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NHS Focused Services and Solutions

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Company Profile Challenges Options Possibilities Patient & HealthCare Professional Tools

ThinkShield What We Do • Experience birthed in Imperial Maternity dept in 2005

– Interface Development/Integration - HL7 & IHE standards protocols – Multi Platform O/S Expertise

• System Administration

– Clinical Application Support Technical Services

• Mobile Devices

– Application Design & Development – Web Services – Think Portal

• Database development • Project Management

Healthcare Challenges • Rising Costs, Decreased Funding • Patient Choice & Satisfaction – A service encompassing where, when, and how

• Improvements in Patient Care – Cannot remain static, departments have to do more for less

• Service Centralisation – Rationalising disparate service centres requires dissipation of technology to Patients and Healthcare professionals fingertips

Options Wouldn’t it be nice to have… • Access to all Healthcare services • Choice at anytime to change your mind • Access to data & functionality in real time, anytime, securely

Imagine the Possibilities • Community Programs – MyAction Health Hearts

• Bedside Data capture – – Patients • Satisfaction Surveys

– Healthcare professionals • Surgical Site Inspection Surveys • Medication administration • Vital signs

Patient Empowerment

• Participation in their own care, whenever, however and where ever – Immediate data entry and access – Health status updates – Communication with Healthcare professionals

HCP Empowerment • Ability to manage a process that is impacted by reduced funding without impacting levels of care • Cost effective technical solutions in a climate of falling investment to deliver services more easily • Tools for training & personal career development

Patient Tools • CentriHealth • • • •

Assisted Living Module Life style management Control anytime, anywhere Communication with HCPs

HCP Tools • Allied Health Professionals – patient activity data recording

• Triage – Learning module for A&E

• Results Tracker – bedside management

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NHS Focused Services and Solutions  
NHS Focused Services and Solutions  

A short presentation on what we do, the challenges facing the NHS and the opportunities for the future.