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Now that we’ve peeled back the why, what, if anything, can marketers take away from the growing popularity of these cults? Clearly, these fitness programs and studios have adopted the “if-you-build-it-they-will-come” mentality, and come they did. Thinking about what makes their subjects so devoted, it really comes down to the fact that they’re looking for meaning and control in a fast-paced, flustered world. And that’s exactly where marketers can deliver on a real, human need. Whether it’s giving your consumers an opportunity to connect in a community of likeminded individuals, or simply catering to their need for healthier, more active lifestyles, one thing is clear: cult fitness really fulfills a basic desire for belonging.

competition I hate to lose. I’m completely addicted. Sometimes I go into a 45-minute class telling myself that I’m just going to take it easy, but the second I see someone else in the room with a higher score than me I can’t help myself, I have to win. I held the highest score at Tribeca, NYC flywheel and the Larchmont, LA location. I’m absolutely hooked!

Since you work in pop culture — how much do you think we can credit the workout itself, versus the trendiness level (bragging rights, high price point, etc.) During any given week I do laps in the pool, run, yoga, lift weights and FlyWheel. Out of all of these different forms of exercise I can honestly say that FlyWheel is the class I work the hardest in, every time. Yes, the

Or maybe it’s not belonging at all. Consumers are increasingly seeking out “inclusive exclusivity,” or experiences that involve only their inner circles (inclusive) but no one else (exclusive). These experiences give them major bragging rights, especially when they’re the first ones in the know. Give consumers an opportunity – big or small – to break from the monotony of everyday life, and they’ll reward you with their loyalty. Whether this trend continues to grow among mainstream audiences, or recedes into the margins like Jazzercise or rollerblading, only time will tell. But today, the formula is clear. Low in calories, not on affinity.

competition element helps, but more than that it’s the music, the dark room, the in-and-out-in-45-minutes factor, and the no fuss of it all. It’s the quickest and best cardio workout I do. About DundasFit: I started @DundasFit on Instagram as a place to inspire people to see health and fitness as a lifestyle, not just a trend or a diet. I aim to motivate as many people as possible. You can join DundasFit at I have some very exciting adventures with the brand coming this year!

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