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By Adam Payne

CLASSIFICATION AND DESCRIPTION • Canus Lupus • Gray and black fur • 40-80 lbs • Strong thighs

BIOME • Europe, Asia, North America, Canada • Live in grasslands • 30 sq. km 100 sq. km • Does not migrate

LIFE CYCLE • Eat deer and caribou • Gets its food by chasing it • Produces three at a time • Lives to 30 years

ADAPTATIONS • Wolves use teeth to eat • Strong legs to help walk • Survive in cold weather by fur • Wolves avoid predators by camouflage

REASONS FOR ENDANGERD STATUS • Predator: humans • Hunted for fur coats • Cutting down trees for houses • Population has declined

CONSERVAION • Several breeding programs • There are changes by deforestation • Tell people

RESOURCES • Jonson, Sylvia. Wolf Pack • Simon, Seymour. Wolves • Stone, Lynn. Saving Wolves • Welsbacher, Anne. Wolves


Endangered Species Wolves

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