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Natural diabetes treatment | Natural diabetes prevention Statistic says; diabetes is increasing from day in to day out similar to pollution. The reason behind this dangerous increase in number of people with diabetes is due to modern lifestyle (that we are following). Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic & complex disease caused by having too much glucose (sugar) in the blood.

If the body produces insulin, but it is not enough or not effective (i.e. the muscle cell not responding to insulin) then it called as type 2 diabetes otherwise called as insulin resistance. If the body stops producing insulin then it is called as type 1 diabetes otherwise called as Juvenile diabetes or Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). Type 1 diabetes needs insulin to control their blood glucose level. What is a modern lifestyle? • • • •

Living a life away from nature, that is isolating from the nature. Eating harmful foods, example eating fast foods, bakery items and ready to eat packed foods. Every thing we need is just a phone call away, so low or no physical activity. Over enthusiastic in health: so over nutrition, over weight and obese.

Tips to avoid or reverse diabetes- Life style changes diabetes,

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Reduce body weight; if excess body weight is reduced that means body fat reduction, so chance of diabetes resistance (insulin resistance) is reduced. Diabetes exercises - Increasing physical activity in our daily activities; if physical activity is increased then some extra calories will be burnt, so naturally reduction in blood glucose level. Diabetes food pyramid - Cut down the intake of fat rich and sugar rich food items. What you eat directly impacts your blood glucose levels. Follow food pyramid for effective diabetes control and blood glucose management. Plan to include more soluble fibers in your diet plan. Soluble fibers can help in the elimination of digestive foods from our body. Importantly; learn to include diabetes herbs in your daily life with a tasteful recipe, if you are not interested to include in your food then it can be taken as medicine, it is available in capsule forms. For information on diabetes natural herbs with scientific proof on the effectiveness of diabetes treatment diabetes herbals.

Natural Diabetes herbs Now-a-days people are upset with diabetes modern treatments, because of its numerous side effects and high cost involved.

Thus diabetics start searching for natural diabetes alternative medicine which has • Limited or no side effect, • Curable chance or effective blood glucose control, • Lower in cost • Other health benefits. The above expectations are fulfilled by diabetes herbal remedies. Natural herbs for diabetes believed to control blood glucose or sugar, additionally it improve the functioning of the pancreas, liver, kidney, heart and eye, which are behind the diabetes cause or affected by diabetes complications. That means herbs are not only useful in the treatment or reversal of diabetes and also it helps to limit or eliminate diabetes complications such as: • • • • • • •

Diabetes Neuropathy - Nerve damage due to long term of badly controlled blood glucose level, Heart attack and stroke – Built-up of material in arteries and in due coarse blocks and causes heart and brain attacks, Retinopathy/ Macular edema – Nerve damage in the eye may cause Eye disease that may end up with blindness, Gastroparesis - Digestion problem called delayed stomach emptying which invites microbes infection, Nephropathy – Nerves in the kidney slowly get damaged due to high level of glucose and it may develop Kidney diseases, Bladder control problems/incontinence - Nerves in the bladder and muscle in the bladed get affected and looses its ability to perform normally and causes bladder control problems such as incontinence, Urinary tract infection (UTI) – People with diabetes are more frequency affected with UTI than those without diabetes,

Erectile dysfunction (sexual impotency) – Erection is a complicated chain of process that involve many nerves and muscles start from brain to sex-organ. High blood glucose level slowly affect these nerves and it loosed its normal functions, and Diabetic depression – People with diabetes are more affected with depression others. May be the mental pressure of treatment difficulties involved which limiting their normal social life.

Please note Diabetes natural herbs are effective in the treatment of type 2 diabetes with some life style changes and supports in the treatment of type 1 diabetes. If type 1 diabetes don’t stop insulin therapy, take herbs along with insulin therapy if feel effective blood glucose control than before then slowly limit your insulin dose, but never stop taking insulin. Diabetes natural treatments That’s why people with diabetes are showing interest in alternative diabetes treatment such as • Natural diabetes herbs – diabetes herbs, how it lower blood glucose and scientific evidence. • Diabetes remedies (homeopathy) – Homeopathic remedies uses very low dosage of medicine almost like placebos, but amazing treatment results. • Diabetes yoga – Yoga poses that helps to normalize blood glucose level by stimulating and gently massaging internal organs to its self cure. • Diabetes acupressure – Normalizes the flow or “Qi (Vital energy)” and thus encourages the body to normalize blood glucose level. • Diabetes reflexology – Every organ in our body has a reflex point in foots and hands. When we kneading those reflex points, the organ get stimulate for its self cure and thus restores normal blood glucose level.

Natural Diabetes Treatment | Natural Diabetes Prevention  

Statistic says; diabetes is increasing from day in to day out similar to pollution. The reason behind this dangerous increase in number of p...