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Parisians get free sparkling water from a park fountain! Summary Thirsty4Water offer a carefully selected range of water coolers, comprehensive service and support packages and exceptional customer care. At Thirsty 4 Water you can rent or buy water coolers direct from us.

Fizzy water is carbonated water and is now on tap in a Paris park. The fountain cost the city €75,000 (£63,500). Now, authorities in Paris are attempting to fight back against the national dependence by unveiling a public water fountain that is also chilled. La Pétillante – literally, she who sparkles – is the first fountain in France to inject carbon dioxide into tap water before cooling it and serving it up to passers-by. “Our aim is to boost the image of Paris tap water,” said Philippe Burguiere of Eau de Paris, the capital’s public water supplier. “We want to show that we’re proud of it, that it’s totally safe.” In France it was recorded that 28 gallons of still or sparkling was drunk last year. France is the eighth biggest consumer of bottled water in the world, according to figures from the Earth Policy Institute. The environmental issue with such consumption is that the country produced and estimated 262,000 tonnes of plastic waste during 2009. By installing plumbing water fountains there will be a positive impact on the environment. Locals from the 12th arrondissement have been queuing up to try the water. One woman paid La Pétillante the ultimate compliment. “I think it’s pretty tasty,” she said. “A bit like Perrier.” The Water Fountain has been installed in a former garden cabin, the fountain pumps water straight from the city’s supply and can be either still, chilled, with bubbles, or simply still water at room temperature. “This is a first, so we’re going to watch how Parisians react and whether there’s an uptake. Then we might gradually install others in the busiest parks,” said Burguiere. For more information visit our website

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