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“Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever”-Hebrews 13:8

Volume 9 Issue 27

About The Bible Study This Bible Study is taught by Rev. Sarah Edwards, Sr. Pastor, The Crossing Point International Foursquare Church. This study teaches the Bible historically, culturally and contextually correct. If you have any questions, visit our website:

Reaching & teaching more from The Crossing Point Foursquare Church “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever”-Hebrews 8:10 “ Examine yourself and see which path you are on, ask for the best road, walk therein and you shall have peace for your soul” -Jeremiah 6:16

“Our God has established The End; before the beginning” So whose report will you believe? The Christian Community Magazine is designed to network the Kingdom of God – the Body of Jesus Christ – the Church of the living God; who is the head and the Bishop of all our souls - not a huMAN. We, being many members of Christ’s Body are fitly joined together is now moving throughout the earth as one spiritual MAN! Community Connections accept & appreciate all financial contributions that we receive. The Crossing Point Foursquare International Church and your donations allow us to produce and distribute it free. 4905 34 th Street South, Suite #156 St. Petersburg, FL 33711.

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The Family was created and Personally designed by God Himself. They were commissioned to subdue, dominate and ‘replenish’ earth with other humans by having sex with each other. The wife/woman would be blessed to become impregnated by her husband/the man. In Genesis 5: they both shared a common name. “Adam”. Their children were ‘gifts’ from God to added to the family. More importantly, the family covenant was a ‘blood’ covenant between one man, one woman and God. Since both the man and woman were charged of God to virgins; after their wedding ceremony; they consummated their marriage. The woman/wife laid on a white bed covering and she shed blood. This served two purposes: #1) it was proof of they made the choice to trust and obey God; and secondly, this was a reminder of God’s promise of a redeemer kinsman who would shed His blood to save who so ever from the cruses that was designed for Satan and all of those fallen angelic spirits.. It Was these demon spirits who looked down at the women God had created and desired them. The incubus spirit desired to have sex with women and the succubus spirit desired to have sex with men. They Have to Embody a person in order to


manifest this Kind of abominations Then their corrupted purpose and intent of God’s intent for the family. Jesus shed blood from His forehead in the Garden of Gethsemane

before going to the cross. This made it possible for anyone who accepts the benefit of Jesus suffering, death and resurrection, be able to become empowered in their mind to receive knowledge, wisdom and understanding . Therefore receiving God’s love for them; they found out they could reason with God and chose His way; the best way for their lifestyle choices. Secondly, Jesus love for us while we

were yet sinners; and the blood Jesus shed on the cross cleanse us from all righteousness. We then become a part of God’s family – the one He created and personally designed for whosoever. Have you repented (changed your mind?) Invite Jesus to come into your heart and allow Him to rule and reign in your life. Use your own words; just be sincere – Let us know you are now family Let’s Talk:

What about me? I want it done it this way? This is my country – and I want it back! I was born in America; and I am Christian. Excuse me, but your freedom can not be at the expense of my freedom. OK, let compromise- how about all of exercise our freedom. How? I glad you asked. I know of a man who have already paid the ultimate price for everyone to do what they want to do. Yea! That’s sound good to me. What must I do so I can be free to do anything I want to do? Oh, it’s actually a very simple process. Are you sure you are ready to be free Bring it on! OK, first you must examine yourself and decided which path you are on. Determine if it’s working for you. If it is you’re good to go. If not, your must tell my friend, Jesus Christ that you accept being pardon from paying your sin debt. He’s already paid for it in full. Let him know you want to serve him by serving others. Ask him how. He will let you know. Talk with him everyday. You can tell him everything. He is the best friend you can have. Want to be healed? Ask him to heal you. He will. Whatever your heart desire; he will guide you to clearly understand what that is; and give it to you. Your freedom is not free; but don’t worry about it my friend, has paid for when gave his life to settle everyone’s debt. Learn what are your benefits are and become free indeed. This lack of commitment and indifference compounds one another, creating a whole stream of events leading you AWAY from the success you desire. You live a life of half-successes and regrets. You become old and cynical.

Perhaps some people are saying that the unity of the Body of Jesus Christ is an “impossible dream”; that Jesus’ prayer will never be answered. To most it seems that way. Be that as it may, each person is responsible for himself alone. Only as each accepts that responsibility can the ‘impossible dream” come true. Only as each one of us is willing to cease idolatry, to cease worshiping their own opinions in non-essentials; only as each of us reaches maturity in the agape love for Jesus will we surpass self-adulation and worship masquerading under the illusion of “loyalty to truth” – only then will Jesus’ pray be fulfilled. – “Father, make us one as we are one”. Being unified among a diverse people, principles, situations and/or circumstances can only become possible if it is built upon a single common core. I have come to believe the the Lord loves diversity, and that only by embracing diversity can we truly understand the beauty of unity. The Church universal is called the “Body of Jesus Christ”. That the natural government is on His shoulders. Every conflict we encounter is whenever power and purity collides with each other. Let us look at what the ‘core’ can not be. Whereas, every one appears to be right In their own sight. Therefore, the core of Unity can not be based on anyone’s perceived power, personality, or philosophy. Now here is the “mind blower”. In Ephesians 3:10, Paul reveals to us that the all-wise God is using he Church – not hoping the Church will agree – He is USING the Church to prove to the entire universe – of which the unseen is probably the inconceivably the greater part. That agape love is the ultimate and supreme power and authority. God’s intent is that then and now, through the Church, the manifold wisdom of God should be known to the rulers and authorities in the worlds systems, His eternal purpose which He has already accomplished in Christ Jesus, our Lord. Since the Church is defined as a body; we are many members – but on body. Some of us have the same functions. i.e. eyes, hands, fingers, feet, lips, nostrils, etc. Yet, we may have a different administration. The eye cannot say to the hand, I have not need for you. The primary purpose for the Church has been given this charge began in the garden of Eden

Where two of more are gathered; there will be a a clash of values, attitudes and cultures that can prevent the good news from being heard from traditional sources Most often, people trend to see the color of our skin first; our features and how we speak. If we have not had a paradigm shift within our soul that our Great God loves unity via diversity. We will begin to measure other people with us; not by God’s standards; without giving ourselves the opportunity to know them as an individual. Have you seen a garden with a variety of flowers, lately? Have you looked into a bowl of vegetable soup lately? What about a salad bowl? Diversity is good. No one is an island unto themselves; I don’t care what value they place on themselves. Our bodies are simply ‘earth suites’ given to us by our all wise Creator for us to move about this planet. We are all spirits that was created in God’s Holy image. Once we left the matrix of our mother’s womb; we began to miss the mark that God had personally designed for us as individuals. Our soul declares war with our spirit. Until one is born again of the Spirit of God – we despise our Creator and work at disproving Him, to no avail.. What we believe or not believe do not have any bearing who God is!. Therefore, the only core that will allow us to celebrate unity via diversity is that we all must be jointed together into the Body of Jesus Christ, the son of God/God the Son. He rules all nature. And nature is waiting for us to grow up and move out of our self centeredness and move into His Holy Spirit; as one man, the second Adam; the Church . The Church are the called out ones; who understands and accepts Jesus Christ is the same today.. His Kingdom shall come on earth as it is in heaven. Because “Holy” is His name everyone will witness the earth literally being a suburb of heaven. Some through the fire; and some through the clouds. Never forget to remember – our connecting point is not personality but rather the presence of the Holy Spirit of God! Have you been engrafted into the Body of Christ; yet? He’s waiting. Ask Jesus into your life; and master it today.

Are you ready to learn? Are you teachable? Will you study to show that you can pass your tests? WELCOME TO THE LEARNING TREE OF LIFE!

Post Modern Impact on Education By Dennis McCallum Good teachers have always realized that students are more than passive receptacles of knowledge, and have found ways to motivate their students to take an active role in the learning process. Group study projects, interactive learning, critical thinking and attention to the learning environment can be used effectively to motivate active learning. Postmodernism denies the correspondence between what humans perceive and the “real reality” of our world. Taken to its logical conclusion, this view undermines the whole basis for education. Why teach at all if we have no true knowledge to communicate? The biblical worldview affirms that humans cannot know exhaustively, but it insists that we can know some things truly. Because we are made in God’s image as rational beings, there is substantial correspondence between what we think and external reality. The fact that we can sinfully use our brain’s abilities to distort the truth (Romans 1:18) doesn’t prove that there is no truth or that we are unable to know the truth. Educators must always be aware of the limitations of their knowledge. Modernist educators are often guilty of unfounded dogmatism, especially about their presuppositions. Their denial of the supernatural is a statement of faith, not a proven fact. In the same way, modernist confidence in human goodness and progress fly in their face of overwhelming historical evidence. Nor have modernists ever demonstrated that more knowledge improves moral or social conditions in human society. Neither modernists nor postmodernists come to grips with human sin and its effects on thought and perception. We also cannot accept the way radical constructivism rejects teacher/student roles and transmission of knowledge. Scripture repeatedly urges young and old alike to accept instruction and reproof. (Proverbs 22:19) Does an approach that refuse to call any answer “wrong” deserve to be called education? In the biblical worldview, answers that correspond to reality are true or correct, while answers that do not are false or wrong.

A student of a major secular university recently exposed the inconsistency of this educational approach. During the first class, the instructor showed the students a painting and asked them for their interpretation of it. After one student offered his interpretation, another disagreed. The instructor then criticized that student for being arrogant enough to think he could know what the artist really meant. Our interpretations are merely social constructs and are therefore all equally valid. The student then held up the instructor’s class syllabus and declared that he interpreted it to mean that all students would receive an “A” for the course whether or not they completed any assignments! The extreme reluctance of postmodern educators to judge, test, and evaluate seems destined to produce occupationally inept people who can’t handle being told that they are wrong. America may become the first country in the world afraid to tell its children that they got the wrong answer on a math problem! Finally, parents and teachers should be clear that the educational theories underlying these bizarre practices haven’t been proven. On the contrary, the ? postmodern new qualitative research used to back up many conclusions is mostly speculation. It proves nothing. Indeed, he vast majority of the material in this field makes no claim to any kind of substantiation, its authors holding that such proof is impossible anyway.. In stead, we see free from speculation regarding why, for example, many minority children are failing at school. Many critics warn that minority children who are educated using these methods will be less able to succeed in mainstream America culture. Ironically, no one is more menaced by postmodern educational theory than the minorities it purposes to help.

Does an approach that refuses to call any answer “wrong” deserve to be called education

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Of a TRUTH I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. But in every nation, anyone who reverence Him and work righteousness is accepted with Him. Acts 10:34-35

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The Crossing Point is an end-time movement. We are seeking those of you who want to become a part of the future today! Image a body of Christians who would labor to take their stand on the sermon of Jesus and conceive their creed on His lines Imagine how it would read: “ I believe in the Fatherhood of God; I believe in the words of Jesus; I believe in having a clean heart’ I believe in the service of love; I believe in living the unworldly life; I believe in the Beatitudes; And I trust God and follow Jesus Christ, I chose to forgive my enemies and seek after the righteousness of God.’…With liberty of thought allowed; liberty of sinning denied.” [John Watson] Would you sign such a creed? Remember not to forget that for three too short years the early church had nothing else, and it was by holy living and not by any vain philosophies, metaphysical subtleties or traditional of man. But rather by how they lived, and suffered, were they able to effect the entire know world. To be qualified to be a laborer with The Crossing Point; for this dispensation, you must have stood at the point in life where you are – examine and judged yourself according to the inerrant, inspired Word of God; the Holy Bible. Determined which path in your iife you are on; asked God to place you on the best one; the pathway of righteousness and you asked God to fix your heart, invite Jesus into your heart to rule and reign as your Master because you have made up your mind to walk therein. (Jeremiah 6:16) Are you teachable? If so, we want you to join our “Movers and Shakers Club”. The Crossing Point is not your ‘mama dem’ church! And most definitely, you will not be ‘going’ to church as usual; you will become the Church; as the Body of Jesus Christ moving as one MAN!

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The first three chapters of Genesis if understood properly, let us see the light from God’s perspective on the status of women. To long people have read into the interpretation their own prejudices. The church must grow up and accept the reality that there are two different accounts of creation in the book of Genesis. The first extends from Genesis 2:4b – 3:24. Why two? And why the difference between them. How the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, was written and processed must be understood in order to interpret correctly these first five chapters of Genesis. There are four‘ strands’ of oral tradition and written material that are woven together, as in a piece of fabric. They are commonly referred to as J, E, D, and P. The J, or Yahwist, strand is called because in it, God is referred to as Yahweh. The Northern Kingdom later introduced another document, which goes by the name of E. This is so called because it refers to God as Elohim, a name not used in the early history of the Hebrews.

Later, than this but prior to 621, another document was compiled, largely consisting of law codes but with narrative material interwoven (strand D). This constitutes mainly ur book of Deuteronomy or “second law”. This succeeds the Covenant Code of an earlier date. The finding of this document during the repair of the Temple at Jerusalem, perhaps put there to be found, prompted King Josiah’s great reformation after Huldah, the prophetess had declared it to be the authentic Word of God. During he period of the Exile a final edition of the historical part of Deuteronomy was compiled. This brings us to the fourth strand, P, or the Priestly document. It also was probably compiled in the Exile period, far from Jerusalem but not far from the worship of the Most High. The P document is of special concern to the study of the status of women in the Bible. It contains the account of the creation of the world, including the creation of male and female, with which the Bible begins, though it is the latest to be written. It is on a more sublime spiritual and cosmic level than the J strand. Its account f the creation in six days is not scientific history. The P account of creation, written some four centuries after the J account,.. What does it say about the statue of women are found in Genesis 1:26-28. The heart if the problem now under consideration lies at two points: Continued on page 13

Let your light so shine that others may see your good works And you shall attract lighting bugs

Freedom know this, that every man/woman is free To choose his life and what he'll be. For this eternal truth is given, God will force no man to heaven. He'll call, persuade, direct aright, Bless with wisdom love, and light; In nameless ways be good and kind, But never force the human mind. ~ William C. Clegg

Most of us are familiar with mental, emotional, physical, and spousal abuse. But do you know what is spiritual abuse? Spiritual abuse is not new. yet, it is not easy to identify and escape. nor is it easy to admit that you are a spiritual abuser. The reasons are, it is ‘shame-base’. It is used by false spiritual authority within the Church, and as all abusers – they revictimize their victims. Therefore, people have a difficult time admitting to themselves and even more difficulty telling someone else what has happened to them. . So many of God’s people have not been able to unlock deep painful feeling within them that have been caused by church leaders. These kind of leaders evidently interpreted their position of authority to mean that their thoughts and opinions were supreme. In other words, if they said it, the ONLY right response should be to agree – definitely not to object. Or question them A broad view of Spiritual abuse is that it is the mistreatment of a person who is in need of help, support or greater spiritual empowerment, with the result of weakening, undermining or decreasing that person’s spiritual empowerment. In Jeremiah 5:26, God says, ”for wicked men are found among my people – they set a trap, they catch men.” V#30,31 says, “ The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priest rule on their own authority.” Notice this came from a place of power or perceived power. In other words, it is possible to be abused by someone who doesn’t have any true spiritual authority. In the New Testament; present people who are hurt by abusive systems. In Matthew 23:4, Jesus says, “They lie up heavy loads, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger” There is the neglect of real needs in favor of the needs’ of authority. Please understand all strong Christian leaders are abusive and there is no such thing as a perfect church. However, the difference between an abusive and a non=abusive system is that while hurtful behaviors might happen in both, it is not permissible to talk about problems, hurts and abuses – real or perceived. The no spoken rule reigns. If one dare talk about their experience; they are shamed and made to feel at fault; hence no healing can take place. Destruction is not done by false sheep; but by false shepherds. They use rank, position, status, or title as a sole basis of spiritual authority. If false power and authority were the only elements of an abusive leader’s façade, they would be easy to spot. In fact, some ae. But there is another element to the façade that causes many, many people to suspend good judgment and

spiritual discernment, to escape the reach of these abusers. Abusers misuse the trust of people. They live a double life. “Therefore all that they tell you, do and observe, but do not do according to their deeds, for they say things, and do not do them.” Matthews 23:3 The way you can spot a false system is that the leaders require the place of honor – not preserve the honor for God. True leaders will consistently and constantly point to Jesus. Another tendency of spiritually abusive leaders is that they add to the burdens of those who follow. Instead of grace and mercy to help in time of need, they offer religion. What ever happened to “My load is light and my yoke is easy? Secondly, they alienate or ignore those they abused until they succumbs to the behavior that have predetermined by them. Once you give into the dynamics of an abusive system are: 1) Out-loud shaming either to the full congregation or towards an individual. And, 2) Manipulation with the ‘no talk’ rule. That is if you speak about the abuse; you then are label as the problem. You are re-victimized. There ae other signs, but we will not elaborate on all of them at this time. If you have been abused spiritually, by a church leader; stop biting the bait. Erase the shame; renew your mind and reestablish a positive self-concept based on your acceptance and self worth with Jesus and not on attitude of people In Colossians 2”6, Paul says, “As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.” And rest in His love for you. For those who are trying to decide whether to leave or stay in an abusive church; answer the question if you have been supporting something with your life that you hate or is there room for grace to be manifested to the leader’s heart and mind and they will change? If you have been abusive and perhaps not been aware of it. Know that you will have to give account to God how you are treating what is most precious to him; his children and he will judge you. Prayer counselors will with you whether you have been abused or if you are the abuser. 727/388.1564

IS RELIGION IN DANGER OF BECOMING MERELY A PHILOSOPHY TO ACCEPT RATHER THAN A FEELING WHICH DONINATES AND MOTIVATES OUR CONDUCT If religion is to be significant it must be built into the fundamental emotional life of men and women, boys and girls. This generation more than any other is an age of sensation: we see more, hear more, feel more than any of our ancestors. Historically, the church has tried to do this by building into its services of worship those kind of elements which lift the soul of worshippers to the highest level of inspiration and purposive conduct. The best art of the ages has been produced with the Church; painting, music, architecture, and sculpture. However, the drama of human experience has been most often interpreted in mass and in sermons. The church at large has offered less beauty, less music and less symbolism and more preaching and more teaching as an attempt to regulate life by rules rather than guide it by inspiration. Drama lends itself naturally and significantly to the technique of worship which is needed today. It appeals primarily to the feelings and the senses by its use of light and color. A sense of worship is gained by the participation of the actor and the communion of the worshipper through the drama that is being portrayed. All art, including drama can be used

Effectively whenever, it is honored by its traditional association with the presenter’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord; combining the possibility of use of color, light and beauty with a presentation of human experience in an interesting form.

A Woman’s Place – What the Bible says Continued from page10 the meaning of man in this passage and the meaning of the image of God. A short linguistic study gives an answer to the first question. The word used here for man is ‘adham’, which means man in the generic sense, not man as a male biological creature. Much confusion has arisen from the fact the English language uses man in both senses, and to distinguish between the two meanings The generic man as Man/human being. If you can see that any incongruity disappears from that statement, “In the Image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” The divine blessing and injunction to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it, and to have dominion over other living things with divine provision for food from the earth to sustain them, apply as fully to female as to male. This interpretation is reinforced a little further on where we read in Genesis 5:1-2, When God created man, the image; he made him in the likeness of God. male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named the Man when they were created. The second creation story or the J or Yahwist account bears traces of a personal narrative. The author of the priestly account was doubtless familiar with the J strand. The fact that he chose to write his own interpretation of creation suggests that he believe there was more to be said. The creation story of Genesis 2:4a through the end of chapter three is less majestic than the priestly account. We lose the most essential points, if we take the stories of creation as purely history and as a text for the subordination of women to men.. To center attention on Eve’s responsibility for Adam’s sin, or to find in it authorization for a doctrine of original sin on which to erect a mammoth structure of ecclesiastical procedures,, is seriously to misread it. In Genesis 2:21-23 reveals the creation of woman after the animals and it stated that there was no‘ helper that suitable for him. There is by no means agreement that the sexes are clearly differentiated – “ish and ishshah”. The word ‘helpmeet” refers to a wife being a helper, suitable companion, co-worker and equal partnership as in a corporation.. Wake up Church and get right! If you desire to become a license or ordained minister. Enroll in The Tree Of Life Learning Academy.

In 1893, at the age of thirty-three, Bates, an English professor was so impressed with the beauty of various natural scenes she witnessed in her travels. She penned the beauty of America to a poem. Later it became a song. Ray Charles propelled it to great popularity so much that there have been efforts to give "America the Beautiful" legal status either as a national hymn, or as a national anthem equal to, or in place of, "The StarSpangled Banner", but so far this has not succeeded. This song allows us to appreciate the greatness of God’s handiwork. Yet, all of nature is travailing; waiting for us as the children of God to wake up, clean up and grown up as mature Christians. We have not really yet seen a beautiful rose or a snow capped mountain top.. Yes, America was built on Christian values, by Godly men and women. Never the less, America is truly at its cross roads and cannot afford to chose the wrong path to go forward on. There have many great nations before us. They all bit the dust; simply because their leaders could not or would not create a continuous culture that glorified the Lord Jesus as the Country’s God. Most of us no longer think of how mighty Rome, Egypt or Persia was at one time. in history America is the most powerful country in the world today. We who know the Lord as their God

A Blessed Nation

must intercede for God to continue to pour out His favor upon her. To guide our leaders with His wisdom. God cut the first ‘Brotherhood’ Covenant. It provided brand new mercies and grace to be multiplied every day on countries who built their political processes upon His righteousness. God crowns good to those who understand and live out the reality that we are our brother’s keeper. Our brother/sisters are anyone who are ‘human’.‘HU’ =Light. Jesus is the light that lights everyone. By grace, we are, have been and will continue to be saved. To be kept safe from all harm. The Church has a mandate to pray for all those in authority. The saints home is a holy sanctuary. Pray for your neighborhood [a foursquare block radius of your home.] and Become a partner with The Crossing Point’s national prayer covering for our personal neighborhood and for our nation. We are the funnel that the love of God can us and not stop shedding His grace upon us as an individual and as a country; crown our good with brotherhood that abounds from heart to heart – from house to house – community to community – city to city – state to state. America will become unified one in the of Jesus Christ’s Body, the Church. Sing with us a new song. Send for your prayer kit, today.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance."

- Psalm 33:12

Roger Sherman was born in Newton, Massachusetts on this day (or possibly the previous day) in 1721. After impressing others with his ability and integrity as a young man, he entered the public arena in 1743 when he was appointed surveyor of New Haven County, Connecticut. There, he became a respected businessman and lawyer, and gained important political positions. As Connecticut and other colonies faced difficult challenges, Sherman was called upon for leadership. He became a member of the Continental Congress, serving on many committees, including the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. After the War of Independence, he served on the committee that formed the Articles of Confederation and then became active in drafting the U.S. Constitution. He later became a U.S. Senator, gaining the respect of leaders throughout the young nation. During his life, Sherman never compromised his Christian faith. He believed "there is only one living and true God, existing in three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the same in substance, equal in power and glory." He had no doubt "that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are a revelation from God and a complete rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy Him." Sherman recognized to be successful, a nation needed to be based on faith in God. But in recent years, increasingly, people in countries around the world have moved away from the truths which were clear to Sherman. More than ever, we need people and nations who will return to Biblical standards and not compromise their faith in God and Biblical Truth. Make this commitment in your own life. Stand for righteousness. Pray for revival. Get involved. Be bold and don't compromise!

Pastor Edgar Edwards What is man, that God always have them on His mind (Psalms 8:4) If you were created in a laboratory or if you are visiting from another stratosphere; you can not understand nor accept what a man is. Before, I answer the above question, let me ask you – who told you that you was a man? What is the core of the foundation you build your precept upon whenever you determined within yourself – yes, I am a man? At an early ages, we are influenced within our minds and emotions, by images. They are often suggestions and experiences. We are told in subtle ways through the media – - -what a man is or is not. Therefore, some children began to chose a comfort zone for what they feel and think.. If a child enjoys and play sports; they are more easily accepted when they grow older; as being ‘a man’. If a child enjoys building things; most often they are later accepted as ‘a man’. If a child’s world is technical and/or scientifically inclined; they may be looked upon by their peers as being ‘nerdy’; but later in life society will honor them as being highly intelligent men. And the child that is artistic is sometimes thought of being effeminate if they enjoy classical dances. It is only if they bellow out raps and spin on their heads while dancing are they readily accepted as being a man. Never-the-less, it is God who has made us and not we ourselves. He watched us grow while we were in His Matrix (our mother’s womb). Therefore, in Genesis 2:2628; Even though God is infinite, spiritual and glorious – the all wise God decided to created man in His image and His likeness; created He THEM – MALE AND FEMALE. Why? So that they may re-create earth to become as a suburb of Heaven. God’s image is to be our reflecting God’s desires (His nature) within our lifestyle choices. And God’s likeness is the character of God.

To further appreciate what is man and why God is always thinking about us. You must first understand God created a ‘male’ and a ‘female’ man. Keeping it simple, the world male means one who can produce sperm, fertilize female sex cells, bears only stamens and does not produce fruit or seeds, is designed with a projecting part that is designed to fit into a hollow part or socket that is the female counterpart. The Female man produces sex cells gametes that fuse with male sex call during sexual reproduction. The prefix FE means ‘light’ or spiritual intuition. In other words, a female man is the same as a woman – a perfect match for the male man but with a womb that house and nurture his seed. One of the reasons God is still always thinking about us is that soon after He created the first man and woman in the whole land of Ethiopia; demon angels looked upon the women and desired to have sex with them. This saddened the Lord God’s heart to the point that He destroyed the earth with a flood. Only Noah’s family was spared; to begin again. Every nation proceeded from the loins of Noah’s three sons and their wives. God’s system remained in place; to replenish the earth through sexual intercourse between a male man and a female man. God has not changed His plan; therefore He has not changed His mind. God gave the earth to man (male & female) to subdue and dominate in the right way; His righteousness! The battle is still raging between satan and his evil spirits that desire to embody God’s creations via their minds, emotions and desires is not so smart. God cannot lie; we don’t want to lie. God is eternal, and whatever we believe do not affect Him nor His Word. God is not confuse and He does not make mistakes. Every man – male and female is His workmanship. He has a designed purpose for you while you are in the earth. God promises are sure – and He has not threaten us; but promised us that the next time His wrath is felt will not be with water – but fire next time! Don’t be caught wanting in the balance. R. U. Ready?





FOR HE OR SHE IS JUST A BABY There are four flavors of food; our Father have provided for those who have become His children. A baby is anyone who have been saved; and yet still living as if they have not been redeemed from the world systems. Any Christian as in the natural process of growing into a mature person have six stages of growth and development steps to complete before becoming an adult[mature in the things of our Father God]. They are an infant, a toddler, a tweener, a teenager, a young adult and then finally an adult – a mature person. It is not based on a particular time frame as it is with our natural age progression; but rather on the time we invest into our spiritual growth. When the Bible mentions the word ‘elder’; it is speaking of those who are older and wiser in the things/eyes of God. Not just living a long time and getting old, age- wise. I believe the term –‘an old fool’ is one who have aged in years, but not change the content of their character. There are ‘old babies’; and they are only wise in their own eyes; therefore they keep messing on themselves as the fall down and keep getting up again. They have not yet mastered how to “walk lonely!”. No, the baby food our Father have provided for us is not Gerber’s – they are: [1] the doctrine of baptisms, [2] laying on of hands, [3] resurrection of the dead, and [4] eternal judgment. Once we have tasted and seen the goodness of God in our personal life; we will only then grow up and go beyond God’s baby food. The Church; the Body of Jesus Christ can began to live and move in the fullness of the power of God’s Holy Spirit; manifesting the promises of our SONship, from His word as a mature person. Yet, too many Christians have settled on running to and fro, falling down and get up again in time to eat the next exciting word of God from a lot of so-called evangelist s who are perpetrating the move of God – and they

- Hebrews 5:12-14

are still hungry. I will open one of God’s baby food jars. If you eat it and exercise your your common senses to discern good and evil. It will become a natural way for you to grow supernaturally into the called out life God has already designed for you. You will not be tossed and turned by every wave of doctrine. You will demonstrate the supernatural – naturally. Everyday – as a mature person. Today, the first jar of God’s baby food will be the doctrine ‘baptisms’. It was well known that taking a bath was very common in most ancient nations as a preparation for prayers and sacrifices. And hence, baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is used today by Christians as an outward testimony that as they submerge under the water; they have died to sin and when they come up out of the water; they have been raised up in Christ Jesus righteousness. No longer look at getting baptized as a ‘means of salvation, a cleansing or a bathing’. Water baptism cannot save anyone. Rather it is a public profession of faith that you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your kinsman redeemer and you willingly subject yourself to the royal laws of the government of God [Kingdom of God]. The command to baptize now co-exists along side the command for all of us to preach the gospel. Once you have filled up on declaring to the world, you no longer desire their system of reasoning; you have been given the opportunity to be baptized into the Holy Spirit of God with the evidence of speaking God’s language – yes, speaking in tongues. God’s power will not only come upon you; He will come and live in you, through you, and for you. Why? because you were baptized into the Body of Christ (Salvation), baptized in water (Sanctification) and baptized in the purging fire of God Holy Spirit. Now run on, tell it and see what the end’s going to be. NOW YOU KNOW.

R U Full Yet?

All sin is against Love! There is no sin that is not in violation of the law of Love. Sin is always committed when we willfully make a conscious choice to disobey the ways of God; that He has ordained for us as humans and for us as individuals. In other words, sin is ‘missing the mark’. Leaving the path that God personally designed for us to travel through this earthly realm on. When we left our mother’s womb; we began to try to understand who we were and what was our purpose in the earth. We experienced life by choosing different pathways. When one did not give us the results we desired; we would try another way. Yet, everyday, we all saw the sun rise and the sun set; and we all knew instantly that there had to be a God somewhere. Was He the one who made the ‘big bang?’ or ‘rolled the dice?’ In the meantime, most of us begin drowning deep in our sinful life-style choices. But Love lifted a lot us safely to shore. We cried ‘help me Lord’. After we were delivered; our eyes of our understanding was open and we understood that God is Love! Are you tired of floating, doing the dog-paddling, back-stroking and floating? Reach out to our God, cry baby cry: “Help me, Lord”. God love you so much, He has given His only begotten Son, Jesus to pay our sin debt so that we may have life and that more abundantly. Life is Love. Love is God! Your financial support is accepted & appreciated

Who decides for your city? It depends on whose point of view we embrace. As we view our cities from an Airplane as it circles before making a landing – the most striking things about the cities are the buildings and the pattern they make on the landscape. Taller buildings at the center mark the hub of business and government; then the neighborhoods spread out from the center in a variety of patterns. Once upon a time, the Church proudly boasted of being the tallest point in most cities. This indicated to all that that was where the power was. A city is primarily a social organism, a way of living together. The buildings and streets may be the shell within this hermit crab society finds shelter. But the life of society is in its people. If we are to know the city, we must walk the streets and meet its citizens. Viewed from the sidewalks and streets, the city seems to be a million things at one. The ebb and flow of people in their cars, riding bicycles and walking to and fro. The people we pass seem endless in their variety, though sharing a common humanity. Why are the streetlights so close together in this part of town, when they seem so dim and far apart over on the other side of town? The answers to these and any of the millions of other questions are not to be found in the mind of man, but rather in mind of God. As Christians, our relationship with God Almighty have given to us the mind of Christ. A city seen from the outside in which I mostly relate to for my home town, since I have not lived here for over 40 years. Upon my return what I first saw was what I was received from a steady diet of TV news, newspaper headlines and feature stories that began to give the regular viewer/reader an impression that I as well as others really Knows what makes the city move toward their personal agenda. Yet, this is an illusory sense of immediacy and involvement. At times people who are trying to keep us ‘informed’ on the progress of civic affairs are actually misled themselves concerning the true nature of their city. The city seen from underneath contrary as it seem, is the concentration of power of ultimate decision in the hands of very few in the American city do not create a vast monolithic pyramid with a small privileged group sitting astride a large crops or underlings who ride herd on the vast mass underneath. Every city has its political architects that already have their agenda in mind as the city sleeps. Such has been the pattern of many societies of ancient times and could be the result if this

system were more carefully planned and rationally organized. But the genius of American society has been it pluralism, its willingness to allow contradictions to exist,, its tolerance for competing ideologies and ways of life, its ability to combine energy and inertia. However, to the average resident of a city feel only the impact of the decisions made at the top levels and the countless stratagems being tried out in the various pyramids to their life in that city. The average citizens have the tendency to speak of ‘them’ and believe that most of the issues of life are beyond their control is not a paranoid delusion; it has real basis in the facts of his situation. A majority of decisions that affect his life most deeply are made outside the neighborhood in which he lives. The truth, of the matter is that the life of the city and its people is as much a part of God’s creation as the planets or the lilies in the field, or the bugs within the ground. Both stories of creation in Genesis affirm that humans were created to live in society. The city, like other parts of human culture always stands in danger of forgetting its Maker; its LORD - “the Most High God who rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom He will”. [Daniel 4:29-33] Jerusalem, the city of David was both the seat of God’s government and the house of the LORD. (2 Samuel, chps 5-7 – 1 Kings, chps 6-8). Even the city in which you live in is in God’s heart to be a hub where the government is on His shoulders and the community is looked . Let us know that you will join us, and intercede for a four-square radius of where you live. Publically declare and claim your Neighborhood and Nation for the glory of God.

According to a recently released survey of over 4,000 people, Americans are more cynical today than ever before. We don’t trust politicians or the economy and many are suspicious of the church. I realize that our topic this morning may create additional cynicism for some of you. One of the raps that churches have today is that they’re always asking for money. That reminds me of the mother who was hysterical because little Jimmy had swallowed a quarter. She turned to her husband and screamed for him to call a doctor. So he picked up the phone, but instead of calling the doctor, he decided to call his pastor. The wife was upset and said, “We don’t need the pastor, we need some medical help!” To which the husband replied, “Hey, our pastor can get money out of anyone!” I hope to persuade you that it’s important to hear what the Bible has to say. You see, according to Jesus, money is a spiritual issue. And, since it’s a spiritual issue, we need to address it for at least three reasons. The Bible has more to say about money than almost any other subject. The topic of money is both personal and theological 1.



Poverty Theology. This imbalanced view teaches that we should have a disdain for possessions. Some who hold this position would say that it’s wrong to have excess money and things. Prosperity Theology. This teaching wrongly assumes that prosperity is the reward of the righteous. This cause and effect relationship implies that if God is happy with you, He will bless you financially. If He’s not pleased with you, you won’t be blessed with possessions Proper Theology. The proper way to view our possessions is that they are a trust given by God that we are responsible to manage. Everything belongs to Him and we are to serve as stewards whether we are blessed with a lot or with a little. why because it’s not our money. I earned It; I gave it to the Lord. He was simply returning it to me

The issue is not whether we will store up wealth. That’s a given. The only question is where we will do our banking. Since earthly treasures are unstable and insecure, Jesus challenges us to make long-term investments that are permanent and guaranteed. Deposits made in the First National

Bank of Heaven will not decay or disappear. They are protected and insured by God Himself. To put it plainly, Jesus is saying that your heart follows your money. That’s not the way most of us think. We tend to think our money follows our heart -- if our heart is right, we will spend our money wisely. That’s not the way it works because your heart always follows your treasure. Whatever you invest your time and money in will become very important to you. Too many of us spend all that we have on the things of this world and then we wonder why we have trouble concentrating on the things of God. Our problem is that we’ve invested everything down here and hardly anything up there! Our money has kept our heart tied to the earth. You’ll never be able to get your heart focused on heaven as long as your attention is on material things. Money is not just a neutral medium of exchange, but a “power” with a life of its own which seeks to control, and even consume us. The goal of this Money Master is total domination of your value system, without you even being aware of it. If you’re serving the Money Master, Jesus says you will be unable to fully serve God. He doesn’t say, “you better not” or “it would be unwise to serve both,” He says, “you cannot serve both God and money.” As such, how we handle our money has a lot to do with how serious we are about obeying God. His words are unsettling. If you love money, you will end up hating God. If you are devoted to the pursuit of possessions and the making of money, you will find yourself despising the things of God. Friends, let me encourage you to take this four-part test on a regular basis. 1. The Durability Test. How long will my things last? Are they temporary or will they last forever in heaven? 2. The Heart Test. Where am I investing my time and money? What excites me the most, earth or heaven? Which place makes my heart beat faster? 3. The Mind Test. Where do I focus my goals? Am I committed to materialism or spirituality? Do I operate according to God’s priorities, or my own? 4. The Master Test. Is Jesus my master or is something, or someone, else? Will I serve money on earth and allow it to be my god, or will I serve God in heaven with my treasures, which are really His in the first place. CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY; WHO YOU ARE GOING TO SEVRVE IN THE MARKETPLACE

America reportedly was founded on Christian principles. When the English Puritans in the 17th century left Britian they wanted a country that would offer them freedom to serve God without interference. They scaped the native Indians and gave the VD. Soon afterwards, they began to kidnapped Africans from their homeland and sold them into slavery in America. They would not even consider nor treat them as a human being created in the image of God in the whole land of Ethopia. Worse of all, they justified their positions and attitudes by misquoting God’s Word, the Bible. These ‘socalled christians’ denied that same freedom religious expression to others. In the 18th century American colonists, “freedom” meant charting their own course as a nation. Colonial leader, Patrick Henry, whose father came to America from Scotland, believed that freedom based on a personal commitment to Christianity was possible only when it was based "on Jesus Christ”. He could prody say, “Give me liberty or give me death.” America! America! God has shed His GRACE (favor) on you and crown your good with brotherhood? Yet, everyone who have entered this ‘Christian country’ have been rewarded; except the Africans. Others are more acceptable as a citizen than those whose blood was spilled to build this great nation; and their blood is still crying out from the ground. In the book of Genesis, Cain killed his brother Abel. Abel blood cried out from the ground. God ansewered the crying of Abel’s blood. He gave Cain an opportunity to repent. He did not. God put a mark on his forehead that can be seen by everyone. Cain was cursed to live a long time as a wonderer. Today, we use the word ‘pioneering’.

Yes, God instilled into the slaves heart to forgive the church and America. Evenso, we have generations of young African Americans that bear a silent rage deep within their heart. Frustrated with how can they overcome! This generation do not understand nor appreciate the shoulders that they are standing on. People who are under 55 years old was born in a different world. Nor do they realized the effects of generational curses and blessings; nor do they have a healthy avenue to express it. In return; both the oppressor and the ooppressed are misplacing their aggressisons. They have yet to understand their issues are not with flesh and blood; but it’s a spiritual encounter they are facing. The oppressed become aggressive and hostile towards ‘the man’. And the powers that are (the oppressors) are aggressive towards those they desire to control. Misplacing aggression is the results of the sins of our Father, Cain. God has said if “HIS people who are called by HIS name, would humble themselves; turn from their wicked ways, and seek His face He would heal the land. May we all examine ourselves and pray: “Lord, have mercy on me and Lord, have mercy on America! God reveals His purpose on earth through people who have invited His Holy Spirit to live in them. God’s enemy, Satan, the devil is also a spirit. His desire is to live in the body of anyone who will reject the love and pupose of God for them. The hold the TRUTH in unrighteouness..

Which path are you on?

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While Showering this morning, I came up with a very good ideal; everything simply fell into place, the words, the direction and so on; and at the time I remembered thinking, “now, that’s a really great idea!” And for the past hour; sitting here at my desk in my office, with the computer screen staring blankly back at me, I have been trying to recapture exactly what that ‘great idea’ was >>> to no avail; I’m sorry to say! Ideas and especially the really good ones are fragile, effervescent things Sheer energy, waiting to be manifested. I now keep paper all over my home, and writing instruments; as well as a well as a small hand-held recorder with me. But what do you do with an idea that comes to you when you’re washing your hair; or covered with lather in the shower? Experience has taught me that ideas are the world’s most valuable things. Positive ideas impregnate our minds, because they are spiritual and they should be received as messages from God. ACT QUICKLY

What I should have done is quickly rinsed my hair; or disrupted my shower; dripped my way to a pie of paper or recorder; and simply record my idea. Therefore; “I wish I had…” then became less and less a harmony later on within my heart. You must appreciate that our ideas are a form of energy and they need to be converted into something that is productive and useful, or something interesting; or at least something entertaining – or like more than 99.99% of the sun rays will stream beyond us into an endless void. For you to stop your godly ideas must first be translated into words, like a radio signal unto a piece of paper. Then the idea must be thought about, studied, and finally they must be translated into a physical reality. Everything that we see about us was at one time an invisible idea. Your house, your clothes, your car began in the mind of a single human being. After all, greater is He (God Almighty) that is in you; than anything else in the world.. Therefore, never forget to remember > the next great idea for healing diseases, or solving other world problems; can be given to you > it can be yours for the taking. I pray it has not already been given to anyone who have been aborted. Lord, Have Mercy!

By: Lorraine Peterson

You can count the number of seeds in an apple; but no one can determine how many apples will come from one apple Linda sat there stunned. How could it be true? Her father had just announced that he was leaving and moving with his secretary. He mother was sobbing in the living room while her older brother tried to comfort her. Her sister was screaming at their father, but Linda just sat there paralyzed. Anger welled up within her. Where was God? How could He allow such a thing to happen in her family? How could her father violate the standards he had always taught his own children? For weeks Linda operated in a fog. She went to church only out of habit. Her prayers seemed to bounce back a her and she couldn’t concentrate when she tried to read the Bible. She felt guilty for being a bad testimony, but it seemed as if the light had disappeared fro her life. Desperate, she decided she must do something=anything. She volunteered to teach a Sunday school class, joined the choir and went to the beach witnessing. But her heart wasn’t in it. She yelled at the Sunday school kids, cried when the choir director tried to correct her, and ended up agreeing with the girl who said she’d believe in God when He changed some circumstances in her life. Finally, she poured her heart out to Beth, the one friend she really felt she could trust. Beth listened carefully and then said, “There’s a couple verses in Isaiah that you need to get acquainted with: “Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the word of his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God. But now, all you who light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, go; walk in the light of your fires and of the torches you have at ablaze. This you shall receive from my hand; you will lie down in torment” (Isaiah 50:10-11). “Linda”, Beth continued, “as a Christian you’re to mirror the light of Jesus. But sometimes the whole sky appears cloudy and you feel like you can’t find any light to reflect. Instead of just trusting that God is there and hanging on in faith waiting for Him to come to rescue, the human reaction is to panic. We hurriedly erect a good front,

is constant no matter how we feel.

“The devil tries to make you feel guilty about a cloud that wasn’t your fault,” she continued,” He tries to tell you that feeling as though you are walking in darkness is wrong. That’s not true. However, the fires we light to try to scare way the darkness get us into deeper trouble because they’re all the result of one underlying sin – lack of faith. The Bible says: “Let him who walks in the dark – trust in the name of the Lord, ”You need to throw yourself into the arms of Jesus and let him give you light. Put your confidence in Him. “Another thing, Linda, “Beth counseled,”” is to realize that light does come through clouds. It’s not pitch black on a cloudy day – you can even get sunburn. There’ve been times when I’ve been really down but God would still send someone to me for spiritual help. I’d tell Him, “You’ll have to do it all. I feel like I have nothing to give. And His light has shown through me even when I thought I was walking in darkness.”

Clouds of tragedy, stress, and heartbreak can’t eradicate the light of the Son, Jesus. You need to learn that clouds can’t keep you from being a Son reflection. Only the panic that makes you light your own fires instead of trusting God can place you in a position where you receive nothing from the Light of the Word. When thing fall apart, remember that you can keep on enjoying the Son-light, even on cloudy days. MEMORIZE: “Light is shed upon the righteous and joy on the upright in heart,” (Psalms 97:11) PRAY THE VERSE, APPLYING IT TO YOUR LIFE: Dear God, thank you that your light shining on me even when I feel surrounded by darkness and I’m confused about _______. Thank you that you have joy for me when I obey your. I claim that joy in spite of feeling depressed about BELIEVE THAT GOD IS HANDING OUT HIS LIGHT AND JOY: By faith, get in line with the expectation that he’s got plenty left for you- even if discouragement decided to go to school with you today.

“We become like that which we worship. The God that we worship shapes our lives. The God we worship is evidenced on our faces and by our behavior. “Comely” describes both appropriate behavior and the appearance of one’s countenance. When we worship our great and beautiful God. He shines through us. ” [taken from Pastor Jack Hayford, That Your Glory may be seen” Conference”] The beauty of God’s glory is manifested is in all of His creation. God beauty is most revealed in diversity. Have you cultivated a friendship with a woman of another ethnicity, lately? Join GBWA Today.

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