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arch is a good time of year, it’s party time and we celebrate the Fallas. On pages 16 & 17 we have a few diary dates for you to make note of and if you can make it into Valencia for the fireworks it is well worth the trip. On page 14 there are some of this season’s hot shoes and on page 10 we check out the new Bentley. This month you should have received your complimentary SpainSave card courtesy of Linea Dírecta, so make sure you take full advantage of over 500 offers (see pages 28-31) and you can view these as well online at A few thoughts this month.. I was wondering how skinny I’d be if I had a pedal to keep this computer on? Also if carrots are so good for the eyes, why are there so many dead rabbits along the road?

Anita xxx

14 Hot shoes for Spring

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Spain "on verge" of emerging from recession, says Zapatero

round up SPAIN

THE PRESIDENT of the Spanish government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, claimed that Spain "is on the verge of leaving the recession behind" and accused the leader of the opposition PP party, Mariano Rajoy, of "exaggerating" and "creating alarm" over the economic situation. Zapatero reiterated that the worldwide economy was going through the deepest recession for over 80 years, saying that members of the opposition "are well aware of this, but choose to ignore it". He added that the majority of developed countries were now emerging from the recession and that Spain was "on the verge" of doing the same.

‘is on the verge of leaving the recession behind’

By means of reply, the leader of the opposition reminded Zapatero that "according to his own words" employment creation is the thermometer of a country's emergence from a recession, after which he accused the leader of the government of "doing nothing", of being "urged on" by the markets and of making statements that "have generated alarm and uncertainty". Furthermore, Rajoy described the latest economic figures to be released as "worrying", highlighting in particular the seven consecutive quarters that Spain has been in recession, the lack of credit, the public debt, which has reach 11.4% of the GDP

TAPAS TAKE OFF AS A RESULT OF THE RECESSION and the four million people now unemployed in the country. Zapatero responded by saying that the destruction of the employment market was the most serious effect of the recession, but insisted that those who were out of work "have never had such a high level of protection" as they have now, thanks to "the government's solidarity". The leader of the government said that a "joint effort" on the part of everyone was now needed to reduce public debt, to which Rajoy responded that the government's credibility had been "destroyed" and urged Zapatero to put together a credible economic plan, which set priorities to reduce public debt.

THE RECESSION has led many people living in Spain to cut down on meals out, but as a result tapas have grown in popularity, says the National Tasting Association. Its head, José Manuel Escorial, says that 'the future of eating out lies in tapas', or its Basque equivalent, pintxos, which are on cocktail sticks rather than small plates or in the form of small kebab-sticks. “Given the recession, people will just eat three or four tapas, instead of a meal,

to save money, and I think this trend is likely to grow,” says Escorial. The most important aspect of tapas and pintxos is not just their flavour and original presentation, he reveals, but also their 'commercial' image – that of being practical snacks that customers can enjoy every day. They have become a good ally, Escorial believes, for 'getting people out of the house'.

Union Jack inspires Álex Vidal Legislation has reduced smokingat Valencia Fashion Week THE LATEST collection to showcased by Álex Vidal at Valencia Fashion Week (Semana de la Moda de Valencia) has been inspired by the United Kingdom, with flannel as the mainstay of this season's pieces as well as Prince of Wales checks in anything from mohair to cool wool. The collection, entitled "Union Jack" has been designed by Álex Vidal junior and puts great emphasis on women's shoulders, with the aim of achieving a "T" shaped silhouette. Trousers follow the same line too, continuing this year's drainpipe fashion, and are combined with London-style tailored overcoats. Dresses are long and made of

flowing satin crepe in the red, white and blue of the Union Jack, combined with the grey of the London sky and eternal black. This latest collection sees flannel combined with Prince of Wales checks in all different sizes, traditional tartans and micro-herringbones. Also showing off his latest collection in Valencia was Juan Vidal, with red as the main protagonist in a collection entitled "Bloody Mary". Juan Vidal combines pony skin with gabardine, knitwear, taffeta and silk muslin. Valencia Fashion Week was held at the Feria Valencia, with evening catwalk shows at the Umbracle in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

EXTENDED DOLE ENTITLEMENT FOR JOBSEEKERS SPAIN'S GOVERNMENT has agreed that all jobseekers whose dole money has run out will be entitled to the monthly payment of

This will not affect current beneficiaries, since the maximum period for claiming is six months. Around a quarter of a million are expected to qualify, at a cost to the state of Around a quarter of a million 517.8 million euros. are expected to qualify. Those in receipt of the benefit must also 426 euros promised at the end of agree to take part in 'insertion' programmes, which may involve last year. Anyone under the age of 65 training for different types of work. This was announced by the who ceased to be entitled to jobseekers' allowance from vice-president of the Spanish February 16 will be able to claim government, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega (pictured). until August 15.

related deaths

THE NUMBER of tobacco-related deaths has fallen by 1,500 a year in Spain since the antismoking laws were introduced in 2005, according to a report published by the Spanish Society of Epidemiology. "We are convinced that the new laws have helped reduce mortality, although smoking was already on the decline when the regulations were introduced, so we estimate that some 900 deaths would have been avoided anyway and some 600 are a direct result of the 2005 legislation", said Manel Nebot, one of the coordinators of the working group on smoking. The other coordinator, Esteve Fernández, added that these figures were "conservative" because they are "only based on deaths from myocardial infarction and lung cancer, whereas there are many other illnesses linked to tobacco". The study also concludes that "the 2005 legislation has not had a negative impact on the catering trade, neither in terms of number of staff employed, nor in terms of sales", leading Nebot to believe that any arguments against a further tightening the laws for economic reasons are "artificial". ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


'Cell 211' dominates Goyas

DANIEL MONZÓN'S hard-hitting prison drama 'Cell 211' emerged as the big winner at the recent Goya Awards ceremony in Madrid. 'Cell 211' took eight awards in total, including best film, best director (Daniel Monzón), best adapted script as well as best actor for Luis Tosar's portrayal of a prison inmate. The other hotly-tipped film, Alejandro Amenabar's historical drama 'Agora', picked up seven awards, including best original screenplay, Amenabar's 11th career Goya. Besides the actual awards, there was plenty more to get Hollywood tongues wagging: Penélope Cruz and

Javier Bardem finally made an official public appearance together, sitting side by side at the ceremony. Although hotly tipped for the best actress award for her part in Pedro Almodóvar's 'Broken Embraces', Cruz was passed over as the award went to Lola Dueñas for her role in 'Me Too'. The other big surprise of the night was the appearance of Spain's most internationally recognized filmmaker, Pedro Almodovar, who quit the academy in 2005 amidst controversy over voting procedures and hasn't attended a ceremony since. Almodovar, who has often accused the

Spanish Film Academy of snubbing his films, received a standing ovation from the audience just for showing up. Before presenting Alejandro Amenabar and Mateo Gil with the award for best original screenplay, Almodovar told the audience, "I'm here because you have a very persistent president. He {Alex Iglesias} pestered me until two days ago. And I had a lot of excuses, but he wouldn't take no for an answer."

Valencia C.F.'s new stadium 'will not be ready for next season'

VALENCIA FOOTBALL club's new stadium still has not been built – and works stopped on it a year ago, sources from the team reveal. The construction of the Mestalla stadium began in August 2007, but the process began to slow down towards the end of 2008 before stopping altogether in February last year. According to Valencia C.F., work could not resume until the club had sufficient cashflow to continue the project. But around three months ago, the club announced that it had reached an agreement to re-start the works and that it would not stop 'until the first match was played there'. The plan was to begin the work in January or, at the latest, February this year. It would be ready for the 2011 and 2012 season, the construction firms behind the new Mestalla confirmed at the time. But given the unfinished state of the stadium, this has now been ruled out

Pollution 'can cause 200 new radar speed heart attacks and traps on Spain's roads arteriosclerosis'

every year


motorway can double the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis, a condition causing the arteries to harden and which can lead to heart problems. According to the Environmental Epidemiology Investigation Centre in Barcelona (CREAL), the plaque of the artery wall grows at a rate of 5.5 micrometres per year in those who live less than 100 metres from a motorway. This is more than double that of the average, healthy person. Up to now, studies have shown that pollution can lead to heart attacks, as well as other health problems, but this is the first time research has revealed that arteriosclerosis can be caused by air


contamination – although this process has been seen in the past in animals. Alongside Swiss scientists and researchers from the University of Southern California, CREAL examined 1,500 people over the course of three years, measuring their level of arterial hardening every six months. CREAL's spokesman Xavier Basagaña pointed out that Barcelona's pollution levels are considerably higher than the safe limit recommended by the World Health Organisation, and greater even than those of Los Angeles. He says diesel-fuelled cars generate more dangerous pollution than those that run on petrol.

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

PERE NAVARRO, director of the national traffic department (DGT), told the press recently that there would be a limit on the number of new radar speed traps on the roads each year, stating that "they cannot increase indefinitely" and quoting 150-200 as possible limits. In a breakfast conference that brought together representatives of the various sectors concerned with traffic problems, including José Antonio Alonso, the man responsible for pushing through the licence points system, the issue of radars was debated, along with the core traffic safety issues: speed, helmets, seatbelts and alcohol. It was agreed that there had to be a finite number of radar speed traps on the roads, and where necessary, existing ones would have to be moved to different locations if it was felt that the need was greater elsewhere. Navarro (pictured) denied that it was the DGT's intention to increase revenue from fines, but rather to achieve a greater respect for the traffic laws, which in turn would reduce the number of accidents.

Although he maintained that recent changes in the traffic laws had led to "safer behaviour" by drivers on the roads, Navarro pointed out that 15,000, or 0.6% of drivers, still lost their licence (because of the points system) every year. Statistically the roads are now much safer than before the licence points system was introduced, with 2000 fewer deaths being recorded on the roads last year than when the system was first introduced.

Before the points system came into operation, an average of 11 people were dying on the road each day, which has now been reduced to 5.2 deaths a day. On a Europe-wide level, Spain's road safety figures have also improved, registering 68 road deaths per million inhabitants last year, whereas in 2003 there were 123 per million at a time when the average in Europe was 105.

GASOL European basketball player of the year 2009 SPAIN'S PAU GASOL has been named European basketball player of the year for 2009 by the FIBA, the second consecutive year he has been awarded the honour. Gasol, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers as well as the Spanish national team, beat Germany's Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks and Serbia's Milos Teodosic, from Greek side Olympiakos, amongst others, to take the prize. The Spanish centre, who played in his third NBA All Stars game recently, won the American NBA league with the Lakers and the European Championship with Spain last year, achievements that have again been recognised by experts and fans alike with this latest award. "Pau Gasol's performance in

Voting results Experts / Public

Poland goes to show that he will be considered one of Europe's basketball greats," said George Vassilakopoulos, president of FIBA Europe. "Year after year Pau distinguishes himself not only on court, but also off it. He is a great player and a marvellous ambassador for the sport," added Nar Zanolin, secretary general of the European organisation. Gasol won by a clear margin of votes, both from the panel of experts as well as from the fans. Rudy Fernández and Juan Carlos Navarro, two other members of Spain's European Championship winning side, who play with the Portland Trail Blazers and Barcelona respectively, came in sixth and seventh in the voting.

1. Pau Gasol (ESP) 433 / 9,815 2. Dirk Nowitzki (GER) 94 / 5,370 3. Milos Teodosic (SRB) 60 / 4,058 4. Vassilis Spanoulis (GRE) 63 / 1,903 5. Erazem Lorbek (SLO) 48 / 7,046 6. Rudy Fernández (ESP) 48 / 4,022 7. Juan Carlos Navarro (ESP) 46 / 3,892 8. Tony Parker (FRA) 44 / 2,011 9. Hidayet Turkoglu (TUR) 31 / 4,479 10. Ersan Ilyasova (TUR) 21 / 4,525 11. Nikola Pekovic (MNE) 24 / 1,936 12. Marcin Gortat (POL) 9 / 8,837 13. Novica Velickovic (SRB) 10 / 4,783 14. Ioannis Bouroussis (GRE) 12 / 1,417 15. Igor Rakocevic (SRB) 3 / 2,024 16. Lior Eliyahu (ISR) 0 / 1,032

'Alcohol-free' fad finds niche in wine market DESPITE THE consternation that it causes amongst certain sectors of the population, the fashion for 'light' or '0.0% 'products has finally found a way into the wine market with the launch of a new 'low-calorie' alcohol-free wine, finding a previously unexploited niche in this lucrative market. The new wine was launched at the Bizkai-Vinos wine show, held at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao and David Núñez, sales rep for the Matarromera Group, commented that people's surprise at an alcohol-free wine is "no different from their reaction to alcoholfree beer 20 years ago". Matarromera has vineyards supplying the Ribera del Duero, Rueda and Toro brands. Núñez explained that the wine is "deconstructed" to separate the aromas, the alcohol and everything else, only to

Catholic Church cashes in on tax returns THE CATHOLIC Church received 252,682,547 euros via tax returns in 2009, thanks to people making tax deductable donations to the institution by ticking the appropriate box on their forms. According to data supplied by the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) at a press conference, the number of taxpayers making donations to the Catholic Church increased by 237,143 last year, and by 711,975 over the last two years. The CEE spokesperson, Juan Antonio Martínez Camino, pointed out that a substantial proportion of tax returns are done on a joint basis (between 20 and 25%) so "we can estimate that last spring in the region of nine million people made donations to the Catholic Church".

The more than 252 million euros donated during the last tax year equates to an increase of 11 million euros compared with the previous year. The proportion of tax returns on which there was a donation to the Catholic Church in the last tax year was 34.31%, a similar percentage to previous years according to Fernando Jiménez, the CEE's vicesecretary for Economic Affairs. Camino used the press conference to thank all those who had made a contribution towards the Catholic Church on their latest tax return, but added that the church still depended on other forms of collaboration for its survival, saying that the weekly collections and subscriptions "remain absolutely indispensable".

be put back together again without the alcohol in a process he described as "non-aggressive" and "natural". He admitted that there was as yet little public demand for the product, but remained optimistic because "90% of the client calls we get are asking about the non-alcoholic wine and where it's available in their area" adding that "it's the bar and restaurant owners who have to believe in it". The target audience for the advertisers is predominantly "young and female" although Núñez added that there was "a great deal of interest in countries where alcohol is banned". Núñez described the wine as "jovial" and "fresh" and underlined the huge difference in calorie count compared with normal wine - only 4 kilocalories per 100g compared with usual 200 kilocalories.

Consumer spending on the up

CONSUMER SPENDING increased slightly in the last quarter of 2009, the first rise the country has seen in two years. Spending increased by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of last year, compared with the third, whilst the GDP for the same period continued to drop, albeit only slightly, with a fall of 0.1%. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE) consumer spending has not risen in Spain since the final quarter of 2007, so this small rise adds to overall improvement in the different components of the country's GDP. Nevertheless, the overall figures for the economy saw a 3.6% drop compared with last year, the biggest fall in four decades. Employment figures are the most alarming, with a 6.1% increase in unemployment, equating to 1.25 million fewer full-time jobs compared with the previous year. Despite the small rise in consumer spending at the end of last year, the overall figures for 2009 showed a 3.5% drop in spending compared with 2008, whilst wages also fell 2.7%, slightly less than previously. As a result of the government's incentive scheme (Plan 2000E), new car registrations bucked the general downward trend, rising by almost 30% in the last quarter of 2009. Spending in other areas like food, consumer goods and services, continued to fall, although not as sharply as before. The drop in public spending also slowed down significantly, going from a 4.1% drop in the third quarter to a 0.8% drop in the fourth. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


Pope could consecrate Sagrada Familia temple THE CARDINAL of Barcelona, Lluís Martínez Sistach, announced that Pope Benedict XVI is "very interested" and "keen" to come to Barcelona to consecrate the temple of the Sagrada Familia church. Nevertheless, in his press conference, Sistach insisted that the visit had not yet been confirmed, but that they were hoping the Pope would be able to fit it into his diary. Ideally, the Pope would travel to Barcelona in November, as the work on the roof of the central nave of Gaudí's temple is due to be completed in the autumn, but the Cardinal said he would "fit around the Pope's diary". Although the Pope has not yet confirmed his travel arrangements, the secretary of the Vatican State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, has confirmed his own visit to Barcelona from April 24th to 26th. If the Pope does indeed come to Barcelona to consecrate the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, "Cardinal Bertone's visit will be a good preparation", said Sistach, underlining the fact that the Vatican Secretary of

State was "the second-most important figure after the Pope and a very close colleague of the Pontiff". During his visit to Barcelona, Cardinal Bertone will visit the temple of the Sagrada Familia and the Montserrat Monastery, as well as attending the beatification ceremony for Father Josep Tous Soler. Should Pope Benedict confirm his visit in the autumn, it would be his first to Barcelona and he would hold a mass in the Sagrada Familia, which has a capacity for 10,000 people and which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. "The Pope has received our invitation with great interest," said Cardinal Sistach. "His Holiness attaches great importance to art and beauty as a pathway towards God, and the templo of the Sagrada Familia is a

great example of art and beauty," he added. The temple "is the most important church currently under construction in the world and is dedicated to the family, something very dear to the Holy Father's heart", he went on. For his part, the head architect on the Sagrada Familia works, Jordi Bonet, has expressed his desire to receive the Pope and gave assurances that the work on the roof would indeed be completed in time for his visit.

Facebook Spain Pioneering surgery raises minimum on 39-stone patient age to 14

FACEBOOK HAS raised the minimum age to join its social networking site from 13 to 14 according to information released by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD). Up until now the minimum age to join Facebook was 13, in line with US legislation. This decision brings Facebook in line with Spanish legislation, which dictates that information of the kind exchanged on Facebook cannot be shared by children under the age of 14 and is a response to a personal request from the AEPD's director, Artemi Rallo. The AEPD has declared its satisfaction with the new measure, saying that it was "a significant step by a multinational Internet company to come in line with national requirements, like those here in Spain, to guarantee personal privacy". Spain is the only country where Facebook has increased its minimum age for people to join its social network. The AEPD has had a number of meetings with those in charge of the various social networking sites, and in last July's meeting with the board of Facebook in Spain, Artemi Rallo asked for the minimum age to be raised and also asked for measures to be implemented to limit access to under-14s. The director of the AEPD has now convened another meeting with the directors of Facebook to discuss outstanding demands and in particular, privacy issues, which the network's recent updates provoked amongst users.


A PATIENT weighing 260 kilos (39 stone 4lb) has undergone a pioneering form of minimally-invasive open stomach surgery at a Sevilla hospital. The man in question was said to be dangerously obese, to the point that his life was in danger, meaning surgical intervention was critical to help reduce his body weight. Doctors at the Virgen del Rocío hospital (pictured) say they carried out a laparoscopy making five incisions of 1.2 centimetres (approximately half an inch) in depth at the same time. The same hospital has carried out more than 500 open stomach operations on dangerously-obese patients, with one weighing 330 kilos (51 stone 2lb) who is said to have recently been discharged with no complications suffered following surgery.

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MADRID FASHION WEEK MADRID FASHION WEEK was held last month with designers showcasing their autumn-winter collections that they hope will help see off the recession of 2009, which has taken its toll on the textile industry, like so many others sectors of the economy. From February 18th until February 23rd, designers presented their collections at the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, plus there were many new faces, showing the latest trends for the coming seasons, with the youngest and most daring designers - Sara Coleman, Beba's Closet, Cati Serrà (see picture), Georgina Ordinas, Anjara, Solitas, Isabael Mastache, Carlos Doblas, Maya Hansen and American Pérez. Big names in Spanish fashion included - Jesús del Pozo, Francis Montesinos, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Victorio & Lucchino, Elio Berhanyer, Roberto Verino and Adolfo Domínguez. A total of 51 designers took part in this year's Madrid Fashion Week, plus another 30 up-and-coming designers who showcased their work in the "El Ego". 17 of these new faces come from Madrid, ten from Catalunya and the rest from other parts of the country. This year's event saw 43 catwalk shows introducing this year's autumn-winter collections. One new face at Cibeles was the young Catalan designer, Teresa Helbig, and this year also saw the return to the fold of Ion Fiz, María Escoté and Jesús del Pozo, all of whom staged their own separate shows last year, rather than be part of the official Fashion Week.

Kevin Costner reveals his wife convinced him to take up rock music ACTOR AND singer Kevin Costner, who finished his successful tour in Madrid recently, reveals it was his wife who convinced him to take up rock and roll. “She said I seemed much happier when I was playing the guitar than at any other time, but I never paid any attention to her,” Costner – better known for his role in Robin Hood – admits. “Until one day I tried playing in public, and the people seemed to like it.”

He says he surrounded himself with 'old friends' in the industry, including John Coinman and Teddy Morgan, whom he met in a music workshop in the 1980s. Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West, perform what they describe as 'western American rock', and their recent performance, promoting the album Turn it on, was part of their first-ever European tour. The CD is currently on sale in Spain.


I nfrared The future of heating

Where did the concept originate? From the dawn of our time, the sun has been emitting infrared rays that travel through space and warm the earth on contact. Think of the comforting warmth you feel when the sun is shining directly on you, even on an otherwise cold day. Today, technology brings the comfort and warmth of infrared into our homes. Originally invented in Japan in 1967, the infrared radiator has been a popular form of heating in northern Europe for the last few years and now it has arrived in Spain!

with our winters becoming longer, and costs of heating constantly increasing, I would like to introduce you to a new affordable, energy efficient and low cost form of heating for your homes or businesses......

How does infrared work? Unlike traditional heating systems, infrared heaters do not heat the air to warm a room. Instead they emit completely harmless rays that warm solid objects on contact, walls, ceilings, furnishings, you. Once warmed, these objects in turn radiate heat back contributing to the warmth of the room.

Bill Dyer RADyCAL Heating

What are the advantages of infrared heating? Costs Infrared radiators use of rays rather than convection mean that they are a very costeffective form of electric heating and costs up to 60% less to run than gas or oil. Consider the real costs of a gas/oil system – expensive installation, fuel costs, annual servicing and maintenance, electricity costs for pump. Infrared radiators can be installed

See our advert on page 8

PET TRANSPORTATION SERVICE Long and short stay boarding

Emergencies 24 h: Tel. 600 266 686 Internal Medicine and Surgery • Traumatology Radiology and Ultrasound • Odontology Oftalmology • Cardiology • Homoeopathy and Analysis Clinic • Hospitalisation • Grooming Animal food and Accessories • Home visits • Dog Training

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Jalón CLÍNICA La Virgen, 74 Tel. 96 648 04 94

NEW HOURS: Open from 9.30 until 20.00h uninterrupted

10.00-13.30 & 17.00-20.30 hrs

Health Circulation of dust and allergens is minimised beneficial for people with respiratory problems. Condensation and damp are eliminated, so no more mould. Some hospitals use infrared heating for operating theatres and incubators as they are more hygienic than other forms of heating. Everday uses Whether you are heating one room in your home, the whole house or apartment, Infrared heating provides a silent gentle heat that makes us feel more comfortable.


Costa de Benissa CLÍNICA Ctra. Moraira-Calpe C.C. Cap Blanc (opposite Pepe la Sal)

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Tel. 96 574 84 58 Mon to Fri 10.00-13.30 hrs

EMERGENCIES 24h. 629 930 909


Tel. 671 09 24 24

EMERGENCIES 608 76 46 54

veterinary clinic

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Without destruction; to the exact centimetre, with the newest equipment (Detectors + Cameras) We locate & repair every water leak inside/outside of buildings/ pools and underground.

* Ecografia y Ecocardio * Radiologia digital * * Radiologia digital * Medicina Interna * * Cirugia General * Traumatologia * * Laboratorio *

Since 1997

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to keep those people who are important to you, comfortable and warm.

For more information or a free no obligation quote, contact us at RADyCAL Heating, c/c Barclays, Moraira on 965744374 or email


Vet Service on call 24 hours

Style Forget ugly white water-filled radiators or air-conditioning units. Infrared radiators come in an incredible range of shapes, colours and finishes to suit your own individual taste. They don’t heat the air, so they can be placed anywhere in the room, even the ceiling!

If you have a business that attracts customers to your premises, for example, restaurants, doctors or dentists or anywhere with a waiting room or you have staff working, infrared is an economical and efficient way

Centre Veterinari Benissa


simply by plugging them in. There is no maintenance or servicing. No cleaning required other than a wipe with a damp cloth.

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5€ 29FU9LLY

call 96 648 0324 or 610 064 906


Price includes

 Shower tray and corner enclosure / or Bath and screen  Toilet & Cistern  Bidet  Basin & pedestal  All taps, mixer valve, wastes and fittings  25sqm of wall tiles (over tiled)  6sqm of floor tiles (over tiled)  Upgrades available

We are a fully legal team of experienced tradesmen. All work is guaranteed and references are available from satisfied customers ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



For a quotation without obligation call 96 648 0324 or 610 064 906

CALL 665 899 903

RQBS provide one-to-one friendly professional building services in Costa Blanca North. Planning application to expert completion. Extensions, reforms, pools, kitchens, carpentry and all builder services. Customers testimonials and service list on website, Call us for a no hassle, and no compromise quote! Tel 966 471 539

WAS €799 NOW €499





25.00 € +IVA / MONTH/MES



Garden Center

Av. Santo Domingo, 18 - JALÓN

Tel./Fax 96 648 04 11 Mv. 639 271 804

ALDAMAR Locales nacionales e internacionales Local, National & International Removals Jávea Tel. 661 986 451 (Guido)

GENERAL GLASSWARE FABRICATION OF DOUBLE GLAZING ALUMINIUM & PVC CARPENTRY Ctra. Cabo La Nao, 54 - JÁVEA (Alicante) Tel. 96 579 29 71 e-mail: cardona@ct

* Spas and Saunas * Tiles * Bathroom Accessories * Air Con * Heating * Chlorine for Pools * Taps * Sanitaryware * Filters * Osmosis

Venta al particular Sell to the Public Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, no 159 Km 03724 MORAIRA (Alicante) Tlf./fax: 96 649 72 17 Movil: 619 44 50 14


Ctra. Vergel-Pego, VERGEL (next to Safari Park entrance) Tel. 96 575 05 61

SPECIALISING IN: Cut flowers, Artificial arrangements, Bespoke floral arrangements and bouquets, Weddings, Parties, Floral tributes, Funerals

SILVER FOX REMOVALS OF MORAIRA Builders, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians.....

Your bed specialist

Avda. Arenal, Aptos. L’Ancora, Bloq. 5 03730 JAVEA (Alicante) Tel. 96 579 58 01 - Fax 96 646 26 05

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8 Tel./Fax. 902 88 11 21

Indoor and outdoors plants and trees. Landscaping, maintenance and cleaning of gardens. Trimming of palm trees or others.

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Skips MATA 3 m3 5 m3 10 m3

C/ Ramón Llidó, 7 - 03730 Jávea

Tel. 96 579 01 72 Fax 96 646 20 14 Mobile 679 440 046

Small or large removals handled with competence & care, covering all areas of Spain & the UK. Boxes & materials supplied.




EASY PAYMENT TERMS AVAILABLE All sizes. Duvets, pillows, sheets and covers. ctra. Denia-Ondara front of Tel. Moblerone) Patricio Ferrándiz, 40 (next to post office s/n / junto a(in la oficina de correos) 96 578 49 44 - Dénia tel : 96 643 1276 606Clinica 805 Ctra. Dénia - Ondara (Opposite Clínica San Carlos-/ frente San140 Carlos) Tel. 96 643 12 76

We t a k e c a r e o f y o u


Vacuum tubes and house heating systems. Gregor explains all.




Heating water with a solar system

his month I am going to address a few points that have been raised by clients. As we principally sell vacuum tube solar panels many people are concerned about the vacuum tubes. They look fragile. What happens for example if it hails? The answer to this is that normally nothing happens. The tubes can stand hail of 30mm diameter or more. This is quite a lot. When the hail is this big, it will cause damage to many things such as cars for example. It can happen, but very rarely. We have never had any problems with this. In fact, we have broken many of these tubes, but only transporting or mounting them. Once everything is in place, you

should not have any trouble with the tubes. The vacuum tubes have two big advantages in comparison to the flat plate solar panels. The round shape gives them a lot of resistance and stability against, for example, hail or other external forces. The second advantage is, if they break, only some of them will break. The system can still work (although with a little less power) and the tubes can be changed individually, without having to touch the hydraulic installation. One of the things I really like about the solar systems for hot water is, that in comparison to the gas heaters the solar systems are

much more “comfortable” for people and that they can save water. This is not easy to understand and I will try to explain it here. The most common way of heating the water in this area is with a gas boiler, which is an instantaneous water heating system. It can be only for hot water, or in combination with a house heating system. These systems do instantaneously heat up, only the water that we need in this actual moment. Their advantage is that they are quite efficient and relatively clean in terms of emissions. The disadvantage is that the water has to flow to a relatively thin coil, where it is heated by the gas flame. This makes the water pressure drop (less pressure at the tap) and it is not so easy to regulate the temperature. This results, in many times, varying water t e m p e r a t u r e , depending on how much the tap is open and when a second tap is opened at the same time usually one of them gets colder. One is taking a shower and someone else opens a tap and the water gets cold in the shower. I am sure many of you have experienced this. A second disadvantage is that we always need to open the tap quite a lot to start the boiler. If it is open only a little, the boiler does not start. So we consume more water. Obviously, the newer and more expensive boilers work better and the above described effects are not that pronounced. The other way of heating our water is having it inside a tank and heating it up with electricity or heating oil or gas. This is very comfortable, because we will always have hot water stored for our use. No pressure drops, no

variations in temperature, no minimum opening of the tap to start the system…… The disadvantage with this system is that energetically it is not very efficient. We store the hot water all the time, regardless whether we need it or not, we always have heat losses in a system and the water has to be heated continuously, even if we do not need it. If it is electric, you do not notice it, but if you for example have an oil heating system, you will notice, that the system will start various times of the day, even if you do not use hot water. Additionally the very short working periods of the systems make them even less efficient and can cause them to get dirty easier and to require more maintenance. With the solar system we can have the comfort of the stored hot water in the tank with all its advantages but we do not use valuable and expensive energy to heat the water up constantly. We do it with the sun, which is for free, clean and efficient.

Additionally I would like to mention that many people have mentioned to me that it is just nicer to have a shower, knowing that the water is heated up by the sun. I can confirm this with my personal experience. Even if it sounds strange, but I do enjoy my solar

system. Especially in the winter time, when it seems incredible that the water can be heated by the sun. If you would like to enjoy a solar system, I would be pleased to visit you and to check to see if and how it is possible to install a solar system and prepare a quotation for you, without any obligation. Gregor 96 5587742 or

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Pool construction - renovations - saunas - jacuzzis - spas

Francisco Castell 656 812 774 c/José Luis Borges, 5 03730 Jávea - Alicante C/ José 5 · Jávea ·96Tel. 965760 579 62 40 Tel.Luis 96Borges, 579 6240-Fax. 579 Jim: 616 158 754 Shall we talk?

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MOTORING & BOATS Opel Corsa 1.4i For Sale, 1995, Blue, RHD, Automatic, English Reg low mileage, good runner, 500€. Call 649 980 019

ile ic mob an Service h c e m Repairs & ITV’s Est. in Javea over 15 years. Genuine Quotations incl IVA No Hidden Extras or Gimmicks Grahame Ward Mobile 626 902 732 Email

NEW BENTLEY CONTINENTAL Supersports Convertible The Continental Supersports Convertible further strengthens Bentley’s supercar range, following the introduction of the Continental Supersports Coupé in 2009. The new Supersports Convertible, with the same 630PS (621bhp/463kW) twin-turbocharged W12 engine, is the fastest, most potent drop‑top Bentley has ever built, offering the ultimate Bentley driving experience in the world’s most dramatic convertible. The inspiration for the ‘Supersports’ name is the 1925 Bentley Supersports, a race-bred version of the iconic Bentley 3-litre, that delivered 85bhp when more ordinary cars were equipped with a modest 15bhp. It was also the first production car to reach 100mph – extreme performance in its day. The new, muscular four-seat Supersports Convertible is unmistakably Bentley in its design and craftsmanship but its interior signifies a dramatic reinterpretation of Bentley luxury. Satin-finished carbon fibre, Alcantara™ and ‘Soft Grip’ leather create a unique ambience with a distinctly sporting and contemporary style. All models in the Continental model range, including the new S u p e r s p o r t s Convertible are now capable of running on both petrol (gasoline) and E85 bioethanol or any combination of the two, reaffirming OFFICIAL DEALER Bentley’s ongoing commitment to make TEL. 96 578 72 12 all its cars bio-fuel Ctra. Dénia - Ondara, Km. 2 compatible by 2012. Aptdo. 536 - 03700 DÉNIA e-mail Pioneered by the


Supersports Coupe, this FlexFuel technology offers a reduction of up to 70 per cent in CO2 emissions on a ‘well-towheel’ basis, a measure of a fuel’s net contribution to the atmosphere, not just tailpipe emissions. To ensure seamless power delivery, the on-board fuel supply system detects the blending ratio of the fuel in the tank and ensures that power and torque remain constant regardless of the ratio of petrol to biofuel. Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen welcomes the new addition to the Bentley range, as well as the standardisation of the FlexFuel W12 engine on all 2011 Continental models: “The new Supersports Convertible blends thrilling performance and dramatic styling with luxury and practicality in the Bentley open-top tradition. Extreme power combines with pioneering FlexFuel technology, now shared with all Continental

models, reflecting Bentley’s ongoing commitment to more environmental motoring.”

First Choice Cars

Mark 697 511 071 or Matt 647 948 525 / 96 577 1553

Call us first if you are buying or selling

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6 MONTHS - 175,75 EUROS 1 YEAR - 284,05 EUROS 3 YEARS - 741,00 EUROS

(UNLIMITED entrances and exits)

TEL: 606 157 020


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1 MONTH - 66,50 EUROS 2 MONTHS - 95,00 EUROS 3 MONTHS - 114,00 EUROS (only 1 entrance and 1 exit)



2 00 3 R en au lt Clio 1.4RT Auto, 5 door, Metallic Black, PAS, ABS, CD Player, Climate Control, Remote Central Locking, Electric Windows and Mirrors, Alloys. New ITV, New Battery, Only 58,000 Km from new. Taxes Paid. 4750.00

2 0 0 3 K i a C ar n i v al 2.9 Diesel MPV, 7 Seats, Metallic Silvery with Grey Leather Trim. Climate Control, CD Player ,DVD Player PAS,ABS Electric Windows with Privacy Glass, Remote Central Locking, Rear Air Con. Just serviced, New tyres, New ITV. 6995.00

2 00 6 Citroen C1, 5 Door, Metallic Silver, Air Con, Central Locking, PAS, CD Player, Electric Windows, Long ITV. Immaculate Condition 5995.00

2 0 0 5 C h e vr o l et M a t iz (New Shape) SE, 5 door, Metallic Lime Green. Remote Central Locking, Air Conditioning, CD Player, PAS, Electric Windows, Air Bags only 35000km from new. Excellent Value at 4995.00

2 0 05 V W Po lo 1.4 Trend Auto, 5 door, Metallic Dark Blue, PAS, Remote Central Locking, Climatronic Air Con, Electric Windows and Mirrors CD Player. Only 72000 km from new with Long ITV and Suma Paid. Immaculate Condition 6995.00

2 0 0 5 C it ro e n X s ar a 2.0 HDi Estate. Metallic Silver, Remote Central Locking, PAS, CD Player, Climate Control, Electric Windows and Mirrors, ABS. One owner from new with only 59000kms. Immaculate throughout 5995.00

2 00 3 Fo rd Fo cus 1.8TDCi Trend. 5 Door, Metallic Silver, PAS, ABS, Air Con, CD Player, Electric Windows, Remote Central Locking only 74000kms with ITV. 4995.00

2 007 Ni s sa n M ic r a Convertible (Hard Top) Metallic Pale Blue, Climate Control, Electric Roof, Windows and Mirrors, PAS, ABS, Alloys. One Lady Owner from new with only 28000kms and FNSH. 9995.00

1 99 9 R e na ult Clio 1.6Si Auto, 5 Door, White, Air Con, Remote Central Locking, PAS, ABS, Electric Windows and Mirrors. Stereo. New 2 year ITV . 3295.00



TEL. 966 42 27 07 FAX 966 43 16 46 03700 DÉNIA

Matriculaciones Extrangeria Fiscal Laboral y contable Registrations - Foreigners Tax and Accounting


All vehicles sold with current ITVs, Correct Paperwork, Taxes Paid and Transfers with a Legal Spanish Gestoria. Over 10 years experience on the Costa Blanca making us your First Choice Part Exchanges Welcome. Cars bought for Cash.

Dining Out

Shish Mahal



he Shish Mahal opened it’s doors in 1994 and was one of the first restaurants to offer authentic Indian cuisine. Voted best restaurant, not once but twice, at the Feria Gastronomia, they offer excellent food and attentive service. Using only the freshest ingredients, chef Arshad-Ali, produces dishes to tantalise your tastebuds, including naan bread, vegetable pakoras and a tasty lamb jefrozi served with either plain or lemon flavoured rice. Rajh Yaser runs this air conditioned, family restaurant and a take away and home delivery service is also available in the Javea area. So for a taste of the authentic, pop down to the Shish Mahal.

SHISH MAHAL INDIAN RESTAURANT AR - 73, Javea Park No 12, 03730 Javea, Alicante. For reservations call 966 461 417 or 677 327 328 Open 12.30 - 15.00 and then 18.30 - 24.00.

El Poligono S

ituated in a peaceful area, El Poligono specialise in almuerzos (brunch) and home made foods including a wide variety of tapas. Free customer car park with easy access.Proprietor: Antonio López. Head Chef: Milton Cuisine: Mediterránea/Casera Tel. 96 578 09 60 Sundays closed Capacity: 50. Menú del día: 8,50 (IVA included). Guide Price: À la carte: 15 (inc. IVA) EL POLIGONO Partida Madrigueres, 19- Dénia, Alicante. For reservations call 96 578 09 60 Open 07.00-21.00 Friday to Saturday 0700.-01.30

Ca Nano Rest aurant L

ocated at the end of the Las Rotas road, surrounded by cliffs and the sea, savour the wide variety of rice and fish dishes whilst taking in the spectacular views from the dining terrace.

Proprietor: Manuel Martí Head Chef: Manuel Martí. Cuisine: Rice dishes and fish/Arroces y Pescados Capacity: 65 inside + 100 terrace Guide Price: €25. Menú del dia: €18 CA NANO RESTAURANT Ctra. Barranc del Monyo 140 (End of Las Rotas). Open 10.30 - 01.30 hours. Tel 96 643 09 05 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



h c n Lu


Minestrone Soup INGREDIENTS

1 large onion, diced 4-5 large garlic cloves, crushed and minced 4 carrots, sliced 4 celery stalks, chopped 1 fennel bulb, chopped 6 white button mushrooms, sliced 1 rind of parmesan cheese 1 can 400gr of cooked red kidney beans 1 can 400gr of cooked "young" red kidney beans 2 bay leafs

large handful of parsley, tied into a bunch and washed handful of parsley leaves, finely chopped for serving 3 or 4 tbsp tomato paste 3 or 4 handfuls of dried small pasta shells 1/3 cup freshly grated pecorino cheese, plus a little more for serving salt and pepper olive oil 1 cup dry white wine water


Pork Wellington INGREDIENTS

1 whole egg 1 tablespoon water 29 gms dried apple rings 1 whole pork tenderloin, approximately 0.5 kg 127gms ounces thinly slice prosciutto ham 1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme leaves 1 teaspoon flour 1 sheet puff pastry, thawed completely 1 tablespoon whole-grain mustard


1. Place a rack in the upper third of the oven and heat to 400 deg F. 2. Whisk the egg and water in a small bowl and set aside. Place the apple rings into a food processor and process for 30 to 45 seconds or until they are the size of a medium dice. Set aside. 3. Trim the pork tenderloin of any excess fat and silver skin. Slice the tenderloin down the middle lengthwise, creating 2 separate pieces. Lay the tenderloin pieces next to each other head to tail, so when laid back together they are the same size at the ends. 4. Lay out a 12 by 16-inch piece of parchment paper on the worktop and arrange the pieces of prosciutto in the center, overlapping them enough to create solid layer that is as long as the tenderloin. Top with a second piece of parchment. Using a rolling pin, roll over the prosciutto to help stick the pieces to each other. Remove the paper and sprinkle the prosciutto with the salt, pepper, and thyme. 5. Put the pork down the middle of the prosciutto. Spread the dried apples in between the 2 pieces of tenderloin and push back together so the apples are held between them. Using the parchment paper to assist, wrap the prosciutto around the tenderloin to completely enclose in a package. 6. Roll out the pastry (on floured worktop) to 12 x 14 inches. Spread the mustard thinly in the centre of pastry and lay the prosciutto wrapped tenderloin in the centre of the pastry on the mustard. Fold the puff pastry up and over the top of the tenderloin, then roll to completely enclose, coat pastry with the egg in order to seal. Turn the tenderloin over so the side of the tenderloin with the double thickness of pastry is underneath. Pinch the ends to seal. 7. Brush the entire pastry with the egg. Place the tenderloin on a parchment lined tray and bake for 25 to 30 mins. 8. Transfer to a cooling rack and let rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving. Photo courtesy of Kimberlykv, Flickr.


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1. Boil a kettle of water. 2. Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in a saucepan on medium heat and saute the onions and garlic for several minutes. Add the carrots, mushrooms, celery, fennel and the parmesan rind. Add a few pinches of salt and continue to cook stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes. 3. Rinse the beans well in a colander and stir into the saucepan 4. Place the tied parsley on top, add the bay leaves, 6 or 7 whole peppercorns and the tomato paste, and then pour in the cup of white wine and the hot water from your kettle (add water until the level is over the top of the vegetables). 5. Stir gently and then bring to the boil. Reduce heat, cook covered at a gentle simmer for 40 or 50 minutes. 6. Stir occasionally. 7. Boil pasta shells in lightly salted water until al-dente and then transfer the pasta to the saucepan. Cook the soup for another 10 minutes, Check seasoning before serving, stir in the grated pecorino cheese. Serve with a little freshly chopped parsley and grated pecorino cheese on top.

Photo courtesy of giftconstable.

Blackberry, Peach and Pecan Upside Down Cake FOOD & DRINK


1 cup vegetable margarine 1 cup raw sugar Egg replacer for 4 eggs 3 cups cake flour, sifted 1 heaped teaspoon baking powder 3/4 pound pecans, chopped medium 1 peach, sliced 1 cup balckberries 1/2 cup brown sugar 3 tbsp vegetable margarine


1. Mix the dry ingredients together. 2. Beat the margarine, sugar and then add the egg replacer. Incorporate the dry- fold in the pecans.

Arrange the peaches and blackberries in a cake pan, sprinkle with brown sugar and then the margarine. Pour the cake batter over the fruit and bake at 375 degrees 40 minutes. Cool. Remove from pan and slice cake in half- fill with the nut kreme and replace the layer. Serve. Feeds 12.

Courtesy of Norwichnuts, Flickr.

restaurants & bars Alcalali

C E R V E C E R I A C/ Sertorio, 24 Tel. 96 642 54 16 03700 DĂ&#x2030;NIA why pay more?

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Card NÂş 1000011

Friendliness, Education, Service, Cleanliness, Quality & Innovation

C/SanchĂ­s Guarner, 4 03700 DĂŠnia Tel: 96 642 29 58

â&#x20AC;˘ Over 300 different Wines â&#x20AC;˘ Open Kitchen â&#x20AC;˘ Personalised Catering Service


Un sitio para volver Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll keep coming back Cerrado lunes - Closed Mondays Spit Roast Chickens, Fish & Chip s, Burgers, Salads, Pies.

Tel. 96 648 21 40 03728 ALCALALĂ? (Alicante)


Mon, Wed, Thurs 12.00 - 4.00 & 6.00 - 9.00 pm. Fri / Sat 12.009pm. Closed Tues. Avda de la Fontana 8, Javea Arenal Tel: 690 145 777

ÂŤCheap daily menusÂť Partida Madrigueres, 19 - DĂŠnia


Tel. 96 578 09 60

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BODEGA & DELICATESSEN Avda. de Alicante 84 - 03760 ONDARA Avda. de Valencia 32 - 03770 VERGEL Tel/Fax 966 476 665 - MĂłvil 647 473 519 / 647 473 518 E-mail:


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Keeping to traditions / Siguiendo la tradiciĂłn Calle Patricio FerrĂĄndiz 50 Tel. 578 41 11- DĂŠnia C.C. Portal de la Marina Tel. 96 647 74 44 - Ondara


achill bar & dancefloor info: Playa Arenal Playa Arenal, Javea Tel 96 577 01 31

CN-332, km. 193 - Pedreguer

m 649 50 28 98



Ctra. Barranc del Monyo 140 (End of Las Rotas) RESERVATIONS 96 643 09 05

Open from 19 h. Sundays all day (Wednesday Closed) Ptda Marjal S/N, DENIA Tel - 96 578 4451

Where is Luis? ÂżDonde esta Luis?

C/ Sandunga 52, DĂŠnia, T. 96 643 02 31

Desde 1949

From 1949

Pl. Oculista Buigues, 4 DĂŠnia-Alacant Tel. 965 783 566

Ctra. DĂŠnia-Mena, 35 DĂŠnia-Alacant Tel. 965 781 017

Abierto / Open 11.00-20.00 Lunes - Domingo Sea view to Ibiza

TĂĄrbena, Alicante Tel: 966 445 604 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


SHOPPING Below Doria by Moda in Pelle £85 Soft suede peep toe with ruffle detail

Above Piere by Moda in Pelle (£65) Turquoise Flower Trim Wedge Sandal

Flat Sandals Favourites for strolling along the beach are Brazilian style flip-flops and thong sandals. Not only will they offer comfort and practicality but they can be versatile as well. Choose bright colours for during the day and beads and jewels for those evening barbecues.



Hot shoes for


Above Steve Madden Vipperr Brown £135.00 Available from shudoo

Platform Sandals An excellent choice for those lacking in height! The in thing this summer is a pucker pair of platforms towering to a height of at least 4 inches or more. Bright colours are the order of the day including fuchsia, red and turquoise with bows, sling backs or sequins. Look out for snakeskin as this is coming back again. Nautical but nice! Sandals with a nautical theme will be very popular this Spring. Designers such as Miss Sixty and Charles David have added a few nautical pieces of footwear to their collections.

Left Carvela Greedy Red £69.00 Available from

Left Jersey Dress €51.00 Suede Tassel Shoes €59.00 Clutch Bag -€17.00 All available from Next

Booties Booties are a cross between a shoe and boot and come in varying styles such as suede, open toes, lace ups and platforms. Very popular with the designers such as Versace, Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein they go with anything including skirts, trousers, jeans or even a dress.

Also look for.... Girly-dress sandals adorned with lace, frills, bows and sky high stilettos.

It's a well known fact that a woman can never have too many shoes, so what are the catwalks sporting for 2010? Left Limited Collectio n Wide Elastic Plat form Shoe - SILVER Marks and Spen cers 29.50 pounds M&S

JEWELLERY EWELLERY WATCH SHOP Above Tribal Knot Sandals €66.00 Available online from Next

Right Nolene by Moda in Pelle (£45)

Above right Steve Madden Kerrin Fuchsia £115.00 From shudoo

Clock and watch repairs.

In-house jewellery and watch workshop. Diamond jewellery. C/ Diana, 14. Dénia. Tel. 96 578 15 46

Jewellery workshop. Economic prices. We sell silver jewellery. Next to the town’s market C/ Magallanes, 2. Dénia. Tel. 96 578 99 04


Joyeria E s m e ra l d a

Clock and watch repairs Reparación de relojes

In-house jewellery and watch workshop. Diamond jewellery. Diseño y elaboración de joyería. Reparación de relojes. Diamantes MAURICE LACROIX

C/ Diana, 14 · Dénia · Tel. 96 578 15 46

Jewellery workshop. Economic prices. We sell silver jewellery. Next to the town ’s market Taller de Joyería. Precios económicos. Platería. Junto al Mercado C/ Magallanes, 2 · Dénia · Tel. 96 578 99 04

Avda. Gabriel Miró, 29 A - CALPE (Alicante) - Tel. 96 583 06 33

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VALENCIA Touch Rugby 13th March II International Trophy of Touch Rugby.


Valencia en Fallas. Estadio de Béisbol JARDÍN DEL TURIA. TRAMO VI Participants from Spain, England, Scotland, Wales and France. Times: from 10 a 19 hrs Information Jen 617 246 420 -

José Martínez Memorial PADEL TOURNAMENT (featuring the finalists of the Masters Padel Pro Tour). 19th March until 4th April Categories: Men 1st, 2nd & 3rd; Women 1st & 2nd. Registration: until 2pm on 17/3. Price per pairing: 40€. Over 6000€ in prize money on offer. More info: Tel: 685286184 Email:

FOOTBALLFFIXTURES 9th March 10th March 16th March 17th March 30-31st March 11th March

18th March

6-7th March


13-14th March


20-21 March

BULLFIGHTING Alicante bullring (Plaza de Toros). March 6th at 5pm. March 7th at 12pm and 5pm. Box office opening times: 10.30 to 13.30 and 17.30 to 20.30. On March 6th & 7th the box office will be open from 10.30 to 14.00 and from 16.00 onwards. Tel: 902 300 609. Tickets also on sale at: Carrefour, Fnac, Tiendas Tipo, Kiosco Plaza Triangular (Benidorm).

23-24th March 27-28th March


FALLAS BULLFIGHTING FESTIVAL. March 11-21 at 5pm (some morning fights - see for more information). Young bulls on March 11, 14 and 20. Featuring: El Juli, Cayetano, El Cordobés, El Fandi amongst others. Tickets on sale from 1/3 from the bullring. Box office opening times: 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 20:00. By telephone: 902 10 77 77. Via the internet - / Tickets also on sale at: FNAC, Carrefour, Tiendas Tipo Valencia, Millan Castellón.

6-7th March 13-14th March 20-21st March

MARATHONS & FUN RUNS Ribarroja del Turia XIV RIBARROJA INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON. 7/3. 10am. Start: by the Municipal Sport Pavilion (C/Doctor Fleming). Distance: 21,097m. Registration: / 12€ (10€ for associated members). More info: Ticketrun - 902103655.

Moncada XIX MEDIA MARATON CIUDAD DE MONCADA. 14/3. 10am. Start point: Municipal Market (Avenida Fernando El Católico-Moncada). Distance: 21,097m. Categories: junior, senior, veteranos. Registration: 5€ until 10/3. TICKETRUN 902103655.

JAVEA FUN RUN (Marina Alta circuit). 7/3. 10am. Organised by: Atletisme Llebeig. 10,000m. Registration: 3€ until 4/3. Tel:679920771.

Catral 1st CATRAL DUATHLON. 13/3. 4.30pm. Organised by: Club Triatlón Catral. Distances: 5,000-20,000-

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Benidorm XXXI CROSS COUNTRY FUN RUNS. 14/3. 10am. Organised by the El Calvari Fiestas committee. Various distances. Registration free until 2pm on 11/3, 5€ on the day. Tel: 966815400.

Gata de Gorgos XIV GATA FUN RUN. 14/3. Organised by: Club Atletisme Gata. Distance: 9,800m.


Silver Travel

2,500m. More info: 670603050. Registration: 15€ (25€ for non-associate members) before 10/3. Cash prizes.

Denia VII DENIA HALF MARATHON. 28/3. 10.30AM. Organised by: Club d´Atletisme Baleària Diànium. Distance: 21,097m. More info: 648023645. Registration: 10€ until 24/3 (20€ on the day).

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7th March 14th March 21st March 28th March

Fiorentina v Bayern Man. United v Milan Chelsea v Internazionale Bordeaux v Olympiacos


Hamburger SV v RSC Anderlecht FC Rubin Kazan v VfL Wolfsburg Club Atlético de Madrid v Sporting Clube de Portugal SL Benfica v Olympique de Marseille Panathinaikos FC v R. Standard de Liège, LOSC Lille Métropole v Liverpool FC, Juventus v Fulham FC, Valencia CF v Werder Bremen RSC Anderlecht v Hamburger SV, VfL Wolfsburg v FC Rubin Kazan, Sporting Clube de Portugal v Club Atlético de Madrid, Olympique de Marseille v SL Benfica, R. Standard de Liège v Panathinaikos FC, Liverpool FC v LOSC Lille Métropole, Fulham FC v Juventus, Werder Bremen v Valencia CF


Málaga v Xerez, Espanyol v Villarreal, Deportivo v Tenerife, Real Madrid v Sevilla, Athletic v Valladolid, Mallorca v Sporting, Osasuna v Getafe, Zaragoza v Atlético, Almería v Barcelona, Valencia v Racing Villarreal v Xerez, Tenerife v Espanyol, Sevilla v Deportivo, Valladolid v Real Madrid, Sporting v Athletic, Getafe v Mallorca, Atlético v Osasuna, Racing v Zaragoza, Barcelona v Valencia, Almería v Málaga Espanyol v Sevilla, Deportivo v Valladolid, Real Madrid v Sporting, Athletic v Getafe, Mallorca v Atlético, Osasuna v Racing, Zaragoza v Barcelona, Valen cia v Almería, Xerez v Tenerife, Málaga v Villarreal Almería v Zaragoza, Valencia v Málaga, Tenerife v Villarreal, Sevilla v Xerez, Valladolid v Espanyol, Sporting v Deportivo, Getafe v Real Madrid, Atlético v Athletic, Racing v Mallorca, Barcelona v Osasuna Mallorca v Barcelona, Osasuna v Almería, Zaragoza v Valencia, Málaga v Tenerife, Villarreal v Sevilla, Xerez v Valladolid, Espanyol v Sporting, Deportivo v Getafe, Real Madrid v Atlético, Athletic v Racing


Villarreal B v Cartagena, Betis v Rayo, Castellón v Real Unión Murcia v Levante, Las Palmas v Córdoba, Elche v Hércules, Celta v Recreativo, Cádiz v Albacete, Girona v Huesca, Real Sociedad v Numancia, Gimnástic v Salamanca Numancia v Huesca, Salamanca v Real Sociedad, Levante v Gimnástic, Córdoba v Murcia, Hércules v Las Palmas, Recreativo v Elche, Albacete v Celta, Cartagena v Cádiz, Rayo v Villarreal B, Real Unión v Betis, Castellón v Girona Girona v Numancia, Huesca v Salamanca, Las Palmas v Recreativo, Gimnástic v Córdoba, Murcia v Hércules, Real Sociedad v Levante, Elche v Albacete, Celta v Cartagena, Cádiz v Rayo, Villarreal B v Real Unión, Betis v Castellón Salamanca v Numancia, Levante v Huesca, Córdoba v Real Sociedad, Hércules v Gimnástic, Recreativo v Murcia, Albacete v Las Palmas, Cartagena v Elche, Rayo v Celta, Real Unión v Cádiz, Castellón v Villarreal B, Betis v Girona


Gandia v Burjassot, Puzol v Eldense, Barrio Cristo v Torrellano, Novelda v Crevillente, Ribarroja v Levante B, Alicante B v Torrevieja, Villarreal C v Onda, La Nucia v Xativa, Jove Español v Catarroja, Elche Ilicitano v Alzira Eldense v Barrio Cristo, Catarroja v Novelda, Torrellano v Ribarroja, Crevillente v Alicante B, Levante B v Villarreal C, Torrevieja v La Nucia, Onda v Jove Español, Xativa v Elche Ilicitano, Alzira v Gandia, Burjassot v Puzol Onda v Catarroja, Gandia v Xativa, Puzol v Alzira, Barrio Cristo v Burjassot, Ribarroja v Eldense, Alicante B v Novelda, Villarreal C v Torrellano, La Nucia v Crevillente, Jove Español v Levante B, Elche Ilicitano v Torrevieja Burjassot v Ribarroja, Catarroja v Alicante B, Eldense v Villarreal C, Novelda v La Nucia, Torrellano v Jove Español, Crevillente v Elche Ilicitano, Levante B v Onda, Torrevieja v Gandia, Xativa v Puzol, Alzira v Barrio Cristo


7th March

14th March 28th March

Crack's v San Marcelino, Alboraya v Foios, Atlético Benaguasil v Sporting Requena, Buñol v Quart de Poblet, Torre Levante Orriols v Masamagrell, Aldaya v Atlético Museros, Utiel v Mislata, Burjassot B v Paterna, Llíria v Godella Foios v San Marcelino, Sporting Requena v Alboraya, Quart de Poblet v Atlético Benaguasil, Masamagrell v Buñol, Atlético Museros v Torre Levante Orriols, Mislata v Aldaya, Paterna v Utiel, Godella v Burjassot B, Llíria v Crack's Crack's v Foios, San Marcelino v Sporting Requena, Alboraya v Quart de Poblet, Atlético Benaguasil v Masamagrell, Buñol v Atlético Museros, Torre Levante Orriols v Mislata, Aldaya v Paterna, Utiel v Godella, Burjassot B v Llíria


Holiday Lets Alicante

27-28th March


Arsenal v Porto Real Madrid v Lyon Sevilla v CSKA Moskva Barcelona v Stuttgart Quarter-Finals

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7th March

14th March 28th March

Enguera v Pego, Llosa v Alginet, Alberic v Carlet Atlético, Benigànim v Torrent CF, Muro v Tavernes, CD Torrent v Guadasuar, Racing Algemesí v Recambios Colón, Benifaió v Oliva, Ciudad de Gandía v Canals Alginet v Pego, Carlet Atlético v Llosa, Torrent CF v Alberic, Tavernes v Benigànim, Guadasuar v Muro, Recambios Colón v CD Torrent, Oliva v Racing Algemesí, Canals v Benifaió, Ciudad de Gandía v Enguera Enguera v Alginet, Pego v Carlet Atlético, Llosa v Torrent CF, Alberic v Tavernes, Benigànim v Guadasuar, Muro v Recambios Colón, CD Torrent v Oliva, Racing Algemesí v Canals, Benifaió v Ciudad de Gandía ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



FALLAS SUNDAY, 7th MARCH 11.00 a.m.: parade to the different Fallas Districts: Falleras Mayores de Dénia at Town Hall, Roques, Darrere del Castell, Campaments, Camp Roig, París Pedrera, Saladar, Diana, Port Rotes, Baix la Mar, Centro and Oeste. 2.00 p.m.: “mascletá” (Firecrackers festival) in honour of Falla Oeste, at Valgamedios Square.


MONDAY, 15th MARCH. 1st Day of the “Plantà” (setting up) of all Fallas 5.30 p.m.: GLOBOTADA (Balloons sound festival). At Marqués de Campo Street.


TUESDAY, 16th MARCH. 2º Day of the “Plantà”(setting up) of all Fallasnd 11.30 p.m.: “Plantà”(setting up) of the Town Council Falla, then Chocolate, “Churros” and “Buñuelos” (fritter and doughnuts) will be offered for all visitors. At the Town Hall square. WEDNESDAY, 17th MARCH 10.00 a.m.: parade to the different Fallas Districts: Fallas Roques, Baix la Mar, Darrere del Castell, Campaments and Oeste. 1.00 a.m.: awards ceremony for “Fallas Infantiles” (children Fallas) in all participating sections. At the Town Hall Square. 2.00 p.m.: “mascletaes” (Firecrackers festival) in every Fallas districts. 7.00 p.m.: “mascletà” (Firecracker festival) at the Railway Station Parking. 8.00 p.m.: awards ceremony for “Fallas” in all participating sections. At the Town Hall Square. 11.00 p.m.: live music popular festival. At Fallas Districts.

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THURSDAY, 18th MARCH 9.00 a.m.: parades at the different Fallas districts. 11.00 a.m.: second parade to the different Fallas districts: Camp Roig, París-Pedrera, Saladar, Diana, Port Rotes and Centro. 2.00 p.m.: “mascletà” (firecrackers festival) at the differents Fallas districts. 7.30 p.m.: music bands concert at plaza del Consell. 9.30 p.m.: “mascletà” (firecrackers festival) at Railway station parking. 11.00 p.m.: life music popular festival. At Fallas districts. 11.30 p.m.: concert of Fallas: “La Madre que los parió”. At la Via Street. 00.00a.m.: At falla Port Rotes, disco music. FRIDAY, 19th MARCH. SAINT JOSEPH DAY 11.00 a.m.: Mass in honour of saint Joseph in the Asuncion Church. 11.30 a.m.: Flower offering to OUR LADY OF THE FORESAKEN (Virgen de los Desamparados). Itinerary: Marqués de Campo Street, Diana Street, Magallanes Street and Convento Square. 2.00 p.m.: “mascletà” (firecrackers festival) at the diffetent Fallas Districts. 5.00 p.m.: parades at the different Fallas Districts. 5.30 p.m.: at falla Roques, clowns for children. 9.00 p.m.: “mascletà” (firecrackers festival) at Railway Station parking. “Cremà” (Burning) of the Children Fallas 1st Section Children´s Fallas: 9.00 p.m.: burning of all Children´s fallas except the 1st prize of this section. 9.30 p.m.: burning of the 1st prize of this section. Special Section Children´s Fallas: 10.00 p.m.: burning of all Children´s fallas except the 1st prize of this section. 10.30 p.m.: burning of the 1st prize of this section. “Cremà” (Burning) of the adult Fallas midnight - “Nit del Foc” (fireworks) and “cremà” of the Town Hall Falla. 1st section Fallas: 00.15 a.m.: burning of the 7th and 6th prize. 00.30 a.m.: burning of the 5th and 4th prize. 1.00 a.m.: burning of the 3th and 2nd prize. 1.15 a.m.: burning of the 1st prize of this section. Special section Fallas: 1.30 a.m.: burning of the 4th, 3th and 2nd prize. 2.00 a.m.: burning of the 1st prize of this section


A short history of the fallas

Las fallas in the 21st century

Nowadays each fallas can only be truly understood by walking all the way around, reading the ironic verses around the base and then looking up from the central body to the top, that summarises the satirical vision below. They are lavish and imposing structures, many of them reaching extravagant heights, some as high as 20m. In the city of Valencia alone over 370 full-scale fallas are erected, occupying almost every street corner or plaza. The impressive structures are accompanied by colourful pageantry, amazing lights and decorations in the streets, lively casals where the falleros and falleras in their traditional dress party in true Valencian style to the sound of regional music. The erecting of the fallas or plantà takes place late on March 15th, but many roads in Valencia are closed from 13th so that the casals or marquees can be erected. From March 15th – 18th the city council grants permission for the parties to go on until 4am, so if you stay over in the city, don’t expect to sleep!

OLIVA DIARY DATES Sunday 7th March 6pm - Cavalgata del Ninot - Avenida Loygorri, Paseo

Thurs 18th March 2pm - Mascletà (paseo)

Monday 15th March 'Plantà' or setting up of falla monuments.

Fri 19th March - St. Joseph's Day 12.30pm - St Joseph's Day Mass 2pm - Mascletà (paseo) 9.30pm - CREMÀ - burning of the Fallas Infantiles begins midnight - CREMÀ - burning of the main Fallas begins (in reverse order according to prizes)

Wed 17th March 2pm - Mascletà (paseo) 6pm - Flower Offering (Monjas Clarisas, Avenida Loygorri, Paseo) followed by prize ceremony (paseo)


Possibly Valencia’s most famous fiestas, Las Fallas, have their origins in a pagan celebration of the spring equinox. Several centuries ago, craftsmen, and in particular carpenters, used to extend their working hours in the winter by using a light on a stand, not dissimilar to a candelabra. When spring came carpenters would celebrate the lengthening of the day by ceremonially burning this light on the eve of St Joseph’s day, March 19th. In the 18th century people began adorning this candelabra with clothes and giving it a human face before it was burnt, not unlike the burning of the “guy” on bonfire night in the UK, and thus the present day ninot was born. Later, the ninots were made to represent local people worthy of public derision and were strung up for all to see before being set alight over bonfires in the street. These bonfires became known as fallas and evolved over time from crude home-made affairs into well-constructed wooden platforms that allowed the cardboard, plaster and wax ninot to be admired from all sides. Later in the 18th century, satirical verses, mocking public figures, policies or attitudes from local, provincial and national life were added to the structures and by the 19th century these were being printed, bound and distributed amongst the people in Valencia in the form of a llibret, which is an integral part of the fiesta today. Thus the fallas evolved from spring bonfires into decorative scenes criticising anything and everything imaginable. By the end of the 20th century, the fallas had starting exalting local values and traditions, as well as indulging in tongue-in-cheek social criticism.

Sunday 7th March 6pm - Cavalgata del Ninot Avenida Loygorri, Paseo Monday 15th March 'Plantà' or setting up of falla monuments. Wed 17th March 2pm - Mascletà (paseo) 6pm - Flower Offering (Monjas Clarisas, Avenida Loygorri, Paseo) followed by prize ceremony (paseo)

Thurs 18th March 2pm - Mascletà (paseo) Fri 19th March - St. Joseph's Day 12.30pm - St Joseph's Day Mass 2pm - Mascletà (paseo) 9.30pm - CREMÀ - burning of the Fallas Infantiles begins midnight - CREMÀ - burning of the main Fallas begins (in reverse order according to prizes)


In Valencia, the fiesta kicks off right on the first day of March with the first mascletà – a thunderous daytime pyrotechnic display using masclets, the most powerful fireworks available. This spectacular gunpowder concert lasts only a few minutes, but has to be experienced at least once. Pyrotechnicians study the rhythm of firework sequences, launches and whistles, combining them into a spectacular crescendo that concludes with the terremoto (earthquake) when hundreds of masclets explode on the ground simultaneously. Thousands of people descend upon the town hall square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) at 2pm every day from March 1st –19th for this seven or eight minute long ear splitting banger display. Definitely a must!

La Ofrenda

One of the most attractive events of the fallas calendar is the ofrenda or flower offering to the patron saint of Valencia, La Virgen de los Desamparados (Our Lady of the Forsaken) that is from 4pm until midnight held over two consecutive days, March 17th & 18th. Over 100,000 Valencians take part in this procession, carrying thousands and thousands of bunches of flowers through the city streets to the Plaza de la Virgen in front of the Basilica. The flowers are placed over a wooden structure that serves as a framework upon which an image of the Virgin is formed. The completed floral image is magnificent and well worth the short walk from the town hall to the Basilica to see.

Nit de Foc

On the nights of the 15, 16, 17, and 18th there are fireworks displays at 1am in the old riverbed in Valencia. Each night is progressively grander and the last is called La Nit de Foc, the night of fire. Not content with the daytime firework displays, the city of Valencia lights up the night sky from the Paseo Alameda between the Puente de la Exposición and the Puente de Flores with a spectacular pyrotechnic display at 1.30am.

La Cremà

The main event is, of course, when the fallas are all burnt, the cremà, which happens from 10pm onwards on March 19th, when the city’s skies are aglow with the flames of hundreds of effigies simultaneously set alight. The children’s fallas are the first to go at 10pm followed by all the main fallas except for the winner of the first prize and the town hall falla that are saved until last. Most British people, used to the stringent safety measures employed on bonfire night, are stunned by the proximity of the fire when they first experience the burning of the fallas. Nearby buildings are hosed down by fire fighters to make sure they don’t catch alight, people stand only a few metres away from the towering infernos and burning ashes seem to blow in all directions. It has to be seen at close quarters to be believed!


Sat 6th 20h - traditional CRIDA (official announcement of the start of the fiesta) from the Town Hall balcony. Sat 13th 18h - Gran Cavalcada Multicolor - parade through l’avinguda del Parc, plaça Primer de Maig, Hort dels Frares, Reis Catòlics, Pérez Galdós, plaça Major, avinguda Sants Patrons to the Plaça Generalitat. Tues 16th 14h - Gran Mascletà a la Plaça del Regne d’Alzira. 24h - Nit de Foc, a la Plaça del Regne. “Plantà” or 'setting up' of main Fallas. Wed 17th 8h - “Despertà” or morning wake-up call through the town. 8h30 - Plantà” Oficial of the Falles Infantils. 14h - Gran Mascletà a la Plaça del Regne d’Alzira.

Thurs 18th 8h - “Despertà” morning wake-up call through the town. 14h - Gran Mascletà a la Plaça del Regne d’Alzira. 18h - Flower Offering to the Virgin of Lluch, patron saint of Alzira and to St Joseph, patron saint of 'falleros' and carpenters. Itinerary: Start = carrer Pare Castells (in front of l’IES Josep Maria Parra), carrer Pare Castells, Mare de Déu de la Murta, Plaça 1 de Maig, Hort dels Frares, Correus i Major Santa Caterina where it will end. Fri 19th - SAINT JOSEPH'S DAY 8h - “Despertà” morning wake-up call through the town. 10h30 - Mass at the Santa Caterina church in honour of Saint Joseph. 14h - Gran Mascletà a la Plaça del Regne d’Alzira. 18h - Pasadoble parade. 22h - “Cremà” de les Falles

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MAMMA MIA! – The Musical. Until 28/3. Teatro Principal. Web: Different show times depending on the day. Prices: from 21€. Tickets: Servientrada Bancaja. Tel: 96 353 92 00

MADAME BUTTERFLY (by Giacomo Puccini). 19/3. 7pm. 30€.

ABBA THE CONCERT. 3rd March. 8.30pm. Prices: 18€, 21€ & 24€.

LA PASSIÓ (THE PASSION OF CHRIST in Valenciano). 27/3 at 8.30pm and 28/3 at 7pm. 10€.

MADAME BUTTERFLY by Giacomo Puccini. 16th March. 8.30pm. Prices: 22€, 32€ & 44€.


ALICANTE - Teatro Principal


ROSA (presents her new album "Propiedad de Nadie"). 6/3. Gran Teatro. 10pm. Tickets: 20€, 22€ and 25€ from theatre box office 966 658 147 or from / 902 444 300. More info: /

SUPERHÉROES - a concert with cartoon images (Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Incredibles) for children aged between 2 and 6 years old. 2226/3. 10am and 11.15am. Sala García Navarro at the Palau de la Música.

BLONDE bombshell Shakira appears in a saucy new video alongside Mallorca-born tennis star Rafa Nadal which has recently been released by her record company, Sony. The 33-year-old Colombian pop-rocker, who shot to fame in the UK with Whenever, wherever, the English version of her hit single Suerte, in early 2002 – some eight years after embarking on her chart-topping career in her native Latin America – is said to be wearing very little on the video with Rafa aside from black lacy underwear and a see-through skirt. The tennis star, who appears alongside Shakira in a number of sizzling scenes on the videoclip, is casually-dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt. Sony reveals the video accompanies her single Gypsy,

from her new album She-wolf. Also recorded in Spanish as Gitana, it appears on the same CD which is marketed under the name of Loba in Spain and Latin America. She has already gone platinum just 18 weeks after the album's launch. In real life, Shakira is in a serious relationship with Antonio de la Rúa, son of the former Argentinean president. She appeared with Antonio on the video for Underneath your clothes, taken from the 2002 album Laundry service, since she said she would be unable to perform a song that was, to her, so intimate, with anyone other than the man in her life. Shakira's video for Tortura, alongside Spanish pop legend Alejandro Sanz, was voted the hottest clip of the year in 2005.



You can buy a guitar at factory prices!

Opening hours: from 9 to 13 h and from 14.30 to 19 h C/ Estación, 25 (Opp. train station) Gata de Gorgos

Tel/fax 96 575 63 20 -


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e c n MUSIC&da

The PriesEts


Jamie Cullum





S heavy metal rap band 'Rage Against the Machine' have announced that they are to play Rock in Río in Madrid on June 11th this year. It will be the band's only date in Spain this summer. Made up of Tom Morello, Zack de la Rocha, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk, the group was formed in 1991 and enjoyed considerable success during the 1990s. They split up in 2000 and then got back together for the first time in seven years at the 2007 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in California. During their initial nine year run, they became one of the most popular and influential political bands in contemporary music. With lyrics that heap criticsim on social phenomena like capitalism and globalisation, Rage Against the Machine's music is characterised by a unique fusion of rock, rap, funk, punk and hip hop. They were catapulted back into the limelight at the end of last year when a campaign was launched on Facebook by Jon and Tracy Morter, which generated nationwide publicity and took their track "Killing in the Name" to the coveted Christmas Number One slot in the UK Singles Chart, which had been dominated for four consecutive years from 2005 by winners from the popular TV show The X Factor. Madrid's Rock in Río was held for the first time in 2008 in the Ciudad del Rock in Arganda del Rey, where 290,000 people enjoyed a spectacular line-up, featuring artists like Tom Waits, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. Shakira, Bon Jovi and Rihanna have already confirmed their presence at Rock in Río Madrid 2010.

Spandau Ballet


achine M e h t d n a e c Floren RCH






Star studded cast including Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt. Oscar winner Russell Crowe stars as the legendary figure known by generations as "Robin Hood." In 13th century England, Robin and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power. And whether thief or hero, one man from humble beginnings will become an eternal symbol of freedom for his people.

After years of dating, Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) has decided waiting for the right one is taking too long. Determined to become a mother, she commits to a plan, makes an appointment and decides to go it alone. On the day of her artificial insemination, Zoe meets Stan (Alex O'Loughlin) – a man with real possibilities.

WALL STREET - MONEY NEVER SLEEPS Shia LaBeouf stars with Michael Douglas, who'll reprise his Gordon Gekko role. Langella will play Lewis Zabel, an old-time broker who mentors LaBeouf's character, a young Wall Street broker. When Gekko comes out of prison, he essentially has to redefine himself, redefine his character, he's looking for that second chance. LaBeouf portrays Jake Moore, who is the fiancé of Gekko's daughter, played by Carey Mulligan; Josh Brolin as the head of an investment bank; and Susan Sarandon as Jake's mother. Charlie Sheen, who played the central role of Bud Fox, a young trader, in the original, will make a cameo in the sequel.

SEX AND THE CITY 2 Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda take another bite out of the Big Apple in the sequel to the 2008 summer blockbuster. Due for release May 2010.


SHREK FOREVER AFTER Due for release May 2010 In this fourth installment Shrek is feeling overdomesticated. His roar that used to send villagers running away in terror has gone. Now they run to him and ask him to sign their pitchforks and torches. To regain his ogre mojo, he strikes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. The pact goes awry and Shrek must confront what life would be like in Far Far Away if he had never existed. That translates into Donkey being forced into cart-pulling duty, fat and lazy Puss in Boots trading his sword for a pink bow and the underhanded Rumpelstiltskin ruling the kingdom.


Title: Destination: Woodstock (Taking Woodstock)

Year made: 2009. Country: USA. Direction: Ang Lee Screenplay: James Schamus Cast: Henry Goodman, Liev Schreiber, Emile Hirsch, Demetri Martin, Jonathan Groff, Imelda Staunton. Genre: Drama. Duration: 115 minutes The twelfth film from Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Ice Storm). Here, as in most of his films, using the guise of innocence knowledge to address the theme of the plot, in this case, the organisation's most famous music festival of the 60s: Woodstock, 1969. In Ang Lee's film, concerts remain offcamera, because you do not want the event itself, but its effects on American youth and values of the rigid outdated American society of the 50s.


HONOUR AND THE SWORD BY A. L BERRIDGE MICHAEL JOSEPH HARDBACK / £12.99 / 15TH APRIL Louise Berridge is ex-executive producer of Eastenders, whose resignation prompted a flurry of headlines. After graduating from Oxford, Louise taught for ten years. She has great insight into working in a 'male' field and believes that her knowledge of Shakespeare helped with Eastenders... Louise Berridge is the daughter of the late David Newsome, headmaster of Christ's Hospital (the charity-run boarding school). Amongst stories of corruption, Newsome resigned. He never spoke out about the scandal and it was this integrity which led to Louise writing Honour and the Sword. Honour and the Sword is a thrilling debut, for fans of Cornwell, Iggulden and O'Brien. The first of a series, it's set in 17th Century France at a time of the muskateers, noblemen and bloody It's 1969. Elliot works as an interior designer in warfare. Spanish armies swarm out of the Netherlands and into France. Greenwich Village, New York, but things are not going The Chevalier de Roland tries to defend his country but only one person well and he decides to return to his village to help the survives - Andre de Roland - the new Sieur of Dax. Only this young boy family business, "The Monaco", a tacky motel located in can honour the Roland name. the Catskills that their parents are about to lose, to a A.L. Berridge fences for a hobby (she loves swords) and is available bank. He learns that the City Council of the nearby town of for interview and to write pieces. She lives in St Albans. For further Wallkill has withdrawn permission for a music festival, information please contact Shona Abhyankar on 020 7010 3259 or email so he calls the organisers of Woodstock Ventures, to (Mon-Thurs). convince them that they can stay in the family motel. Elliot also represents Eugene Levy, his neighbor, and the owner of a 240 acre dairy in White Lake, which will go down in history as the venue providing the only Woodstock Festival. Adapted from the memoirs of Elliot Tiber ("Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life"), who owned the motel called "The Monaco", where he settled in whilst organising the festival. The story revolves around the process, organisational and economic problems of Elliot (comedian Demetri Martin), and his family, before he got to meet more than half a million people during "three days of peace and music" that would revolutionise rock, pop music and culture and would mark a generation forever. " D e s t i n a t i o n : Woodstock" DVD rental.

61 HOURS LEE CHILD Winter in South Dakota. Blowing snow, icy roads, a tired driver. A bus skids and crashes and is stranded in a gathering storm. There's a small town twenty miles away, where a vulnerable witness is guarded around the clock. There's a strange stone building five miles further on, all alone on the prairie. There's a ruthless man who controls everything from the warmth of Mexico. Jack Reacher hitched a ride in the back of the bus. A life without baggage has many advantages. And crucial disadvantages too, when it means facing the arctic cold without a coat. But he's equipped for the rest of his task. He doesn't want to put the world to rights. He just doesn't like people who put it to wrongs. ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS






ShaToBu is the first-ever shaper that not only provides a sleek silhouette, but also helps women shape, tone and burn up to 12% more calories during everyday activity. Scientifically developed and proven to work by a team of doctors and exercise physiologists, ShaToBu blends researched based function with comfort and fashion. ShaToBu is based on the principle of resistance training. The simple yet ingenious technology uses seamless resistance bands to make muscles work a little harder during natural movement, like walking or climbing stairs. When muscles work harder, more calories are burned. Scientific studies conducted at the University of Virginia show that women wearing ShaToBu burn up to 12% more calories during everyday activities such as walking or climbing stairs. The benefits of ShaToBu extend beyond ordinary shapewear - it not only gives a sleek silhouette, but women can also feel and see a difference in their bodies with regular use over time. The seamless resistance bands in the buttocks and thigh area are combined with a specially designed, non-binding waist and leg bands to prevent rolling, cutting or bulging. ShaToBu is made from nylon and Lycra and has a CoolMax cotton gusset. ShaToBu is comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. Available in two styles; Waist to Knee (GBP40) and High Waist to Knee (GBP50) in buff and black and a wide range of sizes. ShaToBu is now available to preorder exclusively in the UK at, as well as at select retailers and e-tailers in the United States. ShaToBu is produced by Mayfair Tech, Inc., an affiliate of Doris Hosiery Mills, Ltd., a leading North American hosiery manufacturer. Visit the website for further i n f o r m a t i o n They also deliver to Europe.


s c i t e m s o c r Are you ? n i b e h t r o ready f


K store Debenhams has revealed that the average British woman's cosmetic bag is out of date by a worrying four years. The new research highlighted that many British women are using cosmetics well past the use-by date, unaware that products can be a magnet for germs which could cause damage to their health and looks. Sara Stern, Director of Cosmetics at Debenhams said, "British women are famously loyal to make up brands and products, however, their reluctance to throw away old products is a risky business." Beauty essentials such as foundation, concealer, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and perfume all include a 'period after opening' indicator, denoted by an open pot with the number of months of safe use written inside. Despite European Union guidelines meaning brands have to state product shelf lives, 89% of women are unaware that such information exists, do not understand what the symbol means or are unable to read the often tiny writing. Make-up, perfume and skincare products used after the expiry date carry a risk of irritation and infection. This is


Complimentary Card

Card Nº 1000011

General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Implants - Orthodontics Av. del Pla 81 local 3 - 03730 Jávea Tel./Fax: 96 579 20 51

Masaje Tradicional Tailandés Masaje aceites aromáticos Masaje combinado Masaje hawaiano Reflexología podal thai Adelgazamiento Masaje cabeza/cuello Masaje espalda Masaje facial Peeling más envolvimiento Tel. 606 502 620 Calle Cop No 15 1o Denia, Alicante, 03700


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due to air and bacteria infiltrating the products. Multiuse products carry an even higher risk as they can spread germs from eyes to skin to lips. The study also found that 68% of women only replace make-up and skincare when they run out, however long that might take. 72% of women never wash their make-up sponges or brushes, even though they should do at least once a week. 81% of British women also regularly (at least once a week) go to sleep without removing make up. Bevis Man of the British Skin Foundation said: "It's not always obvious when make-up has passed its prime, so it may not occur to people to replace their products. It is best to err on the side of caution and if a product looks or smells strange, it is worth throwing it away. "Cost is probably a major factor in why people do not replace out-of-date cosmetics. However, products can dry out and become less effective as they age. "Your eyes are one area of your face you need to be particularly careful with, as eye infections can be painful and long-lasting. Make-up sponges are a particular haven for bacteria, especially if they are kept for a long period of time

and are not washed. Again, it is best to keep them clean and replace them after a few months' use." As a result of the findings, Debenhams is exploring ways in which the 'best before' date of products can be better communicated to customers. Staff members are being trained to point out the importance of regularly replacing products and a 'make up' amnesty is planned nationwide. Debenhams has also written to the Secretary of State for Health to push for further legislation to cover the safety of consumers. Sara Stern concluded, "Hopefully this call to action will encourage women to have a ruthless spring clean of their cosmetics collections. All our Beauty Hall staff members are on hand to advise customers of the use-by dates of their current items and help replenish any empty cosmetic bags".


Abortion law reform approved in the Senate PAIN'S controversial abortion law reform has been approved in parliament by just a six-vote difference. The Senate recently voted 132 in its favour and 126 against, and one abstained. The law has been amended and updated constantly since its first draft, due to uproar over what pro-lifers and right-wing activists considered to be an open door to using abortion as another form of contraception. Changes to the law mean that girls aged 16 and 17 can have an abortion without having to obtain their parents' permission first. In the past, any woman choosing to terminate a pregnancy could be denied the right if psychiatric reports declared she was not in her right mind when she made the decision, or that to continue with the pregnancy would not cause her or the child physical or psychological harm. This could mean either a child born in circumstances not conducive to its


welfare or, in some cases, lead to him or her being abandoned. In many cases it also led to even greater psychological harm on the part of the mother, who then had to live with the guilt of her initial desire to have an abortion for the rest of her surviving child's life. Now, up to week 14 of the pregnancy, the woman does not have to give any explanation if she wishes to have an abortion. Up to week 22, she will only be expected to justify it in certain given situations. This now means Spain has joined the UK and a number of other European countries in making abortion fully legal and an integral right of any woman, up to a certain number of weeks. The number of abortions and unwanted pregnancies is higher in Spain than any other country in the EU, although teenage pregnancies – despite having increased dramatically – remain less common in Spain than elsewhere.


Kev Baker You can contact Computer Kev via email at Put your questions to him and we will feature them in forthcoming issues.


ood news for those of us that like to surf the net and visit all kinds of different web sites.

So your happily surfing the net and low and behold you find out that you have been infected with Spy / Ad ware. If you have not made sure your anti virus or anti spy ware software is up to date. or if you are still using an older version of Internet Explorer then you are more likely to come under attack. The good news is, in the very near future a company called SRI international will be releasing, free of charge, a piece of software called "Blade," this stands for Block All Drive By Downloaded Exploits. These kind of attacks can infect your computer just by visiting a website. When you visit a web site and your browser gets asked to install a file, it should ask you what to do, for example, run it , or reject it, but for the reasons stated above you can get infected without even knowing it. More information on this new tool against attacks from Ad or spyware can be found by searching for SRI International Blade anti virus in Google or your favorite search engine.


This month Kev talks security, stolen laptops and Skype.


Any of you that may have thought they have picked up a bargain and bought a laptop off of the back of a lorry or at a boot sale, may soon be in for a shock. If it turns out that the laptop was stolen and the rightful owner has installed a piece of software called Prey, you could be in for a surprise. As soon as the laptop is connected to the internet it will send information of the IP address of the laptop and also various other bits of information, including if a web cam is fitted a picture of whoever is sitting in


front of the laptop to the owner’s email account. From the ip address they can fnd out where the laptop is and what ISP it’s using. Prey is a free piece of software, so expect many laptop owners to start using it.


I have had a few Emails asking what Skype is? In a nutshell its a free piece of software that you can download. Once you have installed it, and registered a username and password you can contact other skype users for free computer to computer chat. If you attach a web cam and microphone you can see and hear & speak to the other users. You can chat to someone anywhere in the world for free. You can also choose to pay a small monthly charge and if your contact is not at a computer, you can dial their telephone number and call them. They answer by phone and you talk via your computer. Skype is handy at Christmas time or New Year, because if you have family members scattered all over the world, you can have a family conference call and all the family can be connected at once. It makes it easier and cheaper to have that christmas family argument no matter what the distance is between you all. The added bonus is you can turn it off when you’ve had enough!

Official translations, all languages, fast and professional, courts, deeds, solicitors, real estate. Traducciones oficiales, todos los idiomas, rápido y profesional, abogados, juzgados, escrituras, inmobiliarias.

Paseo del Saladar, 64, 03700 Dénia Tel. 96 642 67 67. Mob. 609 692 678 e-mail:

CENTRO DE TRADUCCIONES - Official translations, all languages, fast and professional service, for lawyers, courts, deeds, solicitors, real estate agencies, official documents, birth and death certificates, community charge. Paseo del Saladar, 64 - 1º. Apdo. de correos 330. Dénia 03700 (Alicante). Tel. 966426767 609692678. ENGLISH SWORN TRANSLATOR Authorised by the Foreign Affairs Spanish Ministry. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a translation. All areas available (sworn translation, web pages, documents, books, instruction manuals etc), professional service. English, Spanish and German translations. Tel. 607 289 921 -


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and Skype recently announced that the new Samsung LED 7000 and 8000 series models of 2010 high-definition televisions will feature embedded Skype™ software allowing Skype users to make video and voice calls through the TVs. Samsung, the global market leader in televisions, will begin shipping TVs with Skype software in the Korean market now, and worldwide during the first half of 2010.

Until next month. Happy computing! Kev


Spanish-English-German Phone: 607 289 921 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



FORNÉS CONSULTING Av. Santo Domingo, 18 - JALÓN Tel./Fax 96 648 04 11 - Mv. 639 271 804

Accountants & tax consultants specialising in taxes on foreign business & individuals resident in Spain (eg those living in Spain more than 183 days a year) and also for those non resident. We also determine if you would be better off under the Spanish Taxation system.

Tel. 965 784 298 Mov. 659 605 201

SPANISH STATE RETIREMENT PENSION RISES TO 877.12 EUROS A MONTH THE average Spanish state pension for retirees rose to 877.12 euros a month at the beginning of February – an increase of 3.5 per cent in the past year. According to the ministry of work and immigration, the average overall state pension – including those for disability, widows and widowers, orphans and retirees – reached 774.15 euros, which translates why pay more?

OCTOBER OCTUBRE issue / edición


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Your Local Guide to What‘s On, Offers, Ideas, Shopping, Businesses, Property, Motoring & Classifieds Tu Guía de negocios, compras y ofertas, actividades y cultura, inmobiliaria, clasificados, ideas para tu hogar

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to a year-on-year rise of 3.4 per cent. People in Spain are now paying a total of 6,667 million euros a year in social security payments towards their state retirement fund. Some 8.6 million pensions are being paid out across the country. Retirement pensions continue to be the highest of all monthly permanent benefits. But plans are afoot to increase state pension age to 67 amid fears that the pot is running dry.






accident report form all risks breakdown insurance buildings insurance cancel car insurance claim


ith most of us feeling the pinch these days, now might be the time to look again at your car and home insurance and shop around for a better deal. Or maybe you need to make a claim after having an accident in the home or on the roads? Either way, this quick summary of specialist terminology and useful expressions should come in handy.

Practice sentences: 1. I’d like to cancel my insurance policy. 2. Why has my premium increased so much? 3. Do you have health insurance? 4. My house was broken into and I want to make a claim. 5. Is the policy available in English? 6. I’ve sold my house so I want to cancel my house insurance. 7. I don’t want to renew my health insurance. 8. Do we need to take out mortgage insurance? 9. Do you know an insurance broker who speaks English? 10. We need buildings and contents insurance for our new home.

Answers: 1. Quiero anular mi seguro. 2. ¿Por qué ha subido tanto la prima? 3. ¿Tiene un seguro médico? 4. Han entrado a robar en mi casa y quiero hacer una declaración de daños. 5. ¿La póliza está disponible en inglés? 6. He vendido mi casa así que quiero anular mi seguro de hogar. 7. No quiero renovar mi seguro médico. 8. ¿Tenemos que contratar un seguro hipotecario? 9. ¿Conoce un corredor de seguros que hable inglés? 10. Necesitamos contratar un seguro de continente y contenido para nuestra nueva casa.

O SsyTofIPEsAtuD N CO o Saladar di Courte There are some words in Spanish and English that sound similar but they have different meanings. These words are called false friends: for instance tener un costipado means to have a cold in English // Constipated is estreñido in Spanish. The following is a story about Jane and her neighbours Carmen’s husband told me one day that Carmen was costipada. Then he asked me if I had any remedy to relieve symptoms. Upon hearing the word constipated I thought of a medicine that the doctor gave me when I was travelling around Spain and could not go to the toilet. I thought that my pills would be a great remedy for Carmen and I gave her husband a few. He was very grateful and gave the pills to Carmen. A few days later I asked him if she had improved and he said her cold was no better, but she didn’t dare .. cough because of the possible consequences.

life insurance marine insurance mortgage insurance policy policy holder premium renew / renewal third party, fire and theft to take out insurance

un seguro a todo riesgo el período de gracia un seguro médico el seguro del hogar una indemnización asegurar un corredor de seguros la compañia de seguros los gastos legales un seguro de responsabilidad a terceros el seguro de vida un seguro marítimo el seguro hipotecario la póliza el asegurado / la asegurada la prima renovar / la renovación seguro a terceros con incendio y robo contratar un seguro


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commission contents insurance death benefit excess fully comprehensive insurance grace period health insurance home insurance indemnity insure insurance broker insurance company legal expenses liability insurance

una declaración de siniestro todo riesgo seguro de asistencia en carretera el seguro de continente anular el seguro del coche una reclamación una declaración de daños la comisión el seguro de contenido prestación / pension por defunción una franquicia

SPANISH CLASSES in Denia based on interactive conversation. No books needed. You will learn: situational Spanish, culture, traditions, gastronomy. The classes will involve small groups taught in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere, where learning Spanish is good fun. Paseo del Saladar 9. Denia 965784243/ 619333068 *

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SITUATIONS VACANT LOOKING FOR highly motivated telemarketers with excellent comissions in Fuengirola. Tel. 671366158 PERSON WANTED for sale''s in a growing Telecomunications firm. English speaking. call for rates, ask for John or Ana Tel. 902510600 / 00353214977322 / Email ATLANTIS ACADEMIA de Beaute Diploma Course commencing April 2010 and NVQ courses. Distributors and trainers required Spanish and English speaking required. Trainers must be qualified Assessors to NVQ level or OMAT spanish equivilent Tel. 952763679/Email NATIVE ENGLISH teacher wanted to work in a Language School in Malaga City. For further information please send CV to Tel. 610922986 RECEPTIONIST. LA ZENIA. Autoescuela Alonso needs someone for the position of receptionist and teaching assistant with the following qualities Native English language, fluent in Spanish, own transport. Other languages are an advantage. Aged between 18 and 28 years. Tel. 690073381. TRADUCTOR E INTÉRPRETE Buscamos traductor e intérprete de checo, portugués, italiano, holandés, noruego, sueco y polaco para Juzgados en Gandia y Denia. Tel. 609 692 678 BABY-SITTER We are looking for English speaking


A TOUGH ONE This test only has one question, but it's a very important one. By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally. The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision. Remember that your answer needs to be honest, yet


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JOKES NEVER CHEAT ON A COUNTRY WOMAN! A Country wife came home just in time to find her husband in bed with another woman. With super-human strength, borne of fury, cutting firewood, lifting sacks of feed, and bales of hay, she dragged him down the stairs, out the back door, and into the barn. She put his manhood in a vice, secured it tightly, and removed the handle. Next, she picked up an old carpenter's saw. The banged up cheater was terrified, and hollered, "Stop! Stop! You're not gonna cut it off with that rusty saw, are you?" The wife, with a gleam of revenge in her eye, put the saw in her husband's hand and said...... "Nope....You are! I'm gonna burn down the barn!"

baby-sitter for our daughter of 3 years in Els Poblets/Vergel. Tel. 609 692 678

spontaneous. Please read slowly and give due consideration to each line. THE SITUATION: You are in London There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe flooding. This is a flood of biblical proportions. You are a photo-journalist working for a major newspaper, and you're caught in the middle of this epic disaster. The situation is nearly hopeless. You're trying to shoot career-making photos. There are houses and people swirling around you, some disappearing into the water. Nature is unleashing all of its destructive fury. THE TEST: Suddenly, you see a man in the water. He is fighting for his life, trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move closer... Somehow, the man looks familiar... You suddenly realise who it is............It's Muslim Cleric Abu Hamza (the one with the hook) You notice that the raging waters are about to take him under forever. You have two options: You can save the life of Abu or you can shoot a dramatic Prize winning photo, documenting the death of one

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

of the country's most despised, evil and powerful men! THE QUESTION: Here's the question, and please give an honest answer... Would you select high contrast colour film, or would you go with the classic simplicity of black and white?


EXPERIENCED SALES person requires work from 5pm Mon-Fri or anytime at weekends. Experience in Telesales, Bar Management, Bar Work, Waitressing, Admin, Cleaning, Shopwork ANYTHING considered. I am a reliable, trustworthy & hardworking Chica. Please call Tel. 679101221 ARE YOU LOOKING for an ideal candidate with 10 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Office managements, Propertly consultatn, Local area knwoldge, multilingual, Trustworthy, enthusiast to discover new business venue, HARDWORKER, willing to travel and Relocate,, male, 40 If so, then please contact with me to discover what I can do for your business. Tel. 630013380/ 966701325/ Email MY NAME IS Francois. I am a native FRENCH speaker FLUENT IN ENGLISH and in GERMAN.I do have experience in Customer service and would love to relocate to work in Barcelona or Gibraltar.I am a French itizen Tel. 00212641647282/ Email SELF-EMPLOYED and no time to do your accounts and invoicing work ? I am available to do all your bookkeeping work including invoicing, purchase invoices, banking reconciliations, chasing for payments, quotes etc at an hourly rate. Only pay for my time that you use. All records kept on computer. Email WAREHOUSE / IT / Hospitality ALMORADI AND SURROUNDING AREAS 21 year old male, hard working, looking for full or part time work from mid March. Not afraid of learning new trades. Tel. 07719303419/ 01865407366/ Email COUPLE SEEK work in spain ANY male 57 ex plumber, female 50 ex sales looking for work in

costas longterm/permanent. Would consider running holiday complex / camp site or domestic/maintenance role.Tel. 07515673019 EXPERIENCED CARER, PERSONAL ASSISTANT / DRIVER / HOUSEKEEPER / COMPANION/ PET MINDER seeks Live in position in Mallorca, Canary Islands, Gibraltar or Spain. I am flexible, honest, trustworthy, very adaptable, easy going, non smoker, have NVQ3 in Health & Social Care, clean CRB. Excellent UK references. Iam multilingual (6 languages) and I can teach you. I enjoy art, culture, photography, travelling etc. Tel. +447502020494 MY NAME is Kelly Griggs and i am looking for full time work in malaga in either a bar or hotel i am 20 years old and a hard worker Tel.: 699275969 Qualified UK Licencee looking for evening &/or weekend bar work in Javea. As few or as many shifts as possible. Friendly, lively, Female. Tel. 679101221 Experienced Filipina looking for work as Caregiver / Babysitter / Housekeeper from Monday 11:00-19:00, Tuesday to Thursday 10:00-18:00 with references. Tel. 661198655 / 962877175 / Email 43 year old English Male seeking driving position. Friendly, polite, punctual and honest. Fluent Spanish. Own accommodatiom in Torremolinos currently living in UK but looking to return to Spain asap. Will consider any work. Tel. 00447902311974. Email I AM AN ENGLISH 36 year old male in need of any type of employment. Will be living in Calpe area from early 2010. Currently living and working as a business account manager in England but moving to Calpe asap. I am hard working and will consider ANY paid work. Can

anybody help??? Call Dean on 07825 333903 MY NAME is Francois Giuily. I am a French citizen, fluent in English and in German. I would like to relocate to work in Gibraltar during January 2010. I would like to get in touch with a Company. Please contact me by Email (at first) I can provide work references. I AM AN IRISHMAN I am looking for work in Madrid. I worked as a pipefitter and a rigger/ banksman. I am 31 years old and have been working in construction 12 years I am willing to do any type of work, factory work, road works all types of building or metal fabrication labourer, cleaning, sweeping, making the coffee. anything.. Tel. 660734927 CARER/COMPANION Reliable Woman - BASED MIJAS, CAN TRAVEL INLAND/COAST Responsible & reliable woman (45) offers: Personal needs: Washing, dressing. Household chores: Light cleaning.Paying household bills. Car owner/driver. Living in Spain 10 years. Intermediate Spanish. Tel. 6 7 9 7 5 4 0 8 0 / E m a i l Pro Hair Dresser, Stylist BENIDORM. 29 years exp. Speaks English, Spanish, French. Looking for work in Bendorm or around that area. Tel. 648821073

SITUATIONS WANTED/ VACANT To advertise call us on +34 96 270 8087 +34 665 899 903



Property for Sale VALENCIA

Property To enquire about properties with the TS reference code prefix: (0034) 902 102 580 BARGAIN PROPERTIES ELS POBLETS

ALI C AN T E AGUAS NUEVAS - Townhouse 185,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool, A/C, C/H. THIS PROPERTY HAS NO COMMISSION EASY BUY SCHEME Vastly reduced to sell. Townhouse, fully furnished. 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,... Ref TS272-2058a AGUAS NUEVAS - Semi-detached Villa - 150,000 euros. 67m² Plot, 2 bed, 1 bath. These lovely properties in a small residencial development located near to all amenities. The property has a nice living room, two... Ref TS272-2027a ALBATERA - Villa - 380,000 euros. 6000m², 305m² Plot, 5 bed, 3 bath, garage, pool, A/C. This beautiful Villa is set at the foothills of the Sierra de Crevillente range of mountains, perfect for... Ref TS272-2016a ALBIR - Apartment - 437,500 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. Beautiful DoublePenthouse with breathtaking sea-views for sale front line in the prestigious Costa Blanca resort: Albir. The apartment... Ref TS272-2020a ALCALALI- Special Snip! Incredible Price Reduction. Top-Bargain. Brand new in quiet situation. 100 m2 cornerterrace house (Duplex) with 3 bedrooms, heating and a/c. Enjoy open views and walk into the centre. The price of 115.000 Euros includes garage, Ref. 1671 -, tel. 96 574 8766 ALFAS DEL PI (L’) - Villa - 340,000 euros. 152m², 405m² Plot, 4 bed. Surface 152 m², 405,46 m² site surface, 4 bedrooms ( 1 suite, 3 double). Ref


Ref 191 Lovely 3 bed 3 bath detached




Ref 302 Stunning modern villa with pool

high above La Sella with panoramic sea views. Total 3 beds, 3 baths including separate apartment. Sunny garden room, glazed terrace, gas c/h, summer kitchen, garage, store. Immaculate condition.

Els Poblets:

Price €120,000 Alcalali:

Jalon Valley:

Price €239,000 Sagra: Price €495,000 open to offers Alcalali:

Superb 2 bedroom townhouse in a great position, close to all amenities. The Aldea del Mar Community is around 8 years old and is situated within easy walking distance to shops, bars and restaurants. The property comprises 2 beds, one bath, one shower room, American style kitchen, lounge/dining room with front and rear terraces. There is also a communal pool. Ref: HO592060

Price €149,000 Javea:

Recently renovated to a high standard retaining many original features such as wooden beams and handmade tiles. The accommodation of approx. 150m2 is on 2 floors and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large lounge with dining room and fully fitted kitchen. There is also a lovely enclosed courtyard and an open first floor terrace. In the center of Alcalali, local shops, bars, and restaurants are all at walking distance. REF: HO121538

Price €395,000

Set on a flat 1500m2 plot with uninterrupted views of the Montgo this 293m2 finca a few minutes drive to Javea. A large covered naya leads to the lounge and dining room & on to the kitchen/breakfast room. There are 5 double bedrooms, 4 are en-suite and 1 family bathroom. Beautiful gardens with large pool and lovely views of the Montgo. An opportunity to acquire a traditional family home in the countryside at a realistic price. HO2131394

villa with private pool and beautiful grounds with vegetable garden. Hot & cold a/c, woodburner, conservatory, split level lounge, garage, store. Lots of winter sun!



Ref 118 Huge 540m2 tastefully restored country finca on 2 floors in charming grounds of 6000m2. 6 beds, large leisure room, library, glazed terrace, traditional riurau, 1st floor terrace with wonderful bay views.

€1.700.000 €1.100.000

AEGAI reg. no.: 2800

P ro p e rt y f o r Sal e

Comm. Centro L Teulara 1 Avda Juan Carlos I, 61-63 03727 Jalon Tel: (0034) 96 648 0595

Avenida del Oeste 8 03709 La Xara (Alicante) Spain Tel/Fax: (0034) 96 642 4505

Ref 230 Immaculate 2 bed 2 bath detached villa with private pool only 300m from sea. Glazed terrace for winter sun. Hot & cold a/c, fireplace. Enclosed flat plot with carport and low maintenance garden. Fully furnished.


ALBAIDA - Townhouse - 204,000 euros. 154m², 5 bed, 2 bath, garage. Newly built townhouse in the pretty village of Gaianes. The large 154 m2 property has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen,... Ref TS272-1991a ALZIRA - Flat - 135,000 euros. 120m², 4 bed, 1 bath. Surface 120 m², 4 bedrooms (1 double, 3 singles), 1 bathroom, kitchen, washroom, dining room, storage room, floor, furniture, reinforced... Ref TS272-2033a ALZIRA - Flat - 82,243 euros. 50m², 1 bed, 1 bath, A/C. Surface 50.27 m², 1 bedroom double, 1 bathroom, kitchen, dining room, floor, elevator, cupboards, reinforced door, answering device,... Ref TS272-2034a CANALS - Villa - 280,000 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. Well presented villa in a residencial araa, close to the town of Canals. The villa is completly refurbished only 4 years ago. Garden of... Ref TS272-2094a GANDIA - Flat - 195,000 euros. 70m², 2 bed, 1 bath, garage, A/C. Surface 70 m², 2 bedrooms (2 doubles), 1 bathroom, dining room, kitchen, storage room, garage, elevator,... Ref TS272-2078a GANDIA - Flat - 185,000 euros. 90m², 2 bed, 2 bath, garage, pool, A/C. Surface 90 m², 2 bedrooms (2 doubles), 2 bathrooms, dining room, balcony, kitchen, garden, garage, elevator,... Ref TS272-2077a GESTALGAR - Townhouse - 150,000 euros. 145m², 200m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath. Splendid property in Gestalgar on three floors.3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathroom, 2

Lounges, Kitchen, Storage room, Office, Terrace with... Ref TS272-2091a JARAFUEL - Finca/Country House 150,000 euros. 4 bed, 2 bath, pool. Set on 2 floors the property comprises of:- 2 beds, bath, kitchen, lounge diner with open fire & large balcony. 2 further bedâs with... Ref TS272-1997a OLIVA NOVA - Beach Apartment 262,000 euros. 96m², 3 bed, 2 bath, garage, pool, A/C. New exclusive development in Oliva Nova golf only a few metres from the beach and golf course. Ref TS272-1992a OLLERIA (L’) - Flat - 123,050 euros. 136m², 3 bed, 2 bath. Surface 136 m², 3 rooms (1 double, 2 singles), 2 bathings, kitchen, dining room, ground, elevator, built-in cupboard, reinforced door,... Ref TS272-2038a OLLERIA (L’) - Flat - 87,000 euros. 110m², 3 bed, 1 bath. Surface 110 m², 3 rooms (1 double, 2 singles), 1 bathing, kitchen, washroom, dining room, flat roof, lumber room, ground, built-in... Ref TS272-2036a OLLERIA (L’) - Flat - 82,650 euros. 49m², 1 bed, 1 bath, garage. Ref TS272-2039a PILES - Terraced Villa - 195,000 euros. 240m², 120m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, garage, A/C. Surface 240 m², 3 bedrooms (3 double), 2 bathrooms, 1 toilet, lighting, asphalted, Build-up, kitchen, dining... Ref TS272-2032a SAN ANTONIO DE BENAGÉBER Terraced Villa - 306,000 euros. 238m², 210m² Plot, 5 bed, 3 bath, garage, pool. Surface 238 m², useful 238 m², 210 m² site surface, 5 bedrooms (5 double), 3 bathrooms, lighting, asphalted,... Ref TS272-2018a XATIVA - Apartment - 103,500 euros. 1 bed, 1 bath, pool. Brandnew one bedroom apartment in a completly refurbished old town Palace, with community swimming pool. Situated in the heart of the old... Ref TS272-2095a

Valencian Tourist Board reg. no.: EEAA402S

Nearing completion this south facing finca of 150m2 on one level is set in a peaceful and tranquil location with stunning mountain views. Set on a private plot of 4000m2 in Petracos which lies between Benichembla and Castell de Castells. Accommodation comprises lounge/dining area, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and covered naya. Pre installed for central heating. The house will be finished to an excellent standard. REF: HO121801

Restaurant-Bar-Casa Rural: Unique opportunity to purchase this fantastic large rustic style restaurant, to seat around 55, with bar, large kitchen. Separate access to: 5 large double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, Separate access to: top floor penthouse, with lounge, fitted kitchen, double bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Property is more than 460m2 & is situated on a main tourist route 15 minutes from beaches, in the village of Sagra & is the only restaurant/Casa Rural in this area. REF: HO121533

Alcalali: Price €495,000 open to offers Benidoleig:

Casa Almar is situated in the beautiful Jalon Valley in the picturesque village of Alcalali. This bed and breakfast/Casa rural has eight individually designed rooms all with en-suite facilities. The casa also has a communal lounge, open terrace. There is also separate 2 bedroom owner accommodation. REF: HO121612

Price €225,000 Monte Solana:

Well presented south facing 3 bedroom villa on a 1000m2 plot. Private setting with superb panoramic valley views and across to the coast. Completely renovated by the present owners over the past 18 months. This villa is 128m2 and is on one level with open plan living room/dining area, doors to terrace and fitted kitchen, bathroom with walk in shower, main bedroom has patio doors to terrace. Separate guest bedroom with en suite bathroom. Gas CH. REF: HO121649

Price €435,000

Fantastic and rare opportunity to acquire a modern Finca in a perfect, peaceful setting in the beautiful Jalon Valley. Built in 2008 is 190m2 on a plot of 10,685m2. The Finca consists of entrance hall, lounge/diner, and modern fitted kitchen, 4 double bedrooms (two en-suite bathrooms) master bedroom having access to a private terrace, 2 further family bathrooms. Gas central heating and solar energy. Swimming pool, a large open naya and landscaped gardens with valley views. HO121795

Reduced to €179,500

Well presented south facing villa of 122m2 build on 420m2 plot. The property comprises spacious lounge/dining room with wood burner, open plan fitted kitchen. 2 large double bedrooms, family shower, en suite bathroom. Glazed naya from lounge with stunning mountain views. AirCon (H&C). Car port, roof terrace and room for pool. Viewing highly recommended. REF: HO121522 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


PROPERTY TS272-2041a ALGORFA - Villa - 349,400 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath. Last few “Frontline”, high quality, key ready 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached villas on La Finca golf resort. Prices range from 349,400 Euros up... Ref TS272-2092a ALGORFA - Apartment - 161,000 euros. 94m², 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. A delightful 3 bed 2 bath spanish quad style villa, situated in Montebello, The property comprises of a good size lounge/diner, the... Ref TS272-2064a ALGORFA - Townhouse - 125,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 WC. 2bed/1bath+cloaks quad townhouse with communal pool located close to facilities, golf and beach in the popular urbanization of Lo Crispin,... Ref TS272-1995a ALTEA - Villa - 1,300,000 euros. 500m², 1120m² Plot, 8 bed, 6 bath, pool. Beautiful house with a lot of space. The amount of bedrooms and bathrooms and the 2 separate entrance, make it the... Ref TS272-2097a ALTET (EL) - Villa - 162,274 euros. 204m², 2200m² Plot, 3 bed. Ref TS2722035a ALTOS (LOS) - Bungalow - 134,000 euros. 66m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath. Very stylish, luxurious apartments in an ideal central location, close to all amenities, beaches, golf courses, and a bus route into... Ref TS272-2026a ALTOS (LOS) - Terraced Villa - 103,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. A two bedroom house one storied with a big solarium giving space enough for another bedroom with shower room if needed. The owner did alot... Ref TS272-1993a ARENALES DEL SOL - Flat - 180,000 euros. 60m², 1 bed, 1 bath, pool. Ref TS272-2051a BENIARBEIG - Flat - 215,481 euros. 103m², 2 bed, 2 bath. New promotion of 26 apartments and duplex in the village of Beniarbeig. Building with lift, underground garage parking and excellent... Ref TS272-2073a BENIARBEIG - Flat - 113,968 euros. 71m², 1 bed, 1 bath. New promotion of 26 apartments and duplex in the village of Beniarbeig. Building with lift, underground garage parking and excellent... Ref TS272-2072a BENIDORM - Apartment - 525,000 euros. 234m², 9 bed, 3 bath. Asking Price 525.000 (Freehold)• 3 x Self-Contained Apartments For Long Or Short Term Lease• In A Popular Area Of The... Ref TS272-2076a BENIJOFAR - Villa - 155,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, A/C, C/H. THIS PROPERTY HAS NO COMMISSION EASY BUY SCHEME 2Double bedrooms, 1 bathroom with shower, lounge/diner, extended kitchen. Front porch... Ref TS272-2057a BENISSA - Villa - 395,000 euros. 160m², 831m² Plot, 4 bed, 4 bath, 1 WC, garage, pool, C/H. Totaly reformed villa in Montemar, with nice open seaviews and panoramicviews.Entrance flat, without... Ref TS272-2059a BENISSA New: Price reduced. Bargain! Walk to town: Brand new 124m2 apartment (heating, a/c) with 4 bedrooms, shower and bathroom, situated behind the town hall with open views, ready to move in, for incredible an €119.000 + option for parking or garage, Ref. 1672 -, Tel. 96 574 8766 BENISSA - Villa - 355,000 euros. 180m², 3 bed, 3 bath. Residential For Sale House / Home - EUR355000 - Benissa, Benissa. Ref TS272-2021a BENITACHELL - Villa - 239,995 euros. 113m², 300m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, pool, C/H. Located in the countryside on the outskirts of Benitachell, this property is situated in a modern, small community... Ref TS272-2069a BENITACHELL - Townhouse - 129,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. REDUCED FOR A VERY QUICK SALE 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom Town House, Pueblo De La Paz, Cumbre Del Sol, Benitachell,


Alicante, Spain Located in... Ref TS2722053a CABO ROIG - Apartment - 135,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. This lovely 2 bedroom second floor apartment is located in the desirable area of Cabo Roig, being a 5 minute walk to the beautiful Cabo... Ref TS272-2068a CABO ROIG - Apartment - 99,950 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. A 2 Bed 1 Bath Apartment in Cabo Roig. This ground floor apartment is situated in the perfect location, close to the beach. Consisting of... Ref TS272-2009a

REF 1235: 205.000€ Attic Apartment in Calpe just 50m from the beach. 130m2, large terrace, views of the sea. 3 Beds, 1 Bath, Kitchen and lounge. Possible Parking Space. Tlf. 610 300 322

REF 2325: 190.000€ Villa near to Calpe. Sea views. Sunny position. 2 double beds, 2 bath, reformed kitchen, bright lounge/diner. sun terrace. 700m2 land100m2 house. Parking & BBQ. Tlf. 610 300 322 CAMPOAMOR - Apartment - 215,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Located in the heart of Campoamor this 3 bed, 2 bath triplex overlooks the valley and pine forests and has a pleasant 10 minutes

walk... Ref TS272-2066a

REF 1342: 119.950€ Designer Apartment. First class materials, 82m2, centre of Calpe, near schools and supermarkets. Possible parking space. Tlf. 610 300 322 CATRAL - Villa - 256,470 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Situated in a cul de sac position with some neighbours is this 3 bed 2 Bath roomed villa with an extra large 12x 7m2 pool on a plot of... Ref TS272-2000a CIUDAD QUESADA - Villa - 329,950 euros. 4 bed, 4 bath, pool. This beautiful Spanish style detached villa is situated on a quiet side street in the old part of Quesada, within easy walking distance to... Ref TS272-2071a CIUDAD QUESADA - Villa - 290,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath. This is a superb 3 bedroom 2 bathroom detached villa located in the highly popular town of Cuidad Quesada. This breathtaking property is only 5... Ref TS272-2004a CIUDAD QUESADA - Villa - 120,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath. This detached villa is situated in a quiet part of the complex with off road parking and very close to the communal swimming pool. There are... Ref TS272-2096a CIUDAD QUESADA - Semi-detached Villa - 120,000 euros. 95m², 153m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. General Description: This well presented quad style of property is situated in the popular residential community of Lo... Ref TS2722080a CIUDAD QUESADA - Bungalow - 99,000

Stunning Townhouse OLIVA

A rare opportunity to acquire a stunning 550m2 townhouse in excellent condition throughout and ideally situated in a sought after street very near to the townhall and all amenities. Combining modern comforts with traditional character features, the house has 5 large bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, central heating throughout, designer kitchen & bathrooms, 40m2 lounge/dining room, 150m2 party/games room, utility room, garage, 70m2 of internal patios & roof terrace. Must be seen.

450,000 euros

contact 657 883 705

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. This is one of the nicest and best presented two bedroom bungalows we have seen. With two double bedrooms nice sized lounge and American... Ref TS272-2081a CREVILLENT - Finca/Country House 295,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. A really Lovely setting for this 2 year old finca on a large plot just 5 mins from town immaculate property. 2000m2 of the plot is fenced... Ref TS272-2100

Denia (DE-064) 60m2, 2 beds, 2 baths, kitchen, living room, terrace. South-facing. Parking. Comunal pool, gym, sauna, Internet room. 200m beach, 500m old town. 2006. Tel. 60 65 35 070 148.000 € DENIA - Villa - 375,200 euros. 150m², 1400m² Plot, 3 bed, 3 bath, pool, C/H. Very nice 3 bedroom 3 bathroom detached villa for sale - located very centrally within La Sella golf course but... Ref TS272-2070a DENIA - Apartment - 162,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. Nice apartment in a small and quiet Urbanization 1 km. from the town of Denia. 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Living-Dining room with Terrace and... Ref TS272-2005a DENIA - Las Marinas, independent villa with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge dining room, american kitchen private garden and carport. With access to community pool. 50m. to the beach. 180,000 euros. Tel. 605145380 DENIA - Independent villa with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, lounge dining room, kitchen and much more. Community pool. Price: 280,000 euros. Tel. 605145380

DENIA - Front line Golf, 1 bedroom furnished air conditioned duplex apartment, parking space, communal pool and gardens. 140,000 euros. Tel. 605145380 DENIA - Near hospital, independent villa with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, lounge dining room, kitchen, pool and mature gardens. 280,000 euros. Tel. 605145380 ELCHE - Villa - 218,000 euros. 135m², 1000m² Plot, 4 bed, 1 bath, pool. Ref TS272-2049a ELCHE - Flat - 190,000 euros. 95m², 3 bed, 2 bath, garage, pool, A/C. Surface 95 m², 3 bedrooms ( 1 suite, 1 double, 1 single), 2 bathrooms, kitchen, washroom, dining room, terrace, storage... Ref TS272-2043a ELCHE - Flat - 180,294 euros. 120m², 4 bed, 1 bath. Ref TS272-2050a

ENCEBRAS - Villa - 195,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath. The villa has a contemporary design and is finished to a very high standard. Situated in Encebras, close to the town of Pinoso, the property... Ref TS272-2015a FINESTRAT - Apartment - 260,000 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, pool, A/C. THIS PROPERTY HAS NO COMMISSION EASY BUY SCHEME An excellent opportunity to purchase a beautiful apartment only 200 metres from the... Ref TS272-1996a JAVEA - Villa - 590,000 euros. 5 bed. rafalet - a lovely south facing villa built on 2 levels in 1986 with a separate apartment and open views across the valley. on the upper level the... Ref TS272-2022a JAVEA - Villa - 549,500 euros. 3 bed. costa nova, javea. completely

* Big or small service * Non-obligation Quotes * Containerised Secure Storage * Worldwide Shipping * Outside Elevator up to a 9th Floor * Regular UK-Spain-UK Service Carretera Nacional 332, Km 213 Parcela 5 – Polígono Industrial ‘El Brosquill’ 46780 Oliva Telephone: 96 296 38 61Fax: 96 296 38 63 Mobile: 679 910 265 Email:

La Font d’en Carros Ref 109 €125,000 A Delightful and Spacious Townhouse, totally reformed, good decorative order. Walking distance to centre of the Village & 12 mins Oliva/Gandia. Ground Floor:- Entrance Lobby/Dining Area, Lounge with woodburner, Modern Fitted Kitchen, Lobby, Shower/Toilet Downstairs Bedroom. First Floor :- Main Bedroom, Bedroom/Computer Room, Double Bedroom, Shower/Toilet, Externally, 2 Lovely Sun Terraces.

Tosal Gros den Carros Ref 223 €245,000 A most Delightful Villa, on a large corner plot, Immaculate throughout, with landscaped gardens. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Build size: 160 m2. Plot 1000m2. Swimming pool. Ref 223

Villalonga Ref 235 €225,000 A Large Detached Villa with Landscaped gardens in "Raco del Duc" Price includes: All Transfer Taxes & Solicitors Fees. Large plot 1,600 m2. Large Lounge, Sitting Room, Fitted Kitchen, 4 Double Bedrooms, Utility Room, Shower, Family Bathroom. Summer Bar, and Games Room. Plunge Pool, and heated Jacuzzi (seats 4), large paved area, for parking.

La Font d’en Carros Ref 401 €299,000 A SENSATIONAL OFFER...A Light and Spacious Villa, on the edge of La Font. IMMACULATE. Master Bedroom with en-suite, 3 Further Double Bedrooms, Family Bathroom, Modern Fitted Kitchen, Lounge/Diner [47 m2], Utility Room, Shower/Toilet. Externally:- Off Road Parking, Maintaince Free Gardens, Swimming Pool, 3 Sun Nayer/Terraces.and Large Storage Area, Panoramic views across the Orange Groves to the mountains.

You can contact Buy Appointment Properties by phone on +34 962 131 025 or +34 620 629 522 or email at

PROPERTY refurbished, very modern, light and airey with stunning views of sea, valley, mountains from all aspects. refurbished in... Ref TS272-2024a JAVEA - Villa - 475,000 euros. 4 bed, 3 bath. javea, close to old town. traditional spanish villa situated on a flat plot, on two levels. the property is south facing and comprises: glazed... Ref TS2722023a JAVEA - Villa - 475,000 euros. 270m², 1050m² Plot, 4 bed, 3 bath, pool. Ref TS272-2048a JAVEA - Villa - 399,000 euros. 4 bed. Toscal.Refurbished property on 2 levels, situated close to Javea Arenal. The property was built around 1987 and was refurbished 2006 and comprises:- few... Ref TS272-2025a JAVEA - Villa - 299,000 euros. 110m², 830m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath, pool, A/C, C/H. Very attractive, south facing villa built to a high standard with gas central heating and air conditioning... Ref TS2722003a JAVEA - Apartment - 110,000 euros. 4 bed, 1 bath. spacious accommodation, outskirts of town, close to town, close to the sea, close to port, close to all amenities, lounge dining area, fitted... Ref TS272-2007a MARINA (LA) - Villa - 140,000 euros. 4 bed, 2 bath. approx 210m plot with sufficient room for a poolï glazed front porch with sun awningï tiled open terrace with attractive balustrades and sun... Ref TS272-2012a MARINA (LA) - Townhouse - 82,500 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, A/C, C/H. THIS PROPERTY HAS NO COMMISSION EASY BUY SCHEME Just Reduced... 2 bedroomed Josephina (house)… This property contains: 2 bedrooms, 1... Ref TS272-2062a MATA (LA) - Apartment - 99,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath. This amazingly priced apartment is less than 50 metres from the sea with stunning views over the sandy beaches of La Mata. It comprises of 2... Ref TS272-2044a MONTE PEDREGUER - Terraced Villa 115,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. Very attractive Bungalow with community pool and spectacular viewsDescriptionSet in a small community of 19 houses is the opportunity to... Ref TS272-1999a MONTE PEGO - Villa - 610,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. very beautiful property in an amazing landscape with 4.000 m2 of park-like grounds near denia this is the right property for natural... Ref TS2722087a MONTESINOS (LOS) - Penthouse 109,900 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. Last few remaining key ready 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom penthouse apartments on the new Laguna Green golf resort. Laguna Green is nestled in... Ref TS272-2093a MORAIRA - Villa - 1,300,000 euros. 3 bed, 3 bath, pool. Imposing villa of approx 300m2 situated in Pla del mar one of Morairs top locations on a level plot of approx 800m2 with spectacular sea... Ref TS272-2040a MORAIRA - Villa - 599,000 euros. 220m², 800m² Plot, 6 bed, 5 bath, pool. This 6 bedroom villa was built in 2005, and designed to accommodate a large family with the emphasis on life style.... Ref TS272-1990a MORAIRA - Villa - 595,000 euros. 278m², 1700m² Plot, 4 bed, 2 bath, pool. Four Bedroom Villa with Sea Views for sale in Fanadix, Moraira. A beautiful villa located on a flat plot of 1700... Ref TS272-2046a MORAIRA - Apartment - 210,000 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath. Well priced ground floor apartment/bungalow which was originally 2 properties that have been made into one now giving spacious living... Ref TS272-1994a MORAIRA - Apartment - 129,000 euros. 70m², 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. A comfortable 1st floor apartment within a popular urbanization overlooking the communal pool and lovely gardens. Far reaching views... Ref TS272-2082a MURADA (LA) - Finca/Country House 114,000 euros. 150m², 5 bed, 2 bath. Semi detached village house requiring a

little renovation. 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge/dining room, fitted kitchen, spacious interior... Ref TS2722099a MURLA - Apartment - 93,800 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. A completely private and fenceddevelopment of only sixteen 1 and 2 bedroom apartments which have been constructed to a very high standard... Ref TS272-2090a MURO DE ALCOY - Villa - 135,000 euros. 240m², 4 bed, 2 bath. IDEAL FOR A LARGE FAMILY!!! HUGELY REDUCED NEEDS MODERNISING. Large villa in Muro de Alcoy of approximately 240m2 in two levels. The... Ref TS272-2008a ONDARA - Apartment - 315,000 euros. For Sale local commercial + house in Ondara 2 km from the new business center” Portal Marina alta.” Local: surface 90 m2, cooks closed with appliances, patio... Ref TS272-2061a ORIHUELA COSTA - Apartment 172,000 euros. 68m² Plot, 2 bed, 2 bath. The Royal Park complex is located at the Southern part of the Costa Blanca, Cabo Roig, where you can enjoy the very best amenities,... Ref TS272-2028a PARCENT - Villa - 325,000 euros. 145m², 1200m² Plot, 3 bed, 3 bath. This property is situated on a completely flat plot in a small quiet hamlet of properties between Parcent and Alcalai. The... Ref TS2722079a

bedroom furnished air conditioned duplex apartment, parking space, communal pool and gardens. 235,000. euros. Tel. 605145380 PEDREGUER - Town centre garages and storerooms. New construction. Price: 18,000 euros. Tel. 605145380 PINAR DE CAMPOVERDE - Townhouse - 140,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath. This well presented 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse is set in the heart of Campoverde and comes with a private garage and very large underbuild... Ref TS272-2001a PINAR DE CAMPOVERDE - Semidetached Villa - 129,950 euros. 67m², 190m² Plot, 2 bed, 1 bath, A/C. Semi detached property in quiet location. Lounge/diner, with archway to shower room and two double bedrooms. To the rear... Ref TS272-2089a PINOSO - Villa - 157,995 euros. 8000m² Plot, 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 WC, A/C. THIS PROPERTY IS AN ABSOLUTE BARGAIN 3 Beds and 2 baths near Pinoso. REDUCED FROM 235k!! The property benefits from a... Ref TS272-2006a PINOSO - Building Plot - 24,000 euros. 4000m² Plot. Building plot for the construction of a wooden house or siting of a caravan. Water and electricity within 100m. Mountain views, good access, close... Ref TS272-2088a

B u si n es se s S PAIN Rafol de Almunia(RA-401) 80m2 + 80m2 seperate apartment. 262m2 plot. 3 beds, 2 baths, 2 kitchens, 2 living areas. Central heating. Large terraces. Communal pool. Tel. 606 535 070 225.000€ RAFAL - Apartment - 130,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool. This development of luxury apartments is built in the Vega Baja town of Rafal. Their inspired design allows for such features as a... Ref TS272-2029a

(Alicante) ALTEA - Restaurant/Bar 35,000 euros. 56m². Asking Price: REDUCED TO 35.000 (Leasehold)• Very Quaint and Lovely Bar/Cafe In The Beautiful Village Of Altea• Regular... Ref TS272-2075a

RAFOL DE ALMUNIA - Bungalow 259,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. it is a bungalow at a corner.the bungalow is in the mediterranean style with seven floors.the bungalow is situated in calpe (alicante) in... Ref TS272-2017a


SAN VICENTE DEL RASPEIG - Flat 168,300 euros. 80m², 3 bed. Ref TS2722031a SANTA POLA - Apartment - 158,000 euros. 80m², 3 bed, 2 bath. Top floor apartment with private solarium and storage/utility room in a block of only 4 dwellings. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully... Ref TS272-2085a SANTA POLA - Apartment - 120,000 euros. 60m², 2 bed, 1 bath. Ref TS2722052a

ORBA 395,000 96 557 7464 629 554 561 Modern detached villa 10 mins walk Orba village. Porch, hall, lounge with AC and chimney, dining room, kitchen breakfast room, master bedroom with AC, en suite, bed 2, shower room. Apartment with lounge, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, en suite. Oil CH, D glazed, fly screens, telephone, ADSL, satellite TV, alarm system. Enclosed garden, 8 x 4 pool, Jacuzzi, 2 Cabana’s, car port with elec, water. PEDREGUER - Apartment - 175,000 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, pool. Brand new apartment just walking distance to the very centre of Pedreguer. Located in a new residential area with fabulous panoramic... Ref TS272-2074a PEDREGUER - Town centre furnished apartment with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge dining room, closed kitchen and pantry. 156,000 euros. Tel. 605145380 PEDREGUER - Bonito bungalow en Pedreguer, 3 dormitorios, baño completo, salón con cocina americana, terraza, sótano, jardín y parking. Piscina y jardín comunitario. 155.000 euros, urge vender. Tel. 609692678 PEDREGUER - Beautiful bungalow: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room with American kitchen, terrace, cellar, garden and parking. Community pool and garden. 155,000 euros. Quick sale. Tel. 609692678 PEDREGUER - Front line Golf, 2

(Alicante) ALTEA - Restaurant/Bar 59,500 euros. 2 WC. SEA FRONT CAFE BAR-NOW REDUCED!!!excellent valueGreat business for first time buyer!!!! Beautiful totally renovated sea front cafe bar does well... Ref TS272-1972

VILLAMARTIN - Apartment - 139,950 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath, pool. Well presented ground floor corner apartment with two double bedrooms, bathroom, large lounge/dining area with front and side windows.... Ref TS272-2086a


TS272-1974 (Alicante) BENIDORM - Guesthouse/B & B - 70,000 euros. drastically reduced!!! 14 Holiday Apartments + Bar-includes 20,000! DeposIT-ALL 14 APTS 2 BUSINESSES-HOLIDAY APARTMENTS + CAFE BAR FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!! GREAT... Ref TS272-1977 (Alicante) BENIDORM - Restaurant/Bar 25,000 euros. Cafe/sports/music Bar(price Includes 16,000! Depos Benidorm EXCELLENT VALUE AS PRICE INCLUDES 16,000 EUROS DEPOSIT!!!CAFE SPORTS BAR MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE UPON... Ref TS272-1968 (Alicante) BENIDORM - Restaurant/Bar 15,000 euros. 2 WC. mow new lower price!!! CAFÉ BAR 30 seconds off LEVANTE BEACH WITH NICE SUNNY TERRACE, IDEAL STARTER BAR WOULD SUIT 2 PEOPLE. WELL ESTABLISHED BAR CLOSE... Ref TS272-1976 (Alicante) BENIDORM - Restaurant/Bar 10,000 euros. 2 WC. DRASTICALLY REDUCED!! APPRX.20 METERS FROM THE BEACH-THIS BUSY AREA OF LEVANTE BEACH IN BENIDORM DOES WELL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR FROM LOCAL BRITISH... Ref TS272-1929 (Alicante) JALON - For Rent. Restaurant/Bar with more then 205m2, situated in the centre of Jalon. Equipment checked (ovens, worktops, cameras) and up to date health check. Equipped with furniture. For more information call 639522497. Se alquila Restaurante-Bar con más de 205 m2, situado en el Centro de Jalón. Revisión de maquinaria (hornos, encimeras, cámaras..)y desinfección sanitaria actualizada. Equipado con mobiliario.Para más información llamar al 639522497. (Valencia) ALBAIDA - Commercial 215,000 euros. 476m², 476m² Plot. Surface 475.65 m², asphalted, lighting, accessibility, cover, structure, group ind plant. Ref TS272-2037a

PLAYA FLAMENCA - Villa - 295,000 euros. 3 bed, 2 bath, pool, A/C, C/H. THIS PROPERTY HAS NO COMMISSION EASY BUY SCHEME Villa with 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, kitchen, 2 balconies & large patio.... Ref TS2722055a PLAYA FLAMENCA - Apartment 99,000 euros. 2 bed, 1 bath. Top floor apartment less than a 2 min walk to the beach of Playa Flamenca. This older style 2 Bed 1 Bath property is to be sold fully furnished,... Ref TS272-2010a PLAYA FLAMENCA - Apartment 89,500 euros. 2 bed, 2 bath, 2 WC, pool. Large 2 bedroom corner apartment with 2 bathrooms, american styled kitchen, front terrace with off road parking in Gated complex... Ref TS272-2030a POBLETS (ELS) - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, furnished, air conditioned duplex terraced house with private parking space, communal pool and gardens . 199,000 euros. Tel. 605145380

A STUNNING DETACHED villa situated in a sought after area on the outskirts of Alcalali. This spacious villa is presented as 2 separate living spaces & has main accommodation to include a luxurious open plan fitted kitchen, a large dining area, lounge, feature Tuscan stone fireplace, enclosed Naya, a master suite with en suite bathroom, walk in shower, a further double bedroom, twin bedroom & family shower room. The self contained apartment boasts a stylish modern open plan living area that combines a fully fitted and equipped kitchen, lounge, dining area, a master suite with en suite facilities, two further double bedrooms and a guest shower room. Outside the grounds offer amazing views of the surrounding valley and boast a 8m x 4m private pool with Roman steps, a large terrace, an array of sunny and shaded terraces and an outside dining and barbecue area covered by a pergola.


To view please telephone 96 648 2641 or 617 064 480 ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS



Spainsave directory

This month’s latest discounts and offers Barx


on the main menu (excluding drinks)

An Shebeen Avda. del Pla, CC Arenal Locales Tel. 965796475 Javea

Alfas Del Pi (l’)

Albir 12 Haweli Indian Restaurant, 10% discount on all food, eat in or take away. Cami Vell de Altea, Edif. La Rotonda N, Albir, 966866864 100 Premier Heating & Plumbing, Free Osmosis water system with solar or central heating installations. C/ Pinsa 17A Albir, Albir, 966864673 12 Sarita Indian Restaurant, Free bottle of house wine worth 7,90€ with every takeaway order. Bahia Blanca, Avda del Albir 11, Albir, 966864394

Alcalali 12 Bar La Torre, Free bottle of house wine with lunch or dinner for 2 people. C/ Mayor, 4, Alcalali, 966482649 90 CBM, 10% discount on all products & accessories. Plaça Mosquera 2, Alcalali, 966498808

198 Nilsson Chiropractic Centre, 50% discount off your initial spinal analysis. Plaza Balduino I de Belgica s/n, local B, Alfas del Pi (l'), 965889303 254 OM Internet, Spend more than an hour on the internet and get a free soft drink. Calle Herreriar 20 Local 12, Edificio Albeniz II, Alfas del Pi (l'), 966860729


232 Costa Blanca Transfers, 5% off Alicante, Valencia & Murcia airport transfers when booked online. Alicante Airport, Alicante, 610611619


5 6 7 12 13 14 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 26 27



253 Cueva de las Calaveras, 3€ per entry ticket. Ctra. Pedreguer-Benidoleig s/n, Benidoleig, 966404235 46 Deeside Designs, 10% discount on jewellery. Ctra. Pedreguer 3A, Benidoleig, 965502030

Benidorm 7 Andys Phone Shop, Buy a new mobile phone and get a free car charger. Avda. Atmetila de Mar 9 Mercaloix 109 Benidorm Levante Indoor Market, Benidorm, 616686268 266 Benidorm Joke Shop, 10% discount when you spend over 20€. C/ Gerona 12, Benidorm, 966811026 50 Bermudas Hotel Apartamentos, Free 2 nights, Book 7 nights, pay for only 5 nights. Avda. Estocolmo 17 Rincón de Loix, Benidorm, 965865924

70€ discount on laser surgery (per eye), 40€ discount pre-op consultations, 290€ discount cataract surgery & 15€ discount on general consultations. Clinica Baviera, C/ Calderon 4-6 Bajo Tel. 966426121 Denia

Alcazares (Los)

21 D & G Garden Furniture, 10% discount on garden furniture, accessories & giftware. Avda Rio Nalon 42, Alcazares (Los), 968334773 45 In The Pink/In The Blue, 10% discount on clothing & accessories. Rio Nalon 15B, Alcazares (Los), 968574970 45 Legs & Co, 10% discount on UK High St branded lingerie, swimwear & clothing. Rio Nalon Los Alcazares, Alcazares (Los), 660170355 12 Pearls Plaice C.B, 10% discount on menu (excludes specials). Avda Rio Nalon 24 Los Alcazares, Alcazares (Los), 637798983 67 Santys Peluquerias y Estetica, 10% discount on ladies & gents cuts Monday to Thursday. Galeria Comercial Mercadona, Avda. Rio Nalon 9B, Alcazares (Los), 968582283 67 Santys Peluquerias y Estetica, 10% discount on ladies & gents cuts Monday to Thursday. C/ Rio Borines 62/5-Hotel-525 Frente Mercadona, Alcazares (Los), 968583585 214 Something Special, 10% discount on all products when you spend over 20 euros. Avda. Rio Nalon 17A, Alcazares (Los), 968170087 214 The Post Room, 10% discount on all retail stock. C/ Rio Borines 62-18, Alcazares (Los), 968171044

133 Advantage Building Surveys, 5% discount on survey fees for card holders. Carrer dels Tillers 2, La Drova, Barx, 962807247/653733066


14 Eurostretcher British Products, 5% discount on all products. Pol Ind La Fabrica, C/ Rojales 11, Almoradi, 966716790


60 Costa Blanca Satellite, 10% off receivers and satellite dishes (inc, installation), and 5% off all TVs. Partida Cap Blanc 77, Altea, 966880014 160 Locked Out Locksmith, 10% discount. Partida El Planet, 88, Altea, 965888418/657890830

Balcones (Los)

67 A Cut Above, 10% discount on Wednesdays colours, perms & cuts. CC Filton Centre, Balcones (Los), 966799896 40 Drips & Leaks, 10% discount on drainage. El Mirador 179, Balcones (Los), 616279550 21 Home Comforts, 10% discount when you spend over 40€. CC Filton Centre, Balcones (Los), 966798764

Computer Services/Goods Web Designers Telephony (inc. Mobile Phones, ADSL) Restaurants Bars, Pubs & Cafeterias Supermarkets Caterers Dental Clinics Vets Health Clubs & Gymnasiums Beauty Salons Furniture Lighting Garden Services Insurance Brokers/Agents Accountants (inc. Gestors & Asesors)

29 30 32 34 35 36 38 39 40 41 45 46 47 49 50 51

12 Bisonte Big Burger, Free jug Sangría or dessert when you eat. Avda. Mallorca 4, Benidorm, 965865459 12 Bombay Authentic Indian Cuisine, 10% discount. Calle Londres 4, Benidorm, 965865493 258 Cobra International, 10% discount. C/ Alameda 31, Old Town, Benidorm, 965866557 258 Di Angelo Tattoo Art & Body Piercing, 10% discount. Avda. Juan Fuster Zaragoza 10, Benidorm, 966830839 12 Duetto Ristorante-Pizzeria, Free Italian coffee & liquer with your meal. C/ Londres 4, Benidorm, 965856904 67 Hepburns Unisex Hair & Nail Salon, 10% discount. Benidorm Levante Indoor Market, Benidorm, 965866557 218 Jo Soaps, 1 Euro discount when you wash & dry your laundry. C/ Londres 4, Local 17 Edificio Pisces, Benidorm, 634181747 13 Jumping Jacks, 3 for 2 on any of the same drink. C/ Gerona 17 Edif. Gemelos XXIII, Benidorm, 966812813 252 Karting La Cala, 25€ for 1 go-karting session (or 35€ for two) + free drink, photo & transport from/to your location.

Diving Golf Courses Advertising (inc. Signs) Engineers Car Dealerships Car Rental Estate Agents Builders Plumbers Electricians Clothing & Accessories Jewellers Florists Pet Food/Supplies Hotels Travel Agents

ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

Ctra. Alicante-Valencia, Km. 116, Benidorm, 664643589 12 Lilly's Steakhouse & Carvery, 10% discount when you eat a-la-carte. Avda. de Murcia 1, Benidorm, 966809189 13 Little Belfast, 10% discount. Commercial Rey Don Jamie, Rincon, Local 13, Benidorm, 622090974 254 Mailbox-AXS, Spend an hour on the internet and get extra 15 minutes free. C/ Ibiza 16 Edificio Torre Domo, Bajo 3, Benidorm, 965853586 12 Michael's, 10% discount off your meal (excluding drinks). C/ La Biga 15, Old Town, Benidorm, 966801346 13 Panchos Pub, Order 2 drinks & pay for 1. Avda. Filipinas, Benidorm, 629642127 12 Sakura Japanese Restaurant, 10% discount. Calle de Berlin, Benidorm, 965869139 13 Snook's Bar, Free tea, coffee or orange juice when you eat a breakfast. Av. de Juan Fuster Zaragoza, Benidorm, 633249958 262 Solarium Benidorm, 2 minutes free when you book 8 minutes or more. Avda. de Europa, Benidorm, 965861990 12 Steakhouse 'La Brasa' Restaurante, Free coffee with your meal. C/ Almeria 8, Benidorm, 966806794 120 Stringfellas Lap Dancing Club, Free bottle of champagne with 6+ persons first drinks. C/ Lepanto 19, Benidorm, 669446307 242 Terra Natura, 4€ discount per entry ticket up to a maximum of 4 tickets per card. Foia del Verdader 1, Benidorm, 902522333 12 The Codfather (Fish & Chips), 5% discount (excluding drinks). Avda. de Cuenca, Benidorm, 654826311 13 The Happy Handbag, 3 for 2 on any drinks (cheapest free). C/ San Vicente 17 Old Town, Benidorm, 965053386 13 The London Bar, 3 for 2 on cocktails. C/ Londres 2, Benidorm, 965852876 13 The Mad Munk, 10% discount off your meal when you spend over 5 euros (excludes drinks). Avda. Juan Fuster Zaragoza, Benidorm, 965854547 45 Valentino's, 15% discount. Avda. de Madrid 10, Benidorm, 965854647


12 Bar Catorce, 10% discount on the a la carte menu (monday to saturday 6-10pm). C/ Aneto 14 Urb. Benimar, Benijofar, 966712627 12 Bar Studz, Spend over 4,95€ on sunday roasts and recieve 10% discount offer valid every sunday between 12-4pm. C/ Aneto local B Urb. Benimar, Benijofar, 966713885 12 Buddy's Bar & Restaurant, 10% discount on all food purchases. C/ Agata 3, Urb. Benimar II, Benijofar, 637207995 52 Golden Keys Property CB, 5% discount on holiday lets. C/ San Jamie 5 Bajo, Benijofar, 636942204 67 Pinks Hair Beauty & Tanning Studio, 10% discount on hair & beauty treatments. C/ Ramon y Cajal 7, Benijofar, 965724671 52 60 61 62 65 66 67 73 74 76 78 81 89 90 92 93

239 Post Room Benijofar, 10% discount on secure mail boxes (6 or 12 month contracts), 10% on greeting cards & new books, 5% on internet use. C/ San Jaime 5, Benijofar, 966712382 261 Tony Chapman Golf, 10% discount on golf club repairs including re-gripping. Plz. Constiticion 2 Local 7, Benijofar, 966712738


13 Bar-Restaurante Tapas Vizcaino, 10% discount. C/ Calpe 1 Bajo, Benissa, 965734083 102 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Ctra. Moraira - Calpe Km 3 Centro Comercial Pepe la Sal, Benissa, 965748584 13 Cafe Pronto, Coffee (excluding de-caf) and a doughnut for 2,50 euros. Avda. de Europa 7, Benissa, 699888248 214 Carpe Diem, 10% discount on all gifts and decorations for the home. Pais Valencia 23, Benissa, 647694410 12 Casa Manolo, 10% discount. Playa La Fustera 30A, Benissa, 966498329 18 Centre Centre Veterinari Veterinari Benissa, Benissa discount on5% VETERINARY CLINIC medicine, surgery, pet food, accessories, injections and anti-parasitical products. Avda. Pais Valencia, 28, Benissa, 965731955 138 Gym 9 Lunas, 50% off your joining up fee. Avda. Pais Valencia, 219, Benissa, 965732499 67 Gym 9 Lunas, 25% discount on highlights. Marqenador 8, Benissa, 965732499 78 H.M. Window cleaning services, Free clean to all doors and windows with every new

Emergencies 24 h: Tel. 600 266 686 Internal Medicine and Surgery • Traumatology Radiology and Ultrasound • Odontology Oftalmology • Cardiology • Homoeopathy and Analysis Clinic • Hospitalisation • Grooming Animal food and Accessories • Home visits • Dog Training HOSPITAL BENISSA Avda. Pais Valencià, 28 esq. Ausiàs March Tel. 96 573 19 55

Jalón CLÍNICA La Virgen, 74 Tel. 96 648 04 94

NEW HOURS: Open from 9.30 until 20.00h uninterrupted

10.00-13.30 & 17.00-20.30 hrs

Holiday Lets Satellite TV Wine Merchants Butchers Eye Surgery Opticians Hairdressers Bedding & Soft Furnishings House Accessories Awnings/Blinds/Shutters Cleaning Services Horse-riding Skip Hire Swimming Pools Machine/Tool Hire Property Maintenance/Management

Costa de Benissa CLÍNICA

Ctra. Moraira-Calpe C.C. Cap Blanc (opposite Pepe la Sal)

Tel. 96 574 84 58

Mon to Fri 10.00-13.30 hrs

contract. C/ Llobarro, H4 la Vina, Benissa, 634158864 181, 10% discount on all our internet marketing services. , Benissa, 965731811 102 Milar Giner, 10% discount en domestic appliances & 5% discount on televisions. Avda. Pais Valencia 60, Benissa, 965730584 250 Rizwan Haider Shah, 5% discount on kebabs & pizzas. C/ Avda. la Alcudia 37 Bajo, Benissa, 966113437 74 Sendra Decoracion, 10% discount on fabrics & all products in stock. Avda. Pais Valencia 224, Benissa, 965731253 76 Sendra Decoracion, 10% discount on awnings, blinds & shutters. Avda. Pais Valencia 224, Benissa, 965731253 123 Sendra Decoracion, 10% discount on fitted carpets & rugs in stock and 5%discount on made to measure. Avda. Pais Valencia 224, Benissa, 965731253 245 Taxi Ambrosio Garcia, 10% discount from 35 kilometres. Pda. Tosalet, Benissa, 619704977 96 V3 Windows & Doors, 5% discount on doors & windows. Ctra Moraira - Calpe, Avda. La Marina 20G, Benissa, 966113247 38 Villas Guzman, 15% discount on rentals. Avda. de la Marina 318, Benissa, 966497016


5 Darocas Communications, 15% discount. Adelfas 33, Cumbre del Sol, Benitachell, 648156066 26 Protectapet, 10% discount on any pet insurance policy & 10% off any item in our new charity shop. Calle Mercado 22 Bajo, Benitachell, 966493373 165 Shoot You Photographic, 5% discount on normal tariff. Cumbre del Sol 76b, Benitachell, 966197132 144 Taller Larry Benitachell, 10% discount. C/ Pozo 48, Benitachell, 966493226

20% discount

on diet products & 10% off monthly membership fees.

Gym Plaza Avda. Ejercitos Espanoles Centro Commercial Plaza Central Tel. 965874818 Calpe

95 96 97 98 100 102 103 104 106 108 109 115 116 118 119 120

Solar Systems Doors & Windows Flooring/Tiles Security (Alarms Grills CCTV) Central Heating Electrical Goods Bicycles Musical Instruments Airport Parking Newsagents Bed & Breakfast/Hostels/Pensions Boat/Yacht brokers Currency Brokers Swimming Pool Maintenance Video/DVD Rental Night Clubs 902 106 732


21 Complete Upholstery Co., 5% discount on foam & upholstery orders, bean bags, fabrics, wind spinners & most instore products. C/ Pais Valenciano, Busot, 965699305

Calpe 118 5 Star Pool Cleaning, 10% discount on all new contracts. Suite 290 C/ Corbeta 10, Calpe, 695330107 12 Al Andalus Restaurant, 10% discount on take away orders & 5% discount on a-lacarte menu. Avda. Rosa de los Vientos, Calpe, 965874866 45 Alexia, 10% discount on lingerie. C/ Santa Madrid 4 Lenceria, Calpe, 965830572 144 AM Sport Calpe, 25% discount on car parts. C/ Conde De Altea 8, Calpe, 965836560 26 Andrea Jackson, 15% discount on house & life insurance. Urb. Los Pinos, Complejo Byblos L-2, Calpe, 626997736 108 AR.T Papeleria, 10% discount except for newspapers & magazines. C/ San Isidro Edificio Boreal 10 Local 2, Calpe, 965831656 12 Arte Cafe, 10% discount. C/ Corbeta 10, Calpe, 965875386 13 Bar la Tasquita, Free tapa with every drink purchased. C/ Almendros, Calpe, 646649655 13 Bar Refugio de Diego, 10% discount. Blasco Ibanez 4, Calpe, 965838434 102 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Avda. Madrid 7, Calpe, 965831921 13 Billard Plaza, 10% discount on drinks and 9 foot pool table. Centro Comercial Plaza Central, local 16-17 Avda. del Diputación, Calpe, 689640019 12 Boqueron De Plata, 15% discount on Seafood. Avda. Valencia 16, Calpe, 965835539

20% discount on furniture & 10% on decoration & textiles. Avda. Masnou 8, Calpe, 965832262 12 Coral Restaurante, 10% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira Km2 Club Nautico les Bassetes, Calpe, 965836980 96 Cristaleria Calpe, 10% discount on glass & inlaid work. Avda. Madrid Edificio Europlaya L2, Calpe, 965837075 41 Dial A Hubby Spain, 20% discount on labour charges between the hours of 08,00 to 20,00 hours. Les Costeres 22 E, Calpe, 965832840 66 Federopticos Signes, 15% discount on glasses & up to 50% on sunglasses, 20% discount on digital hearing aids. C/ Corbeta 6, Calpe, 965832080 67 Flash Point, 10% discount. C/ Benidorm 2 Edificio Perlamar Local 11, Calpe, 965837518 47 Floristeria Ivars, 10% discount. C/ Corbeta 6, Calpe, 965830460 259 Galerias Aitana, 10% discount on sports goods, leather goods, costume jewellery & gifts. Avda. Gabriel Miró 13, Calpe, 965832729 138 Gym Plaza, 20% discount on diet products & 10% off monthly membership fees. Avda. Ejercitos Espanoles Centro Commercial Plaza Central, Calpe, 965874818 247 Hite Home Improvements, Free Osmosis water filter system with the purchase of a new kitchen. C/ Delfin 3 Esquina Avda. de Valencia, Edif. Perlamar local 8, Calpe, 965838246 176 Idecora, 10% discount on all painting & decoration products. C/ Corbeta s/n Edif. Europlaya 21, Calpe, 965837069 32 Imprint, 5% discount on printing & signs. Avda. Gabriel Miro 34 Centro Perlamar local 18, Calpe, 965874451 231 Instalaciones Morant, Discounts for Sanitaryware Relax 20%, Roca 15% all other makes 15%. Avda. Valencia 19 Local 4, Calpe, 965837013 40 Instalaciones Morant, 10% discount on plumbing and heating

10% DISCOUNT on electrical appliances

5% DISCOUNT on televisions 76 Boutique del Toldo, 10% discount on blinds awnings & curtains. C/ Purisima 21, Calpe, 965835134 45 Boutique el Sol, 10% discount on clothes shoes & accessories. C/ Juan de Garay 5A, Calpe, 965053571 176 Brico Aitana, 10% discount on DIY goods & office furniture. Avda. Vall de L'aguart 12, Calpe, 965874566 26 Caser Home Insurance, 20% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira km 2.5, Calpe, 966112282 74 Centro Comercial Aitana, 10% discount on furniture and DIY goods. N-332, Entrada Calpe Sur, Calpe, 902444660 29 Centro de Buceo les Basetes, 10% discount. Puerto les Basetes Ctra. Calpe-Moraira km12, Calpe, 965835428 45 Chola Zapatos, 10% discount. C/ La Nina 5, Calpe, 965832946 200 Clinica Podologica Portalet, 10% discount on Chiropody & insole inserts (made to measure). C/ Portalet 9 1-G, Calpe, 965835245 74 Coleccion Hogar Calpe, 122 123 128 132 133 135 138 139 144 145 148 153 157 160 165 168

Milar Giner Doctor Calatayud s/n Tel. 966491482 Moraira

installations, 10% discount on taps. Avda. Valencia 19 Local 4, Calpe, 965837013 171 Ivars Moto, 10% discount on parts and accessories. C/ la Ermita 5, Calpe, 965839671 46 Joyeria Esmeralda, s.l., 15% discount on gold jewellery and 10% discount on watches. Avda. Gabriel Miró 29A, Calpe, 965830633 Joyeria 46 JoyeríaE s m e ra l d a Relojería Tere, 15% discount on gold & silver items & watches, 10% discount on stainless steel items. C/ Purisima 1, Calpe, 965830593 13 Jukebox Bar, Buy 3 get 1 free. C/ Benidorm 10, Calpe, 622369771 20 Kado Zen, 10% off manicures & pedicures, 15% off hair & beauty products, 20% off cabin treatments. C/ Joan de Garay 5, local B Edificio Senia, Calpe, 679562616 12 Lauras @ Westbeach, 10% discount on the a la carte menu Tuesday to Saturday evenings. Gabriel Miro 35, Calpe, 667613045 144 Malagon Motor (Servicio MAURICE LACROIX

Avda. Gabriel Miró, 29 A - CALPE (Alicante) - Tel. 96 583 06 33

Insurance - Medical/Health Carpets/Rugs Beauty & Wellbeing Booksellers Surveyors Translations & Interpreting Gymnasiums Tennis Clubs Car Repairs & Servicing Disability Equipment and Services Interior Designers Painters & Decorators Dance Schools Locksmiths Photographers & Stock Photography Architects/Architectural Design

170 171 176 178 179 181 186 188 190 191 195 197 198 200 214 218

Toyota), 10% discount on labour and on original Toyota parts. Avda. Masnou no. 9, edif. Alba local 1, Calpe, 965834670 51 Marrakesh Experience, 5% discount on groups of 10 or more per trip to Marrakesh. Spanish Garden, Costeres 3C, Calpe, 633261053 102 Milar Giner, 10% discount on domestic appliances & 5% on televisions. C/ Doctor Fleming 25, Calpe, 965839089 49 Mr Dog Pet Style, 10% discount on pet food and accessories. C/Huelva 6, Calpe, 965834650 21 Muebles Aitana, 10% discount on furniture & decor. Avda. Madrid, Calpe, 965832729 168 Natalie Moss Arquitectura, 5% discount on all architectural services. Avda. Gabriel Miró 33, Edif. Miró-Entlo. 1, Calpe, 965839276 67 Natural Beauty, 10% discount on hairdressing list prices. Edf. Apolo IV, local 26 Calle Blasco Ibañez, Calpe, 9650838194 220 Pelirojo, 5% discount. C/ Pintor Sorolla 1a, Edificio Europlaya, Calpe, 965837646 221 Pelucalp Arnés, 5% with advance bookings. C/ Pintor Sorolla 18 Edif. Paola, Calpe, 965833720 90 Piscinas Gunitec, 10% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Ptda. Bassetes, Parcela 13D, Calpe, 965838571 13 Piter Pan, 10% discount on all cakes and coffees. C/ Corbeta Local 9, Calpe, 965832971 38 Promotec Control S.L., 10% discount on legal and taxation services. C/ Stmo. Cristo 31A, Calpe, 965832978 12 Restaurante Annapurna Tandoori, 10% discount. Ctra. Calpe-Moraira km 1 Centro Comercial Biblos Local 8, Calpe, 965832653 12 Restaurante Biergarten, Free drink of your choice with each meal. Avda. Diputation Plaza Central Local 29, Calpe, 680345733 12 Restaurante Julio's, 5% discount. Av. Juan Carlos I, 30, local 1, Calpe, 965836115 12 Restaurante Milord, 10% discount on your meal. Edif. Esmeralda Playa de Levante, Calpe, 965834686 12 Restaurante Mirador, 10% discount on a-la-carte menu. Avda. Ifach 26, Calpe, 965835772 12 Restaurante-Bar 'As-deOros', 10% discount. Calle José Antonio 19, Calpe, 965837755 13 Sinatra Bar, 10% discount. Avda. Europa 1, Calpe, 965836563 109 Sol y Mar Gran Hotel, 5% discount on hotel services. C/Benidorm 1, Calpe, 965875055 20 Stephania, 10% discount. Avda. Gabriel Miro 13 Pasaje, Calpe, 965836918 12 Taberna Griega, Every table of 4 receives a bottle of Rioja. C/ la Pau 32B, Calpe, 965833515 223 The Barbeque Shop, 10% discount on barbecues & accessories. Urb. Caleta 26 D, Calpe, 608412641 73 The Bed Centre, 10% discount on all purchases. Centro Comercial Biblos Loc. 8 Urb Los Pinos 1K Ctra. Calpe-Moraira, Calpe, 965836814 76 Toldos Claudio, 10% discount. C/ Alicante 40, 1-D, Calpe, 655058565 97 Travertino Azulejos y Saneamientos, 10% discount on all tiles. Avda. Valencia 3, local 6, Calpe, 965836437 13 Trotamundos Café, 5% discount. C/ San Isidro 8, Calpe,

Holistic Health Motorcycle Dealerships DIY Stores/Home Improvement Centres Event Organisers/Decoration Dog Kennels Marketing Agencies Car Importation/re-registration Fences/Fencing Landscape Services Pet Transport/Travel Business Associations Office Supplies /Stationery Chiropractors Chiropodist/Podiatrist Cards & Gifts Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services

600743650 36 Victoria Rent a Car, 10% discount on car hire booked through our office. Avda. Generalitat Valenciana 1, Calpe, 965830254 17 Vital Dent Calpe, Free checkup and X-ray, clean free with medical prescription & 5% discount on treatments. C/ la Santamaria 10, Calpe, 965876069 13 Ye Olde London Bar, 10% discount. C/ la Paz 22, Calpe, 608987178


67 Santys Peluquerias y Estetica, 10% discount on ladies & gents cuts Monday to Thursday. Galeria Comercial Mercadona, Avda. Española, Local 10, La Vaguada, Cartagena, 968517928


30 Club de Golf El Bosque, Green fee + Lunch + Buggy = 90€ Mon-Fri(excluding fiesta days). Crta. de Godelleta km 4,1, Chiva, 961808009


109 Hostal El Pozo, 10% discount on 4-nights stay (double room) and 15% discount for 7 nights, Free bottle of local wine when you dine in our restaurant. C/ Arrabal 7, Chulilla, 961657272

Ciudad Quesada

144 British Mechanics, 15% discount on servicing & 10% on all major repairs & Diagnostics. , Ciudad Quesada, 966719825 13 Caddyshack - Quesada, 10% discount when spending over 10€. Unit 9, (Opposite Supervalu) La Marquesa Golf Course, Ciudad Quesada, 966714933 40 Complete Heat Plumbing Services, 10% discount on labour. , Ciudad Quesada, 965725813 103 Cyclogical, 10% discount on all new bicycles & accesories. C/ los Arcos 17, Ciudad Quesada, 637487377 67 D:Fine Hair & Beauty, 10% discount on colour, cut & blow dry. C/ los Arcos 17 Local 8, Ciudad Quesada, 966719861 13 Fresh the Juice Bar, 10% discount on all purchases. C/ los Arcos 17, Ciudad Quesada, 691731745 12 Jollies Bar & Restaurant, 10% discount on all food (eat in or takeaway). 14-16 Avda. Costa Azul, Ciudad Quesada, 680556903 45 Metro Fashions, 10% discount on purchases of 50€ and above. C/ los Arcos 21, Ciudad Quesada, 669142261 39 R S Construction, 10% discount on all labour costs. , Ciudad Quesada, 966716601 255 Red Monkeys, Book a childrens party for 12 children and only pay for 10. C/ los Arcos No 7, Ciudad Quesada, 966719677 45 Redz Boutique, Spend 50€ and receive a free accessory to compliment your outfit. Avda. de las Naciones 1-B, Ciudad Quesada, 966718374 5 Simply Computers, 10% discount on repairs & 5% discount on computers and accessories. Avda. de las Naciones 57, Local 6, Ciudad Quesada, 966719083 26 Spanish Insurance, 15% discount on home insurance (buildings & contents). C/ los Arcos 19, Ciudad Quesada, 966731691 128 Sunkissed, 10% discount 220 221 223 230 231 232 237 239 242 245 247 248 249 250 252 253

SPAINSAVE LATEST DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS on sunbeds with block bookings over 20€. C/ los Arocs 17, Ciudad Quesada, 662004974 13 The Bread Basket, 10% discount on everything. Avda de las Naciones 57 local 9, Ciudad Quesada, 966718174 14 Thomas Green's Supermarket, 10% discount on food and drinks (minimum purchase 5€ applies). C/ Quesada Ballester, local 6B, Campo de Golf, la Marquesa Golf, Ciudad Quesada, 965724597


21 Abitare Design SL, 15% discount in store, interior design & designer furniture. Patricio Ferrándiz 37, Denia, 966422606 145 Ayudas, 10% Discount. Avda. Alicante 9, Denia, 966425861 144 Barber y Boronat, 10% discount on car repairs. Avda. Alicante 25 bajo, Denia, 966422830 12 Bistro Alegria, Free bottle of house wine for 2 at dinner superior to 20€. Rosario 1, La Pedrera, Denia, 609915361 135 Centro de Traducciones Cetec, 5% discount on all translations. Paseo Saladar, 64 1º, Denia, 966426767 C E R V E C E R I A 12 Cerveceria El Mosset, Free bottle of house wine for 2 at lunch or dinner. C/ Sertorio 24, Denia, 966425416 13 Clasic Cafe, 10% discount on tapas & authentic caviar from Russia. Denia Sertoreo 2 Bis, Denia, 699899551 65 Clinica Baviera, 70€ discount on laser surgery (per eye), 40€ discount pre-op consultations, 290€ discount cataract surgery & 15€ discount on general consultations. C/ Calderon 4-6 Bajo, Denia, 966426121 50 Daniya Denia, 15€ to use pool, jacuzzi, sauna & gym, Monday-Friday only, Prior reservation required. Crta. Les Marines, km 0.5, Denia, 902364041 20 Denia Hair, Nail & Beauty, 10% discount on all treatments. Centro Comercial 153b, Urb El Poblet, Las Marinas km2, Denia, 615259685 C/ Sertorio, 24 Tel. 96 642 54 16 03700 DÉNIA why pay more?

Complimentary Card

Card Nº 1000011

Friendliness, Education, Service, Cleanliness, Quality & Innovation

• Over 300 different Wines • Open Kitchen • Personalised Catering Service

237 Don All Colchon, Free pillow leading makes available when you spend over 350€ (promotional items not included). Giving you years of sweet dreams Ctra. Denia-Ondara s/n (in front of Moblerone), Denia, 966431276 MATTRESS MEMORY 12 Duo PACK FOAM Dama, Free shot after + BASE + LEGS + MATTRESSES lunch or dinner. Ctra. Denia PILLOW ALOE VERA FROM Javea 100, Denia, 966425072 (6 CM) FROM €123 €209 7 Foncordiax, 10% off new Your bed specialist


Foncordiax IP PBX telephone switchboard system (equipment only). Carrer Historiador Palau 10, Denia, 966265065 12 Haweli Indian Restaurant, 10% discount on all food, eat in or take away. Carretera de Las Marinas km 1, Urb. Playa Sol II 23, Denia, 965783637 12 Isla Tortuga Restaurante, Free beer on presentation of card. La Marina de Denia, Denia, 966422888 67 La Mode, 15% discount. Calle Colon, 37, Denia, 965788172 13 La Sidreria, 2 for 1 offer, When two people dine, one dines for free (per card presented). Pasaje Paris, B-1, Denia, 966420781 12 Lizarran, 10% discount on lunch or evening meal. C/Patricio Keeping to traditions / Siguiendo la tradición Ferrandiz, 50, Denia, 965784111 More than 300 pintxos at your ngertips Más de 300 pinchos fi2 21 /Mascotetes, 10% off Kitchen open from/Cocina abierta 9 to 24 h. haircuts and 5% off top quality Calle Patricio Ferrándiz 50 - Tel. 578 41 11- Dénia petde lafood. Benidorm 9, C.C. Portal Marina Tel. 96 Plaza 647 74 44 Ondara Denia, 965783215 256 Mickey B, 10% discount on all bookings. 153b Las Marinas 2km, Denia, 615259684 128 Nu Skin, Revolutionary antiageing Nu Skin facial in your own home, 2 facials for the price of 1. Box 142 Mailboxes Carretera Denia Ondara Km1 L19, Denia, 6374786808 Open 12for Rte. Al lunch and dinner. Gusto, Free Closed on Sunday and bottle of house Tuesday evening wine for 2 when Cook chose your food onfrom our Hot stones the a-la-carte you International Cuisine - Menú del día (min 2 courses). C/ Colon menu C/. Colón, 46 - 03700 Dénia 96 642 78 30966427830 - 660 957 012 46,Tel.Denia, 12 Rte. Ca Nano, Free bottle of house wine for 2 with lunch or Ctra. Barranc del Monyo 140 (End of Las Rotas) Ctra. dinner.96 643 09 05 Barranc del Monyo RESERVATIONS 140 (Fin de las Rotas), Denia, 966430905 12 Rte. Club de Tenis, Free bottle of house wine for 2 people with lunch or evening meal. Ptda Marjal S/N, Denia, 965784451 12 Rte. El Polígono, Free bottle of house wine for 2 people with lunch or «Cheap daily menus» dinner, includes menu del dia. Tel. 96 578 09 60 Ptda. madriguerres Sud, 19, Denia, 965780960 12 Rte. El Senyoret, Free bottle of house wine for 2 people at lunch or dinner. C/ Sanchis Guarner No 4, Denia, 966422958 248 The Wash, 10% discount on any car wash. C/ Calderón 5, Denia, 605388398 Partida Madrigueres, 19 - Dénia

All sizes. Duvets, pillows, sheets and covers.

For your nearest SpainSave sales outlet or to buy on-line visit or call 902 106 732

Patricio Ferrándiz, 40 (next to post office / junto a la oficina de correos) Tel. 96 578 49 44 - Dénia Ctra. Dénia - Ondara (Opposite Clínica San Carlos / frente Clinica San Carlos) Tel. 96 643 12 76

Toys Dog/Cat Grooming Barbecues/BBQs Bicycle Hire Bathrooms Airport Transfers Bedrooms Secretarial/Administration Services Safari Park/Zoo Taxi Services Property Reforms/Renovations Car Wash/Valet/Cleaning Bowls Takeaway Food Go-karting Caves

We t a k e c a r e o f y o u

254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 266 268

Internet Cafe Children's Activities Mobile Disco/Karaoke Golf Lessons/Tuition Body Art/Tattoos/Piercing Department Stores Debt Check Services Sports Tanning Studio/Sunbeds Hardware Store Fancy Dress & Joke Shop Gifts for Animal & Pets ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


SPAINSAVE LATEST DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS 119 Videoteca El Sur, 10% discount on purchases and rental vouchers, 0,50€ on rentals. C/ Abu L' Salt 3, Denia, 965785752


45 Salvador Artesano, 20% discount on this seasons stock & 10% off sale items. C/ Almenara 12, Elche, 966675441

Eliana (l')

12 Kismet Restaurant, 10% discount. Avda Fuerzas Armadas 1, Eliana (l'), 961655819 5 PC Coste, 2% discount on products and 15% discount on repairs. Centro Comercial El Osito, local 29 C/ Teujar s/n, Eliana (l'), 962743002

Formentera del Segura

45 Tilly's Baby & Childrens Clothing & Accesories, 10% discount on all items when you spend over 10€. Poligono los Nazorios (British Indoor Market), Formentera del Segura, 634321339

Fuente Alamo de Murcia

45 Legs & Co, 10% discount on UK High St branded lingerie, swimwear & clothing. C/ Maestros Alpargateros, Fuente Alamo de Murcia, 660170355


144 Cheap Tyres CB, 5% discount on selected tyres. C/ Industrial Pol Allodar, Gandia, 962865072

orders over 25€ including all balloons and decorations. C/ Mayor 40, Jalon, 669219088 47 Heidi Francis Flowers, 5% discount. Avda. Rey Juan Carlos 1, 6, Jalon, 966480324 13 Lluna Llunera Restaurante, Free bottle of house wine with any meal superior to 30€. C/ Les Oques, Local 5 y 6, Jalon, 966480840 260 Stop24 Vehicle/Boat Debt Check, 5€ refund on boat debt check or same day vehicle debt check. Apartado de Correos 159, Jalon, 660235365

46 Alexanders Antique & Modern Jewellers, 10% discount on all jewellery (excludes repairs & valuations). Avda. Marina Espanola 20, Audanas del Mar (nr Bar la Esquina) Javea Port, Javea, 965792595 13 An Shebeen, 10% discount on the main menu (excluding drinks). Avda. del Pla, CC Arenal Locales, Javea, 965796475 49 Animals, 5% discount on pet food. Crta. Cabo La Nao, Javea, 965794534 45 B & H Shirts and Collars Ltd, 5% off formal dress shirts, collars & accessories. C/ Bruselas, 87B duplex 15, Javea, 965794472 73 Beds Direct, 10% discount on all products. Avda. Colomer 3 Ctra. Jesus Pobre, Javea, 965792160 102 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Avda. del Pla s/n Centro Comercial el Montgo (Junto al Supercor Javea), Javea, 966460693 Since 1997

Licence A-167


Residencial “La Plaza”, Local 15 Avda. del Pla 122 Ctra. Cabo la Nao - JÁVEA (Alicante)

Tel/fax 96 579 45 34


Gata de Gorgos

176 Bricoman, 10% discount on all products in all our outlets (excluding those on promocion). Ctra. Nacional 332 KM 191, Gata de Gorgos, 966469150 20 NovaEstetica, 5% discount on all products. Obispo Cervera 6, Gata de Gorgos, 965757627 66 Optica Signes Gata y Herboristeria, Up to 50% discount on sunglasses and frames and 5% on dietary & herbal products. Plaza Iglesia 6, Gata de Gorgos, 965756699

Guardamar de Segura

13 Belles Cafe Bar, 10% discount on purchases 10€ or more (sunday market only). Lemon Tree Market Campo de Guardamar, Guardamar del Segura, 966716601 45 Juno's Ladies Fashion, 15% discount on purchases of 20€ or more. Calle Meditteraneo 1D, Guardamar del Segura, 965727358 5 Learn Basic Computer Skills, 10% discount on computer lessons & 20% discount for pensioners. Urb. el Eden, Guardamar del Segura, 966725474 20 Nefertiti, 10% discount on all treatments. C/ Meditteraneo 1 Bajo C, Guardamar del Segura, 618173416 144 Performance & Diesel Centre, 10% discount on car servicing. C/ Ferrers 90 Poligona Santa Ana, Guardamar del Segura, 966107606 214 The Letter Box, 10% discount on all cards & gifts. C/ Cartagena 9, Guardamar del Segura, 966725396



26 Estrella Seguros, Up to 20% discount on insurance with the card. Avda. Santo Domingo 18, Jalon,

966480411 45 Footsteps New & nearly New Boutique, 15% discount on ladies wear spending over 40€, childrens clothes/ equipment 20% over 50€ & equipment hire service 10% above 50€. C/ Benissa 10, Jalon, 628523764 178 Globos Locos - Crazy Balloons, 10% discount for all Av. Santo Domingo, 18 - JALÓN Tel./Fax 96 648 04 11 - Mv. 639 271 804


626923869 98 Gates and Grills, 10% discount on selected products covering Moraira, Javea, Denia (north Costa Blanca). Ctra.802 Cabo la Nao, 71-6, Javea, 902887307/636109766 144 Graham Ward Mobile Mechanic, 10% discount on all standard servicing & repairs. C/ Roncadel 21, Buzon 245, Javea, 626902732 26 Hermanos Churro, 10% discount on selected business insurance policies. Rhonda Sur 91, Javea, 965796071 45 High Street Heaven Boutique, 10% discount on Marks & Spencer,Bhs,Monsoon,Wallis and Blue Harbour clothing. Inn On The Green, Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 679428570 249 Inn on the Green, 25% discount on two hours of bowling including hire of woods & shoes. Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 965771553 23 Jardines Canet, 15% discount. C/ Burdeos 9 Local 5, Javea, 966460374 36 Javea Cars, 5% discount on rentals (minimum period 2 days). Ctra de Cabo La Nao, Pla 37, Javea, 965793312/+44(0)8717113345 252 Karting Javea, 20% extra lap-time for free. C/ Cannes 1, Javea, 622886876 14 Keith & Lyns Supermercado, 10% discount on all groceries when you spend over 20€ (excluding spirits). Residencial Toscamar, Ctra. Portichol Km5, Javea, 966472084 5 Lasertech Javea, 10% discount on all catalogue items plus free delivery to Javea, Moraira, Denia and surrounding area. C/ Baranquerres 2, Javea,

Shish-Mahal Arenal 73, Javea Park 12, Javea, 966461417

132 Bookworld, 10% discount. Avda. Amanecer de Espana 13, Javea, 966462253 165 Buckwell Visual Arts, 10% off photography services and specialised printing products. C/ Bruselas, 87B duplex 15, Javea, 965794472 CLÍNICA 17 Clinica Dental DENTAL Puchol, 10% PUCHOL discount on clinic General & services. Avda. Del Pla 81, Local Cosmetic Dentistry. Implants - Orthodontics 3, Javea, 965792051 239 Connections, 10% off products & services (inc, internet access, mailboxes & stationery). C/ Cristo del Mar 29 Javea Port, Javea, 966460133 Skips 89 Contenedores MATA Mata sl, 10% 3m 5m discount. C/ Ramon 10 m Llido, Javea, C/ Ramón Llidó, 7 - 03730 Jávea Tel. 96 579 01 72 965790172 Fax 96 646 20 14 Mobile 679 440 046 32 Copi Shop, 5% discount when spending more than 30€. Dr Fleming 2 Javea Port, Javea, 965792649 60 Digitvles, 5% discount on any product in our shop. Avda. Colomer, Local 4, Javea, 619446677 29 Diving Martin, 20% discount on all diving equipment, excursions, and diving lessons. Calle Cannes 1, Javea, 608861310 38 Easybuy, 10% discount on all services. Avda de la Libertad 19, local 11, Playa Arenal, Javea, 966472823 214 Euro Bazar, 10% discount when spending more than 20€. Avda. de Paris Javea Park, Javea, 966462919 74 Fiesta Crafts, 10% discount on all products. Local 3, Ctra. Cabo la Nao, Pla 138, Javea, 966461788 21 Flatpaxabia (IKEA on-line shopping), 5% discount on services. , Javea, 902881121 66 Funky Reading Glasses, Buy any two pairs of Optician approved reading glasses for 15€ mens & ladies, includes diopters +1 to +3,50. High Street Heaven Boutique, Inn On The Green, Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, why pay more?

Complimentary Card

Card Nº 1000011

Av. del Pla 81 local 3 - 03730 Jávea Tel./Fax: 96 579 20 51

3 3



ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS

902888143 218 Lavanderia La Cascada, 5% discount on wash & dry laundry service above 20€. C/ Burdeos 9, Local 4, Javea, 965793529 40 M Swain Plumbing and Heating, 10% discount on all aircon installations and servicing. C/ Noguera 21, Cap Marti, Javea, 609936110 195 Marina Alta Business Club, First months membership free (25€) call for appointment. C/ Badalona 10, Javea, 966461913 13 Marples Cafe Bar, 2€ Special: Tea or coffee with toasted crumpets or croissant and jam. Avda. de la Fontana, Javea, 693596746 21 Michaels's, 10% discount on all new mattresses from United Colors of Benetton and on all Garme mattresses and bases. Avenida Lepanto 9, Javea, 965791328 171 Motoxabia, 10% discount on bike repairs. C/ Ramon Llido 38, Javea, 965794578 66 Optica Conchita, 10% discount. CC Arenal, Avda. Arenal, Javea, 965796574 250 Planet 42, 1€ discount on a whole chicken. Avda. de la Fontana 8, Javea, 690145777 188 Pro Ferro, Ask for a no obligation quotation and recieve a free bottle of wine. Cami Sortetes, Javea, 965793534 29 Scuba Xabia, 10% discount on diving courses & materials. C/ Burdeos 9, local 1, Javea, 965792919 12 Shish-Mahal, 10% discount. Arenal 73, Javea Park 12, Javea, 966461417 20 Style Health & Beauty, 5% discount in all treatments & products. Avda. de los Fueros 39, Javea Port, Javea, 966462581 12 Taj Mahal, 10% Discount. Avda. Libertad 34 Playa Arenal, Javea, 966471684 144 The Garage Javea, 10% discount on all car servicing. Avda 902 106 732

Ondara 11, Javea, 965507881 12 The Great Indian, 10% discount on all food, eat in or takeaway. Av. Colomer s/n Ctra. Javea-Jesus Pobre, Javea, 966463768 78 Tileclenz, 10% discount on cleaning services and anti-slip treatments. Mitja Lluna 24, Toscal, Javea, 965771046 27 Webster Asesores S.L., 5% discount on all services: Wills, conveyancing, inheritance, tax matters, consultations etc. C/ Salvador Salvá 8, Javea, 966463220 46 Younique Jewellery, 50% discount on the cheaper of 2 items when purchasing sterling silver jewellery, applies to bracelets,necklaces & rings, 10% on fashion jewellery. High Street Heaven Boutique, Inn On The Green, Ctra. Cansalades 155, Javea, 646855932

Jesus Pobre

78 Auto Kolor, 10% discount when you spend over 50€. 55 Bisarot, Jesus Pobre, 629327097 78 The Carpet Doctor, 10% discount when you spend over 50€. 55 Bisarot, Jesus Pobre, 629327097


160 Jalon Locksmith, 5% discount. Calle La Paz 4, Lliber, 639292716


13 Bar Cafeteria Martins, Buy 2 shorts and get third free, Saturday nights only. Ctra. Valencia-Ademuz, km 23.7, Lliria, 962708087 13 Bar Les Termes, 3,50€ breakfast (sandwich, drink & coffee), 2,50€ breakfast (coffee + pastry or toast). Plaza Termas Romanas 2, Lliria, 962793596 262 Broncealia, 10% discount. C/ Farmaceutico Josep Marques Gil No. 7, Bajo Izq., Lliria, 962028440 67 De La Torre Estilistas, 10% discount. Pla de L'Arc 42, Lliria, 962781673 165 Estodi Fotografic Vicent Bori, 5% discount. C/ San Vicente de Paul y Bajo, Lliria, 962791528 6 Grupo Conway, 150 Euros off our Business Starter Package. , Lliria, 962798823 22 Hispol Internacional, 15% discount on all lighting in store. Ctra. Valencia-Ademuz, km 23.7, Lliria, 962792099 109 Hostal Les Reixes, Free breakfast when you stay. C/ Pla de l'Arc 77 bajo, Lliria, 962780787 214 Indoteka, 10% discount. C/ San Vicente de Paul, 20 Bajo Izq, Lliria, 962783227 46 Joyeria Eva, 5% discount. Plaza Partidores No. 2, Lliria, 962780161 46 Joyeria Falomir, 10% discount. C/ Plaza Mayor 33, Lliria, 962781153 12 Kebab Ka Naim, 10% discount. C/ San Miguel 23, Lliria, 962027110 45 La Tienda de Maribel, 6% discount. C/ San Miguel 10, Lliria, 962798546 13 L'Ou Fregit, Free tapa with your wine or beer. C/ Alcublas 13, Lliria, 961115128 12 Restaurante La Taula de Lliria, Free coffee with your meal. C/ San Vicente de Paul 24, Lliria, 962780091 263 Servireixes, 10% discount. Pla de L'Arc 77, Lliria, 962790880 261 Sport Moro - Atmosfera Sport, 10% discount. Avda. Els Furs 19, Lliria, 962791701 144 Talleres Tilauto (Alfa Romeo), 10% discount on servicing & repairs. Ctra ValenciaAdemuz 31, Lliria, 962780821 153 Victor Leon Carpinteria y Decoracion, 10% discount. C/ Avda. Contienda 1 Urb. Edeta, Lliria, 968124209


98 Securitas Direct, Free installation, free remote, reduced price from 799€ to 499€ + IVA. C/ Masia de la Cova 23, Manises, 665899903

Marina (la)

15 Chef At Home (Moroccan Cuisine), 10% discount on private parties (min 10 people). Avda. de la Alegria 32, La Marina Village, Marina (La), 965419673 239 Interpost, Pay for 3 months rental on a secure mail box and recieve 6 months. Avda. de la Alegria 32, La Marina Village, Marina (La), 965419673 51 Zouine Trip Planners, 15€ discount per person on a 4 day trip to Morocco. Avda. de la Alegria 32, La Marina Village, Marina (La), 965419673


178 Hostel Servis Valencia, 5% discount when renting catering equipment,tables,linen etc (not applicable to set packages). C/ Fornets 7 Pol. Ind Moncada III, Moncada, 961399281

Montesinos (Los)

14 C & K Supermarket, Spend 10 euros and get 10% off (food only). Avda. del Mar 87, Montesinos (Los), 966720006 39 The Service Centre, 15% Discount on everything except electrical domestic appliances. Avda. del Mar 20, Montesinos (Los), 966720979


15 Annies cake Creations, Free 2 cup cakes with every cake ordered. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe (between Mas y mas y Pepe la Sal), Moraira, 666083482 122 Assa Insurance, 10% discount for life & insure your children with a 50% discount for life. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 7, Edif. Norte 1C, Moraira, 965744033 13 Beach Club Cafe del Mar, 10% discount. Ctra Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052 61 Bodega Collection World, 10% discount. Ctra.Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052 45 Boutique Victoria, 25% discount on all evening wear for men and women & 15% on day wear. Doctor Calatayut 17 Pasaje, Moraira, 966490904 5 Cartridge Direct, 10% off of ink cartridge refills. Centro Comercial Milla de Oro 134 Ctra. Moraira - Calpe, Moraira, 966491740 13 Cascada Bar, Free glass of cava per person when you order a meal for 2 from the menu. Ctra. Moraira - Calpe 174 (opposite Algas), Moraira, 672539983 170 Chaquiri, 50% discount on the first treatment of counselling, healing or massage. C/ Puerto del Barquero 61A, Moraira, 966491526 250 Cornish Pride, 10% discount on sandwich bar sales & free portion of chips with every spit roast chicken. CC Moravit Ctra. Moraira - Calpe, Moraira, 966497475

49 Dianes Pet Foods, 5% discount on collars, leads and bedding. Ctra. Moraira - Teulada 116, Moraira, 639487876 38 Easybuy, 10% off all services. Avda. del Portet 24, Moraira, 965745969 14 Ecofruits, Spend 10€ & recieve a bag of oranges, 10% discount with purchases of more than 20€. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 167 km 9.3, Moraira, 966498853 47 Floristeria Serendipity, 10% discount on all flowers and gifts. C/ Barranquet 5 Local 2, Moraira, 965745703 12 Fussion, 10% discount. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052 50 Gema Hotel, 10% discount (excluding the month of August). Cabo Estaca de Bares 11, Moraira, 965747188 197 Get Cartridges Moraira, 10% discount on all cartridges & toners ordered by email(presentation of card on delivery). Buzon 6673, Moraira, 634317068 67 Heaven Hair & Beauty, 10% discount on facials, highlights & perms. CC Los Pinos 15, C/ Pintor el Greco, Ctra. Moraira Benitatxell, Moraira, 966492050 93 Instalaciones RASU Bathroom & Comfort, 15% discount on tiles,taps,plumbing materials,bathroom fittings & 20% on beno bathroom furnishings. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 159 km2, Moraira, 966497217 29 Mermaid Diving Moraira, 10% discount on all diving courses. Complejo Kristel Mar 16 Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, Moraira, 965744150 102 Milar Giner, 10% discount on electrical appliances & 5% on televisions. Doctor Calatayud s/n, Moraira, 966491482 12 More-Mehr-Mas, Free bottle of house wine when two people order from the a-la-carte menu (min, 2 courses). Ctra. MorairaCalpe 249, Moraira, 966498789 214 Occasions, 10% discount when spending more than 20€. European Centre, Moraira, 965058154 67 Panache Unisex Hair & Beauty Salon, Mondays only: Hilites 50€, Cut & blow-dry 20€, Permanent wave 40€, Pedicure 12€, Facial 25€. Calle Juan XXIII bajo 9, Moraira, 965745357 12 Restaurante Asador Salamandra, 10% discount. Ctra.Moraira-Calpe 121, Moraira, 966492052 73 Room for Improvement, 5% discount on selected fabrics. CC Sol Park, Moraira, 965741218 92 S & W The Tool Bar, 10% discount on the rental and sales of tools and machinery. Ctra. Moraira-Teulada 12B, Moraira, 965745805 29 Scuba Moraira, 10% discount. Ctra. Moraira-Calpe 130, Moraira, 966492006 51 Silver Travel, 3% discount on package holidays & cruises. Barclays Centre 56, Moraira, 965745086 902 106 732

60 STS Satellite TV Systems, 5% discount on complete satellite systems above 300€. CC Sol Park, C/ Cuidad Real, Moraira, 965741401 179 The Dog House International Kennels and Cattery, 5% discount. Camino de la Sabatera 5, Moraira, 965741302 62 The English Butcher, Free 2 kilos of chicken when you spend over 60€ & free bottle of wine when spending over 40€. 170 European Centre, Moraira, 966492311 49 The Mutts Nutz, 20% discount on Scalibor protection collars. Residencial Plagetes 15 Ctra. Moraira-Calpe, Moraira, 965744476 12 Tiffanys Bar, Free glass of wine with Sunday lunch. European Centre, Moraira, 966491788


600552030 0034-600 55 20 30 - 0034-965 96 06 58

191 Trans-Pet, 1 weeks free boarding with every pet transportation service. Partida 29, Baiona Alta, Muchamiel,

Nucia (la)

144 Cheap Tyres CB, 5% discount on selected tyres. Ctra. Benidorm-la Nucia, Nucia (la), 966876007 5 Computech, 10% off repairs & accessories, 5% off hardware. Ctra. Benidorm-La Nucia (CV70) Urb. Buena Vista, local 4, Nucia (la), 966873881 128 Nu Skin Distributor, Book 6 galvanic spa treatments & get one free, Free line corrector with the purchase of personal spa, training included. Apartado de Correos 227, Nucia (la), 686550768


14 IC UK Foods SL, Spend over 20 euros and get 1 euro of confectionary free. Guillem De Castro 8 bajo, Oliva, 962839830

Oliva Nova

257 Oliva Nova Golf Academy, 10 lessons for 99€ for groups of a minimum of 4 people. Club de Golf Oliva Nova, Oliva Nova, 962857818


20 Style Health & Beauty, 5% discount on all treatments & products. C/ Bonaire 57, Orba, 966462581


118 ABC Pool Palmera SL, 5% Discount on products. Avda. Jaime I, 19, Palmera, 962893924


12 El Paraiso Restaurant, Free cocktail on arrival & free coffee after your meal with the 12,95€ menu. Poet de mas 5, Parcent, 966405398


45 A.J., 5% discount on clothes, footwear & handbags. Avda. Pais Valenciano 32 Bajo, Paterna, 961372805 67 Gemma Bernal Peluqueria, 10% discount. C/ San Salvador 14 Bajo, Paterna, 961373423 214 Los Detalles de Patricia, 15% discount on gifts & luxury costume jewellery. C/ San Antonio 1 Bajo, Paterna, 963125186 66 Omega Vision, 10% discount. C/ Mayor 39, Paterna, 961365082 46 Ten Joyeros, 10% discount on all purchases. C/ Mayor 46 Bajo, Paterna, 961388415 165 Valencia Graphic, 15% discount. C/ San Salvador 10 Bajo, Paterna, 697336574 119 Video Masters, Rent a film & get 1 free. Avda. Cortes Valencianas 48 Bajo, Paterna, 961436169 45 Vip Calzados, 10% discount on footwear, bags & accessories. Avda. Las Cortes Valencianos 11 Bajo, Paterna, 961828603


144 Bob Adams-Howe (Mechanic), 5% Discount on oil change and 10% discount for servicing and extras. Poligono 1735, Parcela 640, Pedralba, 654276551 23 Garden Solutions, 10% discount on labour charges for all quotes for garden services. Urb Les Mallaes 371, Pedralba, 686377915 106 Transfers Direct, 5% discount on all parking plus complimentary valet. Buzon 653 Zona Bascula, Pedralba, 606117648


118 CasaMucho Pool Service, 10% discount on new pool contracts. Avda. de La Marina Alta 13 Buzón 149 La Sella, Pedreguer, 644464278 18 Clinica Veterinaria Pedreguer, 10% discount on Veterinary services. Avda. Jaume I, 2, Pedreguer, 966457237 12 Monroes Carvery, 5% discount off total bill. Avda. Garrofer, local 1, Pedreguer, 965761731 14 Quicksave, Spend over 20 euros and get a voucher for 3 euros off your next shop of over 5 euros. Partida Murtar 2, Pedreguer, 966456157


12 Buddha Eyes Tandoori, 10% discount. Calle Rafeal 12, Pego, 965572811

Monte Pego

160 Steve Taylor Locksmith, 5% discount on all labour & materials, Covering from Valencia to Alicante. Buzon 1240, Monte Pego, Pego, 619131700

Pobla de Vallbona

20 Centro de Estetica Isabel, 5% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 79, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962760364 200 Clinica Podologica la Pobla, 10% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 148 bajo izquierda, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 630411390 18 Clinica Veterinaria Vallbona, 5% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 132, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962761918 5 Computer Kev, No call out charge and a free diagnostic check. , Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962760978 17 Denti Laser, 5% discount on all treatments. C/ Poeta Llorente 107 bajo, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962029645 214 El Arcano Magico, 5% discount. C/ Trinquet 1, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 666309331 74 El Magatzen Regals y Decoracion, 10% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 23, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 961663043 46 Joyeria Enrique Porcar, 5% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 12, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962760069 261 Marian Esports, 10% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 30, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962760782 66 Optica Laura Porcar, 10% discount on all purchases. C/ Poeta Llorente 12, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962029925 66 Optica Porcar, 10% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 9, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962708087 247 Rodrival Reformas Integrales, 5% discount. C/ Poeta Llorente 38, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 962760656 261 Sport Moro - Atmosfera Sport, 10% discount. Poeta Llorente 103, Pobla de Vallbona (la), 961662185

Poblets (El)

47 Flores del Sol, 10% discount. Joan Martorell 5, Poblets (Els), 966475629


179 Residencia Canina El Parque, 20% discount. C/ Poligono 10, Partida els Vllals Parcela 20, Pucol, 649542364

Riba roja de turia

50 Hotel Muralleta, 12% discount for bed & breakfast or half board. C/ de la Cisterna, 31 y 33, Riba-roja de Turia, 962779240 95 RibaSolar, 5% off a full solar installation, 10% off callout fees, electrical work, fault finding, rewires. Calle Els Pous 3 Urb Els Pous, Riba-roja de Turia, 962122493


95 KW Solar, 10% discount on solar panels. C/ La fuente, 38, Sagra, 965587742


45 Vip Calzados, 10% discount on footwear, bags & accessories. C/ Los Huertos 21, Sagunt, 961188344

San Antonio de Benagéber 255 Kindermusik with Vanesa, 5% discount on Kindermusik courses. C.E.I. El Azahar Perdiu 77 Colinas de San Antonio de Benagéber, San Antonio de Benagéber, 619571518


12 Restaurante Coll de Rates, 10% discount. Solana de Parcelles s/n, Tarbena, 671216676


102 Bertomeu Electrodomesticos, 10% discount on electrical appliances. Poligono Industrial Teulada C/ els Gremis 1, Teulada, 965741565 144 Cheap Tyres CB, 5% discount on selected tyres. C/ Gremis 33 (next to Repsol garage), Teulada, 966487061 263 Euro Mercado Economico, 10% discount on purchases of 25€ & above. C/ Cristaler 8 Poligono Industrial, Teulada, 965741617 12 L'Almercera Restaurante, 5% discount. Cami Beniarrix, Teulada, 965741214 231 Nicholas Edward Greaves Tiling and Building Services, 10% discount on complete bathroom refurbishments. C/ Ibiza 10, Teulada, 610968757 21 Prominent, 10% discount on made to measure furniture. Pol. Industrial Teulada C/ Llanterner 2a, Teulada, 965793229 145 Prominent, 50€ discount on electric scooters. Pol. Industrial Teulada Calle Llanterner 2a, Teulada, 965793229 116 Smart Currency Exchange Javea Denia & Moraira, Free currency exchange transfers for spainsave cardholders. Clementina Bertomeu, Teulada, 966487089


128 aaa Afro Minimercado, 10% discount on advocado oil, human hair & special cosmetics for Africans. C/ Conchita Piquer dr 2b, Valencia, 961937080 45 Alberola Lenceria, 10% discount on lingerie. C/ Perez Pujol 10, Valencia, 963524800 45 Alberola Lenceria, 10% discount on lingerie. Hernan Cortes 21, Valencia, 963513888 45 Alberola Lenceria, 10% discount on lingerie. C/ Maestro Aguiler 6, Valencia, 963339138 45 Alberola Lenceria, 10% discount on lingerie. C/ Alemania 3, Valencia, 963618397 45 Alberola Lenceria, 10% discount on lingerie. C/ Calabazas 29, Valencia, 963524800 51 Anamar Viajes SL, 5% discount. C/ Vivons 9 Bajo,


Valencia, 963355030 49 Anser Animalia, 10% discount on pets. C/ Valdelinares 3b, Valencia, 660082508 74 Arte Muñoz, 15% discount on paintings & frames made to measure. Matemático Marzel 1 (Plaza España), Valencia, 963511219 45 Aynoha Modes, 10% discount. Plaza Partidores 4, Valencia, 962027756 12 Bien Divina SL, 5% discount at weekends & 10% weekdays. Martin el Humano 3, Valencia, 664224451 45 Boutique Imperio, 10% discount on columbian clothing. Avda. del Puerto 101 bajo, Valencia, 963311701 197 Cafe de Luxe, 10% discount. C/ San Jose Artesano 16, Valencia, 626340403 139 Centre de Tennis Valencia s.XXI, 5% discount on block training sessions for less than 1 year & 10% for more than 1 year. Ctra. de Riba-roja km7, Valencia, 629474717 214 Chollos, 10% discount. Duque de Lliria 53, Valencia, 695592809 17 Clinica Dental Dr. German Gomez, 50% discount on the first visit,30% off on bleachings, 15% off on all other treatments. Avenida Cortes Valencianas 39 E2H, Valencia, 963384385/658159538 214 De Valencia Souvenirs, 5% discount. C/ Caballeros 7, Valencia, 963152238 230 Do You Bike, 2 for 1 on one day bike hire Mon-Thu. C/ Antonio Suarez 22, Valencia, 963374024 220 Doña Flor, 5% discount on dolls houses & 10% on toys. C/ Cervantes 15, Valencia, 963514522 12 El Pekado, 20% discount (10% on Saturdays). C/ San Dionis 8, Valencia, 963924139 178 Espectaculos Dani, 10% discount on contracts up to 200€ & 12% discount from 201€ to 1500€. Jacinto Benavente 9 Esc B Puerta 3, Valencia, 606334519 128 Esse Parfum, 5% discount on perfumes, moisturisers, home fresheners and cologne for animals. C/ Manuel Candela 34 bajo, Valencia, 663734377 66 Euro Gafa, 30% discount or buy 2 and pay for 1. Avda. del Puerto, Valencia, 963310668 214 Exporegalo, 5% discount on all purchases. Avda. Maria Cristina 3 bajo 1, Valencia, 963520157 45 Exporegalo, 5% discount. Avda. Maria Cristina 1 bajo 3, Valencia, 963919346 45 Exporegalo, 5% discount on all purchases. Avda. Maria Cristina 1 bajo 1, Valencia, 963919346 47 Florilusion, 10% discount. C/ Mayor 8, Valencia, 962793222 47 Floristeria y Arreglos la Camelia, 5% discount. Avda. del Puerto 312, Valencia, 963308513 14 Fruteria Babar, 5% discount. C/ Alboraya 64, Valencia, 677727498 14 Fruteris Fernando, 10% discount. C/ Platero Suarez 8b, Valencia, 635661216 67 Gemis Estilistas, 10% discount. Avda. del Puerto 217, Valencia, 963309239 67 Gemis Estilistas, 10% discount. Avda. del Reino de Valencia 48 bajo, Valencia, 963740603 250 Hong Comida Asiatica, 5% discount. Plaza de Arturo Piedra 1, Valencia, 656696279 19 Ideal Form 3000, 1 free session when making a block booking for Power Plate. C/ Fuencaliente 10 Bajo, Valencia, 963306922 95 IKW Instaladores de Energia, 30% discount on the installation of solar systems. Avda. Perez Galdos 123, Valencia, 963293767 45 J`Pie, 5% discount on shoes.

5% DISCOUNT Style Health & Beauty C/ Bonaire 57 Tel. 966462581 Orba

C/ Sagunto 132, Valencia, 963269308 46 Judez Joyeros, 10% discount. Matematico Marzal 1B (Plaza España), Valencia, 963524775 45 K R S, 10% discount. C/ Segarria n1 y Avda. Burjassot 120, Valencia, 961935743 12 La Cepa Vieja, 15% discount on tapas menu. C/ San Vicente Martír 209 (cruce con Giorgeta), Valencia, 963423236 220 La Orda, 5% discount on comics, games minature figures etc. Jesus 25 Bajo Izq. (Plaza España), Valencia, 963943335 5 Laia, 20% discount. C/ Castan Tobeñas 2, Valencia, 963282859 214 laia, 10% discount. Dr. Peset Alexandre 7, Valencia, 963383680 5 Laia, 20% discount on technical service, free itv (check, optimization & elimination of virus). C/ Luis Oliag 10, Valencia, 963251548 5 Laia, 20% discount. Escultor Frechina 15, Valencia, 963282859 45 Lisa Gingles, 5% discount on new stock. C/ Calatrava 11, Valencia, 963924516 254 Locutorio Benicarlo, 5% discount on money transfers. C/ Benicarlo 40 bajo 9, Valencia, 961938670 254 Locutorio Dabakh Mallick, 50% discount on an hour of the internet. Francisco Dabakh Mallick 4, Valencia, 963700510 5 Locutorio danna, 10% discount. Castan Tobeña 24, Valencia, 963382478 254 Locutorio Mundial, 5% discount when transfering money. Avda. Primado Reig 97bc, Valencia, 963279599 254 Locutorio Tato, Free 5 minutes of calls or 30 minutes of internet with every money transfer. Doctor Vicente Zaragoza, Valencia, 963690463 214 Luce-T, 5% discount. Avda. Maria Cristina 3 bajo 2, Valencia, 963514841 220 Magic Wood, 5% discount. C/ Paz 1, Valencia, Valencia, 963922292 268 Mascotas, 10% discount on beds, comforters & toys Kong. C/ Troya 10, Valencia, 963526555 214 Noa Regalos, 10% discount. Plaza Mayor 35, Valencia, 961136074 5 Noemar’s Boot, 10% discount on web design and set up costs, Computer repairs. Castan Tobeña 2 bajo, Valencia, 963501352 66 Optica Pastor Zas Vision, 10% discount. Avda. del Puerto 265, Valencia, 963670878 214 Outlet y Regalo, Spend 25€ & recieve a free bag. C/ Brasil 12, Valencia, 962057607 6 Pampua, 20% discount on pricing as published on our website. C/ En Bou, 8-1, Valencia, 963926437 176 Papeles Pintados y Parquets Estevid, 10% discount. San Vicente Martiz 77 (Plaza España), Valencia, 963523693 67 Peluqueria Sensaciones, 10% discount. Manolo Taberner 30 bajo izq, Valencia, 962057666 95 Plataforma Solar Spain, 30% discount when you buy 1 solar panel and kit. Avda Perez Galdos 123 derecha, Valencia, 963293767 5 Proyect Soft Informatica, 5% discount on laptops with free mat & mouse, 7% discount on pc, 5% on printers with usb. C/ Castan Tobeñas 7, Valencia, 963843003 165 Recuerdos, 10% discount on weddings and photography in general. San Vicente 87 (junto Plaza España), Valencia, 963813258 46 Relojeria Contreras, 20% discount on watch purchases above 100€. Avda. del Puerto 328, Valencia, 963301128 12 Restaurante Commo, Complimentary sweet or glass of cava. Pascual y Genis 3, Valencia, 963523649 12 Restaurante La Riuá, 10% Discount. C/ del Mar 27, Valencia, 963914571 12 Restaurante Raja (Indio), 5% discount. C/ Doctor Manuel Candela 20, Valencia, 963306264 12 Restaurante Raja (Kebab), 5% discount. Avda. del Puerto 109, Valencia, 963306264

12 Restaurante Wok, 10% discount. Avda. del Puerto 294 bajo, Valencia, 963679611 104 Rivera Musica, 10% discount. C/ La Paz 19, Valencia, 963915567 46 RU17 Domingo, 10% discount. San Vicente 2, Valencia, 963922167 32 S & V Publicidad, 7% discount on signs with vinyl lettering & web pages. C/ San Ignacio de Loyola 6, Valencia, 963827859 67 Salon de Belleza Sandra, 5% discount. Pobla de Due 2 izq, Valencia, 680865889 12 Sargantana Restaurante, 5% discount on the a la carte menu & sample menu. Llano de Zaidia 16, Valencia, 963384833 263 Servici i Ferretira, 10% discount on products & materials. Avda. del Puerto 282 bajo, Valencia, 963309394 261 Skate World, 10% discount. C/ Comedias 14, Valencia, 963531838 261 Skateworld Sky, 10% discount. C/ Moratin 7, Valencia, 963944809 115 Suministros Navales Garcia Sanjaime, 5% discount. Avda. del Puerto 326, Valencia, 963310195 14 Supermercado Raja, 5% discount. C/ Doctor Manuel Candela 21, Valencia, 963306264 148 Tejidos Para la Decoracion Elena Sanchez, 10% discount. C/ Buenos Aires 36 2º Piso, Valencia, 963730595 67 Urban Color, 10% discount when you buy 2 products. Eduardo Soler 10b izq, Valencia, 963847574 67 Valcana Estilistes, 5% discount. San Vicente de Pau 19, Valencia, 962027155 34 Valgrup Elevadores, 2% discount on estimates for elevator installations. C/ Testamentaria 6Bj Rocafort, Valencia, 663013595


109 Villa Poco Jamaica Bed and Breakfast, 5% discount on the total accommodation bill. Villa Poco Jamaica, Poligono 7, Parcella 411, Vilamarxant, 962134760

Xara (La)

81 Centro Hípico Lledó, 50% discount on your first riding lesson (one per person). Pdta. La Xara 2 B, Xara (la), 699152856 250 La Cuina, 10% discount on all orders. Avda. del Oeste 14, Xara (la), 965781423

Zenia (La)

35 Car Depot, 250€ discount on any vehicle in addition to any other offer. C/ Alhambra 16,, Zenia (La), 966188398 45 Lyndyloo Bridal, Free accessory up to 150€ with all Bridal wear. 1 C/ Flores, Zenia (La), 654897720 35 Orihuela Costa Cars SL, Free insurance for 1 year on any purchase. C/ Alhambre, Zenia (La), 672072720

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Offers and discounts valid as at 01/03/2010. Offers can only be claimed with a valid SPAINSAVE card that has not expired. Please make sure you present your card and check offer validity prior to purchase. Neither SPAINSAVE nor its partners can be held responsible for any offer not fulfilled by advertisers. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer made by the advertiser. For current offers, full terms and conditions, queries or issues, please visit or e-mail ADVERTISING 96 270 8087 thinkS


is proud to be an official partner of the SpainSave discount card scheme.

offers & discounts Saving you 100s

of €uros

2010 price



We eat out at least once a week with friends and always use our SpainSave booklet or the website to choose where. There's some great restaurants and since we've had the card we've become very popular with our friends!


Over 100 Shops & Supermarkets

Over 100 Restaurants, Takeaways & Bars

Discounts of up to 50% Free bottles of wine with your meal Free Gifts


PLUS 100s more discounts & special offers at

Hairdressers, Beauty Treatments, Spas, Opticians, Dentists, Laser Surgery, Gyms, Golf, Tennis lessons, Diving, Theme Parks, Excursions, DVD Rental, Airport Parking, Hotels, B&Bs ...


It's free too. Just make our cardholders an exclusive offer. It could be a 10% discount or a complimentary bottle of wine. Once you've decided on your offer, go to.. and fill in the form and Our you’re in Offer Now there’s an offer you can’t refuse!


Mr & Mrs Lewis, Denia

What a recession beater! I live in Spain and I take full advantage of my SpainSave card every week! It's amazing how much I've saved already and I've still got the rest of the year to go.

’’ Why pay more? Sue Hewitt, Javea.

For your nearest SpainSave sales outlet or to buy on-line visit or call 902 106 732


Earn a significant regular income by developing a network of outlets in your local area selling the SpainSave card. Interested? For more information contact us now on 902 106 732 or email


Generate extra income for your business, club or charity by selling the SpainSave card. There's no cost to you and we can even brand the cards with your logo so you can sell your own cards. For further information email us at or call 902 106 732

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