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The think tank approach

Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, and decent work, as well as representation in political and economic decision-making processes, is a key component of the international development agenda. With the aim of building sustainable and inclusive economies, countries across the world have committed to achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls through the Sustainable Development Goals. Policy research organizations, or think tanks, combine rigorous research with locally rooted engagement, and are in a unique position to contribute to this agenda by: • Advocating for equal opportunities for women in research; • Carrying out research on gender related topics such as violence against women, access to public services and jobs, or maternal and child health; • Integrating gender considerations into their research from start to finish; • Engaging in policy processes that foster gender equality; and • Considering gender across their organizational policies and practices. Through the use of credible data, as well as citizen and policy engagement, think tanks supported by the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) are fostering gender equality and creating real change in their societies.

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Gender equality: How think tanks are making a difference  

Gender equality: How think tanks are making a difference