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This girl is committed to making her dreams come true. She follows her heart and pays attention to her instincts. She’s not afraid to get stuck in and sell, because she knows what she offers is amazing. She makes time for herself, so that she can recharge her batteries. This girl is determined to be the best she can be.


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Meet the Team


Carrie Green, UK

Natalie Walstein, USA


Design & Illustration

Carrie started her first business at the age of 20 whilst studying Law at university. Over the years she grew it into a successful global business and in 2011 she launched the Female Entrepreneur Association – an online platform where women from around the world can be inspired and connect with like-minded women. She loves sharing stories about inspirational people who are achieving amazing things and encouraging people to have the belief in themselves to actually do the things they really want to do in life. Her favourite quote is by Anthony Robbins, “Your destiny is determined by the choices you make. Choose now. Choose well.”

Natalie is the founder of Half Asleep Studio, a dreamy design & illustration studio based in Minneapolis, MN, that is focused on propelling the image and message of small businesses & creative professionals. Natalie has a passion for art & design, creativity, and inspiring herself and others to find beauty in just about everything. She blogs about her projects, life, and inspiration at, and currently her favourite quote is, “Your dream job does not exist. You must create it.”

This Girl Means Business

Samantha Green, UK

James Stephens, UK

Style Editor

Features Editor

Samantha likes all things stylish and sparkly and firmly believes that the key to dressing and living well lies in the accessories you choose for your wardrobe and your life. She is the founder and editor of the blog Every Shade of Green, which features daily posts on design, interiors, fashion, accessories and more. An aspiring graphic designer at heart, Samantha started her blog in 2011 as an outlet for her passion for fashion and design, and is happily extending this love into the This Girl brand, where she enjoys sharing her stylish finds with readers across the globe.

James is a passionate writer and entrepreneur. He started his first business in 2005 and built it into a success. He is enthusiastic about inspiring others to achieve amazing things. He’s also an avid fan of photography, with an eye for detail and regularly enjoys going out with his camera. His favourite quote is, “Do something today that your future self with thank you for.�

Meet the Team



Jolene Setterfield, UK Jolene is an International Intuitive, Author and Spiritual Teacher. She teaches worldwide on being open to our own intuition. She says, “My message is one of self-empowerment. We are all intuitive and we are all awakening this power, right now. Everyone has access to their own amazing intuition, but aren’t yet using it to their best advantage. It’s my mission to help connect people to their own beautiful Divine gifts. It is time we started realising that we are the creators of our own lives and with inspired action, we can manifest everything we dream of.”

Mike Shinton, UK Time to Grow I experienced a huge life crash back in the late 90s, which was really the beginning of my passion for personal development (wow did I have a lot to develop back then!!), and my fascination with success. I was lucky enough to have a successful decade or so in Sales leadership with Pfizer where I won national and international recognition for my leadership skills. I had simply become pretty good at getting the best out of people. I left the corporate world 5 years ago to do full time what I do best – helping people to unlock their latent potential and be the best that they can be.


This Girl Means Business

Lara Morgan, UK Company Shortcuts Lara Morgan is the founder of Company Shortcuts and best selling Amazon author of “More Balls than Most�, her story about building a global enterprise. Lara is a straight-talking entrepreneur who understands the frustrations felt by small and medium-sized businesses that have lost their way. Rather than administering generic big picture advice, Lara is dedicated to delivering honest and practical help to enable businesses to achieve their full potential.

Celina Wilde, UK To get through life you need a great sense of humour, the ability to laugh at yourself, and a healthy dose of self-esteem. 10 years ago I had none of these so I went on a mission to find what I was missing. Now I teach others what I’ve learnt and empower women to chase their dreams, and embrace who they are. My passion is to empower women, to live a life of passion, fulfillment and freedom to be exactly who they are and have what they truly desire.

Cristina Antochi, UK Team 2 Clean Team 2 Clean was born in January 2009, we have built up our clientele and in less than 8 months we had clients on the waiting list. Since then we have grown the business and we now have 22 teams of 2 people.



Contributors Sarah Hughes, UK Giraffe Communications A successful entrepreneur, Sarah started her first business, Giraffe Communications, 10 years ago and last year another business, Linked4Success. Known as the Networking Guru, she is paid thousands by businesses to share the secrets of how to network and market for free, both online and offline.

Polly Noble, UK Polly Noble is a Holistic Health Coach, Raw Food Coach, author and two-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed twice by the age of 28, she has embarked on a kick cancer-butt mission to heal herself naturally and it is no coincidence that she feels healthier and happier than ever before. She is passionate about using her experiences to empower, inspire and motivate others to create health and happiness. Polly provides health information, coaching services, talks and workshops and retreats.

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Kanya King The founder of the MOBO Awards explains how she turned her idea into such an incredibly successful reality.

Personal Development 14



Success Series: How to Listen to Your Intuition


The First Step to Creating Abundance by Mike Shinton

by Jolene Setterfield Cover Story: Interview with Kanya King

This Girl Means Business


Avoiding Burnout: 5 Ways to Fit in Some Down Time

by Celina Wilde

Business Development 18 How She Did It: Interview with Natasha Faith & Semhal Zemikael of La Diosa Jewellery 30 Sales Series: The 7 Steps of Selling by Lara Morgan

Health & Wellness 64

Winter Cabbage Wraps by Polly Noble

34 Dos & Don’ts of Starting a Business by Cristina Antochi 56 The Know-How: How to Leverage the Hidden Power of LinkedIn by Sarah Hughes

This Girl 12 Quote of the Month 13 Note from Carrie

Style 44

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28 Advice from Female Entrepreneurs 48 What We’re Reading 66 Top 10 Tips

Table of Contents


Note from Carrie a televised awards show to celebrate music of black origin. She believed in her idea so much, she remortgaged her house to make it happen. It’s an amazing interview and just goes to show what’s possible. Read the interview on p.36.

In this issue we also look at how

we can start paying more attention to our intuition. How many times have you gone ahead with something, even though you knew it wasn’t right? I think The past month has been so exciting… the magazine was featured on the front of the Coutts building on the Strand – one of the most prestigious buildings on one of the busiest streets in London! It was so amazing to see, it made me realise what’s possible when you commit to an idea and work hard to make it happen.

Talking about committing to an

idea – in this issue we interviewed Kanya King, the founder of the MOBO Awards. She committed to the idea of creating

we’ve all probably done it! Often ignoring your intuition can cause problems, but sometimes we don’t even know how to pay attention to it! Intuition and business expert Jolene Setterfield shows us how we can tune into our intuition to avoid making the wrong decisions.

I hope you enjoy this issue! Have a

very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See you in 2013!

Carrie Meet the Team


Success Series

How to Listen to Your Intuition By Jolene Setterfield

Using intuition has started to become increasingly popular in our modern day society, and not just in personal situations, but within business too. It is quite essential we learn how to use our gifts that we are all born with. I like to think of it as an internal inbuilt satellite navigation system.


This Girl Means Business

How often do you find yourself

Your intuition is one of your greatest

at a crossroads in your business,

tools; it will never let you down. Only

not knowing which move to make or

you have your own answers within you,

which road to take? It happens to us all.

no one else. How often do we waste time

The key to making the right moves is to

asking other people for our answers? Too

ensure that you are listening to your own

often at times. Now is the time to start

inner voice; your intuition and trusting

allowing your intuition to guide you.

it. Quite often we can disregard this

inner voice and end up feeling bitter and

access your intuition, and how to use

regretful for not perhaps taking a step

it effectively in your business…

Here are a few key tips on how to

forward in the right direction, which may end up costing us a whole lot of money


Accessing your


and pain in the process.


This is key. You have to be willing

to actually listen to your intuition. Being

intuition and using

sceptical will not help. By being open

this in your business

to it, it will start to gradually move you

can be and is

forward, and open doors in the most


The key to a successful business is

surprising ways imaginable!

How to know and ‘feel’ when your

ensuring that you are allowing yourself

intuition is talking to you...

time to innovate and work on your

business, and not end up being a slave

to your intuition, but what’s also mightily

to it. It’s also important that you love

important is understanding how to really

what you do!

‘feel’ it too. Sometimes, people tend to

I’ve spoken a lot about ‘listening’

Success Series


get a feeling in their stomach, which is

experience lots of ‘mind chatter’ too, if

also known as ‘gut feelings’ i.e. feelings

this happens, just simply say ‘shhhhhh’ to

in our guts! It can be a dreaded kind of

yourself and focus back on your breath.

‘urgh’ feeling - signaling something’s

‘off track’ and ‘not right’. It can also be

by one and notice any feelings in your

likened to a fluttering of butterflies in

body. Write them down. If you have

your belly, like an excited, joyful feeling -

feelings of dread or worry, know that the

signaling things ‘are right on track’!

answer to your question is a warning and

I have developed a short little

letting you know something’s off track.

exercise below, as a tool to help you

However, if you feel an excited, fluttering

access your own powerful intuition.

of butterflies in your tummy, then you

Start asking your questions one

can be sure this is a good sign!

EXERCISE - Feel Your Intuitive Vibes

yourself! Intuition is fun & very powerful.

Firstly, write down a couple of

Ask anything you want and ENJOY

questions you would like your intuition to guide you on.

think about something you would like


an answer to. Now, like many of us, you

may feel a little bit worried or skeptical

you are at leisure, inspirational thoughts

to start with, which is perfectly normal,

and ideas just ‘pop’ in seemingly out of

so be patient with yourself. You may also

nowhere? This is your intuition speaking

Then, take some time and spend

5 minutes focusing on your breath. Take some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you’ve done this for around 3-5 minutes,


This Girl Means Business

Do you find that sometimes whilst

to you. Now imagine having access to

with worrying thoughts and drama! It’s

this ALL of the time and not just when it

important to take steps every day to quiet

randomly pops in. One of the key steps

the mind. One of the best ways to do this

to allowing this is keeping a notepad

is either a guided mediation, which you

handy at all times so you can write ideas

can either download or find on YouTube

down as they come to you. Even if you

easily, or to go for a walk. Exercise, even

don’t end up using them right away, it is

a gentle walk is refreshing and will help

useful to keep them for later.

you clear out any worries or fears and help you come up with solutions.

4. ask the right questions.

Instead of pondering on your

worries or problems, start to ask empowering questions such as ‘what is my desired outcome to this situation?’ or how can I best solve this situation easily and effortlessly? Dwelling on the problems just keeps you in them! Release the pattern of staying stuck in problems and start to focus on how you are resolving them instead.


When we are running on anxiety

Your intuition loves imagination and this

and fear, we don’t hear our intuition as

is where some of the greatest ideas and

our ego tends to try and drown it out

inventions come from. 

Allow your imagination to play

a little and allow yourself to dream big.

Success Series



This Girl Means Business

How She Did It By Carrie Green Name:

Natasha Faith & Semhal Zemikael Company:

La Diosa

- since 2007 Location:

United Kingdom

launched their jewellery business, LA DIOSA. Their jewellery is now worn by a host of celebrities and royalty including Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Emeli Sande & Kim Cattrall. They won Start-up of the Year 2007 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 at the Precious Awards. They’re the youngest on the PowerList 2011 and named as one of London’s Top Black Women of Power (Black Enterprise). So we found out how they did it.

Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael, both 26, were inspired to start their business after learning how to make jewellery in Mexico, whilst they were travelling around the world!

NF: I’ve always been creative

As soon as they got back to London they got to work on turning their idea into a reality. They managed to secure a small loan from the Prince’s Trust and in 2007 they

and also a little stubborn! The idea of being my own boss and making a living by doing something creative has always appealed to me. I met Sem at college and after a while

What motivated you to start your own jewellery business?

How She Did It


we became good friends with lots in common. We took a risk not going to university and instead struggled to save enough money to fund a trip around the world for a year. This was the catalyst of inspiration for LA DISOA. One of the places we visited was Mexico, and we learned to make jewellery while living with a small group of female artisans who taught us how to make jewellery. SZ: I’ve always been a girly girl and from a young age loved dressing up and accessorising with fab jewellery. Finding a career in the arts or design was always my plan, so I could have a creative output. Being my own boss and the challenges and excitement of running a business was also appealing. LA DIOSA is a combination of the two, so perfect for me.


This Girl Means Business

How did you take it from an idea to a reality – what were the first few steps you took? NF: As soon as we returned to London we intended to find jobs to try and fund our idea, but after looking unsuccessfully for a while we decided to approach the Princes Trust. They helped us develop a business plan and gave us industry mentors to help us develop the footsteps of LA DIOSA. SZ: Receiving funding from the Prince’s Trust was integral in usgetting our feet off the ground. It enabled us to develop a website, purchase marketing materials and buy further stock to create our first collection. When we got back from travelling we were incredibly motivated and excited to get things started. Having a trip like we had can only leave you feeling inspired and ready to go. We were both really keen to keep that feeling going and gave everything towards launching LA DIOSA. Our jewellery pieces told a story that we hoped would inspire and empower others and there was a gap in the market that we knew we could fill.

What was the process you went through in order to get the first pieces created?

Once you’d had the jewellery created, how did you sell them?

NF: Some people might say that

our first collection we approached the Talisman Gallery of Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge. We walked into the store and showed the buyer our goods and three months later we were stocked in Harvey Nichols.

we were lucky when creating our first collection, because we were able to travel, be inspired by exotic beauty and buy directly from suppliers. I don’t believe in luck. I believe that we realized an opportunity which reflected our passion and we acted on it. While we travelled around Asia and South America we were constantly sourcing materials, designing, showing friends and selling along the way! I remember when we visited Tokyo we went on the hunt for the perfect packaging – that was an adventure in itself! The Japanese are known for their impeccable materials, so we once again saw an opportunity. SZ: Travelling was the perfect opportunity for us to meet suppliers and form inter-personal relationships with them. Every day was inspiring for us. Whether, it was the sunrise, a market bursting with colour, watching local artisans working, or an enlightening conversation. These experiences lead to designs that were full of life.

NF: After we proudly designed

“The fact that we had the courage to show our pieces to one of the most prestigious stores in London showed us that we truly believed in LA DIOSA.” All of our pieces sold after a few weeks and that gave us the confidence to carry on.

How She Did It


What’s been the most effective way to raise awareness of your business? NF: Many creative industries are highly saturated and the jewellery industry is no exception. It is so important to have core values and a USP for your brand because this is the foundation of a great brand with longevity. I believe that when you have these in place and you truly believe in them, your customers will recommend you, journalists will want to feature you and celebrities will want to wear you. SZ: Now more than ever consumers want to buy from a brand that has a philosophy behind it. They want to wear or gift a piece that has a story which they can proudly tell others about. Natasha and I are both supporters of encouraging enterprise and the empowerment of women. In turn LA DIOSA’s profile has been raised through various business and women’s networks.

How have you managed to grow the business?


This Girl Means Business

NF: When we first started Natasha and I would work on the same things together. This helped us define which areas of the business were best suited to whom. Now we have different responsibilities in the business and have also expanded our team. It is important to hire people who have more knowledge and skills than yourself in the particular area they apply for. We know that we are building a strong team that can only make LA DIOSA excel further.

What has it taken to get to where you are today? NF: P.D.P. Passion, determination and persistence.

“Passion gives you the energy, determination gives you the will and persistence keeps you going!” SZ: Totally agree with Natasha!

SZ: Mistakes can only be seen as such if you are not willing to learn from them. It’s all about growth and learning what works for yourself and your business. However, one way to avoid mistakes is to use your intuition. Go with your gut feeling, it’s usually right.

How did you get famous people to wear your jewellery? NF: Building relationships is

Have you made any mistakes along the way? If so, how did you overcome them? NF:

We’ve made so many mistakes but I’m grateful for each one because we learn each time. You can only overcome mistakes if you are willing to accept them as part of your growth. If you’re going to start a business keep a close eye on your numbers and remember to make more money than you spend, the rest is determined by your own journey.

very important when it comes to celebrities. They are constantly bombarded with requests and gifts so it’s useful if you know the right people. We’ve gotten to know the right people by networking and pursuing opportunity. We make jewellery for some very wonderful women, and it has proven more effective to be subtle about our relationship. But with relationships comes a sense of privacy, and we like to be respectful of that.

How important is it to build relationships in business? SZ: Networking is one of the most crucial parts of business. Building a strong network of people in all areas of business and fashion has helped

How She Did It


SZ: You need to be very passionate about your product/service but also objective. Knowing your market and the USP for your product/ service is crucial. Business is tough especially in this economic climate so you have to be in it for the long haul and put a lot of work into it.

What are the key things you have achieved since starting your business? NF: I am so proud that from a trip

us get our brand to where it is today. We also have fantastic mentors, each with different expertise, who help us strategise and who we can depend on to give us the best advice to move LA DIOSA forward.

What are your top pieces of advice to others looking to turn their idea into a successful business? NF: 1. Make more money than you spend. 2. Find a mentor who can offer you experience and knowledge. 3. Research your industry and market.


This Girl Means Business

around the world we have managed to create a business that offers women around the world beautiful accessories. The fact that people are buying our creativity makes me feel that we have already achieved a key goal for LA DIOSA. Another big achievement was being asked to design the first ever jewellery line for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. We created 5 charm bracelets each representing, “Hope”, “Love”, “Happiness”, “Protection” and “Peace” – something every child needs. LA DIOSA will donate profits for each bracelet sold to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. The hospital is

1 in only 4 dedicated children’s hospitals in the entire continent of Africa. This is a sad truth that we want to help change so we’re working very closely with the NMCF on this project. I’m really proud to be part of this. SZ: Winning business awards and being celebrated as successful young women in business is a great achievement. We aim to inspire others. If we can make something happen from an idea I believe anybody can if they want it hard enough.

What do you think the key to building a successful business is? NF: Success is subjective, and along the journey you set the bar higher - sometimes without even realizing. It’s important to remember what you aimed for when you started but also stay focused on your vision. Success means many different things, but for me it’s being able to offer your customers what they want and make them happy.

How She Did It


What is your favorite quote? SZ: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t. You’re right.” – Henry Ford NF: “Everything happens for a reason!”

the same is creating beautiful pieces and making customers happy. I’m part of a great team and we have a great vision – I’m excited for the future! SZ: The opportunities are endless. I’m looking forward to what the future has to hold.

Have you read an amazing business book that you can recommend? NF:





SZ: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

What do you love most about running your business? NF: That I am my own boss and the only person I have to answer to is my mother! SZ: Everyday is different and that keeps things exciting. Business has its challenges and that only helps you grow as a person. I’ve had some amazing experiences running LA DIOSA which will stay with me forever.

What’s next for you? NF: LA DIOSA has many plans to grow, but the one thing we will keep


This Girl Means Business





words of advice from

Female Entrepreneurs “1. Network: join networking groups, I can’t stress enough the value of networking; people buy from people. / 2. Social media: if you don’t know how to get started find seminars, marketing companies to help you! / 3. Passion: be passionate about your business it will show in your networking, social media and in your business. / 4. Surround yourself with knowledgeable people; you can’t know everything. / 5. Never give up; the rewards are worth it!” — Deborah Hasted, Just Ship It Worldwide Logistics, Canada

“Step into the CEO role by removing yourself from the daily logistics, administrative tasks and technical aspects of business. When you learn how to let go and focus on Revenue Generating Activities you are able to get more time back for yourself, your family and create a business that runs almost on autopilot.” — Jennifer Gaddis, Heels and Jeans Media, USA


This Girl Means Business

“One thing that has added great value to our business is collaboration, and the willingness to partner with others. We have come to understand not to view others in our industry as competitors, but rather leverage on their expertise and work together to make it BIG, and it has proven to be a great strategy! We believe in working with an attitude of ABUNDANCE!” — Karishma Samtani, KASH Events & Entertainment, Hong Kong

“The key to being a good entrepreneur is seeing what works best for your business once things are up and running, and then focusing on that. Even if it isn’t the original idea of how you wanted things to go. For example, Mychelle’s Baketique started as a cake shop storefront and that was the initial concept. I then started doing baking and decorating classes, which became incredibly popular. The classes were generating profits beyond our margins and creating mass traffic/growth to our business. I immediately changed the business plan to focus on expansion for not just a cupcake shop (as originally planned), but for a cake shop front and a baking school in the back.” — Michelle Husserl, Mychelle’s Baketique, UK

Click here to submit your advice for our next issue! Advice from Female Entrepreneurs


Sales Series

The 7 Steps of Selling When you think of the word “cold calling” what pops into your mind?


My guess is that dread did. So many of us

company, Pacific Direct, when she

hate the idea of actually selling, yet it is

was 23 and through grasping how

an essential part of building a successful

to sell, she managed to build a

business. A lot of us would rather go and

multimillion-pound company, which she

clean the toilet before picking up the

sold out of in 2008 for £20 million.

phone and making a sales call! If this

is how you feel then I have some very

Shortcuts, where she shares tips and

good news.

advice to help entrepreneurs build

successful businesses.

Over the next 7 issues of the





entrepreneur. She founded her first

She has since set up Company

magazine we’re going to be running

I’m really excited about this new

a feature all about the 7 key steps

feature! Hopefully by the end of it we’ll

of selling and it’s going to be written

all be selling our socks off! But wait,

by Lara Morgan.

there’s more...

The great part about this feature is that you can get involved, by asking Lara your sales questions! In each issue Lara will be answering a reader’s question and the person whose question gets selected will get a free 1-hour sales mentoring session with Lara! (Words cannot describe how amazing and valuable that will be!)


This Girl Means Business

On average, seven hurdles will be put up before you win any order. If you cannot tolerate a little rejection on the way and cannot muster the bravery to ask for the sale, at least several times, then stick to admin.

Some characteristics of a successful and effective sales person are:

What you need to understand before you start to sell… By Lara Morgan

 Being self-motivated  Being positive  Being determined  Always eager to keep learning  Being persistent  Being honest

Whatever you sell, sell it with passion – with the genuine belief that what you offer is going to make improvements, give customer benefits and deliver a solution of whatever kind to meet the needs of the client.

Put yourself in the proper frame of

mind, so wake up every morning with your

 Taking pride in the company and in

their work  Being organised

Not to mention hard work, tenacity

and enormous resilience when it doesn’t quite go your way. Learning to live with the answer “no,” whilst constantly striving for the answer “yes.”

main objective for every day being to sell.

Sales Series


3 Key Things to Remember About Selling

1. 2.

Prioritise sales activities – building momentum for the rest of


Sales skills are vital, and it is much more powerful to know how to sell your product. At no point should you delegate selling entirely, nor the learning you will gain from customer exposure. Never entirely relinquish

your work, which gets done outside sales hours. Be unique in whatever self-marketing you do (you don’t have to outsource simple ideas to get the market talking about you).

customer contact.

Have a sales question of your own? Submit your question HERE and it may be answered in a future issue PLUS you’ll have a chance to win a free 1-hour sales mentoring session with Lara Morgan!


This Girl Means Business

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DOs & DON’Ts of Starting a Business by Cristina Antochi, Team 2 Clean

DON’T think it will be easy, because you will have no boss to answer to or because you will be able to work whenever you want and have an easy time - you won’t. You will probably work and think about your business nonstop, because it’s your baby.


try and do every thing yourself, learn to delegate. When you have some cash to spare try to give the jobs you hate or can’t do properly to someone who can.


This Girl Means Business

DON’T start a business in a sector you know nothing about - you have to learn everything you can about your industry and when you feel confident about it then make your move. The most successful businesses are the ones where the owners have a true passion for what they do.

DON’T be afraid of failing! Think of failure more like a feedback - make your mistakes and learn from them.

DO have some money put aside - you will need more then you think.

DO your market research - it is really important to know who your target market is.

DO keep in touch with your database. It is really important not to forget about your existing clients!


check your competition.

DON’T star t spending all your profit on liabilities (fancy cars, bigger houses, diamonds) tr y to save as much as you can at the beginning and invest back in your business to grow it or invest in other assets. When you w ill have your millions then you can buy whatever you like!

DO your best to be better then the rest. You have to think outside the box to make people choose you, not your competitor.

Do’s & Don’ts


Cover Story

Founder of the MOBO Awards

Kanya King an inter v iew w ith

In 1996, Kanya King MBE came up with an idea to host an award show that recognised and celebrated music of black origin. She took her idea, remortgaged her house and with a small team of people she created the MOBO Awards Show. 16 years later, the MOBO Awards is the preeminent urban music event, televised to over 250,000 million viewers. We interviewed Kanya to find out how she turned her idea into such a successful reality.

Why did you decide to start the MOBO Organisation? The musical landscape was

{ By Carrie Green }

undoubtedly inspire individuals to not

changing and I recognised that there was a huge gap in the market and there was an audience out there that wasn’t being catered for. Having grown up loving different types of music and knowing many talented artists who were performing music that wasn’t being celebrated at that time, I decided to do something about it. In doing so I knew there would be additional benefits in celebrating these particular achievements as this would only follow their own musical dreams

Interview with Kanya King


but their entrepreneurial ones as well. It

making a decision. There are many

would give hope to young people who

other finance solutions besides family

aspire for a better life and circumstance,

and friends, such as crowd funding

especially those seeking peers they can

platforms where you pitch an idea

relate to.

and potential investors can review the pitches and decide if there are any they

How did you get started? I took a risk because I was on a

would like to fund. They are rewarded if the project comes to fruition.

mission to produce a televised event

events. My overwhelming passion led

How did you raise the profile of the MOBO Awards? One step at a time! I was relentless,

me to remortgage my home to fund my

tenacious and determined.

that celebrated a type of music that wasn’t being represented in other major

new company and produce the very first MOBO Awards Show.

What advice would you give to others who are looking to raise finance? First you need to know how much money you need, what type of lending

I think when people can see this in you,

institution you want to work with, and

and if you can offer a feasible strategy

whether or not you are prepared to give

to achieving your ambition then people

up partial ownership of the company.

will come on board……. eventually it

Look for finance six months before it

paid off.

is needed. There are several sources to consider when looking for financing. Explore all of your options before


“We believed in what we were doing and were passionate about it.”

This Girl Means Business

You managed to get Tony Blair to come along to the MOBO Awards how did you do this? At that time, 1996, Tony Blair

his schedule was busy that day and

was seen as Labour’s young, forward-

the small chance that his schedule

thinking, and innovative new leader.

would alter. So whenever we had some

He was viewed as the new challenger,

exciting news about the show, such as

with promise and potential success.

a big name artist confirmed, we would

Perhaps he felt an affinity with MOBO

inform them. 2 weeks before the event

as we simply invited him to the show.

we got a call telling us not to get our

Unsurprisingly we were told that

hopes up but there was a small chance

therefore he could not attend. Not put off we asked if we could continue to update them about the show just with

Interview with Kanya King


he might be able to make it. Of course we then went into overdrive and a couple of days before the show they confirmed his attendance.

Tony arrived with an American

T V crew following him and so many international stars wanting to shake his hand saying they were ready for the new prime minister.

How did you manage to organise such a big event? Once we’d convinced the broadcaster to broadcast the show, we only had 6 weeks to produce the event. We assembled a fantastic team of dedicated individuals together and

came with me to Buckingham Palace

thankfully we pulled it off. And it was a

to collect it. For many years my mother

phenomenal success.

was always on me to get a proper secure job and it was only when I


You have achieved so much; you’ve been awarded an MBE and an honorary degree - what are you most proud of? Whilst accolades are not why

received my MBE in 1999 that I guess

you do what you do, it’s always nice to

was studying I was unable to complete

be recognised and acknowledged. The

my degree because I was juggling rais-

MBE made my mum very proud. She

ing a young son with a mortgage and

This Girl Means Business

she thought with royal recognition I was doing okay. With my honorary fellowship from Goldsmith, this was also such a proud moment as whist I

university made it all the more

How important has building a brand been to the success of the MOBO Organisation? It’s so important! MOBO as a

meaningful. So I have to say I am very

brand name is now firmly imbedded

proud of them both!

in the psyche of the UK public, largely

bills to pay for. For my mother education was very important so to be given this honour from such a prestigious

due to the awards show. However with

How have you managed to build such a successful company? To be successful in what you

our online presence and social media

do, you need to have passion and a

than our flagship show. We offer

vision – from passion will spawn the


perseverance and determination to get

emerging talent, for people looking

you through the tough times and the

to get into the business side of music

vision will take you to where you want

via and our activities

to be and what you want to achieve.

throughout the year. We are seen as an

“Above all achieving success is all about having the right attitude.” I believe that it’s all in your approach.

achievements we’ve spread the word that we have a far broader purpose tools




authority on all things urban.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? My mother once said to me “Where the right advisors are many, plans will succeed” No one gets anywhere alone so the team you work with or take advice from is invaluable.

Not talent, luck, money or education. It all comes down to attitude!

Interview with Kanya King


What’s the best part about running your own business? I try to be very focused, deter

What’s the toughest part of running your own business? I could only really say the long

mined and hard working. I like to be

hours as I don’t really find much time for

busy, and my job certainly provides

me. I rarely take a break, even though I

a hectic schedule. Besides all the

know I sometimes need to.

entrepreneurial work and speaking


What are your top pieces of advice for entrepreneurs? Having self-belief, perseverance,


clear goals, being able to overcome

of the post-show euphoria from

obstacles and aspiring to greater things.

artists who have been recognized

Understanding there is no “instant

and go on to achieve incredible

gratification” when you’re running your

success, the positive reaction from

own business.

engagements I do supporting businesses. I also enjoy all the elements of




ideas enjoy








and the









of that

we work with, I could go on….. That’s the reward for me. Knowing that all the hard work and late nights have paid off and you and

celebration of urban music in Europe!

What’s next for the MOBO Organisation? We’ll build on the success of

That’s a great feeling!

our recent projects by continuing

your team have managed to pull off your objectives… to put on the largest


“There is no ‘instant gratification’ when you’re running your own business.”

This Girl Means Business

“Stop thinking of obstacles as obstacles and instead think of them as opportunities.” to champion emerging talent and

who share our deep rooted brand values

supporting the British Urban music

and our commitment to pushing the

scene as part of the MOBO legacy.

boundaries in music. Watch this space!

We want to build on our successful

the year including our nationwide

What piece of advice would you give to your 21 year old self? I would tell my 21 year old self

MOBO Tour offering audiences the

that problems will occur when starting

opportunity to see some of the freshest,

out on your own and to stop thinking

new, emerging talent. This year we had

of obstacles as obstacles and instead

our inaugural Celebrate MOBO festival

look at them as opportunities. Obstacles

taking place in the lead up to the

will arise and be perceived as a setback

Awards which is a series of public

or a personal affront but basically all

events such as industry academy

it says is that something is not going



to work and to look at it differently.

young people to get into music, fashion

Find another way to go about it. See

and film. The festival created the

them as opportunities to grow, change

opportunity for the local community


to join with MOBO in celebrating the

accordingly so you can utilise the

achievements of British culture. We

obstacles as a stepping stone for suc-

are looking to roll out some of these

cess. Celebrate the victories and more

initiatives in conjunction with HTC,

important, celebrate the journey! 

partnership with HTC with a series of initiatives and showcases throughout







Interview with Kanya King


This Girl Loves... by Samantha Green


2 44

This Girl Means Business




1. Cosy Coat from Karen

Miller / 2. Red Dress from Karen Miller / 3. Black Heels from Kurt Geiger / 4. Leather Bag from Reed

Krakoff / 5. Red Lipstick & Nail Polish from Bauble Bar

This Girl Loves...


Accessories by Samantha Green

1 2


This Girl Means Business



1. Holiday Cards from Sugar

Paper / 2. Decorative Tray from Design Darling / 3. Smart Phone Dock from

Johnathan Adler / 4. iPhone Case from Tory Burch / 5. Notebook from Smythson

5 Accessories


What We’re Reading Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff Book Review by Ike Sikuade, SHOWERELLA.COM

Pitch Anything offers a new method of pitching a product, winning a new customer, raising finance and negotiating a deal. Oren Klaff is a former investment banker who raised over $400m over the course of his 12year career on Wall Street. Pitch Anything starts off by considering the reasons why most of us fail at pitching our ideas, product or business propositions. Oren points out that when we prepare pitches we create them in advanced part of the brain –

“Pitch Anything teaches you how to create, maintain and hold the attention of your listeners.”


This Girl Means Business

“As you change the way you look at something, different solutions become possible. When you are making a pitch, different frames will allow you to engage with your audience in different ways.” the neocortex - whereas the listener

perspective from which you look at

first processes the message through his

the situation. As you change the

reptilian (“Croc Brain”).

way you look at something, diff-


While the neocortex processes




complex information and is involved

When you are making a pitch, different

in problem solving, the croc brain

frames will allow you to engage with

deals with the basics of survival. It just

your audience in different ways.

wants to know whether what we are

facing is good for us, or a threat to us.In

S.T.R.O.N.G to describe his formula for

short: should we eat it or mate with it?

winning people over to your perspective:

Unless a pitch is framed to

Setting the frame; Telling the story;

intrigue or excite the listener’s croc

Revealing the intrigue, Offering the

brain, it does not get passed up to the

prize, Getting a decision. At each

part of the brain where the decision-

stage, Oren points out the most

making takes place. This is why most

likely places where you may run into

pitches fail.

issues and tells you what to do to

recover, so that you can create the

Oren then introduces us to

his concept of ‘Frames’. A frame is a





perfect pitch.

What We’re Reading 49

Continued from previous page... In the final part of the book, Oren shares his blueprint for the perfect pitch: 

Introduce yourself and the big idea

in 60 seconds 

Explain the budget and the secret

sauce that will hold their attention 

Offer the deal in a way they

just can’t refuse

Stack your frames for achieve

maximum excitement.

Pitch Anything teaches you how to create, maintain and hold the attention of your listeners. By following Oren’s one-of-a-kind method of pitching, you will have a better chance at winning over your audience and get them to buy into your idea, product, or business deal.


Stepping into Success: The 7 Essential Moves to Bring Your Business to Life by Julie Johnson Book Review by Amanda Scurr, ADMINISCURR.CO.UK

I have just read and completed

Julie Johnson’s “Stepping Into Success” book. For me, the “dance” theme is something that I can relate to on so many levels. I’ve been through ballet,


This Girl Means Business

ballroom and salsa dance classes. In

“A fresh way of looking at selfdevelopment that I could relate to and works for me.”

my teens and twenties I found dancing the night away in a club a great way to relax and release. Now however, my kids tell me to sit down and stop dancing because I embarrass them, so I stop, I actually stop doing what I like doing and what makes me feel good - why? At work and at home do I dance to my own tune? No, I am constantly dancing

be like everyone else, this is my show, I

to someone else’s!

want to stand out from the crowd and

“Step into Success”.

At the beginning of the book

Julie recommends putting on some

music and dancing, I hadn’t done this

but working through the exercises

in ages. There was nobody in the house,

has shown me that it is ok if my stage

I could really let myself go and do you

settings and routines need to be

know what, it felt great!!! That’s what

tweaked along the way but if I stay

I wanted to feel like again and this

true to myself and have the love and

book has made me realise I can, but

support of the right people around me,

it’s down to me.

I can do it. A fresh way of looking at

I’m taking that leap from being

self-development that I could relate to

employed to self-employed, this really

and works for me and Julie’s passion and

is going to be my tune and my dance.

enthusiasm are infectious.

I know it’s not going to be easy

There are lots of people operating in my field and training courses telling you how to do it, however I don’t want to


What We’re Reading


The First Step to Creating Abundance By Mike Shinton, Time to Grow I am a great believer in being clear about what I want, and having written goals to constantly remind me of where I want to go in life. I believe that goals should be short and succinct, but the process of getting to a stage where they can be written in a few words can be long and convoluted. But you know, the older I get, and the more people I work with, the more I have become convinced that essentially we are all chasing the same goal: the goal of goals – happiness. The trick is that we all have

for myself, but also for others. And

to individually define what happiness

in the Universe. My life came tumbling

means to us as individuals.

down around me a few years ago, and

My short and succinct goal is

I was left washed up and wasted. But

simply this – “to have an abundance

paradoxically, when I had less in my

of money and love, to share with my

life than I ever had before, I learned to

family, friends and the wider world”. My

focus on the few things I had got and be

life is dedicated to creating abundance,

truly grateful for them. And you know,


This Girl Means Business

the first step to creating abundance, the thing that is at the centre of it all is... gratitude.

No one will ever convince me that

gratitude is not the most attractive force

almost from that moment, magic started

Two opposite states

to happen in my life. I began to attract

the people and things I needed in my life


in order to grow and move on. And I have

know?”. Or to turn it around, how many

always tried to live by “the attitude of

unhappy grateful people do you know?

gratitude” ever since then.

Unhappiness and gratitude are two

I love the question “how many ungrateful




states that cannot co exist in the same body. But in today’s society are we not being constantly bombarded with messages that encourage that feeling of lack? I am not suggesting that we should stop striving for a better

What we focus on gets bigger

and more bountiful life – quite the

contrary. But maybe we should take a

Think about it from a perspective

of focus. If we are always focused on the

different approach.

things we don’t have – and I think that is called resentment – what we don’t have will simply expand. By putting our focus on what we do already have, however little that may be, we will inevitably grow what we have. Gratitude attracts abundance like nothing else can. And, it feels pretty good too!! It sets up such a great vibrational frequency within

“Strive from a perspective of already having abundance in our lives, and see what a difference it makes.”

us, why would anyone want to live any other way?

The First Step to Creating Abundance


Things that were previously a struggle

“I want you to start truly appreciating what you have in your life right now.”

can instantly become easy. As Wayne Dyer says “When you change the way

you look at things, the things you look at change”.

I promise you it will make such a difference in every area of your life, you just won’t believe it.


Time to change

What to do

Do you know that you and I are

Find a quiet time, maybe 15

in the top 5% of the worlds’ wealthiest

minutes, and a quiet place. And then

people? And it doesn’t matter where

find a quiet place within. Just let your

you are financially just now, that is the

thoughts drift and reflect on all the

truth. We have so much in our lives that

things in your life that bring you comfort,

most of the rest of the world would give

peace and happiness. And then think of

their right arms for. But do we really

the great people in your life. The ones

appreciate all that we have? Or is it a

who bring you joy, love and happiness.

case of familiarity breeding contempt,

And then focus on you. Think of all the

and so we just take so many of our real

special talents that you have been given.

blessings for granted? I want you to start

Then move on to the great experiences

truly appreciating what you have in your

that you have already had, the places

life right now.

you have been lucky enough to visit, and

This Girl Means Business

the real highs in your life so far. Think all of these thoughts, feel the feelings, and really appreciate your life as it is.

Investing in your most important asset - you!!

If you are doubting anything I

Now I want you to buy a book – a

have written here, let me just assure

notebook, and make it one that you are

you that I have experienced the most

proud to own. I want you to write down

amazing transformation in my own life,

in it all the things you have just reflected

and the lives of many others, by using

on. And then keep adding to it, because

gratitude as a foundation.

I want you to get into the habit of doing

both of these exercises on a daily basis.

logically, we need to measure and

And there is one last thing I would like

analyse it. To understand something

you to do, if you truly want to attract

spiritually, we need to experience

abundance into your life. When you open

it. So my challenge to you is to try

your eyes each morning, I would like you

what I have suggested. It is such a

to say out loud “thank you”, and mean it!!

small investment to make in yourself,




and the very worst that can happen is that you will spend some time feeling great. But I have a sneaky feeling that you will experience a little magic and abundance too. 

>> Find more information about Mike Shinton @

The First Step to Creating Abundance


The This Know-How G

How to Leverage the Hidden Power of LinkedIn


by Sarah Hughes, The LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert & Networking Guru

Q. With a zero marketing budget, how can

I get my sales pipeline pumping?

A. Unlock the secrets of LinkedIn for free lead generation. With more than 170 million members spanning 200 countries, LinkedIn is the #1 online networking tool. What’s

with awesome business generation

more, every week it’s introducing

knowledge on how LinkedIn can be a

more great features that provide you

complete game changer for you too.

tools… and all for free. Founder of Linked4Success and networking guru,

Sarah Hughes, shares her inside

So are you ready to discover the power of LinkedIn?


This Girl Means Business

The 4 magic secrets of linkedin for Free Lead Generation

LinkedIn has been such a complete game changer for my marketing business, Giraffe Communications, that in 2010, I founded a company, Linked4Success, to enable others to leverage LinkedIn. So how do you ensure that you’re a lead generation winner and not one of the millions who unwittingly burn precious hours on social media without generating any results? SECRET #1

Have a plan! Have in mind your ideal customer’s title, location, sector and company size. Then use LinkedIn’s amazing advanced search function (the ONLY 100% fresh, accurate and free database) to find them.

Next, ask yourself, do you offer a high value product or service relevant to a niche audience? If you do, jot down your magic 20 or 50 of those you’d love to turn into customers. Then find them on LinkedIn and build relationships with them. If you have a lower priced product or service and need to sell more quantity, focus on securing a greater number of relevant connections, investing a smaller amount of time in your interaction with each.

Smart move! LinkedIn’s advanced search offers you up to a whopping 12 ways to filter the search for your ideal customer!

The Know-How



Create a Magnetic Personal Profile

The 2nd rule is to have a head and shoulder profile picture that’s smart and professional (no pets, children or spouses please!) and that you’re recognisable, as people will use it to judge whether they know you from an event, for instance.

Smart move! Did you know that you can now add video into your profile for instant impact?


Who wants to do business and connect with someone who looks uninteresting? The 1st of the 7 rules of creating a magnetic personal profile is to maximise the use of your headline. In searches or lists, your name, picture and the first line (located under your name) are visible. Most people insert their job description and organisation, but what a wasted opportunity to stand out from the crowd and generate interest. Instead, use that first line to describe the benefit of what you do, rather than simply what you offer.


This Girl Means Business

Add Value to your LinkedIn Connections Let’s face it, no one wants to be sold to, but people are happy to buy from a person they know, like, trust. If people think you’re going to ‘spam’ them with pressurised sales messages or issue nothing but updates about your products or services, why would they want to connect to you? I recommend that 80% of your shares and messages should be added value, with the remaining 20% being promotional (related to you, your products or services). Here are some ideas to start

you on your way:

80% - ADDED VALUE CONTENT Example topics might include: white papers, industry legislation, economic trends, industry articles you’ve spotted online, blogs you subscribe to, through to relevant popular news items, something you heard on the news or radio. Remember, it’s important to not just regurgitate something you’ve seen. To add value, give your take or view on the material too. A good question I always ask myself is, “If I were not the author of this message, would I be interested in receiving it?”

20% - promotional content Here are items that you could use to raise awareness and create interest in your products or services: New products or services (and highlight existing ones), Special offers, New client wins or retained clients, New deals, New appointments of senior team members, New premises, Events you’re attending/ organising. Consider too what could be the value to your customers or prospects and include this. For instance, if you’ve new offices, does this mean that you’re able to offer improved facilities?

Smart move! Top tips and do’s and don’ts guides are great to share, especially if they focus upon problems your prospects are experiencing that your knowledge or products solve. SECRET #4

Taking Online Offline Just because you’ve made a connection with a prospect on LinkedIn, it doesn’t mean that you should only ever communicate through LinkedIn. Many people increasingly seem to be almost afraid of using tried, tested, trusted methods of relationshipbuilding to complement their social media activity. It’s fine to start and build relationships using social media, but why not support this with more traditional activity such as a phone call, invitation to lunch or a letter? Because these methods are now used so little, it immediately makes you stand out. However good LinkedIn is, in my view nothing beats the power of a faceto-face meeting. 

The Know-How


Avoiding Burnout: 5 Ways to Fit in Some Downtime by Celina Wilde While we all hear constant messages that hard work, dedication, organisation and time management are integral to success, what about putting your feet up and turning off the computer? Heaven forbid!


It’s easy to get caught up in

visits will take more time out of your

being ‘busy’ and running ourselves

schedule then taking regular “me

ragged to complete this project,

time” to avoid burn out. Plus those

or that. But are you being more

hospital gowns are UGLY, and no

productive by not taking that break,

one wants that!

or setting the alarm so you get 6 hours

rest instead of 8 so you can get to

customers, family and business, it’s

work earlier? At best you will end up

essential to fulfil your own needs and

with brain fog and at worst burnout.

take time to recharge yourself.

We all do it. At one point I

In order to keep giving to your

There are so many little things

actually made myself sick from

you can do each day to ensure you get

dedicating my life 7 days a week to

enough downtime. These are my top

my business. Let me tell you, hospital

5 to schedule into your diary:

This Girl Means Business

1. Have breathing intervals.

3. Have a day off. This may sound

Close your eyes and breath deeply

obvious too, but do you have an entire

5-10 times a day for 30 seconds to a

day away from your work, emails, the

minute. I have a tendency to hold my

work, Facebook and Twitter pages, or

breath or shallow breathe when I am

answering phone calls? Or is it an “I’ll

focused on something, which is quite

just check it quickly” situation. This day

common for many people. Bringing

needs to be about you, downtime, and

your awareness to this and taking

having a life away from your business.

time to breathe properly will improve

I love cocktails and lunch with the

circulation, increase oxygen to the

girls, walking or catching a movie with

body, especially the brain, which

my best friend, massages, facials or

increases clarity, focus and improves

finding somewhere nice in a park to sit

your output of work.

and watch the clouds go by. Anything that helps you to relax and breath is

2. Take breaks during your work day and walk away for 10 minutes.

a good thing. If it’s simply impossible

It sounds so simple, but how many

to hire a Virtual Assistant to help with

of us actually do it? Really? Make a cup of tea, take a little walk or do some sit-ups - ANYTHING to get you away from your computer screen and get the blood flowing properly. FYI flicking onto Facebook is not taking time out. It’s still in the same position as working, and you are still in work mode.

to walk away for a day, it may be time


the workload.


A day off really needs to become a non-negotiable part of your week and life.

Avoiding Burnout



Life is about having fun as well as hard work and chasing what you want.


4. Holidays.

to celebrate your business, lifestyle

Even if it’s just a mini break to the

and achievements than with people

beach or seaside, getting away for a

you love. You created your business in

few days will give you downtime while

the first place to have a lifestyle you

also creating space for your mind to

love didn’t you? Rather than it ruling

renew. It’s amazing what ideas spring

every aspect of your entire life maybe

to mind when you are disengaged

it’s time to start living like you really

from work mode. In space and silence

truly want to.

the mind soars to new heights and takes you to places you may not have

It’s so simple to make these changes

thought of while trying to force it.

and once it becomes integrated in

Some of my latest and greatest were

your life, you will wonder how you

born on a beach in Thailand a few

ever did with out them. Plus, who

months ago. There were cocktails and fireworks, possibly a few singed eyebrows. Hey it was my first time- no one told me to gently angle it in the ground…

5. Make time with people who matter. It may have to be scheduled around work time, but what better way


This Girl Means Business

doesn’t love a guilt free lie-in, a pamper day or spending time with friends? Life is about having fun as well as hard work and chasing what you want. What’s the point in reaching your goals if you don’t have time to enjoy the benefits?

art & design services to beautify your business!

Health This G& Wellness

Winter Cabbage Wraps by Polly Noble

POLLY NOBLE is a Holistic Health Coach, Raw Food

Coach, author and two-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed twice by the age of 28, she has embarked on a kick cancer-butt mission to heal herself naturally and it is no coincidence that she feels healthier and happier than ever before.


This Girl Means Business

Ingredients Winter Cabbage Wraps

2 large collard wraps / 1 teaspoon Celtic sea salt / ½ yellow pepper, cut into thin strips / ½ head red cabbage, shredded / Any other crudités or sprouts as desired

Ginger Miso Dressing

3 tablespoons olive oil / 1 tablespoon lemon juice / 1 tablespoon white miso / 1 inch chunk ginger, peeled

Instructions 1. LAY the collard wraps flat on a chopping board and carefully, moving the knife away from you trim the thicker end of the stalk. 2. PLACE the leaves in a bowl with the salt and RUB all over. This will help to soften the leaves slightly. 3. shred the cabbage into strips using a slicing attachment on a food processor or a mandoline. 4. place the dressing ingredients in a mini food processor and PROCESS until smooth.

5. place the cabbage into a bowl and pour over the dressing ensuring all strips are covered. 6. lay the collard wraps out flat and place 2 large spoonfuls of the cabbage mixture at the bottom of the wrap. 7. On top of the cabbage, LAY the strips of pepper horizontally and any other vegetable you wish to include. 8. Take the bottom of the leaf and ROLL it away from you, creating a wrap. CUT in half and SERVE.

Health & Wellness



This Girl Means Business

Ten Things to Remember ON YOUR JOURNEY


Do something today that your future self will thank you for.


Don’t allow people to waste your time.


Always believe in yourself - even when the doubts creep in.


Sometimes saying no is the best thing you can do.


Remember that no one has all of the answers! Sometimes we feel we have to be able to do everything ourselves; we don’t. If you don’t know how to do something, it’s ok.


When you’re talking to your clients on the phone, smile - it will make you feel totally different and they’ll feel it too.


Review your options and then make a decision.


Get back to your clients quickly, it will impress them and keep them.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Whatever you do, keep it simple.

Top 10 Tips


Are you a female entrepreneur with a story to tell? Share it at and inspire thousands of women! >> CLICK HERE

See you next year! .com

This Girl Means Business - Issue 6  

Interview with Kanya King, founder of the MOBO Awards - find out how she did it! Learn how to pay attention to your intuition and discover t...