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Is it possible to have a truly Christian society? Can Christians impose their religious standards onto a society which is fundamentally irreligious? Should they seek to do so? Can we reasonably expect a government to legislate in our favor at the expense of oft downtrodden minority groups? Among Christians there are different worldviews regarding the place of religion in society. Evangelicals often tend to be altruistic about how to change a society appealing almost Dr. Andrew Corbett exclusively to the Gospel's power to change hearts one by one. Liberals tend to see the role of Christianity as "Christianising" a society through social rather than moral reform. Pentecostals have up until recently ignored any reforming role in society preferring rather to be satisfied with simply growing their churches.

Legislating For God?

I propose that each of these views is inadequate WHAT SHAPES OUR MICRO-WORLDVIEWS? All Christians share core elements to our worldview. We interpret life through a Biblical perspective of Christ's Lordship. For the Christian, life is from Christ, with Christ and for Christ. We do not regard Christianity as a religion as if it were one of many available in the spiritual shopping mall for the enquirer to choose from. We are convinced that the Bible is God's Word, Christ is His Son, and that there is no other name under Heaven whereby any can be saved. But within this "macro" worldview there are several Christian "micro" worldviews. Some Christians have a micro-worldview which regards Christianity's influence as merely spiritual and that the best we can do is convert a few in the midst of a world becoming increasingly wicked. There is another Christian view which is sometimes called triumphalism where the end objective is a world of Christians, governed by Christians, administering Christians laws. Both micro-worldviews find their basis in Scripture but there is clearly a tension between them. In the United States of America the former group are generally Dispensational (although not all are), and the latter group are sometimes known as Reconstructionists. I am not proposing either of these two views. Neither am I proposing a syncretism of them, as some have done. But I am proposing a view which some Christians may confuse with either of these two views.

CAN LAWS MAKE BAD PEOPLE GOOD? The argument used against attempting to "Christianise" a society's laws is that it is a futile attempt at truly changing individual hearts. After all, it is argued, it is better to have people wanting to live right, rather than being compelled to live right. But this is a misunderstanding of what Laws do. Christians should care deeply about the kind of laws their legislators enact. Laws not only compel people to live right, they set the standard for what is right and thereby serve an educative role. Too often Christians forsake our macro worldview in favor for the secular worldview which says that laws should reflect society standards rather than set them. – continued on page 9

“Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever” Hebrews 13:8

Stand at the points that cross in your life, examine yourself and see which path you are on. Ask for the best path, the one our ancestors took; walk therein and you shall have peace for your soul. But some said, I shall not walk therein.” A Foursquare International Church Jeremiah 6:16 .


However, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of ooking out through the kitchen window as a sight that I had never noticed before in the heavens It was I enjoyed my morning coffee; and silently giving thanks a very bright yellow bouquet of flowers Yes, you heard me to God for His protective arms that correctly – a very, large bright yellow Kept me and my family safe from all bouquet of flowers way up in the sky. Now it harm and danger that is seen and was not as far away as those unseen that lurks In the night. This clouds; but it was taller than all the homes was a daily ritual for me as my alone and other buildings in the neighborhood. time with God before my family The sun ducked behind the clouds; therefore I joined me for breakfast. could turn again and look through my kitchen The sky was clear and so very window. Now, as silly as it may sound; I was blue. I remembered that the wondering was someone presenting to God original word for ‘finished’ when the sweet smell of a fresh bouquet of flowers? Jesus said while on the cross: “It is By this time the sun had skirted behind a finished” meant ‘blue’ - as in the cloud and I could see clearly what had color blue as well as it meant appeared as a flower bouquet. in my prolific everything is now complete and A trees is a flower that has bloomed vision; was in reality a very, very tall tree perfect. meditating on all of this and grew without being cut off whose flowers was in full bloom at the top of caused my heart to become overthe tree It was stunningly beautiful; framed whelmed with joy – in just thinking about how our great and against that bright blue sky. As I admired its granular the Spirit merciful God had decided to do us a favor by sending us everyday of the Lord spoke to me and said: “A tree is only a flower or a an e-mail of a lovely picture message - that blue sky. It speaks to shrub whose limbs have not been trimmed back or given any us how His mercies are multiplied and brand new (complete & limitations to reach out and grow up. Therefore, if It is not cut finished) everyday. Those fluffy white clouds moving ever so down or dug up out of its place; its tap root will go as far and slowly and gracefully as they allowed the sun to peek its face from as deep as it need to get water to nourish itself ” behind them. The sun glared at me with all of its brilliance. I was As my family joined me for breakfast – I knew it was no match to stare back. Therefore, I humbly turned my face away. going to be a very good day.

God designed the family. Not man. Every human has four things in common. 1) being born of woman; our days are short and full of trouble. 2) we were created in our mother’s womb as a perfect, holy spirit in the image of God, our creator and he gave us skin and a body to move through this earthly realm. 3) as we are grew older; our nature was shaped by the iniquity of the world systems which are ruled by those who have succumbed to Satan’s way of reasoning. He is the god of the world systems (i.e. education, corporate, political, the arts, financial, legal, and social mediums).4) God also place a void in our heart/spirit that

cannot be filled with peace, joy and righteousness to our soul until He/God the Son, Jesus Christ/the Word of God/the Bible is permitted to rule and reign over all our lifestyle choices. We are free to choose life, light and love (God’s way) or death (being a zombie; going along just to get along with those who have rejected their creator as their Lord). God is a gentleman. No matter how sadden this makes God; He will never ever force you to believe and receive Him. He will weep over your choice to go to hell rather return to Him as your Creator, Father, God, Savior, Lord Sustainer, Protector, Provider and soon coming King.

Those who are of this present world have declared war again the family. Against God’s family and His anointed children/Christians. God designed the family to reflect His nature and character and function in the earthly realm as it is in Heaven. One man and one woman becoming one with Him; in order to subdue, dominate and procreate from the man’s seed into the woman’s womb another holy spirit being inside of a body with a soul that lights up the earth as a suburb of heaven as a righteous family. We will not loose this war – their arms are too short. So chose life and come out from among them and be separated.

GRACE, GRACE and more GRACE! Ironic, it is at the end of summer and at the beginning of fall; that we experience the most severe weather changes. Hurricanes are birth and because of their unpredictability can strike at our heart, .if they come our way and get too close. We who are Christian, preach, pray and some of us even speak to these storms in hopes our great God will give grace to our desires and the storms do not come near us. If we escape one; and another one rises up; we also begin again hoping for God’s grace Every day, we search out more grace from God to be poured into our activities and love one lives, everyday. And He does because great is His faithfulness. However, it is unfortunate that we sometimes knowingly and unknowingly frustrate the grace of God and/or treat God’s grace as a mat to slip and slide as we twist ourselves in and out of situations we have created just so we can do things our way, be competitive, combative and cowardly. We justify what we say and do by redefining ourselves as being strong-willed.and courageous. And in doing so; a lot of God’s precious souls are left confused, abused, oppressed and destroyed - all in the name of God! Perhaps the Church has forgotten; there is a Judgment Day coming, and we all will have to give an account of the deeds done in our body [personal and the spiritual body/the Church]. We are saved by Grace – unearned favor from God. In other words, God loves us as an individual so much – He did us a big favor and saved us from Satan’s power and authority and saved us unto Himself [the Church/His Body]. God does not respect one person above another. God’s grace is fair because of the old rugged cross where He laid down His life and paid in full; the penalty for all our sin. Therefore, God’s grace is shed equally and is fair to all who come unto Him and receive Him as their personal Savior. If you should stumble, be tripped by another and you should fall – don’t worry; be content as you have just experience an opportunity to fall Into the grace of God.

Rev. Sarah Edwards He is still ordering your footsteps and just decided to use evil for His pleasure just so He could hold you in His arms, close to His heart – one more time. Never forget to remember – the grace of God is always fair – therefore: My God Favor is always fair! And never ever forget to remember – it is only in the

Fall Season, when we can witness the beauty of death as shown to us through nature.

All of nature is mourning and groaning for us to grow up and become as a mature Son of God in the earth and that’s not going to happen until we all are willing to die to our self; and allow others to behold the beauty of holiness within us the same way we see it in the dying process of those trees .

HALLOWEEN is the strangest holiday of the entire year. On the eve of the first of November, children innocently dress as goblins, ghost, witches and now even as angels and knock on doors yelling ‘trick or treat’. Some soap windows while others destroy property, steal objects left unguarded-giving the police a great many headaches with their juvenile vandalism. Not to mention, this kind of spirit of Halloween is perpetrated by stores. They are filled with black and orange masks, pumpkins and other gaudy decorations that attract the eye. “It’s all done as innocent pleasure” many say in this so-called ‘enlightened’ age – with ignorance and superstition supposedly banished. Nations and more so, a lot of Christians are still celebrating Halloween with its goblins, the ‘fear’ of black cats and masking their children as demons and witches

IS THIS THE WAY OUR CHILDREN SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP??? GOD SAYS: “The Lord and the Lord alone is our God! Love the Lord your God with all you heart, with all your soul. “Parents, do not treat your child in such a way to make them angry. Instead raise them with Christian discipline and instruction.” (Ephesians 6:4)

WHY IS THIS HOLIDAY CELEBRATED ANYWAY? Where did the custom of ‘trick or treat’ originate? It is time that Christians who think themselves intelligent began to look into the origin of this holiday and then understand how it entered a supposedly Christian Society. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12).

HALLOWEEN CERTAINLY IS NOT CHRISTIAN IN ORGIN The way Americans celebrate Halloween can be traced back to the Celtic folk customs which in turn originated in the pre-Christian times. The earliest Halloween celebrations were held by the Druid in Britain in honor of Samhhain, lord of the dead, whose festival fell st on November 1 . On this night, it was believed that Samhain, called together the wicked souls that had within the preceding 12 months been condemned to inhabit the bodies of animals. It was a pagan belief that on one night of the year the souls of the dead returned to their original homes to be entertained with food. If food and shelter were not provided, these type of spirits

were believed to cast a spell on those failing to fulfill their requests. This was the original “trick or treat”. A time when all wicked spirits visited their earthly haunts. It was the night for the universal walking of of all sorts of spirits, fairies and ghosts, all of whom had liberty of freedom on that night. Their liberty was often of a destructive nature; so the belief went.

WHY NOVEMBER 1ST? The Celts and the other northern people considered st November 1 , as their New Year. This was the time when the leaves were falling and a general seasonal decay was taking lace. Therefore, it seemed a fitting time to them; to commemorate the dead. Since the northern nations at that time began their day in the evening, and because the Bible had already said: “In the beginning, When God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness and the power of God was moving over the water. Then God commanded “let there be light’ and light appeared. God was pleased with what He saw. He separated the light from the darkness. God named the light, day and the darkness night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. st (Genesis 1:1-5). The eve leading up to November 1 , was the beginning of the festival. Also, according to the Roman calendar, in which days began at midnight – it was st the evening of the 31 of October.

WHAT DOES THE WORD ‘HALLOWEN’ MEAN? It is a contraction of ALL HALLOWS EVENING. Later it was known as All Saints Day. Halloween has been kept in one form or another throughout the pagan world.. There is a prevailing belief that at death, the souls of good people are carried to paradise. Whereas, JESUS SAID: “Why call me good? There is none good but one, that is God, our Father.” (Matthews 19:17). They believed that the souls of wicked people were left to wander in space between the earth and moon, or be consigned to the unseen world. GOD HAS SAID: “And it is appointed unto men ONCE to die but after this the judgment”(Hebrews 19:17) “And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 25:30).That ‘unseen world’ is HELL. Yet, they insisted that these wandering spirits haunt the living (continued page 11)

When Truth Lost the Debate

You can count the number of seeds in an apple; but no one can determine how many apples will come from one seed

By Lorraine Peterson GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT: Don’t follow the crowd in doing Jeff stared at the homework assignment on the blackboard. It was a “take-home exam” on American Revolution-which would require about five hours to complete, and it was due the next day! “Class, began Mr. Johnson, the history teacher, ”when the answer sheet is missing and fifteen students get 100 on one of my tests, something’s wrong. I don’t like punishing the whole class, but unless someone tells me who stole the answer sheet. I have no other choice. I hate cheaters. And if you’re all too chicken to rat on the guilty person, you all deserve to suffer.” Jeff was a Christian, and he hadn’t cheated. But he knew that Tony had stolen the test. His locker was next to Jeff’s and he‘d overheard how Tony had spotted the teacher’s desk keys on the back table, pocketed them and later sneaked across the street to the hardware store to have copies made. Jeff had gone to school with Tony since the fourth grade. Tony was a slow learner and school was really hard for him. Jeff had heard that Tony’s alcoholic father had threatened to kick him out of the house if he didn’t bring home a B average. And everyone knew that. Mr. Johnson’s American history class was probably the toughest course in the whole school. Afraid that his teacher might be able to see right through him, Jeff avoided Mr. Johnson’s glance.. If he told on Tony the guys would dump on him for the rest of the year. They would bully him. Yet, his conscience kept wrestling with him to tell the truth. Then his reasoning took over. “Poor Tony. If my father were an alcoholic who was making it tough on me, what would I do? As a Christian, I should have mercy – and I really do feel sorry for Tony. Besides, his dad would probably beat him up if he got suspended or expelled for stealing a teacher’s keys.” So Jeff turned off the debate he was having with himself and started in on the gigantic assignment.

GRADE YOURSELF: Ask God to Meet Legitimate Needs Sinning is never a legitimate need. Neither is helping someone else sin. God has created us to be dependent on Him, and He’s arranged life so we must ask Him for help and wisdom-and miracles. If you or someone else has a big problem, the old formula “trust an obey” is the best. Disobedience to God’s rules always brings ugly consequence.

God cannot bless a person who steals money or cars or test answers. “Helping a person get by with something wrong is not helping. Stand up for truth and pray for God’s solution to the problem. PRAY: “Dear Father God, help me to do my part to see that justice is done-no matter what it costs me personally.

wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd, and do not show favoritism to a poor man in his lawsuit (Exodus 23:2,3). God specifically tells us that we are not to permit pity or peer pressure to keep us from doing what is right.. It is not good to be partial to the wicked or to deprive the innocent of justice. (Proverbs 18:5) Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent-the Lord detests them both (Proverbs 17:15) But it will go well with those who convict the guilty, and rich blessing will come upon them. (Proverbs 24:25)

RETHINK THE SITUATION: Wally, the school engineer, was a family friend. Jeff’s mom had a birthday present for Wally’s wife, which she asked him to deliver to his office. Just as he turned the corner by the furnace room, Jeff literally bumped into Tony, who looked startled and seemed to be in a big hurry. Wally came from the other direction and walked into the office at that same moment. “my keys!’ he exclaimed. “They’re gone!”. Jeff remembered what Tony had said to his friends at his locker. “In Richmond some kids snuck into the school and turned on the fire hoses and did so much damage that all the students got a three-week vacation. Pretty cool, huh? Now Jeff wished he had told on Tony before, but this time he would do what was right. When Jeff explained the situation to Wally, a call to the office brought quick results. The Principal questioned Tony first, and then found the keys in his locker. Further investigation uncovered the scheme that Tony had concocted to enter the building at night and turn on the fire hoses, Although Jeff was glad he’d turned Tony in this time, he couldn’t help but wonder if the whole incident could have been avoided if he’d turned Tony In the first time. PUT THE TRUTH INTO PRACTICE: You have to make up your mind that you’re going to speak up the truth regardless of what it will cost you-and it might cost a lot. Using only your human reasoning is always dangerous. Once you know the truth, you must decide to obey it.

There is a secret in 1 Peter 3:13 that you can put into practice: “Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good” If you use the Miss Mouse or Mr. Peter Pussyfoot approach, you’ll be ridiculed. But if by the power of the Holy Spirit you stand tall and speak the truth with conviction, you will be respected. If you want God to become your Father-Ask Jesus to come into your heart and commit to trust and obey Him. Join a Bible teaching Church and let us know your decision.





FOR HE OR SHE IS JUST A BABY- Hebrews 5:12-14 It’s feeding time again! Get ready, I’m opening the second jar of G’s Baby Food – again, no – it is not Gerber’s, but God’s Baby Food. Don’t forget to remember the taste that was left in your mouth from eating and digesting the word of God, from the first jar – the doctrine of baptisms. Now you are ready for the second one – ‘laying on of hands’. Whenever an anointed vessel of God receive confirmation of their being called and chosen (ordained) by God. The Elders will lay hands on them. Their blessing is that the Elder’s spiritual anointing is transferred unto them. There are four or five officers or joints that supply the entire Church. Ephesians 4:10-13 lists them as Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher and Pastor. Personally, I tend to accept that God’s Pastors and Teachers are one in the same position. Being an Elder is not an office nor is being a Preacher or a Bishop. Everyone who is saved is called to be a Preacher (one who proclaims the Gospel/to testify) and a Bishop (one who desires to oversee a good work). Preachers and Bishops are not named as an officer for the Body of Christ; the Church. Jesus is the head of the Church and the Bishop of our soul. There are no Arch Bishops nor Grand Arch Bishops lording over God’s people. If you are an Elder, you are a mature faithful saint – and not just an old person. Go ahead and swallow this. I know it may not taste good at first; but once you swallow and digest it; it will keep you and it will strengthen you in the power of the

knowledge of God’s might. Whenever a saint is sick and they call for the Elders; they will come and anoint them with oil, God will forgive their sin and heal them. Therefore, in James 5:14 scripture implies that perhaps, the Elders will lay their hands on them. In Acts 8:19 the Apostles laid their hands on people to receive the Holy Spirit. Even though, I have seen a lot of Ministers lay their hands on people and the people fall down. Some even throw their coats at them; or blow on them and they fall down. This is commonly called by Church folks as ‘being slain in the Spirit’. Usually, the person who is administrating this act announces that they can see the Spirit of God getting ready to touch them. In return, they place their hands on that person. The Bible do not teach these as principles nor give any illustrations of this happening. Rather, we are instructed by our Great God in l John 4:16, 13 – that we are NOT to believe every spirit, but try or test the spirits to determine if they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Also in 2 Corinthians 11:1-4, we are told that the subtlety of the serpent beguiled Eve’s mind will corrupt you from the simplicity that is in Christ. If anyone come preaching another Jesus, let him be accursed

Now you know, R U Full Yet?

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Legislating For God? Continued from page 2 Can Christians reasonably expect that non-Christians should live by laws which are Christian? The answer is twofold. Firstly, all Western cultures have the Law of God as the basis for their Government's laws anyway. Secondly, God's Laws are the best laws and have the added benefit of being in our best interests both individually and collectively. Therefore when a secular government wants to overturn God's Laws as the basis for its laws in saying for example by allowing murder rather than forbidding it, Christians are literally honor-bound to oppose such moves. Naturally Governments don't call it murder, they use smoke and mirror language like abortion and euthanasia.

CAN GOOD CHRISTIANS BE BAD PEOPLE? Before Christians get carried away with a notion that we should strive to punish our opponents through legislation, or enforce Church attendance, or ban other religions, we need to acknowledge that when Christians have held legislative power they have often done so scurrilously. As a result we have often forfeited the moral authority to govern. Equally as wrong is when Christians have attempted to rule rather than govern. The former tends to dictate while the latter tends to administer. Christians are not called to replace God, but to represent Him! The basis of our appeal for God honoring legislation must be restricted to the Moral Law as defined in the Decalogue (The Ten Commandments) because even good Christians can be bad people if given half the chance! These Laws include prohibiting:  compulsory idolatry,  the inventing of false and dangerous cultish groups,  the use of offensive language,  the hindering of reasonable worship,  disrespect for parental authority,  murder,  sexual abuse and deviancy,  theft,  misrepresentation and fraud,  the violation of human and property rights. The above list is an adaptation of the Decalogue. Attempts to enshrine one religion or particular denomination as the "State" Church have always proven futile. The Church is not designed to "rule" but to help "govern" a society. This demands prophetic courage on the part of the Church and a willingness to engage legislators and societies "apo-evangelisticalogetically". We should by all reasonable and God honoring means endeavor to make a case for legislators to honor God with all legislation. Would we then be legislating for God? I hope so. Would this make our societies Christian?

I hope so. Dr. Andrew Corbett, July 10th 2004 © Dr Andrew Corbett, Legana, Tasmania, Australia,

Examine yourself; see which path you are on. Ask for the best path; the one our ancestors took. Walk therein And you shall have peace for your soul – but some said: ‘we shall not walk therein’. –Jeremiah 6:16

A ‘Seducing Woman’ has a spirit of distraction. Her desire is to lead you astray in everything you do. She is not teachable. Rather, she will hunt down and attempt to cause Prophets to wander away from their Office; by deceiving and dissembling what they say and do. She is a wicked woman who is an imposter and cast spells to ensnare you into immorality. READ: 2 Kings 21:0, Proverbs 12:26, Mark 13:22, 1 John 2:26, Revelation 2:20

A Whorish woman lack respect for her body. Her womb being the matrix where God creates and watch life being formed. Her breasts to supply nourishment for her baby. She uses her body instead for pleasure with others rather than with her husband. A whore uses sex as her commodity to trade for favors, things and to influence people (mostly men) for favors in words or deeds. READ: Ezekiel 6:9-23, 30 Proverbs 6:28

An Adulterous woman is married and have broken her wedlock covenant between she, her husband and God. The term ‘adulterous’ also means to ‘apostalize’. That is, to draw another

A ‘Strange Woman’ is a married woman. She forgets her marriage covenant of her God and leaves the companion of her youth. She flatters other people; esp. men with her words in order to get them obligated with a pledge to her desires. Anyone who goes into her influence sinks down to the dead; they will not ever reach the path of the righteous again. READ: Judges 11:2, I Kings 11:18, Ezekiel 10:2,10,11 Nehemiah 13:27, Proverbs 2:16, 5:3,20;6:24; 7:5-22:14-23:27, 33-27:13.

An ‘Odious Woman’ is a woman who is married, but not loved by her husband. She is verbally, emotional and/or physically abused by him. She silently detests her husband. Inraged, she becomes utterly a hateful person. She blames God for how she is treated. She hates God, alienate and/or ignore the righteous, then take out her anger on them. She is a mean woman. READ: Proverbs30:23 i.e. Hateful -Exodus 20:5,Leviticus 19:17-26, Judges 11:7 John 7:7

A ‘Silly Woman’, is a married women who

A ‘Saved Woman’ is a woman who have examined her lifestyle choices, decided that she needed to change her method of reasoning. Cried out to God to forgive her sin, invited Jesus to live inside of her bodily and to rule and reign over her life as her Savior baptizer, Lord and soon coming King She continues to acknowledge Him in everything she think, say and do. READ: Romans 10:1-21

A ‘Holy Woman’ is a woman who is saved and have set herself aside unto her holy calling. {as a sanctified woman}. She is concerned about the things of her Lord, Jesus Christ. Her lifestyle is beyond reproach as she receives all her benefits of being made well and complete in Him. She presents her body, soul and spirit as a vessel of honor. READ: Romans 12:1, l

A ‘Virtuous Woman’ is capable of receiving honor and dignity worthy of an excellent wife. She is a godly woman who fears the Lord. She do her husband good. She is always occupied. She cares for her family and operates her own business. She is energetic at night and her husband praises her and her children speak very well of her.. She treat her servants very well. She is kind to others and extend her hand to the poor. READ: Proverbs 31 10-31

Corinthians 7:34, Epheasans 1:4,Colissians 1:22,2 Timothy 1:9

man’s attention; other than her husband to follow her leadings and involved him in an intimate mental, emotional and/or sexual relationship with her. READ: Mark 10:11,12 Luke 16:17,18 Proverbs 6:20-35

is so foolish that she displaces the headship of her own husband with another man, i.e. a false prophet. She is apostatized because they both hold a form of godliness but deny its power. Silly women are captivated, because they are weak, laden with sins, and led on by various impulses – her emotions. Also, silly women are always learning, but never coming into the truth.

READ: I Timothy 3:1-9.

Halloween - continued from page 5 It was believed that in order to exorcise these evil spirits, that is, to free yourself from being tormented by their evil sway; you would have to set out food – give the demons a treat – an provide shelter for them during the night. If they were satisfied with your offering, they would leave in peace the next day. If you provoked them, they would ‘trick’ you by casting a spell on you. Sometimes the food left did not satisfy them and more drastic measures needed to be taken to escape their wrath such as starting bonfires. It was also believed only bonfires or touches was effectual in dispersing those wandering evil spirits. But in reality, it must be the HOLY GHOST FIRE and the confidence that: “ask the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, to give you His Holy Spirit to dwell in you bodily. He will make you wise and reveal God to you so that you will know Him. Ask God to open your mind to see or understand His leading, so that you will know what is the hope to which he has called you. How rich are the wonderful blessings God promises His people. How very great is His power within us, who believe. The power of God’s Holy working within us as like ‘fire’ shut up in our heart. It is the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead and seated Him on His right side in the heavens. Jesus Christ rules there and is above all heavenly rulers, authorities, powers and lords. Jesus’ Name (His authority) is superior to all titles or authorities in this world and in the next. God has put all things under Jesus Christ’s feet and have given Him to the Church as our Head and supreme Lord over everything. Jesus in return have given His Body, the Church all of His power and all of His authority in the earth. At the name of Jesus; every knee must bow and every tongue must confess – that Jesus is Lord of Lords! Yes, to free oneself > > >all you need is the authority to use the NAME OF JESUS. EVERYTHING THAT HAS A NAME IS SUBJECT TO THE POWER AND AUTHORITY – THE NAME OF JESUS > > > not food. In Ireland, the custom of displaying lite candles in their windows to ward off evil spirits. This was common place th th as late as the 19 century. During the 19 century, Charlemagne, invaded and conquered Saxon Germany; considering himself a ‘Christian’, he compelled the conquered German King Wittekind, to be baptized and to accept Christianity. Wittekins’s Germans, now professing being Christian as well as other conquered peoples in that region soon began to exert a profound influence on the ecclesiastical affairs of the Church goers. Never the less, the way God draws men to Him is: AS GOD HAS SAID: “I HAVE LOVED THEE WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE; THEREFORE WITH LOVING KINDNESS, HAVE I DRAWN THEE.” Jeremiah 31:3 Because of the method in which they became ‘Christians’, the Church-goers were not forced to discard their heathen practices.

This Church could have ex-communicated them. But that would have reduced their membership and needless to say, their collections. Therefore, the Church let their pagans, who were recently converted by name as Christians to keep their heathen festivals; but called a fall Christian festival. Yes, Halloween was one of those type festivals. Of course, the congregation was asked not to pray to their various pagans gods on that day. They were told to use this day to commemorate the death of ‘goodly saints’. Originally, the Catholic All Saints Day was observed in May and approximately in AD 834, it was transferred to the beginning of the month of November. Then the Church chose to blend and to incorporate the pagan festivals with their faith. This brings us to the Twentieth Century. You might be very surprised to what extent our so-called civilized world has inherited these pagan rites without question.

WHAT ABOUT OUR CHILDREN TODAY? What comes to your mind when you think about Halloween? Pumpkins hallowed out in the shape of eerie looking faces with lithe candles, weird and frightening masks, in the stores, kids getting an opportunity to ’trick’ someone, or get a ‘treat’ instead. Is it any wonder razor blades are put into apples and LSD on the candy, the children receive. Who is really getting the ‘trick’, or who is really getting the treat? Of course, many professing Christians today are saying: “well, what difference does it make. We don’t worship the evil spirits – we don’t worship Satan. It’s all harmless and it’s all innocent fun for the kids.” Halloween have no Biblical basis and was originated in rank paganism. The Bible reveals a true and purposeful way of life for us and our children now and in the future. Man’s ultimate destiny and the way to prepare of his destiny has no room for pagan festivals. As a professing Christian, we must opt for the pure and the true ‘religion’ with God Almighty. And not be side-tracked by superstition and meaningless practice of man. True love for God, must always have its basis in the divinely inspired Word of God, the Holy Bible. If you have decided that you are at a point in your life you want to be complete in Jesus Christ – all you have to do is simply make a quality decision to invite Jesus Christ into your life. Give Him your will to lead you into all Truth. PRAY THIS PRAYER: “Dear God, forgive me of all my sins and save me. Lord, I am truly sorry for not including you in my past decisions. I repent and ask you to come into my heart today. Take control of my life; for I give myself to You.” If you are currently celebrating Halloween begin to celebrate “Hallelujah” night. Throw a party, invite friends over and share with them this good news. By the way we are very happy for your decision. Also, all the angels are rejoicing over your decisions. Please let us know, so we can pray with you and give you some materials that will help you grow in Christ. Welcome to the Family of God!

The first Thanksgiving: Prelude to genocide By Mary Shaw

bottom rung of the Socioeconomic ladder. Those who remained on the reservations faced their own set of challenges. This form of apartheid separated Native Americans and Other Americans physically,

As the American Thanksgiving holiday approaches, our minds wander to idyllic images of Pilgrims and Indians peacefully sharing a feast in celebration of the fall harvest. This November , as we break bread with our families and friends, let us take some time to reflect on the fate of Native Americans in the centuries that followed the first Thanksgiving. This nation was founded on principles of inalienable human rights and civil liberties. It would appear, however, that initially those guarantees applied only to those fortunate enough to have been born white EuropeanAmericans. As African-Americans remained enslaved in this country's early years, Native Americans didn't have it much better, enduring centuries of cultural, political, and economic repression, forced relocation, confinement to reservations, massacres by federal troops, and broken treaties. As European-American settlers pushed westward in the late 18th century and through the 19th century, land theft of a massive scale ensued. In 1830, the 23rd Congress of the United States passed the "Indian Removal Act," legitimizing the land greed of the white settlers and resulting in the death or displacement of countless Native Americans. This legislation was signed into law by none other than all-American action hero President Andrew Jackson himself. (Think of that when you pull out your 20dollar bill to pay for your Thanksgiving turkey.) Fast forward to the 20th century to find that things hadn't gotten much better. Beginning with President Ulysses Grant's 1869 "Peace Policy" and continuing well into the 20th century, more than 100,000 Native Americans were forced by the U.S. government to attend Christian boarding schools that tried to school, and sometimes beat, the Indian out of them. They were forcibly stripped of their language, culture, and customs in an effort to "kill the Indian in them and save the man." children were separated from their families for most of their childhood, and virtually imprisoned in the schools, the children experienced a devastating litany of abuses, from forced assimilation and grueling labor to widespread sexual and physical abuse. School officials routinely forced children to do arduous work to raise money for staff salaries, and "leased out" students during the summers to farm or work as domestics for white families. In addition to bringing in income, the hard labor prepared the children to take their place in white society -- the only one open to them -- on the

socially, and economically from the world outside of their own culture. Traditionally nomadic hunter societies were forced to learn to farm for their subsistence. Disenfranchised and disillusioned, the Native American population came to face the highest rates of poverty, suicide, alcoholism, high school drop-out, and teen pregnancy amongst ethnic groups in the U.S. – African Americans in second place; a trend that continues to this day in the United States of America. This Thanksgiving, please take a moment to reflect on the fact that Native American history comprises so much more than just some stereotype caricature sidekicks to macho cowboy movie heroes. They are human beings, and they were here first. Copyright © 1998-2007

THEN AND NOW > > > So now, what country was that some people said God told them to ‘take it back’??? THUS SAITH THE LORD: “If MY PEOPLE, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, seek MY FACE, TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS, I will heal their land.” Whether YOU eat or drink – do it for the Glory of God If you have the ability to bless someone; and hold it back, it is counted as sin unto you. No one can become grateful until you dare reflect back over your life and understand the many acts of mercies God has already manifested in your life. Only then, can you say with a grateful heart: “Lord, Lord, Lord you have been good to me – Lord, Lord, Lord You sure have been good to me Lord, Lord, Lord You sure have been mighty good to me You woke me up this morning and started me on my way –. Amen! “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” Copyrighted by the Holy Spirit@foreternity

Salvation requires communication.

We have gotten so use of keeping thoughts and feelings that would be considered negative to ourselves that we tend to hide a lot more of other things, even those thoughts and feelings that would be considered positive. The results – our communication pattern dwindles down to which is neither plus or minus –but neutral. Come, let us reason together. Line upon line; precept upon precept - LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! Send us your opinions.Each Community Connections Magazine issue will begin to carry a topic for discussion. What is yours? Do you agree, or disagree with the following precepts below? The Black Hole, that Christians must talk about which causes God’s light to shine upon it; so that the hurting can stop; and the Church; God’s people can get well Christianity is not just a religion; it’s all about relationship. Relationships are shaped by our childhood experiences with our mother and father first, our peers and then those with whom we intermingle with outside of our home. Holy or unholy alliances are etched into our minds. We are made aware of many of them until we become curious enough to investigate why we are who we are and how these characteristics subscribe to our behavior in relating to ourselves and others. Spiritual Abuse, is the last rung in the ladder and therefore is not as recognizable as other forms of abuse that most of times leaves bruises as tangible evidence. Verbal abuse scars the ability of a person to evaluate their true worth as a person, who was created in the image and likeness of God. Too often, people who have been emotional abuse rely on what they see to guide them. The results: They won’t love nor respect properly themselves or anyone else with a pure heart. Emotional abuse confuses the physic of a child and they have great difficulty in defining their feeling and how to use them effectively. Too often, people who have been emotionally abused rely on what they feel to guide them. Physical abuse is most visible to others. Black eyes, bruises on the skin and even broken limbs. Physical abuse provokes a sense of avoidance in its victim. Too often, people who have been physically abused rely on what they think to guide them. However, the solution to each of these abusive situations to remove oneself from that toxic environment, when possible and seek healing for yourself in a Church that teaches the Bible culturally, historically and contextually correct and not so much on the ‘HOW TO THIS AND THAT SUBJJECTS’. That’s the Holy Spirit’s job; not mans’.

So why is the church is not openly talking about Spiritual Abuse? Most people have never heard of spiritual abuse. The church is a theocracy and not a democracy. Therefore, God has designed it so that every one who is born again of His Spirit is apart of His church/His Body. The problem is that people have crept in unawares and presented themselves as ministers of righteousness when they are endowed with the spirit of the anti-Christ. That is a spirit who want to replace Jesus Christ in your life. To lord over you and define who they want you to be. Of course, they say: “they have a special anointing”, “don’t talk about them or you will be cursed of God”, “they are your Father and must watch over your soul”,”there is a no-talking about it rule. They say, that if you disagree with them – you must be ignored, disrespected and alienated; as they think they are doing God a favor. The solution is the same for all kind of abusive situations. If you have become snared by the words of their mouth; deliver yourself as a roe from the hands of a hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler. Go the ant; consider her ways, and be wise. They have no guide (a human to teach them to know their God), no overseer ( a bishop) nor a ruler ( a human to lord over them). Yet they are led to make provisions for themselves. Remove yourself from that toxic environment and seek healing for your soul in a safe place and be very sure they are a God sent friend [Proverbs 6:2-8). The Church is for the saved; not the unsaved. It is a house of prayer (talking with God). So why aren’t there more communications between us?

Hurt people hurt people.

Abused people abuse people.

Even in 2010; there remains two worlds within the earth. One world, the natural world, the one we all can see and we participates in on various degrees. We are either born into our various countries as a citizen or we may be granted citizenship by the government. This world is powered by the dictates and rule of man. Either the majority , the very rich and/ or political powerful make the rules (the laws of the land). Of course, we are expected to abide by them.

Therefore, the earth at that time was void (no good). God (Ehloim/three in one: God the Father, Son and Holy spirit) recreated the earth and made man (male & female) a little lower than the angels and as freewilled mortal agents within the earth and put them in charge to establish God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Eve was deceived and Adam disobeyed. Lucifer/Satan won the right to rule the earth through default.

Then there is the other world within the earth. It is the spiritual world. The Kingdom of God. And actually, it is this world that the natural world rides upon it; yet, it can see its influence upon them. All power derives out from this other worlds source. It not seen; it is felt. People in the natural world may justify this force and/or deny it. Nevertheless, It is not ruled; it rules. It is not subject to the powers that are; it is the power.

God being all-wise had already prepared a lamb that was slain before the foundations of the earth was laid. His name is Jesus. Years later, the Word of God was made flesh. It was a holy night. Our natural history books records that He walked among us The world did not and still cannot comprehend who Jesus is. Jesus was born because a young woman allowed God to use her womb to carry, deliver and nurture the Savior and Creator of the world within her. Jesus suffered, died and was resurrected.

Why then would there be two worlds operating at the same time on one planet? The earth. Well, once upon a very, very, long, long time ago. God decided that He wanted a suburb of Heaven to be in the earth. (a country i.e. one nation under His Kingship). A place where there will be no more dying, lying, killing, or stealing. A place where everyone would abide in peace with each other; and not desire to rule the hearts and minds of others. A place where there was no prejudices against a peaceful co-existence that was full of joy and righteousness. Therefore, in His infinite wisdom, He being God, the creator and sustainer of all life decided to re-create the planet called earth. God create a male man and a female man in His image and His likeness (Genesis 1:26-28). They were to subdue , dominate (bring about harmony), and replenish everyone and everything after it own kind. This came about after Lucifier, who was once an arch-angel in heaven discovered that he was given within himself a free will; and it allowed him to decide for himself if he wanted to continue to serve God as his Lord, or not. He choose not to; and rebelled against the desires of his Maker. He also exercised his influence one-third of God’s angels to do likewise. Rather than destroy them ; which God could have easily done. God allowed them to reside in a watery grave; in what we call today, the earth.

Because of this, Jesus Christ took all the power and authority away from Satan and paid for all our sins. Accept Him as your Savior and you can become a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

Wise men still look to the Heavens as they follow the bright and morning Star

Pastor Edgar Edwards

It’s a very important man thing to know we are loved and respected. Be assured, my brothers that God has us on His mind full-time. God created man in His image and likeness (nature and character). Man’s holy nature was lost in the Garden of Eden. However, through our accepting God’s plan of salvation (calling on the name of Jesus because we believe in our heart that Jesus dying on the cross, his resurrection, ascension back into Heaven paid the penalty for our sins; so that man may be reconciled back to our rightful place with God). According to the divine power of God we have been given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through our accepting Jesus to rule our lives. This is done through the knowledge of Him (Jesus). He has called us unto His glory and virtue (humbleness of heart). As a Spirit-filled man; we are given exceedingly great and precious promises so that we may participate within the divine nature of our God that is living inside of us – as fathers, brothers, uncles , cousins and sons. We can escape the corruption that is in the world systems of reasons; as they are driven by lust. And besides this, we can give all diligence or pay full attention to adding to our faith, virtue and to virtue, knowledge; to knowledge, temperance; to temperance, patience and to patience, godliness. To godliness, brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness, charity (God’s Agape Love). Let us consider for a moment, these things; if you are in Christ, and He abounds within our soul (intellect, emotions and desires); then you shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, being a man that has been justified; that’s right accepted by God just as he had never sinned. We must be very sure of his calling and his election. And remind himself of it every waking day. In the

In the natural world; the majority votes determines the outcome of an election. However, in the Kingdom of God, when God votes for you; and He did at Calvary – God being the majority – you win! So rejoice, who is he that can harm you, if you follow that which is good – that is, God; for righteousness sake? You can be happy and not worry, nor be afraid of any evil deeds are being plotted against you. Instead, everyday sanctify yourself unto the Lord Jesus Christ, as your God. Be ready to give an answer to everyone that ask you for a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. However, any man that lacks these things is blind spiritually and can not see what’s coming at him. He cannot see afar off; he can not understand where he’s is going and what is awaiting him when he arrives at his destination. All sin is gratifying at first; then it’ll stings like an adder. Or, he has simply forgotten that right at the moment when he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord; he was purged from ALL his sins. All things became new; because all the old stuff he was carrying inside of him was purged out of him. This is the way you can be assured of having a good and clean conscience. So that, whenever anyone speak evil of you as if you are an evil doer and may even falsely accuse you – Your good life that Christ is living through you will shine a light onto them and they will be made ashamed. My brothers, it is better, if the will of God be so that you suffer for a little while, for well doing, than for evil doing. For Jesus Christ also has suffered. He was pure and holy. Yet, He chose to suffer and pay the penalty for the sins of everyone in the world. Jesus, the just for the unjust (us). And Jesus counted it all joy so that we can be reconciled back to our Father God’s heart. Simply, because He truly respects you are the man, He

Some guy bought a new fridge for his house. To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and hung a Sign on it saying: 'Free to good home. You want it, you take it.' For three days the fridge sat there without anyone looking twice. He eventually decided that people were too mistrustful of this deal. So he changed the sign to read: 'Fridge for sale $50.' The next day someone stole it!

I stopped at Mc Donald’s and ordered some fries. The girl behind the counter said “would you like some fries with that?� -------------------------One day I was walking down the beach with Some friends when someone shouted..... 'Look at that dead bird!' Someone looked up at the sky and said...'where?' --------------------------------While looking at a house, my brother asked the Real Estate agent which direction was north because He didn't want the sun waking him up every morning. She asked, 'Does the sun rise in the north?' My brother explained that the sun rises in the east And has for sometime. She shook her head and said, 'Oh, I don't keep up with all that stuff......'

---------------------------------My colleague and I were eating our lunch in our cafeteria, when we overheard an admin girl talking about the sunburn she got on her weekend drive to the beach. She drove down in a convertible, but said she 'didn't think she'd get sunburned because the car was moving'.

-----------------------------------My sister has a lifesaving tool in her car which is designed to cut through a seat belt if she gets trapped. She keeps it in the car trunk.

I was going out with a friend when we saw a woman with a nose ring attached to an earring by a chain. My friend said, 'Ouch! The chain must rip out every time she turns her head!"I had to explain that a person's nose and ear remain the same distance apart no matter which way the head is turned... ------------------------------I couldn't find my luggage at the airport baggage area and went to the lost luggage office and reported the loss. The woman there smiled and told me not to worry because she was a trained professional and said I was in good hands. 'Now,' she asked me, 'Has your plane arrived yet?'... (I work with professionals like this.) -------------------------------------------

While working at a pizza parlor I observed a man ordering a small pizza to go. He appeared to be alone and the cook asked him if he would like it cut into 4 pieces or 6. He thought about it for some time then said 'Just cut it into 4 pieces; I don't think I'm hungry enough to eat 6 pieces.

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“From the prophet even to the Priest, they all are greedy for gain; everyone practices deceit. They have healed the hurt of the daughters of My people, slightly; saying: ‘Peace, peace’ – when there is no peace. And they were not at all ashamed; neither did not even know how to blush” Jeremiah 6:13 -16

“Hear Ye the Word of The Lord, O ye women, and let your ear receive the word of his mouth and teach your

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daughters wailing and every one her neighbor; lamentations. For death have come up to our windows. Even our men are falling as dung in the streets. Thus says the Lord, let not the wise man glory in this wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches; but let him that glorieth, glory in this: that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord which exercise loving kindness, judgment and righteousness, in the earth for in these things I delight, says the Lord”. Jeremiah 9: 20-24

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