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ell it’s been a scorcher these last few weeks, but alas, the holidays are nearly over and it’s time to get back to work and start gearing up for Christmas (I thought I would mention it before the cheap tinsel starts to make an appearance). This month we’ve gone all natural! Nude colours on the fashion spread, ‘green’ beauty tips, heating your home with natural fuels and even taking a trip to Bioparc. I could have gone full out and put in some really healthy recipes, but you’re probably all sick to death of salads, so I’ve featured some nice gooey cake ideas this month, get stuck in and don’t bother counting the calories as the swimsuits will be going back in the wardrobe soon. Don’t forget if you cannot get a copy of the Guide at any point, you can catch up with us every month at, where you can read the interactive version. Until next month.......

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NEWS round up SPAIN

Julia Roberts to Most retirees want to work get prize at San beyond Sebastián Film age 65 Festival SOME 60 per cent of the 2,500 over65s interviewed claim they would like to be able to carry on working in paid employment. Most value their independence very highly, with 87 per cent saying they prefer to live in their own homes even if this means living alone. In fact, only 16 per cent of the elderly live alone, and they are mostly women living in rural locations. Head of the institute of the elderly and social services, Francisco Moza, says the same questionnaire was carried out in 1993 and that ‘things have changed a lot’ since then. He said the over-65s were becoming more and more active, in better health, and were mainly more highly qualified.

ACTRESS JULIA ROBERTS is due to net an award at the upcoming San Sebastián Film Festival. The Hollywood stunner, who shot to fame with Pretty woman alongside Richard Gere and is perhaps better known nowadays for her leading role in Notting Hill as Hugh Grant's actress girlfriend, has been chosen to receive the Premio Donostia. She will present her latest work, Eat pray love, alongside actors Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins and the film's director, Ryan Murphy. This is Ryan Murphy's second full-length film, following his silver-screen début with the black comedy Running with scissors.

The Islamic community fights back over burkha ban MUSLIMS IN LLEIDA have presented six written complaints to the city council over its decision to ban the burkha in public buildings. The Watani Association for Freedom and Justice has said that if local authorities do not respond to their complaints, they will take the matter to the court. Head of the association, Mourad ElBoudouhi, says the city council 'does not have the legal right' to impose such a ban and that there is no higher law applicable in either the region or the country allowing them to do so. El-Boudouhi says it is a 'violation of freedom of religion', a freedom that is contained in the Spanish Constitution, and therefore a breach of human rights as well as discrimination. The association says the city council is

“We should not waste what these people still have to offer – aside from just being babysitters for the grandchildren,” Moza states. This said, around 70 per cent of over-65s regularly look after their grandchildren, often to a greater extent than the children’s own parents do.

Shakira could be fined over video shoot in Barcelona COLOMBIAN POP-ROCKER Shakira is filming her next video in Barcelona, and will also be performing in the city's Palau Sant Jordi on November 24 this year. But she could face a fine from Barcelona city council for doing so. The half-Lebanese blonde bombshell was filming the first video for her next album, Sale el sol, on the Barceloneta beach, and skating at the Hotel W's rink. She caused jaws to drop when she skated along the beach, and was then seen coming back down the esplanade on a Harley Davidson. Shakira also biked down the Paseo Juan de Borbó. During the scenes, she rode the motorbike without a helmet, and also danced with fans in a fountain in the Pla de Palau to Waka Waka after the cameras stopped rolling. And the council did not approve of her behaviour, saying both actions were against public byelaws. They say she should have asked permission first, and intend to study the video footage on Youtube in order to sanction her for her behaviour. This is not the first time the 33-year-old artist,

discriminating a g a i n s t women and curtailing their rights. “Nobody has the right to speak for, or decide for, these women,” stresses ElBoudouhi. He says the solution would be for those women who choose to wear a burkha to be asked to uncover their faces to identify themselves upon entering public buildings, and then be permitted to put their burkha back on if they wish. “We would also say that women can be refused entry if they refuse to take off their burkha merely to identify themselves, but do not agree that they should be fined,” said ElBoudouhi. Lleida city council has announced women entering public buildings will be fined up to 600 euros for wearing a burkha. The Watani association has also complained about the council's refusal to build a mosque after the existing one was shut because of overcrowding. “We fulfil our obligations to the city, we pay our taxes and respect its laws, so we ask that they respect us,” said its representative.


born Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll – her second surname betraying her Colombian mum's Catalán descent - has shot her music videos in Spain. The clip for No in 2005 was filmed in the port of Barcelona, and the video for Gipsy, with Rafa Nadal, was also shot in Spain. She was also photographed in a cornfield in Ibiza in July. The Barraquina-born singer, who launched her first album at the age of 20, has three dates for her Spanish tour this year, which are to be confirmed. One of these is in November in Barcelona.

Ruins of dwelling from High Roman Empire found in Segovia THE REMAINS of a house built in the time of the High Roman Empire (roughly between one and two centuries A.D.) have been found under the main square in Segovia. The Roman ruins were discovered during the course of excavation work in the Plaza Mayor, which had already revealed a 17th century house. The archeologists in charge of the excavation, Clara Martín and Txemi Labrador, are working on the hypothesis that the building formed part of a "domus" or series of living quarters, rather than a monument. One of the rooms revealed by the archaeologists' dig boasts murals and a clay floor and is one of the few ruins from the High

Roman era to have been found in tact in Segovia. These new findings, coupled with other Roman ruins recently discovered around the Plaza de Guevara, have brought shape to Segovia as a Roman settlement at the highest and flattest part of the town, a much richer view of the historic town than was previously available looking at the famous aqueduct alone. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


No-frills airlines are top for Spanish tourists

LOW-COST AIRLINES are still the firm favourites among tourists travelling to Spain, according to a recent survey by the ministry of tourism. In July, some 6.9 million passengers passed through Spain's airports, with a 10 per cent rise in the numbers of those using budget airlines compared to just three per cent more who used 'traditional' carriers such as BA or Iberia. Overall, 58.4 per cent of passengers took the cheap flight option. In the first half of 2010, 32.4 million passengers arrived in Spain – an increase of 2.2 per cent on 2009. No-frills airlines transported 17.94 million of these.

Fito and Alejandro Sanz: top-selling artists of 2009

Spain responsible for the world’s highest number of email viruses SPAIN HAS THE highest number of ‘infected’ emails sent in the world, a chilling report from MessageLabs Intelligence reveals. Some 64.1 per cent of junk mail received by surfers in Spain contains what is known as ‘malware’, a term that covers a multitude of sins including spyware, Trojans, and viruses. The global ratio of emails containing dangerous programmes is said to be one in every 327.6, or 0.3% of all electronicallytransmitted communications. And the same report reveals that dangerous spam messages

has increased by 95 per cent in Spain alone since last year. But Spain is not the only culprit – the UK is responsible for 4.5 per cent of the world’s spam, a figure that has doubled since April this year, making it the fourthbiggest culprit after the USA, India and Brazil. Among the top ten countries are Spain, Germany, France and Italy.

Michelle Obama calls Alhambra Palace ‘unforgettable’ FIRST LADY of the USA, Michelle Obama, says her visit to the Alhambra Palace was ‘unforgettable’. Along with her daughter, Sasha, she enjoyed a stroll around the Patio de los Arrayanes and the Patio de los Leones, the rooms of Washington Irving and the Generalife gardens, among other attractions at the famous Granadabased palace. The two VIP visitors also enjoyed some typical dishes from the area, such as cold garlic soup, salmorejo, and locally-produced cheese and Serrano ham. Later, they watched a flamenco display and had a chance to take part, with the organisers saying Michelle ‘had a good rhythm’ and got the hang of the clapping. Mrs Obama invited the flamenco group to put on a show in the USA at a later date.

Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor film tsunami scenes in Alicante

She and her husband, US president Barack, and Sasha spent their summer holidays in a luxury hotel on the Costa del Sol.

Zara and Desigual launch online shops

ALEJANDRO SANZ, David Bisbal and Fito y los Fitipaldis were among the best-selling artists in Spain in 2009. Other success stories include Murcia-based duo Estopa, pop-rockers El Canto del Loco, and Amaia Montero who left La Oreja de Van Gogh at the beginning of 2008 to launch a solo career. Fito y los Fitipaldis’ latest album, Antes de que cuente diez (‘before I count to ten’) and that of Alejandro Sanz (pictured), Paraíso Express, were the two best-selling CDs last year. Among foreign artists who have hogged the charts in Spain in the last year were Irish veterans U2, Italian modern classical group Il Divo, Coldplay with Viva la vida, Bruce Springsteen with Working on a dream, Michael Jackson’s posthumous album This is it, and the soundtrack for the film Hanna Montana.


ZARA’S NEW online store is set to rocket the popular clothing chain into the high-street stratosphere. The international brand, which is part of the Galicia-based Inditex chain – also covering Pull & Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka and Oysho – will now compete against some of Spain’s most exclusive labels such as Armand Basi and Custo Barcelona, streetwear firm Desigual and high-street giant, Mango. Desigual will launch its collection online next month, at the same time as Zara. Both say they have already received ‘multiple requests’ from people who live a long way from their nearest store to provide an online delivery service. Mango started its own shopping website 10 years ago, when internet retailing was less of a guaranteed success, but has reported excellent results.

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AUSTRALIAN ACTRESS Naomi Watts is due to film a movie about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. It will be shot mostly in Alicante's Ciudad de la Luz (City of Light) studio, with the scenes where the tidal wave hits the shores being filmed in a huge water tank, where Naomi became drenched. Although Watts has a stunt-double for some scenes, she admitted she was inside the tank for some seven or eight hours. Around 100 people, including a number of divers, form the cast of the hard-hitting film, titled The Impossible. The second part of the film will be shot in Thailand, after filming finishes in Alicante in October. Directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, the film's starstudded cast includes Ewan McGregor, Marta Etura, and Tom Holland, who started his career as the young ballerina Billy Elliot.

Bollywood and Korean mudbath festival inspired by Tomatina

FILM DIRECTORS from Bollywood say they have taken their inspiration from the Tomatina in Buñol (Valencia), the world’s largest tomato fight. A number of cinema cameras were set up last month in Buñol for the upcoming Zindagi na milegi Dobara (‘you only live once’). The leading lady was at the Tomatina, having also recently shot scenes at Pamplona’s Sanfermínes bull-running fiesta. And the Tomatina has not only reached India – the Government of Korea, headed up by a professor at the Pai Chai University, have also been following the festival. They have been collating information about how it is organised to help them with their annual Mud Festival in the town of Boryeong, which has been an annual tradition for 12 years. “We’re interested in the Tomatina and our Mud Festival being ‘sisters’, since even though in our country we’ve managed to attract over two million people in the last few years, we don’t have the same international fame as the Tomatina in Buñol,” says professor GangHoan Jeong.

Holidaymakers from abroad spend more in Spain this year

Spanish climber gets international recognition as Korean unmasked as cheat THE SOUTH KOREAN Mountaineering Federation has announced that it does not recognise Oh Eun-Sun's ascent of Kanchenjunga one of the world's 14 eight-thousanders, making Spain's Edurne Pasabán the first woman in the world to conquer all 14 of the world's highest peaks. There were so many doubts about the validity of Miss Oh's conquest of Kanchenjunga that her own mountaineering federation had no choice but to rule that she had not in fact completed all eightthousanders when she conquered Annapurna on April 27th this year, therefore nullifying her claim to be the first woman to achieve the goal. Spain's Edurne Pasabán (pictured) completed her 14

eight-thousanders just a few days after Miss Oh, with her conquest of Shisha Pangma on May 17th this year. Pasabán now officially becomes the first woman to have scaled the world's 14 highest mountains, something that the Basque Country mountaineer described as "the icing on the cake" and an "absolute recognition" of her achievement. Nevertheless, Pasabán admitted that the news did not change that much for her, although she was "relieved" not to be the only one who had doubted the validity of the Korean climber's claim. She added that the whole world now knew what "the mountaineering world had known all along".

Women invited to traditional Basque meal for first time in four centuries THE TRADITIONAL lunch held in August for the past 411 years by the ancient brotherhood known as the 'Cofradía de San Roque' to mark the end of the annual festivities in the town of Llodio (Basque Country) saw a major change - women were allowed to attend for the very first time. The presence of women at this special meal, something that has been prohibited since the tradition started in 1599, was challenged legally as discriminatory by one of Llodio's residents two years ago, and the Ararteko (Defender of the Basque People) recently ruled in favour of the resident, ordering the ancient brotherhood to amend their constitution and allow women members. To date, only 14 women have opted to join the more than 400 male members of the brotherhood, and only one asked to come to the recent celebratory luncheon - Estíbaliz Gorostiaga, daughter of outlawed politician and ETA sympathiser Pablo Gorostiaga, who is currently serving a prison sentence for his political activities. Miss Gorostiaga sat where her father normally sits,

and where he is expected to sit again once he is released from prison, but she was not the only woman at the celebration. Sister Marina, a local nun, received a special invitation from the head of the brotherhood in recognition of the 38 years she has dedicated to charity work in the town.

Barça sells Ibrahimovic to AC Milan FOREIGN TOURISTS in Spain spent an average of 90 euros a day in July, claims the ministry of industry and commerce. They say visitors to Spain from abroad in July shelled out around 6.334 million euros in total – or 911 euros per holidaymaker – which represents a 3.7 per cent rise on June's figures. In fact, July was the third consecutive month that tourist spending increased. So far this year, tourists have spent 1.4 per cent more than they did in 2009, with a national average of 906 euros each, or 96 euros a day. Holidaymakers were most flash with their cash in Catalunya and the Canary Islands, followed by the Balearics and Andalucía. Those who parted with the most money were from the UK, spending 5,637 million euros – a rise of 8.8 per cent on last year – followed by the Germans, the French, and the Scandinavians. Hotels and package holidays are on the rise, whilst there was a decline in DIY travel such as rented self-catering apartments.

FC BARCELONA has sold forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic to AC Milan for 24 million euros. The former Juventus and Inter Milan striker will initially join the Italian club on a year-long loan before signing a permanent deal at the end of the season. "I'm delighted that everything has been resolved for the best, even if the situation was not easy," said Ibrahimovic. "Now I will return to Milan but for a different team" "Milan are one of the best teams in the world because of their team and their tradition. With (Alexandre) Pato and Ronaldinho we have a fantastic strikeforce, now it's down to us. "I think Milan's fans will have fun in the stadium with us three." Ibrahimovic was Barça´s big-news

signing a year ago, but had a disappointing first season in Spain and became surplus to requirements following the 40-million-euro acquisition of David Villa from Valencia. AC Milan has reached an agreement with Barcelona for the loan of the Swedish international, with the right to buy him for 24 million euros, which will be paid in three eight-million-euro payments over the next three seasons. Ibrahimovic thus becomes one of a small number of players to have played for Italy's three big teams. He spent two seasons at Juventus before going on to Inter for three years, winning the title in every season. He was sold to Barcelona a year ago for 46 million euros plus Cameroon striker Samuel Eto'o, in a transfer that put the Swede's value at around 69 million euros. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



The eviction process in Spain My tenant is not paying the rent, what can I do? I have been advised that now the eviction process is faster in Spain and I can get back the property in weeks, is this correct?

Dear reader, thank you for letter. Yes, as per the Laws 19/2009 and 13/2009, the last one applicable from the 4th of May 2010 there have been important changes of the Spanish Civil Jurisdiction Law, (1/2000- LEC) that affects the Eviction Process and claims for the rents due for the letting contracts. Some of the most relevant changes are:

1. The creation of OSI Office ( Oficina de Señalamiento Inmediato) has been approved. This office will set at the moment of the presentation of the claim a date for the court hearing, for these kind of cases it should be within 20 days. It is true that at the moment the OSI has not yet been implemented, but it is expected to be within the following months, and then,

the evictions will be incredibly faster than what they are now.

2. The verbal process, which is one of the fastest court processes, will be applicable for these kind of cases; claim for the rents (independently of the amount claimed for), termination of the letting contract, etc.

3. Following some other systems, like the one in UK, where solicitors serve the claim to the respondent, as per the new wording of the article 152 of the LEC, it would be possible in Spain to serve the claim to the respondent directly by the procurador of the applicant. This could save quite a lot of time in the process, as the procurador will be able to serve the claim just one day after its admission, faster than it is done now by the courts. 4. The new wording of the law also foresees the possibility of the execution of the Court order directly without the need to present a new execution claim, and without having to wait for 20 days from the date of the

notification of the Order to the respondent. Again this would save quite a lot of time to the applicantLandlord.

To sum up the new changes in the Law already in place will make the eviction and claim for rent processes faster and more efficient. Once the OSI is implemented and working it would reduce the length of these processes from months/years to weeks.

Should this be your case, or the case of someone you know, we will be more than pleased to assist you.

*The information provided on this article is not intended to be legal advice, but merely conveys general information related to legal issues.

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Are expat retirees happy? A recent survey carried out by NatWest bank suggests that nine out of ten expat retirees are happy with their new life in a different country and are likely to stay there. It also shows that fewer then one in five who have gone to live in Portugal, Spain or France, are considering returning home. Those that were employed in their new country before retiring are less likely to return as well. Last year, nearly 150,000 British Citizens left the country to live abroad, many of them after giving up work. The survey also indicates that there are now an estimated 900,000 expat pensioners, with nearly 300,000 in Australia, 115,000 in Spain and just

under 75,000 in France. The survey was carried out by the Centre For Future Studies among 1,300 retirees.


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World's largest gold coin bought for €3.27 million A gold trading company in Madrid has reportedly snapped up the world's biggest gold coin, which weighs in at 100kg and was sold to them for 3.27 million euros. ORO direct, a Spanish precious metals trading firm placed a written bid for the coin which is from the estate of an insolvent investment firm and was being offered for sale at a rare auction in Vienna. The auction room was packed with more journalists than potential buyers and there were no counter offers. The auction was ordered by the administrator of Austrian Investment Group AvW Invest, which filed for insolvency in May after its owner and chief executive was arrested on suspicion of fraud, breach of trust and other charges. Only five of these coins have been produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and exclusive

owners include Queen Elizabeth, two unidentified investors in Dubai and another who is so reclusive even his or her residence is unknown. The coin is approximately 21 inches in diameter and abut 3cm thick with a purity of 99.999 percent, the purest type on the market. The coin was launched in 2007 and has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Less finance for used cars in Spain It has been reported that 7 out of every 10 drivers pay cash to buy a used car due to the difficulty in obtaining credit in Spain. A whopping 67.7 percent of the Spanish paid cash for their used vehicle during the past year as a result of credit restrictions imposed by financial institutions. The White Paper was presented by the National Association of Motor

Vehicle Dealers, Repair and Parts. It also states that between the years 2007-2009 cash purchases for used cars grew by 16 percent, eventually leaving only 3 out of 10 buyers using credit facilities.

A new record on Oxford Street

Desigual, a Spanish retailer has agreed to pay £710 per square foot for the current Disney store, setting a new record on Oxford Street. This amount is the highest level of rent agreed for the street and easily beats the other previous record of £615. The West End does not appeared to have suffered during the economic downturn as retail sales have thrived due to a weak pound which attracted many tourists and the area is now considered to be one of the most valuable retail destinations in the world. During the month of July the West End’s retail sales rose by 1.3% year-on-year and showing a growth of 9.6% Number 360 Oxford Street is where Desigual will be laying roots

and the deal is worth over £1.5 million a year. Also on the street, construction continues on the new Park House which is the biggest development there since 1960. Once completed there will be 330.000sq of office and retail space on offer and this should be ready by 2012. Companies that are possibly interested at the moment include Forever 21, for its first Central London store, and also J Crew and lululemon, the yoga inspired clothing group. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS




ow we’re not talking about stripping off down to nada, perish the thought! Nude tones are a stunning way to show off your femininity and many of the top designers can’t get enough of these subtle tones and flesh coloured garmets. But be careful, not everyone can carry them off! The choice of shade has to be just right to match the colour of the skin, otherwise you could end up looking a little faded. Nude colours can look great on both tanned and lightly toned skin, so after this heatwave many of you are probably glowing so take full advantage, whilst you can. If you have extremely pale skin opt for a more rosy tone. When choosing a colour, think romance, shades of beige, pale pink and faded grey are ideal but don’t try to squeeze into something too tight as this could end up making you look too naked, ordinary RIGHT: Rare Nude Pink One Shoulder Flower Dress Available from and plain. The refined look works best, for instance, loose clothing, skirts and tops, BELOW LEFT: YOGO EGO Double Layer dresses, something that is very light and Jersey Wrap Neck Dress floaty. £35.00 Nude trousers are not cool unless they are loose fitting. Don’t worry about matching the same colour exactly. As long as your keep within the same colour family and just layer up the pieces it will work well against your skin. Add a dash of colour To prevent the washed out look, add some colour to your outfit, maybe a pair of bright red shoes, an electric blue belt or some vibrant jewellery. Go for different textures within the whole outfit, for example if the dress is floaty, accessorise with a leather handbag, or add a sequinned scarf to the ensemble. Top the look off with some chunky jewellery, oversized, detailed or vintage is great and different coloured shoes with a classy handbag. Go get ‘em girls!

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Jewellery workshop. Economic prices. We sell silver jewellery. Next to the town ’s market C/ Magallanes, 2. Dénia. Tel. 96 578 99 04 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



Just as nature intended Natural health & beauty products which could turn your friends green! If you have sensitive skin then organic products are ideal as they are free from ingredients that can irritate the skin, so why not try something a little healthier?

Natural Oils like sweet almond and wheatgerm were the first known skincare ingredients and they are very much like human sebum. They can be used to cleanse and moisturise and are suitable for all skin types. Other good cleansers are jojoba oils, just massage them gently into the

skin and wipe off with a damp, clean cloth. For the fine skin under the eyes, try wheatgerm which is the richest natural oil and makes an excellent moisturiser. Now dry skin will benefit from carrot oil. Just add it to moisturiser or alternatively mix it with salt to exfoliate your body, for the face, mix carrot oil with oatmeal flakes. Tea tree oil has used for been centuries and is said to be a good antiseptic, not onnly does it deep clean it can also heal. Tip: for a flaky scalp add a drop to your shampoo.

Don’t panic if you can’t afford a 50€ tub of cream for your face, grab the Vitamin E capsules from y o u r cupboard and using a pin, make a small hole in one the capsules and spread directly onto your face. Beauty products that are packed with vitamins will give your skin a natural boost.

QUICK FIX FACE MASK - Squeeze oil from Aloe Vera Plant (1 tsp), Mix with 1 egg yolk and 1 tsp of Olive Oil. Put on face for 20 mins. Wash off and put on your favourite moisturiser. Your skin will feel a million dollars!


If you suffer from depression, anxiety, impatience, inability to concentrate, insomnia or irritability then this could mean that you need more high tryptophan foods in your diet. Foods high in tryptophan can help regulate your appetite, help you sleep better and also eleviate your mood. Some of the world's healthiest foods that are rich in tryptophan include roasted chicken breast, lean beef tenderloin, roasted loin of lamb, roasted turkey breast, nuts, seeds, bananas, tuna and shellfish. Tryptophan is one of the 10 essential amino acids that the body uses to synthesize the proteins it needs. Its well know for its role in the production of the nervous system messengers, including those related to relaxation, restfulness and sleep. Many health professionals believe that the food sources of tryptophan do not cause a significant enough

ABOVE: Deep Sleep Comforting Milk Bath Float – Transform an ordinary bath into a dreamy, relaxing soak before bedtime. Jujube date, hops, milk protein and Community Trade camomile helps to promote a restful sleep, whilst oat protein, milk protein and Community Trade cocoa butter help comfort and moisturise. User trial showed this product to be popular with its fragrance, which 98% of users enjoyed and 79% found using it to be an effective way of making them feel restful and ready for sleep. AVAILABLE FROM THE BODY SHOP.

RIGHT: Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel – A totally invigorating body gel to stimulate and hydrate, leaving soft, radiant looking skin and refreshed senses. With caring ingredients such as conditioning Community Trade aloe as well as nourishing jojoba, and guarana, ginger and Community Trade organic bergamot to uplift and stimulate. User trials showed this product to have an energizing and uplifting effect (81%) while 88% said their skin felt refreshed after use (88%). AVAILABLE FROM THE BODY SHOP

increase in blood levels of tryptophan to produce therapeutic results and therefore supplements could be taken to increase blood levels. The Griffonia seed contains 5-HTP, an amino acid which affects the brain's neurochemistry and is used to raise serotonin levels in the brain. This function should help to regular mood, appetite and sleeping habits. To find out more pop down to La Bio Pelu in Denia. Tel 965 996 957

Paseo del Saladar, 64, 03700 Dénia Tel. 96 642 67 67. Mob. 609 692 678 e-mail:


ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

965 996 957 655096216

T h e B a r b er Denia Pamperda y Hai r, Once a mon selected treatth with N ai l s ments for & Bea ut y 5,00€ each Calle Sertorio (in the square behind Giles Walker Estate Agents

Telephone 96 579 4202

CENTRO DE TRADUCCIONES - Official translations, all languages, fast and professional service, for lawyers, courts, deeds, solicitors, real estate agencies, official documents, birth and death certificates, community charge. Paseo del Saladar, 64 - 1º. Apdo. de correos 330. Dénia 03700 (Alicante). Tel. 966426767 - 609692678.

ENGLISH SWORN TRANSLATOR - Authorised by the Foreign Affairs Spanish Ministry. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a translation. All areas available (sworn translation, web pages, documents, books, instruction manuals etc), professional service. English, Spanish and German translations. Tel. 607 289 921

Tint + Cut + Dry...................... 20 € Wash + Dry ............................. 5 €  Child cut .................................. 5 €  Mans cut ................................. 6 €  Whole leg wax....................... 12 €  Eyelash tint ............................. 6 €  Manicure ................................. 5 €  Pedicure from .......................... 6 €  Waxing half p+ English + armpits .................................. 10 €  Permanent colour to eyelashes .............................. 14 €  Eyebrows ................................. 2 €  Upper lip .................................. 2 €  Facial .................................... 18 €  Mask & Natural Peel................. 5 € Acupuncture by laser service 

Avenida Ramón Ortega 5 - 03700 Dénia (next to the INEM office)

Official translations, all languages, fast and professional, courts, deeds, solicitors, real estate. Traducciones oficiales, todos los idiomas, rápido y profesional, abogados, juzgados, escrituras, inmobiliarias.

Treatments & Natural Products


Centro Comercial 153b, Las Marinas Km2, Denia (Near Mas y Mas) Tel (0034) 966 430 360

General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Implants - Orthodontics Av. del Pla 81 local 3 - 03730 Jávea Tel./Fax: 96 579 20 51

includes eyebrows, ears & nose trim.

No appointment necessary Opening hours:9.30am - 1.30pm & 5pm - 8pm

Avda. de Lepanto CC. Port Market, Puerto de Javea. Tel: 639 256 771 GAY MASSAGE by masculine sexy boys in luxury surroundings near Benidorm. Discretion assured. Telephone 646 642 575 for an appointment.

Gay Massage Your magic shop.

Complimentary Card

Card Nº 1000011

8€ per cut

Come and make your wishes come true. C/. San Pedro Mártir no 10 bajo izq (al lado del zapatero) en Javea. Tel 664 727705

by masculine sexy boys near Benidorm. Discretion assured.

Tel: 646 6 42 575 call for an appointment Email:

Dining Out

s a n r e b a T n a Li zarr

Lizarran’s secret is making something simple into a small work of art. Miniature cuisine for all tastes at a reasonable price and using imagination and the best traditional ingredients to create its pinchos, tapas, and dishes to surprise your senses.

C/. Patricio Ferrandiz, 50. Dénia, Tel. 96 578 41 11 Opening Times: 09:00 - 00:00 h 10% discount on lunch or evening meal.

o n o g i l o P El S

ituated in a peaceful area, El Poligono specialise in almuerzos (brunch) and home made foods including a wide variety of tapas. Free customer car park with easy access.Proprietor: Antonio López. Head Chef: Milton Cuisine: Mediterránea/Casera Tel. 96 578 09 60 Sundays closed Capacity: 50. Menú del día: 8,50 (IVA included). Guide Price: À la carte: 15 (inc. IVA)

EL POLIGONO Partida Madrigueres, 19- Dénia, Alicante. For reservations call 96 578 09 60 Open 07.00-21.00 Friday to Saturday 0700.-01.30

Free bottle of house wine with lunch or dinner for two, for SPAINSAVE cardholders.

o n a N Ca L

ocated at the end of the Las Rotas road, surrounded by cliffs and the sea, savour the wide variety of rice and fish dishes whilst taking in the spectacular views from the dining terrace.

CA NANO RESTAURANT Ctra. Barranc del Monyo 140 (End of Las Rotas) Open 10.30 - 01.30 hours. Tel 96 643 09 05 Free bottle of house wine with lunch or dinner for two, for SPAINSAVE cardholders. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


Afternoon Tea Polish up the china, grab the teapot and get out the Earl Grey. These cakes are sure to get your guests asking for seconds!

CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH PEANUT BUTTER ICING INGREDIENTS For the sponge: 175g unsalted butter, softened 150g caster sugar 25g light muscovado sugar 3 large eggs - room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 2 tablespoons milk 150g self-raising flour 30g cocoa powder

For the filling: 1 x 45g bar dark chocolate 1 x 45g bar milk chocolate 125g smooth peanut butter 25g unsalted butter, softened 2 teaspoons icing sugar, optional 2 teaspoons cocoa powder, optional peanut brittle to decorate

METHOD Heat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. 1. For the sponge In a food mixer bowl, put the soft butter and beat until creamy. Then add both the sugars and beat until light and fluffy. 2. Individually beat in the eggs, beating well after each addition. Add the vanilla and beat. Sift the flour and cocoa powder into the bowl, add the milk and mix gently until well combined. Spoon the mixture equally into the prepared tins or separate cake cases and spread evenly. Bake in the heated oven for 15–20 minutes, or until the sponge springs back

INGREDIENTS 175 g butter, 175 g caster sugar, 3 eggs, beaten 175 g self-raising flour, FILLING 3 tbsp strawberry jam, 500 ml double cream, METHOD 1. Set the oven to 180C/gas 4. Lightly grease two sandwich tins, approx. a diameter of 20cm. 2. Cream together the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy, and then slowly add the beaten egg. 3. Carefully fold in the sifted flour and spoon the mixture into the prepared cake tins. 4. Bake for 20 minutes. Leave to cool and then remove from the tins. 5. Whip the cream until thick and use it to fill the sponge with the jam. Alternatively just fill with a good jam. 6. Dust liberally with icing sugar to serve.


why pay more?

Tel. 96 648 21 40 03728 ALCALALÍ (Alicante)

de Mena Keeping to traditions / Siguiendo la tradición Calle Patricio Ferrándiz 50 Tel. 578 41 11- Dénia

Restaurant Tel. 966 427 407 C/Loreto, 42 03700 Dénia

C.C. Portal de la Marina Tel. 96 647 74 44 - Ondara

C E R V E C E R I A C/ Sertorio, 24 Tel. 96 642 54 16 03700 DÉNIA why pay more?

Complimentary Card

Card Nº 1000011

Friendliness, Education, Service, Cleanliness, Quality & Innovation

«Cheap daily menus» Partida Madrigueres, 19 - Dénia

Tel. 96 578 09 60


Tel: 96 648 04 24 Mob: 646 379 605 Jalon, Alicante

C.C El Poblet Ctra Las Marinas Km 2, Denia 646 139 215

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Card Nº 1000011

Un sitio para volver You’ll keep coming back Cerrado lunes - Closed Mondays

when gently pressed and is starting to colour on top. Turn out onto a wire rack, remove paper and leave to cool. Meanwhile, make the filling and topping: Break up both bars of chocolate and put into a heatproof bowl. Melt gently and be careful not to burn. Remove the bowl from the heat and leave to cool for a couple of minutes. Using a wooden spoon beat in the peanut butter and the soft butter. When very smooth taste the mixture, add a little icing sugar/cocoa powder as needed. Set one sponge layer on a serving plate. Spread with half the peanut filling. Cover with the second sponge then spread the rest of the peanut mixture on top. Decorate with peanut brittle. Store in an airtight container consume within 5 days.

l al ICE ne R Ju F P Y in L NL k HA O ee es GS t w ish IN 1s n d OK ai O m B


2 x 20.5cm sandwich tins, greased and baselined or alternatively use cake cases for individual cakes

• Over 300 different Wines • Open Kitchen • Personalised Catering Service

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

Specialising in Rice dishes, Fish & sea food

End of the Rotas Tel. 96 578 09 43 03700 DÉNIA (Alicante)

NEW DAILY MENU €8,50 TO CHOOSE 10% DISCOUNT! WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY Schnitzelworld THURSDAY - BBQed SPARERIBS FRIDAY - Fisch’n’Chips and more and the all time best Steaks in Town BISTRO ALEGRÍA, DÉNIA-LA PEDRERA

609 915 361

Paellas, fideuà, arroz a banda, meat and fish “Mediterranean Cuisine” “Home-made” “Menu of the day” Open all year round (A/C) Live music on Saturday evenings. Playa Almadrava, 1. Ctra. Las Marinas, km. 8,5 Els Poblets. Reservations: 96 647 43 69

CALLING ALL RE ADE RS , R ESTAUR ANTS & B ARS! ! If you have got a recipe that you would like to see featured in the Think Spain Guide, drop us a line - Email

CARROT CAKE INGREDIENTS 275g plain flour 1 teaspoon salt 3 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda 4 eggs 400g caster sugar 350ml vegetable oil 375g grated carrots 125g chopped walnuts (optional) 200g sultanas (optional)

METHOD 1. Preheat the oven to 160 C / gas 3. Lightly grease and flour a 20cm cake tin. 2. In a large bowl, combine flour, salt, cinnamon, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda. 3. In a large mixing bowl cream together eggs and sugar. Add oil. 4. Slowly add dry ingredients and blend together well. Add carrots, walnuts and sultanas. 5. Pour into cake tin and bake for 35-45 minutes. Check after the first 35 minutes, to see if a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. If not, continue to cook, checking every 5 minutes. 6. Top with a cream cheese icing.

RASPBERRY AND WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE INGREDIENTS 40 g butter, 100 g digestive biscuits, 300 g Raspberries quartered 2 tbsp cordial, 500 g mascarpone, 4 tbsp icing sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 100 g white chocolate, roughly chopped METHOD 1. Melt the butter in a small pan over a medium heat. Turn off the heat and set aside. 2. Place the biscuits into a strong plastic bag and bash with

telefono: 96 578 80 21 avda/ alicante, 19 denia

a rolling pin to make fine crumbs. Tip into the pan with the melted butter and mix well to combine. 3. Divide the biscuit mixture between 6 large ramekins (about 1cm layer of biscuit in each) or 12 shot glasses, pressing down well. Allow to chill for 10 minutes in the fridge to set.

Open 7 days a week 12.00-15.30 and 18.00-24.00 Avda. Colomer, s/n (ctra. JáveaJesús Pobre) Km. 1 JÁVEA Tel 96 646 37 68 - 687 623 758

World Cup Promotions Big Screen TV

Childrens Soft Play & Ball Park also Bookings for partys taken

Cabo La Nao, 63, Balcon-al-Mar, Javea.

(Opposite Swiss Cable Offices)

AR -73 Javea Park N 12, 03730, Javea o

Tel 96 646 14 17

6. Spoon the raspberries and blackberry cordial on top and chill in the fridge until ready to serve.

4. Place a handful of raspberries in a bowl and pour over the blackberry cordial. Set aside. 5. Combine the mascarpone, icing sugar, vanilla extract, the rest of the raspberries and the

Ctra. Barranc del Monyo 140 (End of Las Rotas) RESERVATIONS 96 643 09 05


white chocolate. Spoon on top of the biscuit bases, levelling off the surfaces.

TEL: 96 577 0625

BRITISH HOME MEALS SERVICE HAS ARRIVED IN SPAIN RESTAURANTE – LOUNGE Promotional Opening Menu : 5,5 € Day & Night Open: 9am to 2 am. Av. Libertad nº 13 (Playa del Arenal) Phone: 965770104

CN-332, km. 193 - Pedreguer

m 649 50 28 98

Don’t forget you can view the digital version of the Th i n k S p a i n Gu i d e online every month w w w.thinksp a m To advertise call 96 270 8087 Email

Just recently a new company opened on the Costa Blanca providing a service that has been missing in the area for years. Oakhouse Foods are a HOME MEALS DELIVERY SERVICE that delivers high quality frozen meals direct to your door with no delivery cost. If you find it hard to get to the shops or you’re just too busy to spend time in the kitchen preparing home cooked food, Oakhouse Foods has the perfect answer. Although they are new to this area, they are a well established and trusted service in the UK with over 15 year’s experience, delivering to almost 15,000 satisfied customers every week. Some of you may have seen their TV adverts on channel 4! You may have a perception about frozen ready meals in your mind but the quality and flavour that they have reached is unbelievable. This is thanks to their chef Simon Hodges and his team who are continuously cooking, tasting and adjusting their dishes to make sure the food they produce is the best it can be, it is also frozen from fresh to hold in all the vitamins. Simon has 20 years experience in the kitchen and it’s his instinctive passion for good food that gives their range that personal touch. Their mission is to provide high quality frozen


5€ discou rs Offer nt w first orde ith your r 20€ or m of ore Quote Thin Spain Gu k ide

meals to the Costa Blanca. They are also aware that in this day and age you need to provide for special dietary requirements. 90% of their meals are suitable for diabetics as they have less than 5g of added sugar per portion. It is amazing how well priced the meals are, they even do a cost cutter pack which is 7 main meals delivered to your door for 22.75€!! Most people order a weeks worth of meals and just get them out of their freezer as and when they want, no cooking, no fuss. Having tasted a couple of their meals it seems that Oakhouse Foods are here to stay and it wont be long before they are providing healthy, wholesome meals throughout the Costa Blanca. FOR A FREE BROCHURE CALL 966 89 55 86 (Mon – Fri 9am-5pm) ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


That’s Entertainment B

CASTILLO SOHAIL - FUENGIROLA (MÁLAGA) 25th September 2010 oney M were formed in 1975 and during the disco era of the late 1970s, they churned out hit after hit including Daddy Cool, Rasputin, Ma Baker, Brown Girl in the Ring and many more. The group were put together by German record producer Frank Farian and the original line up included Jamaicans Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett, with Maizie Williams from Montserrat and Bobby Farrell from Aruba. The group’s most successful year was 1978 when they released a double A-sided single ‘Rivers of Babylon/Brown Girl in the Ring, which went on to become a massive hit all over Europe and it reached number one in several countries. According to the BBC, the "Mum-mum-mum-mah" hook used in the Lady Gaga song Poker Face is sampled from Boney M’s song ‘Ma Baker’.

Chayanne in Valencia


15th September 2010

hayanne began his career as a solo artist after the group Los Chicos separated in 1984. He signed with RCA Ariola and released his first album, Chayanne es mi Nombre. His second album was released in 1986 and was entitled Sangre Latina. After 3 years he switched over to Sony Music and released a selftitled album with a blend of dance and ballad tracks, which he would eventually become famous for. In 1998 he received his second Grammy nomination with the

Appearing in

Marina Sur, Va


album Atado a Tu Amor Chayanne’s 13th album Mi Tiempo was released in April 2007 and debuted at Number 2 on the Top Latin Album chart and sold 17,000 copies in its first week of release. Since then he has embarked on an international tour which included Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and the United States.

Limp Bizkit Palacio Vistalegre, Madrid, Spain Sunday, 12th September 2010


he American rock band Limp Bizkit are hitting the stage in Madrid this month. In the past the group have been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards and have won several other awards and have sold an estimated 35 million albums worldwide. The group formed in 1995 and achieved mainstream success with their second album, Significant Other which was released in 1999. Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, their third album sold 1.05 million copies in just it’s first week which made it the fastest-selling rock album ever, this broke the record held for 7 years by Pearl Jam. In 2001, Mike Smith was brought in to replace the departure of Wes Borland. Borland then returned to the band in 2005, left again and rejoined in February 2009. Their first full length album with the original line-up is due to be released this year and will be entitled ‘Gold Cobra.’ Catch them on Sunday 12th September. Tickets available from


ADVERTISING 96 270 8087

Appearing in



15th September in Madrid 18th September in Barcelona


he great British rock band Supertramp are due to appear in both Madrid and Barcelona this month. Supertramp have had a number of hits including Goodbye Stranger, ‘Bloody Well Right’, ‘The Logical Song’, ‘Breakfast in America’ and ‘Give a little bit’. They attained superstardom in Canada, the United States, most of Europe, South Africa, Australia and Brazil, but not quite as popular in the UK. Regardless of this, the album ‘Breakfast in America’ was a massive hit in the UK, reaching number three and it featured two top 10 singles.

Saturday 25th September 21.00 MADRID


oldfrapp is an English electronic music duo, formed in 1999 in London, England, that consists of Alison Goldfrapp (vocals/ synthesizer) and Will Gregory (synthesizer). The album Supernature, their third, enjoyed international chart success and produced three number-one danceorientated singles, it was also nominated for Best Electronic/Dance Album at the 49th Grammy Awards.

Appearing in

Valencia Joaquin Sabina

18th September 22.00 Marina Sur, Valencia

With The Sporting Touch



The Perfect Paella? Appearing in


Peter Gabriel

Palacio De Deportes de la Comunidad Madrid Wednesday 22nd September 20.30


eter Brian Gabriel rose to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the rock group Genesis. Gabriel went on to achieve a successful solo career after leaving Genesis and has been involved in various humanitarian efforts. In 1980 he collected a group of people together to found WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) and this has brought together traditional and modern music, arts and dance from every corner of the globe. Gabriel has released 11 solo albums and his video ‘Sledgehammer’, which he produced, won the most music video awards ever. He also produced the track ‘The Book of Love’, which featured in the film ‘Shall We Dance’, starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. In 2009 he was awarded the Polar Music Prize and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis this year. Peter has extended the 'New Blood', 'Scratch My Back' live experience to select European venues in 2010. The New Blood tour is Peter Gabriel, orchestra, no drums, no guitars. He is also appearing in Barcelona on 23rd September 2010.

As audiences at their Alcalali theatre know full well Careline Theatre actors bring to the amateur stage the professional touch. And now it is becoming apparent that during their summer break they bring to their’ resting’ the sporting touch. Fiercely competitive ‘Girls’ v the ‘Boys’ sport has long been a feature of the company’s Welcome Back Parties. These are held in the lovely grounds of Fontilles and the sport follows a paella feast with salad, melon and sangria. This year’s party is on Sunday September 19 and if you would like to be a paying guest - just 9 euros- give Hazel Worrall a ring on 96 573 3096.


BENITATXELL ARTS CENTRE Calle Jose Antonio On SUNDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER. From 4.30PM – 6.30PM For kids of all ages. €5 per child including food, drink, cakes and entertainment Bouncy castle, party games and lots of fun Wear a silly hat * BenitatxellArtsCentre competition (optional) CalleJOSEANTONIO Very Young children should be accompanied by an adult (bar and SEEWEBSITEFOR snacks available)



Book now on 680 673 871.

The Madrid International Fashion Week 2nd-4th September (Various dates) Parque Ferial Juan Carlos 1 (IFEMA)

Tel/fax 96 575 63 20 -

Algemesi 5th-8th September Algemesi

You can buy a guitar at factory prices!

Opening hours: from 9 to 13 h and from 14.30 to 19 h C/ Estación, 25 (Opp. train station) Gata de Gorgos





The Sueca Paella Festival starts on the 30th August and runs until 11th September. This annual contest sees local chefs battling to be the champion as they sweat over large pans of bubbling yellow rice on open fires. The paella contest is on the final day of Sueca’s festival and other activities include a horse parade and the obligatory fireworks. Sueca is surrounded by paddy fields and if you want rice, then there is no better place to be, paellas are abundant including chicken, rabbit, snails, mussels and other tasty morsels to tantalise your palate. The festival is in honour of the patron Saint Virgen de Sales and lasts for about two weeks. So if you want to taste the best paellas in the area get yourself down to Sueca, the paella contest begins at 12pm on the last day.

The Madrid International Fashion week is hosted twice a year at the IFEMA centre. It is the most important fashion exhibition in the country for professionals. Here you can see models showcasing the latest collections from up-andcoming designers and also from some of the well-known designers. Spanish goods are still recognised on the international market for their quality and competitive prices and each year the number of foreign exhibitors increases.

Take a trip to Algemesí this month and witness some spectacular acrobats. The town celebrates the Virgen de la Salud Fiesta with amazing human pyramids, processions, dancing, plenty of local food and wine and of course music.

Semana de Toros 6 - 12 Sep 2010 (annual) Segorbe

A week long celebration which attracts over 200,000 visitors to Segorbe. The bulls are accompanied by horsemen through to the town’s main square via Calle Colon.

Villena Moors & Christians 4th-9th September Villena


he traditional event of the Moors and Christians dates back to 1474 and each year the streets of Villena are filled with thousands of people dressed as warriors and moors. The opening of the festivities includes processions and prayers in honour of the patron saint, Nuestra Señora de las Virtudes. The second day the events are livened up with the pasodoble festival and local bands parade through the town signalling the entrance of the Moors & Christians. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087


Out of Africa in This September



ould you like to wander among herds of antelopes, giraffes and rhinos? Explore the habitats of the aardvarks, hyenas and warthogs? Or stand back and marvel at the elephants, gorillas and leopards? Look no further as you can find them all in Bioparc, Valencia. Located at the Parque de Cabecera, this zoo covers an area of over 100,000m2 with almost 4,000 animals and is accessed via a walkway of 145m which crosses the old Turia riverbed. The animals live together in groups, as they would in nature, even the predators are nearby but are kept separated by barriers that cannot be seen by the visitors. The zoo has been recreated highlighting different African


ADVERTISING 96 270 8087

ecosystems including the wet and dry savannahs and the island of Madagascar, future development projects include Asia and the subtropics. Walking around the zoo is a totally unique experience as there are no cages and the various species live as they would in the wild. All that separates the visitors from the animals are rivers, tunnels disguised as fallen trees, and rocks, which gives you a safari-like experience. The Madagascar Zone is home to the monkeys and lemurs and this is one of the first areas that you enter. Here the animals walk freely across your path and sit on the grass nearby. Some of the animals have come from Valencia Zoo and others have been donated by 15 different zoos in Spain, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and even Colchester Zoo in Essex. Put aside at least 4 hours for a visit and don't forget to pick up a map which guides you through the zoo. There are a few places to eat including Cafetería Kidepo which is open all day and serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and sandwiches or just sit and enjoy a coffee whilst watching the giraffes and lions wandering around. Alternatively you can hang on until lunch and indulge in a buffet menu at Restaurant Samburu. Open from 13.00 until 16.00. Adult price is around 14.50€ which is 3 courses including drink and bread. Childrens' menu is main dish and fruit/yoghurt drink and bread for just 8.50€ Weekends and holidays you can eat in Grill Ndoki which has burgers, wings, skewers etc and full menus start at around 7,50€. Bioparc opens at 10am and has various closing times, dependant on

what time of the year it is, tickets are 21,50 adult and 16,00 for children. Under 4's go free. There are various discounts and prices for groups. To find out more go to the website

& Arabian Nights I

t's time to kick off your shoes and settle down in the Hemisferic, with a large carton of popcorn and a soft drink. For those of you that have not yet been to this eye-shaped building, then let me explain. The Hemisfèric consists of a hall, a main entrance, a projection hall, and a Perimeter Ring. In the hall you can find the main services open to the public (ticket offices, cafeteria, shop, information desk, booking counter, etc.); there is also a central space for temporary exhibitions. The projection hall, which can hold over 300 people, has a concave screen with a surface area of 900 square metres and a diameter of 24 metres. The inner area includes the "Carl Sagan" Perimeter Ring which was named in honour of the great American communicator. This space is devoted to the holding of events of all kinds. It is an oval or elliptic area that surrounds the dome of the projection hall and is protected by the large roof of the building. A pond of 24,000 square metres surrounds the whole of this structure. Now the IMAX 3D cinema normally has between 5 and 7 shows on display and it’s a great experience for not just the adults but the kids as well. Once in the cinema you lay on the floor horizontally and view the screen above you. Exciting stuff. Showing this month is ‘Arabia.’ You can explore the heart of this exotic land and experience its mysticism. During the desert crossing, you will ride the dunes on a camel, dive into the treasures of the Red Sea, and explore the ruins of a stunning lost city. "Arabia" tells the story of a young Arab brought up in Chicago who decides to return to the homeland of his parents. On his journey, he discovers



Produced by Orbita Max, the film tells the store of Jana who, moved by her encounter with a bushman boy that she meets in the streets of Barcelona, sets off on an imaginary journey through the Namibian desert accompanied by her trusty winged horse. Jana searches for answers to a ream of

questions that arise from her encounters with other children, animals and natural phenomena. She discovers the difficult living conditions of the desert-dwellers and how they manage to get by. The film combines real footage, shot mostly in the deserts and savannahs of Africa, with computer-generated images to create a unique audiovisual experience. The Calle Menor at the Science Museum is also holding a free photography exhibition on the making of this film in the natural

that is inheriting an extraordinary culture. Through these IMAX images, the audience will discover the lost city of Madain Saleh and explore its ancient tombs, travel with a caravan of camels along the spice route and enjoy the warmth of a Bedouin tent. Viewers will also travel to the Islamic Golden Age, where science and Arab erudition blossomed; they will survive a desert sandstorm; they can dive the coral reefs of the Red Sea and discover ancient shipwrecks. They will even have the unique opportunity to join the Hajj pilgrimage which each year brings more than 3 million Muslims to the holy city of Mecca where they will reaffirm their faith.

landscapes of Namibia and South Africa and in the city of Barcelona.


Visit L’hemisferic, City of Science and Arts


Hostal Antigua Morellana

* 18 Bedrooms with bathrooms * Air Conditioning * TV & Telephone * In the centre of Valencia next to the Mercado Central Calle En Bou, 2 46001 Valencia Tel 96 391 57 73 E-mail: ADVERTISING 96 270 8087





R Apple’s iTunes U is home to more than 350,000 free lectures, videos, readings, and podcasts from learning institutions all over the world. Universities such as Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Beijing Open University and The University of Tokyo, museums including MoMa, and broadcasters such as PBS offer free content on iTunes U. Content ranges from lectures and presentations to audiobooks and course materials. Students can download content from iTunes U, then listen to it anywhere on a Mac, PC, or mobile device such as iPod, iPad, or iPhone. Download knowledge. Accessing iTunes U is simple. Just

tap More in the iTunes app on iPhone or iPod touch, or tap the iTunes U icon on iPad. On a Mac, click iTunes U in the iTunes Store. From there you can browse and download content directly to whatever device you’re using. And since your students are probably familiar with iTunes already, it’s easy for them to find what they’re looking for on iTunes U. You can assign content from iTunes U just as you would articles and books. Students can download iTunes U audio and video offerings one at a time, or subscribe to entire courses and have new items download automatically as soon as they become available.

emember the days at school, when you could never be without your faithful English dictionary to seek out a rather long word that had yet to reach your vocabulary? Well it’s all very sad, as according to a report, Oxford University Press has said that it’s website is so successful that it’s not sure ‘whether the 126-year-old dictionary’s next edition will be printed on paper at all.’ Currently the website now gets 2 million hits a month from subscribers in the US who pay $295 a year, whereas the current printed edition has sold about 30,000 sets in total. It’s printed future is still yet unknown but a team of 80 lexicographers has been working on the third edition of the OED known as OED3 for the past 21 years!

minimum consumption



during 6 months remaining time 20,95€/month hurry and take advantage of this great offer maximum performace 

Maximum speed: up to 20 Mb download and 1 Mb upload The best router on the market with WiFi N  Mobile Internet Kit to navigate from the first day  Calls to national landlines and to your favourite Orange mobiles  Call customer service for free 

DENIA SHOP: Avda Alicante nº 23 - bajo 03700 Denia (Alicante) Tlf. 966425202; Fax: 966435203

JAVEA SHOP (puerto): Avda. Lepanto nº 17 - bajo 03730 Jávea (Alicante) Tlf./Fax: 965793330

DENIA SHOP: C/ Campos nº 45 - bajo 03700 Denia (Alicante) Tlf./Fax: 966431040

CALPE SHOP: Avda. Diputación S/N, CC Plaza Central, local P35 03710 Calpe (Alicante) Tlf. 965874851; Fax: 965874852

JAVEA SHOP (pueblo): Avda. Principe de Asturias nº 11 - bajo 03730 Jávea (Alicante) Tlf: 966462465; Fax: 965796141

OLIVA SHOP: C/ Padre Antonio Salelles nº3 46780 Oliva (Valencia) Tlf./Fax: 962963401

ONDARA SHOP: CC Portal de la Marina, Avda Costa Blanca nº1, local B38 03760 Ondara (Alicante) Tlf./Fax: 965767943 OFFICE: Avda Alicante nº23 – 1º 03700 Denia (Alicante) Tlf: 966435413; Fax: 966435144

ADSL direct coverage: ADSL Maximum speed promotion new lines that contract an Orange line, monthly cost 15,95€ (18,50€ IVA inc, 18,82€ to begin from 1/07/10) during 6 months contracted before 30/6/10. Includes ADSL 20MB/1MB+calls national + Router Livebox 2. Maintenance of line 14€ (16,24€/month IVA inc, 16,52€ to start from 1/7/10. Price to start from the 7th month, maintenance of line included 34,95€ (40,54€/month IVA inc, 41,24€ to start from 1/7/10). Commitment to stay 18 months. Possible speed attainable by each of the services is subject to the quality of the telephone line. Comparison with other operators in savings products in front of the ADSL 10Mb to 20Mb with Orange online. No promotion


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he techy guys at Google are keeping very busy this month as they have announced that users of Gmail will now be able to call telephones directly from their email, which basically puts them in competition with Skype. Great news if you’re in the US and Canada as Google have promised free calls for the rest of this year, other countries will get charged a low rate from as low as 2 cents per minute. According to analysts, the service is likely to be a bigger competitive threat to companies like Skype, rathern than the traditional telephone companies. The service, according to Google, works like a normal phone in that a user could click on the ‘call phone’ option in their chat buddy list in Gmail, type in the number or enter a contact’s name. You can top up your credit using a credit card. Recently, Google also launched its Priority Inbox, which splits your Gmail into three sections: important messages, starred messages and everything else. The system automatically learns which messages are important to you and places them at the top of your email queue. Don’t ask me how it works, but if it stops all of these spammers with rich dead relatives, wanting to share their fortune with you, then I’m all for it.







EMERGENCIES 24h. 629 930 909 XALÓ - C/Joanot Martorell, 5 local 4


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Tel. 966 480 986 JESÚS POBRE - C/La Luna, 1 Mon-Fri: 17-20 - Tel. 96 575 68 84

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veterinary clinic

Vet Service on call 24 hours

RESERVE NOW FOR CHRISTMAS 24 hours Tel. 629 059 059

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0034-600 55 20 30 - 0034-965 96 06 58

ARDEN GRANGE The Complete Dry Dog y Cat Food

Highest Quality German Shepherds - Simply the best Bred to shepherd Club Standards - Tattood + Vaccinated

bamboo basket cane coir hemp jute / hessian linen rattan seagrass sisal wicker

practical to move, they are an ideal alternative to wool in the hot summer months and their hypoallergenic properties make them the perfect choice for people with allergies. Their subtle colours make them highly versatile, combining well with both modern and rustic styles of décor.

10 am to 6 pm

Ctra. Nacional 332 , Km 193.50 · 03750 PEDREGUER (Alicante) Tel. 96 645 66 26 -

0034-6000034 55 20600 30 -55 0034-965 20 30 96 06 58

0034 965 96 06 58

Note that mimbre is used to translate basket, cane and wicker. Be careful when translating the word carpet into Spanish. The dictionary will often give you two choices – alfombra and moqueta. Una alfombra is what we would normally call a rug and la moqueta refers to the kind of carpet or floor covering that is fitted from wall to wall. The word alfombra can also be used to refer to a mat, although the diminutive alfombrilla is usually used. A bath mat, for example is una alfombrilla de baño. The word mat is often translated as estera, with the diminutive esterilla being used to refer to the kind of mat you might use for yoga or pilates. Be careful not to use alfombrilla or esterilla for the kind of mats you put on the table. The correct word for a table mat is either un mantel individual or un salvamanteles.



Emergencies 24 h: Tel. 600 266 686 Internal Medicine and Surgery  Surgery  Traumatology Radiology and Ultrasound  Odontology Oftalmology  Cardiology  Homoeopathy and Analysis Clinic  Hospitalisation  Grooming Animal food and Accessories  Home visits  Dog Training HOSPITAL BENISSA Jalón Costa de Benissa Avda. Pais Valencia CLÍNICA CLINICA Monday to Friday: 28 esq. Ausiàs March La Virgen, 74 Mornings: Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 10.30 to 13.30 h Tel. 96 573 19 55 Tel. 96 648 04 94 Evenings: C.C. Cap Blanc 17 to 20 h From 11latoSal) 13 h NEW HOURS: Open 10.00-13.30 & Saturdays: (opposite Pepe Fontilles, PEGO from 9.30 until 20.00h 17.00-20.30 hrs Avda.Tel. 96 57413 84- 58 96 10.00-13.30 557 29 07 hrs uninterrupted MonTel. to Fri

EMERGENCIES: 608 273 271 e-mail:


1. I would like a sisal rug for my lounge. 2. We are looking for some wicker chairs for the garden. 3. Do you have any jute rugs? 4. We chose a bamboo carpet because it’s hypoallergenic. 5. I’ve heard that sisal is more hardwearing than coir. Is that true? 6. I need a coir mat to put in the hallway. 7. Do you have any large wicker baskets? 8. We are looking for a set of rattan table and chairs. 9. Do you have any bamboo rugs? 10. How do you clean a jute rug?

Answers: 1. Quiero una alfombra de sisal para el salón. 2. Buscamos unas sillas de mimbre para el jardín. 3. ¿Tienen alfombras de yute? 4. Elegimos una moqueta de bambú porque es hipoalergénico. 5. Me han dicho que el sisal es más duradero que la fibra de coco. ¿Es verdad? 6. Necesito una alfombrilla de fibra de coco para la entrada. 7. ¿Tienen cestas grandes de mimbre? 8. Buscamos un juego de mesa y sillas de ratán. 9. ¿Tienen alfombras de bambú? 10. ¿Cómo se limpia una alfombra de yute?

EMERGENCIES 608 76 46 54

Monte Pego Urbanisation - Pintor Dali 145, 03780 Pego Name: Cleo, small ca. 40 cms height. Desc: Red Tan, a little white on her chest, curly bushy tail, dark eyes, dark around the mouth & she is wearing a blue collar. ca. 30cms high. One of her ears is bent at the tip and she resembles a fox. She escaped on Saturday, 17 July and was heavily pregnant and probably has her puppies already. Anyone with information that leads to the recovery of Cleo can expect a portrait in Acrylic of a person or one of their pets as a Reward. Mob: 688 697 987 Work Tel: 966 481 058


el bambú el mimbre el mimbre la fibra de coco el cáñamo el yute el lino el ratán la hierba marina el sisal el mimbre

Calle Diana, 66 - 03700 Dénia Tel. 966 42 44 55

Monday to Friday: Monday10.30 to Friday: Mornings: to 13.30 h Mornings: 10.30 to 20 13.30 h Evenings: 17 to h Evenings:From 17 to h h Saturdays: 11 20 to 13 Avda. Saturdays: Fontilles, 13 - PEGO From 11557 to 29 1307 h Tel. 96 EMERGENCIES: 608 273 271 Avda. Fontilles, e-mail:

VETERINARY CLINIC VETERINARY CLINIC “EL ‘EL SALADAR” SALADAR’ Monday to Monday toFriday: Friday: Mornings: 10 h h Mornings: 10toto13.30 13.30 Evenings: 16.30 to 20.00 h Evenings: 16.30 to 20 h Saturdays: From 11.00 to 13.00 h Saturdays: PaseoFrom del Saladar, - DÉNIA 11 to6213 h

Since 1997

Tel. 96 642 40 50 EMERGENCIES: 608 273 271

Paseo del Saladar, 62 DÉNIA Tel. 96 642 40 50 EMERGENCIES: 608 273 271

13 - PEGO Tel. 96 557 29 07 EMERGENCIES: 608 273 271


Mornings: 10 to 13.30 h Evenings: 16.30 to 20.00 h Saturdays: From 11.00 to 13.00To h


f you feel inspired by this month’s feature and fancy going “natural” in your home, you might find the following vocabulary and phrases about natural floor coverings and furniture useful. Rugs and carpets made of natural plant fibres have been popular in Spain for some time now, and with good reason. Light and

* Ecografia y Ecocardio * Radiologia digital * * Radiologia digital * Medicina Interna * * Cirugia General * Traumatologia * * Laboratorio *

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Think Spain Guide

Paseo del Saladar, 62 - DÉNIA Tel. 96 642 40 50 EMERGENCIES: 608 273 call271 us now

on 96 270 8087 or email Our rates are unbeatable!

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EVERYTHING FOR YOUR PET Aa ic fr nN r F land KgdBom wier tz tin and Ued el Sweden La Da C Ir ItalyS ni si eland Ic Rga n us r y Gma e iar Rublic ul hep ecer zwi land tz kr ma en eland Ic

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Rd ia anan omol

Tel/fax 96 579 45 34 P Tur pa yin keS

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Residencial “La Plaza”, Local 15 Avda. del Pla 122 ne P tth alnia Tunisia ugua orP Uk Li rai oE occ M R Sin F ran cB etr pa Fia omania d Swed an Ctra.or Cabo laolen Nao -usJÁVEA (Alicante) n um La y r gi ma G e el

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hen undertaking an interior design project, there are three factors to determine the appearance and suitability of fabrics for interior use. They are weave, fibre content and pattern. Fabrics are normally either man-made or natural. Natural fabrics include cotton, linen, wool and silk. Silk has always been classed as luxurious but under direct sunlight and heat it does not last very long and it does require more care than most other fabrics. Modern interiors do feature a reasonable amount of wool fabric due to it's strength and beautiful, soft texture. Cotton and linen, which are vegetable fibres are also both pliable and durable but are not as strong as wool. To make an interior more interesting add fabrics in various colours and textures, cushions, throws and curtains are very reasonable and can be renewed should you get bored with a colour scheme. When investing in a sofa or chair, make your choice carefully. Take into account the fabric as these items are major investments, a good choice is a solid neutral fabric.

LEFT FROM NEXT Russell Sideboard £225/€320, Textured Weave Curtains from £60/€79, Tripod Floor Lamp £70/€92, Russell Coffee Trunk £175/€250 Bump Rug from £99/€130, Cushions from £12/€16, Denver Corner Sofa from £999/€1430, Russell Tall Shelves £199/€285 RIGHT: FROM MARKS AND SPENCERS: large flower cushion in duck egg, emily chair in melita stripe, lumiere hurricane candle holder, autograph desk and chrome table lamp, grapefruit and ginger scented candle, lyon rug in teal, lyon side table

Locales nacionales e internacionales Local, National & International Removals

Juan Bta. Sivera CONSTRUCTION & REFURBISHMENTS Mobile: 686 341 647 Tel. y Fax: 96 579 4172 03730 Xàbia


* Repair/replacement water heaters/emersion heaters * Repair/service/replacement gas boilers * Installers of low cost electric powered central heating systems * Replace that in-efficient old gas boiler/electric heater with the new A rated boilers/heaters saving $$$$ on future gas/electric bills * Junkers-Vaillant-Ariston-Demrad-Cointra-Thermos-Baxi, etc * All other makes available at discounted prices CALL NOW * 10% discount for pensioners * All work fully guaranteed and with 2yr/5yr guarantee 685 452 719

Remote Power Systems New and used generators, Inverters and battery packs, in stock now used twin cylinder diesel 24 Volt DC Battery pack chargers. System fault diagnosis sevice. Marine power systems.

Telephone 658 324 562 96 573 1403


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SPECIALISING IN: Cut flowers, Artificial arrangements, Bespoke floral arrangements and bouquets, Weddings, Parties, Floral tributes, Funerals

RQBS provide one-to-one friendly professional building services in Costa Blanca North. Planning application to expert completion. Extensions, reforms, pools, kitchens, carpentry and all builder services. Customers testimonials and service list on website, Call us for a no hassle, and no compromise quote! Tel 966 471 539

Jávea TELEPHONE. 661 986 451 (Guido)

mgm.arq architect

Telf: 965 940 497 - 600 609 174

Helps you turn your ideas for a new house in Spain into reality  Large and smaller refurbishments designed to meet your needs.  Work permission and licenses.  I speak English, Spanish & French

(Dénia - Alicante)

Installation & Maintenance of Intruder Alarms, CCTV & Intercoms Protect your home with an intruder alarm before it’s too late from 329€

FULL 12 MONTH GUARANTEE For a free no obligation quote

Call 96 619 7056 or Mobile 645 916 559

C/ Juan XXIII, 15 03724 Moraira-Teulada (Alicante) Tel. 96 574 51 00 (from 9.30 to 13.30) Mobile 620 858 901 (from 16.00 to 19.00) Mobile 669 920 889

Your bed specialist

Family business since 1971

We speak Spanish, English, German & Russian

• House New Construction with First Quality materials


FLEX THIS MONTH BUY A MATTRESS AND WE’LL GIVE YOU €100 FOR YOUR OLD ONE * * dependent on model and sizes


DENIA: Carretera (next Tel:96966431276 Patricio Ferrándiz, 40 (next toDenia-Ondara post office / junto a la oficinato de LIDL) correos) Tel. 578 49 44 - Dénia JAVEA: Avda. de los Fueros, 27 San (30m from Guardia Civil & Tel. sports centre) Ctra. Dénia - Ondara (Opposite Clínica Carlos / frente Clinica San Carlos) 96 643 12 76

All sizes. Duvets, pillows, sheets and covers.

We t a k e c a r e o f y o u

from € 750/m2

• Pool finish with first quality materials with pump & filter € 10,500

• House Renovations & Extensions - all sizes • Block & Dry Stone walls • House & Pool Heating. Air Conditioning • PVC, Aluminium & Wood Doors & Windows • Pool & Garden Maintenance • Property Maintenance & Cleaning Services • Insurance estimates (house, car, health)

We are looking for properties to sell




Dust settles on upholstered furniture just as on hard surfaces, and should be removed regularly, about once a month, depending on environment and use, with vacuum cleaner attachments. A brush will remove some dust if you do not have a vacuum, but will also scatter dust around. Here’s a homemade preparation to help clean your upholstery. Combine 1/4 cup liquid dish detergent or clothes detergent and 1 cup warm water. With a hand mixer, whip until dry suds form (the suds will look like whipped cream). Test upholstery in an unnoticeable area by applying dry suds with a cloth or soft brush and lightly scrubbing. Allow to dry. If the area looks the same but cleaner, the entire piece of upholstery may be cleaned in this manner. Shampoo only a small area at a time and use a spatula or rubber scraper to lift off dirty suds. Repeat if necessary, then wipe area with a clean cloth dipped in clear water and wrung nearly dry. Dry completely.

From Top to Bottom Beaded Crewel Cushion £25 / €35 Marks and Spencers Flocked leaf cushion black/silver £12 Bloom Floral Cushion £29.50 / €40.00 Marks and Spencers Allium Cushion £12/ €16 Next online

Protection from the sun and comfort for your family Blinds & Awnings Roller blinds Mosquito nets/candles Shower enclosures Commercial & Garage doors Aluminium & PVC

LEFT: Red lounge available from Marks and Spencers BELOW RIGHT: Various Cushions and throws from Linum. Board Rug from £49.90 - £99.00, Marcel Cushion £35.00 including pad. Marcel Cushion Available in other colours. Stockists Nationwide.

Centre table 100x50x43cm 410€ normal price 349€ offer price Choice of colours available. Centro Comercial Aitana N-332 Entrada Calpe Sur - 03710 Calpe (Alicante)


* Big or small service * Non-obligation Quotes * Containerised Secure Storage * Worldwide Shipping * Outside Elevator up to a 9th Floor * Regular UK-Spain-UK Service Carretera Nacional 332, Km 213 Parcela 5 – Polígono Industrial ‘El Brosquill’ 46780 Oliva Telephone: 96 296 38 61Fax: 96 296 38 63 Mobile: 679 910 265 Email:

PROMPT SERVICES All Plumbing, Electrics & Air conditioning Tel: 648 752 155

Official distributor

C/Doctor Moratal 13, Bajo GATA DE GORGOS Móvil: 669 859 572

For a quotation without obligation call 96 648 0324 or 610 064 906 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



SOLAR SOLUTIONS vacuum tube collector his month I am going to (the one with the tubes). explain about the most A flat-plate collector common different solar basically consists of an collector panels that are actually insulated box, covered on the market. It is a question with glass and a darkthat I am asked very often by colored absorber plate clients. connected to the tubes, First of all we have to distinguish where the solar fluid between photovoltaic solar passes through. Solar panels, which produce electricity radiation is absorbed by and solar thermal panels which the absorber plate and are used to produce hot water. transferred to the fluid. In the last years many The vacuum tube photovoltaic panels have been collector consists of installed in Spain. There are two parallel rows of glass types of photovoltaic tubes connected to a installations. The first group are header pipe. Each tube for installations in places that has the air removed from have no mains connection. Here Flat plate collector it to eliminate heat loss the electric energy which is produced by the solar cells is stored in batteries through convection and radiation. These collectors fall into two main groups: and then used in the same place. • Direct-flow vacuum tube collectors, where The second group are installations that have a mains connection and sell the electricity the solar fluid passes directly through a pipe inside the glass vacuum tube. produced by the panels, to the electricity • Vacuum tube collectors with heat pipe provider (subsidised by the government). We can technology, where a so called heat pipe is see this as a financial investment. Huge solar “farms have been installed in recentyears and mounted inside the vacuum tube and transfers very often we can see industrial buildings full of the heat from the glass tube to the solar fluid in the absorber, mounted on top of the tubes. solar panels. The solar “experts” around the world are In this article we will concentrate on the solar panels for hot water. These types are used to divided with their opinions about which type of collector is better. The flat collector was heat up water. The water can be used for commonly used in Europe in the past. It is less anything, anywhere that requires hot water. It can be used for industrial processes, house expensive but it is less efficient as well, especially in the wintertime (because it reflects heating systems and hot water for personal use, more of the radiation, its insulation is not very which is the most common application. good and it loses a lot of heat.). Today on the market there are two different The vacuum tube collector is getting used types of solar collectors. The flat collector (which more and more due to its very high efficiency looks like a black window or a flat plate) and the


Different solar collector panels GREGOR BAER

when it is cold or windy outside. It is a more expensive system, but due to the vacuum tubes (the vacuum is an almost perfect insulation) its efficiency in the winter times is much better than the efficiency of the flat collectors.

Vacuum tube collectors for hot water

Photovoltaic solar panels In summer there is not much difference between both types of collectors. So if you want to use the house principally in summer, the flat collectors are a good alternative, because they are cheaper. If you are using the installation all year long, we would recommend vacuum tube

collectors. We normally use vacuum tube collectors with heat pipe technology. This type of collector is very efficient and easy to install. They have no maintenance and as the connection between the heat pipe and the absorber is “dry”, the individual tubes can be exchanged without emptying the entire system of its fluid. Using this technology, we get a very efficient system, which is quite simple, robust and easy to maintain. For more information, give me a call 96 5587742 or send me a mail to: If you are interested in installing a solar system, I will be pleased to personally look into the possibilities of installing a solar system and prepare a free quotation. Until next month Gregor

Pool Construction Renovations Saunas Jacuzzis Spas 

why pay more?

Complimentary Card

Card Nº 1000011


All this ly for on

€ 29FU9L5 LY


call 96 648 0324 or 610 064 906


Francisco Castell 656 812 774 c/José Luis Borges, 5 03730 Jávea - Alicante Tel. 96 579 6240-Fax. 96 579 5760 22

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

Price includes  Shower tray and corner enclosure / or Bath and screen  Toilet & Cistern  Bidet  Basin & pedestal  All taps, mixer valve, wastes and fittings  25sqm of wall tiles (over tiled)  6sqm of floor tiles (over tiled)  Upgrades available

Garden Center

ALDAMAR Indoor and outdoors plants and trees. Landscaping, maintenance and cleaning of gardens. Trimming of palm trees or others.

Ctra. Vergel-Pego, VERGEL (next to Safari Park entrance) Tel. 96 575 05 61

Les Solanes

WE DO: Pool and garden maintenance, Insecticide/fungicide treatments, Pruning and garden clearance, Garden design and construction, Watering systems, Complete garden consultation. SE REALIZAN: Mantenimientos de piscinas y jardines, Tratamientos fitosanitarios, Poda y limpieza, Construcción y diseño de jardines, Sistemas de riego, Asesoramiento completo en jardines. CONTACT US WITHOUT OBLIGATION CONSÚLTENOS SIN COMPROMISO


Tel. 606 347 300

We are a fully legal team of experienced tradesmen. All work is guaranteed and references are available from satisfied customers

Everything for the pool, spa and sauna Av. Jaume I, 19, E-46714 Palmera) Between Oliva and Gandia on the N332

Tel.: +34 96 289 3924


The heat is on! With the cold weather around the corner, it maybe time to start thinking about how you are going to heat your home if your not fortunate enough to have central heating Advice Tips for using your firewood. The ancient tradition of using wood for heating is now a pleasure and not just a necessity. Consequently, some knowledge of the treatment, management and use of firewood has been lost. Below are some tips to help you get the best from your firewood. 1. Purchase your firewood during the months of June/July if possible. Prices are lower and the quality of the wood can be controlled. The wood contains less moisture during the summer months and access to fields is possible at all times. 2. By informing Parra Firewood of the precise dimensions of your fireplace or stove, the firewood can be cut to exact specifications. The efficiency of the fire is closely linked to the correct size of wood. All sizes are available as the logs are cut to order. Should any delivery contain logs that are too big,

Parra Firewood will send an operator to cut the wood to the correct size. 3. The firewood should be stored outside. Storage in a house or garage will keep the wood dry, but will reduce the life of the wood. Cover the stack with plastic during heavy and persistent rain. This will allow any unused wood to remain viable for the next year. 4. Do not plan to use all of the wood in one year. Fires burn more efficiently when old and new wood are mixed. This strategy also eliminates any shortfall during periods of persistent rain. 5. For daily use during the winter, we advise ordering 4000 – 5000 kg of wood or 8000 Kg in cold locations For weekend and occasional use, we advise ordering 2000 2500 kg of wood. By ordering a greater quantity of wood, the unit price per kilo will be lower, as transport costs are reduced. 6. Parra Firewood is able to offer a service of delivery and stacking at your home, for your convenience. 7. With decades of experience, Parra Firewood is at your disposal to answer any queries and is

happy to advise you on the best method of enjoying a warm home.

Logging & Clearing Logging and clearing fields and plantations Parra Firewood helps farmers with the removal of trees, shredding any small branches and clearing fields. Parra Firewood is able to remove trees from gardens and difficult locations. The company also obtains wood from pruning trees and the removal of orchards and other agricultural plantations, eg oranges, olives, holm oak, mesquite….. Each tree that is removed is replaced by another. This ensures that carbon dioxide, released when the wood is burned, will be captured by the new trees. Parra Firewood helps farmers in the management of sustainable natural resources.

Production, felling and cutting. Trees used in the production of firewood are those that have reached the end of their productive lives. Following the removal and shredding of branches with a diameter of less than 10cm., the trees are cut according to

customers’ specifications.

Transport and distribution. Firewood is taken from the fields directly to the customer or stored for later distribution. This allows Parra Firewood to supply customers 365 days a year. Firewood is delivered by a fleet of trucks, of various tonnages. Parra Firewood delivers to all areas of Valencia, Murcia and Albacete, whether countryside, town or city.

Sizes, types and characteristics Parra Firewood is able to supply many different types of wood. The most common types are from fruit trees. (Orange, almond and olive). These account for 80% of our stores. The rest is made up of less well used varieties such as Kermes Oak, Carob, and Oak together with less common varieties such as Eucalyptus, Lemon and Vine.

Courtesy of Parra Firewood see advert below


Traditional firewood ready for your fireplace. Olive, Almond, Orange, Fruit, Oak....sized for your logburner, stove or open fire.

Competitive rates Stacking service available

Logs delivered to your house Tel: 696 320 315 or 96 224 6486

Todo para tu jardín

All for your garden

Grow your own!

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New showroom in Moraira Firebelly Stoves S.L Tel: 0034 689 382 153

Henk Boersma Moreras del Saladar Avda. del Pla, 5-local 1 03730 JAVEA Tel. 96 579 32 61 Móvil. 634 096 152 e-mail: ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



P ro p e rt y f o r Sal e Vale nc ia OLIVA - Townhouse - 410,000 euros. 500m², 5 bed, 4 bath, garage. Manorial, historic refurbished house in a tranquil, typically spanish village. Equipment The house has 3 storeys, very spacious... Ref TS278-2127a OLIVA - Townhouse - 399,000 euros. A stunning 550m² townhouse in excellent condition throughout and ideally situated near the townhall and all amenities. 5-bed, 4-bath, central heating throughout, designer kitchen & bathrooms, 150m2 party/games room, garage, 70m2 of internal patios & roof terrace - Tel. 657883705

Property To enquire about properties with the TS reference code prefix: (0034) 902 102 580 BARGAIN PROPERTIES LA SELLA

Avenida del Oeste 8 03709 La Xara (Alicante) Spain Tel/Fax: (0034) 96 642 4505


OLIVA - Villa - 330,750 euros. 4 bed, 2 bath, pool. Charming villa in an elevated position above the village of La Font den Carros, with the nearest town of Oliva being 5 minutes’ drive... Ref TS278-2039a OLIVA - Flat - 187,000 euros. 180m², 5 bed, 2 bath. Surface 180 m², 5 bedrooms (4 doubles, 1 single), 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washroom, dining room, terrace, floor, elevator, cupboards,... Ref TS278-2104a OLIVA - Villa - 175,000 euros. 120m², 780m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, A/C. Villa on two floors in Urb. Panorama I close to Oliva. The house consists of two separate living accommodations. On the... Ref TS278-2023a OLIVA - Townhouse - 169,000 euros. 180m², 180m² Plot, 4 bed, 1 bath, A/C. Surface 180 m², 180 m² site surface, 4 bedrooms (4 double), 1 bathroom, 1 toilet, kitchen, washroom, dining room,... Ref TS278-2108a OLIVA - Townhouse - 87,000 euros. 3 bed, 1 bath. A Town House in the Historical Old Town of Oliva. An excellent opportunity for a builder or handy man to finish a town house to their own... Ref TS278-2072a

P ro p e r t y f o r Sa le A l i c a n te

Ref 255 1 bed ground floor apt with open terrace overlooking the very quiet communal pool and gardens yet easy walk to shop, tennis, riding, restaurant etc. Rear closed terrace could be enclosed to give separate kitchen. Great value!

Ref 201 Brand new modern 2 bed ground floor apt in centre of village and close to all amenities. Bright lounge with patio doors leading onto large open patio with pergola. Separate kitchen with appliances.



Ref 116 New listing. 2 bed, 2 bath country house with pool. 2500m2 flat, enclosed plot ideal for horses. Own water supply. Large mobile home on site in separate garden and with own electric metre. Some refurbishment still to complete, hence price.

Ref 101 Impressive 500m2 villa on 10900m2 of land within the Montgo natural park. Total of 5 beds, 4 baths (incl sep 1 bed apt), beautiful, very private s/f pool and rear garden, double garage, stunning views across Denia to the sea.





AEGAI reg. no.: 2800


Valencian Tourist Board reg. no.: EEAA402S

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

ALCALALI - Villa - 210,000 euros. 105m², 119m² Plot, 3 bed, 1 bath, 1 WC, garage, pool, A/C, C/H. Parcela Plot Paket 119 Metros cuadrados M2 House m2 haus 105 Plantas Storeys Geschosse 2... Ref TS278-2000a ALTEA - Apartment - 282,000 euros. 89m², 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. Apartment with Two Bedrooms for sale Jardines de Altea Hills, Altea. Special Promotion: 80% Mortgage, Buy with 20% Deposit and Pay... Ref TS2782065a ALTEA - Penthouse - 235,000 euros. 91m², 2 bed, 2 bath, garage, pool, A/C, C/H. Brand new top floor apartment in established urbanisation in the final block. Very light and airy with marble... Ref TS278-2045a ALTEA - Apartment - 179,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath. Unique opportunity to buy one of the sort after frontline beach apartments in this quiet area of Altea. The Mediterranean Sea seconds from your... Ref TS2782094a BENISSA - Finca/Country House 290,000 euros. 120m², 11900m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath. Brand new finca 120 m², plot 11.900 m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living, kitchen, porch. South facing, quiet and peacful... Ref TS278-2056a BENISSA - Villa - 195,000 euros. 400m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath. It is a villa.

It is detached, in the mediterranean style with one floor. The villa is situated in Benissa (ALICANTE) in a quiet... Ref TS278-2118a BENITACHELL - Villa - 380,000 euros. 290m², 730m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Ref TS278-2114a BENITACHELL - Villa - 269,950 euros. 119m², 362m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. For sale a modern detached villa with heated pool and pleasant gardens with various species of Mediterranean plants.... Ref TS278-2080a BENITACHELL - Apartment 128,000 euros. 82m², 40m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. The perfect home in Pueblo la Paz, the property (2001) is in superb condition with one owner from new and has never been... Ref TS278-2071a BENITACHELL - Penthouse 127,947 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. Furnished. Ref TS278-2068a BENITACHELL - Apartment 125,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath. Delightful two bedroom apartment set in a complex close to a large communal pool with a snack bar tennis courts supermarket chemist and... Ref TS278-2002a CALPE - Villa - 264,000 euros. 810m² Plot, 4 bed, 3 bath, pool. It is a villa. It is detached, in the mediterranean style with three floors.The villa is situated in Calpe (ALICANTE) in a... Ref TS278-2109a CALPE - Villa - 185,000 euros. 86m², 186m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. FANTASTIC BUNGALOW SEMI ON CORNER. GROUND FLOOR: glass porch, living room / kitchen toilet. PLANTA 1 ª: BATH, 2 double... Ref TS278-2082a CALPE - Apartment - 159,000 euros. 68m², 2 bed, 1 bath. Only 50 m. DE LA PLAYA. NEAR ALL SERVICES: pharmacies, restaurants, supermarkets ... Ref TS278-2044a CALPE - Bungalow - 157,500 euros. 65m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath. A

maisonette over 3 floors with amazing views over the Peñon and bays of Calpe. The cliff top complex set amongst pine trees with a... Ref TS278-2111a CALPE - Bungalow - 115,000 euros. 50m², 30m² Plot, 1 bed, 1 bath, pool. Ref TS278-2115a DENIA - Villa - 255,000 euros. 90m², 390m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath, A/C. Perfect condition detached villa on one level with a sunny aspect and situated on a totally flat plot in a superb... Ref TS278-2059a DENIA - Apartment - 199,750 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Beautiful and immaculate apartment a stone’’s throw from the town center in quiet residential area. Luxury finishes. Urbanization with... Ref TS278-2004a DENIA - Villa - 190,000 euros. 96m², 215m² Plot, 2 bed, 1 bath. Pretty detached villa , located in a lovely urbanisation with large communal gardens, just 800m to the sandy beach, and 1 km... Ref TS278-2009a DENIA - Flat - 158,000 euros. 87m², 2 bed, 2 bath. Nice ApartmentPenthouse in a modern building in the center of Denia. 2 Bedroom with large terrace and views to the Castle, 1 Bathroom, 1... Ref TS2782128a DENIA - Villa - 145,000 euros. 68m², 200m² Plot, 2 bed, 1 bath, pool, A/C. Exceptional detached holiday villa situated next to the wonderful comunal swimming pool and gardens with a South... Ref TS278-2058a GATA DE GORGOS - Villa - 179,500 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Area: Gata de Gorgos - Gata Residencial. Very attractive modern villa which is tastefully decorated with beautiful gardens, off road... Ref TS278-2096 JAVEA - Villa - 449,000 euros. 3 bed, 3 bath. A very spacious and well presented modern villa built in 2001 to a very good standard.

Stunning Townhouse OLIVA

A rare opportunity to acquire a stunning 550m2 townhouse in excellent condition throughout and ideally situated in a sought after street very near to the townhall and all amenities. Combining modern comforts with traditional character features, the house has 5 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, central heating throughout, designer kitchen & bathrooms, 40m2 lounge/dining room, 150m2 party/games room, utility room, garage, 70m2 of internal patios & roof terrace. Must be seen. Priced to sell...

399,000 euros

contact 657 883 705

9 6 5 7 91 0 0 0


Joaquina: 659 800 948 Patricia: 660 292 005

Your house always with La Nao!





BAG A BARGAIN OLIVA 180,000€ Detached Villa, 4 bed, 3 bath, Plot 450m2, Build 150m2, with a separate downstairs apartment, gardens, large garage and communal pool. Ref 4429 Tel: 651150329

VILLALONGA €495.000 Stunning Villa, Plot 3,200m2, Build 384m2 with 4 bedrooms, mature gardens, swimming pool, terracing, gymnasium, shower room/wc, workshop and garage. Ref 4431 Tel: 651150329


CAWAC Ref.V-139 Detached Villa in Calpe with 2 sep. Apartments + study! Summer price for only 199.000€. Built 178m2, 5 bed, 3 bath, 2 lounges & kitchen. Plot 650m2, carport. Tel. 96 583 4734/680 375 222

H ol i d ay Let s & Lo ng Ter m Al i c ant e

ADSUBIA, Pego €259.000 Immaculate and modern 4 bed, 3 bath, detached Villa, Plot 625m2, Build 165m2 with a self contained apartment, private swimming pool, superb valley and mountain views. Ref 4430 Tel: 651150329

DENIA €82.500 One bedroom apartment, El Palmar, km4, being only 200m from the sea and the blue flag sandy beaches of Denia, mountain views. Ref 4424. Tel: 651150329

LA SELLA, Denia €235.000 Pretty detached 3 bed 2 bath villa, Plot 350m2, Build 140m2 with private pool, gardens, terraces and parking. Situated on the resiential area of La Sella Golf. Ref 4384. Tel: 651150329

LA SELLA, Denia €95.000 Townhouse Zarzas, 1 bedroom with mezzanine area – 2nd sleeping area, on 3 floors with balconies, roof solarium outside kitchen, communal gardens & pool at La Sella Golf resort. Ref 4426 Tel: 651150329

Located in the lovely area of La Cala in Javea this... Ref TS278-2112a JAVEA - Villa - 275,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath. sensible offers are invited on this lovely traditional style villa with golf course and valley views. located in the area of la mandarina in... Ref TS278-2100a JAVEA - Apartment - 270,000 euros. 150m², 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Luxury modern apartment, situated within beautiful gardens and overlooking a magnificent swimming pool. Huge terraces to the front... Ref TS2782015a JAVEA - Apartment - 265,000 euros. 88m², 159m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Attractive ground floor apartment. Ideally located, within a short level walk of Javea’’s sandy beach, bars and... Ref TS278-2093a JAVEA - Apartment - 89,750 euros. 1 bed, 1 bath, pool. Apartment located less than five minutes walk to the beach. Third floor with lift. Bedroom, bathroom, sitting/dining room with terrace,... Ref TS278-2120a

IS YOUR PROPERTY SITTING EMPTY? We can help you!! We have clients on our database waiting to rent properties within the Jávea, Moraira and Benitachell regions Specialists in Holiday Lets, Short Term & Long Term Rentals, Sales & Property Management Services


Reduced from 170.000€ to 139.000€. Walk to town, supermarkets & restaurants. New, ready to move into 124m2 apartment, quiet, sunny, views, lift, heating & a/c, 4 beds, optional parking/garage. Bargain! Ref. 1672 -, Tel. 96 574 8766 Bernhard

INTERHOME – almost 40 years on the Costa Blanca! Rent your house with a professional swiss company: Altea 965 830 741, Alfaz del Pi 965 868 421, Beniarbeig 966 435 314, Benidorm 965 868 421, Benissa 965 830 741, Benitaxell 966 461 901, Calpe 965 830 741, Denia 966 435 314, El Campello 965 868 421, Els Poblets 966 435 314, Jalón 965 830 741, Jávea 966 461 901, La Nucía 965 868 421, Moraira 965 830 741, Oliva 966 435 314, Ondara, 966 435 314, Pedreguer 966 435 314, Pego 966 435 314

LA SELLA Amazing bargain! 3 bed 2 bath villa on 1 level with private pool and garage. 1200m2 flat plot close to tennis, riding etc. Was 385.000 euros. Now 250.000 euros for quick sale. Tel: 669 386 710


Tel: (0034) 96 505 0667 680 783 999 or 628 557 871

A STUNNING DETACHED villa situated in a sought after area on the outskirts of Alcalali. This spacious villa is presented as 2 separate living spaces & has main accommodation to include a luxurious open plan fitted kitchen, a large dining area, lounge, feature Tuscan stone fireplace, enclosed Naya, a master suite with en suite bathroom, walk in shower, a further double bedroom, twin bedroom & family shower room. The self contained apartment boasts a stylish modern open plan living area that combines a fully fitted and equipped kitchen, lounge, dining area, a master suite with en suite facilities, two further double bedrooms and a guest shower room. Outside the grounds offer amazing views of the surrounding valley and boast a 8m x 4m private pool with Roman steps, a large terrace, an array of sunny and shaded terraces and an outside dining and barbecue area covered by a pergola.


To view please telephone 96 648 2641 or 617 064 480




110.000 € ARENAL

150.000 € MONTAÑAR II

210.000 €

Apartamento de 50 m2, 1º piso, 1 dormitorio doble, salón comedor, 1 baño completo, cocina, terraza acristalada, Aire acondicionado. Apartment with 50m2, 1st floor, 1 double bedroom, lounge/diner, 1 full bathroom, kitchen, glazed naya, Air conditioning.

Apartamento 75m2, 1º piso, ascensor, 2 dorm dobles, 1 baño completo, salón comedor, cocina, lavadero, terraza, amueblado, 1 plaza parking, 1 trastero, piscina y jardín común. Apartment 75m2, 1st floor, lift, 2 double bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, lounge diner, kitchen, utility room, large terrace, furnished, 1 parking space, 1 store room, communal pool & gardens.

Bungalow adosado 110m2, 3 dormitorios dobles, 2 baños completos, salón comedor, cocina, patio, terraza, Aire acondicionado (frío/calor), amueblado, garaje, trastero, piscina común. Semi-detached bungalow 110m2, 3 double bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, lounge diner, kitchen, patio, terrace, Air conditioning (hot/cold), furnished, garage, store room, communal pool.






250.000 € ADSUBIA

Apartamento ático dúplex 158m2, 2º piso, ascensor, 3 dorm dobles, 2 baños completos, 1 aseo ducha, salón comedor, cocina, lavadero, 3 terrazas, 1 plaza parking, trastero, A.A. (frío/calor), piscina y jardín común. Penthouse duplex apartment 158m2, 2nd floor, lift, 3 double bedroom, 2 full bathrooms, 1 shower room, lounge diner, kitchen, utility, 3 terraces, 1 parking space, store room, A.C. (hot/cold), communal pool & gardens.


350.000 € MONTAÑAR I

Parcela 1.400m2 Villa 176m2 Casa: 3 dorm dobles, 1 baño completo, 1 aseo ducha, salón comedor con chimenea, cocina, garaje, naya, amueblado, piscina, bbq, A.A., calefacción. Estudio: salón-dormitorio, cocina americana, aseo ducha. Plot 1.400m2 Villa 176m2 House: 3 double bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 shower room, lounge diner with fireplace, kitchen, garage, naya, furnished, pool, bbq, A.C., C.H. Studio: lounge-bedroom, American kitchen, shower room.

420.000 €

Bungalow adosado 84m2, 3 dorm dobles, 1 baño completo, 1 aseo ducha, salón comedor con chimenea y patio, trastero, solarium. Zona común con piscina y parking. Townhouse 84m2, 3 double bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, 1 shower room, lounge diner with fireplace & patio, store room, solarium. Communal area with pool & parking.





460.000 €

Parcela 1.000m2 Villa 256m2, 3 dorm dobles, 3 baños, 1 aseo, salón comedor, cocina, lavadero, terraza, naya, barbacoa, piscina, pre-instalación A.A. y calefacción. Plot 1.000m2 Villa 256m2, 3 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet, lounge diner, kitchen, utility room, terrace, naya, BBQ, pool, A.C. y C.H. pre-installation.


630.000 € TOSALET

Apartamento bajo 102m2, 3 dormitorios, 2 baños completos, salón comedor, cocina, 3 terrazas (61m2), Aire acondicionado, jardín y piscina común, 1 plaza parking. Espectaculares vistas al mar. Ground floor apartment 102m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, lounge diner, kitchen, 3 terraces (61m2), Air conditioning, communal pool & garden, 1 parking space. Spectacular sea views.

649.000 €

Villa 260m2 Parcela 1.916m2, 4 dorm dobles, 2 baños completos (1 con jacuzzi), 1 aseo, salón comedor con chimenea, cocina, lavadero, naya, terraza, garaje, bbq, piscina, A.A. (parcial), calefacción. Villa 260m2 Plot 1.916m2, 4 double bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms (1 with jacuzzi), 1 toilet, lounge diner with fireplace, kitchen, utility room, naya, terrace, garage, bbq, pool, A.C. (part), C.H.

Plaza Almirante Bastarreche, 5 - Apdo. de Correos, 33 - 03730 JÁVEA

B us i nes se s SPAIN

(Alicante) ALBIR - Restaurant/Bar 49,950 euros. 2 WC. EXCELLENT PRICE FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS IN THIS BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY RESORT!!! Has permission to close in the terrace if required for COOLER MONTHS. The... Ref TS278-1993 (Alicante) ALTEA - Restaurant/Bar 59,500 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 WC, A/C. GREAT BUSINESS FOR A COUPLE OF PEOPLE-CAN EASILY BE CONVERTED TO CAFE BAR/BISTRO? The front gate enters onto a large raised private... Ref TS278-2028a (Alicante) ALTEA - Restaurant/Bar 20,000 euros. 2 WC. SEA FRONT CAFE BAR-NOW REDUCED!!!ONLY 20000 EURO!!!excellent value-Great business for first time buyer!!!! Beautiful totally renovated sea front cafe bar... Ref TS278-1995 (Alicante) BENIDORM Restaurant/Bar - Entertainment Cafe Bar Benidorm ARE YOU READY AND IN A POSITION TO BUY THIS EXCELLENT BUSINESS??ALL REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!! VERY LARGE BRAND... Ref TS278-1975 (Alicante) BENIDORM - Hotel 200,000 euros. 118 bed, 118 bath, 122 WC, pool, A/C. ONLY 5 MINUTES WALKING DISTANCE TO ONE OF THE LARGEST SANDY BEACHES OF THIS AREA OF BENIDORM.GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO... Ref TS278-1878 (Alicante) BENIDORM Guesthouse/B & B - 90,000 euros.

Financial Terms Available/hostelguest House-b&b Benidorm 12 BEDROOMS + 1 FAMILY ROOM + BAR SITUATED IN THE HEART OF THE OLD TOWN IN BENIDORM PAYMENT TERMS... Ref TS2781989 (Alicante) BENIDORM Guesthouse/B & B - 70,000 euros. drastically reduced!!! 14 Holiday Apartments + Bar-includes 20,000! DeposIT-ALL 14 APTS 2 B USI N E SSE S -H OLID AY APARTMENTS + CAFE BAR FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!! GREAT... Ref TS278-1977 (Alicante) BENIDORM Restaurant/Bar - 34,950 euros. SEA FRONT CAFE BAR-excellent valueGreat business for first time buyer!!!!sea front-levante beach rinco de loix lease for 34,950 euros only for this great beach location and excellent rent Ref TS278-1990 (Alicante) BENIDORM Restaurant/Bar - 20,000 euros. 2 WC. Cafe Bar-30 Seconds From Levante Beach Benidorm GREAT STARTER CAFE BAR /TAKEAWAY EASILY MANAGED BY 2 PEOPLEEXCELLENT VALUE-STONES THROW AWAY FROM... Ref TS2781994 (Alicante) BENIDORM Restaurant/Bar - 10,000 euros. 2 WC. DRASTICALLY REDUCED!! APPRX.20 METERS FROM THE BEACH-THIS BUSY AREA OF LEVANTE BEACH IN BENIDORM DOES WELL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR FROM LOCAL BRITISH... Ref TS278-1929 (Alicante) BENIDORM Restaurant/Bar - 3,000 euros. CafÉ/sports Or Music Bar! Benidorm EXCELLENT VALUE-PERFECT FOR FIRST TIME BUYERS-GREAT FOR KARAOKE BAR DUE TO LOCATION

SET AMONGST THE TOURIST ZONE OF HOLIDAY... Ref TS2781991 (Alicante) CALPE - Commercial 595,000 euros. 220m². Asking price: 595,000 (Leasehold) Plus S.A.V Wholesale/Retail Television and Satellite Business for sale, Costa Blanca North. â Well... Ref TS2782031a (Alicante) JALON - Restaurant/Bar - 1,100,000 euros. 250m², 2 bed. Asking Price 1,100,000 Freehold â Very Tastefully Decorated a Stylish and Modern Popular Excellent... Ref TS278-2027a (Alicante) JAVEA - Restaurant/Bar 695,000 euros. 114m², 2493m² Plot. Asking Price 695,000 Freehold 150,000 Leasehold, H i g h Potential Restaurant. Retirement Forces... Ref TS278-2054a (Alicante) JAVEA - Restaurant/Bar 99,950 euros. 140m², 2 bath. Asking price: 99,950 (Leasehold) â Excellent Bar In Beautiful Town In Costa Blanca North â Well Run And Well... Ref TS278-2008a (Alicante) MORAIRA Restaurant/Bar - 310,000 euros. 230m². Asking Price 310.000 (Leasehold)• Busy Italian Restaurant• Good Clientele• Established For 6 Years• Turnover 330k -... Ref TS278-2006a


Low rent and overheads Great business opportunity for a professional couple.

For further information please call 661 211 145 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



Who is insured to drive my car? Happy 45th anniversary to the Ford Transit I am asked this question so many times, especially now in the summer with family and friends visiting. The quick and easy answer is to say, anybody, because in Spain, the insurance cover is on the vehicle, not with the person, as in the UK. Having given the quick and easy answer, that does not mean that everybody is insured. This depends on the criteria of each insurance company. Let’s just stop and consider the different groups of people looking for insurance. First of all there’s Johnny Turbo who will buy anything that goes from zero to a hundred in four seconds flat, and passed his test two months ago!! Well insurance companies are certainly not falling over themselves to insure this age group, premiums are very high and most companies won’t even accept them. The magic figure for drivers here in Spain is 25, until then they will be consiered by insurance companies as ‘ young drivers.’ Once the ripe old age of 25 has been reached, the most companies will insure you. It is then safe to assume that everybody

is insured by your policy? I don’t know, you’ll have to look at your policy. Some policies are for the thirty plus, others are for the over forties. Some insurance companies like to target the retired ex-pat community here in Spain, a safe bet, two or three airport runs a year and the weekly shopping run to the supermarket. Then there are those who use their car only when they come out on holiday. So you are in the ‘safe’ category, and enjoying retirement here in Spain. What do you look for in a car insurance policy? Is it the good services of your agent, or the premium or maybe because it is in English, or because you get to keep your protected bonus? Whatever the reason, if you are not sure if you have the right policy for your specific needs, or you think you are paying too much give me a ring at the brokerage and I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Try not to use your insurance, drive safely!! Supplied by Franco Valori your English speaking Insurance Broker from Hermanoschorro (see our advert below)

THE NEW FIAT 500C Mercedes E60 AMG 1997. Owned by a Prince of Qatar 45000kms, 175mph in immaculate condition. FSH, leather upholstery, maple interior, this car has everything. 9,999â‚Ź Tel 660 635 192 email



he most successful van in Britain has reached a milestone 45 years and whether you love it or hate it, the Ford Transit is still going strong. Back in 1965 there were 78 different types of Transit available and you could pick up a Mkl model for just ÂŁ542, which equates to about ÂŁ7,000 in today's money. Today there are approximately 600 different versions of the Transit available and a new model currently starts at around ÂŁ17,155. Ford surveyed owners as part of the 45th anniversary celebrations to find out what makes them tick and some of the results were quite surprising.

World's largest ever speeding fine The world's largest ever speeding fine has been handed out to a 37-year-old Swedish man. Police pulled over the driver who was seen travelling at two and half times the speed limit in his ÂŁ140,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS. The limit on Switzerland's motorways is 120km/h (74.5mph) but the Swedish driver was caught at 186mph, which is reportedly the fastest anyone has ever been clocked

MOTOR CARMA, S.A. Ctra. Denia- Ondara, Km. 2. Tel: 96 578 72 12 - Denia



TEL. 96 578 72 12 Ctra. DÊnia - Ondara, Km. 2 Aptdo. 536 - 03700 DÉNIA e-mail

1 Hand Wash CCalderon n"

  D#nia Alicante


Tel :  

Hermanos Chorro De Javea, S.L.

Quality New Tyres at hugely discounted prices! BRANCHES IN LA NUCIA, TEULADA & GANDIA Sales & Information 96 648 70 61







TEL. 966 42 27 07 FAX 966 43 16 46 03700 DÉNIA


Matriculaciones Extrangeria Fiscal Laboral y contable Registrations - Foreigners Tax and Accounting

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

LOWEST PREMIUMS GUARANTEED !! Call us now for free no obligation quote 965 796 071


Black leather Interior. Grey metallic, Auto, Very good condition. LHD. Eng Plates. Elec windows. Air con. Radio etc. Tinted windows. â‚Ź1,900. Call 665 899 903 Quick Sale

It seems that white is the most popular colour for Transits but blue and silver are coming up close behind. A whopping 71 per cent of Transit drivers consider themselves to be careful and considerate behind the wheel (I must get stuck behind the other 29 per cent !). A white van man's favourite foods are curries and roast dinners and 3% of Transit owners have had sex in their van. Also legend has it that 95 percent of all robberies that involved a getaway vehicle in the 70s featured a Transit. So here’s to another 45 years!

WE BUY CARS for scrap, good runners and cars with accident authorised to cancel Spanish paperwork.

For more information call

670 950 297 Rose


Did you know that in Spain you can ride up to a 125cc scooter or quad on a car licence? No test, no L-plates. Easy to ride, Twist & Go! Quad, moped & scooter hire in Javea from â‚Ź20 a half day.

Tel: 965 790 324

for speeding in Switzerland. The Swiss calculate speeding fines using a formula taking earnings into account, which left the man facing the highest possible penalty of 300 days worth of ÂŁ2,166 daily fines - ÂŁ650,000 in total. He had a good excuse though - he claimed that the car had just been fitted with a new speedometer, which was faulty!


Order your card at or call 902 106 732

Spainsave directory ONL Y

Sport, Leisure & Entertainment Activities/Excursions Marco Polo Expediciones, 20% discount on 4x4 Jeep Safari, 15% on Paintball, 10% on Catamaran & diving trips. Avda. Europa 5, Benidorm, 900506811 Mundo Marino, 20% discount on adult & child tickets for all boat excursions from Valencia, Denia, Javea, Calpe, Altea & Alicante. C/ Juan Fuster 2, local 2, Denia, 966423066 Tururac, 10% discount on all activities. Plaza Oculista Buigues 2, Denia, 965782360 Bowls Inn on the Green, 25% discount on two hours of bowling including hire of woods & shoes. Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 965771553 Caves Cueva de las Calaveras, 3€ per entry ticket. Ctra. PedreguerBenidoleig s/n, Benidoleig, 966404235 Circus Benidorm Circus, 50% discount on entry tickets. Avda. Severo Ochoa 13, Benidorm, 965851661 Diving Centro de Buceo Scorpora, 10% discount. C/ Pau Casals 6, Albir, 966867305 Greenwich Diving, 10% discount and free gift with all diving courses (except Divemaster). Puerto Campomanes, Edf. Comodoro, local 61, Altea, 966881457 Centro de Buceo les Basetes, 10% discount. Puerto les Basetes Ctra. Calpe-Moraira km12, Calpe, 965835428 Diving Martin, 20% discount on all diving equipment, excursions, and diving lessons. Calle Cannes 1, Javea, 608861310 Scuba Xabia, 10% discount on diving courses & materials. C/ Burdeos 9, local 1, Javea, 965792919 Mermaid Diving Moraira, 10% discount on all diving courses. Complejo Kristel Mar 16 Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, Moraira, 965744150 Scuba Moraira, 10% discount. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 130, Moraira, 966492006 Go-Karting Karting La Cala, 25% discount. Carretera Alicante-Valencia Km. 143, Benidorm, 965894676 Karting Javea, 20% extra lap-time for free. C/ Cannes 1, Javea, 622886876 Karting Ondara, 25% extra lap time and a free non-alcoholic drink. Partida Marjal 9, Ondara, 965761210 Golf Lessons/Tuition Oliva Nova Golf Academy, 10 lessons for 99€ for groups of a minimum of 4 people. Club de Golf Oliva Nova, Oliva Nova, 962857818 Gymnasiums Gym 9 Lunas, 50% off your joining up fee. Avda. Pais Valencia, 219, Benissa, 965732499 Gym Plaza, 20% discount on diet products & 10% off monthly mem-

1000+ OFFERS & DISCOUNTS bership fees. Avda. Ejercitos Espanoles Centro Commercial Plaza Central, Calpe, 965874818 ProVital, 10% discount on Power Plate training monthly fee. Ctra. La Marinas Km 1 nº23, Denia, 966427658 Q-Fitness, No joining fee + 10% discount on monthly cost. C/ Atlas nº1 Tropicana park, Denia, 966426393 Horse-riding


Centro Hípico Lledó, 50% discount on your first riding lesson (one per person). Pdta. La Xara 2 B, Xara (la), 699152856 Mobile Disco/Karaoke Mickey B, 10% discount on all bookings. 153b Las Marinas 2km, Denia, 615259684 Music/Concert Halls Benidorm Palace, 10% discount on entry tickets (max, 4 people). Avda. Severo Ochoa 13, Benidorm, 965851661 Palmaconcerts Concert & Event Managing, 10% discount on ticket prices at the door when presenting your spainsave discount card. Palmaconcerts, Jalon, 966480594 Night Clubs Discoteca KU, 10% discount except on International DJ nights. Avenida Pais Valenciano, km 121, Benidorm, 629941799 KM Disco, Entry to 3 clubs for 10€ including 1 free drink: KM Disco, Penelope & Privilege Disco. Avda. Comunidad Valenciana km 122, Benidorm, 965852038 KM Playa, Drinks for 5€. Avda. Alcoy 6, Benidorm, 965850136 Penelope, Entry to 3 clubs for 10€ including 1 free drink: Penelope, KM Disco & Privilege Disco. Avda. Comunidad Valenciana km 120, Benidorm, 965852038 Penelope Playa, Drinks for 5€. Avda. Alcoy 10, Benidorm, 965863360 Privilege Disco, Entry to 3 clubs for 10€ including 1 free drink: Privilege Disco, Penelope & KM Disco. Avda. Comunidad Valenciana km 120, Benidorm, 965852038 Stringfellas, Free bottle of cava for groups of 6 people + 10% discount on special shows. C/ Lepanto 21, Benidorm, 669446307 Safari Park/Zoo Terra Natura, 4€ discount per entry ticket up to a maximum of 4 tickets per card. Foia del Verdader 1, Benidorm, 902522333 Terra Natura, Special entrance+lunch ticket: Adult 21€, Child 17€ (Represents up to a 40% discount on day ticket & 3 course menu & drink), Max, 4 tickets per card. Foia del Verdader 1, Benidorm, 902522333 Theme Parks Castillo Conde de Alfaz, 20% discount on adult tickets, and one free child ticket per card. Camino Viejo Altea, Alfas del Pi (l'), 966865592 Mundomar, 30% discount on entrance ticket (max, 4 people). C/ Sierra Helada, s/n, Benidorm, 965860100 Terra Mitica, Special 30€ entrance+lunch ticket (Represents up to a 35% discount on full day ticket & 3 course lunch including drink), Max, 4 people per card. Ctra. BenidormFinestrat, Partida del Moralet, Benidorm, 902020220 Video / DVD Rental Video Club Benitachell, 10% dis-

count. Avenida Lepanto 37, Benitachell, 966494103 Cinebank, 2 for 1 on DVD rentals. Avenida Campo Torres 4, Denia, 965786978 Videoteca El Sur, 10% discount on purchases and rental vouchers, 0,50€ on rentals. C/ Abu L' Salt 3, Denia, 965785752 Aqua Natura, 4€ discount per entry ticket up to a maximum of 4 tickets per card. Foia del Verdader 1, Benidorm, 902522333 Water Parks Aqualandia, 30% discount on entrance ticket (max, 4 people). C/ Sierra Helada, s/n, Benidorm, 965860100 Water Sports Carlos Water Sports Benidorm, 10% discount on Parasailing, Banana Ride & Fly Fish. Playa Poniente, Puerto Benidorm No. 4, Benidorm, 607350978 Carlos Water Sports Benidorm, 10% discount on Parasailing, Banana Ride & Fly Fish. Pirámide Amarilla, Playa Levante, Avenida Madrid, Benidorm, 687631278

Food & Drink B a r s , P u b s & C a f e t e ri a s Bar Caspers, 10% off main courses. C/ Joaquin Rodrigo, Albir, 966864466 Cafe Bar Las Olas, €2 off cocktails and €1 off sandwiches & baguettes. Pase de las Estrellas 1, Albir, 966866290 Bar Cafeteria Onix, 2 x 1 drinks Sunday afternoons & Monday-Fri-

day free shot after lunch. C/ Zubeldia 1, Altea, 965845350 La Barraca Cocktail Bar, 10% discount. Paseo Mediterraneo 41, Altea, 965843979 Bahamas, 25% discount. Av. Mallorca, SN, Benidorm, 965854548 Bar Granada, 10% discount. Av. Europa, 9 Edif. Mariscal 1, Local 12, Benidorm, 647402533 Bar Los Navarros, Free glass of wine with your meal and a free tapa with each drink ordered. Av. Periodista Emilio Romero, Benidorm, 616490757 Bar Musical Zona 9, 20% discount on drinks. C/ Esperanto 16, local 9, Benidorm, 609225423 Bar Navarrico, A free tapa with every drink ordered. C/ Del Rosario, 8, Benidorm, 966889430 Bar Oasis, A free tapa with every drink ordered. C/ Del Rosario, 7, Benidorm, 966811574 Beachcomber, 15% discount. C/ Mallorca, SN, Benidorm, 661940914 Bourbon's Bar, Free taster of any spirit with your order. Commercial Centre, Avda. de Murcia, Benidorm, 966811254 Broadway, 15% discount. C/ Gerona Esq. Mallorca, Benidorm, 685827550 Cafe Benidorm, 10% discount. Calle Mallorca/Lepanto, Benidorm, 965854548 Cafeteria Pizzeria Nevada, 2 free drinks (soft drink, beer or wine) with each pizza. Avda. Andalucia, local C, Benidorm, 966831369 Chaplin's, 20% discount. C/ Mallorca, Edf. Las Rocas, locales 1-4, Benidorm, 965862849 Daytona Rock, 10% discount on entry & drinks. Avda. Alcoy, Benidorm, 629941799 Duty Free, 10% discount. Avda. Cuenca 18, Monver VI, Local 2, Benidorm, 661852157 El Faro, 10% discount. Avda. Cuenca 21, Benidorm, 676422234 El Navegante, 2 for 1 on Spanish beers. Av. Martínez Alejos, 7, Benidorm, 600017718 Fratelli - Fashion Bar, A free drink upon presentation of the card. Avenida Orts Llorca, Edificio Principado Arenas, Benidorm, 965853979 Fun Station, 10% discount. C/ Mallorca esq. C/ Ibiza, Benidorm, 965867570 Gigolos, 10% discount. C/ Almería, 5, Benidorm, 690691727 Guinness Bar, 10% discount. Avda. Alcoy, Benidorm, 629941799 Hippodrome, 20% discount. C/ Mallorca, s/n, Benidorm, 667463379 Jokers, 20% discount. C/ Lepanto esq. Avenida Filipinas, Benidorm, 965862849 KU Lounge Cafe, 10% discount. Avda. Alcoy, Benidorm, 629941799 La Espuela, A free glass of wine and tapa upon presentation of the card. C/ Del Rosario, 6, Benidorm, 965863873 Little Belfast, 10% discount. Commercial Rey Don Jamie, Rincon, Local 13, Benidorm, 622090974 Loch Ness, 2 for 1 on drinks. Av. Filipinas 7, Benidorm, 609257609 Malibu, 10% discount. C/ Berlin 3, Benidorm, 965851916 Moon Beach, 10% discount. Avda. Alcoy, Benidorm, 629941799 Out Back, 20% discount. Avda. Filipinas, Benidorm, 645919512 Panaderia Creperia Cafeteria Oasis, 10% discount on crepes. C/ Gerona, 2 (Edif. Los Pinos), Benidorm, 965867605 Panchos Pub, Order 2 drinks & pay for 1. Avda. Filipinas, Benidorm, 629642127

Pub Champions, 10% discount. Avda. Mallorca Esquina C/ Lepanto, Benidorm, 965854548 Pub Lennon's, 10% discount. C/ Mallorca 23, Benidorm, 667640219 Pub Roxanne, 10% discount on drinks. C/ Gerona Nº2, Benidorm, 966812680 Rachel's Bar, 20% discount. Avda. Doctor Severo Ochoa 5, Local 5-67, Benidorm, 692151111 Red Dog, 20% discount. C/ Lepanto, Edf. Maysan, locales 3-4, Benidorm, 965862849 Rock Star, 20% discount. C/ Gerona, 17, Benidorm, 629689758 Rose & Crown Karaoke Sports Bar, 2 for the price of 1 on spanish spirits. Calle Ibiza, Benidorm, 600071951 Shamrock, 10% discount on food & drink. C/ Gerona, 22 Edf. La Oca, Benidorm, 965869100 Shile, 50% discount on Caipirinhas & Mojitos. C/ Esperanto, 13 - 1 Bis, Benidorm, 678030724 Siempre Aki, 10% discount. Avda. Doctor Orts Llorca 20, local 17, Benidorm, 966236374 Sinatra's, 20% discount. C/ Mallorca, Edf. Torre Domo, locales 9-14, Benidorm, 965862849 Snook's Bar, Free tea, coffee or orange juice when you eat a breakfast. Av. de Juan Fuster Zaragoza, Benidorm, 633249958 Sport Rock Cafe, 10% discount. C/ Esperanto 11, Benidorm, 965856743 Tapamania, 10% discount. Av. Martínez Alejos, 7, Benidorm, 965867427 The Castle Inn, 10% discount. Carrer Finestrat, local 4, Benidorm, 965855485 The Green Frog/La Rana Verde, 10% discount. C/ Dr Perez Llorca 4, local 22, Edif. La Gavina, Benidorm, 619978600 Tommy's Bar, 10% discount. C/ Kennedy, 8 - 10, Edif. Mariscal IV, Benidorm, 690691727 Top Notch, A free sangria per person. Avda. Doctor Severo Ochoa 28, Local 7, Benidorm, 686591499 Wooky Hollow II, 10% discount. C/ Cuenca, Edif. Mariscal IV-V, Local 1, Benidorm, 661852157 Bar-Restaurante Tapas Vizcaino, 10% discount. C/ Calpe 1 Bajo, Benissa, 965734083 Cafe Pronto, Coffee (excluding decaf) and a doughnut for 2,50 euros. Avda. de Europa 7, Benissa, 699888248 Bar la Tasquita, 10% discount. C/ Almendros, Calpe, 646649655 Bar Refugio de Diego, 10% discount. Blasco Ibanez 4, Calpe, 965838434 Billard Plaza, 10% discount on drinks and 9 foot pool table. Centro Comercial Plaza Central, local 16-17 Avda. del Diputación, Calpe, 689640019 Bon Mati, 10% discount. C/ Los Almendros 5-a, Calpe, 965830048


Jukebox Bar, Buy 3 get 1 free. C/ Benidorm 10, Calpe, 622369771 Piter Pan, 10% discount on all cakes and coffees. C/ Corbeta Local 9, Calpe, 965832971 Sinatra Bar, 10% discount. Avda. Europa 1, Calpe, 965836563 Trotamundos Café, 5% discount. C/ San Isidro 8, Calpe, 600743650 Ye Olde London Bar, 10% discount. C/ la Paz 22, Calpe, 608987178 Bar Tino, Free bottle of house wine when two people order lunch or dinner from the menu. C/ Patricio Ferrandiz, 2, Denia, 657903672 Clasic Cafe, 10% discount on tapas & authentic caviar from Russia. Denia Sertoreo 2 Bis, Denia, 699899551 Cresol, 10% discount on litre of Agua de Valencia. Plaza Benidorm, 4, Denia, 965780459 El Campus CB, 10% discount. Cami Corral de Calafat, Denia, 965783952 La Sidreria, 2 for 1 offer, When two people dine, one dines for free (per card presented). Pasaje Paris, B-1, Denia, 966420781 Moni Penny, A free bottle of house wine with lunch or dinner for two people. C/ La Mar 5, Denia, 966422976 Lluna Llunera Restaurante, Free bottle of house wine with any meal superior to 30€. C/ Les Oques, Local 5 y 6, Jalon, 966480840 An Shebeen, 10% discount on the main menu (excluding drinks). Avda. del Pla, CC Arenal Locales, Javea, 965796475 Area 1 Bar, A free glass of wine or mistela per person with lunch or dinner. C/ Almirante Bastarreche 3, Javea, 966463918 Dharma Bar, 2 meals for the price of 1 on Thursdays & Fridays (a-lacarte). C/ Virgen del Loreto 33, Javea, 617239156 Manhattan, 2 meals for the price of 1. C/ Los Fueros 5, Javea, 686921560 Beach Club Cafe del Mar, 10% discount. Ctra Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052 Cascada Bar, Free glass of cava per person when you order a meal for 2 from the menu. Ctra. Moraira Calpe 174 (opposite Algas), Moraira, 672539983 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


or visit your nearest stockist (look out for the SpainSave sticker in the window)

Nick The British Butcher, 20% discount on sirlion steak. 45 Avda. La Marina, Moraira, 966498112 The English Butcher, Free 2 kilos of chicken when you spend over 60€ & free bottle of wine when spending over 40€. 170 European Centre, Moraira, 966492311 C a t e re r s Annies cake Creations, Free 2 cup cakes with every cake ordered. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe (between Mas y mas y Pepe la Sal), Moraira, 666083482 R e s t a ur a n t s Casa de Crepes Martina, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 147, Albir, 606850182 Haweli Indian Restaurant, 10% discount on all food, eat in or take away. Cami Vell de Altea, Edif. La Rotonda N, Albir, 966866864 Java - Restaurante Indonesio, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 147, Albir, 606850182 Restaurante Cesar-Parrillada Argentina, 10% discount (except on menu del dia). Avenida Albir 68, Albir, 966867378 Restaurante Ca Blai, 10% discount (except on menu del dia). Avenida Albir 66-68, Albir, 966864676 Restaurante El León - Cocina Int. de Autor, 10% discount. C/ Juan Sebastian Bach (Edificio Fin Albir), Albir, 966868926 Restaurante Enrique, A free bottle of wine for every two people that dine. Avenida Oscar Espla 15, Albir, 966868098 Restaurante Japones Yamato, 10% discount. Cami Vell de Altea 26, Albir, 966866605 Restaurante Paulino, A free bottle of wine per two diners. Avenida del Albir s/n, Albir, 966865906 Sarita Indian Restaurant, Free bottle of house wine worth 7,90€ with every takeaway order. Bahia Blanca, Avda del Albir 11, Albir, 966864394 Thai Fusion, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 2, Edificio Rocamar, Puerta 7, Albir, 966864527 Bar La Torre, Free bottle of house wine with lunch or dinner for 2 people. C/ Mayor, 4, Alcalali, 966482649 Akropolis, 10% discount. Sant Pere 23, Altea, 966881783 Chez Pierre, Free Coffee with your discount card. C/ Conde Altea 22, Altea, 965842037 Restaurante Cavas, 5% discount. Paseo Mediterraneo, 47 primera linea playa, Altea, 965841825 Restaurante Cerveceria 21, 10% discount. San Pedro 45, Altea, 965845414 Restaurante Club Nautico de Altea, 10% discount in the restaurant (except on 'menu del dia'). Avenida del Puerto s/n, Altea, 965843476 Restaurante Il Timone, 10% discount (except on 'menu del dia'). Avenida del Puerto 21, Altea, 965840043 Tiki Taka Peques, , Free kid's meal with each card. C/ San Pere 43, Altea, 965845765 Akropolis, 10% discount. Vicente LLorca Alos 3-3, Benidorm, 966808104 Akropolis, 10% discount. Avenida del Almiral de Sarria 6, Benidorm, 965857669 Bombay Authentic Indian Cuisine, 10% discount. Calle Londres 4, Benidorm, 965865493 Cocedero de Marisco Isla Cristina, 10% discount. C/ Gerona 3 Edificio Cire, Benidorm, 965856311 Dehesa de D. Saturnino, 10% discount. C/ Santo Domingo, 6 Y 8., Benidorm, 639406922 El Tomate, A free drink per person

with every pizza. Avda. Doctor Orts Llorca, 20, Benidorm, 965850201 India Gate, 10% discount. C/ Gerona, 2 Local 14, Benidorm, 636059785 Meson la Huerta, Kids eat free (one free child meal per accompanying adult diner). C/ Valencia Nº1,Local 5, Benidorm, 618276714 Meson la Huerta, A free jug of Sangria per table. C/ Valencia Nº1,Local 5, Benidorm, 618276714 Meson Plaza Mayor, A free glass of cava for each diner. Plaza Mayor, 27, Benidorm, 966889935 Michael's, 10% discount off your meal (excluding drinks). Calle La Biga 15 (Old Town), Benidorm, 966801346 Monlight Bar Restaurant, 10% discount and a free coffee. Av. Madrid, 26, Benidorm, 628265613 Rays II, 10% discount on main menu (excluding specials). Avda. Mediterráneo 58, Benidorm, 966808688 Restaurante Arrocería Nevada, Free coffee & shot per diner. Avda. Andalucia, Local J, Benidorm, 965851732 Restaurante Casa Toni, Free glass of wine (with appetizer) + free moscatel (with dessert). C/ Cuenca Ed. Gemelos IV, Benidorm, 966801232 Restaurante El Senyoret, 10% discount. Avda. Alcoy, Benidorm, 629941799 Restaurante Italiano Gambero Rosso, A free bottle of cava or 10% discount when spending 50€ or more. Av. Mediterraneo, 51 Edif. Costablanca 26, Benidorm, 966289404 Restaurante Japones Sakura, 10% discount. C/ Berlin 1, Benidorm, 965869139 Restaurante La Barbacoa, 10% discount. Avda. del Doctor Orts Llorca 24, Benidorm, 965994516 Restaurante Pizzeria Bella Napoli, 20% discount when 2 or more dine. C/ Gerona 1, Edificio Cire I, Benidorm, 965859384 Singh Palace Indian Restaurant, 10% discount. Av. Del Mediterraneo, 62 - Shop 57, Benidorm, 965869697 Subway, 15% discount. Avda. Alcoy 6, Benidorm, 616856809 Subway, 15% discount. C/ Londres 4, Benidorm, 616856809 Subway, 15% discount. Avda. Estocolmo 2, Benidorm, 616856809 Taberna Elizondo, 1/2 bottle of wine free per diner. C/ Santo Domingo 10, Benidorm, 628889333 The Codfather (Fish & Chips), 5% discount (excluding drinks). Avda. de Cuenca, Benidorm, 654826311 Topo Gigio Mediterraneo, 15% discount. Avenida Mediterráneo 9, Edificio Marianne, Benidorm, 965857168 Topo Gigio Rincon, 15% discount. C/ Estocolmo 48, Edificio Contesa, Benidorm, 965859413 Txalaparta, 2 for 1 on Zuritos (beer, wine or mosto). C/ Valencia, 1, Local 14, Benidorm, 634632126 Casa Manolo, 10% discount. Playa La Fustera 30A, Benissa, 966498329 Restaurante Timon, 10% discount. Club Nautico les Bassetes, Ctra. Calpe - Moraira, km 2, Benissa, 965836155 Restaurante Molly Malones, 10% discount. Avenida Marina Baixa 2, Edificio Acantilados, Cala de Finestrat, 966806370 Singh Palace Indian Restaurant, 10% discount. Av. Marina Baixa, 3, Cala de Finestrat, 966802626 Al Andalus Restaurant, 10% discount on take away orders & 10% discount on a-la-carte menu. Avda. Rosa de los Vientos, Calpe, 965874866 Arte Cafe, 10% discount. C/ Corbeta 10, Calpe, 965875386 Boqueron De Plata, 15% discount on Seafood. Avda. Valencia 16, Calpe, 965835539

Coral Restaurante, 10% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira Km2 Club Nautico les Bassetes, Calpe, 965836980 Lauras @ Westbeach, 10% discount on the a la carte menu Tuesday to Saturday evenings. Gabriel Miro 35, Calpe, 667613045 Restaurante Annapurna Tandoori, 10% discount. Ctra. CalpeMoraira km 1 Centro Comercial Biblos Local 8, Calpe, 965832653 Restaurante Biergarten, Free drink of your choice with each meal. Avda. Diputation Plaza Central Local 29, Calpe, 680345733 Restaurante Julio's, 5% discount. Av. Juan Carlos I, 30, local 1, Calpe, 965836115 Restaurante Milord, 10% discount on your meal. Edif. Esmeralda Playa de Levante, Calpe, 965834686 Restaurante Mirador, 10% discount on a-la-carte menu. Avda. Ifach 26, Calpe, 965835772 Restaurante-Bar 'As-de-Oros', 10% discount. Calle José Antonio 19, Calpe, 965837755 Taberna Griega, Every table of 4 receives a bottle of Rioja. C/ la Pau 32B, Calpe, 965833515 Bistro Alegria, Free bottle of house wine for 2 at dinner superior to 20€. Rosario 1, La Pedrera, Denia, 609915361 Bocateria Bocafi, Free jug of Sangria (1 litre) when 2 people order lunch or dinner from the menu. C/ Calderon, 8 b, Denia, 686591686 Cerveceria El Mosset, Free bottle of house wine for 2 at lunch or dinner. C/ Sertorio 24, Denia, 966425416 Duo Dama, Free shot after lunch or dinner. Ctra. Denia - Javea 100, Denia, 966425072 Haweli Indian Restaurant, 10% discount on all food, eat in or take away. Carretera de Las Marinas km 1, Urb. Playa Sol II 23, Denia, 965783637 La Cocina de Lola, 10% discount for groups of 6 people or more. Plaza Benidorm, 3, Denia, 965785772 Lizarran, 10% discount on lunch or evening meal. C/Patricio Ferrandiz, 50, Denia, 965784111 Phoenix Lounge Bar & Restaurant, A free bottle of house wine for 2 people at lunch or dinner, When 4 people dine, 1 eats for free. Ctra. Las Marinas Km 1, Denia, 965788168 Restaurante Malcriat, A free jug of beer or sangria when 2 people order lunch or dinner from the menu. Av. Corts Valencianes nº4, Denia, 678210279 Rte. Al Gusto, Free bottle of house wine for 2 when you chose from the a-la-carte menu (min 2 courses). C/ Colon 46, Denia, 966427830 Rte. Ca Nano, Free bottle of house wine for 2 with lunch or dinner. Ctra. Barranc del Monyo 140 (Fin de las Rotas), Denia, 966430905 Rte. Club de Tenis, 2 meals for the price of 1 (advance telephone booking required). Ptda Marjal S/N, Denia, 965784451 Rte. El Polígono, Free bottle of house wine for 2 people with lunch or dinner, includes menu del dia. Ptda. madriguerres Sud, 19, Denia, 965780960 Rte. El Senyoret, Free bottle of house wine for 2 people at lunch or dinner. C/ Sanchis Guarner No 4, Denia, 966422958 Sama's Curry House, Free bottle of house wine when 4 people eat in or take away. Centro Comercial El Poblet 159. Carretera de Las Marinas km 2, Denia, 646139215 Tasca Mediterranea, Free bottle of mistela when two people order lunch or dinner from the main menu. C/ La Mar 49, Denia, 966431209 Cocina Fusión Bar Restaurante, 2 meals for the price of 1 (includes set menus). Centro Comercial La Teulera, local 11 Av. Juan Carlos I, 61, Jalon, 661211145 Basilico Restaurante Italiano,

10% discount on main menu. Avenida del Pla 79, Javea, 965790320 Espak Doner Kebab, Free aperitif & coffee with your meal. Avda. Libertad 21, local 4, Javea, 966471139 Shish-Mahal, 10% discount. Arenal 73, Javea Park 12, Javea, 966461417 Taj Mahal, 10% discount on a-lacarte menu. Avda. Libertad 34 Playa Arenal, Javea, 966471684 The Great Indian, 10% discount on all food, eat in or takeaway. Av. Colomer s/n Ctra. Javea-Jesus Pobre, Javea, 966463768 Captain's Table, 10% discount on food. Avda de Madrid 14, Moraira, 665088375 La Isla, 10% discount on a-la carte meals and Persian menu. C/ Alejandria 3, Moraira, 965748850 More-Mehr-Mas, Free bottle of house wine when two people order from the a-la-carte menu (min, 2 courses). Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 249, Moraira, 966498789 Mr Kebap, 10% discount eat in or take away. Av. Madrid 4 bajo, Moraira, 966491094 Restaurante Asador Salamandra, 10% discount. Ctra.Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052 Satari's Restaurant, Free Kir Royale cocktail to finish off your meal (per customer) . C/ Dakar 1, Moraira, 965747134 Tiffanys Bar, Free glass of wine with Sunday lunch. European Centre, Moraira, 966491788 El Paraiso Restaurant, Free cocktail on arrival & free coffee after your meal with the 12,95€ menu. Poet de mas 5, Parcent, 966405398 Monroes Carvery, 5% discount off total bill. Avda. Garrofer, local 1, Pedreguer, 965761731 Buddha Eyes Tandoori, 10% discount. Calle Rafeal 12, Pego, 965572811 Restaurante Coll de Rates, 10% discount. Solana de Parcelles s/n, Tarbena, 671216676 L'Almercera Restaurante, 5% discount. Cami Beniarrix, Teulada, 965741214 S up e r m a r k e t s Bodega y Supermercado Londres, 10% discount. C/ Londres, 19, Benidorm, 965850217 Mini Marquet 24 Horas, 10% discount. Av. L'Atmella del Mar, 9A, Benidorm, 696777820 Panaderia Francis, 10% discount when you spend over 30€. C/ Gerona, 13 Edif. Mariscal I, Benidorm, 966853838 Ruzafa 24 Hs, 10% discount. Av. de Ruzafa, 14 Local 3, Benidorm, 696777820 Supermercado Esperanza, 10% discount. C/ Ibiza, 1, Benidorm, 696777820 Supermercado Prakash, 10% discount. C/ Almeria, Edif. Ducados Local 32, Benidorm, 666546260 Keith & Lyns Supermercado, 10% discount on all groceries when you spend over 20€ (excluding spirits). Residencial Toscamar, Ctra. Portichol Km5, Javea, 966472084 Ecofruits, Spend 10€ & recieve a bag of oranges, 10% discount with purchases of more than 20€. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 167 km 9.3, Moraira, 966498853 IC UK Foods SL, Spend over 20 euros and get 1 euro of confectionary free. Guillem De Castro 8 bajo, Oliva, 962839830 Quicksave, Spend over 20 euros and get a voucher for 3 euros off your next shop of over 5 euros. Partida Murtar 2, Pedreguer, 966456157 Take away Food Charcuteria Promania, 5% discount. C/ Zubeldia 12, Altea, 673125058 Kebab La Isla, 10% discount. C/ Llargues, local 5-3, Altea, 660868017 Cocina Express, 10% discount on orders of 20€ or more. C/ Ibiza 11, Benidorm, 965853483

Indian's Curri, 10% discount. Av. Madrid, 26b, Benidorm, 628265613 Rizwan Haider Shah, 5% discount on kebabs & pizzas. C/ Avda. la Alcudia 37 Bajo, Benissa, 966113437 Cornish Pride, 10% discount on sandwich bar sales & free portion of chips with every spit roast chicken. CC Moravit Ctra. Moraira Calpe, Moraira, 966497475 W i ne M e r c h a n t s Bodega Collection World, 10% discount. Ctra.Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052

Spencer Bistro, Free glass of wine per customer when ordering tapas . Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 231, Moraira, 965749129 B ut c h e r s


Ciber Albir y Telefonia, Avenida Albir 80, local 7 Eurocare Mobility Services, C/ Joaquin Rodrigo, Edificio Beatriz, Local 7 Round Town Travel, C/ Narciso Yepes 14, Edificio Palatino, local 8


Shops Art Art Altaia, 10% discount on framing service & sale of frames. Tapo de la Llimera 2 bajo, Altea, 965844193 El Mundo de la Seda, 10% discount on silk painting. C/ Loreto, 4, Denia, 687540786 Matices, 10% discount. C/ Patricio Ferrandiz, 5, Denia, 965783278 Bicycles Desnivell, 10% discount on bicycles. Av. Alicante nº18, Denia, 965782343 Gurugu Bicicletes SL, 10% discount. Avda dels Furs 27, local 1, Javea, 966289593 Xabias Bike Centre, 10% discount on bicycles & accessories. C/ Lepanto 21, Javea, 966461150 Booksellers Bookworld, 10% discount. Avda. Amanecer de Espana 13, Javea, 966462253 Cards & Gifts Alabastros Benidorm, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 3, Benidorm, 965853376 Regalos Narogi, 10% discount. C/ Gerona, 43, Benidorm, 965861320 Pascals Flors y Regals, 10% discount. Calle Colon 58, Denia, 966420977 Euro Bazar, 10% discount when spending more than 20€. Avda. de Paris Javea Park, Javea, 966462919 Inspirations Card & Gift Shop, 10% discount. C/ Cristo del Mar 19 Pasaje del Siss 3, Javea, 965793266 Regalos Borja, 5% discount. Avenida Jaime I, 1, Javea, 965794270 Occasions, 10% discount when spending more than 20€. European Centre, Moraira, 965058154 Clothing & Accessories AV Moda, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 36, Albir, 966864206 Cantik, 10% discount. Cami de la Cantera 2, local 4, Albir, 966868008 Erna's Boutique, 10% discount. Avenida del Albir. Centro Comercial Monver, local 17, Albir, 966868696 zeta+zeta, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 35, Albir, 966865283 7 Camicie, 5% discount on blouses. C/ Conde de Altea 41, local A, Altea, 9666446930 Dolce Vita, 10% discount on new summer collection. C/ Conde de Altea 53, Altea, 966885811 Durans, 10% discount. C/ Plaza dels Sports, local 11, Altea, 966883117 Komotu, 10% discount. C/ Conde de Altea 22 bajo, Altea, 630215865 Oana, 10% discount. C/ Conde de Altea 41, Altea, 966883405 Outlet Drap Stock, 10% discount. C/ Callitx 5, Esq. Raspall, Altea, 965845528 Ruth Esteve Complements, 10% discount on bags & accessories. C/ Conde de Altea 35, Altea, 965435565

Durans, C/ Plaza dels Sports, local 11 Mundo Marino, Ticket Office, Puerto de Altea, Paseo Marítimo s/n Noray Sport, C/ Conde de Altea 9 Zapateria Schuhe, C/ Calitx 4, Esq. C/ Raspall Zona PC, Constitucion 2, Local 6

Benitachell Video Club Benitachell, Avenida Lepanto 37

Benissa Villas Guzman, Avda. de la Marina 318

Calpe Brico Aitana, Avda. Vall de L'aguart 12 Centro Comercial Aitana, N-332, Entrada Calpe Sur Galerias Aitana, Avda. Gabriel Miró 13 Mundo Marino, Ticket Office, Puerto de Calpe, Paseo Marítimo s/n

Denia Mundo Marino, Ticket Office, Puerto de Denia, Paseo Marítimo s/n Practic, Ctra. Denia a Javea, 38 Local B ProVital, Ctra. La Marinas Km 1 nº23 Tommy Outlet, Glorieta del Pais Valencia 11

Javea Clinica Dental Puchol, Avda. Del Pla 81, Local 3 Javea Cars, Ctra de Cabo La Nao, Pla 37 Mundo Marino, Ticket Office, Puerto de Javea, Paseo Marítimo s/n Don't Pay Brand Name (No Pagues La Marca), Avda De La Fontana 2 The Great Indian, Av. Colomer s/n, Ctra. JaveaJesus Pobre

Jalón Heidi Francis Flowers, Avda. Rey Juan Carlos I, 6 Bar Café Olé, Cami Vell d’Alcalalí 6A

La Xara Kellys of La Xara, Avda. del Mar 34-B Vacation Villas, Avda. del Oeste, 8

Moraira Quicksave, Avenida La Paz, local 6

Oliva Bar Sargantana, Centro Comercial Oliva Nova Golf

Pedreguer Quicksave, Partida Murtar 2

Order your card at or call 902 106 732 Tarkus Hogar, 10% discount. C/ Jaume 1, 34b, Altea, 965841857 Tendencias, 10% discount. C/ A Llargues 5, local 1, Altea, 628851213 A.C. Calzados, 10% discount. C/ Mayor, 14, Benidorm, 646806221 Bambinos Shoes, 10% discount. C/ Gambo, Nº2, Benidorm, 966805879 Biondello, 10% discount. C/ Mayor, 11, Benidorm, 965866093 Bolsos y Complementos Ibiza, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 37 Edif. Las Flores Local 2, Benidorm, 965858019 Bolsos y Complementos Kaliart, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 28B, Benidorm, 680676703 Boutique Libre, 15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 39, Benidorm, 965857195 Brillos, 10% discount. Plaza Mayor, 8, Benidorm, 966813691 Carla. B, 10% discount. C/ Gerona, CC La Noria, Benidorm, 966800435 H & M Bellroy, 15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 13, Benidorm, 965858730 La Media Luna, 10% discount. C/ Martinez Alejos, Nº3, Benidorm, 677829225 Lenceria Nieves, 10% discount. C/ Sol Nº 4, Benidorm, 965855112 Moda Version Ani, 10-15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, Edif. Ducados Local 3, Benidorm, 666546260 Modas Esther, 10% discount. Avda. Mediterraneo 33, Edifcio Ocean 1 bajo, Benidorm, 966801029 Modas Esther, 10% discount. Avda. de los Almendros 15, Benidorm, 966807177 Modas Esther, 10% discount. Avda. Mediterraneo 33, Edifcio Gemelos 1, local 20, Benidorm, 966801029 Mujer, 10% discount. Trav. CL Gambo Edificio Ensenada, Benidorm, 966802650 Opalo, 10% discount. C/ Alameda, Nº7, Benidorm, 966812853 Piel el Ciervo, 40% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, Edif. Gemelos 1, Benidorm, 965861805 Valentino's, 15% discount. Avda. Madrid 10, Benidorm, 965854647 Zapateria Cachel, 10% discount. C/ Emilio Ortuño, 12, Benidorm, 965868211 Alexia, 10% discount on lingerie. C/ Santa Madrid 4 Lenceria, Calpe, 965830572 Boutique el Sol, 10% discount on clothes shoes & accessories. C/ Juan de Garay 5A, Calpe, 965053571 Area Vertical, 10% discount. Avenida Ramon Ortega 5, Denia, 966425425 Biba XXIII, 10% discount on clothing & accessories. C/ Temple de Sant Telm, 23 A, Denia, 966427736 Calima, 10% discount won purchases over 50€. C/ Magallanes, 26, Denia, 965786015 Canoves 26, 10% discount on Desigual jackets & coats. C/ Pare Pere 5, Denia, 649637915 Chevalier, 10% discount. C/ Vicent Andres Estelles 2, Denia, 965784857 Complements, 5% discount. Patricio Ferrandiz 17, Denia, 965784292 D-Sastre, 10-50% discount. C/ Carlos Senti 32, Denia, 966427572 Gomez y Gomez, 10% discount. C/ Magallanes, 8, Denia, 966427212 Ho'okipa Surf Shop, 10% discount. C/ La Mar nº 33, Denia, 965781672 Ideal Moda, 10-15% discount. Plaza Archiduque Carlos 7-B, Denia, 966422408 Kore, 15% discount. C/ Vicent An-


drés Estelles, 3, Denia, 966426978 Kprichos, 5% discount on purchases up to 30€ and 10% on more. c/ Diana 34, Denia, 965781405 La Boutique de la Belleza, 15% discount . C/ Patricio Ferrandiz, 33 A, Denia, 966420670 La Finestra, 10% discount. C/ Quevedo 42, Denia, 966430038 Lenceria Enya, 10% discount. C/ Quevedo, 15, Denia, 966425206 Liquid Surf Shop, 10% discount on purchases over 100€. C/ Castell D'olimbroi nº2 (frente Cruz Roja), Denia, 966431151 Moda 1ª Marcas La Nuza, 10% discount. C/ Magallanes, 30, Denia, 966435232 Premaman, 50% discount on maternity clothing & 10% discount on baby clothing. Avenida Ramon Ortega 24, Denia, 966422801 Rubio Larosa Uniformes y Vestuario, 10% discount. Av. Alicante, 14 bajo, Denia, 966423106 Sombreria Oliver, 5% discount on purchases up to 30€ and 10% on more. C/ Magallanes 10 bajo, Denia, 966422930 The Corner Shop, 10% discount. C/ Ramon y Cajal, 6, Denia, 965788747 Tommy Outlet, 10% discount. Glorieta del Pais Valencia, 11, Denia, 665841846 Tilly's Baby & Childrens Clothing & Accesories, 10% discount on all items when you spend over 10€. Poligono los Nazorios (British Indoor Market), Formentera del Segura, 634321339 AFALAC, 10% discount on children's clothing & baby products. C/ Plaza Las Ocas, local 13, Jalon, 966480319 Footsteps New & nearly New Boutique, 15% discount on ladies wear spending over 40€, childrens clothes/ equipment 20% over 50€ & equipment hire service 10% above 50€. C/ Benissa 10, Jalon, 628523764 Ana Iborra Ropa Interior, 10% discount. Avda. La Libertad 1, Javea, 965790348 B & H Shirts and Collars Ltd, 5% off formal dress shirts, collars & accessories. C/ Bruselas, 87B duplex 15, Javea, 965794472 Borja Perfumeria Lenceria, 10% discount. C/ Sertorio 3, Javea, 966462033 Capritx, 10% discount. Avda. Libertad 17, bloque 8, Javea, 966471246 High Street Heaven Boutique, 10% discount on Marks & Spencer,Bhs,Monsoon,Wallis and Blue Harbour clothing. Inn On The Green, Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 679428570 Inspirations Wool Shop, 10% discount. C/ Cristo del Mar 19 Pasaje del Siss 3, Javea, 965793266 La Boutique del Mar, 25% discount. Avenida Marina Española 2, Javea, 966460190 La Corona Arenal, 10% discount. Avda. Libertad 9, Javea, 965792299 La Pallisa, 10% off costume jewellery. Avd. Libertad 11, Javea, 966470618 Lacoste, 5% discount. Avda. Libertad 13, Javea, 965792259 L'Arca, 10% discount. Avenida Principe de Asturias 12, Javea, 966461701 Leclercq, 10% discount. Avenida Lepanto 3, Javea, 965794280 Maria Cholbi Boutique, 10% discount. Avda. Libertad 19, Javea, 965770521 Nakuti, 10% discount. Avd. Libertad 19, local 6, Javea, 966470397 No Pagues La Marca, 10% discount. Avd. La Fontana 2, Javea, 966460882



Tommy Hilfiger Soybe, 10% discount. Avenida Libertad 13, bloque 2, Javea, 965793829 United Colours of Benetton, 8% discount. Avenida Lepanto 17, Javea, 965793067 Boutique Victoria, 25% discount on all evening wear for men and women & 15% on day wear. Doctor Calatayut 17 Pasaje, Moraira, 966490904 Confectionery/Chocolate Bon Bon Shop, 10% discount. Av. Del Mediterraneo, 64 L4, Benidorm, 966803836 Chocolate Wrapture, 10% discount for on-line orders & free colouring pages with childrens party chocolate. Pueblo Panorama, Cumbre del Sol, 648738113 Department Stores Galerias Aitana, 10% discount on sports goods, leather goods, costume jewellery & gifts. Avda. Gabriel Miró 13, Calpe, 965832729 Electrical Goods Sai Tech, 15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 66 Edif. covablanca 8, Benidorm, 965868792 Sai Vision, 15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 56, Benidorm, 965868792 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Ctra. Moraira - Calpe Km 3 Centro Comercial Pepe la Sal, Benissa, 965748584 Milar Giner, 10% discount en domestic appliances & 5% discount on televisions. Avda. Pais Valencia 60, Benissa, 965730584 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Avda. Madrid 7, Calpe, 965831921 Milar Giner, 10% discount on domestic appliances & 5% on televisions. C/ Doctor Fleming 25, Calpe, 965839089 Igloo Neveras Portatiles, 10% discount. Avd. de Gandia 9, Denia, 966420016 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Avda. del Pla s/n Centro Comercial el Montgo (Junto al Supercor Javea), Javea, 966460693 Milar Giner, 10% discount on electrical appliances & 5% on televisions. Doctor Calatayud s/n, Moraira, 966491482 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Poligono Industrial Teulada C/ els Gremis 1, Teulada, 965741565 Fancy Dress & Joke Shop Benidorm Joke Shop, 10% discount when you spend over 20€. Edificio Ducados 12 (Passage), Avda. Mediterraneo, Benidorm, 966811026 Florists Aitana Natura, 10% discount. Avda. Comunidad Valenciana 7, Altea, 966885732 Floristeria Ivars, 10% discount. C/ Corbeta 6, Calpe, 965830460 Flores y Plantas Manolita, Free gift when you spend over 30€. Av. Marquesado, 6, Denia, 966430699 Mandarina Floristeria Pepe Simo (Interflora), 10% discount. C/ Vicent Andres Estelles 4, Denia, 965781856 Heidi Francis Flowers, 5% discount. Avda. Rey Juan Carlos 1, 6, Jalon, 966480324 Nelumbo Floristas, 10% discount on cut flowers, 5% discount on plants & decorative items. Avenida Lepanto 8, local 5, Javea, 687054865



Floristeria Serendipity, 10% discount on all flowers and gifts. C/ Barranquet 5 Local 2, Moraira, 965745703 Flores del Sol, 10% discount. Joan Martorell 5, Poblets (Els), 966475629 Herbalist/Natural Products Health Food Shops Armonia Biotec, 7% discount. Avd. Ramon Ortega 5, Denia, 965996957 La Bio Pelu Productos Naturales, 7% discount. Avda. Ramón Ortega 5 bajo izq, Denia, 655096216 La Botiga d'Angels, 10% discount on purchases over 50€. C/ La Mar, 22, Denia, 965781034 Sibaritas Grow, 10% discount on purchases of 50€ or more. C/ Santísimo Cristo del Mar 19 bajo, Javea, 619486037 Jewellers Joyeria Sendra Relojeria, 10% discount. C/ Conde de Altea 11, Altea, 965840701 Deeside Designs, 10% discount on jewellery. Ctra. Pedreguer 3A, Benidoleig, 965502030 Joyeria Esmeralda, s.l., 15% discount on gold jewellery and 10% discount on watches. Avda. Gabriel Miró 29A, Calpe, 965830633 Joyería-Relojería Tere, 15% discount on gold & silver items & watches, 10% discount on stainless steel items. C/ Purisima 1, Calpe, 965830593 Axel de la Hidalga, 15% discount on silver and 10% on gold. Candida Carbonell 14, Denia, 966431816 Joyeria Bonilla, 5% discount on any new product (excludes repairs). C/ Diana, 14, Denia, 965781546 La Joia, 10% discount. C/ Pare Pere 72, Denia, 965787083 Zafiro, 10% discount on jewellery, silverware & watches. Vicente Andres Estelles 9, Denia, 965784634 Alexanders Antique & Modern Jewellers, 20% discount on all jewellery (excludes repairs & valuations). Avda. Marina Espanola 20, Audanas del Mar (nr Bar la Esquina) Javea Port, Javea, 9657925957/666378596 Joyeria Infinity, 10% discount on silver, gold & diamonds. Plaza Almirante Bastarreche 7, Javea, 965794172 Joyeria Nou or Blanc, 10% discount on gold, 20% discount on silver & costume jewellery. Avenida Jaime I, 11, Javea, 966460326 Younique Jewellery, 50% discount on the cheaper of 2 items when purchasing silver jewellery, applies to bracelets,necklaces & rings,10% on fashion jewellery. High Street Heaven Boutique, Inn On The Green, Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 646855932 Newsagents Copy Cats, 10% discount (except on photocopies). Indoor Market, local 126, Benidorm, 966813504 AR.T Papeleria, 10% discount except for newspapers & magazines. C/ San Isidro Edificio Boreal 10 Local 2, Calpe, 965831656 Expendeduria Madrigueres, Free lighter when you buy a carton of cigarettes, with 10 cartons a free spirit. Madriguerers Nort 36, Denia, 966420534 Papeleria Botella, 5% discount. Avenida Principe de Asturias 20, Javea, 966461701 Perfumery/Toiletries Perfumeria Cacharely, 10% discount. Avenida del Albir 8, Albir, 966868168 Charme Perfumeria, 20% discount. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 7a,


Moraira, 966490846 Photography Fotosintesi, 15% discount. C/ Diana, 39, Denia, 965786187 Mira i Somriu, 10% discount on identity card photos & books. Avd. Gandia 13, Denia, 966426178 Shoes Modacalzado, 10% discount. C/ La Mar 19, Altea, 600653073 Zapateria Schume, 10% discount on shoes & gifts. C/ Calitx 4, Esq. C/ Raspall Altea, 965840540 Zapateria Kaliart, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 28B, Benidorm, 680676703 Modacalzado, 10% discount. C/ Marques de Campo 37, Denia, 966427895 La Rulla Puerto, 10% discount. C/ Cristo del Mar 22, Javea, 965790643 Multicalzados La Rulla, 10% discount. Avda. de La Libertad 18, Edif. Sorolla, Javea, 965795380 Modacalzado, 10% discount. C/ Doctor Calatayud 28, Moraira, 600653073 Sports Deportes Albir, 10% discount. Avda. Albir 34, Albir, 966867275 Tres60 Skate Shop, 10% discount. Avenida del Albir, Centro Comercial Monver, local 21, Albir, 966868451 Noray Sport, 10% discount. C/ Conde de Altea 9, Altea, 966885354 Barcelona Futbol World, Free official FCB keyring when you spend 50€ or more. Via Emilio Ortuño 6, Benidorm, 966808606 Benidorm Sport, 10-15% discount. C/ Almeria, Edif. Ducados Local 3, Benidorm, 666546260 Bonita Sports, 10-20% discount. Avda. Castellon 4, Edif. Coblanca VII, local 18, Benidorm, 966831365 Deportes Mediterraneo, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 49 Local 3, Benidorm, 965855199 Nike Shop, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 19 Local 3, Benidorm, 965864013 Sports Version 2, 10-15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 41 local 4, Benidorm, 965859114 Tot en Futbol, 10-15% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, Edif. Caballos Local 22, Benidorm, 966811496 Dasha Nautica, 10% discount. Avd. Gandia 9 bajo, Denia, 966420218 base: Arenal Sport, 10% discount. Avd. Libertad 9, Playa Arenal, Javea, 965793609 base: La Rulla Sports, 10% discount. Ronda Norte 22, Javea, 965791906 Naowind Surf Shop, 10% discount. Avda. Libertad 9, local 11, Javea, 965795181 Pescarenal Articulos de Pesca y Buceo, 10% discount on fishing rods & reels. Avda. de la Fontana 7, Javea, 966463402

Health, Beauty, Personal

First facial 1/2 price, only 20€. Box 142 Mailboxes Carretera Denia Ondara Km1 L19, Denia, 634786808 Nu Skin Distributor, Book 6 galvanic spa treatments & get one free, Free line corrector with the purchase of personal spa, training included. Apartado de Correos 227, Nucia (la), 686550768 B e a u t y S a l o ns Kado Zen, 10% off manicures & pedicures, 15% off hair & beauty products, 20% off cabin treatments. C/ Joan de Garay 5, local B Edificio Senia, Calpe, 679562616 Stephania, 10% discount. Avda. Gabriel Miro 13 Pasaje, Calpe, 965836918 Centro de Belleza y Salud Manoli, 5% discount on any beauty treatment. C/ La Via, 27, Denia, 966421459 Centro de Estetica Santi Rubio, 10% discount. C/ Quevedo 12, Denia, 615212425 Els Monyos de Lara, 15% discount. Colon 9 Bajo, Denia, 965787090 NovaEstetica, 5% discount on all products. Obispo Cervera 6, Gata de Gorgos, 965757627 Halo Hair & Beauty Salon, 10% discount on hair, beauty & nail spa. C/ Serterio 2, Javea, 965794202 Style Health & Beauty, 5% discount on all treatments & products. C/ Bonaire 57, Orba, 966462581 B od y Ar t/Tatto os /P iercin g Cobra International, 10% discount. C/ Alameda 31, Piso 1, Benidorm, 966811813 Di Angelo Tattoo Art & Body Piercing, 10% discount. Avda. Juan Fuster Zaragoza 10, Benidorm, 966830839 K-Tattoo, 10% discount on tattoos costing 50€ upwards. C/ Gerona, 22 Edif. La Oca, Benidorm, 965864828 La Tienda Hippie, 10% discount on tattoos & accessories. Av. Martínez Alejos, 16, Benidorm, 965868348 Oxygen Tattoo, 10% discount. Pj. La Gavina, Local 13, Benidorm, 679726342 1000 Tattoos, 10% discount. C/ Cop, 11, Denia, 650809889 New Pain Tattoo, 10% discount. Avd. La Fontana 2, local 1a, Javea, 650223413 C hi r o p o d i s t / P o d i a t r i s t Clinica Podologica Portalet, 10% discount on Chiropody & insole inserts (made to measure). C/ Portalet 9 1-G, Calpe, 965835245 C h i ro p ra c t o rs Nilsson Chiropractic Centre, 50% discount off your initial spinal analysis. Plaza Balduino I de Belgica s/n, local B, Alfas del Pi (l'), 965889303 D e n t a l C l i ni c s Solident, 50% discount on dental cleanup. Av. Alfonso Puchades, 15 Bajos, Benidorm, 965854463 Vital Dent Calpe, Free checkup and X-ray, clean free with medical prescription & 5% discount on treatments. C/ la Santamaria 10, Calpe, 965876069 Clinica Dental La Plaza Javea, 10% discount on dental and aesthetic services. Edif. la Plaza, local 5, Javea, 966461120 Clinica Dental Puchol, 10% discount on clinic services. Avda. Del Pla 81, Local 3, Javea, 965792051 Di s a b i l i t y Eq u i p m e n t & Se r v i c e s

B eau ty & Wellb ein g

Eurocare Mobility Services, 10% discount on equipment collected Perfumeria Drogueria Avenida 8, from shop. C/ Joaquin Rodrigo, Edi10% discount on costume jewellery ficio Beatriz, Local 7, Albir, & gifts. Avda Rey Jaume 1, 8, Altea, 966866977 965845628 Nu Skin, Revolutionary anti-ageing Nu Skin facial in your own home,



H a i rd re s s e r s Halo Hair Studio, Free eyebrow wax with every pedicure. C/ Juan Sebastian Bach 17, Edificio Finalbir II, Albir, 966866520 Peluqueria Arte, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 8, Albir, 966868049 Peluqueria Sonia, 10% discount. C/ Zubeldia 18, Altea, 966880807 Rafael Prieto Peluqueria, 10% discount. C/ Metge Adolfo Quiles 1, Altea, 965841804 Urban Perruquers, 5% discount. C/ Calitx 4, local 2, Altea, 965843593 Albert & Frank, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, Edif. Albatros local 7 y 8, Benidorm, 966811314 Albert & Frank, 10% discount. Av. Atmella del Mar, Edif. Torre Nº6, Benidorm, 966811314 Hairport Unisex Hair Salon, 5% discount on colours and perms (wednesdays only). Edificio Torre Domo, Local 2 C/ Ibiza, Benidorm, 966806521 Hepburns Unisex Hair & Nail Salon, 10% discount. Benidorm Levante Indoor Market, Benidorm, 965866557 Julia - Peluqueria, 40% discount on colour and set Mon-Wed. Avda. Emilio Romero, Edf. Antillas, local 2, Benidorm, 966811540 Peluqueria El Paraiso de la Moda, 10% discount on cut & dry, 20% on perms, 30% on colouring. C/ Gerona, C.C. La Noria L 11 Planta Baja, Benidorm, 692757179 Peluqueria Nely, 10% discount. Av. Mediterraneo, 19A, Benidorm, 680676703 Peluqueria y Estetica Carmen Mañas, 10% discount. C/ Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana, 96 (Edif. Aries), Benidorm, 965860359 Peluqueria y Estetica Ella, 10% discount. Avda. Andalucia esq. Avda Francia, Benidorm, 965859139 Gym 9 Lunas, 25% discount on highlights. Marqenador 8, Benissa, 965732499 Flash Point, 10% discount. C/ Benidorm 2 Edificio Perlamar Local 11, Calpe, 965837518 Natural Beauty, 10% discount on hairdressing list prices. Edf. Apolo IV, local 26 Calle Blasco Ibañez, Calpe, 9650838194 Alexandre Peluqueria Unisex, 15% discount. C/ Del Pont, 2 Bajo, Denia, 965785451 Blanc Peluqueros, 10% discount on all services. Glorieta del Pais Valencia, 11 - A, Denia, 965788300 La Mode, 15% discount. Calle Colon, 37, Denia, 965788172 Nieves Sivera Peluqueria, Free personalised treatment worth 6,50€ with any service. C/ Castell Dólimbroi nº10, Denia, 966427328 Peluqueria Fanny, 10% discount. C/ Patricio Ferrandiz, 33 E, Denia, 966420670 Peluqueria Guirall, 10% discount. Poeta Vicent Andres Estelles 1b, Denia, 965782558 Sarfe, 10% discount. C/ Benitachell 14 bajo, Denia, 965780516 Toni Devesa Estilistes, 15% discount on any service and a free personalised treatment. C/ Pare Pere, 2, Denia, 965782815 Ones Estilistes, 10% discount. C/ Toni Llido 6, Jalon, 646206936 Art en Tall Peluqueria y Estetica, 10% discount. Avenida de la Libertad 42, Javea, 966471013 Nou Estil 2, 10% discount. Avd. La

Health Clu bs & G y m na s i u m s Gimnasio Femenino New Women, Free registration. C/ La Mar 91, Altea, 965842024 H ol i s t i c H eal t h Chaquiri, 50% discount on the first treatment of counselling, healing or massage. C/ Puerto del Barquero 61A, Moraira, 966491526 I n s u ra n c e - M e d i c a l / H e a l t h Assa Insurance, 10% discount for life & insure your children with a 50% discount for life. Ctra. MorairaO ptician s Calpe 7, Edif. Norte 1C, Moraira, 965744033 Oliver's Optica, 10% discount. Avenida Albir 4, Albir, 966864718 Optica Cristal Lua, 15% discount on everything, and 70% discount on previous season's prescription glasses in stock. Avenida Oscar Pla 16, Albir, 966868693 + Vision Optica El Moli, 10% discount. C/ Raspall 1, Altea, 966881906 Felipe Zaragoti Optica, 10% discount. Passatge Constitucio 6, Altea, 965844460 Optica Punt de Vista, 10% discount. Avda. Jaume 1, 29, Altea, 966881670 Centro Optico Benivision, 10% discount. C/ Herrerias 3, Benidorm, 965868569 Federopticos Signes, 15% discount on glasses & up to 50% on sunglasses, 20% discount on digital hearing aids. C/ Corbeta 6, Calpe, 965832080 Optica Signes Gata y Herboristeria, Up to 50% discount on sunglasses and frames and 5% on dietary & herbal products. Plaza Iglesia 6, Gata de Gorgos, 965756699 Funky Reading Glasses, Buy any two pairs of Optician approved reading glasses for 15€ mens & ladies, includes diopters +1 to +3,50. High Street Heaven Boutique, Inn On The Green, Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 626923869 Optica Conchita Lopez, 10% discount. CC Arenal, Avda. Arenal, Javea, 965796574 Optica de La Mar, 15% discount. C/ Cristo del Mar 24, Javea, 966460319 P hy s i o t he r a p i s t s Fisioterapia y Estetica Harmonia, 10% discount. Paseo del Saladar 35, Denia, 965786304 S p i ri t u a l i s m Etreus, 15% discount. C/ San Pedro Martir 10, Javea, 664727705 Tan nin g S tud io /S un b ed s Solarium Albir, 2 minutes free when you book 8 minutes or more. C/ San Loerenzo 2, local 8, Albir, 966868757 Solarium Benidorm, 2 minutes free when you book 8 minutes or more. Avda. de Europa 9, Benidorm, 965861990

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House & Garden A rc h i t e c t s /A rc h i t e c t u ra l D es i gn Natalie Moss - Arquitectura, 5% discount on all architectural services. Avda. Gabriel Miró 33, Edif. Miró-Entlo. 1, Calpe, 965839276 Aw n i ng s / B l i n d s / S hu t t e r s ACS Simpex SL, 10% discount on awnings, carports & aluminium windows. Benimarraig 18, Benissa, 671902091 Sendra Decoracion, 10% discount on awnings, blinds & shutters. Avda. Pais Valencia 224, Benissa, 965731253 Boutique del Toldo, 10% discount on blinds awnings & curtains. C/ Purisima 21, Calpe, 965835134 Toldos Claudio, 10% discount. C/ Alicante 40, 1-D, Calpe, 655058565 B a r b e c ue s / B B Q s The Barbeque Shop, 10% discount on barbecues & accessories. Urb. Caleta 26 D, Calpe, 608412641 B a t h ro o m s Instalaciones Morant, Discounts for Sanitaryware Relax 20%, Roca 15% all other makes 15%. Avda. Valencia 19 Local 4, Calpe, 965837013 Nicholas Edward Greaves Tiling and Building Services, 10% discount on complete bathroom refurbishments. C/ Ibiza 10, Teulada, 610968757 B e d d i ng & S o f t F ur n i s h i ng s Just Denise Curtains, 10% discount on any made-to-measure order. Avenida Ametlla de Mar 11, Comercios Mercaloix, L-122/L-133, Benidorm, 965869375 The Bed Centre, 10% discount on all purchases. Centro Comercial Biblos Loc. 8 Urb Los Pinos 1K Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Calpe, 965836814 Room for Improvement, 5% discount on selected fabrics. CC Sol Park, Moraira, 965741218 B e d ro o m s Don Colchon, Free pillow when you spend over 350€ (promotional items not included). Ctra. Denia-Ondara s/n (in front of Moblerone), Denia, 966431276 B u ilder s BJB Property Services, 20% discount on standard 50€ charge for checking the condition of your roof. C/ Mila 49, Costa Nova, Javea, 966471030 Construcciones Juan Sivera, 2% discount on reforms. Plaza Almirante Bastarrache 7, Javea, 636734858 C a rp e n t ry Carpinteria Vicente Ortuño, 7% discount. C/ Quintanes s/n, Javea, 659590914 Maderas Vergel, 10% discount. Ctra. N332, km 172, Pol. Industrial El Vergel, C/ Lluna 2, Verger (el), 965721299 C a r p e t s / Ru g s Sendra Decoracion, 10% discount on fitted carpets & rugs in stock and 5%discount on made to measure. Avda. Pais Valencia 224, Benissa, 965731253 C e nt r a l H e a t i n g Premier Heating & Plumbing, Free Osmosis water system with solar or central heating installations. C/ Pinsa 17A Albir, Albir, 966864673 C l e a ni n g S e r v i c e s H.M. Window Cleaning Services, Free clean to all doors and windows with every new contract. C/ Llobarro, H4 la Vina, Benissa, 634158864 Tileclenz, 10% discount on cleaning services and anti-slip treatments. Camino Mana, Jalon, 634319998

Auto Kolor, 10% discount when you spend over 50€. 55 Bisarot, Jesus Pobre, 629327097 The Carpet Doctor, 10% discount when you spend over 50€. 55 Bisarot, Jesus Pobre, 629327097 DIY Stores/ Home Improvement Centres Brico Aitana, 10% discount on DIY goods & office furniture. Avda. Vall de L'aguart 12, Calpe, 965874566 Idecora, 10% discount on all painting & decoration products. C/ Corbeta s/n Edif. Europlaya 21, Calpe, 965837069 Bricoman, 10% discount. Ctra. Nacional 332 km 191, Gata de Gorgos, 966469150 Suzie Screwz, 10% discount on all items in stock. Avda. Escandinavia 72, Local 11, Residential Altomar, Gran Alacant, 966183002 Bricoman, 10% discount. L'Alberca, Nucia (la), 965870269 Bricoman, 10% discount. Avda. de Valencia 81, Polígono Industrial, Verger (el), 966439605 D o o r s & W i nd o w s V3 Windows & Doors, 5% discount on doors & windows. Ctra Moraira - Calpe, Avda. La Marina 20G, Benissa, 966113247 Cristaleria Calpe, 10% discount on glass & inlaid work. Avda. Madrid Edificio Europlaya L2, Calpe, 965837075 Aluminios Pereto, 15% discount. Ptda. Madrigueres Sud, 59 - C (Lado Policia Local), Denia, 966432945 Cristalería Marzal, 15% discount. C/ Tono Llido s/n, Javea, 965793375 Cristals Oltra, 5% discount. C/ Parcent 18, Pego, 965570654 D r y C l e a n i ng & L a u nd r y S e rv i c e s Jo Soaps, 1 Euro discount when you wash & dry your laundry. C/ Londres 4, Local 17 Edificio Pisces, Benidorm, 634181747 Lavanderia La Cascada, 5% discount on wash & dry laundry service above 20€. C/ Burdeos 9, Local 4, Javea, 965793529. Tintoreria Lavanderia Colomer, 10% discount. Avd. Colomer 5, Javea, 965793838 Lavanderia Blancanieves, 10% discount . Edif. Kristalmar 28e, Ctra Moraira-Calpe km 2, Moraira, 658088544 Electricians Dial A Hubby Spain, 20% discount on labour charges between the hours of 08,00 to 20,00 hours. Les Costeres 22 E, Calpe, 965832840 Estate Agents Villas Guzman, 15% discount on rentals. Avda. de la Marina 318, Benissa, 966497016 Promotec Control S.L., 10% discount on legal and taxation services. C/ Stmo. Cristo 31A, Calpe, 965832978 Easybuy, 10% off all services. Avda. del Portet 24, Moraira, 965745969 Fences/Fencing Pro Ferro, Ask for a no obligation quotation and recieve a free bottle of wine. Cami Sortetes, Javea, 965793534 Fireplaces & Stoves Dirk Smit, 10% discount on maintenance products & accessories, 5% on fireplaces. Ptda. El Planet 169 Ctra. N332 km 155,1, Altea, 965843009 Flooring/Tiles Travertino Azulejos y Saneamientos, 10% discount on all tiles. Avda. Valencia 3, local 6, Calpe, 965836437 Furniture Muebles Internacional, 5% discount. Pda. Planet 183, Altea, 965844306 Complete Upholstery Co., 5% discount on foam & upholstery orders, bean bags, fabrics, wind spinners & most instore products. C/

Pais Valenciano, Busot, 965699305 Muebles Aitana, 10% discount on furniture & decor. Avda. Madrid, Calpe, 965832729 Abitare Design SL, 15% discount in store, interior design & designer furniture. Patricio Ferrándiz 37, Denia, 966422606 Entorno, 10% discount. C/ Magallanes, 12, Denia, 965789641 Navarro Mobles, 10% discount on chairs. Av. Alicante nº35 B, Denia, 965783927 Botella Mobiliari de Oficines, 10% discount. Avenida Principe de Asturias 7, Javea, 965796713 Flatpaxabia (IKEA on-line shopping), 5% discount on services. , Javea, 902881121 Michael's, 10% discount on all new mattresses from United Colors of Benetton and on all Garme mattresses and bases. Avenida Lepanto 9, Javea, 965791328 Tarraula, 10% discount on in-store furnishings & 5% discount on furniture. Avenida Jaume 1, Javea, 965792376 Tarraula, 10% discount on in-store furnishings & 5% discount on furniture. C/ Almirante Bastarreche 8, Javea, 965793421 Tarraula, 10% discount on in-store furnishings & 5% discount on furniture. Carretera Cabo de La Nao, Pla 42, Javea, 965790072 Prominent, 10% discount on made to measure furniture. Pol. Industrial Teulada C/ Llanterner 2a, Teulada, 965793229 Garden Services El Mon Verd, 10% discount when you spend over 100€. Av. Castellón, 5, Denia, 658801618 Jardines Canet, 15% discount. C/ Burdeos 9 Local 5, Javea, 966460374 Stone Craft, Free stoneware gift when you spend over 20 euros. Carretera Benitachell KM1 Rafalet, Javea, 652512148 Hardware Store Ferreteria El Puerto, 8% discount . San Pedro 44, Altea, 965845639 Ferreteria Ripoll, 10% discount. Avda. Rey Jaume 1, 17, Altea, 965842160 Euro Mercado Economico, 10% discount on purchases of 25€ or more. C/ Cristaler 8 Poligono Industrial, Teulada, 965741617 House Accessories Raiz Natural, 10% discount. Avenida del Albir, Centro Comercial Monver, Albir, 966867218 A Style, 40% discount on Kyro paint, 35% discount on Valentine, 10% off curtains. Partida El Planet 159, Altea, 965842817 Leos Super Store, 10% discount. Partida El Planet 172B, Altea, 965844848 Arte Vela, 10% discount. Paseo de la Carretera 26, Benidorm, 965868928 Arte Vela, 10% discount. Avenida Alcoy 13, Benidorm, 965868928 Bali Bagus, 15% discount. C/ Esperanto, 15 Edif. Amalia, Local 4 Bajo B, Benidorm, 966806007 Sendra Decoracion, 10% discount on fabrics & all products in stock. Avda. Pais Valencia 224, Benissa, 965731253 Centro Comercial Aitana, 10% discount on furniture and DIY goods. N-332, Entrada Calpe Sur, Calpe, 902444660 Coleccion Hogar Calpe, 20% discount on furniture & 10% on decoration & textiles. Avda. Masnou 8, Calpe, 965832262 Carolina Oltra, 15% discount on instore items. C/ Carlos Sentí, 37, Denia, 966421243 Ideas de Casa, 10% discount. C/ Patricio Ferrandiz, 33, Denia, 965788036 Laxmi, 5% discount. C/ Colon 17, Denia, 676370225 Fiesta Crafts, 10% discount on all products. Local 3, Ctra. Cabo la Nao, Pla 138, Javea, 966461788 Locksmiths

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Clinica Baviera, 70€ discount on laser surgery (per eye), 40€ discount pre-op consultations, 290€ discount cataract surgery & 15€ discount on general consultations. C/ Calderon 4-6 Bajo, Denia, 966426121

Fontana 8, Javea, 965793969 Pascual Guitar Peluqueros, 10% discount. Avda. La Fontana 55, Javea, 966460351 Pels Pels, 25% discount MondayFriday. Avenida Lepanto 2, bajo E, Javea, 669324730 Heaven Hair & Beauty, 10% discount on facials, highlights & perms. CC Los Pinos 15, C/ Pintor el Greco, Ctra. Moraira Benitatxell, Moraira, 966492050 Panache Unisex Hair & Beauty Salon, Mondays only: Hi-lites 50€, Cut & blow-dry 20€, Permanent wave 40€, Pedicure 12€, Facial 25€. Calle Juan XXIII bajo 9, Moraira, 965745357

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Amigo 24, 20% discount. Avenida Almirall Bernat Sarria 6, local 7, Benidorm, 966831690 Ayudas, 10% Discount. Avda. Alicante 9, Denia, 966425861 Prominent, 50€ discount on electric scooters. Pol. Industrial Teulada Calle Llanterner 2a, Teulada, 965793229 E ye S u rg ery

or visit your nearest stockist (look out for the SpainSave sticker in the window)

965888418/657890830 Jalon Locksmith, 5% discount. Calle La Paz 4, Lliber, 639292716 Steve Taylor Locksmith, 5% discount on all labour & materials, Covering from Valencia to Alicante. Buzon 1240, Monte Pego, Pego, 619131700 Machine/Tool Hire S & W The Tool Bar, 10% discount on the rental and sales of tools and machinery. Ctra. Moraira-Teulada 12B, Moraira, 965745805 Plumbers Instalaciones Morant, 10% discount on plumbing and heating installations, 10% discount on taps. Avda. Valencia 19 Local 4, Calpe, 965837013 Fontaneria e Instalaciones Hermanos Molina, 5% discount on plumbing & reforms. Calle Colon 58 (parte superior), Denia, 679408336 M Swain Plumbing and Heating, 10% discount on all aircon installations and servicing. C/ Noguera 21, Cap Marti, Javea, 609936110 Property Maintenance/ Management

Instalaciones RASU Bathroom & Comfort, 15% discount on tiles, taps,plumbing materials, bathroom fittings & 20% on beno bathroom furnishings. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 159 Locked Out Locksmith, 10% dis- km2, Moraira, 966497217 count. Partida El Planet, 88, Altea,

Order your card at or call 902 106 732 Minitrans CB, 10% discount on excavation work, ground clearance and water service. C/ Ecce-homo 2, Benimeli, 629662797/629843886 Property Reforms/ Renovations Hite Home Improvements, Free Osmosis water filter system with the purchase of a new kitchen. C/ Delfin 3 Esquina Avda. de Valencia, Edif. Perlamar local 8, Calpe, 965838246 Security (Alarms, Grills CCTV) Gates and Grills, 10% discount on selected products covering Moraira, Javea, Denia (north Costa Blanca). Ctra.802 Cabo la Nao, 124-6, Javea, 902887307/636109766 Skip Hire Contenedores Mata sl, 10% discount. C/ Ramon Llido, Javea, 965790172 Solar Systems KW Solar, 10% discount on solar panels. C/ La fuente, 38, Sagra, 965587742 Swimming Pool Maintenance 5 Star Pool Cleaning, 10% discount on all new contracts. Suite 290 C/ Corbeta 10, Calpe, 695330107 CasaMucho Pool Service, 10% discount on new pool contracts. Avda. de La Marina Alta 13 Buzón 149 La Sella, Pedreguer, 644464278 Technik Team Dork, 5% discount on pool chemicals, 10% discount on salt, new pools & solar heating. Ctra. N-332, km 181.5, Teulada, 965741541 Swimming Pools CBM, 10% discount on all products & accessories. Plaça Mosquera 2, Alcalali, 966498808 Piscinas Gunitec, 10% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Ptda. Bassetes, Parcela 13D, Calpe, 965838571 Valencia Pools, 25% discount on new pools including reform pools, pool covers, thermal covers, rollers . C/ Manuel Vazquez Montalban, Javea, 634299697 Upholstery

food when you buy a puppy or kitten. Avda. de Alicante 27, Denia, 965798371 Mr Dog Pet Style, 10% discount on pet food and accessories. C/Huelva 6, Calpe, 965834650 Animals, 5% discount on pet food. Crta. Cabo La Nao, Javea, 965794534 El Palau de les Mascotes, 10% discount on dry foods & cages. Avda del Pla 5, C/ Burdeos 9, local 21 bajo, Javea, 635038400 Paws 'n' Claws, 5% off all dried dog food. Ctra. Cabo La Nao Pla 192, Javea, 966472490 Dianes Pet Foods, 5% discount on collars, leads and bedding. Ctra. Moraira - Teulada 116, Moraira, 639487876 The Mutts Nutz, 20% discount on Scalibor protection collars. Residencial Plagetes 15 Ctra. MorairaCalpe, Moraira, 965744476 Piensos Dura, 10% discount on dog food from Hitec & 5% on Dura. Ptda. Matoses 8, Ctra. Nacional 332, Pedreguer, 965760550 P et Tr ans p o rt/ Tr av el Trans-Pet, 1 weeks free boarding with every pet transportation service. Partida 29, Baiona Alta, Muchamiel, 600552030 Vets Clinica Veterinaria Avda. del Mediterraneo, 10% discount on surgery & treatments. Avda. del Mediterraneo 25, Benidorm, 965868009 Centre Veterinari Costa de Benissa, 5% discount on medicine, surgery, pet food, accessories, injections and anti-parasitical products. Avda. Pais Valencia, 28, Benissa, 965731955 Clinica Veterinaria Ambra, 10% discount on services. Avenida Fontiles 13, Javea, 965572907 Clinica Veterinaria Pedreguer, 10% discount on Veterinary services. Avda. Jaume I, 2, Pedreguer, 966457237 Centre Veterinari Atzeneta, 10% discount. C/ Mestre Bereuguer 50, Pego, 966400137 Clinica Veterinaria El Saladar, 10% discount on services. Paseo del Saladar 62, Pego, 9664240

Practic, 10% discount on household upholstery. Ctra. Denia a Javea, 38 Local B, Denia, 966422326

Education & Employment Ch ild ren ’s Activ itie s

Animals & Pets D o g K e n ne l s The Dog House International Kennels and Cattery, 5% discount. Camino de la Sabatera 5, Moraira, 965741302 D o g /C a t G ro o m i n g

4Kwatro, 30% discount on Pick Quick products & 10% discount on products in the children's shop. C/ Santo Domingo 8, Albir, 966865085 Peque Parque, Free half hour in the park for bringing your children to play. C/ A Llargues, local 3, Altea, 965842423

G i f t s f o r A ni m a l & P e t s Zoo Altea, 15% discount on dog grooming, 10% in general & 5% on food. C/ La Mar 28, Altea, 965845021 Pelucalp Arnés, 5% with advance bookings. C/ Pintor Sorolla 18 Edif. Paola, Calpe, 965833720 Mascotetes, 10% off haircuts and 5% off top quality pet food. Plaza Benidorm 9, Denia, 965783215 Pe t F o o d / S u p p l i e s Cool Dogs, 20% discount on clothing & 15% discount on accessories. C/ Benitachell 10, Denia, 966422646 Zoo Service, Free bed & 10 days

Centauro Rent a Car, 10% discount. C/ Berlin 5, Benidorm, 902104103 Victoria Rent a Car, 10% discount on car hire booked through our office. Avda. Generalitat Valenciana 1, Calpe, 965830254 Javea Cars, 5% discount on rentals (minimum period 2 days). Ctra de Cabo La Nao, Pla 37, Javea, 965793312/ +44(0)8717113345 Car Repairs & Servicing Calpe Cars Benissa, 5% discount on repairs costing 150€ or more. La Fustera 5, Benissa, 965733388 Taller Larry Benitachell, 10% discount. C/ Pozo 48, Benitachell, 966493226 AM Sport Calpe, 25% discount on car parts. C/ Conde De Altea 8, Calpe, 965836560 Malagon Motor (Servicio Toyota), 10% discount on labour and on original Toyota parts. Avda. Masnou no. 9, edif. Alba local 1, Calpe, 965834670 Autorecambios Denia SL, 10% discount. Teulada 2, Denia, 965782725 Barber y Boronat, 10% discount on car repairs. Avda. Alicante 25 bajo, Denia, 966422830 Talleres La Cala, 7% discount on repairs over 300€. Pol. Ind. La Caxola, Finestrat, 965866178 Graham Ward Mobile Mechanic, 10% discount on all standard servicing & repairs. C/ Roncadel 21, Buzon 245, Javea, 626902732 Cheap Tyres CB, 5% discount on selected tyres. Ctra. Benidorm-la Nucia, Nucia (la), 966876007 M K Autoreparaturen, 10% discount on replacement parts costing 500€ or more. C/ Thomas Edison 5, Pol. Ind. Ondara, Ondara, 966476469 Route 66 Custom Cars, 20% discount on upholstery. Pol. Industrial Les Galgues, Carrer dels Filassers 15, Pedreguer, 965761210 Cheap Tyres CB, 5% discount on selected tyres. C/ Gremis 33 (next to Repsol garage), Teulada, 966487061 Car Wash/Valet/Cleaning Rodat Neteja de Cotxes, 20% discount on any wash. C/ Cartagena, nº 3 A, Denia, 618903055 The Wash, 20% discount on any car wash. C/ Calderón 5, Denia, 605388398 Debt Check Services Stop24 Vehicle/Boat Debt Check, 5€ refund on boat debt check or same day vehicle debt check. Apartado de Correos 159, Jalon, 660235365 Motorcycle & Quad Bike Rental Marco Polo Expediciones, 10% discount on bicycle, scooter & quad hire. Avda. Europa 5, Benidorm, 900506811

LAC-SALO Estetic Cani, 20% discount on products & 10% on grooming. Avda. Valencia 11, local 3, Altea, 966885643

Motorcycle Dealerships

Motoring & Boating Boat Charters Navegaria, 20% discount on 1 week sailing boat charter & 35% discount when chartering two. C/ Corbeta 21, Puerto Deportivo Campomanes, Altea, 629664902 Boat/Yacht brokers Nautica Marpa, 10% discount when spending over 50€. Av. Alicante nº 17, Denia, 965786855 Car Dealerships Automoviles Juanito, 50% discount on your insurance when

Bruselas, 87B duplex 15, Javea, 965794472

you buy a car. Av. Alfonso Puchades, 16, Edif. Gema, Local 3, Benidorm, 965859713 Car Rental

M & A Accesorios, Free reg on Piaggio scooters, free insurance on certain Vespa models, 10% discount on accesories and servicing. Avenida Europa 128/130, Ctra. Nacional 332, Nova Estrada, Albir, 966866216 Ivars Moto, 10% discount on parts and accessories. C/ la Ermita 5, Calpe, 965839671 Motoxabia, 10% discount on bike repairs. C/ Ramon Llido 38, Javea, 965794578 Taxi Services Taxi Ambrosio Garcia, 10% discount from 35 kilometres. Pda. Tosalet, Benissa, 619704977

S e c r e ta r i a l / A d m i n i s t r a ti o n S e r v ic e s

Computers, Internet, TV, Telecoms C o m p u t e r S e rv i c e s /G o o d s

Legal, Financial & Professional Services Accountants (inc. Gestors & Asesors)

Connections, 20% off products & services (inc, internet access, mailboxes & stationery). C/ Cristo del Mar 29 Javea Port, Javea, 966460133 Tran s lation s & In terp retin g

Zona PC, 5% discount. Constitucion 2, Local 6, Altea, 966881362 Darocas Communications, 15% discount. Adelfas 33, Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, 648156066 Cyber Arena Games, 10% discount on PC and games console repairs. C/ Del Vergel nº2 Bajo, Denia, 966432620 Traky Informatica, 9% discount on PC repairs and 5% discount on games consoles (excluding parts). Ronda Muralles, 10, Denia, 965781940 Lasertech Javea, 10% discount on all catalogue items plus free delivery to Javea, Moraira, Denia and surrounding area. C/ Baranquerres 2, Javea, 902888143 Cartridge Direct, 10% off of ink cartridge refills. Centro Comercial Milla de Oro 134 Ctra. Moraira - Calpe, Moraira, 966491740 Computech, 10% off repairs & accessories, 5% off hardware. Ctra. Benidorm-La Nucia (CV70) Urb. Buena Vista, local 4, Nucia (la), 966873881 I nt e r ne t C a f e

Webster Asesores S.L., 5% discount on all services: Wills, conveyancing, inheritance, tax matters, consultations etc. C/ Salvador Salvá 8, Javea, 966463220

Ciber Albir y Telefonia, 10% discount on products and 2 for 1 on internet. Avenida Albir 80, local 7, Albir, 966868582 OM Internet, Spend more than an hour on the internet and get a free soft drink. Calle Herreriar 20 Local 12, Edificio Albeniz II, Alfas del Pi (l'), 966860729 Mailbox-AXS, Spend an hour on the internet and get extra 15 minutes free. C/ Ibiza 16 Edificio Torre Domo, Bajo 3, Benidorm, 965853586 S at el l i t e TV

Bermudas Hotel Apartamentos, Free 2 nights, Book 7 nights, pay for only 5 nights. Avda. Estocolmo 17 Rincón de Loix, Benidorm, 965865924 Spa Daniya Denia, 25% discount on spa circuit (pool, jacuzzi, sauna & gym). MondayBusiness Services Friday only. Prior reservation required. Denia, 902364041 A d ve rtis in g (in c. S ign s ) Gema Hotel, 10% discount (exImprint, 5% discount on printing cluding the month of August). & signs. Avda. Gabriel Miro 34 Cabo Estaca de Bares 11, Centro Perlamar local 18, Calpe, Moraira, 965747188 965874451 Trav el A gen ts B us i n e s s As s o c i a t i o n s Euroreizen, 10% discount on Marina Alta Business Club, trips to Asia for groups of 6+. C/ First months membership free Esperanto, 15 Edif. Amalia, (25€) call for appointment. C/ Local 4a, Benidorm, 966806007 Badalona 10, Javea, 966461913 Silver Travel, 3% discount on E v e n t O r ga n i s e r s / De c or a t i on package holidays & cruises. Barclays Centre 56, Moraira, Globos Locos - Crazy Bal965745086 loons, 10% discount for all orders over 25€ including all balloons and decorations. C/ Mayor 40, Jalon, 669219088

Costa Blanca Satellite, 10% off receivers and satellite dishes (inc, installation), and 5% off all TVs. Partida Cap Blanc 77, Altea, 966880014 STS Satellite TV Systems, 5% discount on complete satellite systems above 300€. CC Sol Park, C/ Cuidad Real, Moraira, 965741401 Telep h on y, (in c. Mo b ile P h o n e s , A DS L ) Andys Phone Shop, Buy a new mobile phone and get a free car charger. Avda. Ametlla de Mar 9 Mercaloix 109 Benidorm Levante Indoor Market, Benidorm, 616686268 Foncordiax, 10% off new Foncordiax IP PBX telephone switchboard system (equipment only). Carrer Historiador Palau 10, Denia, 966265065 Yoigo, 10% discount on accessories. C/ La Mar 15, Denia, 966433458 Movilistico, 10% discount on mobile phones. Calle Sertorio 5, Javea, 966463650 The Phone Corner, 10% discount. C/ Cristo del Mar 5, Local 5, Javea, 965795190 Yoigo, 10% discount on accessories. C/ Principe de Asturias 9, Javea, 965790041 Yoigo, 10% discount on accessories. Av. Valencia 7, Oliva, 962855943

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Centro de Traducciones Cetec, 5% discount on all translations. Paseo Saladar, 64 1º, Denia, 966426767

Currency Brokers Smart Currency Exchange Javea Denia & Moraira, Free currency exchange transfers for spainsave cardholders. Clementina Bertomeu, Teulada, 966487089 Insurance Brokers/Agents Protectapet, 10% discount on any pet insurance policy & 10% off any item in our new charity shop. Calle Mercado 22 Bajo, Benitachell, 966493373 Andrea Jackson, 15% discount on house & life insurance. Urb. Los Pinos, Complejo Byblos L-2, Calpe, 626997736 Caser Home Insurance, 20% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira km 2.5, Calpe, 966112282 Estrella Seguros, Up to 20% discount on insurance with the card. Avda. Santo Domingo 18, Jalon, 966480411

Holidays, Travel & Accommodation B e d & B re a k f a s t / H o s t e l s / Pe ns i o n s Sol y Mar Gran Hotel, 5% discount on hotel services. C/Benidorm 1, Calpe, 965875055 H o l i da y L e t s Sunplaces Benidorm, 10% discount on a stay of 7 nights or more (excluding August). Av de Almería, 5, Benidorm, 966812529 Ho tels

M ar k et i n g A g en c i es, 10% discount on all our internet marketing services. , Benissa, 965731811 O f f i c e S u p p l i e s / S t a t io n e r y Papeleria Libreria FAN, 10% discount except on books. Avenida del Albir, Centro Comercial Monver, local 20, Albir, 966866647 P h o to g r a p h e r s & S to c k P h o to g r a p h y


Offers and discounts valid as at 01/09/2010. Offers can only be claimed with a valid SPAINSAVE card that has not expired. Please make Foto Estudio Altea, 10% dis- sure you present your card count. Avda. Communitat Valen- and check offer validity prior ciana 7, local 2, Altea, to purchase. Neither 622037393 Digital Solutions, Free enlarge- SPAINSAVE nor its partners ment when developing 1 film. can be held responsible for Avda. Filipinas 7, Benidorm, any offer not fulfilled by advertisers. Offers cannot be 629642127 Shoot You Photographic, 5% used in conjunction with any discount on normal tariff. Cum- other offer made by the bre del Sol 76b, Benitachell, advertiser. For current offers, 966197132 full terms and conditions, Estudi Ferrando, 10% discount queries or issues, please on frames, pictures and photography. C/ Colón 43, bajo, Denia, visit or e-mail 965787690 Buckwell Visual Arts, 10% off photography services and specialised printing products. C/ ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


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Boat Trips, Excursions, Go-karting, Bicycle Hire, Quad hire, Diving, Water Sports, Spas, Hair & Beauty Salons, Clothes & Shoe Shops, Jewellers, Sports Shops, Opticians, Department Stores, DIY Stores & so much more....

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