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Meet the  Staff                                    p.  1   Before  the  Wedding              p.  2   During  the  Wedding          p.  3   Aſter  the  Wedding                  p.  4   ProductivitB  &  Planning  Tools  p.  5-­‐9   Inspirational  Tools                p.  10-­‐15   FeatKred  Local  Vendors  &  Bloggers    p.  16-­‐19                

Connect with your guests along the way

Before During & After

This Bliss

Issue 1:  December  13,  2011  

portion of yourself.

Components of   planning  a  wedding:    

“You know  you’re  in  love  

when you  can’t  fall  asleep  


because reality  is  finally   better  than  your  dreams.”    


~Dr. Seuss    





For  Daily  Wedding   Inspiration  visit:     Snippet  &  Ink     Style  Me  Pretty       “Better  to  have   loved  and  lost,   than  have  never   loved  at  all.”     ~St.  Augustine  

How To Keep Guests Involved “During” the Wedding:

The Bride  &  Groom  should  appoint  a  key  

Another key  tool  to  use  during  your  wedding  is  

Twitter person,  to  keep  guests  updated  on  the  

live satellite  streaming.  This  is  a  newer  concept  

wedding festivities.  This  is  a  great  feature  to  

that more  people  are  starting  to  take  

keep guests  engaged  during  the  wedding.  

advantage of.  It  is  a  wonderful  tool  for  those  

Today, social  media  has  become  such  a  vital  

guests who  are  unable  to  attend  to  feel  as  

asset of  our  everyday  lives.  As  displayed  

though they  are  still  apart  of  the  wedding.  

throughout This  Bliss,  we  will  show  you  how  

Ustream allows  you  to  broadcast  your  wedding  

you can  actually  plan  your  wedding  using  social  

LIVE online  so  guests  can  watch  your  wedding  

media tools.      

ceremony as  if  they  were  present  in  the  

Go to  page  4  for  more  information  


audience. This  is  a  fabulous  tool!    


Create a Flickr account and create a group for guests to upload their own pictures from the special day. This is a great way to connect with guests and see everything that went down on the dance oor!

Send thank-you notes via video for your guests – make one for each guest individually or for the entire guest list.

This Bliss  

Issue: 1      December  13,  2011  

Now register for your wedding gifts online! This is  the  ultimate  Bridal  registry   checklist  for  all  Brides  to  review   prior  to  creating  their  registry  list   with  their  fiancé.  It  encompasses   the  trendiest  items  a  newlywed   couple  needs  as  they  embark  on   their  new  journey  together.   Providing  you  with  ideas  to  make   your  registering  process  much   easier!  This  site  includes   everything  from  everyday   dinnerware  to  plush  bedding  and   towels.     http/  

The Knot  provides  future  bride  and   grooms  with  assistance  in   composing  their  registry  list.  When   you  register  using  The  Knot,  you   can  choose  from  numerous  high-­‐ end  brands  to  add  to  your  registry   wish  list.  Once  you  have  composed   your  registry  list  it  is  very  easy  to   share  it  with  your  friends.  You  can   either  create  a  widget  by  adding  it   to  your  Facebook,  Twitter,   wedding  website  or  blog,  or  you   can  email  it  out  all  your  guests   whatever  is  easier  for  you!    

Instead of  just  registering  for   household  items,  try  something   different  and  register  for  your   dream  honeymoon.    This  site  lets   guests  donate  tin-­‐kind  gifts  so  you   and  your  significant  other  can  have   a  honeymoon  that  you  may  not   have  had  otherwise.  It  allows   guests  to  take  part  in  helping  the   bride  and  groom  have   unforgettable  and  amazing   honeymoon  that  they  will   remember  for  years  to  come.

Tips for  online  registering:     •

Register early  in  plenty  of  time   before  your  wedding  so  guests   have  enough  time  to  look  over   your  list.     Form  the  list  together  with   your  significant  other;  do  not   leave  each  other  out.    

Check stores  return  policies   prior  to  registering  for   certain  items.    

Do some  research  before   you  begin  registering  unless   you  both  already  know  what   you  want!  It  will  make  the   process  much  easier.    


This Bliss  

Issue: 1      December  13,  2011  

How to Plan a Wedding Using Social Media Tools… Wedding Control   Is  a  great  free  website  that  offers  many  tools  to   assist  in  your  wedding  planning  process  such  as:   managing  your  guest  list,  downloading  mailing   labels,  tracking  guest  RSVPs,  along  with  budgeting,   and  assistance  with  your  seating  chart.  This  is  a   wonderful  website  that  provides  numerous  tools   to  help  your  wedding  planning  process  move  more   smoothly.  

OneWed Helps  you  locate  vendors,  look  through   potential  hair  styles,  dresses,  cakes,  and   allows  you  to  share  photos  of  your  wedding  so   people  can  see  the  final  outcome  if  they  were   unable  to  attend  in  person.    

Wedding Solutions   Wedding  Solutions  is  an  excellent  tool  at  aiming   to  provide  solutions  for  every  aspect  of  your   wedding.  You  can  set  up  to-­‐do  lists,  look  for   vendors,  search  locations,  and  more.        


This Bliss  

Issue: 1      December  13,  2011  

Wedding Planning 10 iPhone  Apps  for  planning  your  ideal   wedding!     The  following  apps  are  great  for  planning,     managing,  and  providing  wedding  ideas   for  your  special  day!       1. iWedding  Deluxe     2. Plan  Your  Wedding  with  Mindy  Weiss   3. BRIDES  Wedding  Genius     Google  Weddings   4. Wedding  Budget     5. Wedding  911  by  The  Knot     6. WeddingScan     Google  Weddings  is  a  great  way  to  simplify  your  wedding   7. Wedding  Row     planning  process  and  explore  how  Google’s  free  tools  can   8. Fun  Wedding     9. Wedding  Flowers  Moodboard     help  save  you  money  and  time,  while  -­‐  ssodales.   taying  organized   10. Destination  Weddings  &   and  having  fun!  Also,  you  can  create  customized   Honeymoons  Guides   templates  for  your  wedding  reception  menu,  organize  

Click here:  to  check  out  the  10  must   have  wedding  apps  for  your  iPhone!    

Wedding Channel  

your budget  and  guest  lists,  provides  cake  and  favor   ideas,  and  helps  you  create  an  Excel  address  book  that   will  create  a  seating  chart  with  the  touch  of  a   click.    

A one  stop  planning  website  designed  to  bring  you   planning  tools  as  well  as  hairstyles  and  bridal  gown   photo  galleries  to  inspire  you  along  the  way.  Also   this  site  features  links  to  trendy  wedding  registries   such  as  Tiffany’s.  



Need a  better  way  to  organize  your  wedding?   Backpack  is  the  perfect  social  media  tool  for  you!  It   enables  you  to  share  information  with  your  guests   before,  during  and  after  your  wedding  day.  It  also   keeps  and  saves  all  your  documents  and  schedules  in   one  place  similar  to  Evernote.     4  

This Bliss  

Issue: 1      December  13,  2011  

donec vitae   leo.  

How to  Create  Buzz  About  Your  Big  Day!     To  create  Buzz  about  your  wedding  use   WeddingBuzz,  a  Facebook  app  offered   by  The  Knot,  wedding  magazine.  It  has   taken  the  cost  and  pan  out  of  staying  in   contact  with  guests  about  your  wedding   events.  This  site  allows  you  to  add  a   wedding  countdown  to  your  Facebook   profile,  and  create  a  separate  page  with   important  details  for  the  day  of.    

ü Helpful checklists  to  follow  when   planning  a  successful  wedding!  


The Do’s  &  Don’ts  of  Wedding  Planning:   Do:     • • •

Consider  using  a  wedding  planner     Make  a  wedding  binder  to  keep  ideas   organized.       Decide  early  on  in  your  planning  process  if   you  want  a  formal  sit  down  dinner  or  a   buffet  style  dinner.     Make  a  wedding  website  and  use  online   tools  in  assisting  you  with  your  guest  RSVPs.     Plan  your  wedding  the  want  envision  &  want   it.    

Don’t:   •

• •

Base your  date  on  when  your  guests  can   come,  because  there  will  never  be  a  date   that  is  good  for  everyone!      Try  to  please  everyone;  it  should  be  about   you  &  your  finance.     Think  just  because  a  venue  is  more   expensive  that  they  are  better,  as  to  see   their  referrals  &  work  experience.     Forget  to  get  your  marriage  license!  


Get Inspired with Social Media

Pinterest is a one stop shop for inspiration, for anyone involved in the wedding planning process. D.I.Y. centerpieces, dÊcor, and rustic thematic projects, are Pinterest’s sweet spot. Pin what you love, create what you pin.

Looking for more? Weddinggawker, also available as an iPhone app, is a great tool for collecting ideas for the big day.

Perhaps you stumbled upon a a during beautiful park your morning jog? Upload a photo on of whatever inspires you and Pictaculous will extract a color palette from the image. (Pictaculous is available as an iPhone App)

The hues you choose will influence the entire theme of the wedding. The right colors can warm up a frosty December wedding and cool off a humid July outdoor reception.

Color Me Softly

The hues you choose will influence the entire theme of the wedding. The right colors can warm up a frosty December wedding and cool off a humid July outdoor reception.

Bold or muted, there’s no reason to be plain.

This young social network is a fun way to get inspiration and connect with other people in the wedding sphere. Look to Kyoo for all things wedding: featured users, and a “heat� map of all related content on the social media world including blog posts, videos and more.

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This Bliss is a publication about social media tools for weddings

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