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University Freshman Council 2011-2012 06 September 2011, 7:14-7:40pm, Starbucks Coffee, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

Council Members Present: Name Pangilinan, Allan Lim, Arvin Monje, Jen Santos, Paulo Tiu, Mike

Position President Executive Secretary National College of Public Administration and Governance Representative

University Student Council – Freshie Committee Head University Student Council – Freshie Committee Member

Attendance 7:14-7:40 7:14-7:40 7:14-7:40 7:14-7:40 7:14-7:40

Agenda: 1. Recognition Santos said that the recognition of the UFC would be tedious and may take time. As an organization (ie. university-wide), the Council should submit its own constitution, and other requirements called for by the OSA, as a protocol for all orgs seeking for recognition. As for the Council being recognized as an official student body council, further clarifications are to be made. The Freshie Committee is also asking for a copy of the UFC Constitution once finalized. 2. Convening of all the Freshie Leaders On 12 September 2011, the USC Freshie Committee will be convening all Freshie Leaders at the Ambion Room, College of Law from 10am to 12nn. Proposed Programme: Introduction of the USC Introduction of UFC Officers Presentation of USC Projects (eg. STRAW) 3. New Projects A. Sem-ender Concert Because of time and financial constraints, the Freshie Committee has suggested that the Council change the sem-ender concert with a sem-starter event called the “Freshie Week”. The said project would be more feasible because it would be requiring minimal finances and manpower. The Council may also ask the help of UP Orgs for this event (eg. games, programs, etc.) The Freshie Committee has delegated USC Stat Rep Kathleen Lentija to be the co-Project Manager with CAL Rep Perucho. Pres Pangilinan also suggested that educational discussions regarding current issues be incorporated in the event. Projected Date: 14-18 November 2011 Venue: near Palma Hall Time: 5:30-8:00pm

University Freshman Council

B. Lantern Parade The Freshie Committee encourages the Council to spearhead a Lantern-making project that shall be deemed “own” by all Freshies. This project will be requiring much effort, thus early planning is suggested. As for the designs, the Freshie Committee suggested that the Council call for entries (ie. designs) from Freshies and incur minor alterations should there be a theme. The Council members present in this meeting also suggests that Arki Rep Ong, CFA Rep Bacay and Eng’g Rep dela Cerna to head the designing of the lantern and CS Rep Lintao for the car. Projected Date of Parade: 2nd week of December 2011. 4. Team Building/ Bonding within the Council The members present in the meeting have proposed of a team-building session some time before the start of the second semester (ie. 1st week of November). 5. Funds The Freshie Committee approves of the selling of ballers as an income-generating project of the Council. However, the USC does not assure of a loan to be given to the UFC.



UFC Meets USC  

Meeting with USC Freshie Comm