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Study: Celtic FC

A note from our CEO

■ Case

Study: Celtic FC

Welcome to the Autumn/Winter edition of Exterity News. In this issue you can read about the various IPTV projects Exterity has been involved in - from Celtic Park Football Stadium and The Open Golf Championship in the UK, to international projects like Healthcare City in Dubai and RWE trading floors in Switzerland.




These projects demonstrate the positive development and growth in our industry despite the overall economic climate; something which is also reflected in the positive response we have had to our recently launched CPD training modules.

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In the technology partner section you will find some new names and read about the ‘green’ aspect of IPTV - and why investing time and resources in IPTV technology is more worthwhile than ever. I hope you will enjoy reading the latest news on our exciting new products - such as our Transcoders and AvediaPlayer software viewers. Last but not least I encourage you to take advantage of the new CPD training available to you. Enjoy!


© 2011 Exterity Ltd. All rights reserved. The Exterity Building IPTV logo, AvediaStream, AvediaServer and AvediaPlayer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exterity Ltd. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Exterity tries to ensure that all information in this document is correct but does not accept liability for any error or omission.

Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity Ltd.

Global Project News Switzerland RWE, Geneva Energy Trading IPTV - for internal distribution of TV on the trading floor streaming local and global financial channels to Sony TV screens. The Exterity remote control easily changes from TV to PC input on the screens and allows for full on/off control. Corporate messaging is broadcast to the TV screens during inter office conferences.

France Chateau de Besseuil, Clesse Hospitality IPTV over phone lines – a unique solution using the pre-existing phone lines instead of a Cat5 network. An Exterity head-end and Exterity set-top boxes all integrated with Vianeos Octopus middleware over a Zyxel network with DSLAM and hotspot wifi. The Exterity set-top boxes were chosen for their external USB, IP, PoE and remote management functionality.

U.A.E. Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai Healthcare (administration) IPTV – installed in one of the official healthcare buildings the complete end to end Exterity solution streams more than 50 encrypted and free to air channels and to over 100 end points comprising both PC clients and set-top boxes. Whilst encoders are used to stream live messages from conferences to individuals and common areas, Video on Demand provides instant access to key information at any given time.



Netherlands 112 Control Room, Drachten Emergency Services IPTV – Police, Fire brigade and Ambulance services located in the same central building communicate and co-ordinate responses to 112 emergency calls with the help of Exterity IPTV. Each of the 150 employees can follow live video responses from their desktops and videos of incidents can later be replayed for analysis and training purposes.

England Royal St. Georges, Sandwich Golf IPTV - the foundations for the HDTV coverage of this year’s Open golf tournament were laid with the installation of a full IP distribution network at the Royal St George’s links course. Primarily a data transmission service used by the R&A for ticket bookings information, telephony and IPTV into the club house and hospitality suites, the installation at St George’s used Exterity’s AvediaStream TVgateway for live television feeds, distribution to the media centre for monitoring news, and HD encoders, which connected to the SDI broadcast infrastructure.

England Circle Healthcare, Bath Healthcare IPTV - The healthcare clinics of the future will offer private patients a host of facilities to improve the overall patient experience. To offer TV and video on demand at the guests’ bedside in DayCase and Private Rooms, Circle Healthcare in Bath have chosen an Exterity IPTV solution, comprising of DVB-T gateways, AvediaServer and AvediaPlayer receivers. The set-top boxes are connected to Samsung TV’s across the site either mounted on walls, or arms and use a single IP67 standard remote control. To prevent cross-firing of IR codes in the Daycase Centre, they have deployed various IR frequencies, coded to the remotes. This enables them to offer the guests access to over 40 TV channels, 48 films and 20 local and national radio stations, using a single remote to control both the TV and the set-top boxes, without the chance of the patient in the next bed controlling their television.


Product Update


Version 2 of AvediaPlayer r92xx Receivers offers improved performance NEW! and management • Support for ANT Galio 3.1 with enhanced graphics rendering

• Support for Closed Captions

• Web pages and video files available as selectable channels

New AvediaStream Transcoders The AvediaStream Transcoder converts live HD and SD video and audio content to alternative bit rates, resolutions and codecs enabling video content to be streamed to a wide range of screens and devices, regardless of the viewing size or the bandwidth available.

User friendly • Easy to configure and use • Streaming in a matter of seconds • Hot swap module allows for quick non-intrusive upgrade to existing installations • Desk/rack mountable for discreet, convenient deployment

Flexibility • Bit-rates, codecs and resolutions can all be transcoded • Interoperability with Exterity solutions and third party devices • Video and Audio transcoding


• Transcode two streams simultaneously • Realtime delivery of video and audio to a variety of devices

Cost-Effective • Stream to remote destinations from a single head-end • Transcodes new streams to a format suitable for legacy equipment • Capitalise on your existing IP network • Improves the distribution of video content to multiple locations and devices The new additions to Exterity’s portfolio will ensure that organisations across a wide variety of industries, whether broadcast, corporate, hospitality, healthcare or education, can distribute video content easily and efficiently in both HD and SD formats with no increased bandwidth or infrastructure costs. Delivering video and audio to an array of devices has never been easier.

• Improved support for USB memory devices allowing content to be easily distributed to remote receivers • Addition of serial console support on USB, improving connection options to PCs during installation and configuration

Click here to view more about AvediaPlayers

AvediaPlayer Viewer delivers live HD TV and video streams via PC desktop applications • Integrates with a variety of 3rd party solutions including MS Outlook and Office Applications, Windows Media Player and Cisco Show and Share

AvediaServer advancements • Pause live TV in AvediaPlayer Desktop • Automatically trigger IPTV system control actions when specific events occur, for example mute or turn off screens when an alarm system activates • Automatic discovery and listing of active AvediaPlayer Desktop players to improve monitoring of IPTV system use

•C  ustomise AvediaPlayer Portal per device to allow display interfaces to be matched to areas within an organisation or facility •C  reate, list and delete recorded assets via 3rd party systems with our new Record API

AvediaPlayer Plugin delivers HD TV and video over a variety of digital signage devices • Integrates with a wide variety of digital signage devices and other dedicated application platforms to display HD TV and video content

• Implement and customise engaging digital signage to distribute information and advertise Click here to view more products and services about the Plugin


Technology Partners & Focus


your LAN, Campus or IP network it utilises the almost limitless capacity here via multicast technology to distribute TV and Video in both SD and HD to a limitless number of users. For example - if 1000 employees logged on to watch BBC News using the BBC iPlayer simultaneously this would put a strain on the costly external bandwidth, whereas 1000 employees viewing BBC News on a building IPTV solution would not make any difference as they would be viewing via the LAN network.

Reliability & Maintenance

Focus: Why IPTV saves resources Today “green” is the buzz word across industries and an important factor to consider for any decision maker. Is it sustainable? Is it efficient? Whether it is a financial, human, time or environmental resource saving you are after, IPTV delivers a benefit in each area.

Power & Materials

Powering IP Broadcast™

Integrating Technology? Contact:

An IPTV head-end can offer lower power consumption figures than a PC-based solution. Exterity’s module and chassis based IPTV products use only a fraction of the 300-400 watts required by a less reliable PC-based head-end solution, while still delivering the same functionality. When it comes to the user end, the fact that AV content can be played on existing client PC’s by using the Exterity client software saves resources. There is no need to invest in additional viewing screens or TVs for the AV content, nor the need to power up these separate units. Exterity set-top boxes support Power over Ethernet (PoE), so there is no need for additional power points, which allows a further saving on both cabling and power consumption. When it comes to cabling materials there is a significant saving to be made by using an IPTV solution instead of installing a separate co-ax cable network, which in extreme cases can mean almost double the cable

required, consuming increasingly rare and expensive materials such as copper and polycarbonate plastics, and by extension oil. As Exterity set-top boxes can be controlled over the IP infrastructure they can be configured to automatically turn on/off, as well as any connected TV sets by various methods including serial control. This further reduces power consumption dramatically as they need only be on during business working hours if required.


An IPTV installation can be financially more efficient than a co-axial cable based solution, as it uses the existing IP network infrastructure. This means you can avoid the cost and interruption of installing new or additional co-axial cabling, whilst labour costs are also kept to a minimum by utilising the existing IP network. An IPTV system is also scalable, so it can grow in line with a business without a major financial commitment up front.


A building IPTV installation capitalises on the organisation’s existing bandwidth. Bandwidth potentially a very costly resource - is necessary to receive data to and from the rest of the world. However, because building IPTV is operating within

An IPTV installation is very robust with minimal maintenance costs versus PC-based solutions where the PC can potentially fail and need time and skilled labour to repair. A module based solution such as Exterity’s only requires a chassis - which often come with redundant power supply for back up. The modules are also configured to be hot-swapped should the system need upgrading/modifying.


An IPTV installation offers cooler operation due to the lower power consumption. This means less need for air-conditioning in the server racks - something which is becoming increasingly important within server rooms and data centres alike. Less equipment also means less rack space usage. For example, distributing the same number of TV channels by using TVgateways requires less IPTV devices and less power than if using other traditional distribution methods.


An IPTV installation has less impact on the environment as the module and chassis-based IPTV products use fewer hard-to-recycle materials than PC-based solutions. Exterity is WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) compliant and customers may return obsolete and retired Exterity products for recycling. Desk/rack mountable for discreet, convenient deployment. Exterity units are manufactured in Europe, reducing the environmental impact of shipping, whilst maintaining the highest possible reliability standards.


Case Study


The Challenge

As one of the country’s best known sporting establishments, football fans, corporate guests, players and staff alike expect Celtic Football Club to be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, that enables access to all the sporting activity, news, views and developments whenever they want it, wherever they are in the stadium. A big ask certainly, but a challenge that all world-leading sporting establishments are looking to address as they strive to tackle competitive challenges both on and off the pitch. “Ultimately, Celtic is a top-class team and when you’re competing in the game at this level, you absolutely need to have the support of a world-class venue and infrastructure,” says David Howell, IT Manager at Celtic Park.

Celtic Football Club Delivering a world-class venue with Exterity: Celtic Football Club scores new Building IPTV system The Exterity Building IPTV solution enables Celtic FC to offer a state of the art experience to fans and improve player training with live and on-demand access to match footage at Celtic Park. Established in 1888 and part of the legendary Old Firm, Celtic Football Club is one of Scotland’s best known brands. Its home stadium, Celtic Park, is the biggest football stadium in Scotland, with

As part of the ongoing review of Facilities and IT upgrade work, it became clear that our existing coaxial audio visual set-up was no longer adequate. Not only was the old analogue system reaching the end of its life, it was simply not fit for purpose

What they say “Exterity’s technology has had a profound impact on how the club operates and we are really excited by the countless ways we can expand its use in the future to benefit both the club and its thousands of passionate fans. It’s also a bonus for us to see that the best technology for the job was provided by a local Scottish company.“

a capacity of 60,832 and includes a series of hospitality and conferencing facilities. In 2007 the club also opened its brand new off-site training and educational facility, Lennoxtown. With an ageing audio visual system in place throughout the Celtic Park venue and facing the pressures of an increasingly competitive sporting and entertainment marketplace, the decision was taken by venue management to install a new state-of-the-art building IPTV system. The system was designed to give fans, visitors and staff access to live and pre-recorded match footage as well as sports and news channels.

David Howell, IT Manager Celtic Park.


Case Study Celtic Football Club “As part of the ongoing review of Facilities and IT upgrade work, it became clear that our existing coaxial audio visual set-up was no longer adequate. Not only was the old analogue system reaching the end of its life, it was simply not fit for purpose given the sheer size of the stadium and huge amount of screens throughout the site. The stadium’s legacy system had struggled with the increase of screens over the years and the signal quality had become compromised, particularly over long distances. Whilst it just about did the job, it was by no means a future-proof system, not to mention difficult to manage on a day-to-day basis. Each screen had to be controlled and set individually and manually – a huge task when you’re looking at a venue that is capable of seating more than 60,000 fans.”

The Solution

After extensive research, the team selected a leading technology integrator to install Exterity’s Building IPTV solution, which operates over the excess capacity of the venue’s IP network (LAN) to distribute live and recorded match footage and other sporting coverage to the 60+ HD TV screens mounted throughout the stadium. The deployment includes three AvediaStream TVgateways to stream all available Freeview channels across Celtic Park and six AvediaStream Encoders, which provide enough capacity to stream five Sky Sports channels as well as the in-house Celtic match day TV service. 53 AvediaPlayer Receivers are located throughout the corporate hospitality areas to deliver high-quality TV and video throughout these areas and the whole network is managed using Exterity’s management Solution.

Exterity’s technology means we can now cost-effectively deliver high-quality streams of sports channels, news channels and live feeds from cameras – something that would have traditionally required a costly and inflexible coaxial system

The Result

“Our Cisco IP infrastructure throughout the venue was already being used for voice and data, so it made sense to use that existing network to also stream TV and video content,” adds Howell. “Exterity’s technology means we can now cost-effectively deliver high-quality streams of sports channels, news channels and live feeds from cameras – something that would have traditionally required a costly and

inflexible coaxial system to do the same job.” In addition, content could now also be streamed beyond the Celtic Park stadium site itself. The 100 megabit connection between the main ground and the Lennoxtown training and educational facility means that live feeds from cameras could be streamed to the second site 20 kilometres away in real time and without any loss of picture quality. Something that would simply have not been possible with an analogue set-up. “The seamless flexibility of the system is absolutely key for us. The Facilities team is now able to control each screen individually - or banks of screens in different areas or rooms – all from one central point. The need to have a team member walking the venue to switch channels and turn screens on and off has been completely removed now that all content can be accessed and controlled centrally. The system is also future-proof in that new screens can be added to the network without putting additional strain on bandwidth requirements. A tangible return on investment was also very important to us and significant savings are already being made on operational and management costs.

Continuing the IPTV revolution

“In addition to streaming match footage, we’re currently also looking at how we can use advertising and other video materials developed by Celtic FC throughout different parts of the stadium.” Howell concludes; “The team is also looking to broaden out the content shown above and beyond purely footage of matches to maximise the system’s use for team and staff training. Finally, phase two of the Lennoxtown facility, if it goes ahead, could see the site being developed to include conference facilities and live-in dormitory accommodation for younger players. This will present another great opportunity for us to utilise Building IPTV to improve the daily lives of both players and staff, whilst enabling us to explore new revenue-generating opportunities from corporate events.”


What we say “With a club that has such an illustrious history as Celtic, it is vital that it remains as polished off the field as the performances on it. The sheer scale of this deployment demonstrates the substantial benefits that Building IPTV solutions present compared to traditional analogue approaches to distributing TV and video content – not only is it significantly more cost-effective, but Building IPTV delivers a better quality service for match day attendees and employees, is vastly more scalable and can be easily adapted to take advantage of new revenue-generating opportunities in the future.”

Colin Farquhar, CEO Exterity


Marketing Update Events Calendar

CPD Training Earlier this year Exterity became members of the CPD (Continued Professional Development) service and now offer bespoke CPD certified training modules for the consultant engineering community. Self-certification is applicable to each module and will count towards your annual CPD requirements.

9-13 September, Amsterdam,



An introduction to TV & Video distribution over IP

CCW, 12-13 Oct 2011, New York

• Why buildings need TV •H  istorical solutions •B  uilding IPTV – what is it? •H  ead–end & user-end components •C  ase studies and sample schematics •B  asics of TV & video distribution •4  main types of IPTV

18–20 October, Earls Court, London

• Advantages of building IPTV •M  arkets & applications • Summary • Test your knowledge




Visio Shapes If you use Visio shapes when creating network diagrams, please remember that you can download all Exterity visio shapes for FREE from or by clicking here.

Exterity Products in Visio:

IPTV components, systems & 3rd party technology integration

AvediaPlayer Receivers & Mounting Brackets

• Building IPTV components

AvediaStream Encoder Modules

• DVB-IP gateways • DVB Definition

AvediaStream TVgateway Modules

AvediaStream Chassis

• DVB-IP gateway types

AvediaServer Chassis

• Digital television

• Encoders • Encoding methods • Worked example • IPTV Servers • IP Set-top boxes • Client viewing platforms • System design

19–20 October 2011, Excel, London

31 Jan–2 Feb 2012, Amsterdam

• Client requirement scenario To book a CPD training session, please contact Exterity via email: or phone: +44 (0)1383 828 265 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a session for yourself and any relevant colleagues.

• Head-end example

Note: The CPD materials are currently available in English and German. Should you require CPD training in other languages and/or regions please contact us to discuss further options.

• Summary

AvediaStream Encoder - e3535

• User-end example • Integration with 3rd party technologies • Examples • FAQs • Test your knowledge

Contact Us: +44 (0)1383 828 265



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