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RED a fable

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If you intend to read Red, this storybook might give away a bit more than you’d like. Read Red first ( and then return for more.

n Heaven, a girl named Sera snuck into a prison to see a real demon.

hen she saw the demon—named Azel—she fell in love.

ut the demon possessed her in order to make his escape, damaging her body in the process.

oldiers came, and a man accused Sera of being the demon’s accomplice.

he demon, carrying Sera, escaped to Earth.

here, he trained her for weeks to harden her body.

emons, looking for Azel, found Sera instead.

era left with the demons, who promised her more power.

hey took her down the steps to Hell, where she fought every block and barricade.

he demons praised her, but Sera would not have it.

era was not a child anymore. She lost control and attacked the demons.

zel found her and begged her to stop. Sera escaped back to Heaven.

here, she was unwelcomed by an army of her old friends.

he fought the droves, and killed the man who accused her.

ut for winning, she paid the price with blood. She would not live through this day.

Read the whole story at bitly/readRED

Red Storybook  

A storybook of Red, the novel by EJ Koh. Spoiler Alert: Do not read if you intend to read Red with full surprise expectation. (

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