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Has it made a difference to how you've turned out? (ie do you think you'd be the same if you'd either grown up in africa, or if you didn't originate from an african country?) I think the end product would probably look completely different. But i still think the core concepts would be the same and II would still be 'different'. How has your identity shaped/ influenced you musically? (if at all) I think my music is a continual evolutionary process. When I started off I was making music which wasnt really me, just to sound like stuff which was already out there and get that illusive 'deal'. Once i realised that isnt actually what people want anymore, I started putting more 'me' into my music.. I am a very long way froom where i started off, but I still don't actually think i am there yet. It is a scary road to tread down, but Im progressing. What is happiness? Happiness is having no television, no expensive jewelry, no car. You can have a bike though.

What is freedom?

gone around 24 times.

I know it sounds lame but I really mean it.. I dont own much.. like I haven't had a television for 8 years and that's the way I like it. When I feel like moving, I do, and I take nothing with me.

Why music? Why not Law, or Dentistry. or.. football?

What's the most important thing you've learnt about life so far? It's all about baby steps. Like those tiny increments of movement which in isolation look like nothing at all. Like those second hands on clocks which sweep so slowly. So slow you cant even see it. But in a day its

If I was good at remembering things then I would have done law. I really would have. Or become a doctor maybe. But I have a royally bad memory. I used to cry every 2 weeks when i forgot my library book for English and get a detention. I just couldnt remember to bring it, even with notes all around my room. If I was a doctor id probably forget to connect something back up inside someone. I do music because I be-

lieve I have a duty to do so. God gave me this gift of being creative and I believe I have to create for as long as I can create.

“ I dont own much.. like I haven't had a television for 8 years and that's the way I like it.�


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