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University Freshman Council 2011-2012 Meeting


31 August 2011, 5:50-7:10pm, Vinzons Corridor, 2 Floor Vinzons Hall

Council Members Present: Name Pangilinan, Allan Lim, Arvin Canales, Chelsea Sotto, Paulo Ong, Timothy Perucho, Aian Guevara, Rhondel Bulangis, Shamah Dela Cerna, Marco Domingo, Kevin Bacay, Fleurina Estrada, Judea Besa, Ma. Andrea Maguan, Edmer Saclot, Fred Lintao, Ryan Liban, Vince Manalo, Veronica Pilar, Vernice Katigbak, Meggy Monje, Jen Mesa, Kevin Benueza, Justine

Position President Executive Secretary Finance Secretariat Asian Institute of Tourism Representative College of Architecture Representative College of Arts and Letters Representative College of Business Administration Representative College of Education Representative College of Engineering Representative College of Engineering Representative College of Fine Arts Representative College of Home Economics Representative College of Human Kinetics Representative College of Mass Communication Representative College of Music Representative College of Science Representative College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Representative College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Representative College of Social Work and Community Development Representative

College of Statistics Representative National College of Public Administration and Governance Representative

School of Economics Representative School of Library and Information Studies Representative

Attendance 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 * 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 5:50-7:10 5:58-7:10 6:31-7:10 5:50-7:10

*wasn’t able to attend the meeting, but went to the discussion.

Agenda: 1. Meeting with Freshie Committee Head Paulo Santos(USC) The council referred the Sem-ender project to USC-FC Head Santos, as per the minutes on the 27 August General Assembly. The following were suggested by Santos:  the project be a collaboration between USC and UFC  conduct a survey on the preferred date of event (Kalay Residents as the sample population). Santos will be conducting a meeting with the Freshie Committee of the USC. From there shall he appoint members to the different committees of the event. Updates will be disseminated through Pres Pangilinan, ExSec Lim, or CAL Rep Perucho(the Program Manager). He also informed the Council about an upcoming meet-up with all its members and the USC. 2. Review of 27 August General Assembly Minutes Due to the absence of the majority, Pres Pangilinan conducted a review of the General Assembly for the information of those who were not able to attend.

University Freshman Council Informal Meeting

3. UFC Campaigns SLIS Rep Benueza suggested that the Council stay away from the issue/s concerning the University and/or nation (ie. budget cut), let the USC handle them, and focus on those concerning the Freshman body. This will add to the pressure to the Council, she added. Pres Pangilinan clarified that the Freshman body is also affected by the situation of the University/nation that the Council also has to make a stand on such. CSSP Rep Liban added that as an independent entity, the Council should not be affected by any external force in making a stand. 4. Other Concerns A. CAL Rep Perucho encouraged the Council to engage in University-wide activities, for it to gain publicity and to trains its members as well. B. The Vinzons Tambayan Complex shall be the temporary office of the Council, subject for approval. C. Council paraphernalia (ie. shirt, ID) D. To include in the survey in Kalay: a more feasible date of the event (ie. October or November) 5. *Discussion on the 2012 Budget CMC Rep to the USC Gail Orduna facilitated the discussion on the 2012 budget. The discussion was held with the discretion of Orduna and the Council, and for the benefit of those who were not able to attend the General Assembly last 27 August. The discussion mostly covered that of CAL Rep Perucho’s. *not included in the time of meeting. The discussion was conducted at 7:20-10:00pm at the USC Office, Rm. 206 Vinzons Hall. --------------------------------------------END--------------------------------------------


Meeting Minutes 8-31-11  
Meeting Minutes 8-31-11  

31 August 2011