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09 November 2011

To the Organization/Fraternity/Sorority:

The University Freshman Council (UFC) is a non-partisan student body organization formed under the mandate of the University Student Council (USC) in 2011. It aims to promote camaraderie, competitiveness, and social and national consciousness among the freshmen body of the University. The UFC was formed also to help freshmen adjust to the UP environment as new Iskolar ng Bayan and to serve as a voice of the freshmen to university and national issues. As a newly formed student body organization, the UFC is coming up with its first ever Freshie Cup entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Battle of the Freshest.â&#x20AC;? It will be held on 26 November to 03 December 2011 at the Sunken Garden. We are aiming to have 400-500 freshmen participate in this event. We, from the Council, are asking for your support to the realization of this event. We are in need of the following: 16 team facilitators 10 refreshment providers 4 performers 6 team-building activity facilitators 4 medal providers 12 game facilitators for events proper Appended are the descriptions of each sponsor, the schedule of the event, and the reply forms. We are open for applications from 09 November to 12 November 2011, 11:59pm. We are looking forward to your positive response to this appeal. Queries and concerns are very much welcome as well. Please do contact <name> at <phone> or e-mail us at should any arise. For the new Scholars of the State,

Arvin C. Lim Project Head, Freshie Cup 2011

Allan M. Pangilinan President, University Freshman Council

OVERVIEW OF THE EVENT The Freshie Cup is a sportsfest organized exclusively for the freshmen of the UP Diliman campus. For each day in the Cup, four teams with 25-30 members in each team compete with each other, a total of 16 teams for the whole event. The event aims to promote teamwork among freshmen within and outside their respective colleges.

DESCRIPTION OF SPONSORS Team Facilitators (16) The organizations who choose to be one of the team facilitators will be the closest to the Freshies. They will be the ones to encourage the Freshies theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re handling to participate in the games. There will be four teams for each of the four days during the events proper. Refreshment Providers (10) They will be the ones to provide the Freshie participants with refreshments during the Kick-off Party and Awarding Day. Five orgs will sponsor the snacks for each day. Performers (4) During the Kick-off Party and Awarding Day, we would like to invite performing organizations to showcase their talents. Team Building Activity Facilitators (6) Since this is a team event, activities such as these would stir up team spirit. There will be two team building games during the Kick-off Party, each shall be facilitated by three orgs. Medal Providers (4) For every competition, there is a winner. Four orgs will sponsor the medal for the winners. They should collaborate with each other for the uniformity of the medals. Game Facilitators for Events Proper (12) For each day of the Events Proper, before the Big Game, three mini-games shall be sponsored and facilitated by orgs. The games should be good for 7-10 people.

SCHEDULE OF FRESHIE CUP 2011 *A 15-minute allowance is allotted for each day in case of delays. Kick-off Party Time 1:00-2:00 2:00-2:05 2:05-2:10 2:10-2:15 2:15-2:25 2:25-2:55 2:55-3:35 3:35-3:55 3:55-4:35 4:35-4:45

Activity Assembly Welcome Invocation Opening Remarks Performance 1 (1 org) Team Huddle Team Building 1 (3 orgs) Snacks (5 orgs) Team Building 2 (3 orgs) Announcements


call for Performer 1

preparation for TB1 preparation for snacks preparation for TB2

Events Proper [Days 1-4] Time Activity 4:00-4:30 Team Huddle and Announcements 4:30-5:15 5:15-5:45 5:45-6:15 Closing Time 1:00-2:00 2:00-2:15 2:15-2:25 2:25-2:35 2:35-2:45 2:45-2:55 2:55-3:05 3:05-3:15 3:15-3:20 3:20-3:30 3:30---

Remarks preparation of games, assigning of matches for big game Games organized by orgs (3 orgs per preparation for big game day) Round 1 [A vs. B;C vs. D] Round 2 [Winners of Round 1]

Activity Assembly Welcome! Day 1 winners Day 2 winners Performance 2 (1 org) Day 3 winners Day 4 winners Performance 3 (1 org) Acknowledgments Performance 4 (1 org) Snacks (5 orgs)


call for Performer 2

call for Performer 3 call for Performer 4

FRESHIE CUP 2011 REPLY FORM Having participated in this year’s Freshie Cup, the organization/fraternity/sorority concerned will enjoy the following privileges:  free selling of merchandise at the venue.*  free plug of events.**  recruitment. *As courtesy to the orgs sponsoring refreshments, selling of food is not allowed during the Kick-off and Awarding. ** Flyers and banners (max. of 3ftx3ft, bring your own stand) are allowed during the event.

Name of Organization/Fraternity/Sorority: Names of Representatives: 1. 2. 3.

Mobile Number:

Choice of Sponsorship^: Choose top 3 choices and rank them. [3-highest] Team Facilitator – Day 1(28 Nov.) Refreshments Team Facilitator – Day 2(29 Nov.) Performance Team Facilitator – Day 3(1 Dec.) Team-building Activity Facilitator Team Facilitator – Day 4(2 Dec.) Games (Events Proper) Facilitator Medals ^In choosing, the UFC will observe the “CRS” method of assigning.

You may send the forms via e-mail []. Dates to Remember: 13 November – Release of roster of sponsors and assignments. 21 November – Meeting with UFC [time and venue TBA]


Freshie Cup Letter