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Gabrielle Bernstein The self-proclaimed Spirit Junkie talks about how to remove blocks & create a miraculous life!

Your Guide to Hav ing the Best 2013 Ever!



Strategies, tips and steps to make sure you achieve what you want this year!

MANTRA for 2013


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Carrie Green, UK

Natalie Walstein, USA


Design & Illustration

Carrie started her first business at the age of 20 whilst studying Law at university. Over the years she grew it into a successful global business and in 2011 she launched the Female Entrepreneur Association – an online platform where women from around the world can be inspired and connect with like-minded women. She loves sharing stories about inspirational people who are achieving amazing things and encouraging people to have the belief in themselves to actually do the things they really want to do in life. Her favourite quote is by Anthony Robbins, “Your destiny is determined by the choices you make. Choose now. Choose well.”

Natalie is the founder of Half Asleep Studio, a dreamy design & illustration studio based in Minneapolis, MN, that is focused on propelling the image and message of small businesses & creative professionals. Natalie has a passion for art, creativity, and inspiring herself and others to find the beauty in everything. She blogs about her projects, life, inspiration, & more at, and her favorite quote is, “Your dream job does not exist. You must create it.”

This Girl Means Business

Samantha Green, UK

James Stephens, UK

Style Editor

Features Editor

Samantha likes all things stylish and sparkly and firmly believes that the key to dressing and living well lies in the accessories you choose for your wardrobe and your life. She is the founder and editor of the blog Every Shade of Green, which features daily posts on design, interiors, fashion, accessories and more. An aspiring graphic designer at heart, Samantha started her blog in 2011 as an outlet for her passion for fashion and design, and is happily extending this love into the This Girl brand, where she enjoys sharing her stylish finds with readers across the globe.

James is a passionate writer and entrepreneur. He started his first business in 2005 and built it into a success. He is enthusiastic about inspiring others to achieve amazing things. He’s also an avid fan of photography, with an eye for detail and regularly enjoys going out with his camera. His favourite quote is, “Do something today that your future self with thank you for.�

Meet the Team


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Gabrielle Bernstein

The self-proclaimed Spirit Junkie talks about how to remove blocks & create a miraculous life!

Personal Development 14

How to Make the Most of Your Time This Year



Smash Through the Ceiling of Your Limiting Beliefs

by Dawn Marron

This Girl Means Business


Figuring Out What You Really Truly Want by Celina Wilde


Cover Story: Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

Business Development 26

Dos & Don’ts of Having a Successful 2013

28 How She Did It: Interview with Latham Thomas of Mama Glow 38 8 Steps for Creating Your Game Plan for 2013

54 Four Key Steps to Developing Your Marketing Plan by Jen DeVore 60 Sales Series: How to Become Amazing at Cold Calling by Lara Morgan

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Contributors Dawn Marron, NZ Dawn is a Soul Coach and Transformational Energy Worker. Her mainstream career included writing and delivering personal and professional development workshops for such corporates as British Telecom. Her not so mainstream career included many years as a Community Artist working with at risk youth. Her spiritual calling led her and her family from their home in the UK to New Zealand five years ago where she has deepened her personal development and works with private and business clients from her base in Raglan on New Zealand’s west coast.

Celina Wilde, UK To get through life you need a great sense of humour, the ability to laugh at yourself, and a healthy dose of self-esteem. 10 years ago I had none of these so I went on a mission to find what I was missing. Now I teach others what I’ve learnt and empower women to chase their dreams, and embrace who they are. My passion is to empower women, to live a life of passion, fulfillment and freedom to be exactly who they are and have what they truly desire.


This Girl Means Business

Jen DeVore, USA Marketing Advice on Demand Jen DeVore is a marketing professional with over 16 years of experience working for some of the country’s biggest brands, including NASA at Kennedy Space Center, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and ABC T V. She is also an entrepreneur and small business owner. Her experience encompasses all areas of marketing including consumer research, planning and strategy, special events, sales, advertising, and public relations. She has also worked as an award winning professional photographer and highly trained graphic designer/brand strategist.

Lara Morgan, UK Company Shortcuts Lara Morgan is the founder of Company Shortcuts and best selling Amazon author of “More Balls than Most�, her story about building a global enterprise. Lara is a straight-talking entrepreneur who understands the frustrations felt by small and medium-sized businesses that have lost their way. Rather than administering generic big picture advice, Lara is dedicated to delivering honest and practical help to enable businesses to achieve their full potential.



Note from Carrie

Make 2013 Your Year! The New Year is a time for New Year’s resolutions, a time to think about your hopes and dreams for the year ahead, a time to plan what you’re going to do this year. The problem is that by February most ideas and resolutions have been totally abandoned. The things we really wanted to do have fallen to the wayside and life just goes on as usual. Before you know it it’s September and you look back over the year and realise that you’ve not really done what you wanted to do. You think to yourself, ‘Next year I’m going to actually stick to my resolutions.’ The New Year comes and goes and the same thing happens all over again.

Note from Carrie


This is the reality for a lot of

4. We don’t set any time aside to

people – it’s probably happened to you

actually figure it all out.

before, it’s definitely happened to me!

But why does this happen?

tough and as time passes by the doubts,

5. We get put off because it’s

worries and fears creep in and all of a

“Why do we give up on our resolutions? Why don’t we do what we set out to do?”

sudden we’ve convinced ourselves that we can’t do it!

These are some of the key reasons

why I think most people struggle to stick to their New Year’s resolutions and achieve the things they want to achieve. However, it doesn’t need to be this way!

In this issue we’re going to be shar-

ing strategies and steps you can take to ensure you have the best 2013 ever!

I think there are a few key reasons:

1. We make a massive list of

Learn how to smash through

the glass ceiling of your limiting beliefs. Discover how to really figure

things we want to do, but we don’t really

commit to doing them.

out what you want to achieve.

2. We forget to make a plan for

We reveal a tried, tested and

how we’re actually going to achieve the

proven strategy for making a game plan.

things we want to achieve.

And much more!

3. Because we have no plan, we

can’t execute it! And because we’re not sure what we really need to do we lack the discipline to take action.


This Girl Means Business

Make this year the best you can.


How to Make the Most of Your Time This Year Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day.

Every night it writes off as lost,

Every evening the bank deletes

the remains of the day. If you fail to

whatever part of the balance you

use the day’s deposits, the loss is

failed to use during the day. What

yours. There is no drawing against

would you do? Draw out every cent,

“tomorrow.” You must live in the

of course?

present on today’s deposits. Invest

Each of us has such a bank.

it so as to get from it the utmost

Its name is TIME. Every morning,

in health, happiness and success!”

it credits you with 86,400 seconds.

– Unknown Author

whatever of this you have failed to invest to a good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns

This Girl Means Business


h g u o r h T Smash r u o Y f o g n i l i e C e th s f e i l e B g Limitin By Dawn Marron As I sit down to write this, I get a picture in my head of Charlie and co stepping into Willy Wonka’s great glass elevator. Willy presses a button and the elevator jolts upwards at enormous speed. All the passengers,

apart from WIlly, exhibit fear that the

way I turn. I’m not a kid anymore, this

elevator will hit the factory ceiling

is real life. No one ever gave me a great

and there will be carnage. You know,

glass elevator to escape in.”

mangled bits of machine and human

mashed together, that sort of thing.

you were discouraged from asking for

But, of course, that doesn’t happen. The

one too. That would be silly. You can’t just

glass elevator smashes cleanly through

nip down to Argos and bring one home.

the roof and continues on it’s way to

But, oh how different life would be if you

exciting adventures beyond Charlie’s

could just transport yourself on to the

wildest dreams.

other side of those challenges. Or better


This Girl Means Business

“Well, that was lovely”, you say,

“A quick dash back to childhood storytime. But, what has that got to do with the adult me and these issues I’m dealing with right now? I’m facing challenges that make me feel I hit a brick wall every

No. They didn’t did they. And I bet

still, if you could jetison straight through

“Experts suggest that we pick up as much as 95% of our beliefs before the age of seven.”

the roof into another reality where your problems just ceased to exist. Take a moment to consider what that would feel like. Can you do that? Playfully? Or does your mind tell you it’s just too unrealistic? Unbelievable?

Well, here’s the thing my beautiful

friends, a belief is only a thought you think a lot. A belief is only a thought you’ve got into the habit of allowing to influence you, to the point that it

stuffs itself from the banquet table of

can become extremely uncomfortable

sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

to disallow it. In fact, it can seem so

uncomfortable and frightening, that you

ingredient of judgement. Beliefs and

feel to question the belief, questions who

judgement shoulder up to work together.

you are.

And they make a formidable pair. To create

What’s That All About?

Now, add to the mix the potent

a belief we have to judge things, right, wrong, good, bad whatever... then once

We pick up nearly all of our beliefs

the belief is instilled, we feel we must

in childhood. In fact, experts suggest that

defend the belief because we mistakenly

we pick up as much as 95% of our beliefs

identify the belief as us. We invest

before the age of seven. Furthermore, they

power in the belief, which only serves to

suggest that most of them aren’t even

perpetuate judgement. Judgement is like

ours. Our beliefs are shaped by others,

glue. It keeps us stuck in old beliefs we

they’re passed down, passed on, picked

may choose to reconsider if we could stop

up. The mind isn’t choosy and doesn’t have

judging long enough. Honestly, the two

a preference for what it learns or who or

of them are like the Kray twins, complete

where it learns it from. It just greedily

with knuckle dusters and bike chains.

Smash Through the Ceiling of Your Limiting Beliefs



Who I Really Be knows that living with

‘But, hang on’, you protest, ‘I’m not

beliefs is like living on a length of chain.

a kid anymore. My beliefs are based on

Each belief metaphorically becomes a link

life experience.’ Well, some of them may

in the chain. I can wander around here

be yes, but the beliefs you were taught

and there, making my own choices, living

in childhood can be so powerful as to

how I choose, meeting friends, partners,

over-ride any new empowering thought.

lovers, choosing jobs, making a way of

Whether you realise it or not, because

life. Depending upon my beliefs, I could,

your mind has convinced you that

theoretically, have a good length of chain

your beliefs are you, you struggle with

that I feel doesn’t restrict me. But, that’s

releasing old beliefs, worrying that to do

the illusion. I’m still on a chain. I can only

so compromises who you are.

experience the life that is available to me even if I cover all the ground that I’m able

It’s all an illusion

to over and over. I have a life dictated to

me by my beliefs.

We have to let go of who we think

we are before we’re able to step into

Your beliefs may allow your great

and fully embrace Who We Really Be.

glass elevator to go all the way to the top floor. You may even gaze at the roof

“The beliefs you were taught in childhood can be so powerful as to over-ride any new empowering thought.”

and wonder what else is out there, but it isn’t half uncomfortable when your belief chain is at full stretch, so you press the button and come back to your comfort zone.


Move closer. Let me whisper you

a truth. On the other side of the Wonka roof are unlimited possibilities or, out there past your limiting beliefs is the life


This Girl Means Business

“Out there past your limiting beliefs is the life you’ve always wanted.”

you’ve always wanted. The chain your

judgement, right or wrong is limiting of

beliefs have constructed for you is a


daisy chain. The beliefs that weave your

reality are so beautifully easy to break out

all that stuff your mind has you believe ‘is

of and leave behind. You can choose to

the way it is’, you will generate openness

live with such conviction in Who You Be

and receptivity to everything. You

that beliefs become powerless. You are

will move away from being closed and

more than your beliefs. Always.

defensive and fearful. You will attract and

What would happen to your reality,

create a reality of constant expansion,

to your world, to your life, if your great

where the only relevant belief is that

glass elevator smashed through the

anything is possible.

If you allow yourself to disrespect

roof of what you have defined as you; that pre-determined you you have to


defend at all costs? What if you were

someone much greater, much larger,

imitate, regurgitate or internalise anyone

much more unlimited and powerful than

else’s thoughts, behaviour or beliefs. Your

you’ve allowed for? What if you refused

authentic power is in your awakening and

to respect the boundaries your beliefs

in your direct knowing. You cannot fail.

have established and instead lived in an

Be who you Be. 

Know this. You don’t have to

awareness and a space of knowing that

Smash Through the Ceiling of your Limiting Beliefs


Figuring Out What You Really Truly Want By Celina Wilde

Illustrations by Angie Baldelomar


This Girl Means Business

Figuring out what you want and how to get it is not rocket science really. But it does take some work, self-analysis, and a cold hard look at yourself and where you are now in order to figure out what needs to be changed to give you the life, business or career of your dreams. And the process of change really is where the fun begins. Are you ready? 1) Decide you’re ready to make a change. This really is

become more fluid and flow easily

the hardest part of the whole process.

and allowing the mind to soar. Don’t

It is all in your head, tied into your

eliminate anything as impossible.

when you focus on quieting the noise

beliefs, self-image and confidence, whilst toying with your doubts, fears,

“Anything is possible; it’s simply finding a path to make your dreams real.”

and what ifs. Change is there for the taking and your ideal life is simply a decision and some hard work away. No one is ever stuck in a place or a life unless they have chosen to be.

2) Give yourself quiet time. Get away from the computer,

family, partner T V and any other

ideas/dreams/goals on paper the old

distractions. This is your life we are

fashioned way. Write EVERYTHING

talking about and it deserves time,

that comes to mind, in any order,

consideration and respect to figure

allowing your thoughts to stream

out. Take a few hours, or a whole

onto the paper. This frees up more

day if you can, to be quiet away from

room for other ideas to be created

the noise of everyday. Ideas often

and paths to be seen clearly, which

3) Get it on paper. Get your

Figuring Out What You Really Truly Want


Break it down into small, manageable and bite sized chunks that you can manage, and will each day get you closer to your ideal life.

5) Visualise. Put your goals

somewhere you can see them, and take time every day to visualise havconsidered

ing achieved them. Put it bright, bold

previously. Avoid fastidious detail

and in colour and live everyday with

and getting bogged down in detail at

the happiness of your achievement.

this stage. This is an exercise to allow

See it in your minds eye in detail

your ideas into the light of day and

that your goals are achieved and your

in a tangible form.

ideal life has already happened. Feel,





hear and see how you will when you

4) Break it down. Once

achieve your goal. Celebrate each

your ideas are out there in the real

small goal you reach, as the journey

world, it’s time to prioritise and plan.

and what you learn on the way is

equally important as the destination.

“Select your most powerful and pressing desire and set goals to achieve it.”




There are an endless amount of resources available online, magazines,




that can teach you all you need to know. Education is the single most powerful tool you can ever have,


This Girl Means Business

so get out there and start reading, watching and listening.

“It’s easy to get people excited about your ideas when you are.”

7) Allow your passion and personality to shine. Your greatest asset is who you are, so allow your passion and enthusiasm to shine through for everyone to see. It’s easy to get people excited about your

9) Baby steps will do.

ideas when you are. The world needs

Think you don’t have time? Do

what you have to give.

something, no matter how small, every day, which will get you closer to your goals. Small steps to start a journey accumulate into large distances over time. You will be surprised what you can do with 15 minutes a day. If you can’t put aside a small amount of time each day,





to achieve your goals enough to make it work.

8) Build your support.

Find a support network that can


Believe. Know you

help you on the path, from mentors,

can, even in the low points, dips

advisors, or even a cheering section

and setbacks that always come. And

who believe in you even when they

they do come! Just keep going and

don’t understand what you’re doing.

believing; the hard times come as

Figuring Out What You Really Truly Want


“You can have all the dreams and goals in the world, but if you don’t take action that is all they will ever be.”

a test, and test how you persevere. It is always coldest and darkest before the dawn, so don’t give up, you’re on the right track. Perseverance is the key.

11) Take action! You can

have all the dreams and goals in the world, but if you don’t take action that is all they will ever be. Be brave, step out there and give it a go. You only live once, make it count.


This Girl Means Business

Having what you want is so very worth any little discomfort you feel about making a change. Wouldn’t you rather live with the knowledge of giving it everything you have rather than playing it safe just in case? The world is full of endless possibilities, and only we hold ourselves back. Time to loosen those self-created shackles don’t you think? 

DOs & DON’Ts of Having a Successful 2013 Illustrations by Angie Baldelomar

DON’T focus on the doubts and worries – they won’t help you! Remember that you get to choose your thoughts. If there’s a thought that makes you feel bad or makes you doubt yourself then force it out of your mind and think about something else.

DON’T listen to the naysayers.


This Girl Means Business

DO focus on the opportunities and exciting possibilities.

DO tell yourself every day that you can do it! Never stop believing in yourself and your idea and you’ll make amazing things happen.

DO take time to visualise what you want every day. Imagine achieving what you want to achieve – see it, feel it and believe that it will happen.


make a game plan for this year – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Set goals for the year and then make monthly, weekly and daily plans as you go along – and stick to it!

DON’T procrastinate! If you don’t know what to do, ask someone who does! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and put yourself out there.

DO get really clear on what it is you want to achieve this year – know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

DON’T give up on yourself this year – there are bound to be a few bumps (that’s just life). Have the tenacity to overcome them and be determined to make this year the best year ever.


be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone this year – it’s the place where you grow and develop. Be fearless and tell yourself that you can do it. Do’s & Don’ts



This Girl Means Business

How She Did It By Carrie Green


Latham Thomas Company:

Mama Glow - since 2011 Location:

New York City Latham Thomas came up with the idea to start her business while she was pregnant. Two years later she started to turn her idea into a reality. She’s now a successful entrepreneur and has just released her first book, called Mama Glow, where she shares tips and techniques to support a blissful journey to motherhood.

One of the things that I was reminded of when interviewing Latham is that it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve had your idea for – whether you’ve just come up with it now or whether you came up with it 5 years ago. What matters is making the decision to commit to making it a reality, when you do this things will start to happen and as Latham says, “Once I made the commitment, all of these clients came out of nowhere to work with me.”

Here she shares her story about how she got started turning her idea into a reality while raising her son...

How She Did It


How did you come up with the idea for Mama Glow? I became pregnant in 2002 with my son, who’s now 9 years old. In that time, I was looking for different pregnancy resources and trying to find different practitioners and experts. I wanted to know the type of fitness I should be practicing, what kind of diet I should have, what lifestyle techniques would help me feel my very best. But there was no real guidance; I thought, “somebody has to do this”, somebody has to guide a


This Girl Means Business

woman through this process, because it’s the one place where it’s our rite of passage. It’s our own journey, where you’re really alone. Unless you have somebody that’s pregnant like your best friend at the same time, you don’t really have a lot of support. It’s a very individual process. I had the idea to research and see if there was some kind of concierge service or a wellness space for expectant moms and moms who are busy, who are holistic-minded and want their hand held in this process. That’s where the idea was born while I was pregnant. For me, Mama Glow was a concept that came up at that time, but I didn’t implement the practice until my son was about two years old. However, little things started to happen. A lot of moms were coming to me asking questions about my pregnancy and how I experienced what I did. I maintained a very healthy weight during the pregnancy and right after, through the breastfeeding and low-stress lifestyle, I was back to my normal size very quickly. Women wanted to know what I did because

“It’s one of those things where I spent a lot of time cultivating, but once I committed to it, all of these clients came out of nowhere to work with me.” I felt amazing the entire time. So I started giving advice in the beginning, hooking people up with practitioners, just like a girlfriend. People would come and say, “What about this? What about that? Can you teach me this? Can you show me how to make that dish?” Little things started to come, and I thought, “This is part of what I’m supposed to do.” So I went to enrol in integrative nutrition, which is a certificate program based on holistic nutrition. From that, I gained more counselling techniques and was immersed more in the nutrition aspect of the work, which I was already very into. I then started to develop the methodology around prenatal nutrition and how I would teach mothers to maintain optimal wellness during pregnancy the

way that I did, which was through a vegetarian diet. It’s one of those things where I spent a lot of time cultivating, but once I committed to it, all of these clients came out of nowhere to work with me.

How She Did It


How did you turn your idea into a reality? My first step towards making it happen was structuring what I would offer. Once I did that, I sought to develop a website. I also started writing, because I knew that sharing my content on blogs and in publications would help me to raise awareness. I also used my existing network of women, who were calling me anyway for advice and help and I let them know that I was now offering this service. I offered it first to friends and family at a discount and made it so it was affordable for


This Girl Means Business

“I also used my existing network of women, who were calling me anyway for advice and help and I let them know that I was now offering this service.” people. They would be kind and share their experiences and spread the word about what I was doing. I offered it in a limited way and I saw what could work and then I expanded and opened it up. I didn’t ever do advertising, but I did use my existing networks. I think a lot of entrepreneurs think that they have to market, market, market, but they forget about the value of the people they already know. When people that you know have a good experience, they market for you. Something that was very helpful along the way was definitely having mentors and people to bounce ideas off. I maintain a small circle of support, where I can share what I’m envisioning and talk to other women and men that

are in my life that help guide me. That was a big part of how I worked since obviously I did not go to business school. This was like my business school on-the-go.

How did you develop your business? I started to think, “What is beyond me offering these services?” How am I going to make this a business that I can either sell or have my kids buy into? Then I started to write the book Mama Glow and one day as I was writing and sitting with my friends I said, “I really wish there was some vessel that could educate women and also entertain them around these topics.” They said, “Why don’t you just do it?” and I said, “You know, I guess I could.” This was the summer of 2011. Twenty days and twenty sponsors later, we launched the first Mama Glow Film Festival. I wanted to launch this film festival to align with the principles that I talk about in my book and support women and link to charities. We had 95 guests and had no idea where they came from, the support was incredible. We had Christy Turlington and Selita Ebanks

present films, we put this together literally in 3 weeks. After all the great press we received, I thought, this is not a one-off event. This might be an on going business, but also a platform for philanthropy. It went from just being a little idea in my head, to a reality.

How have you managed to juggle being a mother with being an entrepreneur? We all get the same 24 hours in a day, it’s just how you organise your time and how you fortify yourself. Make sure that you eat well and that you get adequate rest. As entrepreneurs, it’s hard to shut off. If you go to an office, working for someone else 9 to 5, you know when you leave; those hours are your own. When you’re launching a business, there are always hiccups in the way, there’s always something to be done. After I put my son to bed, I often work; it’s something that I’ve become used to. I often find that when I have my best days and I feel most balanced is when I put time into myself first. When I take care of me,

How She Did It


“I often find that when I have my best days and I feel most balanced is when I put time into myself first. When I take care of me, I seem to get more work done.” I seem to get more work done. Another thing that I had to get past is this idea and concept of doing things all by myself. It’s a concept that’s hard for a lot of mothers, because you’re used to doing everything. Everybody relies upon you, but you can’t do it alone. I learnt the hard way, because I tried to do everything. I was nervous to employ people because if I did my overheads were going to go up. But, what I learned was that it actually frees up my time and I can focus on the things that I’m best at and do those things to the fullest. The things that I don’t like to do like invoicing, scheduling, all kinds of other meetings that I don’t really want to attend, I don’t have to do anymore. I focus on the areas that I feel most


This Girl Means Business

compelled to work in. I can really be present in those spaces. It’s been beneficial to all areas of my life. I get to spend more time with my son as a result. It gives more time for my social life, it also gives me time to dream. When you’re not thinking about other things that are daunting and hard for you, it frees up your brain and your imagination to think about other things, to daydream, to envision. When I was thinking about Excel sheets and things like that, I couldn’t really focus on the larger picture, because I was too focused on these mundane things that I didn’t need to do. I now have a really solid team of women who help to move everything forward, which I’m grateful for.

“When you’re not thinking about other things that are daunting and hard for you, it frees up your brain and your imagination to think about other things, to daydream, to envision.

Latham’s Top Tips Set goals: I think goal setting is 1 important. When you’re setting

don’t really buy into your 3 People business; they buy into you: If you

goals, you want them to be just far out enough that you can reach, so that it gives you a little bit to reach for. You want to make things that are attainable but also aspirational.

believe in something and you’re passionate about it, people will buy into it.


Ignore the naysayers: If there are people in your life who are naysayers or negative, avoid bouncing your ideas around with them, because you’ll be disappointed or they’ll plant seeds of doubt. It’s very important in the early stages to incubate these ideas and only share them with people who are within your inner circle like that small board of directors or cheerleaders.


Stick to your brand DNA: Making sure that your message is aligned everywhere it’s placed is very important. I think that when you communicate your message, you have to be true to who you are and speak to people from a heart level, not your brain like you’re trying to sell them on some idea. Speak to them heart-to-heart because everybody can feel it on a visceral level. 

together a little committee: 2 Put It could be a formal advisory board



ut he


ic! ”

or a board of directors that are your friends and get those people together. Sit down, have dinner and have a meeting about these ideas.

How She Did It


words of advice from

Female Entrepreneurs “We owe it to ourselves to be wildly successful in our businesses to serve the world and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate or struck by tragedy. Our financial success changes the world, while we serve with our talents, gifts and abilities through our businesses!” — Antoinette Sykes, The Rich Chicks Society, USA

“Read business books, success books and personal development books. Just 10 minutes a day – if you can do that every day for a year you will have read for 60 hours by the end of a year. Just think what you could learn in 60 hours! But consistency is the key.” — Susan Dorrington, Liberty2Live, Australia


This Girl Means Business

“Keep your eye on your dream goal and work one aspect of your goal on a daily basis, even when it seems out of reach. You will reach it if you work it. Success has no time patient with your dream, your goal, and yourself.” — Shirley Holden, Wesley & Edwin, LLC, USA

“Start each morning by writing your “must do” list. That means things that you must do before you go to bed... prioritize your list to make sure you have items on there that will make you money. I do this by putting $$ signs next to those items and do them first.” — Colleen Mook, Baby Be Hip, USA

“B.O.U.N.C.E to success in 2013 B = Believe you can do it O = be Optimistic & set goals U = who are you ‘being’? N = Nurture yourself as well as your business C = get Connected E = Enjoy & celebrate the little triumphs as well as the big ones.” — Helen Turier, Bounce-back Ability, UK

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8 Steps to Creating Your Game Plan for

2013 Most ideas never make it into a reality; they stay stored in the minds of the people who dreamt them up. While there are lots of reasons why ideas don’t make it into a reality I think one of the

most crucial ones is that people fail to plan and therefore they ultimately plan to fail. If you want your great ideas to turn into something great then you need to create a game plan.

If you want your great ideas to turn into something great then you need to create a game plan.


This Girl Means Business

What is a game plan? So, whereas a business plan gets you in the game and allows you to clearly define what you want to achieve and where you want to go, the game plan keeps you in the game. Your game plan is going to help you to turn your vision into a reality – it’s the strategy you can use every day for ensuring that you achieve your goals.

Here are 8 st eps to creat ing your game plan for 2013:

Step Two Then you need to go through your list and prioritise them – which one goal would you like to achieve the most next year? Decide how important each goal is to you. By doing this you might realise that some of the goals aren’t actually that important and you might decide to get rid of them.

Step Three Starting at the top of your list, you need to go through and write down the steps you need to take in order to achieve that goal.

Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers: 

Step One Get a big, blank piece of paper and write down the ideas you would like to turn into a reality or in other words, what goals would you like to achieve over the next 12 months? For each idea/goal write down a succinct statement about what you want to do, why you want to do it and when you want to do it by.

Who do I know that could help me to achieve this goal? Who else might be able to help me that I don’t know? What do I need to learn in order to be able to achieve my goal? Think about what books you could read and what courses you could go on – you probably aren’t going to know how to do everything right now in order

Your Strategy for an Amazing 2013


to achieve your goal, but you can make a list of all the things you need to figure out in order to achieve it and then you can start thinking about what/who can help you figure it out.  And finally, what can I do right now to get started?

2. FINANCE - How are you going

to finance the business? How are you going to generate revenue? What about marketing costs? What are your financial goals? If you have a small budget, what clever things can you do to get started?

Step Four In business there are 3 core areas you need to think about: 1. OPERATIONS - Think about

the service or product you provide. For example, if you wanted to start a business selling soap, you would need to find out about how to manufacture it, how to package it, how to distribute it. How are you going to manage customer support? Are you going to set up a customer email list, so you can market to customers? You have to get clear about how the business is going to operate. 2. SALES & MARKETING - How are you going to attract customers? How are you going to raise awareness? Who could you collaborate with? What books might help you? What courses could you go on?


This Girl Means Business

Once you’ve got a really clear idea as to what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it you have to break it down and put it in a plan. Ask yourself: what are the most important things I need to do now, in order to start moving towards my goal? Make a list. You’ll start to see that in order to achieve your goal there are lots of mini projects or tasks that you have to complete. For example, you might need to get a website. This is a mini project.

Step Five Organise your mini projects. Let’s take the example from above and let’s pretend that you have a really small budget, so you want to try and put something together yourself.

Mini project: Create a website Step one: Research what you need to do in order to get started; find books to read, search on YouTube, search on Google. Find people who can give you advice (network, ask friends, join LinkedIn and Facebook groups)

Once you’ve researched, you’ll know what the next steps you need to take are. Step t wo: Buy a domain name Step three: Get website hosting Step four: Install Wordpress, etc...

Step Six Once you’ve broken your mini projects down you then have to plan the steps you need to take into your week. You can either use a daily to-do list or create a weekly plan of action and list all the things you want to get

done and when you want to get them done by – whatever works best for you.

Step Seven Once the steps are planned into your week make sure you do them, no matter how hard, confusing, overwhelming or stressful it is, keep going until you’ve completed the steps.

Step Eight How far in advance should you plan? Everyone is different, so it depends on how you like to work. However, I think it’s a good idea to know what you want to achieve over the next 12 months, then make a plan for the first 3 months and be really clear about what you want to achieve within that time. Then make your daily and weekly plans and stick to it.

WARNING: If you don’t have a strategy and a plan of action the chances are that you’ll end up feeling lost and confused and unsure of what to do! So make the time to write your game plan and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Your Strategy for an Amazing 2013


Cover Story


Au t hor & Speaker

an inter v iew w ith

Gabrielle Bernstein { By Carrie Green }

I think it’s fair to say that in

Spirit Junkie and Add More ~ing

life often the biggest battles we face

to Your Life and has just released

are with ourselves… with that voice

her new book, May Cause Miracles,

inside our head that tells us we can’t

where she offers an exciting plan for

do it, we’re not good enough or that

releasing fear and allowing gratitude,

it’s not going to work out. We can


become so constrained by our fears,

through us without fail. All of which,

our doubts and our worries that we

ultimately, will lead to breathtaking

struggle to achieve what we want –

lives of abundance, acceptance,

we struggle to feel happy. But, what

appreciation, and happiness. In the

if we could get rid of all our fears?

book Gabrielle provides readers

What if we could remove the blocks?

with a practical and fun ‘six-

Well, someone who can definitely

week spiritual cleanse’ to unleash

help with this is Gabrielle Bernstein.

happiness in every area of their lives.

Gabrielle Bernstein is one of





We interviewed Gabrielle to

the hottest spiritual voices around.

find out more about what steps we

She is the best-selling author of

can all take to create miraculous lives.

Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein


You have turned your life around, from being in a bad place to becoming a best selling author, a successful entrepreneur, speaker and coach – how did you manage to do this? I got started on my spiritual path when I was a kid. My mom taught me how to meditate and brought me to ashrams and spiritual circles. Then I turned my back on spirituality for several years. When I was 25, I hit a big bottom and had no other choice but to turn back to my spiritual roots

claimed a strong sense of self-respect

In your new book, May Cause Miracles, you show people how they can have unlimited happiness. Why do you think so many people struggle to be happy?

and self-love, which is what led me to

become an author and a speaker. My

areas of life. The main reason for

transition was very smooth because I

these struggles is that folks hold

was following my true purpose.

onto fearful beliefs from the past.

for help. I did just that. Since 2005, I have been on a steadfast journey inward as a self-proclaimed Spirit Junkie. As I grew spiritually I re-

I feel people struggle in all

These fears hold people back and keep them small.


This Girl Means Business

Fear does play a big role in a lot of peoples lives. Even though people dream of starting their own business, they often let fear hold them back. How can people release these fears? I like to think of FEAR as False

3 Steps to Releasing Fear: The first step is to become honest about what your fears are. If you’re not honest about them then

Evidence Appearing Real. So much

you’re not going to be able to over-

of what we fear is based on past

come them. You have to be the non-

experiences and false projections we

judgmental witness of your fears and

place onto the future. None of this

get honest about what’s coming up.

is real. We must unlearn our fear in

order to claim our happiness in the

to look at that fear and see it differ-

present moment.

ently and with that willingness you’re

The second step is to be willing

creating an opening and opportunity

“I like to think of FEAR as False Evidence Appearing Real.”

to receive more guidance, to receive more support, to be led to a book that might support you or to a teacher that might support you. The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to maintain a sense of willingness.

The third step is to be faithful

– to trust that you will receive what you need, as you stay open and willing to that guidance.

Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein


What are the key things people can do in order to be happy? I believe that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, and self-image. You’ve got to focus on the good stuff. It’s very easy for us to go into a place of judgment and attack and focusing on all the lack in our lives and so my suggestion is to spend one day just focusing on the

“I believe that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives.”

good stuff. Focusing on what you’re grateful for, what you do have and

release all judgment for one day and

How can people who think negatively all the time shine from the inside?

see what kinds of shifts occur. If you

can practice doing this just once in a

and meditation. Throughout the

while you can experience some really

day I use affirmations and positive

radical change and you can see that

intentions to move through blocks,

there’s a lot more to having a positive

and each evening I close the day

outlook than in holding on to anger

with self-reflection and an inventory

and resentment.

of my growth throughout the day.

practice throughout the day not being judgmental to someone else –


This Girl Means Business

I begin each day with prayer

One of the greatest ways to begin using affirmations is to just use the language around willingness, so “I’m willing to see this differently”, “I’m willing to release this block”. When we affirm our willingness then we crack open to a capacity to change and so rather than saying “I am”, because sometimes if you’re a real cynic then you might think, “screw that, I don’t believe it”, so that subtle word of “I’m willing to see this differently” can make a major change. In Spirit Junkie you talk about ‘tiny mad ideas’ - feeling like a fraud, doing everything possible to try and fit in, feeling fear and anxiety. A lot of people feel this way and it has such a negative impact on their lives. Firstly, can you tell us a bit more about what a ‘tiny mad idea’ is? How can people overcome them? A tiny mad idea is a limiting belief that keeps you stuck in habits and patterns. The first step to releasing these mad ideas is by acknowledging that they are there.

Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein


“We cannot change unless we’re willing to look at what needs to be changed.” In your online class, God is my Publicist, you demystify the publicity process – so many people get hung up about how they can get publicity for their business. Can you share some tips with us? Tip one: Know your audience.

Tip two: Don’t sell, just share.

People often get into a salesy place when they’re pitching their work. I believe the best way to publicize your work is to simply share it. Tip three: Love your brand. If you love your work it will be easy to get others to love it too.


This Girl Means Business

What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? My advice to my 20 year old self would be to chill out and trust.

So many women want to build successful business and live a fulfilled life, what top tips would you give to these women? I believe you must love your business. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur make sure you choose a path that inspires you. When you’re inspired you never feel like you’re working. That is the key to success.

Get your copy of Gabrielle’s new book, May Cause Miracles: A 40-Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts for Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness, RIGHT HERE.

Programme Your Mind for Success

Would you like to attract more success into your life? This 20 minute programme takes you into a deep, relaxed state and then provides suggestions for becoming more successful and allows you to really visualise feeling and being more successful.


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/ 2. Hat & Gloves from Ted


Baker / 3. Boots from Top Shop / 4. Chaos Nail Polish from Estee Lauder / 5. Shiny Silver Bag from Cambridge

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2 1. Weekly Planner from

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Notebook from skeldesign

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4. Monthly Desk Pad

from See Jane Work / 5. Letterpress





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The This Know-How G

Four Key Steps to Developing your Marketing Plan by Jen DeVore, Marketing Consultant and Creator of


Cong ratulations ! You’ve made it through another year of owning your own business! You

to keep going even if last year wasn’t

now find yourself at the beginning of

to make 2013 your best year yet? By

a new year fresh with the excitement

resolving to start the year right with

of possibilities. A new year as a

the development of a marketing plan.

business owner is a great opportunity

to revitalize, invigorate and reignite.

steps to creating a marketing strategy

Moving into 2013 with new energy can

for your business, you will move into

give your business a much needed

2013 with renewed energy and revitalize

boost and help you find the courage

your business from the inside out.

This Girl Means Business

all that you expected it to be. So, how do you find this new energy and plan

By following these four simple


Take an Inventory of How You Did Last Year MARKETING EFFORT REVIEW The first step you will take in creating your 2013 marketing plan is to take an inventory of your marketing efforts for last year. Simply make a list of all the areas in which you spent time or money promoting your business. These areas will include: advertising, website optimization and design, networking events, association memberships, mailing lists and direct mail campaigns, social media sites, photography and videography services, PR, sales, printing, graphic design services and more. TIPS: If you can’t remember everything you spent marketing money on in 2012, take a look at your expenses for the individual line items. Also, use your 2012 daily calendar to remind yourself of which events you attended. Once you have compiled your list of past marketing efforts, rate each area with a simple system of “cut, keep, or revamp.”

Example of the “cut, keep or revamp” system: If you are getting lots of referrals from a particular networking group, those efforts will keep. If you are spending money on SEO website services and not getting leads from your website, those efforts may need to be revamped. And if you DID NOT gain inquiries from a particular ad campaign, that effort will need to be cut.

REEVALUATE YOUR PRICING Take the time to really evaluate your pricing model to make sure it is set up to help you reach your goals. If your prices are too low, you will find yourself working very hard to pay expenses and struggling to stay “in the black.” On the other hand, if your prices are too high, you may lose business to your competition. Before moving into 2013, double check that your pricing model is set up for success. Keep in mind that competing on price alone is not recommended. Your product or service should offer something unique that encourages

The Know-How


customers to buy based on the value of it, not just the price of it. Build in amazing experiences for your customers and they’ll be more likely to buy from you.


Write Down Your Marketing Goals for 2013 After you have completed an inventory of your 2012 marketing efforts, and determined which will be cut, which will be kept and which will be revamped, AND reevaluated your pricing model you can set better goals for the new year.

GOALS Your goals will need to be set in a few areas. The main goal you will set is for the number of clients booked (if a service) or units sold (if you sell products). Determine what your sales goals are and write them down. Goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved.


This Girl Means Business

You may also have personal development goals such as joining a professional association that can help you grow, taking a class or learning a new skill. Your goals may also be related to your family and balancing work with family commitments.

MAKE IT A GOAL TO CUT EXPENSES Cutting expenses should also be one of your goals. There is a saying in business that, “it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep.” You can improve your bottom line by cutting unnecessary expenses and looking for ways to work more efficiently. Early in the year meet with your bookkeeper or accountant to review where you can save.


Develop Your Action Plan for Change Next, you will create a marketing calendar for the year and schedule out your tasks on a quarterly, monthly and weekly basis.

marketing efforts like social media updates, blog posts and weekly networking meetings. Once you have your year planned out, your marketing efforts will not seem as daunting and you will feel very in control of your success for the year.

CREATE A MONTHLY MARKETING CALENDAR The simplest way to create a marketing calendar is to print out the plain, empty calendar templates found online. Personally, I prefer the monthly calendars that show each day of the month. You can also use your online calendar in a similar way. To start, begin by blocking in seasonal promotions, annual conferences, trade shows and other commitments for the year. Then move to the monthly events like association meetings, monthly sales promotions, advertising/ media schedules and public relations opportunities. Next, you will block in weekly


Revisit Your Plan Each Quarter and Make Changes When Needed The final step in any well-executed marketing plan is to evaluate the success of it. Make time at the end of each quarter to review your efforts. You could even include this evaluation period in your marketing calendar and schedule a day or two each quarter for a minimarketing evaluation.

With a focused effort, you can makeover your business from the inside out and achieve the goals that you’ve set out to accomplish. Best of luck with your business in 2013! 

The Know-How







1. THE E-MYTH REVISITED by MICHAEL GERBER: For understanding how to build a successful business. / 2. THE GO-GIVER by BOB BURG: For discovering how powerful giving can be in business. / 3. READY, FIRE, AIM by MICHAEL MASTERSON: For understanding how to grow in business. / 4. MAY CAUSE MIRACLES by GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN: For tapping into your spiritual self.





5. START WITH WHY by SIMON SINEK: If you want to build a powerful business that connects with people. / 6. THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE by STEPHEN COVEY: For developing yourself as a person this year. / 7. THE SECRET by RHONDA BYRNE: To understand the power within you. / 8. THE TIPPING POINT by MALCOLM GLADWELL: For understanding mass behavioural change.


This Girl Means Business





9. GOOD TO GREAT by JIM COLLINS: How to be a great leader. / 10. HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by DALE CARNEGIE: To learn more about communication. / 11. INFLUENCE by ROBERT CIALDINI: To learn more about sales & marketing. / 12. LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING by JEFFREY GITOMER: To learn how to sell.





13. THE PURPLE COW by SETH GODIN: To discover how to make your business remarkable. / 14. WHAT GOT YOU HERE WON’T GET YOU THERE by MARSHALL GOLDSMITH: To learn how to become more successful. / 15. YES! 50 SECRETS FROM THE SCIENCE OF PERSUASION by NOAH GOLDSTEIN: To learn what influences people to say “yes”. / 16. AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN by ANTHONY ROBBINS: To learn how to take control of your life.

This Girl Loves... 59

Sales Series

Step One: Beginning the Sales Process How to become amazing at cold calling By Lara Morgan

that it becomes a comfortable habit. There’s no time like the present! Act now and then you’ll never have to take the same scary leap of faith again. You will become an accomplished sales


Cold calling isn’t easy for

person if you turn cold calling into

anybody, nevertheless if you have

an important habit of your business

any chance of going from a one-man

development, every single day.

band to a business you are going to

will perfect, through repeating and

have to triumph over this challenge.

reviewing what you say in cold calls and

The more you do it (practice), the better

assessing your success rate, a highly

you get at cold calling and – for the

powerful pitch. Selling is a process and

record – the more you network, the

I’m going to share with you a proven

easier and the sooner the cold calls turn

strategy to make that process work for

into warm calls. If you are always call-

you. I’m going to start by sharing the first

ing, always progressing conversations,

steps in a sales process sequence called

prospects and targets you will find

steps of the sale.

This Girl Means Business


Customer Targeting – Customer targeting is often forgotten, but in the

How to become amazing at cold calling:

most basic terms it is the thinking piece

around whom is the best fit customer for

cracking cold calling, which starts with

your product and your business service.

planning, your frame of mind and the

If you can answer the question, “Which

targets you set yourself. Set yourself a

business clients would/should buy my

cold calling daily target and build on it.

There are a myriad of methods for

product and from that relationship what other client might I quickly convert?” You have a great target in mind. Get as focused as possible regarding the “why” – why do you believe your product is right for the target?

My first sales target was The

Dorchester Hotel (a fluke and genuinely grandmother’s advice). Selling to The Dorchester was not difficult, because

Phone preparation – Phone prep-

I had a unique product – something

aration is easier than ever before now we

they wanted. After sale confirmation, I

have Google. You should not pick up the

constantly used The Dorchester’s name

phone without a written down (even if it

as one of my existing customers, it was

is a scribble on a scrap) call plan.

then much easier to break down the cold

calls and the barriers to speak to others.

what you want to achieve by making

Irrespective of the target, you have to

the call. What is your desired outcome?

make the calls...

How will you know if the call has been

You need to be really clear about

Sales Series


“You should not pick up the phone without a written down (even if it is a scribble on a scrap) call plan.”





actually are – you do this by constantly checking whom it is you are speaking to and the role they play in the business. Be aware, there are different routes into big businesses and sometimes you are better aiming much higher than you

a success? Do you want to set a time to

think, because with ambition comes

meet the target client? Do you want to

bigger results. If you are lucky enough

get an email address, so you can send

to meet a major influencer in any big

over some more information? Do you

company, always network to bring this

want them to buy from you? If so, how

important contact into the loop, knowing

much would you like them to buy?

you, your service and your value to their company. My strong advice is to spend

a disproportionate amount of time targeting lots of avenues in that one company, better than lots of mediocre prospects.

Making the call – Clearly the more fluid, confident and capable you are, the more likely you are to make better headway. Actually I think there is a lot to be said for


Finding the decision makers – As

being honest, open and authentic. Age

early on as possible in any customer

23 I used to call up and often open with


the words, “I wonder if you could help me


This Girl Means Business



please? I am not sure whom it might be

whom does XYZ…” I am sure receptionist

know how to pronounce the person’s

tire of endless confident, over ambitious

name, ask the receptionist before being

approaches and I have always found

put through or ask the person…it is a

making friends by phone is better done

great way of building rapport. When

from a point of genuine request for help.

you are given information don’t be anal,

“I have always found making friends by phone is better done from a point of genuine request for help.”

Basic, I know, but if you do not

but get the facts down and sometimes it’s best to repeat back key details like numbers and postcodes.

When you connect, some people choose to ask if the call time is convenient –

Communicating your message –

others choose not to. I judge on the

You need to be able to communicate

response I get from the tone of voice

your product solution very fast, to

when someone answers and responds

whomever you are trying to sell through,

to my first introductory words… in fact

round or over.

I judge a great deal about how I handle my approach depending on the voice,

What you need to know about creating

attitude and response at the end of

your pitch… In a few short sentences

the phone. Respect others’ time - time

you need to have been able to

is money.

communicate who you are, what your

Sales Series


product is, how it saves/benefits/gives

I have left the most ridiculous messages

advantage to the potential buyer, any

and I often get calls back from my more

additional features and also why it is

outlandish approaches: “Jayne, today the

outstanding in its sector. Write down

sun’s shining in Salisbury, I hope you are

what you think your pitch should be

also enjoying this gorgeous day. Please

and practice it on friends and family

could you…” “David, here I sit, unable to

and perfect it so you get a crystal clear

eat, sleep, think and progress without

message of why you have made contact

knowing whether you might actually be

with the potential buyer.

interested in our wonderful….”

Keep per-

fecting your message. (You’ll do this by second nature when you regularly set up

The follow up – In the past, the

call times.)

purpose of the cold call was to set up a

To be unique and engaging you

meeting time – this may not be the case

might have to challenge your comfort

with your product – more and more sales

zone - be entertaining, fun, different

are achieved over the telephone, with

and interesting, but always remain

follow up correspondence. What I would


suggest, is to book in the follow up call time, because then you have an

“To be unique and engaging you might have to challenge your comfort zone - be entertaining, fun, different and interesting, but always remain professional.” 64

This Girl Means Business

engaged process and you will soon establish whether someone is progressing because of genuine interest or not.

I used to keep a score % chance and

add every opportunity to a prospects list to be found in www.companyshortcuts. com with every opportunity I created.

Do it on Excel to then juggle your biggest priorities. Chance of your client conversion should be defined and verbalised so that within a sales organisation each stage of the sales

“Do remember to smile while you are talking on the phone with someone.”

process meets a % chance of conversion. 10% made contact/have introduced,

have been asked to send/meet. 30%

when selling as it makes them feel more

have had a meeting and have follow

commanding… I know someone who

up quote. 50% have followed up

holds a cutlass in his hand simulating his

quote and refined proposition – now

powerful battle!




Some people physically stand


given, negotiating price and service

Track your success – Start making

terms, expecting an orderin XY time.

calls as soon as you are able. I actually

99% awaiting Purchase Order – not

kept score of how many calls I made

yet closed!

in a day and set targets and objectives

for when I could have a drink, having perhaps booked a certain number of appointments to achieve satisfactory progress. In the early days of building my Do remember to smile while you

company I easily made 150 unsuccessful

are talking on the phone with someone

calls. The more calls I made I was always

– it may sound crazy, but it is infectious,

learning something, progressing my

you can tell if someone is smiling while

potential and bouncing back to make

they are talking to you by the tone of

another call when rejected; never stop

their voice.

cold calling on a low, if at all possible.

Sales Series 65

How many calls should you be making per day?– It depends what

stage you are at in your business but

prettying up marketing material, fiddling

I am very clear about this. You should

with the website, having discovery

be calling and creating opportunities

meetings, Googling stuff of interest that

every single hour of the sales day and

is NOT selling, doing the accounts, put-

administration is for Saturday and

ting together proposals are all out of

Sundays when you are first establishing

sales hours activities. Sales hours are few

yourself. The more calls you make, the

and far between as the people on the

more progression you make towards

other side are also being sold to by

selling your product, fact. As the business

someone else. It is a competitive world

grows you will handle different calls,

and you need to be engaging your

but many companies fail because they

customer as much as you productively

are ill-disciplined about maximizing

can. Make time for selling in the sales

the sales hours of the day. Do this

hours of everyday. The more you

and either you will find your product


is not appealing enough or you will

success will be.

be selling it.

Selling is a relentless activity,

constantly required in all companies…





Measure yourself and set goals

and you will soon see your success and

“The more calls you make, the more progression you make towards selling your product, fact.” 66

This Girl Means Business

competency rise.

Please don’t be ‘British’. Over and over again, people who are persistent, leave more interesting messages, make more calls, call back more than once a day and ask more often for the sales, make more money.

DARE OF THE MONTH: Spend a whole week selling in the sales hours. Make a note of each call on your prospect list and do not stop until the customers you are after pack up and go home on Friday. Then review how much more you have achieved in client contact and progression and what you have discovered about your business and your process for selling. Think about how much your pitch has improved – and perfected its flow and see how much your potential prospects value list has increased?

Lara’s Top 10 Tips







from engaging the right people, or

down and well versed pitch, big

just capturing name and important

letters, clear underlined points


of importance and short enough to get the message across about what you are trying to achieve.



You do not need some snazzy CRM system in the very early days, but as soon as you can afford one capture

Be comfortable, but also be

your client notes and information

commanding - try standing up.

all on a custom-built customer relationship management system.


Be organised with a pen and paper

(Cloud based I would suggest so

and capture the important points,

accessible from everywhere as you

which I hope you will get back


Sales Series



Time your call sessions in line with

interesting and appealing than

customer availability as you think

any other. You’ll surprise yourself

through their days. Plus mark what

at the value of how this raises your

times you call and fail to talk to

company profile.

people so you capture a trend of call success blocks of time.


excuses not to get in the calls, but

of X many successful calls before

frankly you can do them walking

you stop calling and never ever end

down a busy street, whilst dressing,

on a rejection call – the next call

whilst waiting for the dentists…

could be an order – always think

You can make the calls if you want

with a positive mindset. DO NOT

to and you MUST make calls if you

get dragged back by rejection. Use

wish to progress your success.

7. SMILE and DIAL.



Engage everyone with the same level of respect – gatekeepers, receptionists



assistants can be the best of mates when treated right. Be original in your messages when you have to leave a message be better, more


when you call. There are endless

In the early days set yourself a goal

it to spur your efforts.



Have a very clear objective in mind

This Girl Means Business

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This Girl Means Business

Ten Things to Remember ON YOUR JOURNEY

Know what you want and why you want it - what do you want to have achieved by the end of 2013?


Have the courage to take risks this year and make your dreams come true.

1. 2.

Make a plan for how you’re going to make it happen this year!


Don’t limit yourself remove the barriers and believe that it’s possible.


Surround yourself with like-minded people who make you feel positive this year and distance yourself from the people who make you doubt yourself.


Do not be afraid to stand out and be heard this year.


Be disciplined with your time - don’t put off what you need to do.


Stay focused on what you want to achieve.


Get yourself in a winning frame of mind for 2013 really believe that this year is your year.

10. Be positive! Top 10 Tips


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