaming loony bin complete with Attitude with a capital A, hand gestures and storming off across dance floors. I have always been such a placid person, or so I thought, never fought with the boys of my life, and definitely never had any Public Displays of Anger, golly gosh, I am too much of a lady! Who knows, maybe my girlfriends are right, maybe I Am Just Not Over Him, but it’s not that. I just like to be civil at all times with everybody, and do not like to be smirked at nor looked at like I am a piece of poo, when nothing ever went wrong between us and things were always nice and light and fun. Men, hey! So I’ve ran out of inches! And so much left to tell. For now this is a see you soon then, two whole months of scorching heat between me and you and our next encounter on these pages. I am dying for 16 July to roll up so Lolita and I can

Photo Manu Fernández, photo & article ©2009 24/7 Valencia

finally enjoy the best weekend of our social calendars, Festival Internacional de Benicàssim. We are planning to conquer Lily Allen and make her our friend, snog a King of Leon (marriage proposal overlooked for four days), dance our shorts off to 2 Many DJs, wish we were as daring as Peaches, and get Alaska to tell us what black eyeshadow she uses because it just doesn’t budge and ours always, always runs! Then I’ve a week off in August when I will get to Ibiza if it kills me, to lay in a deckchair at sunset with a cocktail at Kumharas (San Antonio’s gorgeous little secret spot) and party til the sun comes up at Pacha. The rest of the month I will be back in The Bank thanking the Lord for Air Conditioning and gathering office gossip to regale you with when we hit the printers again in September. Til then, have a fabulous Summer, keep cool, wear lots of sunscreen, drink water and get up to lots of mischief. No regrets, my Darlingettes! Anita Darling

follow the antics of Anita & Lolita online this summer at Fib Benicassim on on &

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24/7 VALENCIA ON TELEVISION! Canal Nou is Valencia’s largest television channel. It has a potential audience of four million viewers as it serves the entire Valencia region and also reaches parts of the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Aragon and Castile-La Mancha. Indeed, their official website www.rtvv. es covers a broad range of subjects, from the latest news to a family television channel. The website encompasses Punt 2, 24/9, Canal 9, TVVI and Radio Nou. It has daily live broadcasts, meaning that from Picassent to Perth, from Massanassa to Melbourne, Valencia to Vladivostok, their Internet broadcasts reach the world at large. Having heard that 24/7 Valencia was celebrating its recent 100th edition, Canal Nou got in touch with the magazine about doing a report with the help of the magazine. Their creative team put forward the idea of ‘a tour of bohemian bars and restaurants’ that members of the 24/7 Valencia team frequent. In a role reversal, the idea was for expats of 24/7 Valencia’s international team (settled in Valencia) to

Jimmy Glass

show local viewers about places they may not have been aware of in Valencia. At the Plaza del Virgen, four of the 24/7 Valencia team, including editor Will McCarthy and Anita Darling, met the man with the microphone, Fernando (journalist and writer) and Ricardo, a cameraman with 20 years of experience. We set off on an enjoyable evening trek round the winding medieval streets of the Barrio del Carmen… Our first stop was at the chic yet welcoming international restaurant Sesame in C/ En Bou. We explained to the camera that the cuisine comes from Asia, South America and the Mediterranean, reflecting the sesame, the seed that has travelled the most. Sesame reflects the well-travelled, delightful dueña Valerie and the original and tasty dishes prepared by Alex, the creative chef. We then took a trip to the authentic jazz bar Jimmy Glass on C/ Baja where Canal Nou interviewed legendary owner Chevi while people sipped rum and beer, listened to John Coltrane and played pool in the darkly lit surroundings. Jimmy Glass has live jazz every other Tuesday of the month.

Photo © Chevi

Our final stop was the emblematic new Carmen hangout, Magarota on C/ Murillo. Run by familiar faces of the Carmen scene, owners Ricky and Rosa invited us to powerful and refreshing cocktails as the camera took in the warm interior, arty crowd and mellow vibes of this hip little chill out restaurant/bar near the Torres de Quart. The ‘24/7 Valencia’ Canal Nou report has been broadcast weekly on their digital channel 24/9, which is broadcast around the world. It was broadcast on the Canal Nou television main channel on Saturday July 4 at the peak viewing period of 14.55h, with an estimated half a million viewers tuning in for the lunchtime news. They introduced the report, live on television, telling readers that 24/7 Valencia magazine is the definitive English speaking guide to Valencia and recently celebrated its 100th edition! 02. LA EDAD DE ORO










24/7 Valencia maps strictly copyright 24/7 Valencia ©2009 Map design: José Sendra


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JULY/JULIO THURSDAY / JUEVES 2 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Antonio Cantero, José Manuel González y José de Dora (flamenco) 23.30h. JUANITA: DJ Kiko 23.30h. MUSIC BOX: Sesiones Maravillas inauguración con Nacho Canut (Fangoria) + Roberto Marrero 24.00h. JARDINES VIVEROS: Fangoria (electrónica- pop), 22.00h 22.25€ (Feria de Julio) FRIDAY / VIERNES 3 BLACK NOTE: Javier Valenzuela Quartet (swing) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Fernández, Manuel Reyes, Cristina Simo y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Jonathan Pocovi en concierto 23.00h / Los Tocadiscos Gratis. LA EDAD DE ORO: Nasty Boogie 23.00h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Alababarada DJs 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h. JARDINES VIVEROS: La Excepción (hip-hop) 22.00h 20€ (Feria de Julio). SATURDAY / SÁBADO 4 DUB CLUB: DJ Quick-e 23.30h Gratis. 47 CLUB: Groovekey 23.30h. JUANITA: I-Trees (desde Italia) 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Erasmo 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h. PICCADILLY: Slash PD + Netro. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 5 BLACK NOTE: Los Walkers (rock) 20.00h 6€ con consumición. DUB CLUB: Naturals en concierto 20.00h. MONDAY / LUNES 6 BLACK NOTE: Tonky Jam (Open Jam Session) 23.30h 4€. MAGAZINE CLUB: Hudson Falcons (R&R punk desde EEUU) + Leave It To Me 23.00h 6€. TUESDAY / MARTES 7 BLACK NOTE: Martes al Soul by DJ Tuko 20.00h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Xino DJ 24.00h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Jardines de Palau): Dirty Dozen Brass Band + The Funk on Me 22.00h Gratis (Valencia Jazz Fest). RADIO CITY: Emilio de Villar, Tomas Ávarez, Daniel García, Juan Manuel ‘El Niño’y Encarna Sancho (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición.

WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 8 BLACK NOTE: The Funk Party by La Funk Family 23.30h 4€. 47 CLUB: Slash PD + … 23.30h. MUSIC BOX: Paco Plaza 24.00h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Paquito D’Rivera y Chano Dominguez Quintet 22.0 0h 36€ y 27€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). THURSDAY / JUEVES 9 BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll by Juke Box Covers + DJ Quique Lledó (rock) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: María Lizana, Pilar Pacheco, Quique Naval, Quique Sevilla y Roberto (flamenco) 23.30h. JUANITA: DJ Don Dub 23.30h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Sesiones Maravillas 24.00h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Brad Mehldau 22.00h 30€ y 22€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). JARDINES VIVEROS: Chambao (flamenco chill-pop) 22.00h 24.35€ (Feria de Julio). FRIDAY / VIERNES 10 BLACK NOTE: Sananda (funk) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Manuel Serena, Manuel Reyes, Amaro Carmona y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. 47 CLUB: Paco Paco DJs 23.30h. JUANITA: DJ Bru 23.30h Gratis. LA EDAD DE ORO: The Indescriptibles (versiones Beatles and Rolling Stones) + DJ Rafa Cervera 23.00h Gratis. MAGAZINE CLUB: Sigma Cero + Keldark + Kuchillo + Glassmoon + Carol Kiu 21.00h 9€. MUSIC BOX: Le Lizard 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Orchestra de Valencia con José Carlos Franch-Ballester (clarinete), música de Copeland y Gershwin 19.30h 25€, 19€ y 13€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). PICCADILLY: 1 DJ/1 Hora con Play 4You + Lord Byron + Chaqueta + Alternand. JARDINES VIVEROS: Enrique Bunbury (rock) 22.00h 32.50€ (Feria de Julio). SATURDAY / SÁBADO 11 DUB CLUB: DJ Elko 23.30h Gratis. 47 CLUB: Catalina Isis vs. Groovekey 23.30h. MAGAZINE CLUB: Coque + The Carminers + Suicidal Sweet Side + Vola2 + Octopus DJs 21.00h 9€. MUSIC BOX: Guest DJs / Paco Plaza 3.30h. PICCADILLY: Charles Boina vs. Esquidé (final Concurso DJs). SUNDAY / DOMINGO 12 BLACK NOTE: Obempon Folklorick (Afro) 20.00h 5€ con consumición.

L’ELIANA (en C/ Purissima): Carabina 3030 (rock, banda de Joaquín Sabina) 23.30h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): 50 Years of Kind of Blue de Miles Davis con Jimmy Cobb y Wallace Roney 22.00h 36€ y 27€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). MONDAY / LUNES 13 JARDINES VIVEROS: Joan Manuel Serrat 22.00h 37€ (anticipada) / 40€ (taquilla). (Feria de Julio). PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): CMS Trio con Perico Sambeat 22.00 25€ y 19€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). TUESDAY / MARTES 14 BLACK NOTE: Vibe Creators (funk) 20.00h Gratis. MUSIC BOX: Xino DJ 24.00h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): La música de Nina Simone con Angelique Kidjo, Dianne Reeves, Lisa Simone, Lizz Wright & the original Nina Simone Band 22.00h 50€ y 37€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). RADIO CITY: Aroha Maya, Rafael Vargas ‘El Chino’, Juan de Pilar, David Gadea y Celia Romero (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 15 MUSIC BOX: Paco Plaza 24.00h. PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): CTI Band All Stars con Hubert Laws 22.00h 36€ y 27€ (Valencia Jazz Fest). JARDINES VIVEROS: Miguel Bosé (pop) + Carbiolets 21.30h 35€ / 38.50€ (Feria de Julio). THURSDAY / JUEVES 16 FIB FESTIVAL (Benicàssim): + Aldo Linares + Anni B Sweet +La Bien Querida +The Bishops +The Coronas + Fangoria + Gang Of Four + Glasvegas + Justus Köhncke + Kevin Saunderson Presents: Inner City Live + Mystery Jets + Naive New Beaters + No Reply + Oasis + Oblique + Telepathe +The Walkmen + We Are Standard. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Francisco Calderón, Manuel Heredia y Yolanda López (flamenco) 23.30h. 47 CLUB: Guest DJs 23.30h. MUSIC BOX: Sesiones Maravillas 24.00h. FRIDAY / VIERNES 17 FIB FESTIVAL (Benicàssim): + Boys Noize + Christina Rosenvinge + Cooper + Fight Like Apes +The Horrors + Infadels Dj’s + Javier Corcobado + Joe Crepúsculo + Kings of Leon + Magazine + Maxïmo Park + Nacho Vegas + nudozurdo +

Paul Weller + Yuksek. BLACK NOTE: 3 Beans & Rice (funk) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Leo Molina y Su Gente (flamenco) 23.30h. 47 CLUB: Falomir 23.30h. JUANITA: DJ Cok + DJ Furry 23.30h Gratis. MAGAZINE CLUB: Corinna Braun & the Sananda Scene (soul) 23.00h 3€. MUSIC BOX: Ligres 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h PICCADILLY: Isis + Miss Yuls. JARDINES VIVEROS: Amaral (pop) 22.00h 27.50€ (Feria de Julio). PALAU DE MÚSICA (Sala Iturbi): Wynton Marsalis y Lincon Center Jazz Orchestra 22.00h 50€ and 37 € (Valencia Jazz Fest). SATURDAY / SÁBADO 18 FIB FESTIVAL (Benicàssim): 2 Many DJ’s + Aeroplane + Bell X1 + Elbow + Foals + Franz Ferdinand + Gui Boratto + Josele Santiago + Lily Allen +The Mighty Stef + Peaches + Ratolines + Russian Red + Steve Aoki + Tadeo + Television Personalities + The Unfinished Sympathy. 47 CLUB: Isis+ Miss Yuls + Groovekey + Gorrrka 23.30h. JUANITA: DJ Varo 23.30h Gratis. MAGAZINE CLUB: De Høje Hæle + Kværn (punk rock de Dinamarca) 23.00h 5€. MUSIC BOX: Jochen 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h. SUNDAY / DOMINGO 19 FIB FESTIVAL (Benicàssim): + <<rinôçérôse>> + Calexico + CatPeople + David Kitt + Flow + Friendly Fires + Giant Sand + Hell +The Killers + Klaus & Kinski + Late Of The Pier + Laurent Garnier + Lykke Li + Peter Doherty + Popof +The Psychedelic Furs + TV on the Radio + White Lies. BLACK NOTE: Zum Zum Banda + Clowndestinos (Brazilian) 20.00h 5€ con consumición. MONDAY / LUNES 20 BLACK NOTE: Tonky Jam (Open Jam Session) 23.30h 4€. TUESDAY / MARTES 21 JIMMY GLASS: George Garzone / The Fringe (jazz) 21.30h Aforo Limitado. RADIO CITY: Kallardó con Rafael Vargas ‘El Chino’, Miguel Pérez , Pepe Pérez y Dani de Francisco (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. JARDINES VIVEROS: Anastacia (pop) 20.30h 35€ / 38.50€ (Feria de Julio). WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 22 BLACK NOTE: The Funk Party by La Funk Family 23.30h 4€. 47 CLUB: Slash PD + Benji + Cinnamon + DJ Encantador… 23.30h.



CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: José Serrano y Su Gente (flamenco) 23.30h. 47 CLUB: DJ John 23.30h. MAGAZINE CLUB: The Duel (punk desde UK) + Tulipan 22.00h 6€. MARGAROTA: Will McCarthy (folk alternativo desde UK) con Nuno Alves 20.00h Gratis.

BLACK NOTE: Sex & Rock & Roll by Juke Box Covers + DJ Quique Lledó (rock) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Marta Sol, Manuel Fernández, Javier Zamora, Óscar de Manuel y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. ESTADIO LES FOIETES (Benidorm): Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band 21.00h 78€ y 65€. MUSIC BOX: Sesiones Maravillas 24.00h. PICCADILLY: Nasty Kids + Fab-d + Slash DJ.

FRIDAY / VIERNES 24 BLACK NOTE: Forró Du Bom (Brazilian) 23.30h 5€ con consumición. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Isabel Julve, Manuel Reyes y Manuel Quintero (flamenco) 23.30h. DUB CLUB: Pon Top Selectors 23.30h Gratis. 47 CLUB: Search & Destroy DJs 23.30h. MUSIC BOX: Dwomo 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h. SMOOTH JAZZ: Will McCarthy (folk alternativo desde UK) con Nuno Alves 23.30h Gratis. JARDINES VIVEROS: Yann Tiersen 22.00h 26.50 € / 30€(Feria de Julio).

FRIDAY / VIERNES 31 BLACK NOTE: La Suite Romanza (funk) 23.30h Gratis. CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Lucila Duarte y David Muñiz (flamenco) 23.30h. PICCADILLY: Guest DJs vs. Pedro Slash. VELVET: Guillemka + Julio de la Rosa (pop) 22.30h Gratis.

SATURDAY / SÁBADO 25 DUB CLUB: Smoking Jam con Fuck&Tap Family, Golpe Bajo, Area46, Dreamanz, NDN con Edgar 20.00h 3€ / Rocksteady Beatz Gratis. JUANITA: DJ Quick-e 23.30h Gratis. MAGAZINE CLUB: Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! + Bomba Lapa 23.00h 5€. MUSIC BOX: Todotemazos 24.00h / Paco Plaza 3.30h. PICCADILLY: Barila + Nasty Kids + Fab-d + Vicente Marqués + Slash PD. JARDINES VIVEROS: James Taylor (folk–cantautor) 22.00h 40.50€ / 43€ (Feria de Julio). SUNDAY / DOMINGO 26 BLACK NOTE: Vocal Party by Cristina Blasco (fusion) 20.00h 6€ con consumición. MIRROR: Café Tacuba (rock desde México) 21.30h 22€. BÉTERA POLIDEPORTIVO (Sports Centre): Enjazzats Big Band + Mike McKoy ‘Mike McKoy Sings Nat ‘King’ Cole’ 22.45h (jazz, Mostra de Jazz de Bétera). TUESDAY / MARTES 28 MAGAZINE CLUB: Determination (hardcore punk desde Austria) 20.30h 5€. MUSIC BOX: Xino DJ 24.00h. RADIO CITY: Tomás González, Juan de Pilar, Victor Rodríguez, Roberto Molina y Maria Linzana (flamenco) 23.00h 7€ con consumición. WEDNESDAY / MIÉRCOLES 29 BLACK NOTE: The Funk Party by La Funk Family 23.30h 4€.

AUGUST/AGOSTO SATURDAY/SÁBADO 1 BLACK NOTE: ‘70s Party Guateque Yeah Yeah 23.30h Gratis THURSDAY / JUEVES 6 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Amaro Carmona, Juan de Pilar y Aloma Escuder (flamenco) 23.30h. FRIDAY / VIERNES 7 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Amaro Carmona, Juan de Pilar y Aloma Escuder (flamenco) 23.30h. MAGAZINE CLUB: Short Fuse (hardcore punk desde Alemania) 23.00h 5€ SUNDAY / DOMINGO 9 MAGAZINE CLUB: Bad Luck Charms (ex-US Bombs desde EEUU) 20.30h THURSDAY / JUEVES 13 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: Esther Garcés, Juanma Maya y José A. de Torres (flamenco) 23.30h FRIDAY / VIERNES 28 CAFÉ DEL DUENDE: (flamenco) 23.30h


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