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University Freshman Council 2011-2012 28 October 2011, 4:58-6:02pm,Loreland Farm Resort, Antipolo, Rizal

Council Members Present: Name Lim, Arvin Ong, Timothy Dela Cerna, Marco Bacay, Fleurina Estrada, Judea Lintao, Ryan Katigbak, Meggy Santos, Paulo Fuentes, Jianica

Position Executive Secreatry College of Architecture Representative College of Engineering Representative College of Fine Arts Representative College of Home Economics Representative College of Science Representative School of Statistics Representative University Student Council – Freshie Committee Head University Student Council – Councilor

Attendance 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02 4:58-6:02

Agenda: 1. Recognition Regarding this matter, USC COFS Head Gail Orduna and Freshie Committee Member Mike Tiu will help on the recognition of the council. The council contacted Orduna and referred the council to Mr. Rommel Rodriguez for the progression of the recognition. Tiu will also help in producing the letter of endorsement for the council’s recognition *refer to UFC minutes on 06 September 2011]. 2. UFC Constitution The Council presented to Santos and Fuentes the draft of the UFC Constitution. They also suggested that, once finalized, it be presented to the USC for further improvement. Aside from the Constitution, Santos also suggested that the Council formulate its own house rules. 3. Projects A. Project Monorail The forum shall be conducted on 15 November 2011, 4-7pm at the School of Economics. The job of the Council is to promote the forum and invite delegates to join. B. Freshie Cup The Council, with Santos and Fuentes, agreed that the event be held on 28 November-02 December 2011 at the Sunken Garden[tentative]. Time Table: Date 07 November

08-13 November 14 November 21 November 28 Nov. – 02 Dec.

Projected Activity  Finish letter of sponsorship*  Send letters to orgs, frats, and sorros    

Follow-up of invitation Distribute pubmats to confirmed orgs Meeting with orgs Freshie Cup

Remarks  Help from USC COFS Head Orduna for dissemination of letters

University Freshman Council

*The sponsorship letter includes:  Brief description of the Council.  Brief description of the event.  Terms of the event: o __-minute game for ___ freshies in a given timeslot. o publicity for the participating org C. Lantern Parade For the first time, the freshman will have their own float in the annual lantern parade. Things to consider:  Theme.  Call batchmates to be a part of the parade. Asking artistic people to make a design [probably call for a contest]  Fund-raising for the parade:  Ballpens with “ISKO”/ “ISKA” (pink and blue).  Shoelaces.  Marauder’s Map of UP. D. Walang Plastikan, Freshman – A Part of Let’s ComPET Project of the USC VolCorps According to USC Councilor Fuentes, the VolCorps is calling for entries in this project. The registration period will start on 03 November and the project will be launched on 09 November. E. UP Fair This project will be of lower priority to give focus on the recognition and Freshie Cup. F. “How Can We Serve You Better?” Tarpaulin at Kalayaan Residence Dorm The purpose of this activity is for the Council to hear from its constituents on how it can function better in the form of a freedom wall. Santos will help in providing for the tarpaulin to be used for this activity. Hoever, this is still tentative. G. FEB-EX This activity may be launched in February, particularly on Valentine’s Day. The objective of this activity is for the Council to serve as a delivery mechanism to send people’s gifts to their “Valentine.” 4. Council Functions Santos encouraged the Council to hold a regular meeting for the smooth flow of activities and be stricter in attendance. Fines may be imposed on members who are late or absent without valid justification/s. --------------------------------------------END--------------------------------------------


28 october 2011 Meeting  

Semplanning + Outing + Overnight + FUN!!!

28 october 2011 Meeting  

Semplanning + Outing + Overnight + FUN!!!