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Smart design. Superior quality. Simple operation. Sensible pricing.


16mm 96x192, 5’ x 10’

16mm 64x144, 3’4” x 7’6”

20mm, 64 x 224, 4’2”x 14’8”

It’s a simple idea… • 80% of sales come from on-premise signage • 68% of purchases are unplanned • 25% of passing traffic is occasional You can boost sales from 15-150% with a bright, colorful, attention-grabbing ThinkSign, visible from hundreds of feet away.

And a brilliant design. • Uniquely borderless, to maximize the live message area • Completely scaleable to suit your space • Easily upgraded from single to full color • Accommodates text, animation, still photos, even live video What’s more, you can make changes yourself, 20mm 64x112, 4’2” x 7’4”

any time you want, in a matter of minutes. So your message is always timely, accurate, and exciting.

20mm 48x144, 3’1” x 9’5”

“I think of this sign as part of our advertising budget, except instead of running for a month or two like a print or TV ad, it runs for years for a fraction of the cost!” Peter Williamson, V.P. Performance Systems Del Papa Distributing

20mm 192x368, 12’7” x 24’1” “...this with other changes in our marketing strategies has given us the incredible results in foot traffic, sales and profit.” Robert Herron, Herron’s Amish Furniture & Better Sleep Gallery

20mm 80x144, 4’2” x 9’3”

“I love our display, we’ve got 3 of them now!” Scott Lifechek

16mm 80x176, 5’3” x 9’5”

“The Software and Set up is so easy” Karla Sullivan Production Mgr. Smart LED Signs

20mm 48x304, 3’2” x 19’ 11”

“We’re able to change the sign in real time with sales and service specials of the day. We’re seeing immediate walk in and phone traffic from these specials. The software is easy to use and the quality of the sign makes any graphic very noticeable to those driving by.” Joe Folck General Sales Mgr. Hubler Chevrolet Inc

Our customers agree. Take a look at what our customers have to say about the impact of their ThinkSigns, the quality, convenience, and ease of operation. 16mm 112x224, 5’10” x 11’9” “...for me to be able to use the sign and not have to call everytime I want to change it, it says alot about how easy Destiny Riddle, and user friendly it is.” Office Mgr, Dixie Animal Clinic

20mm 32x128 2’1” x 8’4” “Reliable way of getting specials out, it was worth the investment!” James Extra Space Storage

25mm 80x176, 6’7” x 14’5”


Software so simple and intuitive. • No training is needed or required • Control all displays from one place • All by direct wi-fi, Easy Plug and Play Wireless connection. • Schedule times, dates and changes • Write or edit text in seconds • Import photos and add text easily • Upload and manage videos You’ll always have the current version, with updates online, and support is just a click or a call away.

16mm 80x192, 4’2” x 10’


Free creative to download and use. • You have 24/7 access to creative resources to craft your message • An online library unique to ThinkSign • Animations, photos, video, moving messages, all stored in the cloud • Updated regularly and always available • No outdated, lost, or damaged CD to worry about • Add your logo or personal creative from your own computer or server With your ideas and our resources, you can bolster your brand, tailor your message, and promote your business your way – with personal style and endless energy.

One glance at our desktop interface reveals how uniquely simple our software is to use.

Forget the complicated drop-downs; just click on the clearly identifiable icons to make the changes you want.

Front and center – a large image of the sign you’re working on, so you can see your changes clearly as you make them

Scroll easily through all your slides to select the one you want to change.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this… and easier is better! No lists, no drop downs, no complicated steps. No training required. Five minutes after you open the interface, you’ll be making changes as often as you want, more easily than you can imagine. Hard to believe? Try our online demo and you’ll be convinced.

Control your image size, special effects and more with a click of your mouse.

Click on the sign you want to change and it appears on your desktop, ready for your input.

RGB, 16 mm Pitch •

Life-like clarity

• Great

for video, pictures and text.

Best viewed at < 50 feet

RGB, 20 mm Pitch •

Great for video, pictures and text.

Best viewed at > 75 feet

The images on this page are all examples of a 80 x 176 matrix. Note that because a 16 mm pitch has the same number of pixels

Red, 20 mm Pitch

– but much closer

Great for video, pictures and text.

Best viewed at > 75 feet

together than a 20 or 25 mm pitch – it results in a sign that is smaller, brighter and clearer.

RGB, 25 mm Pitch •

Perfect choice for mid to long range viewing distances

Great for video, pictures and text.

Best Viewed at > 100 feet

Choose the sign that suits your message style and location. The “pitch” or distance between LED lights determines the brightness and clarity of Thinksign message centers. The lower

16 mm

the pitch number, the smaller the distance, the higher the image resolution. So for example, if your sign is right at the roadside or if you plan

20 mm

to display video, photos, or high resolution graphics on your sign – you’ll get the best results from our 16mm pitch. 25 mm

Or if your location is some distance from passing traffic, or you’re planning to display simple graphics and text, the 20mm or 25mm pitch will provide bright, clear visibility. PITCH is the space between pixels.

The smaller the space, the finer the resolution (picture quality) will be.

MATRIX is the number of pixels in the height and width of a display. The height is always given first, then the width. The sign shown at right has 64 pixels in height and 128 pixels in width. It’s matrix is 64 x 128. You need to know your sign’s matrix. Most importantly for comparing manufacturers and creating content for your display.

25mm 32x112, 2’7” x 9’2”

20mm 48x96, 3’1” x 6’3”

20mm 32x112, 2’1” x 7’4”

16mm 96x192, 5’ x 10’

16mm 80x160, 4’2” x 8’4”

16mm 96x192, 5’ x 10’

20mm 96x224, 6’3” x 14’8”

20mm 80x176, 5’3” x 11’6”

20mm 48x128, 3’1” x 8’4”

Full Color (RGB) PITCH







48 x 112

2' 6.2" x 5' 10.5" x 10"

1,780 W

16.1 A

48 x 128

2' 6.2" x 6' 8.5" x 10"

2,104 W


64 x 112

3' 4.2" x 5'10.5" x 10"

2,332 W

21.2 A

64 x 128

3' 4.2" x 6' 8.5" x 10"

2,760 W

25.0 A

80 x 112

4' 2.3" x 5' 10.5" x 10"

2,868 W

26.0 A

80 x 144

4' 2.3" x 7' 6.6" x 10"

3,612 W

32.8 A

32 x 112

2' 1.1" x 7' 4.1" x 10"

1,732 W

15.7 A

32 x 128

2' 1.1" x 8' 4.7" x 10"

1,952 W

17.7 A

48 x 96

3' 1.7" x 6' 3.5" x 10"

2,268 W

20.6 A

48 x 128

3' 1.7" x 8' 4.7" x 10"

2,928 W

26.6 A

64 x 96

4' 2.3" x 6' 3.5" x 10"

3,024 W

27.4 A

multinational corporation watching its bottom line

64 x 112

4' 2.3" x 7' 4.1" x 10"

3,464 W

31.4 A

to the local non-profit with a limited budget. The

32 x 80

2' 7.4" x 6' 6.6" x 10"

1,128 W

10.2 A

list to the left shows our most popular sizes, but

32 x 96

2' 7.4" x 7' 10.4" x 10"

1,296 W

11.8 A

if you don’t see what

48 x 80

3' 11.2" x 6' 6.6" x 10"

1,692 W

15.4 A

48 x 96

3' 11.2" x 7' 10.4" x 10"

1,964 W

17.8 A

64 x 96

5' 2.9" x 7' 10.4" x 10"

2,592 W

23.6 A

64 x 112

5' 2.9" x 9' 2.1" x 10"

3,216 W

29.2 A

*Power and current shown is max. for double face sign.

Monochrome (R) PITCH


With over 500 standard sizes, there’s a ThinkSign to fit every need.




32 x 112

2' 1.1" x 7' 4.1" x 10"

1,012 W

9.2 A

32 x 128

2' 1.1" x 8' 4.7" x 10"

1,112 W

10.1 A

48 x 96

3' 1.7" x 6' 3.5" x 10"

1,368 W

12.4 A

48 x 128

3' 1.7" x 8' 4.7" x 10"

1,668 W

15.1 A

64 x 96

4' 2.3" x 6' 3.5" x 10"

1,824 W

16.5 A

64 x 112

4' 2.3" x 7' 4.1" x 10"

2,024 W

18.4 A

*Power and current shown is max. for double face sign.


Whatever size or space you have available, ThinkSign is committed to making high impact signage affordable for everyone from the

you need, call us.




A Door is Better than a Window. On the rare occasion that a message center may need service, Thinksign has a better solution. Our patented, waterproof, aluminum cabinet protects all important components, like our high quality Meanwell power supply and multiple fans. And our hinged door provides quick and easy service access. Other sign manufacturers use small individual windows that must be removed for service.

Shown here: Diagrams for two of ThinkSignsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; patented technologies. Patent #s 8021018 & 7967613

E A FRONT SERVICE HINGE: Revolutionary design makes for easy opening

B POWER SUPPLY: Patented, provides safe, and certain


C SURGE PROTECTOR: Your message centerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s airbag...

protecting your investment D CONTROLLER: All in one card, 30FPS, 2GB local storage. Ethernet communication E FAN: Stay cool...

automatically controled fan F MODULE: Fully encapsulated in silicon

enhancing reliability; ergonomic handles, and locking connections in each cabinet


Designed and Built for Easy Installation. With Thinksign, you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to worry about the time and expense of building a frame for your sign. It arrives with a solid modular frame already built in precisely to your specifications, and convenient, pre-installed adjustable fittings allow you to hook it, hang it, and have it ready to go in no time.

20mm 48x96, 3’1” x 6’3”

16mm 80x160, 4’2”x 8’4”

25mm 32x96, 2’7” x 7’10”

We deliver quickly because we assemble quickly. Our unique modular design makes assembly much faster. When you place your order with us, it is assembled, tested, carefully packed and shipped all in one location. You can expect delivery in 2-3 weeks. Other manufacturers can take up to 4x longer to ship your sign. Why wait?

20mm 80x144, 5’3” x 9’5”

16mm 32x368, 1’8” x 19’ 3”

20mm 32x144, 2’1” x 9’5”

20mm 48x96, 3’1” x 6’3”

25mm 32x192, 2’7” x 15’8”

25mm 48x96, 3’11” x 7’10”

Try it Before you Buy it. If you’re one of those smart people who only believe it when they see it, ThinkSign is the right choice for you. We offer both physical onsite and virtual online demos that show you exactly what your sign can look like, and how easy it is to operate. Sign partners can demonstrate Thinksign quality and ease of use anywhere with a portable, handheld unit – or for an even more dramatic demo, one of our trucks can pull up at a customer location for full effect. Find out more by calling 877-767-9949 or visit us online at .

ThinkSign Optoelectronics Inc. 6708 Grade Lane, Suite 706, Louisville, KY 40213

16mm 80x160, 4’2 x 8’4”


ThinkSignâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s LED message centers often cost much less than others with the same, or better, quality.

Call us today: 1-877-767-9949 Fax: 1-866-667-0537 ThinkSign Optoelectronics Inc., 6708 Grade Lane, Suite 706, Louisville, KY 40213


Smart design. Superior quality. Simple operation. Sensible pricing.

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