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................................................................................ CHIEF EDITOR ZSÓFIA KELEMEN


ESN BKF wishes you a very happy New Year!



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esn bkf mentoring



Molnár Judit ESN BKF, E x -M en t or C oor di n a t or

VERYBODY NEEDS A FRIEND. This short sentence was my and the Mentoring programme’s slogan, the sentence which specified the work of the Mentors. The international students need our help, our friendship. After my Erasmus semester I couldn’t imagine myself without the spirit which spiced up my life in Lisbon. Luckily some enthusiastic homecoming Erasmus students at our college thought the same and thanks to this a little family, the ESN BKF was formed in 2010. Soon I became Mentor Coordinator.

The Mentor Coordinator is like a HR manager in a company – organizes everything from the recruitment to the reporting in the frame of the Mentoring programme. I enjoyed this work very much and I’m proud of results. We built a well-functioning system, the Mentoring programme has been continuously developed and the Mentors perform better and better. I got from this position Friends …best friends with ESN spirit, fun and the unforgettable experience when I read the Mentors’ interesting motivation letters. I saw how they are excited before the interviews, funny at the Mentor training, curious before they know their Mentees’ name and enthusiastic before new international students arrive. I could see how they become good friends during the semester, how they enjoy the programmes. I could see their happy faces, which was very motivating. Mentors gave me a lot, maybe more than to an exchange student, even if they didn’t know.

“We built a well-functioning system.”

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ESN BKF, M en t or

Simon Bence C oor di n a t or

hen I applied to BKF, I already knew that I will go on Erasmus. At that time, I didn’t know about a small group at school called BKF Embassy, the ancestor of ESN BKF. We arranged a meeting and then I became the part of this small organisation that grew bigger and bigger year by year. In the January of 2011 ESN BKF started its first semester with 9 erasmus student and 9 mentors (One of them was me!). The next semester, we had more students, more people, members, mentors. This little team became closer because of the parties, the Wondercamp and all of the programmes! Then it was time for me to leave, it was my Erasmus semester. I quite missed ESN BKF, though I met a whole new world. But when I arrived back I applied for mentor again. Last semester was the best semester from all, I had two super mentees, I met a lot of new members, and I had been chosen Mentor Coordinator. If I wouldn’t applied, I would have missed learning some really useful Spanich words (yeah, I’m talking about you, maricon!), meeting with a lot of Erasmus and international students. I would have missed WonderCamp where I met lovely people again, and had so much fun…. So what is the Mentorprogramme? I think if you read this article something, you will get the point!

Apply your photo here

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freni's decision

W r i t t en


P a t a k i F r a nc i sk a "F r en i "


t’s been already a whole year, since I had the chance to work as a mentor in the ESN BKF Mentor Programme. I frankly find this period fantastic, hilarious, enjoyable, unforgettable, and so all in all, awesome. I truly think that these years of my life are the most significant and beautiful ones, I mean this period at the university. The only constant thing in our existence is change, and these are the times of change – which determines your personality, way of life and thinking, and this way also the whole person you are, and your entire future. This is the reason why you must seize all the good opportunities that come your way. I seized the possibility of being a mentor and it was one of my best choices I have made. Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve also changed a lot – but I honestly believe, it is a totally positive and good kind of change. I am a member of a really good company with nice, helpful, and adorable people around me who became good friends of mine. What is more, I have 3 or 4 really good and close fellowships with

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“everyday life with with fun and

foreign people now. These few months of my mentor work gave me plenty of fun, beautiful memories, huge amounts of experiences. For me, Dutch people were the best partners ever! Same spirit, same way of thinking, same taste in lifestyle and music, and that was all enough for us to enjoy ourselves together. It was pretty exciting and unique to share everyday life with them, which was filled with fun and laugh. This is how a simple school programme leads to a life-long friendship. I’ve learnt a lot with, and from her at that period while I had to be absolutely responsible for my acts and for Hannah too. Of course, I refreshed my ‘bucket list’ with visiting everyone in Europe I have got to know during ESN, but I’m afraid I can’t make it come them was filled true because of money – anyway, if laugh” I had the chance, I would definitely meet my foreign acquaintances again!

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love story written by esn W r i t t en

E “I looked into his eyes, and he looked back… and I don’t know… maybe it sounds strange, but I felt, one day he will be my love.”

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verything started when I came to Budapest to be a student of the Budapest College of Communication, Business and Arts (BKF). I have always been interested in English language, so when I heard we can join the Embassy of the College (Embassy was the predecessor of ESN -editor), I became very happy. The team was big, but the Erasmus students didn’t care about us so much except for some of them… We didn’t give up to be with those few Erasmus guys. Slowly we became friends and hang out together. One day these dear friends of ours- Mehdi, Edmond and Ozan- organized a party in which I decided to take part with my Hungarian friends, Krisztina and Csilla. This could have been a simple party, but… When I stepped into the room, I realized there is a new person who I never met before. His name was Muhammed. I looked into his eyes, and he looked back… and I don’t know… maybe it sounds strange, but I felt, one day he will be my love.


J a c obs E di t

And now he is, for two long years. When I joined the Embassy I would have never thought I would find my love. Of course, I didn’t believe in Erasmus-love either, but time proved we belong together. Since then I have gone to his city as well- to Istanbul for 8 months -, as an Erasmus student, in order to be and live with him, and also to learn his language. We lived together and we spend all the summers together as well. There is no Embassy anymore, but there is ESN and my love. So I just want to say don’t be afraid to be a mentor, and to be as an Erasmus student because you can never know what life will give you. Maybe good friendships, or useful experiences, or something more beautiful…love.

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That’s happened with us!


2011-2012 first semester

2010-2011 second semester




the esn bkf won! 2012 was a special year in the life of the Erasmus Program. We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the well-known Scholarship. For this occasion the ESN Hungary organized an Erasmus Gala on 21 December, for which all of the ESN volunteers from Hungary were invited. In this special night the team of the ESN Hungary would like to surprise the sections and say “thank you” for their tireless work. They advertised a competition where the sections can entry. The participants compete in 5 categories: the Section of the year, the ESNer of the year, The Moment of the Year, the Event of the year and the Social Program of the year. Our little Section became the winner of the Moment of the year. We are really proud of our prize, because this is the evidence that the team of the ESN BKF do not just work together in an unbelievable way, but like a big family. This is the real recognition of our work.

10x 2012-2013 first semester

2011-2012 second semester

50x 54x

40x 40x




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erasmus life – continue it as a mentor! W r i t t en


K e l emen Z s óf i a


he Mentor of the Month title was given to Tóth Balázs “Balu” in November. He studies tourism and catering and this is his first semester as a mentor. He spent the spring semester of 2011/12 as an Erasmus student in Hamburg. I asked him about his feelings about the mentor life and his future plans. For the full interview check our website.

„I frankly admit that I wanted to continue having parties like in Hamburg. So my motivation was 50 % to have parties and 50 % to help Erasmus students. After becoming a mentor I realized that an Erasmus student has much time and money to party so it is not the same as in Hamburg but I still spend a lot of time with Erasmus people. I was very glad that I received 2 mentees for the first time. (…)Being a mentor is not just about having a good time together but if they are in trouble you should give them a hand or ear as well. In my opinion, a good mentor should become a good friend.”

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international christmas time


fter a long semester and before the Christmas Holiday the ESN BKF organized a Christmas party for the Erasmus Students and their mentors. Christmas tree, special ESN honey cakes, Christmas music and of course, intercultural Christmas dishes. This party was like a mosaic. You can find little pieces of different cultures’ habits and taste it, try it, or maybe recognize the similarities among them. Also you can share stories about your family’s traditions at Christmas Eve. We would like to create an inward atmosphere where our members and the students who spend their Christmas time far from their family can feel like home. For this reason we get a Christmas tree and everybody get a special ESN package what our members made.

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erasmus ösztöndíjjal külföldön W r i t t en


Th u r n a y L ör i nc


z­­ESN BKF a növekvő igényre tekintettel időt fordít a Főiskolán Erasmus ösztöndíjat elnyert hallgatók segítésében és ­­­ felkészítésében. Az elkövetkezőkben Thurnay Lőrinc, Mobility Coordinatorhoz fordulhatnak a diákok kérdéseikkel, valamint az ESN BKF internetes felületein találhatnak további hasznos információkat.


AMIT ÉRDEMES TUDNOD! Ha érdekel a lehetőség, hogy egy félévet egy külföldi egyetemen vagy főiskolán tanulj és ehhez még ösztöndíjat is kapj, az Erasmust neked találták ki! Bár a pályázás még kicsit odébb van (a tavaszi félév első felében), érdemes már most foglalkozni vele. A pályázáshoz kell, hogy legyen egy legalább középfokú nyelvvizsgád abból a nyelvből, amin tanulni akarsz külföldön. Ha még nincs, iratkozz be a legközelebbi vizsgaalkalomra! Ahhoz, hogy jelentkezhess, az elmúlt két féléved átlaga legalább 3,0 kell, hogy legyen. Ha ez is megvan, nincs más dolgod, mint izgatottan várni a szorgalmi időszakot, amikor megkezdődik a jelentkezés!


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W r i t t en



B a l ogh R ol a n d

ADRID – A CITY THAT HARDLY EVER SLEEPS Having been born, raised and lived in Budapest for my entire life I’m a natural city dweller. I feel comfortable only in larger cities which have the size of Budapest at least. When I saw Madrid as a destination I knew it right away that I must apply. I thought I felt familiar with big cities but Madrid still surprised me quite much. Not only the population of the whole city and it’s agglomeration is nearly 6,5 million, the distances here are so much different too. One would think that „wow with metro line 2 I can go from Pest all the way to Buda!” than you arrive in Madrid at the airport, go to the metro (yeah, you can actually head to downtown directly from the terminal), pick up the small metro system map and realize that there are 13 lines, some with more than 40 stations. As an Erasmus student you will most likely spend a few days very close to Sol or Gran Via and notice how crowded Madrid really is. It will only take a day or two to also realize that the city is

esnews_januari.indd 18-19

very international (although the majority of foreigners are from Latin-America and various other Spanish speaking countries) with literally tens of thousands of other international and Erasmus students. Wanting to go to a party on a Tuesday or Wednesday, having a slice of pizza at 04:00, hopping down to the nearest store for some dinner at 23:30… this is all doable in Madrid. As the title suggests, this city doesn’t really sleep ever. Metros run until 2:00-2:30~ and people finish their dinners in restaurants on a business day at midnight. This seemingly odd lifestyle is partly a result of Spain’s geographical location and time zone combination (don’t be shocked when in winters it’s still dark at 08:30 and in the summers still bright at 22:00). Madrid is charming. Lots of students, lots of parties, lots of action combined with a unique European lifestyle. Public transport is amazing, it’s easy and fast to get around in the city and the suburbs as well and in general life isn’t much more expensive for the most part compared to Budapest. If you have the chance to come here and you are a real „evening owl” who loves a heavy urban lifestyle go for it… just don’t forget to visit the beaches or cities like

Valencia in the spring semester because Spain has a lot more to offer still after you have seen Madrid!


of students, lots of parties, lots of action combined with a unique European lifestyle.”

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