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California Condor

By Alicen King

Classification And Description • Gymnogyps Californianus-Bird • Black with white under wings • 17-20 lbs. • Head and neck are bald

Biome • North America, United States • Isolated areas like deserts • Fly 250 km/day • Does not migrate

Life Cycle • • • •

Eats dead rabbits, possum, carnivores Gets food on roads/fields Lays one egg/two years Live fifty years in wild; sixty years in zoos

Adaptations • Sharp claws to grab food • Big wings to fly • Bald head for body temperature, black wings for warmth • Has good eyesight

Reasons For Endangered Status • • • •

Humans Poisoning Tree loss Poisoning pellets, poisoned animals

Conservation • Less than 21 left • Vinny Segretario Vulture Society • Tree loss • Tell people about California condor

• Fink Martin, Patricia A. California Condors • Silverstein, Alvin, Virginia, and Laura. The California Condor • /wiki/california-condor • http://www.seaworld.o rg/infobooks/endanger ed/esvi.html


California Condor  

Endangered Species California Condor