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BMW  Series  -door  -door

Sheer Driving Pleasure

THE BMW  SERIES.  -DOOR AND  -DOOR. BMW EfficientDynamics

Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

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Less emissions. More driving pleasure.

Just like the BMW  Series  -door, the new BMW  Series  -door is ready to conquer the streets of our major cities. The new BMW TwinPower Turbo engines deliver a powerful forward thrust and make an impressive statement with their exceptional performance to fuel consumption ratio. Thanks to low emissions, such as a mere   g CO per kilometre in the BMW    d Effi cientDynamics Edition, every drive can be enjoyed    percent. As in the BMW  Series  -door, you have comprehensive options here of bringing your own character to the street in style with the Urban Line and Sport Line or the M Sport package. Highlight your individuality – more dynamically than ever in the new BMW  Series  -door.


A NEW DRIVE FOR CITIES. Cities thrive on diversity, on different cultures and lifestyles, on the courage to break new ground and an openness to unusual ideas. They exude a vibrant energy that keeps everything in motion – the kind of energy that inspired the designers and developers of the BMW  Series. Dynamic lines, compact dimensions – no matter whether as a  -door or now as a sporty  -door, it’s a design that reflects the power for progress of a modern metropolis. The technology behind the BMW  Series raises the bar by delivering extraordinary efficiency and a unique driving experience. But it is, above all, its distinctive character that makes it a symbol of a contemporary, urban lifestyle.

The BMW  Series








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The BMW  Series is modern, extroverted, sporty and confident. It stands out from the crowd, even on the busiest of roads. Thanks to the broad range of individualisation options, such as the M Sport package, the Urban Line and the Sport Line, you can set your very own accents with both models. It’s a car with character that really makes a statement; a car for people that want to make their mark. Find out more about the BMW  Series at

The BMW  Series  -door Always original.

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Urban Line and Sport Line Maximum individuality illustrated by the BMW  Series  -door.

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Innovative technologies BMW Effi cientDynamics and BMW ConnectedDrive in the BMW  Series.

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The new BMW  Series  -door Hello, world.

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M Sport package Maximum sportiness illustrated by the new BMW  Series  -door.

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Materials research BMW Advanced Design.

Specifi cations of models shown: BMW    i with Sport Line. Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder petrol engine Power output:    kW (   hp) Wheels:   " light alloy wheels Star-spoke    , bi-colour Orbit Grey, gloss-lathed fi nish Exterior colour: Crimson Red Upholstery: Track cloth Anthracite with red highlights Interior trim: Black, high-gloss with Coral Red accent lines, matt

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  BMW ConnectedDrive Intelligent network for greater convenience,   infotainment and safety. BMW Effi cientDynamics Technology package for less fuel consumption and an even better driving experience. BMW TwinPower Turbo engines Maximum performance from minimum fuel consumption.

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BMW M Performance M gene included. The new BMW M   i.

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Chassis and safety Innovative systems for more driving pleasure.

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ECO PRO Mode Every kilometre counts.

series_ door/ BMW     d with Urban Line. efficiency Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine series_ door/ Power output:    kW (   hp) efficiency Wheels:   " light alloy wheels V-spoke    , bi-colour White, gloss-lathed fi nish Exterior colour: Midnight Blue metallic Upholstery: Metro cloth/leather upholstery in Silver/Pearl Grey Interior trim: White acrylic glass with matt Oxide Silver accent lines

BMW  Series

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Equipment tables

Urban Line

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Technical data and information on fuel consumption and CO emissions

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BMW Service and BMW brand experience Exclusive offers for BMW customers

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Sport Line

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M Sport package

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Colours, upholstery and interior trims

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Upholstery and interior trims

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Standard / Optional equipment

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Original BMW Accessories

  series_ door/ efficiency series_ door/ efficiency

BMW    d with the M Sport package. Engine: BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder diesel engine Power output:    kW (   hp) Wheels:   " M light alloy wheels Star-spoke    M, mixed tyres Exterior colour: Estoril Blue metallic Upholstery: Hexagon cloth/Alcantara upholstery in Anthracite with M piping and contrast stitching in Royal Blue Interior trim: Aluminium Hexagon with matt Estoril Blue accent lines series_ door series_ door

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The Urban Line. Elements in white typify the optionally available Urban Line: e.g. the white kidney grille slats [  ] with chrome fronts, the optionally available   " light alloy wheels in bi-colour White [  ] with gloss-lathed fi nished edges and the optional white mirror caps. The interior is distinguished by the newly developed acrylic glass interior trim [  ], modern cloth/leather upholstery [  ] as well as blue or white variable interior lighting. More information on the Urban Line range of equipment can be found on pages   /  .

TAKE YOUR OWN STYLE TO THE STREETS. THE URBAN LINE FOR THE BMW  SERIES  -DOOR AND THE NEW BMW  SERIES  -DOOR. As a model, Freddie Lund travels to all the world’s major cities. Living in London, he loves the vibrant creativity of a major city that’s constantly reinventing itself. He has found his ideal car in the BMW  Series and the Urban Line – for a drive through the night life of Soho, to acting school or to the University of Leeds where he studies history. The design of the Urban Line is as varied as Freddie Lund’s life. His equipment of choice: the Midnight Blue metallic paint fi nish and gloss-lathed   " light alloy wheels in bi-colour White, which are exclusive to the Urban Line. The unusual design elements and innovative materials really make the 08 09 Design and individuality

BMW  Series stand out from the crowd and are a fi tting expression of Freddie’s   st century lifestyle. series_ door/lines series_ door/lines

     

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The Sport Line. The Sport Line is characterised by exterior elements in high-gloss Black: e. g. the air vents [  ], optionally available exterior mirror caps [  ] in high-gloss Black or the kidney grille [  ] with broad kidney grille slats. The interior design features a series of red highlights, such as the red chronoscale [  ] of the speedometer and red contrast stitching on the sport leather steering wheel. More information on the range of equipment included in the Sport Line can be found on pages   /  .

REV UP YOUR DAY. THE SPORT LINE FOR THE BMW  SERIES  -DOOR AND THE NEW BMW  SERIES  -DOOR. Adam Lund regularly travels between London and Italy, supervising projects for his company that specialises in the trade of Italian marble. Even in his spare time, the   -year-old sports enthusiast is constantly in action. To complement his dynamic lifestyle, Adam chose the BMW  Series, kitted out with the optional Sport Line equipment – in the Crimson Red exterior paint fi nish, with gloss-lathed   " light alloy wheels in bi-colour Orbit Grey and black mirror caps. These stylish details make 10 11 Design and individuality

the BMW  Series the perfect car for Adam Lund, whether he’s heading to rugby training, his next business meeting or just driving into town. series_ door/lines series_ door/lines

Urban Line


Sport Line


12 13 Design and individuality

Give yourself plenty of time and let the interior of the BMW  Series really sink in. You can design this vehicle to perfectly refl ect your own personal taste. There are virtually endless possibilities. Take for example the Urban Line and Sport Line equipment shown here. It’s just a glimpse of the range of exclusive materials and colours you can choose from to really bring out your own individual style. The BMW  Series is all about the needs of the driver. That goes for the countless combination possibilities, as for the optimal driver orientation. Anyone who takes a seat in the BMW  Series immediately notices the intuitively arranged controls and the signifi cantly improved all-round visibility. The door pockets, where bottles with a volume of up to one litre can be stored, and the cup holders, optimally located in front of the gear lever, offer additional storage options. The BMW  Series also offers more

fl exibility in the rear and the luggage compartment: the backrest optionally folds down in a   :  :  split. So you and your passengers can enjoy four generously sized seats even when the rear centre armrest is folded down. The result is a diverse and exciting interior design that gives fresh expression to your own individual style every single day.



THE REQUIREMENTS ARE CLEAR: WE HAVE TO CONSERVE RESOURCES, LOWER EMISSIONS, ACT SUSTAINABLY. SOUNDS SENSIBLE. BUT WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE OUR DRIVING PLEASURE? QUESTIONS ABOUT BMW EFFICIENT DYNAMICS POSED BY ADAM UND FREDDIE LUND. Adam Lund: Effi ciency and dynamics… isn’t that a contradiction? BMW: On the contrary: BMW Effi cientDynamics combines both of these things. This technology package lowers emissions but still ensures impressive driving dynamics. This is best exemplifi ed by the new BMW TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engines. They contribute towards the BMW  Series’ outstanding performance to fuel consumption ratio that’s among the best in its class. Freddie Lund: What are the latest developments from BMW Effi cientDynamics? One completely new feature is the ECO PRO Mode. This is based on the fact that the driver holds the key to greater fuel effi ciency with more economical driving. By giving the driver feedback and recommendations on their driving, it allows up to a   percent reduction in fuel consumption. In this mode, what is known as the bonus mileage is displayed in the on-board computer. It tells the driver how many kilometres they have gained by using the 14 15 BMW EfficientDynamics

BMW Effi cientDynamics in the BMW  Series. Among other features, this technology package includes the new BMW TwinPower Turbo engines as well as the Auto Start/ Stop function, which is now also available in conjunction with the new eight-speed automatic transmission. Another highlight is the Driving Experience Control switch. Alongside the ECO PRO Mode, it offers the Sport+, Sport and Comfort modes (depending on the equipment fi tted).

pleasure is a priority. And if something’s fun, it motivates you to drive better – or in this case, more effi ciently. Freddie Lund: So, as the driver, I ultimately determine how effi cient my car is?

tips given. Plus, if you opt for the extended instrument panel, the rev counter also includes an Effi cientDynamics display. It shows how far the accelerator pedal should be depressed to achieve effi cient acceleration.

Yes and no. Basically, BMW leaves it up to the driver to decide how much they want to modify their driving style. However, when they activate the ECO PRO Mode, the vehicle characteristics also change. For example, there’s also a feature that stops the automatic air conditioning and the seat heating from running on the highest setting. But the BMW  Series can still perform at full power. And fuel effi ciency remains a top priority at all times, thanks to a range of standard BMW Effi cientDynamics technologies. series_ door/effi ciency series_ door/effi ciency 

Adam Lund: It sounds a bit like a computer game. Yes, you could compare it to scoring points in a computer game. At BMW, as you know, driving 

Dependent on individual driving style; fi ndings from an internal BMW fuel consumption study.

BMW EfficientDynamics

Less emissions. More driving pleasure.


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These days, it’s all about being connected, up-to-date and having your favourite music with you wherever you go. So you’ll be pleased to know that BMW ConnectedDrive* has perfected the integration of driver, vehicle and the outside world. Take the Real Time Traffi c Information (RTTI) from BMW Assist for example: an innovative traffi c service that informs you about the current traffi c conditions comprehensively and in real time. The emergency call is one of the features ensuring more safety: in a critical situation, the condition of the vehicle is analysed and if necessary, an emergency call and your exact location are automatically transmitted. What’s more, with the Apps option and the BMW Connected App, you can stay in contact with your friends via Facebook or Twitter – 16 17 BMW ConnectedDrive

and enjoy a great variety of music on every drive thanks to the Aupeo! personal internet radio. Thus BMW ConnectedDrive supports you with countless options for convenience, infotainment and safety in well-nigh every driving situation. These are just a few of the many BMW ConnectedDrive options for greater convenience, infotainment and safety. series_ door/infotainment series_ door/connectivity

BMW ConnectedDrive. The BMW  Series offers a range of innovative functions in conjunction with selected optional equipment: the Speed Limit Info provides improved safety and convenience by reliably recognising speed limits; it also includes the no-overtaking indicator [  ]. The Navigation System Professional [  ] includes the handsfree kit with USB interface and a high-resolution  . " colour display showing  D maps and a bird’s-eye view. With Aupeo! personal internet radio [  ] you can now receive internet radio inside your car and easily customise the music selection to suit your taste.

* May not be available in all countries. Please consult your BMW partner.

M Sport package


HELLO, WORLD. THE NEW BMW  SERIES  -DOOR. 18 19 Design and individuality

Every city has a rhythm of its own, infl uenced by the people who live there. With the new BMW  Series  -door model, you can set the pace and make every day as dynamic as you like. It owes its muscular appearance to its compact design and remarkable styling. It’s clear from the moment you lay eyes on it that it can take on any challenge – all thanks to the outstanding effi ciency, convenience and safety provided by the innovative BMW Effi cientDynamics and BMW ConnectedDrive technologies. As with the BMW  Series  -door model, you can also choose between the Urban Line and the Sport Line, as well as the M Sport package (shown here). These perfectly orchestrated design 

series will highlight the unique personality of your new BMW  Series  -door model accentuate its sporty exterior and interior design. Whatever you choose, there are no limits to your individuality. series_ door


A NEW WORLD RECORD IN INDIVIDUAL DESIGN. 20 21 Design and individuality

If you’ve got character, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd. Take for example the new BMW  Series  -door model. Its sporty proportions, long wheelbase and short overhangs make it unmistakable as it cruises the city streets. Its sophisticated character is further accentuated by its distinct shoulder line and longer windows. The dynamic features of the M Sport package (shown here) strengthen the BMW’s personality even further. It’s available with both the new BMW  Series  -door and the BMW  Series  -door. With the M Sport suspension, the vehicle sits   millimetres closer to the asphalt for tighter road holding and a noticeably more agile drive. On top of that,

the front and rear aprons, sporty side skirts and chrome tailpipe unique to the M Sport package cultivate the powerful look of a metropolitan individualist. series_ door/m_sportpackage series_ door/m_sportpackage

M Sport package

Even before you take a seat in the new BMW  Series  -door model, its frameless doors convey an impression of class and premium quality – which is confi rmed the moment you get in. The interior of the new BMW  Series is not only tailored to your exact needs, but also to your personal taste. All the controls in the cockpit have been ideally and intuitively designed for the benefi t of the driver, so that even the highresolution Control Display is directly in your fi eld of vision. The optionally available Harman Kardon Surround Sound System provides brilliant sound every time, no matter where you sit. It’s easier to get into the car, there’s increased leg room and the cup holders are positioned ergonomically in front of the gear lever. These are just a few of the details that make day24 25 Design and individuality

to-day driving more enjoyable. But what makes the new BMW  Series’ interior so unique are the countless optional features available for giving your BMW that truly individual touch. The Urban Line, Sport Line and M Sport package (shown here) lend the car an even sportier look that can be customised with your preferred choice of upholstery and interior trim. The selection of innovative materials and high-quality workmanship will impress you every time you drive. Show off your own style with confi dence in the new BMW  Series.



BMW Advanced Design is researching the future and is using unconventional materials to get there. New design ideas evolve from working with stone and wood, for example, and from art workshops on topics such as calligraphy.

MATERIALS RESEARCH. Small sculptures made of paper, artfully laminated wood and fi ne sketches in Indian ink can all be found at the BMW Advanced Design Studio in Munich. These pieces of work are the result of various workshops where the designers research new materials for the interiors and exteriors of tomorrow.

Origami ‒ the art of folding paper ‒ is used to create small works of art. These served as inspiration for the BMW designers who created the interior of the BMW Concept Coupé.

At the BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre in Munich, researchers concentrate not only on future BMW vehicles but on the future itself. Their research revolves around the most fundamental of questions. How and where do we live and work? What are our needs and how do they impact upon our environment? The goal is to gain a profound understanding of the present and the future ‒ enabling us to draw conclusions about our mobility needs and aesthetic sensibilities. This understanding infl uences the overall creative concept ‒ as evidenced in the new BMW  Series. The designers at BMW draw inspiration for their

creativity from workshops about art, craftsmanship and new materials. And the materials examined here are not just the common ones typically found in vehicles. The point of working with synthetic materials from the sports goods industry, for example, or with natural materials such as wood, paper, stone and wool, is to provide fresh and unusual approaches. And the fi rst task is to understand the unique characteristics and potential of a range of different materials. In collaboration with artists, the BMW designers create sculptures, for example, out of stone, fold

paper origami fi gures and study the fi ne art of calligraphy. They laminate wood and emboss leather. In part, the workshops are about acquiring knowledge of materials and their natural limits ‒ the maximum pliability of wood, for example. But they also serve as sources of inspiration and show the usefulness of innovative construction materials for the future of vehicle design. The fruits of this research fi rst appear before the general public in the form of concept cars. The BMW Concept Coupé, for example, refl ects an investigation of the origami folding technique.

While this concept car from     pays homage to BMW’s Mille Miglia victory in     , it also demonstrates the possible future of lightweight construction with an origami-like treatment of sheet metal. The GINA Light Visionary Model from     explores the possibilities of an outer skin made from elastic material. Stretched over a movable frame, the fabric skin is seamless and yet has visible stitching. The various functions concealed underneath are only activated when needed and remain invisible the rest of the time. Work on concept cars also marks the beginning of a dialogue with the engineers. Together with the designers, they

examine technical feasibility and consider various production methods. In some cases ‒ like with the convex and concave deformation of body sheets ‒ this is the key to making decisive progress. Many ideas developed by these pioneering designers have been implemented in the new BMW  Series. Like the materials found in the interior or the way different surfaces are joined together. The instrument panel and interior trim are merged in a fl uid and overlapping fashion. This “layering” design creates a modern and light sense of space.

Thanks to their work with natural materials and in art workshops, the creative minds at BMW Advanced Design are able to keep evolving new ideas that often feature in subsequent BMW production models.

BMW ConnectedDrive In touch with your world.

BMW CONNECTED DRIVE – FOR MORE CONVENIENCE, INFOTAINMENT AND SAFETY. Wherever your journey may lead, you can stay in touch with BMW ConnectedDrive*. Its innovative functions provide optimum integration between the driver, vehicle and the world outside ‒ anytime, anywhere. Here is an introduction to just a few of the features for more convenience, infotainment and safety. Further information on all the benefits BMW ConnectedDrive has to offer is available online at

Our world is becoming more connected every day. BMW drivers are used to the fact that their vehicle and their world are linked ‒ that they can request information, communicate via telephone or email and always be up to date while they’re on the go. The BMW ConnectedDrive concept encompasses all the services and innovative technologies that network BMW vehicles and their passengers with the world outside, including the traffi c around.

Convenience. These ingenious BMW ConnectedDrive innovations include helpful services like the Park Assistant. Such technologies ensure that every drive in your BMW is always as relaxing as possible.

Rear View camera. The Rear View camera clearly shows the area behind the vehicle on the Control Display. It provides a better view when reversing in parking situations at speeds below   km/h. In models with a tow bar, the Rear View camera features an extra zoom function (available in conjunction with Park Distance Control and a navigation system).

Comfort Access, including exterior door handle illumination. This system allows you to unlock, lock and start your BMW without inserting the key and it includes vicinity lighting in the exterior door handles. All you need is the remote control in your pocket, which transmits an identifi cation signal to the car. Simply touch the door handle or boot lid and the BMW unlocks or locks as required. Similarly, a touch of the Start/Stop button is all it takes to start the engine. The Comfort Access system can also be used to remotely close the roof on convertible models.

Park Assistant. This optional driver assistance system makes parallel parking easier. When travelling at speeds below   km/h, the system measures any parking gaps the vehicle passes. When a large enough gap has been found, the Park Assistant will do the steering, while the driver continues to operate the accelerator and brake pedals – supported by acoustic signals and instructions in the Control Display (not available with    /  R   tyres).

Revolutionising mobile networking. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a visionary roadster with a design that exhilarates from the very fi rst glance. Its dynamic, fl owing contours lead the eye from the striking front and along the stretched bonnet of this extraordinary vehicle ‒ a synthesis of exterior and interior. Each of the three levels of the interior stands for one of three BMW ConnectedDrive components ‒ convenience, infotainment and safety. The accompanying functions and controls are illuminated in different colours, which literally radiate a pulsating array of information. More information about this concept vehicle and further research projects is available in the new Future Lab. 

Park Distance Control (PDC). The Park Distance Control option from BMW ConnectedDrive aids parking and manoeuvring in confi ned spaces. An acoustic signal and visual indicator (only in conjunction with a navigation system) warn of approaching obstacles to the front and rear of the vehicle. Objects are detected by ultrasonic sensors in the bumpers.

* May not be available in all countries. Please consult your BMW partner.

28 29 BMW ConnectedDrive


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